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Covered up the spoiler lol have some Norman and Otto content
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///spoilers alerts of no way home
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Willem Dripfoe 🥶
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So now that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man is getting popular again I will say what I think originally went sort of wrong with the amazing Spider-Man movies and how they could’ve been amazing if some different choices were made.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the amazing spider-man movies, I just think they could’ve been done better. I believe Andrew Garfield is a great cast for Peter Parker, just not the one they tried to portray in the movies. He would be a perfect fit for a more grown up/adult peter from the comics. Specifically the Peter from the amazing Spider-man comics from 2015 to 2016.
If you haven’t read the comics, this Peter is more similar to the way Andrew’s Spider-man was portrayed in No Way Home or similar to Peter. B Parker from Into the Spiderverse. If the amazing spider-man movies had portrayed this peter I think they would have arguably been the best Spider-man movies compared to the comics and also would have been more unique than any of the other portrayals we’ve had in film.
To be fair, to pull this off you’d have to change the whole aesthetic of the movies since they’d need to be a bit more lighthearted and goofy, yet still serious enough.
Also if you want to see why I think Andrew Garfield would have been perfect to play adult Peter Parker just look up the spider-man comics written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Humberto Ramos, they’re some of my favourite comics.
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watersofmars · a month ago
Hey there, can you write Andrew! Peter Parker x reader imagine
Where y/n is Peter's best friend and has a crush on him.... She helped him to recover from the loss of Gwen.... Peter gets a crush on her too....
They both get into Tom! Peter Parker universe..... And helps the three spidermen in creating the cures.... During the final batttle....
Instead of MJ, y/n falls and Tom! Peter tries to catch her.... But Goblin gets into the way.... Andrew! Peter Parker saves her and begins to ramble that "I can't lose you too"....
Y/n shuts him up by kissing him and confess their feelings for each other.....
Wins and Losses // Peter Parker
Summary: Request
Pairing: tasm!peter parker x fem!reader, Andrew Garfield!Peter Parker x fem!reader
Word Count: 3.7k
Warnings: mentions of violence, death, fighting etc… Angst + Fluff. Fem reader. Any race, no specific identifiers.
A/n: I loved this idea so much and I’m currently obsessed with Andrews Spider-Man again so if anyone has any marvel requests let me know! Also apologise for any spelling or grammar errors as this wasn't proofread, anyways enjoy!
(Y/N) - Your name, (Y/E/C) - Your eye colour, (Y/N/N) -Your nickname
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It had been many years since Gwen had died - so many that they'd lost count. But through everything: all the healing, the heartbreak and tears, (Y/N) had been there for Peter and she was there for her. After all they were best friends, even before Peter got bit by that spider and before he became known to the world as Spiderman - or in their world anyway.
Peter and (Y/N)'s friendship was unbreakable, she wasn't just his best friend, she was his guy in the chair, she helped him continue to be the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman and most importantly she was the love of his life... even if she didn't know it. These feelings, however, were not one sided as (Y/N) too was in love with Peter and had been since they were practically kids.
At the current moment in time, it didn't matter what the two felt for each other, right now the most important thing was keeping each other safe... and figuring out where the hell they were.
Tumblr media
The pair were simply walking the streets of New York yesterday as they usually did, when suddenly it was as if they were being dragged across time and space and placed down in a New York that was foreign to them, an entire world they didn't know.
Billboards plastered the streets of a 'vigilante' and 'danger to society' known as Spiderman a.k.a. Peter Parker, except this Peter wasn’t your Peter, only making this place stranger and stranger.
This is how the two ended up in an alleyway with some strange, orange and yellow, sparkling circle appearing, that looked almost like a window opening to another world, but instead of aliens or creatures in the portal, there were two teenagers calling out for “Peter”. As if things could get anymore confusing.
The teens continued to call out for Peter, who was currently standing in his full Spidey attire, you could tell even behind the mask, he was as confused as you were.
“Maybe we should go through?”Peter said almost as a question turning to his best friend, who only looked back at him as if he was mad, with hints of concern lacing her (Y/E/C) eyes.
