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#spider man no way home trailer
lila-rae · 3 months ago
While I continue to try to digest that leaked trailer. Here’s some funny (non-spoiling) tweets about it if you need a laugh.
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peterbarnes · 8 days ago
What I Need to Do
Summary: Based on the events of the second NWH trailer. You warned Peter that his plan to send the villains back to their universes was risky. He didn’t realize how risky until he saw you fall from the sky. 
Word Count: 1.8k
Tumblr media
“Sorry, but, what exactly is our plan?” Ned asked, quirking his eyebrow upwards. You and him sat on a decrepit, wooden bench in the corner of Dr. Strange’s basement. Strange and Peter had been speaking in hushed whispers for an hour, circling a large table in the center of the room with a crumpled map of the city on top of it. 
Both of their heads shot toward you guys in unison. Strange rolled his eyes in annoyance as if he had an extremely important thought you had interrupted. Peter, on the other hand, shot you his soft, charming smile, snatching up the map and making his way to you. He sat next to you on the bench, gently placing the map on your lap and intertwining your right leg with his left. Even in such a thin suit, he still managed to radiate an irresistible warmth that made you scoot closer to him. 
“So,” Peter started, pointing to a spot on the map with his gloved finger, “we’ll lure the bad multiverse guys here- the Statue of Liberty. It’s still under construction to look like Mr. Rogers, but we’ll be able to climb the scaffolding to get to the top. That altitude is high enough to activate Strange’s dimension box and send every variant in the city back to their own timeline.”
“That sounds great on paper, Peter, but…” you paused, thumbs twiddling anxiously. “There’s five of them. Ned and I will have to activate the box and Strange will have to focus on the spell. You’ll have to hold them all off on your own; that’s not feasible.”
Your tone grew more panicked with each passing word, the gravity of the situation fully sinking in.
“Hey, hey,” Peter soothed, dropping the map and cupping your cheeks. “It’ll be okay. I literally survived a suicide mission to space to fight an evil alien.”
“You kind of didn’t survive, though.”
“Well- that’s beside the point.”
“Peter,” you groaned, frustrated. 
“Look,” he started, dropping any playfulness his voice once held. His dark brown eyes bored into your own, refusing to acknowledge anything but you. “I can’t make you any promises, because, honestly, I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I have to do this. They’re not supposed to be here- parts of the city are already crumbling because our timeline is glitching. If they stay, we all die. You die. I’m not going to let that happen.”
“What, so I’m supposed to just let you die?” You choked, pulling your face out of his hands and looking at him in horror.
His eyes swirled with sadness at you rejecting his touch, and you swore you saw his bottom lip start to tremble.
“[Y/N], I-”
“Listen, we don’t have time for your lover’s quarrel,” Strange snapped, glaring at the two of you with his hands on his hips. “We’re leaving. Now.”
“We’ll talk about this later, okay?” Peter whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek before getting up from the bench. “I love you.”
You didn’t say it back. 
Tears welled in his eyes as he trudged away from you, following Strange.
You didn’t say it back. 
Ned tinkered with the golden box as you took out your pocket knife, sinking it into the copper of the statue of liberty.
“Could we get arrested for this?” He questioned, anxiety lacing his tone.
“Probably,” you concluded, shaving off a long strand of copper from what was probably Captain America’s hair. You wrapped it tightly around the box before placing it on the top of the statue.   
“This better conduct enough electricity to work,” you mumbled. 
Suddenly, a booming, beastly roar echoed all around you, shaking the statue. The box shook, almost sliding away from you, but you gripped it tightly, using your other hand to steady yourself. 
“They’re here,” Strange stated. His voice was monotone and his stance exuded determination, but you couldn’t help but feel like he was nervous. 
Before you could fully analyze him, you heard a thwip to your left, watching as Peter swung onto the scaffolding of the statue right below you. He jumped out of the way, swinging to the other side of the structure as the Lizard landed where he once stood, sinking its claws into the metal. 
