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So I finally watched Spiderman: into the spider-verse (I know, I know how could not have watched it already? But when it came out I really wanted to go but a bunch of other movies came out at the same time and it was around my birthday so I think I ended up seeing something else) anyways its on Netflix now so I watched and it was amazing! Might need to finally make my own spidersona that people were doing back when it first came out, because those were really cool.

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I think there is a chance Wilson Fisk got at least his son back in Spider-Verse. Gwen established that the collider can send alternative versions of the target back in time in addition to reality and at the end some versions of Fisk’s son and Vanessa appear (also a version where he adopted Matt Murdock!)

Now the reason I believe one of his sons was sent back in time is Ripeter’s Fisk associates board. One of the characters shown on that board is the super-villain know as the rose (White suite, Red mask and sunglasses if you’re curious. i’m on allergy meds and too tired to get a photo k) now the Rose in the comics was Fisk’s kid whose name escapes me. Therefore in some way he got his son back and never fucking noticed

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Since I found out that I need to write reflective posts for Research and Enquiry, I need to admit, I was avoiding it. I didn’t know where to start. I thought I should somehow introduce myself through some kind of work or write about what I want to achieve with animation. 

Yesterday, however, I re-watched Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse for the second time. And I thought, there isn’t possibly a better way for me to begin my reflective posts but with the Spider-Man. 

That movie is very important to me on so many levels. All the way through aesthetics, story, execution, animation, ideas, colour palette, characters design, to sound design and innovative approach. And well, it’s not Disney, nor Pixar (which by the way, is also Disney). To see an animated movie so well made, independent from the biggest animation corporation, is amazing. It brings some fresh air into that monopolized industry. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Disney, however, when you realize almost everything is owned by it, it kind of makes you feel uneven. 

Back to Spider-Verse. First of all, the aesthetic. The producers made the whole animation using an unusual approach, which consists of mixing 3D and 2D, to achieve the comic look. They also stylized the characters and applied textures and lines which made the image flatter. It a very nice change, since animation these days tends to go towards ‘the more realistic the better’. Spider-Man Verse completely flipped this and showed everyone how animation can be done in a fun way. 

From my perspective, I love 2.5D animations. I don’t like it when it’s too flat, or too 3D. I like to experiment with style and techniques. I like to mix my illustrations with 3D features, to give it that unique style, so when Spider-Man Verse came out I couldn’t contain my happiness. For example, remaking absolutely genius movies like the Lion King and turning it into live-action, really doesn’t sit well with me. The original Lion King holds so much authenticity. The live-action just strips it out of it. It’s almost boring. Everyone has a camera in their pockets, we see realistic effects in movies all the time. I don’t understand why anyone in the industry would think that making it look realistic is good. 

The animation is probably the only medium that actually allows the creators to completely change the world and do anything to it. You don’t need to justify anything in animation, because everyone knows it’s not real. The whole point of animation is to not imitate real things because it allows interpreting everything in a different way. The Spider-Verse does just that. It’s a movie where the creators completely unleashed their creativity and imagination. It’s a movie that I wouldn’t watch frame by frame because every second is as an illustration. Not even mentioning the hand-animated sequences, the stop frames with paintings. It’s packed with effects and it makes it amazing because every time you watch it you can find something new. The attention to detail is incredible. 

I honestly could write and talk about Spider-Verse for ages. One thing that I’m very happy about is that I am not the only one talking. I’m so delighted that it got the recognition it deserved. It proved that animation can be watched by everyone, not just kids. It showed the whole spectrum of possibilities animation holds, and well, it’s one of my biggest inspirations as of now. 

Here are some of the frames. Just to show the diversity. 



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(As always, a special s/o to @springmagpies​ for making this mood-board for the original fic I did with this version of Gwen. I’m literally in love with it and I’m going to keep using it until the end of time.)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

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