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#spider-son fic

Fanfiction: That’s not funny, Mr Stark!

Summary: The field trip Peter Parker wasn’t allowed to go on

Relationships: Tony Stark & Peter Parker (Iron Dad & Spider Son)

Warnings: I believe none?


Originally posted by thornadio


“You do understand that there is no way this is gonna work, don’t you?” Tony crossed his arms while skeptically glanced at the mess of wires and pieces of plastic and metal on Peter’s lab table. “Like, no chance, kiddo, and that’s coming from me,” he then pointed at himself.

“Oh, this is so gonna work, Mr Stark,” Peter responded confidently still not looking from his work. “And when it will, you are going to regret the moment you decided to doubt the greatest idea of all of all greatest ideas in history!” he added excitedly, his brown eyes narrowed playfully as he shot a glance at his mentor. 

Tony looked unimpressed and rolled his eyes dramatically, though, Peter didn’t see that, since he already has returned to his work. 

It all started this morning, when Peter came from school, way too early than usual, clearly upset about something. The problem was, Peter’s chem class was having a field trip to the surprise place today, but due to too many absences, Peter wasn’t able to go. It wasn’t even his fault, but still, he couldn’t just say that he missed a few school days because the Avengers needed him. So, back to the point, when Tony heard about it and saw how somber the kid actually looked, he tried to cheer him up a little by announcing unplanned lab day. Peter being Peter immediately jumped into the opportunity to spend his day with Tony Stark forgetting everything else. 

And Tony? Well, he is just glad that his kid is smiling again. 

Or he was before this kid didn’t come up with the idea to make a new version of his web-shooters, this one to shoot a web which is gonna electricize its target. This was a few hours ago, and all this time Peter has been working nonstop on his creation. He was very excited about this project. Tony was really concerned regarding the consequences.

“Come on, Pete, just drop it,” Tony tried again tiredly after Peter has got electric shock himself for the fifth time for the last three minutes. “You only gonna hurt yourself.”

“But, Mr Stark, I’m so close, if I just,” Peter started his thought as he connected two wires together. “Ow!” He cried out as the sparks flew from his web-shooters no doubt hitting his fingers with some volts. He throws a fake angry glare at Tony when he heard a quiet chuckling from his side. “That’s not funny,” he said pointing at Tony.

“Whatever you say, kiddo. Whatever you say,” he trailed out and continued with his own work. Unfortunately for him, Tony couldn’t concentrate on his project anymore, because like it or not, Peter and his enthusiasm caught his interest. But even FRIDAY said that the chances to achieve the positive result was approximately 15 percent or maybe lower, probably lower actually, so Tony wasn’t expecting much. 

As Tony wanted to come back to his work the voice of FRIDAY rung out in the lab.

“Boss, Pepper Potts requested to remind you, that today you have to give a little speech to the upcoming tour group when they will be on your floor in two minutes. And I quote ‘Tony, God helps you, if you forgot,’.”

Tony, who totally forgot about it, groaned in frustration throwing a crumpled ball of a paper sheet at Peter who found this situation hilarious. 

“That’s not funny, kid,” he mumbled rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“Whatever you say, Mr Stark,” Peter responded with a smirk, which earned another thrown ball of paper. 

With a heavy sigh, Tony got up from his seat and moved to the exit.

“I will be back in a few, try not to blow everything up, while I’m not here.”

“No promises!” Peter yelled just before the lab door closed. 

Shaking his head Tony allowed a fond smile to appeared on his face. ‘This kid’ he thought to himself. Peter has got him wrapped around his little finger and Tony didn’t even notice, nor didn’t he care.

As he walked to the hall, Tony noticed a group of teens already waiting for him, so he put his sunglasses on and with paparazzi smile, totally different than the one he had just a moment ago, greeted everyone. 

“Hello, small people, you know who I’m, so let’s start with your questions,” Tony wasn’t a big fan of such kind of meetings so he was determined to end it as soon as possible. His eyes stopped on the boy in the first row. “You,” he pointed at him.

The boy clearly satisfied that he was asked confidently smiled and stood up.

“Flash Thompson, sir,” the boy - Flash - introduced himself, and Tony didn’t get why he pronounced his name so proudly. “I was wondering, what is required to be an intern here in Stark Industries and more specifically your personal intern?” he asked and a lot of kids groaned. 

