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Clinging Onto You
Request: “HIII idk if your taking requests rn but I thought id put in an idea for a peter parker x stark!daughter fic where theyre in a secret relationship and they get exposed somehow? im thinking kinda angsty like he walks in to the compound all bloody or something AHH IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN IT but thats pretty much it but yeah! i love your stuff btw!!”
Summary: The Avengers unexpectedly find out that Tony’s daughter Y/N and Peter are dating.
Authors Note: Set during No Way Home, in an AU that everyone survived Endgame.
Request to be on a taglist (or multiple) here! (Taglists are at the end of the fic)
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PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.
Tumblr media
Peter felt his heart practically lurch out of his body when saw Y/N falling. In a snap, he forgot about his mission, he forgot about the other Peters, he forgot about everything. The only thing concerning him was his girlfriend’s safety. It was so high up his priority list that it consumed him, and to see her safety be threatened lit a fuel he didn’t know he had.
He didn’t think, or hear, or speak when he ran and leapt, diving after her with his arm outstretched. Faster, he thought to himself, as the image of complete terror overwhelming Y/N was burned into his mind, her bone-shattering scream sure to leave his ears ringing for days.
The tips of their fingers were inches away, he was nearly there, just about to lock his tight grip on her shaky hand when bam—the wind was knocked out of him as he was thrown off to the side, too far away from Y/N for his liking.
Recovering quickly, Peter’s spider sense directed his fingers to scrape at and clutch the edge of the construction site. Using all his upper body strength, he pulled himself up and scrambled across. His eyes were wide as a bug’s as he searched the abyss of construction for his falling girlfriend, about to send a thwip of webs in her direction when he didn’t see her.
He panted. Had she fallen? Was she—?
From his position, Peter didn’t spot that the other Peter had caught Y/N with tears in his eyes about the girl he wish he could’ve caught. On the tip of a spiral of hatred and despair, his saving grace was found when Peter 3’s voice came over their shared comm system.
“Peter, Peter 1, I caught Y/N. She’s okay, just a little shaken up.”
After the initial shock were off, Peter’s influx of grief was replaced with waves of relief. His ability to breathe became easier and he felt his muscles lose their tension. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he croaked in response.
Tumblr media
Later on, when Peter saw the back of Green Goblin standing mere feet away from him, a desire for vengeance flashed through his eyes. He narrowed in on his target and walked towards him, arms outstretched to do something—anything—when he was stopped.
“Eh eh eh, don’t do anything too quickly,” his sneaky, drawling voice came.
Peter furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, watching as the man slowly turned around. Then, his eyes widened, seeing the person who was with the villain. None other than the love of his life, his girlfriend Y/N, the daughter of one of the most famous heroes ever. Green Goblin had an arm around her, tightly holding her back. Fear was in her eyes as she struggled in vain.
“Let her go, Goblin,” Peter ordered in a low voice, slowing down his movements. In the back of his mind, he wondered where the other Peters were. This was very inconvenient.
He had the nerve to laugh a sick laugh and it made Peter’s blood boil with anger. “I said, let her go!” He repeated, raising his voice to yell.
Green Goblin ignored this and took a step forward, dragging Y/N along with him. “I observed your reaction when she fell, Parker. Quite distraught you were when you didn’t catch her, hmm? I’ll let her go . . . when you admit, in front of the cameras, who the daughter of Stark is to you and why you hid her from the public like your identity!” He said.
For the first time, Peter’s eyes flickered up and he noticed the cameras circling the air above them from helicopters. All news stations, most likely, broadcasting the footage to the entire globe. And, if the entire globe was seeing it, that meant the Avengers were watching, too.
(And, back at the Avengers tower, the team was watching in half-shock, half-fear. They had known that this was a fight Peter needed to do by himself, so they refrained from suiting up, but the involvement of Y/N changed it at all.)
His eyes flickered over to Y/N anxiously, who was still determined and not giving up in her fight for freedom. He couldn’t trust that Green Goblin would stay true to his word. “Why do you want me to say this?” Peter questioned.
