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decepti-geek · 6 minutes ago
I’m writing a fic atm that involves the Youngers, and sadly it doesn’t fit this particular story, but I’ve just realised i have a mighty need for an AU in which they were all in the Chamber when the Overlords invaded, and basically Home Aloned the shit out of the lot of them. 
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totally-true · 8 minutes ago
Peter parker with a darling who is a fan of spiderman and has different merchandise ranging from the Keychains to themed appliances. Make it super duper fluffy please
Thanks in advance 😘😘😘😘😘
I'm not sure which spiderman you're talking about, I've never watched the Tom Holland ones and Morales is too young. Disclaimer; as I do not get very many oneshot requests I'm still not the best at them. I hope this is to everyone's liking 💝
"why do you have all these?" Peter asked, laughing as he inspected the spiderman themed charms you had on your bag.
You looked down to see what he meant before looking back up at him with a smile, "the charms? I like them after all, spiderman 𝘪𝘴 my favorite super hero, not to mention my very own boyfriend"
Peter rolled his eyes and shook his head at your teasing tone, "yea, but babe, even your bag is spiderman theme. You have posters, you have lipbalms, you even buy the cereals. I think you're a bit obsessed" he let out a deep chuckle as he talked, waving his arms about with exaggerated movements.
Gasping in mock hurt you held your hand up to your chest "is it wrong for me to want to support my boyfriend, and new York's favorite hero?"
Once again he rolled his eyes with a laugh before pulling you to his chest and burying his face into your neck, "of course not babe" he said into your neck causing you to laugh. He enjoyed moments like these. Even if he teases you for it, he loves how you buy all his little toys and trinkets. It makes him happy to know you care so much for him.
"peter!" You giggle "we're in public, get off me"
He sighs and straightens himself out before reaching for your hand. As the two of you walk down the sidewalk, a bag of groceries for tonight's dinner in on hand, his hand in the other there's an explosion. Peter groans when he hears the noise, along with the yells of a villain calling for him to come out and fight. Quickly peter runs between the nearest buildings to change into his costume, as he runs past you into danger he gives you a peck on the lips before fully pulling down his mask and slinging his way to the source of danger.
You stare at him dreamily, hearing people gasp and call his name at the sight of him. You were proud to be able to call him your boyfriend.
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agentianlegend · 41 minutes ago
Last Line Tag
GameRules: Write the latest line from your WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the line. Make a new post, don’t reblog.
Sorry @tytach I know you're supposed to tag a bunch of people but I don't have that many friends 😜 And you've already taken @arken-99 sooooo... @dp-marvel94 what do you have in the works?
Anyway, here's a line I just wrote for an upcoming chapter of Fire with Fire: (and since my last line isn't a single word, I'll give a little extra for a hint of context)
MJ resettled into her seat, a knowing smirk teasing the corners of her mouth. "So you're in on it, too... Huh."
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akbarwalks · 43 minutes ago
#easports it’s #inthegame . #spiderman #workout made it to #hardingpark & back but caught a #flattire . #CashApp : $5 $mrwalks . #basketball #nba #marvel #ferndale #spidermanindetroit #discover #exploremore #milesmorales #workout #motivation #free #mind . #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #akbarwalks #akbarspeaks #akbar #akie . (at Harding Park)
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marvelreversebigbang · 52 minutes ago
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fancy-delusion-stuffs · 55 minutes ago
Avengers at the theme park 2
Tumblr media
Not my gif credits to owner/s
part 1 
Scream laughs on all the big rides
She will slow down the ride if other people are really scared
Likes the parks and climbing on all the equipment like a 5 year old
Her and Vision sit on swings just talking
Would keep knocking over Pietro's ice cream so he has to catch it in his bare hands
gets a princess makeover and looks ethereal
Puts candy floss on ice cream, just inhales sugar
Likes all animals and they love him - if he's lost he's probably in a petting pen befriending them
Always needs 20 bathroom stops on the way there
Employs his ant friends to bring him food when he's waiting in a line
Either assassinates or apologises to everyone on bumper cars
Doesn't learn when playing bumper cars with Thor
Also went on Tea Cups with Thor and threw up 3 times- flying vomit is not good
He likes the carousel
Always gets Aunt May something from the gift shop, usually a keyring to add to her collection when Peter goes on Mathlete trips
Gets a sugar high and crashes super quick
He's absolutely fine with big rides and would hold MJ and Ned's hands to comfort them
Dr Strange
Is the non-negotiable DJ on the car ride- anyone who disagrees is left on the side of the street
Responsible adult but not in mother hen Steve way
Pretty funny though if he gets drunk and he starts rambling about his surgeries tbh he probably has videos of them on his phone
Drunk magic not a good idea
the only one able to stop all of Loki's pranks and plots to attack Thor
Uses portals to travel the theme park so he doesn't get sore feet
Makes Steve's life a misery
He eggs on all the kids or drunk adults to mess with Steve and just sits on the bench laughing his a$$ off
Though his moods do vary so he can be a outgoing ghost of Bucky Barnes or the broody Winter Solider who feels completely out of place
Last time he went to a Haunted House, he may have thrown knives at props if they jumped forward (he knows when people are about because of his training but the props catch him off guard)
He and Sam dare each other to go on the biggest rides- they scream their lungs out and never mention it again
Splashes people on water rides and pretends to be innocent
Crowds are a great way to disguise his pranking mischief
Had a bet with Natasha who could steal as many wallets as they can - Steve proceeded to yell at them which gathered a crowd
-Natasha won the game and Loki's respect
Has used magic to stop a rollercoaster as its at the top and hanging over the edge- but only because Tony called his Rudolf again
Like Bucky, he will splash water at you but depending on his mood its either little drops or a tidal wave and he wont feign innocence
Strange messed up his suits from portal travelling and dropping him in puddles and now Loki is out for vengeance
let me know if you have any request for avengers, I’m off school for summer in 2 weeks so I have more time :)
@ iluvharrypotter172 :)
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p1hes · an hour ago
i apologize if i never shut up abt theo being a cancer it’s cuz we share a bday..
