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#spider man no way home
theavengers · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Exclusive new “Spider-Man: No Way Home” stills from
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noobsquasher · 2 days ago
I live for your Peter fics omg the smut????? Amazing
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: masturbation, oral sex (reader receiving), unprotected sex, slight breeding kink, praising, degrading, swearing, etc
Summary: Peter catches you playing with yourself.
Notes: Peter Parker x Female Reader
All characters in this story are 18+.
Thank you to everyone who voted for Peter!!
Also, I appreciate all the love you guys send me every day, it warms my heart <3 enjoy!
Coming home from work, you felt at peace once you stepped foot into your humble abode.
You had missed Peter dearly, not seeing him since he had been working as well.
The thoughts of him tapped your mind. His smile, his arms, his fucking cock- sorry, his laugh.
All of it made your cheeks blush… and your panties soak.
You knew what needed to be done.
Running towards your bedroom, you felt the stickiness of your panties already.
You closed your door and hastily took off all your clothes, quickly jumping into bed.
Legs spread wide as you reached down, immediately rubbing circles over your sensitive bundle of nerves.
Instant sparks paraded your body as whimpers and whines escaped your mouth, nipples hardening to your movements.
You imagined Peter and how good he would fuck you if he was here. Your vivid and wild imagination toying with your mind as the pornographic scenarios rush lust throughout your veins.
Swapping your real hand with Peter’s imaginary one, his sweet voice spoke the most delicate of words throughout your mind.
“My pretty girl… oh so beautiful when I touch you…”
"I bet all your neighbors can hear you, I bet they all know what a dirty little slut you are."
“Feels good, baby? Tell me how good I make you feel.”
“You're my slut. Say it.”
“Such a pretty pussy. So fucking tight and wet. I’m barely touching you and you're already dripping.”
“Yeah, that's it, angel, just like that."
“I love you. My Y/N, I love you.”
Your imagination was soon the source of your first orgasm.
A couple more rubs and...
Eyes rolled to the back of your head, toes curling, legs shaking as your first orgasm racked your brain.
As the high died down, you tried to catch your breath, taking a short break before round two.
Your shaky fingers found it’s way back to your soaked cunt, feeling how wet you were.
You immediately dipped two fingers inside your velvety folds, back arching when you curled them.
You were already a mess, rough moans running around your room as you finger fucked yourself. The thoughts of Peter being the reason why your fingers were saturated in your sticky arousal.
The filthy sounds of the gushes from your pussy encouraged you, your pace speeding up.
Continuing to work your magic, you were so distracted by the immense feeling, that you didn’t hear someone walk inside your bedroom.
Unaware of the new presence, you carried on with your finger fucking, your precious moans filling the room.
Your fingers kept hitting your sweet spot, screams now leaving your lips. Profanities and moans danced around you as tears pricked your eyes, your entire body shaking.
Your brain was scrambled, mind elsewhere. The only thing you could focus on was the coil within you twisting, on the end of the edge.
“I’m gonna cum! Oh my god- I’m gonna- OH!” You gasped, hand halting as you finally realized someone was standing at the front of your bed.
That someone was Peter himself.
Cheeks crimson as he stared at you, his face stained with multiple reactions. You couldn’t tell if he was frightened or turned on.
“Peter?! What- what are you doing here?” Fingers slipping out of you, breath unsteady.
“I- I- I- um- I was- I was supposed to um- I was coming ov-over today.”
It felt as if your heart was inside your ass.
You wondered what he was thinking and also wondered if you could finish what you were doing.
“Oh! I didn’t…” grabbing your bed sheets to cover yourself, “I forgot that you were coming. Sorry.”
“You couldn’t wait for me?”
You gazed at him before laughing, feeling a bit embarrassed.
He stood standing like a stick figure, unsure of what to do now.
Well, his cock knew what he wanted to do.
He was surprised to find you in bed like this, shock biting at him as he watched you beforehand, waiting for you to notice him.
He didn’t want to interrupt, and how could he? The view of your pretty little fingers, penetrating that pretty little pussy of yours… gosh, he couldn’t get enough.
Nothing was as beautiful, as distracting, as enthralling, then you.
“Do you wanna… do you wanna watch me?”
His eyes widened, brows raising.
“Watch you?”
He wanted to do more than watch.
“Yeah… I didn’t finish.”
