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#spider son

Peter, who has been avoiding his math homework all afternoon: It’s amazing what intense amounts of procrastination can do


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Fic Rec Friday

From Fraud to Father (67k) by @tonystarkissist

“Tony,” she placated, “all you have to do is read a couple children’s books to them and answer a few of their questions. You’ll be fine.”

“Will you come with me? You’re so good with kids,” he pleaded as she finished up with his collar and awkwardly patted the lapels of his suit down, forcing a smile onto her face when she looked up at him.

“No. I’ve got a lot of work to do. Phil’s going with you, though, and so is Happy. You shouldn’t have a problem. They’ll make sure you don’t do anything stupid.”

Theres a long pause before Tony finally voices his true concern.

“But what if one of them sneezes on me?“

I just finished reading this a couple of days ago and I love it, it’s an Irondad Orphan Annie AU. I hope there is a sequel because this story is Perfection. Can you tell I’m trying not to spoil it?

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Tony: Pete, for the last time no one is coming to-

Peter: NO! I already know i’M a gOnEr!!!!!!

Tony: Peter-

Peter: I fOrGoT tO dO mY sPaNiSH lEsSoN

Tony: I’m sorry what-

*Duo the green owl comes crashing through the window*

Duo: sOmEbOdY dIdN’t dO tHeIr sPaNiSh LeSsOn-

Peter: aHhHh

Tony: wHaT iS tHat tHinG-

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i desperately need Lanky Boy Peter who is Taller Than His Mr Stark and tony Hates It So Much

like peter is just a long boy, and in the peak of his Huge Teenage Boy Growth Spurts when he meets tony. so tony just watches him shoot up like a damn sprout, and the absolute second peter gets a centimeter taller than tony, tony feels a disturbance in the force

he gets a shiver. peters not even there

pepper: what is it hon?

tony: peter is taller than me…. i need to buy some heels, STAT

and tony, 5'9", is surpassed by his 6'4" child who slouches bc hes a bit embarrassed about how tall he is and tony just finds it infuriating that its his face in peter’s chest when they hug

he totally loves it, but dont tell peter that, he has an image he needs to maintain

but that doesnt stop peter from, after a bad nightmare or just on a clingier day, from crawling up for some solid dad-figure cuddles from tony and making himself as small as physically possible so he better fits against Tony’s chest and u KNOW tony bundles up his lanky child as tight as he can and savors every second

(and dont get me wrong tho tony is still Bulkier than peter, bc even when peter “fills out” he is still just a very Lean boy, he never rly bulks up)

just… tall, awkward, lanky peter. thank you for ur time

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“family isn’t always blood. it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. the ones who accept you for who you are, and the ones who would do anything to see you smile. the ones who love you no matter what.”

took a break from writing to do a little found family doodle. the inspiration behind this is based entirely on @madasthesea’s series “what you were then i am today”. this isn’t finished yet but i like where it’s heading :)

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Sometimes I’m just like:

I love my children

But then I remember that they don’t exist

But then I forget that they don’t exist

And then I love them even more

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*Peter, rubbing toothpaste on his cracked phone screen*

Tony: Kid, what are you doing…?

Peter: I saw it on 5 minute crafts-

Tony: you do realize I’m a billionaire, right? I could just buy you a new one…

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