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#spider-son fic rec


“Stark. You know that’s a one way trip.” The words were said quietly, resigned in the notion that Roger’s understood that he understood. There was no going back, and really- there was no return after the whole ‘I am Iron Man’ debacle.

Tony had known, with Christine Everharts unamused eyes and Peppers shocked face between the flashing cameras and yelling reporters, that there was no going back. It was a one way ticket and Tony was going all the way.

There had never been any other choice.

So, he called Pepper. He listened to Jarvis cut out. He stared in the face of death, fading out like a dying sun in another place that no man had ever seen. He watched on as the rocket drifted towards a ship between Pepper’s face blinking in and out.

Tony died. And then he came back with a self-righteous roar rattling between his ears, his brain jump starting and his heart beating an off rhythm tattoo. He came back.

It wasn’t the same, nothing was the same. He was paranoid and possibly delusional because how else could he explain seeing everyone dead. Steve, Nat, Clint, Bruce? Either Sokovia had something in the air or else he was finally and officially crazy. Both seemed highly likely.

But then, everything fell apart.

Steve left, taking half the avengers with him. Jarv- Vision was too busy chasing the witch to be much company. Looking at Rhodey just made him feel guilty and desperate to fix his mistake. Bruce disappeared. Thor was off in the galaxy doing who knows what and Tony? Tony was stuck on Earth doing everything in his power to save it.

So, of course. When he’s down on his luck, the very same kid he took to Berlin for an ’internship,’ just had to appear. Calling every day like a loyal puppy, talking about his day to day life like it wasn’t weird to call a guy he barely even spoke to, except for a handful of words.

But he persisted and Tony listened. He listened to the kid describe helping a lady with directions. He listened even as Spiderkid stuffed his mouth full of churros. And he listened as FRIDAY alerted him to the sudden danger the kid found himself in.

He couldn’t remember the last time he was so worried. Maybe it was when Pepper fell and Tony missed her hand by that much. Or maybe it was when Steve kneeled over him, his shield raised like an axe about to plunge. All Tony knew was that he refused to be guilty for installing the training wheels protocol, not when it saved Peter from drowning.

So, he saved Peter and the teen persisted like dog after a bone. The kid just didn’t give up and then he went and tried to be a big time hero.

The words “I just want to be like you,” follow Tony. They follow him as he stuffs the spider suit in a case, they trail behind like chains as he drops the kid off at his apartment, his clothes two sizes too big, and haunt him as he answers back with a bitter, “I wanted you to be better.”

And Peter did become something better, he stepped up and fought Vulture, he won. He proved Tony right- that Peter was something even without the suit- he was something special.

But then- but then Bruce came back, a glorified Merlin on his heels and terror in the whites of his eyes. The name Thanos dripping from his lips like a disease. Tony couldn’t focus on that, not when his eyes were captured by blue and red and graying temples.

Tony couldn’t look away, but he had to, a spaceship that looked suspiciously like a donut was descending on New York and the name Thanos seemed to come with it.

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Irondad Fic Rec

Of Sunshine and Painkillers by Crowkag

Summary: At the sound of her office door opening, Pepper looked up to see a very dazed Peter Parker standing at the threshold in his pajamas, Tony lingering behind his shoulder.

“Good morning, Peter,” she greeted pleasantly, despite the mild glare she leveled in Tony’s direction. He at least had the decency to look apologetic, albeit only for a moment.


Peter should be resting but he isn’t, Tony should be making Peter rest but he isn’t, and Pepper is tired.


This is a little over 1000 words and I smiled the entire time reading it. And laughed. It’s so cute and fluffy!!

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Irondad Fic Rec

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy this weekend!! Today’s fic is

The hearth by @sagemb (@beachtree

Summary: What to Do When Your Wife Is Out of the Country: A Guide by Tony Stark

1) Gain partial custody of a child

2) Sleep on the couch

3) Have the child gain partial custody of you


With May and Pepper out of town, Tony and Peter basically look after each other and it’s one of my absolute favorite fics ever. 