Green Goblin pursed his lips. “Oh, Peter, I thought you were smarter than this,” he began condescendingly. “Don’t you know that my goal is to cause you as much pain as possible? You’re hiding something. You’re hiding her. And I will force it out of you, one way or another.”
When Peter hesitated, still not trusting him, Green Goblin took it a step forward. Reaching into a pocket, the young hero only saw a flash of what it was in his hand before he injected it into Y/N’s neck. Gasping, Y/N began to fight even harder, although it didn’t do anything.
“This, son, is a poison I developed. It’s quick-acting. She gets the antidote when you tell me what I want to know,” the villain threatened.
Peter’s eyes went wide. He opened his mouth, prepared to spill it all, when he caught sight of the other Peters stealthily approaching from behind Green Goblin. Within a split second, they attacked. Peter 3 pulled the man back with his webs while Peter 2 administered the cure.
At the sudden loss of his grip on her, Y/N stumbled forward. Peter leapt to catch her, wrapping his arms wound her protectively and pulling her close. “The antidote!” He yelled to Peter 2. “It’s somewhere in his pocket!”
Peter 2 jumped into action, reaching into Green Goblin’s pocket. When he grabbed the antidote, he tossed it to Peter. Peter caught it and injected into Y/N. For a split second, her eyes widened, but she soon relaxed. “Thank you,” she murmured into her boyfriend’s shoulder.
Peter squeezed his eyes shut, relishing in the comfort that Y/N just being safe was bringing to him. He only opened his eyes when he felt the wind hit his face, blinking and making out the Avengers’ Quinjet arriving before all the team members stepped out. While the other Peters returned to their own universes, Tony led the team towards the embracing teenagers.
“Y/N, Peter, are you guys alright?” He asked worthily, placing a hand on Y/N’s shoulder.
Turning around, Y/N gladly fell into her father’s arms. Meanwhile, Peter blinked at the sudden loss of her touch. It felt like he was missing something. “I’m—I’m fine. Just cuts and bruises. But Y/N—” he began to say, as the rest of the Avengers crowded around them.
Y/N shook her head, melting back into the safety next that was her boyfriend, leaning against him. “I feel—I feel . . . I’m fine, okay? Don’t worry about me,” she mumbled into Peter’s shoulder. No one was convinced.
Before Tony could start an argument with his daughter out of concern, Natasha stepped in. “Let’s get you guys on the Quinjet. Bruce will have to check you both over just in case,” she directed softly, leading them onto the Quinjet.
Peter and Y/N stayed to the back, away from everyone else. Although Tony had wanted to join his daughter, Steve had steered him away, whispering about how they needed some space with each other to process everything. On the Quinjet, everyone took their seats. Normally Natasha and Clint would pilot, but this time they put it on autopilot. Peter and Y/N settled into seats next to each other, with Y/N wrapping both arms around one of Peter’s.
Bruce was able to clean and disinfect Peter’s cuts, but then he had to switch to Y/N. “I want to have F.R.I.D.A.Y do a medical scan and take a sample of blood just to be sure. We couldn’t really tell what happened with Goblin from the T.V, but it was obviously something,” he said.
At that, Peter looked around. Everyone — except for Tony that is, who was looking at the teens intently — averted their gaze at Bruce’s words. He had wondered if they heard what Green Goblin had said, and it was obvious by now that they had. He silently thanked them for not bringing it up, even though they wanted to.
“He poisoned me, but Peter gave me the antidote. ‘M fine,” she mumbled tiredly.
“P-poison?” Tony coughed out, his eyes wide. He wasn’t the only one shocked and concerned, but the others hid it better.
“Let’s go over to somewhere where there’s more light so we can make sure,” Bruce instructed softly, before standing up and moving to the center of the ship, where the light from the ceiling was shining down.