“You’re not going to take this away from me, Parker!” Electro hollered, shooting beam after beam of electricity at your boyfriend. You could almost hear Peter’s pants as he ducked and dodged the multitude of shots aimed at him. A mechanical arm, a yellow beam, a pumpkin bomb, a swirl of sand, sharp claws. Eventually, one got him right in the center of his chest. You could hear him scream as he fell off one level of the scaffolding, landing badly on his side on the level below. You had to close your eyes and turn away, the sight of him getting the shit kicked out of him physically paining you. Your heart felt like it was falling out of your chest, and no matter how much you reminded yourself to breathe, just breathe, grounding yourself felt like an impossibility. 
“Strange, it’s ready. Do the spell no-”
You let out a scream as your feet left the safety of the statue. A hand gripped the back of your jean jacket and as it flew higher, it dragged you with it. You flailed your legs, trying to find something solid to rest your weight on safely, but all you felt was air. You snapped your head upwards and were met with beady green eyes. 
“Goblin,” you whispered, all the air suddenly leaving your lungs. 
“[Y/N]!” You heard Peter scream. You looked down and saw him swinging quicker than you thought he even could towards you. Ten feet away, eight, six, four, two… But as he took one final swing toward you, one of Doc Ock’s arms clutched onto his shoulder mid-air, pulling him back and onto the scaffolding. Peter landed with a thud on the metal, immediately pinned down by three other arms. 
“No,” he groaned, twisting in their increasing grip. “[Y/N]!”
“Peter,” the Goblin growled, his voice maniacal and unhinged. “You’re struggling to have everything you want, while the world wants to make you choose. So here’s one more decision you have to make: get to the box, save the multiverse. Or save your dear, dear lover over here.”
He caressed your face creepily and you couldn’t help but squirm. You twisted your head, seeing Ned and Strange surrounded, incapable of completing the spell while fighting off three bad guys.
“Peter! Peter,” you called to him. You saw that, at the sound of your voice, the eyes of his suit widened and he stopped struggling, all his attention on you. “I love you. I didn’t say it back, but I do. I love you, so much. You know what you need to do.”
He was far away, but it was almost as if the wind carried his voice right to you. 
“You’re right. I do know what I need to do.”
It was as if time had slowed down- you took in a final breath of air as you felt the Goblin’s fist unclench, your hair slipping between his fingers as you fell. Your arms flailed upwards, looking for anything to hold on to, anything to break your fall, anything to keep you alive. You were so focused on the feeling of the New York winter wind pushing you toward the ground, that you didn’t see someone else fall right after you. Peter had ripped the metal arms right off him with a strength he didn’t know he possessed before soaring through the sky head first, determined to catch you. He had to catch you. 
Your eyes finally focused on the latex fingers that were stretched out toward you, and your ears finally heard the muffled shouts that surrounded you.
“[Y/N]! Take my hand!”
You were close to the ground now. It was so close that you could almost feel the smack of the cement of your skin. You looked between it and Peter, trying to make sense of the chaos surrounding you.
“Take my hand!”
Instinctively, you reached out toward him, intertwining your fingers with his. He immediately pulled you into his chest, shooting a web from his wrist that latched onto the edge of the scaffolding, jerking you to the side. You closed your eyes and buried your head into his neck, trying to tame your spiking heart rate. You didn’t open them until you felt solid ground under your feet. And even then, you peaked out of one eye before fully opening them.
“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” Peter whimpered, tightening his arms around you and pressing a kiss to your head. “This is all my fault- shouldn’t have- you were right- too dangerous.”
He was hyperventilating, jumping from incoherent thought to incoherent thought as he tried to process the face that you were here, alive. You ripped the mask off of his head and cupped his wet cheeks in your hands, wiping his tears away with your thumbs.
“Hey, hey,” you whispered softly, pressing your forehead into his. “It’s okay, I’m okay, we’re okay.”
