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Texts From Superheroes
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Pepper: We have to pick a new charity for Stark Industries to endorse
Peter: I like this one? It provides music classes for at-risk kids?
Pepper: Sounds good Pete! Nat?
Natasha: [not paying attention] This one?
Tony: The Clean Sheet?
Natasha: Yup
Tony: It provides legal help for the KKK
Natasha: [still not paying attention] Sounds great
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forgetful-nerd · 14 hours ago
Harley: it’s only an unpaid internship if you don’t steal enough office supplies.
Steve: Stealing is wrong.
Peter: You mean unpaid internships? I agree.
Tony: Go for the printer toner. It’s worth more than gold.
Harley: Fantastic advice
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thefuzzyaya · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Spider-Man/Deadpool #42 re-draw. (First Page/Second Page/Third Page)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Because I'm far down the Doc Ock/ Alfred Molina hole... here's a couple wallpapers
(Also thank you to @heythereimashley and @sydmarch for taking the time to watch the stuff that he's in and provide these wonderful gems)
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incorrectmarvelquote · 12 hours ago
Peter: Would you stab Barton for all the money in my pocket?
Natasha: How much money is in your pocket?
Clint: Nat
Peter: 75 cents, a rubber band, and a leaf
Natasha: Done
Clint: Nat!
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forgetful-nerd · 2 days ago
(If Peter Quill had survived the snap)
Tony, cradling the dusty air that once was spiderman: this is the worst day of my life.
Star lord: is it because your kid died?
Tony: No, because this planet is a little humid- YES! ITS BECAUSE MY KID DIED!
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kamydrawstuffs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Taskmaster- “Sitting On A Tree”
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