Y/N went to to follow him, her grip on Peter never lessening. Peter didn’t mind, he was more than happy to hold onto her. He joined them both, and thankfully FRIDAY was intelligent enough to be able to scan Y/N without needing Peter to step aside. He patiently waited for Bruce to take Y/N’s finger prick, and the couple watched as he analyzed the incoming scan.
“You seem okay, the antidote worked quickly . . . But the poison and antidote has some side effects and has weakened you. You’ll need to rest like Peter,” Bruce concluded. “I’ll analyze your blood just to make sure.”
As soon as she was given the green light, Y/N wasted no time in during around and plopping herself in her seat. Peter gladly joined her.
When the Quinjet reached the compound, everyone began organizing themselves. Natasha took it upon herself to wake the now-sleeping teenagers, who had wrapped themselves around each other. Y/N’s legs were thrown over Peter’s lap, her head resting in the crook of his neck. Peter had his arms wrapped around her, his head resting against her own.
Everyone had noticed — except Tony, that was, who was too worried about his daughter to notice anything else. However, no one said a word, wanting them to sleep. 
When Natasha approached the teens, she reached her hand out to shake Peter’s shoulder, when Y/N shifted. After a moment, she settled, but her mumbling came not long after. Natasha didn’t catch what she said, but when she moved around more, it woke Peter up.
“Wha—” Peter started to mumble himself, blinking a couple times before turning to Y/N. Recognizing the situation, he shifted, pulling Y/N closer. In response, Y/N kept moving around, but couldn’t go anywhere in Peter’s arms.
“Catch me, please,” she whispered in her sleep, making Peter’s and Natasha’s eyes widen.
“Y/N, Y/N, you’re having a nightmare. Wake up,” Peter said, his voice loud but still kind, wasting no time in gently shaking her shoulder. This got everyone’s attention, stopping what they were doing to turn to the teenagers and the Widow.
“Pe—ter, catch me!” Y/N yelled, kicking her leg out and hitting the air. She tossed and turned and Peter had to tighten his grip on her so she didn’t accidentally fall onto the ground.
“Y/N, wake up,” he repeated, pausing before ultimately cupping her cheek in his hand. The comforting touch instantly drew her from her restless sleep, and as soon as she became aware, she was looking around hurriedly. “Hey, hey, you’re okay. You’re safe. I’ve got you.”
Y/N relaxed, wrapping her arms around Peter and pulling herself closer to him — if that was even possible. He adjusted himself so she was sitting in his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist, head nestled into his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her back, his chin on his shoulder, glancing at the other Avengers.
After a few minutes of small mumblings from Peter about how he was here for her and how she was safe, Steve cleaned his throat. “We’re ready,” he announced to the team, although it was clear who his intended target was. Everyone but Peter and Y/N had their stuff.
The team stood up, Tony and Natasha grabbing Y/N and Peter’s belongings, while Peter stood up, carrying his girlfriend. No one said a word about it until they reached the compound’s living room, where Y/N had fallen asleep and Peter had laid her carefully on the couch.
“What was that?” Tony asked, coughing. His voice was thick with emotion and hoarse.
When Peter turned around, wearing a tired, concerned, and sad expression, Tony opened his mouth to retract the question. He was about to say that it was fine, he could hear about it another time, but Peter already started talking.
“During the fight, she-she fell. I dived after her but was knocked out of the way. I assumed the worst, but one of the other Peters caught her,” he explained, averting his gaze and ultimately squeezing his eyes shut as he recalled the utter fear that ran through his blood. He let the team adjust to this for a couple seconds, since he wasn’t done speaking. “Then, Goblin must’ve grabbed her. He wanted me to . . . to admit who she is to me because he wanted to hurt me. I was reluctant, how could I trust him? So he poisoned her, but the other Peters arrived and we got the antidote for her and cured him.”
Tony’s gaze fell to his daughter. “Oh my god,” he whispered, gravitating towards her and kneeling down. Reaching out to brush the hair away from her face, he looked up at Peter as he pieced the puzzle together. “Are you two in a relationship with each other?” He asked.