“Peter, you know you're my best friend right, but this is one of the worst ideas you’ve had, and trust me you’ve had many!” the girl whisper-shouted back, all whilst trying to focus on the portal and continuous shouting. But before the girl had a chance to pull Peter back, he was already running straight through the circle into a stranger's home where the two teens now stood with confusion on their own faces, and someone’s Grandma in the corner of the room.
That’s when (Y/N) heard a scream, she must’ve been crazy, but in that moment she too ran straight through the portal into the stranger’s dining room. With Peter beside her profusely apologising and trying to calm the situation down, the portal behind the two best friends suddenly closed, allowing a slight bit of fear to enter (Y/N) body.
Peter, ripping off his mask, held his hands out to the strangers whilst the girl, who you recognise from some of the billboards asks “Who the hell are you two?” whilst the teens continue to stare in confusion as you and Peter.
“I’m Peter Parker. I’m Spiderman… in my world, and this is my best friend (Y/N). But then yesterday, we were… we were just here,” you’re best friend replied whilst trying not to scare the strangers in front of you. You could’ve swore you heard the girl whisper “That’s not possible at some point,” which only heightened your confusion further, if that was even possible.
Peter then began walking around the room, nerding out about how the two of you ended up in such a strange yet familiar place, whilst you remained firmly in your spot, too shocked to move. “Strain Theory, Multidimensional reality and matter displacement… all real?” Peter asked, although you already assumed he knew the answer judging by the pleased look on his face.
“Yeah,” the teens replied and that’s when it began to finally sink in for you that you and Peter were really in another Universe, one clearly parallel to your own in some ways.
“I knew it,” you and Peter both said at the same time whilst the teens' gaze flickered back and forth between the two of you. As exciting as it was being in another Universe, it was also terrifying; this wasn’t your world and you had no idea how you and Peter were going to get back to your universe, nor did you know anything about this other Peter Parker, other than the fact he was clearly unpopular and the teens stood before you knew him somehow. That’s when you were pulled out of your thoughts by nonsense being said between the teens and Peter about Magic. Apparently things could get weirder around here.
“Magic is real here too!” you shouted whilst finally engaging in the conversation between your best friend and the strangers. Peter then pulled you towards him, with his hands gripping your shoulders and a hint of childish excitement on his face. You still can’t remember exactly what he was saying to you, it was something along the lines of “we were right (Y/N/N),” but you were far too focus on his grip on your arms that you found comfort in but also made you nervous, whilst trying to not to get lost in his beautiful, brown eyes that were staring straight into your own.
Suddenly, in your peripheral you saw the teen girl throw a piece of bread at Peter, who looked back at the teens more confused than annoyed. “Prove it” the girl asked, “Prove you’re Peter Parker”
Peter then stepped back and replied, “Well I don’t carry ID with me, kinda defeats the whole anonymous superhero thing.”
“Well, do you have the tingle thing!”
“I have the tingle thing, just not for bread,” Peter says almost matter of factly , whilst the girl was getting ready to throw another piece of bread. “Please don’t throw the bread,” Peter then decides the best thing to do to prove he was indeed Spiderman was jump up and hang from the ceiling with one arm.
Whilst you were impressed as usuals by Peter’s agility and Spidey powers, the girl clearly wasn’t as impressed as she then asked Peter to start “crawling around”. (Y/N) and the teen boy found this all very amusing, whilst Peter began crawling on the ceiling to clear some cobwebs for the boys’ Lola.
While Peter jumped down from the ceiling, smiling and blushing slightly as his best friend, who was looking back at him with admiration, the teens were busy trying to open another portal in attempts to find the ‘real Peter’ or their Peter who you quickly realised was the one on the billboards outside. That’s when another man stepped through the new portal, slightly older than you and your Peter and in regular clothes. For a moment you felt some familiarity whilst looking at the man, the same feeling you felt when you and Peter were pulled into this other world. A feeling that you knew this man but he was also a stranger to you. That’s when you looked at Peter, who was now staring at the man with the same feeling you were just describing.
“I hope it’s okay, I just came through this… It just closed,” the man said with the new portal now closing behind him.
“You’re Peter,” the girl said with a lack of confidence and confusion, but that's when it clicked, the man before you was also Peter Parker, but one from another world to your own and the one you currently found yourself in. You looked at your Peter once again, who you also realised was now aware who this man before you was, it was him - well another version of him anyway.
