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#spider man far from home

hey guys lil self promo here

if you’re interested in seeing manips (i’m looking into doing a variety of different ones like hariana, harry and zendaya, tom and harry, etc. i used to primarily do tom holland and ariana grande manips), please check out my instagram @spideyjawn (don’t question it i live right outside of philly)!

here are some examples of past manips:


i’m currently asking if people want dedications, so if you respond to my story on there then chances are you’ll get tagged!

i used to be hella active on there months ago and am just now getting back into the groove of it and would like to make this comeback the best it can be so please give my account some love !

thank you <333

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I just saw a Tumblr post that said that apparently two years passed between Infinity War and Homecoming, and then I remembered that in Homecoming, Peter said he was 15 (I think), which would make him 17 in Infinity War, but then I remembered that in Far From Home, when Peter was practically sobbing with happy about Tony, he said that he was just a 16 year old kid (I forget the actual line, but I know he said his age), and since Far From Home takes place about 8 months after Endgame, that would mean Peter would have only been 15 for, like, four months, but that doesn’t line up and now I’m confused unless that person was lying despite the fact that a large amount of time had passed between Homecoming and Infinity War??? Help meh?????

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🎭DEUX VISAGES🎭 ch.04 (peter parker x reader)


What exactly was he supposed to do when you came asking for his help with an article about Spider-Man’s connection to Midtown High? Sabotaging his crush’s ongoing investigation to protect his secret superhero identity might be suicide, but at this point, Peter Parker is willing to try anything.


word count: 6k

a/n: peeps who had a horrible first kiss, unite. yes, i did take out my frustrations on this chapter, leave me alone, but there’s a reason for it !! anyway, enjoy the cute bonding time since this is the last chapter where things aren’t as fucked up, lmao.


The breeze carried the faraway shouts of the football coach and practicing players, sailing all the way to your ears as you rested your elbows upon your knees. With a small frown, Peter watched you whilst you rubbed your temples in desperation and let out a low whine. When he thought he’d lost you to madness, you jerked your head up, sighing deeply.

At that point, the tree which sheltered the two of you from the sunlight should’ve been engraved with a plaque that read: ‘Property of Y/N Y/L/N and Peter Parker’, considering the number of times you’d reunited there after classes. That day, however, your motivation was on the risk of going extinct after Peter read all the data that you’d written in your laptop, and glanced at you with a look equally as clueless as yours. To your dismay, you’d made zero progress that week. The only new addition, if it counted at all, was a sentence that you ended with a bunch of question marks inside a parenthesis.

“Nothing makes sense,” You muttered, slumping against the tree trunk. You picked up Peter’s camera which lay atop your lap, looking through his pictures for the third time. “I mean, at least you’re doing something right. These pictures are sick.”

Peter brought you pictures from the interviews, along with a snapshot of the dented bus back from the beginning of April; MJ’s broken Black Dahlia necklace and one of his classmates’ hat decorated with a lovely laser burn from the London attack; a picture of a fracture in the sidewalk in front of Idris Behrens’ house which had not been fixed yet— artwork by Spider-Man himself, after he threw a manhole cover at a guy shooting at him; and finally, a photograph of Spider-Man climbing up a wall that you admired and analyzed for three minutes straight. “I still can’t believe you got such a cool picture of him,” You said, still in awe.

Peter pursed his lips. The embarrassment he felt while taking that picture was indescribable. “Well… do you at least have any new theories?”

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🎭DEUX VISAGES🎭 ch.03 (peter parker x reader)


What exactly was he supposed to do when you came asking for his help with an article about Spider-Man’s connection to Midtown High? Sabotaging his crush’s ongoing investigation to protect his secret superhero identity might be suicide, but at this point, Peter Parker is willing to try anything.


word count: 7k (i’m so sorry fr)

a/n: hello, loves. the name of this chapter is so fucking stupid, but this is one of my faves. peter’s kind of a dick (but at least he’s self-aware) and i feel bad for reader, lmao. i also apologize for the plethora of mean girls references. anyway, hope whoever reads it likes it and has a nice day :)


As MJ controlled the pencil in her grasp during lunch break, the worn point smoothly traveling across the paper, a scarlet trail in its wake, three main thoughts circled her mind, all linked by a thin thread. First… how criminally awful the Christmas rom-com starring Gretchen Wieners you two watched the previous night was.

Did you both willingly sit through it, simply for the silly enjoyment of it although it wasn’t Christmas? Yes. But your friendship included the newfound hobby of watching and ridiculing Christmas TV movies with white straight couples, and whoever best guessed how the plot would unfold got a free drink of choice paid by the loser. Gretchen Wieners’ unfortunate appearance in said film led to the second thing in MJ’s mind: Mean Girls. Well, not exactly just Mean Girls, but… a memory attached to it that MJ despised herself for holding so closely onto.

There were certain details she missed about her relationship with Peter, such as there not existing an unspoken tension as it did now, or the movie dates they’d have. Perhaps that was the inspiration behind her movie marathons with you. However, just then, she was coming to the realization that no number of Gretchen Wieners Christmas movies would erase that memory. The one where she sat on Peter’s couch with his head resting on her lap; where they watched the scene in which Cady kissed Aaron Samuels while he was still dating Regina George, and MJ went on a rant about how stupid it was that it wasn’t Regina’s toxic attitude that broke off her friendship with Cady, but a fucking boy

Peter tried to back up Regina, and asked MJ how she’d feel if he kissed one of her best friends. And so she replied that if that were to happen, then they most likely would no longer be together, and she didn’t have a say on who he could and could not kiss. Peter promised he’d never do that to her anyway (unless her friend were Aaron Samuels, he said, since who would be able to resist themself?). But at the moment, they were teenagers experiencing love for the first time, not thinking much about the future and what it possibly held, because that evening— with his head on her lap as he played with her fingers— they never would have imagined that in a few months they’d eventually call it quits. After all, when you’re with someone and happy, why would you want to ponder about the end of all things? 

But then again, back then, you were not in the picture yet.

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I remember when this fandom thought it was such a good idea to give MJ bad parents and to this day i still wonder “What was the reason????”

I hated that trope so much and maybe back then i couldn’t explain why but now i can,

I’m sick of this fandom making any black character suffer so the white character can go and have a perfect life and be the white savor.

It’s just, i wish giving MJ bad parents was never even a thought to begin with

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