Peter slowly looked around at everyone in the room, all still processing what he had just revealed. “We were going to tell you,” he admitted. It was the truth.
Tony nodded, taking a deep breath before standing up. He turned to Peter and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Get some rest, Pete. You did great today,” he said.
Blinking, Peter nodded a little numbly. However, he couldn’t hide his tired, goofy smile as he let himself flop on the couch next to Y/N. He pulled his girlfriend closer to himself, knowing that it wouldn’t wake her up. Steve threw a blanket over them and the team all took their seats, beginning a quiet conversation. Closing his eyes, Peter continued to smile as he was holding Y/N and feeling her warmth, letting his team’s soft and low voices lull him to sleep.
It would take a while for them to be okay again, but they worked through it together. And now, at least, they didn’t need to hide it from the Avengers anymore. (Although they did have to deal with Sam and Bucky’s constant teasing).
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
.。.𝕎𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕘𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥 𝕡𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕣 𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕤 𝕘𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥 𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕡𝕠𝕟𝕤𝕚𝕓𝕚𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕪 .。.
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Tumblr media
Team red in all it’s glory
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tasm!peter parker x fem reader enemies/rivals to lovers? maybe with some smut at the end?
My Rival - Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
Tumblr media
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
[ main masterlist ]
[ peter parker masterlist ]
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
word count: 2k
warnings: smutty smut, fingering, titty worship, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it) rivals to lovers, peter being a softie
summary: you and peter had been bitter rivals for years, but when your respective families grow sick of your bickering and send the two of you on a camping trip, you discover where that resentment really comes from
a/n: loved this request, it fit really well with day 4 of my writing challenge! this is also the second story i’ve written today so i’m feeling super proud of myself.
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
Peter Parker was a lot of things.
He was smart, a good photographer, and top of his class in nearly everything, but there was something only you seemed to see when it came to him.
Peter Parker, was a pain in the ass.
It wasn't that he'd show off in class, you do that too- though mainly to shut him up, it was the way he would do it; like he was smarter than everyone else.
His smug, 'holier than thou' attitude really pissed you off. And you were sure to make him know it.
Peter wasn’t shy when it came to hating you either, rolling his eyes when you answered a question and snickering when you got it wrong. Muttering insults across the room until you snapped and winded up in detention for ‘strong language’.
He’d hated you since you were in third grade, always finding a way to push your buttons. Whether it came to your looks, your intelligence, and when he got older, your body and sex life, quickly learning that would drive you off of the edge.
Your teachers, friends and even your parents were sick of your constant bickering with Peter, so, your folks and Peter's aunt came to an agreement. They would send the two of you on a camping trip.
Of course, you didn't know Peter would be there until you got to the site.
"What the hell are you doing here Parker?" You asked, walking out of your car to where he was setting up his tent. "This is our campsite."
He looks up at you, an annoyed expression clouding his face, "Our?" He asks, gesturing to your parent's car that was now driving away from you.
You tried to chase after the car, but it was no use. You scoffed, walking away from Peter to have a less than friendly conversation with your parents.
After half an hour of you arguing, cursing, and begging your parents to come back and get you away from Peter, you finally gave up. Walking back to the site to see Peter on the phone- presumably with his aunt.
"Look just-" he stops when he sees you, "come pick me up, or her, I don't care just..." he pauses, "yes she's here... no she can't hear you."
For the next couple of minutes, you can vaguely hear Peter's aunt tell him off, him adding an "okay" or a "yep" every couple of minutes. Eventually, he says goodbye and hangs up the phone, turning to you.
"Looks like our families set us up." He said, smacking his lip together and returning to the mess of a tent he was trying to make.
You decide to stop bitching and help, you need a place to sleep tonight. You sit next to him, helping him figure out how to set up the tent. Once you're done, you grab your duffle bag, shoving it into the completed tent and sitting in one of the two camp chairs.