One of my absolute favorite lines in this fic is ““Peter is a terrible example of my parenting, by the way. He gets himself nearly killed on a weekly basis. That’s all May and Ben. I’m more like the enabling vodka aunt than anything else. When I’m a real dad, well. You’ll see.”

“You can’t be the vodka aunt,” Pepper points out. “You’re sober.”

There are like at least 20 other lines I wanted to copy & paste here because it’s just so well written and well done, but this one made me giggle.

This is a slice of life fic and I think a very beautiful, realistic, well crafted look at irondad. The characterization of Tony is spot on, as is Peter. Peter acts like an actual teenager and I love it. I love the Pepperony sprinkled throughout. This fic also acts as a fantastic character study of Tony. It’s so well written and truly something special. If you haven’t read this fic before, you’re really missing out. It’s phenomenal. Honestly @beachtree wrote a perfect fic. One last thought - I’m gonna steal some of her thoughts that she wrote down in her endnotes because they’re amazing and show how insightful this fic is:

Always the two essential questions when it comes to writing Tony Stark and Peter Parker are, “How responsible does Tony feel for Peter’s actions, as well as his well-being, whether that refers to the physical or emotional?” and “What degree of emotional intimacy and/or physical involvement does this result in?”

From there you can unpack an infinite number of follow-up questions that help you define their relationship in a more in-depth way, but fundamentally those are the two questions you are answering in any fic you write about them.

Why is Peter and Tony’s relationship so special? Is it the fact that they have the same understanding of so many things (responsibility, helping, defending, innovation and technology) despite having come from two wholly different lives, and in effect they have an implausibly natural understanding of each other? Does this necessarily indicate a father-son relationship? I don’t think so. Most of us barely understand our fathers. Some of us resent them. Few of us have wholly healthy relationships with them. The lives of parents and children are too ingratiated for the ugly parts not to mesh together as well, to feed off each other.

I love this fic 3000 please read it. And always, if you love a fic, be sure to comment and let the author know. Feedback is the lifeblood of fanfic. And everyone could use a little pick me up in these hard COVID-19 times. 

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Alex’s IronDad Fic Rec Masterlist

Look friends. I’ve put more work into this fic rec series than I have anything in a long time. And I also realized having a masterlist that links to all of my fic recs could be helpful, especially as we all practice social distancing and/or are under quarantine. So I hope you enjoy! Here are all the fics I’ve rec’d so far! Note that these link to my fic rec posts for that fic, which includes the authors summary and a short review of why I love it and think you should read it.

1. Career Day by @superhusbands4ever

2. 5 Times Peter Accidentally Took Something of Tony’s to School  by @TheSecretUchiha.