The man turned to the girl replying with, “Yeah, Peter Parker.” “I’ve seen you two…” he then says to the two teens, clearly he had also seen the posters around this New York. That’s when suddenly this new Peter Parker and your own looked at one another, almost with comfort, yet still confusion as they both were aware of who the other was. The new Peter then looked very confused, saying, “Wait, he’s not your friend…” clearly at first assuming that your Peter was the one from this world and friend to the two teens, who were now also looking back and forth between the two Peter’s with the same looks of realisation you had on your own face. Before you knew it you were quickly stepping back as webs began flying across the room with both men jumping from the ceiling trying to fire webs at the other, that when the new Peter fired a web at your best friend's arm, who was now stood on the island in the kitchen, with a smile on his face looking back at the other Peter.
The two men quickly calmed down as they realised they were no danger to the other and they were in fact both Spiderman and Peter Parker. As they cleared the webs they fired for the boys Lola, who had now retreated to bed, you couldn’t help look in awe at the scene before you. Yesterday it was just you and your best friend Peter in New York, now suddenly you were in another universe, in another New York where there was now currently three Peter Parkers, Electro and Doctor Conners were still alive and there were men flying around made of sand, with tentacle arms or dressed as a Green Goblin.
As you all still stood in the dining room of a strangers home, you began looking at the two teens with sadness as you heard the girl saying that they were the only people that their Peter had left. You couldn’t help but feel heartbroken for the teens and this world’s Peter, hearing this truth and hearing about the death of May in this world, you then looked at your own Peter, who looked back at you with sadness on his own face. He knew better than anyone what it was like to lose the people you love and feel alone, afterall he lost his uncle Ben… and Gwen. Remembering her brought a tear to your own eye, losing her wasn’t just hard on Peter, but you too. She was your friend also and remembering the heartbreak and loneliness you and your Peter also felt at one point allowed you to understand just how the teens and this world's Peter were feeling right now. That when a mutual understanding was relayed between the two Peters and yourself, you were going to help this world's Peter Parker, just as you had helped your own.
Tumblr media
You were currently stood on top of a building next to the older Peter, as your own Peter was holding you waist, making sure you wouldn’t fall a hundred feet to the ground, you blushed with a feeling of butterflies filling your stomach as you couldn’t help but hyperfixate on the tight yet comforting grip on your waist, all whilst being completely unaware that your Peter was also blushing in the darkness, with his own butterflies at the thought of being so close to the girl he was in love with.
The three of you looked onwards in silence at the teens, who you now knew to be Ned and MJ, as they hugged their own Peter, who you all found sobbing on the roof of this building at the loss of his aunt May.
Suddenly the young Peter became aware of the strangers on the roof, glancing back and forth in anger and worry at yourself and the other two Peters. Your Peter began trying to explain that he knew how this young Peter felt, but was cut off, “Don’t act like you know how I feel!” the young boy shouted whilst beginning to break down again, if only he knew what your Peter had been through.
Tears began to fill your eyes again when you suddenly heard your Peter start talking about his own losses - about Gwen.
“I lost Gwen. She was… she was my MJ, and I couldn’t save her.”
Your heart broke at that, you knew how your Peter felt and although it had been years, years of mending and healing, it was still hard for him to talk about Gwen, you knew how much he loved her and whilst it was selfish, you only wished he felt that same way about you after all these years, after everything the two of you had been through. But you knew you could never replace what he lost, you only hoped to help mend that whole in some ways… if only you knew how Peter felt about you.
“I got angry. I got bitter. I just don’t want you… to end up like me,” your Peter continued whilst struggling to hold in the tears. That's when he suddenly turned back towards you, a sad smile on his face and a look of love in his eyes… no it couldn’t be. “But I got lucky. I had (Y/N). She helped me”. Those butterflies flooded your stomach once again. Your Peter turned back to the young Peter, finally saying, “You’ve got MJ and Ned, and now you’ve got us. We're going to help you.”
Tumblr media
The three Peter’s were now hard at work in the labs of the young Peter’s school, trying to work on cures for the villains all the Peter’s have encountered. You decided to help your Peter work on the cure for Doctor Conners and the two of you had done it once before, so this time it should be easy.
