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Dumb marvel fancasts I made because I’m fucking bored. In order:

Bryan Cranston as Dr. Otto Octavious

Pedro Pascal as Norman Osborn

Aiden Gallahger as Harry Osborn

and Oscar Isaac as Kraven the Hunter

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RED 15/50: Spider-woman

I’m creating a new project entitled “Red” the idea is simple, to draw characters from all across media that relate to this particular color. This is just a fan project and all characters belong to their respective companies.

You can see more at my INSTAGRAM account:

@ ultimatejulio_art

Or my FACEBOOK page:


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Welcome to Author Shout out Wednesday! We hope your week has been good, and are glad to see you! Here we hope to highlight and bring attention to the lovely authors of our fandom! This week’s shout out goes out to:


Notes: This writer’s work is so good guys. I discovered them sometime ago and I’m really glad I did. They don’t have too many stories, but the ones they have are wonderful. They have a great understanding of the characters that makes their stories fun to read. Not to mention, they dip into a lot tropes that I don’t often see, so that’s really cool too! So please, check them out, show them some love, and maybe drop a kudos or a comment!

Link to their Ao3

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Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man PS4 - The City That Never Sleeps DLC Teasers (2018)

  • Chapter One: The Heist
  • Chapter Two: Turf Wars
  • Chapter Three: Silver Lining

Painting artist by: Adi Granov

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