His eyes twinkled, his body slowly moving to the edge of your bed. He got comfortable as he sat down, eyes pinned to your bare body.
You peeled off the sheets, legs spreading wide as your slick folds glistened in the golden rays that the sunset gifted through the windows.
Peter’s eyes grew dark as he inhaled your sweet scent, veins sparkling with lust.
“Shit, Y/N. Fuck… you're so wet.”
“I know… I was thinking about you.”
He smiled, hands gripping the mattress as you slowly dipped your fingers into your leaking cunt.
You instantly moaned and jerked your head back, not wasting any time to cum. Your fingers went at a constant pace, going in and out with rhythm.
His unabashed and steady stare sent goosebumps through your skin, a slick smile pricking your lips.
“You like what you see?” You asked him, taking a glimpse of how his cock was piercing through his jeans.
“Love it. Keep going, pretty girl.”
You smiled, feeling motivated to see the finish line.
“Hard already? You wish it was you inside me instead of my fingers? You wish, don’t you?”
He glared at you, lowering his head. Chocolate eyes giving you a look.
Deep down, you knew you were gonna regret saying that.
The grin on your face was soon wiped away when you hit your sweet spot, making your eyes roll back and your head dropping back onto the pillow.
“Fuck! Peter! Pete, I’m gonna cum!”
You glanced back at him, eyes lingering on your delicate state.
“Baby- baby I’m gonna- OH!”
The coil twisted, your orgasm hitting harder than before.
Peter’s name played like a mantra on your tongue, brain going numb as his name turned into cries and babbles.
Stars danced around you a second time, body shaking as one hand gripped the sheets with such force, you nearly tore them. The other hand is coated in your candid nectar.
Peter thought his cock was about to unzip his jeans as he watched you come undone.
You sunk into your bed, breathing heavily, taking in the aftermath of your intense orgasm.
“You good?”
You flinched, forgetting Peter was sitting nearby you.
A mumbled yes answered his question as you tried to mentally organize yourself.
You felt the bed shift as Peter stood up, moving to the side. You were caught off guard when he grabbed your hand, slowly licking the mess off them.
Eyes pinned as you watched Peter suck and slurp your fingers clean like a lollipop.
“I missed how sweet you tasted.” Setting your hand down, placing tiny kisses on it.
You couldn’t help but smile and laugh at the man standing before you, soft eyes on him.
“You really forgot I was coming over? I told you on your lunch break.” His hand caressed your cheek.
“Someone knew… just not me.”
He chuckled, eyes gentle.
“You okay to go another round? I bet my fingers could do a better job.”
“A better job? Yeah, sure.”
He tilted his head slightly, eyes dark.
“Wanna bet?”
You grinned.
“Bet you couldn’t do a better job. My fingers know me best.” You teased.
He took a deep breath, a slight smirk on his face as he gazed at you, eyes narrowed.
You knew he didn’t need to say a word to know you had already lost.
“Peter! Oh- Peter, baby!”
Peter devoured your sore folds, fingers deep inside you, the intense movements on your sweet spot driving you insane.
Your hand immediately twined between his curls as he sucked harshly on your swollen bud, playing with you like a well-loved instrument.
Blood rushed to Peter’s already strained cock as your whines and whimpers made his tongue dive deeper, burying his pretty face between your soft thighs.
You absentmindedly grinded your hips against his tongue, using his curls as reigns.
“Tell me, aren’t I doing a better job? So fucking needy that you grind your pussy against me?” His soaked fingers still penetrated you.
You were in no state to answer him, so your cries confirmed his question.
With a smile, Peter multitasked as his long fingers and tongue went back to fucking you. Delicate juices leaked out of you as he slurped everything up in an instant.
You tasted so delicious, so perfect.
Never in Peter’s life has he ever tasted anything like you. Pure ambrosia, he thought. He needed this, wanted this, begged for this.
Shit, he wouldn’t mind eating you out for eternity.
He felt every single nerve within you shake, felt all your goosebumps, felt each of the vibrations of your harmonious moans.
He needed to be inside you, now.
Before you could finish, he left a kiss on your sweet folds as he lifted himself, quickly tearing off the jeans that had been suffocating him this past hour.
You were so out of it that you didn’t even recognize what was going on until you felt his thick cock graze your slit, the angry pink tip coated in precum.
