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Whumptober 2020 Prompt No. 13 - Breathe In, Breathe Out
Delayed Drowning | Chemical Pneumonia | Oxygen Mask


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The months following what Peter referred to in his mind as the “almost-apocalypse” were supposed to be all joyful and merry. The world was saved. Not just their world, but the universe. Thanos was gone. Mr. Stark wasn’t, not any more. Cheers all around, right?

Well, it wasn’t that easy. Because things were apparently never just easy in the life of one Peter Parker. Turned out, there were still some assholes out there. Not the Thanos-kind. Not for now at least. The regular kind though and Peter for one saw absolutely no reason as to why anything should have changed in his responsibility to stop them from being assholes.

His aunt somehow disagreed more often than she didn’t. Annoyingly now though, she managed to drag Mr. Stark to her side a lot more than she used to, too.

Peter shook his head at himself. Tony. T-O-N-Y. It wasn’t that hard, was it? He still slipped up every so often. But as much as that bugged him, it was the others who bugged him even more. Colonel Rhodes and Hawkeye among them the most willing to tease Peter about it. Him, and Tony too, for his mentor never commented on it with more than a crooked smile. When it was just the two of them, that was often the only indication for Peter, that he had said it again.

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Prompt # 16/30: Massage & machine

Rating: General

Characters: Peter x Tony (platonic Irondad. This isn’t St*rker)

A/N: I was short on time and made some of these really short (shorter than I would like to write) I hope you guys still like them !! Here’s @passionateswarm’s request for Iron dad ☺️

“Peter! Hey, Underoos! Come here!” Tony called as Peter came running down the hallway. 

“Yes, Mr. Stark?” he replied, cocking his head when he took a look at the machine in front of him.

“I needed someone to help me test this little knick knack out. It’s supposed to be a massaging machine for Steve and Barnes since those two are constantly complaining about the massage machines I made too weak.” Tony explained as Peter examined them. 

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Tony: What do you want from the store for breakfast on your birthday?

Peter: A bag of chocolate covered donuts.

Tony: Wow that’s…normal. Alright, sure!

Peter: Just for me.

Tony: Um..okay..I mean it is your birthday..

Peter: Every year, I’ve wanted to see how fast I can eat the whole bag but I never got it to myself

Tony: I- ok then. That sounds more like you.

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