You couldn’t help but smile whilst looking at Peter sitting next to you in a white lab coat, concentrating on the beakers and chemicals in front of him. You hadn’t realised in your daze that he had seen you, a smile breaking out on his handsome face as he began speaking, “Stop staring (Y/N).” A blush crept on your cheeks as you realised you had been staring at your best friend for far too long.
You both looked forward to the scene before you, with MJ and the young Peter resting on each other's foreheads after clearly sharing a romantic and comforting moment, one you had in some ways shared with your own Peter when the two of you were grieving. You couldn’t help the small smile on your face as you turned to your Peter, with the same look on his face. That's when you became very aware of how close the two of you were, almost close enough to be sharing your own intimate moment. Suddenly your Peter cleared his throat and swivelled his chair around to face the other Peter, asking if he had anyone back home, quickly changing the conversation.
The older Peter mentioned he had his own MJ waiting for him back home, then he suddenly asked your Peter if he had anyone. You suddenly froze, before your Peter replied nonchalantly with a “Nah”. This broke your heart, it was silly of you to hope in that moment he would say he had someone, and that it was you. After all you still were only best friends, nothing more despite the butterflies everytime you looked at him. These thoughts left your head once again as you heard Ned call out for Peter, clearly forgetting there were currently three Peter Parkers in the room who all replied to his calling.
Tumblr media
You had all finished working on the cures and the battle between the Peters and their villains was in full swing. With Sandman having already been cured, you were currently stood back in the labs with MJ and Ned whilst Ned was struggling to close the portal to the fight taking place at the Statue of Liberty. Suddenly the three of you noticed the Lizard aka Doctor Conners running towards you, clearly after the magic box MJ was holding. In a moment, the three of you were running around the lab with the Young Peter appearing to hold back the Lizard. The three of you had no choice but to run onto the scaffolding surrounding the statue, trying to escape the Lizard.
Your Peter quickly noticed the scene unfolding and in an instance began making his way towards you. He quickly swung down grabbing onto your waist and swinging away to another part of the scaffolding. He was looking over you with worry washing over him, until he soon realised you were unharmed and went to help the Young Peter bring MJ and Ned to where you stood.
You then stood with the two teens looking down at the scene below, as Ned had opened another Portal, with a man stepping through that they claimed to be a wizard, who began helping the three Peters cure Doctor Conners and hold off Electro.
Worry then began washing over you as you looked down seeing Electro holding your Peter with his electric bolts as you screamed at for Peter, you were being held back by Ned and MJ until Doc Oc appeared, holding onto Electro, or as you and your Peter previously knew him, Max Dillon, as he began curing Max, riding him of his electrical powers.
You continued to look down, with your Peter sharing a moment with Max until out of nowhere, Green Goblin appeared. The young Peter was holding onto the Goblin's glider as they continued flying through the air until this Peter threw one of the Goblin’s green bombs.
Suddenly everything was happening so fast, as the young Peter threw the bomb, it landed in the magic box and blew up, causing a giant explosion on the scaffolding… that’s how you now found yourself falling at a rapid speed from the statue. You had seen Ned and MJ quickly onto another part of the scaffolding, with MJ being taken to safety by the older Peter and Ned being brought to the ground by the Wizards red cape, you however, were far from safe.
You were beginning to accept your fate, that there was no possible way you were surviving this fall. You couldn’t help but think of how poetic yet sad this all was, that you were to die in a similar way to how Gwen died, leaving your Peter without either one of you.
You were suddenly pulled from your thoughts as you saw the Young Peter diving towards you at great speed. For a moment you had hope that the young boy would catch you, but these hopes were quickly shattered by the Goblin glider coming into view once again and taking the young Peter with him. This was it, now there was no way you were going to survive
Closing your eyes, accepting your fate for the second time, you almost didn’t realise that arms were now wrapped around you, believing that you were just imagining things, but you were quickly pulled from your thoughts by a familiar voice profusely asking if you were ok. It was Peter, your Peter.
You opened your eyes to see that you were safely on the ground in the arms of your Peter, who was now crying uncontrollably. You knew the memories this was bringing back for him. You too began crying whilst replying to Peter saying that you were ok.
“Are you ok?” you asked him sadly whilst he nodded back with tears still streaming from his eyes.