3. A Complicated Thing by writerforlife/@such-geekiness

4. With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility by @katrinathe1st

5. Prompt: Tony Stark & Peter Parker by ReadingFanfics

6. Machine Wash Hot; Tumble Dry Low by @alice_in_ink

7. Call Me First by @aparvado

8. They see me swinging by Capiche

9. The Death of Tony Stark by @nerdystace

10. In Case of Emergency by @aliaoftwoworlds

11. Glitter & Gold by @allonsysilvertongue

12. Danger Pizza by @alice_in_ink

13. What the hell? You just shot me! by TheWeirdOneL

14. A Day In the Life of Peter Parker by boo_boo_keys36

15. An Anchor if He Needs One by LostGeekGwen

16. In Medias Res by @lafayette1777

17. Underoos by @englishteacakes

18. Honorary Stark by @imgoingtocrash

19. As Real as Anything by @sahiya

20. See You Tomorrow by crosspolination

21. Blue Morning by @englishteacakes

22. Raindrops by luna_e_stelle

23. Someone to Look Out For by @doctornineandthreequarters

24. Bittersweet by Kevy_Grayce

25 Turn back the clock (and I’ll try again in the morning) by @madasthesea

26. Flushed Away by @sumpetals

27. the suit isn’t here by whowhotellsyourstory

28. Hold Your Breath While Your Safe by @groo-ock

29. Amateurs At War, Strangers To Suffering by @losingmymindtonight

30. Lullabies For A Heavy Heart by Myrime (@blancheludis )

31. After the Flames by madmonette

32. Infinite Ends Where We Begin by @ironfamjam

33. Stark Internship…………… The Second One by Orpheus_I_Dont_Feel_So_Good

34. Cyanide? In My Shawarma? by @losingmymindtonight

35. Holdfasts by @groo-ock

36. Falling Sideways by @redblueunderoos 

37. Smile, the worst is yet to come by @shvook 

38. Bits of Happiness by alleinimmer

39. Infinity starts with you & ends with me by @peter-stank 

40. 5 times Tony Stark ignored Peter Parker (but not for very long) by umbrafix

41. Spider-Baby Mama by PinkEasterEggs

42. 5 Times Peter is Stuck with Tony by @iron–spider

43. He Doesn’t Know That We Know by questionmark007

44. 5 Times Peter Made Tony Laugh Out Loud by @upcamethesun

45. In Your Corner by @asterismsinyoureyes

46. For Good by @Madelinedear

47. For the love of freefall by @3wworms

48. Everything, All At Once by @ironfamjam

49. Gelato by @babochu

50. Things we said between the Wars by @writerforlife/@such-geekiness

51. I Thought I was a Hero (but I was just a child) by @akillerqueenwrites

52. Ghosts + Swimming Pools = A Bad Day for Tony Stark by @losingmymindtonight

53. The Secrets We Keep by me! Aka OnceUponaFangirl aka @euphoric-melancholyy

54. Cause and Effect by @pokeydotes

55. The Third Option by @signofuncertainty

56. A Far Green Country by @madasthesea

57. @ironman Follows You by @malynaa

58. Morgan Stark, M.D. by @whumphoarder

59. Sleepless Nights by alieenwood

60. Mystery of Love by @seek-rest

61. Nobody’s Bulletproof by Charlene66

62. Too bad (but it’s the life you lead) by jessicagoddamnjones

63. Quid Pro Quo by @pokeydotes

64. Fitting in (Tiny Spaces) by @captainkirkk

65. Occupational Hazzard by @captainkirkk

66. Superhero Business by SkyGiantz

67. Tangled Wires by @iron–spider

68. Better Together by Alieenwood

69. Topsy Turvy by @iron–spider

70. Sleeping As I Walk by @Theoceanismyinkwell

71. Lab Day by @ferretshark

72. To Hope is to Expect by @madasthesea

73. Planes, Trains, and the Trauma Response by @imgoingtocrash & @savvysass

76. Walk a mile in these louboutins by @thwip–thwip

74. IronFam Post Endgame Cuddle Fic Series by @sahiya

75. Hero by lady_oneder

77. Before the lesson of a hindsight view by @peterparkrr

78. The Unfortune Teller by @peterparkrr

79. Loving and Leaving by @Theoceanismyinkwell

80. Forgive me my salt (my decades of taking) by @blondsak

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Irondad Fic Rec

I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing. Today’s fic is a sucker punch to the gut from beginning to end.

Forgive me my salt (my decades of taking) by @blondsak

Summary: In the years after the Avengers undo the Snap, Tony learns to live both with and without himself.


Everything @blondsak writes is amazing, even if some things make me so sad I can’t read it. She is our angst queen and comes up with the most creative, and often heart wrenching things. This is one of them. I almost never read major character death fics, but @groo-ock rec’d it and here we are. I’m so completely shook by that plot twist that I need everyone to read it. It’s next level. And then when you go back and read to piece it all together. She’s an absolute genius. I’ll never be over this fic. It’s so well written!!! Read it. Just read it.

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