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Do you think different paints have different tastes?
They do.
...Why did you say that with such certainty?
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Peter: Have you seen Harry? I can’t find him.

Gwen: well, he’s small. He’s probably under something.

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Harry: Truth or Dare?

Peter: Truth.

Harry: How many hours sleep have you gotten this week?

Peter: Dare.

Harry: I dare you to sleep.

Peter: I don’t like this game.

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Harry: The Food is too hot, I can’t eat it.

Peter: You’re hot too, but I still eat you.

Harry: *blushed and looks away*

Peter: *smirks*

Gwen: One Dinner.. I just wanted ONE DINNER.

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Tom Holland recalls the terrible Marvel audition process for Spider-Man

Tom Holland recalls the terrible Marvel audition process for Spider-Man

Actor Tom Holland talked about the difficult audition process for Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and at the time he thought he would be fired from the role.

Updated on January 21, 2021 02:22 PM IST

Actor Tom Holland thought he would be expelled from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after making his debut as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. He said that there was a time when…


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Being Peter Parker’s Lab Partner Would Include….

  • it’s the beginning of the new semester so everyone’s supposed to be assigned to a new lab partner for the term 
  • there’s Peter praying he’ll be paired with you because of a slight MAJORRR crush he has on you
  • the Gods blessing Peter for once because miraculously you became his lab partner
  • there’s Ned grinning non-stop and giving Peter a thumbs up
  • you walking over, avoiding eye contact because of YOUR major crush on Peter too 
  • lots of fidgeting from the both of you because YOU TWO DON’T KNOW HOW TO COMPOSE YOURSELF AROUND EACHOTHER
  • you and peter being totally adorable and speaking over eachother 
  • ‘‘Sorry! You go first, you were saying?’‘
  • ‘‘No! No worries, honestly you can go first’‘ 
  • you and Peter coming up with your hyphothesis for your experiment and conducting it flawlessly
  • by the time you’re both done you guys are the first to finish
  • there’s really NOTHING to do other than speak to eachother
  • the awkward barrier between you two fades and you find out you guys actually have so much in common 
  • ‘‘What? There’s no way you love Star Wars too!’‘ You laugh at Peter and throw your hand on his shoulder ‘‘What? Why are you so surprised?’‘ you reply
  • peter obvioulsly blushing super a little hard which makes you smile at him
  • God your smile makes him crumble
  • the two of you are talking for the rest of the period, after its over you’re all outside and Ned invites you to sit with him
  • ‘‘Hey y/n how about you sit with Peter and I?’‘ 
  • there’s you smiling from ear to ear
  • ‘‘Why Ned, I thought you’d never ask’‘
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Tony: why do you think i date you?

Stephen: I got a big pp!

Tony:…………….. You gotta stop hanging out with Peter!

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Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2018-) #19 cover by Javier Garron

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Just realized Ian and Barley Lightfoot are in fact Peter Parker and Peter Quill

Chris Pratt characters AKA Barley + Quill: obsessed with something “weird” (history; music), messy transportation (Guinevere; Milano), has alter-ego name (Wizard name that i forgot; Star-Lord), a “screwup”, good at “your gonna get us killed” plans, fun, carefree, caring, ran away from their dying parent in a hospital room

Tom Holland characters AKA Ian + Parker: longs for connection to dead father (Dad; Uncle Ben), smart, quick thinkers, dresses preppy, A N X I E T Y, skinny, doesnt give up when it matters, caring, finds a new father figure (Barley; Tony)

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