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#spider son
irondad-creator-awards · 4 hours ago
can i rec the fic Like Father, Like Son by @An-Odd-Idea (
summary: tony and peter have been kidnapped and forced to recreate the arc reactor, the catch is tony can’t get to peter and can only advise him from across the room
this fic is seriously so awesome! i was on the edge of my seat the entire time and couldn’t put it down. the fluffy parts are adorable and the hurt/comfort is so well done!
This one really does sound awesome!
Thanks for the rec :-)
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spiderman-meadows · 7 hours ago
Peter: I’m a circle
Tony: explain
Peter: pointless
Tony: n o
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borschtisaukrainiansoup · 18 hours ago
Peter: I literally texted Ned that I was happy we didn’t have a chemistry quiz today so that I could do my math homework in the morning, but it’s almost 2:00 pm and I still haven’t started it
Tony, remembering how he used to do the same thing with Rhodey: Yep that’s my son :)
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spindler-spider · 20 hours ago
Peter Parker/ Spider-Man Fanfiction Idea :p
Ok so just your normal Spidey BUT the spider that bit him was muted with cat DNA? So Peter Parker is human, spider AND cat!
Can you imagine how overpowered that would be? But also the absolute choas the downsides would be.
- having super enhanced everything is pretty cool but what about sensory overloads? What if sneezes and just jumps so far up he lands ontop of a house or something. Imagine how painful it would be to constantly hold back and have special glasses or headphones because if he doesn't he would pass out from the amount of input. But also ONTOP of that has to deal with his sixth sense? (Spidey sense)
- not only does he have to deal with physical problems what about mental? Not only does he constantly has to much input in his brain he also has to resist his animal instincts? What would his diet be?
Even with all these bad things what if his teammates consistently pull pranks on him because of it:
Laser pointers!
Cat nip?
Urge to climb walls
Urge to hunt things
Eating bugs?
Head Pat's!
Web making? (Stitching?)
And probably a lot more of you think about it.
What if because of it amazing sensory input he learns incredibly fast and extremely good at memorizing things?
Bonus: Viligant/villains and other heroes severely underestimate him, whilst villains and criminals very quickly learn to fear him other vigilantes and heroes learn to appreciate that this spider/cat kid was on their side.
Look all I'm saying if you see this and find anything similar (or write it your self) tell me! I crave more content.
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spindler-spider · 23 hours ago
Peter: you want anything to drink?
Tony: sure kiddo.
Peter: Ok, we have coffee, tea, juice, Spiders, Appl-
Tony: Spiders?
Peter: Spiders it is!
Tony: wait, no I don't-
But it was to late, Peter was allready pouring a brimming glass of spiders
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Fic Rec: When in the Dark – @kevyfanfics
Summary: Peter and Tony assist Dr Strange against a magical villain in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The trio are separated and unfortunately the villain gets to Peter first.
What do I like about it? I mean where to start. Undoubtedly, one of the best fics I have ever read. Its my three favourite characters and they have been written to absolute perfection. There is a healthy dose of hurt and angst, rounded off with a happy ending which is just the kind of story that fuels my soul. The pacing is good, and I could read it over and over again. I could probably say the same about her other fics but this one just really is special to me.
Kevy is the kind of writer who will take the time to reply to every comment and could not be any lovelier. Our friendship came from my adoration of her writing and her lush personality. Thus I was aware of this fic as we spend a lot of time sharing our works together and bouncing ideas off one another. I love you 3000!
Thank you for the rec.
I’m really intrigued by this and am adding this to my TBR list.
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strangeironaf · a day ago
Stephen: It’s weird, this pizza tastes like shoe bottom.
Peter: Isn’t that a kind of bread?
Tony: That’s ciabatta.
Peter: That monkey from Star Wars?
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zanderljones · a day ago
Day 21: Birthday
Petey asks and he shall receive
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Got A Rec?
With voting closing tonight, the blog is going to be quiet until May 1st - which you may be relieved about. I had an idea, though...
There were over over 150 seperate nominations for the awards, and I thought maybe you’d like to share a little more about those creations. If you’re so inclined, you can Submit a Post or send me an Ask with the information - Title. Creator. Link. Summary (for fic) and a short blurb about the creation from you - what you like about it and how you found it for example.
I’ll line them up and start posting over the intervening days between now and winners announcements.
Tumblr media
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spindler-spider · a day ago
Peter: life is a lie, I wake up everyday but for what reason? I could die right now and in a week New York would completely forgot about Spider-Man. People call me a menace and I can't go a single day without putting my life in danger, the universe hates me and I'm better off dead. What am I under the mask? Does it matter what I am under the mask? What difference do i really make in this world? We are but a pixel in the universe and nothing we do now will change our inevitable death.
Bucky: ???what happened kiddo???
Tony, sighing loudly: he stubbed his toe.
Steve: is... is this normal?
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