Peter sits in the other, pulling two packets of noodles out of his backpack. “You hungry?” He asks, waving the noodles around.
You almost let a smile slip, but you nod, “What flavour are they?” You ask, leaning forward to get a closer look.
Peter tosses the packets at you, “Just chicken noodles.” He replies, standing up. “I’m gonna get some firewood, you need anything?” He asks, his voice showing he had to force himself to be even somewhat nice to you.
You don’t give him the same honour, “From you? No.” You say, rolling your eyes.
His eyes darken, “God your so fuckin-“ He closes his mouth, pausing to think, and walks away.
Huh, you thought, he can shut up.
The rest of the night was no less than awkward, you didn’t speak once, barring a quick thank you as he passed you your bowl of noodles.
You had packed marshmallows, so you brought them out for the two of you to enjoy. But not even the fluffy
You felt the pit in your stomach as the silence filled you with anxiety, so you decided to excuse yourself, “I’m gonna get changed,” you muttered, heading into the tent.
Once you were changed, you didn’t feel like going back to the fire, opting to try and sleep early so this waste of a camping trip could be over.
You laid in your sleeping bag, completely unable to fall asleep, of course, you couldn’t- it wasn’t past 8:30. But determined to keep away from the awkwardness, you still tried to fall asleep.
After a couple of hours, Peter enters the tent, “You alright?” He asked, looking at you eerily as he takes off his jacket and t-shirt, replacing them with a sweatshirt. He decides to keep the same sweatpants on, climbing over you to hop in his seeping bad.
You nod, “Yeah, just tired.”
He snickers, “tired of being annoying?” He stretches out, his sweatshirt riding up to show the bottom of his stomach, you can’t help but bite your lip.
“Something like that,” you say, not wanting to get into another fight.
He doesn’t seem to get the point, “What? You’re being silent? How will you piss me off?” He says, rolling towards you.
You bite your lip, pissed off but too exhausted to filter your thoughts. “What the fuck is your problem?” You asked.
He furrowed his eyebrows, “What?” He says, sitting back.
You followed, sitting up, “What’s your problem with me? Why do you hate me so much?”
His eyes darken, “I’m going to sleep,” He rolls over.
You slip out of your beanbag, determined to get an answer, or at least to piss him off. “No, tell me. Why are you so obsessed with hating me? What did I do to you? What in gods name could-“
You were cut off by Peter rolling over, grabbing your face and pushing his lips against yours. Against your better judgement, you immediately reciprocate.
He runs his hands through your hair and tugs, causing you to moan into his mouth. He uses your open mouth to push his tongue into your mouth, immediately dominating the kiss.
You grab at his sweatshirt, trying to pull it off of him. He groans, helping you shed the fabric off of himself. Immediately pulling your t-shirt off of your body and pushing you onto your back.
He takes in the sight of your breasts, “fuck…” he mutters, reaching down to pull your sweatpants off.
You pull him back to you as he kicks off his own sweatpants, leaning down to kiss you. He cups your cunt through your panties, causing you to moan in his mouth.
He can feel the wet spot on your underwear, he smirks into the kiss. “So fucking wet, I haven’t even touched you yet.” He pushes your underwear to the side, dipping his finger through your slit, collecting slick. “Don’t worry, I’ll fix that pup.”
Peter pushes two fingers into you and curling them, you moan, burying your face into his neck and biting down to suck a bruise. He groans, moving his thumb to rub at your clit.
You moan again, bucking your hips into his fingers. He continues to fuck you with his fingers at a ravenous pace, trying to memorise every part of your cunt.
He finally hits your sweet spot, you gasp, gripping onto the hand inside you with your own hand. “There’s our girl…” He mutters, leaning down mouth at your breast.
You moan at the triple stimulation, your high washing over you like a tidal wave. The coil in your stomach snaps the second it appears, your cunt clamping down on his fingers as you cum.
Peter’s hand fucks you through the overstimulation, finally pulling his fingers out of you.