“You're right, I’ve been wishing- no, praying to be inside you. You don’t understand how good you feel angel, how bad my cock needs you.”
You gazed up at him, lashing batting, breath heavy.
“Fuck me. Fuck me, Peter.”
He caught a kiss on your desperate lips, obeying your every order.
Gasps tore the air as he shoved himself inside you, cock grazing your cervix.
It was embarrassing how quickly your walls clenched around him, the feeling giving Peter a head rush.
“My little slut, how long until you come on my cock? I’ll give you three minutes, tops.”
Peter swore your pussy was crafted by the Gods themselves. You fit so perfectly, so smoothly for him. He felt honored to be inside you, each pound he made claiming you, his.
His large hands held your breasts as he thrust into you with force, the headboard behind you banging with fury.
Sometimes you forget that Peter takes you literally when you ask him to fuck you, but you weren’t complaining as his cock tore up your sore pussy, loving how you crumbled underneath him.
Your heavy breathing ran around the room, incoherent sounds and babbles informing Peter that you were near your end.
He chuckled, leaning down to place his saccharine kisses and marks on your shoulder.
“Peter- Petey- I’m-“
He kissed you silent, lips touching tenderly.
“I’m wrong, you’ll come in two.”
He tucked his head in the crevice between your neck and shoulder, roughly groaning into your skin. You bucked your hips into his and arched your back, eyes rolling into the back of your head as you eagerly reached your third orgasm of the day.
Electricity sparked your nerves as you felt Peter’s cock hit every single spot within you, your brain feeling fried.
Your vocal cords were strained at this point, tears stained your face, soft cries escaping your throat.
“Oh, good girl! My sweet girl… that’s it…” it was as if his kisses tried to relive how sore you were, how exhaustion was about to have you knocked out soon.
It was the sweetest torcher, his cock continuing to fuck you, how your velvety walls continued to swallow him whole.
“Pl-please! Peter! Slow- slow down, I can’t- I can’t take it!” Salty tears stream down your face, body about to go limp as you gripped onto his shoulders, crescent shapes molded into him.
He wipes away the remains, placing another kiss on your lips.
“You can keep going, sweetheart. You asked for this, didn’t you?”
“But- but-“
He dived forward, lips attaching to yours in an instant, his hand trailing up to yours, palms intertwining.
“Make me proud, baby. Make me cum. Do this for me, will you?”
Your glossy eyes twinkled as you nodded, catching a gentle kiss on his soft lips, tongues dancing.
You could swear that your thighs would crack each time Peter thrust into you, the overstimulation making you lose track of reality.
“Pete- Pete please… cum for me… come on.”
If he didn’t cum in the next five seconds, you were sure you’d pass out.
“I love you. I love you, Y/N. You're mine. Know that. All mine.” He growled softly before he let out a harsh groan, thrusts slopping as he released his hot cum inside you, coating your aching walls.
He placed a tender kiss onto your sweat-covered forehead, not a care in the world as he stained you with his seed.
After a few moments, he gently pulled out, cum dripping out your swollen slit.
The sight was something Peter burned into his memory, how he had marked you, his.
Your body molded into the bed, Peter squeezing next to you.
“It’s safe to say, I won the bet.” He teased.
You glared at him, rolling your eyes.
He chuckled, kisses staining your cheek.
You gazed at him, eyes softening.
“I love you too. More than everything.”
The look in his delicate honey orbs was enough to seal your fate.
Copyright © of noobsquasher 2021
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originaldouble · a day ago
lol wouldn't be funny if in Spider-Man No Way Home Marvel makes Eddie and Venom be bad guys with almost zero friendship moments or even bromances but when they go back to Sony for Venom 3 they are gay AS SHIT and make out in screen and call each other love and stuff
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paradoxinu · a day ago
*Me learning that Doc Ock’s arms are gonna be cg*
Tumblr media
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ivykaelinart · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Doodled back when the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer came out 🕷️
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boldlystudy · a day ago
Tumblr media
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lila-rae · a month ago
While I continue to try to digest that leaked trailer. Here’s some funny (non-spoiling) tweets about it if you need a laugh.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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inevitabletony · a month ago
i love how there are all these memes abt doctor strange getting pissed abt wanda and loki fucking the multiverse meanwhile petey walks into his sanctum like ‘pls sir help me erase the entire world’s memory’ and he’s like ‘lol alright bet’ 
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