Tony frowned, this was strange, not the question itself, but the way the boy asked, and why this name was so familiar to him, that’s all looked extremely suspicious but Tony answered regardless.

“Well, first of all, you have to be in college-”

“So no high school interns?” Flash interrupted and the billionaire rolled his eyes, wasn’t this tour group from some advance school?

“Nope,” he responded highlighting the ‘p’. Peter came to his mind immediately after that, but to be honest he wasn’t even seeing him as an intern anymore, for Tony he was more like an actual lab partner. Not like he will ever admit it.

The smirk full of mischief crawled on the Flash’s face as he started.

“Well, then Mr Stark-”

He was suddenly interrupted by the loud bang followed by the intense ‘Holly Cow’ from the side when Tony’s lab is located. A lot of teens screamed in fear for their lives, but Tony knew that unless FRIDAY says otherwise there is no danger. He actually got an idea who caused the explosion. His suspicions confirmed when he heard an excited voice of Peter Parker in the halls. What surprised him, is that the whole tour group froze. 

“Mr Stark! Mr Stark! You won’t believe me what just happened!” Peter rambled enthusiastically as he ran into the room absolutely ignoring others. His curly brown hair was in even more mess than usual and his face was covered in something dark, no wonder as a result from the explosion, but the look of his face, the pure happiness he literally radiates, Tony couldn’t help himself but think that it’s worth all the grey hairs this kid is giving him. “Mr Stark, I did it! I did it! I finally figure out it out!” Peter continued his rant while actually jumping around his mentor. 

This took Tony by surprise, since the chances had been less than 15 percent, he couldn’t help but feel proud of his kid. Tony actually opened his mouth to praise Peter when the kid from earlier interrupted him for the second time this day.

“What the actual fuck, Parker?” this time it was Peter who froze for a few moments and then slowly with wide eyes turned around. Only to find his even more shocked chem class looking at him. 

“Emm,” Peter paused. “I told you about the internship?” he tried but that sounded more like a question. That was the moment when Tony decided to intervene.

“Peter, do you know them?” he asked ignoring the tension in the room.

He nodded.

“This, Mr Stark,” Peter waved at the group. “This is my chem class.”

When the realisation hit Tony he couldn’t help himself but chuckle.

“The chem class which went on the surprise field trip?” He started slowly, clearly enjoying this whole situation. 

“Yep,” Peter nodded again, trying not to look at his class, which has been too silent.

“The same trip you were banned from?”

Peter nodded for the third time and Tony chuckled softly coming closer and putting his hand on the kid’s shoulder.

“Only you kid, only you,” he said fondly and ruffled Peter’s hair as Peter groaned hiding the face in his hands and muttered.

“That’s not funny, Mr Stark!”


Let me know what you think!

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I was bored and decided to write something. This is the result.

                                               DAD AND SON

Peter was listening as Tony explained what kind of upgrades he had done for his new spider-suit, and the excitement was bubbling inside him. Sometimes it still was hard to believe that Tony actually spent time working on his suits, putting a lot of effort to make them better, but he could not be more grateful.

”Do you like it?”

”Yes, that’s so cool! Thanks dad,” the last word slipped out of his mouth before Peter even realized it. Tony’s eyes widened, and Peter started immediately to panic.

”Oh shit, sorry, I didn’t mean– God, I didn’t think– I’m so sorry Mr. Stark.”

”Hey, calm down, kid, it’s alright,” Tony said softly, setting his other hand on Peter’s shoulder, squeezing it gently. Peter breathed slowly in and out to calm himself as Tony looked at him smiling a little. The look in his eyes was soft, holding now more emotion than a moment ago.

”I’ve said many times that you can call me Tony, but dad’s fine, too. Or actually, it’s more than fine. You know that I care about you, right?” Tony asked quietly and Peter nodded. ”The thing is… You really did grow on me and I have considered you as a son for a good while now.”

”Oh…” Peter whispered, surprised. Tony smiled at him, patting his shoulder.

”Come here.” He pulled Peter in a hug and something warm spread through Peter’s chest. After everything that had happened, he had not expected something like this to happen. The man he had always looked up to, actually considered him as a son? It really was more than he could have ever hoped for.

”Thank you for everything… dad.”

”You’re welcome, son.”

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Peter couldn’t breathe. His eyes stung with the tears that escaped them, making his wet cheeks cold as his bedside fan chilled the air. The breaths he was managing to intake were all short and seemingly speeding up. His chest burned and his head spun. 