He smirks, “I think that’s the best sound you’ve ever made, finally able to say something without pissing me off” He mutters, kissing the corner of your lip.
You’re still mewling, coming down from your high when he moves back to your lips, lazily making out with you.
You press your hand to his face, rolling your hips up into his. He lets out a grunt, grinding your hips to meet your rolls, you moan into his mouth.
Slowly, he dips his hand into your waistband and pulling down your panties, moving to also take off his boxers.
You find it hard not to stare at his cock, its length is… intimidating, to say the least. He notices your nerves, moving to give you a surprisingly soft kiss.
“Relax baby…” he whispers, “this still okay?”
You nod, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. “I do… I really do.” You say, but your nerves don’t leave your face.
He smiles, “How about this.” He lines his cock up, dragging it through your slick before pushing his shaft flat between your pussylips.
You whine, gripping onto his shoulders as he grinds his cock against you. A moan slips out of you as you roll your hips against his.
“Fuck…” He moans, leaning down to mouth at your breast once again. Biting your nipple before kissing it to soothe. He moves up to kiss your mouth, lazily making out with you.
Although the two of you are moving slow, you can feel the heat in your abdomen building up, the coil turning, ready to snap.
“Pete…” You moan out.
He moves his kisses to your cheek, then down your jaw. “Cum for me baby,” He whispers. Rolling his hips further into you.
The wave rolls over you, instead of the hot, rushing high you hit earlier, this one is calming. All of your muscles seem to relax as Peter coaxes you through your high.
Peter looks down on you as you come back from your orgasm, pressing a chaste kiss on your lips. “That was so fucking hot, you’re so hot.”
He moves his cock, using the arousal you just coated him with as lubrication, he lines up with your entrance, pressing another kiss to your lips. “Ready?” He asks.
You nod, bucking your hips to try to catch his tip in your entrance. He tuts, moving the hair out of your face and slowly pushes in.
His mouth forms an ‘o’ shape, “Fuckk, baby you’re so tight.” He moans, checking to see if you’re okay before bottoming out.
You let out a loud moan, pattering your hand around to find him, once you do, you grip tight. “You okay?” he asks. You nod, rolling your hips into his to encourage him to move.
He gets the message, pulling out so his tip barely grazes your entrance and fully thrusting back in. You let out a loud moan, gripping your free hand into his hair.
Peter finds a steady pace, his thrusts rough and fast as he sucks numerous amounts of hickeys to your neck and chest, pressing a soothing kiss into each of them before moving to make a new one.
He thrusts strangely, like he’s searching for your sweet spot, when he finds it your eyes roll to the back of your head, your pussy clamping down onto his cock. He repeats the motion until you’re a whimpering, moaning mess.
You feel that familiar pool in your abdomen pushing you towards your high. In no time Peter has you clenching down, practically screaming as you fall into your third high of the night. Peter is quick to follow, spilling his seed into you.
The two of you breathlessly come down from your highs. Collapsed against each other, pressing your foreheads together.
“Fuck…” he moans, pressing for a chaste kiss, “Guess our parents will be happy” He laughs
You giggle, “I’d be down to pretend to still hate you.” You say, playing with his now messy hair.
He chuckles, “Yeah, make ‘em believe they have to keep sending us on these trips.”
You smile, pulling him down for another kiss, he immediately reciprocates, pushing his tongue into your mouth.
He rolled the two of you over, manoeuvring the two of you into the sleeping bag, “Goodnight.” He whispers, slowly falling to sleep.
As you watch him sleep you think to yourself, maybe Peter Parker isn’t that bad after all.