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dreamitanddoit · an hour ago
MCU characters favorite musicals
Wanda- Dear Evan Hansen
Damaged babies
Making up stories so that you can live a life with a happy partner and family?? Wanda could never relate
Natasha- Chicago
Violent but sexy
Would be the baddest bitch in that cell block and she knows it
“Sorry boys… ya had it coming”
Tony- School of Rock
Taking in children and turning them into badasses? Peter and Harley can you say relatable please
except he’s a lot cooler than Dewey because he’s successful duh
May have only seen the movie but knows it’s a Broadway show now so he’s sticking to it
Bruce- Wicked
Sees himself in Elphaba but can’t figure out why
Will sing Defying Gravity for you
“Wait I thought she was supposed to be the bad guy”
Peter- Hamilton
Heard MJ talking about it once so of course, he had to listen to it
Tries to rap Guns and Ships… fails
Likes Peggy
Steve- 1776
Patriotism but make it old school
Appreciates the new medium for people to learn about history
Thinks it’s better than Hamilton
Thor- Mamma Mia
Hair twinz
Attempts to seduce Jane with Sophie’s part of Lay All Your Love on Me the real reason they broke up
Clint- The Lion King
Literally only because of his kids
Tries to sing the beginning of The Circle of Life... it’s embarrassing and kind of offensive
Sam- Motown
Appreciates the Black representation
Marvin. Gaye.
ALL the music slaps who are we kidding
Bucky- Bandstand
Did someone say PTSD?
Wishes he had a girl like Julia to come home to
thanks to @themarvelbunch + @cevanslatte for their input
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aureummel · an hour ago
Ayo I need some help with Twitter
I joined twitter again (probably a mistake but we'll see) and I want to follow accounts similar to the ones I follow on Tumblr so basically related to the stuff I fuck with. So imma tag a bunch of stuff and if you know any good twitter accounts that post stuff related to that, reply to this post please.
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quibblereditorial · an hour ago
y'all are always talking about, like, how superhero stories are so unrealistic and stuff-- and yeah, i hear a lot of different reasons for their lack of being realistic, ranging from family dynamics to major events to just really stupid things that are obviously jokes-- but can we please, please, please talk about the indestructible spandex? they managed to make suits that are impossibly tight, but you can fight crime in them, and they'll take at least 50% of a bullet for you. like,,,,, what.
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mcu-discussions · an hour ago
What's your opinion about Sony's growing Spidey-themed shared universe? The two Venom movies, Morbius and the recently rumored Spider-Woman film? Do you think these characters could have a place in the MCU or the two cinematic universes are more likely destined to stay separate? 💭
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forgetful-nerd · an hour ago
Peter, thinking about all his trauma as Spider-Man: Damn I really been to hell and back.
Flash, oblivious to Spider-man’s secret identity: No Peter, you’ve been to Starbucks and back.
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galaxyofcomics · an hour ago
Warren 1) loves to travel 2) loves comics and 3) loves Sonic. Perfect. . . . . . . . . #travel #travelphotography #instagood #travelgram #wanderlust #happy #adventure #instatravel #travelblogger #trip #explore #sonic #comics #comicbooks #comic #marvel #marvelcomics #comicart #comicbook #spiderman #artist #manga #igcomicfamily #anime #cosplay #avengers #igcomics #draw #comiccollector #Galaxyofcomics (at Galaxy of Comics)
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chengxiansbaby · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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chengxiansbaby · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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