“I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t” he repeated over and over until it was just coming out as a a breathy squeak. His hands coursed through his hair as he sat hunched over on his bed, slightly rocking back and forth. 

It felt as if his whole world was crumbling and reality itself was a blur behind the tears, like he was drowning and could only hear the faint muffled voice and see the blurred outline of someone entering the room.

Nothing was really processing in his mind but he soon felt something envelope his body in a warm embrace. Still looking down, he heard the muffled voice say something.

“Pete. Buddy, you gotta calm down. Just breathe, okay? Breathe with me.”

Peter, still not knowing who was speaking, obliged and began to slow his breathing in sequence with the figure holding on to him. The tears still flowed, but they began to slow much like his breathing and heart rate. Reality was creeping its way back into Peter’s mind and he realized the someone holding him was rubbing his back.

“Good, just keep breathing. It’s alright. I’m here, bud. I’m always here.”

It took a few more moments of calming down before he finally raised his head enough to see the person holding him. To his surprise, it was Tony, not Aunt May. Then he remembered that he wasn’t even home and he was at the compound for the weekend with Tony.

“Hey there, sunshine. How you feeling?” Tony asked as he kept making the circular motions on Peter’s back.

“m’fine,” Peter replied, but it only came out as a whisper.

“Bullshit. But I’m not gonna push you. Do you wanna talk about it?” Tony asked, concern etched across his face.


“Okay, then do you wanna just sit here?” Tony questioned, earning a small smile and nod of the head from Peter as his put his head back on Tony’s chest.

So they just sat there. Not saying anything, just relishing in one another’s company for a while. Anxiety attack aside, Peter was content, and Tony was too.

(I am not a fantastic writer but sometimes I use it as my outlet and this is based upon the anxiety attack I just had about an hour ago so I wrote this to help me calm down, only I don’t have a Tony Stark…)

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Sneaky Spider-Man: TickleTober 2020

Prompt # 20: Sneak attack

Rating: General

Characters: Tony x Peter (platonic Iron dad. Don’t reblog as St*rker !!!)

A/N: Here’s an anon’s request for Iron dad☺️ it’s another short one bcuz of my midterms and other college stuff

Peter felt accomplished for the first time in forever. Not only did he just now successfully scare Captain America and the Black Widow, he scared EVERYONE in the compound including the stoic Bucky Barnes. He just needed to scare Tony. He felt evil, but he knew he was just having a little bit of fun.

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Aight so, y'all know those jokes abt Peter having no bones?? Im gonna write that-

I wrote this on my phone, so excuse any and all spelling mistakes

Tony didn’t know how he managed to be a sort of father figure to Peter, and he was terrified of fucking it up like every relationship he had. It had started out as Tony going to the boys apartment and recruiting him for a civil war he had no part in, but it ended up leaving a fatherly feeling in his chest. After the homecoming incident, they had established a fragile bond, or in Tony’s eyes. Peter was coming tomorrow the tower to hangout with Tony and he was fine with that. They were working on their respective projects until Peter folded in a way that would’ve broken a normal humans spine. “Hey Peter can you-” Tony’s words were cut off when he turned to look at his protege and almost shrieked.

“Yeah mister stark?”

“Peter, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, why do you look like you’ve been auditioning for the excorcist?”

Peter froze before a sheepish grin made its way into his face, saying “I may or may not have bones.”

Tony sighed, getting up and making his way over to Peter. Motioning for the teen to follow him, the two made their way down to the med bay in awkward silence. They got there and Bruce was reading a book.

“Tony what-?”

“Peter says he doesn’t have bones and I don’t believe him for obvious reasons.” Tony said in a rush.

Bruce sighed and set his book down.

One X-ray later, and Peter infact did not have bones. It was a wild night to say the least.

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By @obsessionoftheday (thedisneyoutsider on ao3) for @lightedwindows

Written for the @friendly-neighborhood-exchange

Rating: General Audience

Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark, Peter Parker & James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Peter Parker & James “Rhodey” Rhodes & Tony Stark, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark

Characters: Tony Stark, Peter Parker, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Pepper Potts

Summary: Dissociative fugue is one or more episodes of amnesia in which an individual cannot recall some or all of his or her past. Either the loss of one’s identity or the formation of a new identity may occur with sudden, unexpected, purposeful travel away from home.


When Tony goes missing, Peter and Rhodey team up to find him.

AO3 Link

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