“I couldn’t lose you too,” this shattered you, quickly standing to pull Peter in a tight embrace with tears staining your back as your own stained his. You could hear him continuously mutter through his tears about how he had already lost Gwen and that it was his fault and that he loved you. Wait… that can’t have been right. You could’ve swore you heard him say he loved you. “I love you (Y/N).”  he repeated, this time you knew what he had said. Before you could overthink the situation for another second you pulled back from the embrace and instead pulled Peter into a breathtaking and Earth-shattering kiss, one that said just as clearly how you felt about Peter, and one you’d been waiting to have for so many years.
Peter's arms soon snuck back around your waist whilst your hands made their way to the back of his neck and into his hair, earning a slight moan from him through the kiss.
After what felt like years you pulled back, tears still in your eyes as you stared straight into Peter’s. “I love you too.” and there it was, four words Peter had been waiting years to hear, that you felt the exact same for him and that finally he was not truly alone anymore.
In that moment you both knew how the other truly felt for the first time ever and the two of you finally felt whole again.
Tumblr media
The fight was soon won, with your Peter healing Osborne and then helping the older Peter off the ground who had been stabbed.
You stood to the side as the three Peter’s said their goodbyes and shared a moment you knew you’d only see once in your lifetime. Three Peter Parkers stood together in unity, three Spidermans who had saved the world together.
You stood now holding onto your Peter who was still supporting the older Peter as the three of you waved off the young Peter. This is when you realised you were all moments away from going home, and whilst things would never be the same again, now you and Peter had confessed your feelings for one another and knew that the multiverse was very much real, you knew you wouldn't have changed anything and instead you stood smiling up at Peter, your Peter, who smiled back down at you, ready to start the rest of your lives together once you get back home.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I’m in love with those two Tom!Peter third-wheeling in the distance 
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❙靎❙ Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) / Spider-Man icons;
✸ Like or Reblog if you save!
• Request are open.
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As a society we don't talk enough about how Aunt May called Matt by his first name which means she personally knew him
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Tumblr media
this was the only thing i wanted in life, it’s all going to go down from here guys
Tumblr media
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Look at this chaotic evil gays
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Did you imagine.... When you first saw this
Tumblr media
That we would end up here?
Tumblr media
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Tobey!Peter: ya know I’m 46
Tom!Peter : DAMN
Tobey!Peter :
Tom!Peter : I’m sorry
Andrew!Peter : Dont be sorry, he is old
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Norman Osborn The Curious Scientist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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“That was just me loving them” Protect Andrew Garfield please 😩😩
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This idea is currently living in my head rent free
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rewatched Tobey’s Spider-Man last night and NHW today and realised that when Tobey compliments Andrew “you’re amazing!“, besides that being a nod to Andrew’s movies (The Amazing Spider-Man) it is also (one of) the first compliment Tobey’s MJ gives him - she keeps telling Harry that Spider-Man is amazing and also in person right before their iconic kiss
Tumblr media
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Life Sucks.
May Parker x fem!reader
(The lack of aunt May's fanfictions is embarrassing so here I am)
Tumblr media
This is the second fanfiction I've ever wrote so I'm sorry if it's lame, but I don't write much. Plus, I wrote it just because I needed some comfort and right now my life sucks, lmao. And if being a loser wasn't enough, English is not even my first language so I'm sorry for grammar mistakes.😩
Summary: you've always been a victim of your parents arguments and things got even worse when you moved to Queens with them, but what will happen when your neighbors decide to help you with it?
Warnings: age gap, reader is in her 20s (minors, do not interact!) angst, abuse, language (?), self-harm, sexual tension, light smut at the end. (Feel free to tell me if I should add more)
Tumblr media
Your life sucks. I mean, everyone's life sucks in a way or another, but yours was particularly challenging.
Your parents have the tendency to fight a lot and they always put you in the middle of the fights, like you could fix things between them.
Since you were born, the days where you and your parents had good moments together were rare and being a only child was even worse. You don't have someone who relate to you and who understands what you are going through, you were alone. At least that was what you thought until you moved to Queens.
At first you didn't like the city at all. Your parents left Los Angeles to go to an expensive and dangerous city just because they thought they could work things out with a new start with their child?