Tears leaked from your own eyes as you kissed his nose, trying to comfort him in whatever way you could. 
“I love you,” he sobbed. “I love you.”
“I love you, too. I’m so sorry I didn’t say it back, Peter, I-”
He didn’t let you finish before crashing his lips onto yours. It was messy, desperate, but you didn’t care. As he clung to you for dear life, you snaked your arms around his neck, running your fingers through his soft curls. He purred into your mouth and you could feel the tension slowly leave his body as his lips slid over yours. It eventually slowed into soft, passionate pecks shared by two people who loved each other more than anything.
“You okay?” You whispered against his lips.
“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”
You both chuckled, nuzzling your noses against each others. Yes, you were that couple. 
“Look,” Peter told you, pulling away slightly to point to something behind you. “Strange did it. They’re gone.”
You whipped around and strained your neck up to see Ned and Strange standing on the top of the statute of liberty, alone. No Goblin, no Electro, nothing. Ned waved at you eagerly.
“We did it!!” You faintly heard him scream into the night.
Your laughter at his antics was boisterous and Peter ended up clutching his side, his own laughter hurting his wounds. 
“It’s really over then?” You questioned, lacing Peter’s gloved fingers with your own.
“Yeah,” he breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s finally over.”
“What now?”
“Uh… I don’t know about you, but I could really use some cuddles right now.”
“Race you home!”
“You realize I can swing through the sky, right? Like there’s literally no way you will get there before me.”
“Shut up!”
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willy-wonkas-wonka-willy · 3 months ago
I.. did.. not just.. watch the leaked.. Spider Man.... No Way Home.. trailer... from a video.. recording another phone... on my.. phone.
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o-odinson · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𓏲 ࣪₊♡ icons of doctor strange, peter parker and wong from the spider-man no way home trailer 𓍯
like or reblog if you save/use ! ♥︎
don't repost or re-edit, please!
follow me for more <3
psd's: @roweicons @pwerbts
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sckull-stark · 11 days ago
This two clips are not from the same scene and no one can convince me otherwise
First of all,,, this are not the same place at all. One is literally a fully furnished basement, there's lights there's tables and couches, you can literally see the stairs that take u up the house
Now wherever doc ock is does not look like something someone just has in their house, why would a basement have ruins filled with debris,, also there's not a single lamp in sight when there is at least 6 in the shot with the spider trio
Second of all why would they be joking around with the guy who literally tried to kill Peter in the bridge scenes, and how would he have not heard doc ock's name while fighting against him anyway. They are literally standing like nothing is wrong in front if a guy with killer tentacles, like damn I know Peter's brave but they arent all idiots.
In conclusion Marvel is just lying to us again and if it was Another Peter Parker introducing themselves in this scene I wouldn't be surprised.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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saiyanprinceoflegend · 13 days ago
How the bridge scene actually went
Peter: Who are you?
Otto: I'm Otto Octavius and I'm looking for Peter Parker
*everyone gasps and looks around at the two*
Peter: You lost someone named Peter Parker?
Otto: Yes, 17 years ago
Peter: I lost my uncle Ben Parker
Otto: I'm very sorry
Peter: Thank you
Otto: Well...good luck to you
Peter: I hope you find Peter
Otto: and I hope you find your uncle
*everyone watching face palms*
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slut4buckysarm · 15 days ago
dr strange saying "they all die fighting spiderman. it's their ... fate" I CANNOT
Tumblr media
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rawyld · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
From the Spider-Man 1 movie premiere. My Spidey and Green Goblin
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miraculous-hearts · 3 months ago
My favorite quotes from my dad while I showed him the No Way Home trailer:
- *Peter distracting Strange while doing the spell* “No!! Yeah, you can’t…wait what??”
- *Sees pumpkin bombs* Uhh Green Goblin? Green…Green Goblin??
-*Doc Ock appears* Oh!! Oh it’s him! Did he do too far back??”
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