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#spider man: miles morales

Finished Spider-Man: Miles Morales today! Such a fun game! Loving my new sidekick Spider-Cat!

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Miles Morales: Hey Peter, remember when Dana and Castiel became canon on Nov 5?

Peter B. Parker: …Dana? and Castiel?

Miles Morales: Yeah, from that show Abnormal

Peter B. Parker: what the hell

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I, uh, think I finished the game. Don’t know how because I was at 26% this morning. Maybe it’s because I’ve barely done the side activites

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Okokok- in the first game, one of the first things Spider-Man (Peter) does is rescue a homeless woman named Gloria from some robbers. He then directs her to F.E.A.S.T. (She doesn’t agree until he brings up rice cakes, and she goes for the nostalgia of rice cakes her mother made). Apparently she works there now, and I was already overjoyed to see her, but now apparently she has a girlfriend, and I’m still getting over the representation in this game

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I love the subtitles on the Miles Morales game

[cheesy horn noises]

[smashing Spider-Man into the ground]

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Bro … Back the hell OFF!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020)

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“Get ready for a planet powered by Nuform.” This is a disaster waiting to happen.

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Ok Danika seems much better than Jameson aixhaizbahs

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Woah holographic training?? Awesome!

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“Does Pete automatically set his suits to Jameson’s podcast?” Yes. “The guy’s a masochist.” I’ve seen worse. *eyes Gray*

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Ganke and Miles are like. Bro goals. “What, you never see a guy change clothes in Central Park?” Wifhosnsoszna. And like, the tiny spider man in the corner is liek? One of my favorites

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