They kept fighting like nothing changed, like they didn't force you to leave all your friends behind just for their marriage. And you couldn't complain about it. Absolutely not, they would scream at you how ungrateful you are because "we did this for you and for the sake of this family".
Yeah, right.
All you wanted to do was run away, find a new job and start over.
But, despite being in your 20s, you still couldn't move out on your own because the apartments in Queens are not cheap and your salary wasn't the best, therefore you are in a foreign city stuck with abusive parents and you have no friends.
But something changed one day when you were done with your parents arguments.
"Isn't she acting like crazy?!" your father asked you, pointing at your mother.
Oh, here we are again.
“Oh, now I'm crazy?!” She yelled back. “Yes, you are! You're ruining this family! Look at our child- she's crying again because of you!” Your father accused your mother just like he did a hundred times before. This was not new at all. You came to the point were you didn't even care about what they fight about anymore.
“STOP, I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" You screamed at them before taking your jacket and headed to the door, being careful of slamming it before rushing away of the apartment.
You were now crying on the corridor of the building, a few doors away from yours.
Your neighbors were well aware of the situation in your apartment but they never did anything to help you, not even when you would stand in the corridor shaking and crying, so you preferred crying in silence now, it wouldn't make a big difference.
But something happened this time and the door near you opened.
“Uhm, hey? What are you doing here?” You hear a voice asking you.
You suddenly got up and started apologizing to a young boy, probably a little bit younger than you with messy, brown hair and a "I survived my trip to New York" shirt.
“Are you okay?” He asked you, concern evident in his voice.
“Y-yeah, sorry. My parents... They were-”
“Fighting?” He interrupted you with a sad smile, knowing he was unfortunately right.
“Yes... How do you...?” You asked him furrowing your eyebrows and wiping away some tears.
“I heard them before, they're pretty loud.” He joked, trying to make you feel better. “I never did anything because I didn't know what to do. I mean, you moved here just a couple of weeks ago, I don't know who you are and I know this means nothing but-”
“No, no. It's okay.” You interrupted him. “We're new here and we are strangers, we could be serial killers or something.”
He simply chuckled, still a little uncomfortable. “I'm Peter, by the way…Parker.” He stretched out a hand to you which you gladly shook.
“Hi, Peter. I'm Y/N Y/L/N.”
“Nice to meet you. Uhm, do you wanna come in?” He asked pointing to the apartment behind his back. “It's just me and my aunt.”
“Oh, I should prob-”
Before you could answer his question a new figure behind Peter made its way in the corridor.
She was beautiful, no... She was beyond that. She was stunning.
She had long, straight, brown hair and brown eyes. She was a little bit taller than you and she was wearing gray pants and a yellow low-necked shirt; not too much revealing but enough to make your mouth go dry.
“Peter, what are you doing here?” the woman asked and holy shit, she even more beautiful up close. When Peter pointed at you, she turned her attentions to your not good looking self.
“Hi, I'm May Parker.” She introduced herself with a big smile, hand stretched out for you.
“Oh, ehm, I'm Y/N Y/L/N. Nice to meet you, Miss Parker.” You shook her hand looking deeply in her eyes and, if Peter didn't interrupt you two, you would probably still be holding her hand.
“May, she's the daughter of our new neighbors... You know...” He informed the woman, giving her a knowing look.
Great, everyone is gossiping about your parents fights.
The woman widened her eyes. “Ooh! Honey... Welcome, I guess? Would you like to come over?”
A part of you wanted to accept but the other was still a little bit uncomfortable knowing they were doing it just for pity, so you refused.
“Thanks, but I should go.” You said pointing at your door with your head, May and Peter simply nodded in agreement. “I have to check those two didn't kill each other.” You joked to lighten up the mood (and because that was your coping mechanism), but May and Peter looked at you with furrowed eyebrows and a concerned look.
“Uhm, maybe we could hang out together tomorrow, Peter. What do you think?” You suggested.
“Yeah, sure. You can come over tomorrow. That would be perfect, Y/N. Absolutely, no problem.” This boy talks too much but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
With a last goodbye, you head to your apartment with a little smile on your face.
As you promised, the next day you were at Peter's apartment and after that you became really good friends, and after a year you were practically part of the family.
May invited you to dinner often, to the point where she knew your favorite meals and you had your personal seat.
The feelings for her grew pretty strong and you could admit that you're in love with her. But she's was your best friend's aunt and you were in your 20s so this was not gonna happen. Plus it would be too awkward for Peter.
You and Pete do everything together, you don't understand much about math but he's glad to teach you just for fun, even though you said you don't need it since you graduated from high school a few years ago, but he says “math is always useful in life”, so you agreed just so you could teach him how to skateboard and he was surprisingly coordinated, much more than you.
You even started hanging out with his friends Ned and MJ and, despite the fact they are still teenagers, you didn't feel the pressure of the age gap at all. You have a lot in common with all three, but Peter was special. It was like he could sense when your parents were gonna fight. He always sends you a message asking you to come over just right before your parents would start yelling at each other and you honestly didn't know how he could do that.
One time you could hear them scream from May's apartment and you knew things were getting really bad. You were watching movies on the couch with the two of them and Peter immediately sensed you were going to panic.
“I- I should go.” You sighed, but before you could stand up, May's hands were on your shoulders, and she was looking at you with concern. That wasn't helping your nervous status.
“Sweetie, that shouldn't concern you. You can't always try to fix things, specially these things.”
Now her hands where on both of your cheeks and you could swear you were blushing.
“May is right, Y/N/N. You should stay, plus she made your favorite meal. You can't say no.” Peter said with a big smile on his face, trying to assure you.
You simply nodded, keeping your eyes on May since she was still holding you in place. She smirked and walked towards the kitchen, you immediately missed her touch.
You sighed and straightened up your posture, looking at your best friend who was smirking at you with his eyes half closed.
“What?” You asked confused.
“Uh? Nothing.” His smirk only grew wider.
A few days later your parents were fighting, again. And they involved you, as always.
“Y/N, am I wrong for hanging out with my friends and having some fun?” Your mother asked you with both of her hands on her hips.
“That doesn't give you the right to come home late and not making me dinner!” Your father yelled before hitting the table with his fist, making you jump.
“W-well. You could always cook something yourself.” You suggested quietly, not wanting to upset him.
How you wish you never spoke. Your mother gave you a grateful look, but your father... He immediately gave you the look he does when he wants to slap you. The look that terrifies you every, single time.
He started walking towards you and you immediately got up, some tears were trying to escape but you couldn't let them, he would've killed you.
“Stop acting like this and give me respect!” He was a few inches away from your face and that was it, that was the breaking point. You couldn't take it anymore so you did what you always do in situations like this and got out of the apartment. You hear your father scream “Go and never come back!” but you don't care anymore.
With shaky hands you knock frantically on Peter's door and a few moments later a confused May opens the door for you.
As soon as she sees you she understands and gives you a big hug, whispering sweet nothings in your ear. You couldn't take it anymore so you collapsed on the apartment floor, crying and shaking.
“Oh, sweetie... Baby, what happened?” May kneeled in front of you, rubbing your back. If you weren't so shocked (and this was a normal situation) you would've been happy for the interaction you two were having but right now nothing felt real.
You tried to talk but nothing came out of your mouth, your were dizzy, numb, you wanted to scream but you couldn't.
“Hey, it's okay.” The older woman assured you with her hands on your cheeks, as she always does when you're sad. “Come here. Sit on the couch with me, love.”
You and May sit on the couch, and she gives you a glass of water. Your hands didn't want to collaborate and started shaking even more.
“Wait, let me help you, sweetie.” May placed a hand on the back of your head, stroking your hair and the other one on the glass, helping you drink.
God, I'm pathetic.
You muttered a thank you, not knowing what to say. You didn't know if it was for the fight with your parents or for the beautiful woman sitting next to you who was know stroking your knee comfortably. Now you didn't know if deciding to wear a skirt was a good thing or a bad thing.
“Where- Where's Pete?” You suddenly ask, totally forgetting about your best friend.
“Oh, he's at Ned's” She informs you with a sweet tone. “We're... alone.”
You swallow hard and nodd with a small smile, not trusting your voice. She looked at you and you saw that she was... nervous. Why would she be nervous about being alone with you? You were part of the family after all.
“So, do you want to talk about what happened?” Her thumb was now tracing circles on your knee while the other was still stroking your hair.
You take a deep breath. “It's always the same shit, May. My parents hate each other, they argue every. fucking. day. Even for the silliest things! It's impossible to live like this and I'm sorry if I always com-”
“What are those?” She abruptly interrupted you, looking down at your thigh.
You followed her gaze and found out that the skirt reveled your cuts.
Damn it.
“Wh- Those...” You start to panic and don't know what excuse to make up. “May, forget it. It's nothing.”
“You did this, didn't you?” She whispered tracing some of your cuts, making you hiss in pain. “Sorry…” She whispered sadly.
“Its okay.” Now the air was heavy. You didn't tell anyone you hurt yourself, not even Peter. It's not something to be proud of but you couldn't stop. The more you hurt yourself the more you wanna do it.
“I'll go take the medical kit.” She swiftly got up and disappeared in the bathroom. You didn't even have the time to tell her she didn't have to. She seemed upset and you couldn't figure out why.
When she came back, she had everything she needed to disinfect the wounds. “May, this is not necessary.” You assured her with gratitude in your voice.
She ignored you and kneeled in front of you, her hands shaking a little bit. “It is. Now raise your skirt so I can take care of this.”
Her tone was firm but shaky at the same time. She was anxious and you could tell by the way she was blushing and biting her lips.
You did as she told, your skirt was now up to the level of your panties and you could feel her gaze following your movements.
She shook her head and placed a hand on your thigh and before you could stop yourself, you sighed.
Her head immediately snapped to you, a little smirk appeared on her lips and her eyes darkened. “Can I try something?” Her voice was above a whisper, but you heard her clearly.
“Yes…” you moaned and immediately widened your eyes. “I mean... Yes.” This time you tried to sound more convincing, but it was evident you were a mess under her touch.
She was a little surprised by your behavior but she didn't say anything about it, instead she lowered her head and started kissing your hips, right where your cuts were.
You were too stunned to speak so you did the only thing you could do and stared at the beauty in front of you.
“Don't. Do. That. Ever. Again.” She said between each kiss as she was getting closer to your inner hip. You closed your eyes for a second and arched your back before taking a deep breath.
“May...” She looked at you with lust in her eyes and she couldn't control herself any longer. She kissed you.
You were a little taken back by the sudden action but immediately kissed her back when you processed what was happening.
You sighed into the kiss as you wrapped your arms around May's neck and you let out a small moan as soon as you felt May's hands grab your waist in a possessive way.
“God, you don't know how long I've been wanting to do this.” She confessed sitting on your lap, letting her mouth trail down your neck in a series of open mouth kisses.
“M-me too.” You let out a gasp when you felt her hand cupping your clothed cunt. The older woman smirked at you when she felt how wet you were. “May, please… touch me.”
She didn't waste any time and tossed your panties to the side before inserting one finger inside of you.
“Yes. Right there.” You moaned. It was pathetic how needy you were.
“You're so wet for me, babygirl.” May started to kiss your collarbone while she inserted another finger, making you moan louder.
“WOAH, HEY!” You and May immediately look at the door where a shocked and disgusted Peter was standing.
May swiftly composed herself and got up from your lap. “Peter, weren't you at Ned's?”
“We finished our project sooner.” His eyes were glued to you while yours where glued to the floor.
“Peter, we're so-”
“No, it's okay.” He interrupted you before he ran a hand through his hair. “I'm just gonna go to my room, but it's fine, really. I was getting tired of you two drooling over each other but never making a move.”
“You knew, Peter?” May crossed her arms and looked at him in disbelief. “How did you-”
“Of course I knew! You're not good at hiding you feelings.” He headed to his room, closing the door behind him. “And next time GET A ROOM.” He yelled on the other side of the door.
You and May looked at each other and started laughing. You got up and walked towards her before giving her a gentle kiss on her lips. As usual she placed both of her hands on your cheeks, but this time you never felt happier.
“Would you like to stay for dinner?” She asked, biting her lips. She stared at you with a hopeful look and touched your lips with her thumb.
You closed your eyes for a second. “Yes, I would love that.”
And with that, she pecked your lips one more time and smiled.
Your life didn't suck after all.
That was it, aunt May simps! I hope you liked it and if you love that woman as much as I do you can check my povs about her on TikTok (loraine.maximoff), I'll drop the link <3
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