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Theyre just- Them it’s- when they-
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More Otto/Petra sketches while waiting for a new keyboard~
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tony: peter! engage your enemy!
peter: on it!
peter, getting down on one knee: will you—
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Tumblr media
by @ambulance00_
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Marvel Legends Toei Spiderman officially revealed
While this blog usually only covers Tokusatsu-specific toylines such as S.H. Figuarts and Lightning Collection, a new Hasbro reveal today is a special exception. On their latest stream, Marvel Legends have revealed that the version of Spiderman who starred in the 1978 Tokusatsu show of the same name is to see release. A very accurate rendition of the character that includes his Spider Bracelet, this figure of Takuya Yamashiro also comes with two webs that have a striking resemblance to 70s Tokusatsu props; and comes in special closed-box packaging resembling a poster from the time.
Marvel Legends Toei Spiderman is to go up for pre-order tomorrow on Hasbro Pulse. While no release info is available yet, it is likely he is to be priced at $25 and release later this year.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Hulk ruined his seasonal job
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Sorry i have another the second O on the angst card the “look at me…” one okay i’m going to leave you alone now sorry again 🤍 thx
Play TASM Writing Bingo [here] (If you just stumbled upon this post and this is your first time seeing this, read the rules and check to see if something has already been requested before you ask. I have a list of already requested prompts. Please and thank you!)
Tumblr media
Look At Me
[tasm!peter x reader]
TW: This fic involves a bank robbery where a shooting takes place. Multiple casualties, death, and blood mentioned.
Tumblr media
“I’ll run to the bank real quick. It’s just down the street. Shouldn’t be too long. We can get lunch after, yeah? Don’t get into trouble while I’m gone.” 
Those were the last words you said to him before giving him a quick peck on the cheek and disappearing down the aisle out of his sight. The two of you were visiting a new home goods store that had recently opened up. You insisted on buying a new set of pots and pans for your apartment. Apparently the really old one’s Peter had picked up at a thrift store didn’t meet your approval. He claimed they were antique. You claimed they were almost entirely rusted through making them non functionable. The store’s card reader wasn’t working properly so they were only taking cash. You opted to leave him alone with a full cart of kitchenware while you ran to the nearest atm at the bank down the street. 
Peter lazily wandered up and down the aisles leaning heavily on the shopping cart handle. This was a very adult store and it was a struggle to hold his attention. He’d done three laps of the store so far. You were already ten minutes later than you said you’d be. Knowing you, you’d got stuck talking to someone on the way there and didn’t know how to end the conversation without sounding rude. He plopped down into an overly expensive armchair to wait and leaned back with a sigh. 
“Excuse me, sir, please don’t sit on the display furniture,” an employee spoke to him with a snarky tone. It was the same employee that had been following him around since you left as if he was going to attempt to steal a toaster or a stack of plates. 
Peter narrowed his eyes back at them, “That’s weird. I thought chairs were made for sitting. How will I know if I like it and want to buy it if I can’t test it first?” 
“The chair is meant to be for style rather than comfort. It shouldn’t be necessary to test it before purchase. Please get up.”
He let out a long, exaggerated sigh as he got back to his feet, “Looks kinda dumb anyway.” 
He had just placed his hands back on the shopping cart, about to start his fourth lap, when he heard the sounds of distant police sirens. A heavy weight dropped in his stomach and a tingling feeling spread over his skin. His face paled as he spun around to the noise. Deep in the depths of his heart, Peter knew. 
They were headed to the bank. 
He shoved pedestrians out of his way as he sprinted down the street. He gave a frustrated yell at the phone clutched in his hand. Twice he tried to call you and they all went straight to voicemail. He had no Spider-Man suit today but he didn’t care. This wasn’t about stopping any bad guys, this was about making sure you were safe. Peter rounded the corner and only hesitated for a second to take in what he was seeing. 
The big glass window of the bank had been shattered out onto the street. Bricks scattered amongst the glass debris as if a bomb had gone off from the inside and shot everything outwards. Two civilians lay unconscious on the sidewalk. He got there just in time to see a gang of masked men, carrying black bags, load into a large truck and speed away from the crime. If he was acting as his alternate identity, he would have chased after them. But, today, he wasn’t Spider-Man. Today, he was Peter Parker and all he wanted was to find you. 
The chorus of screams coming from inside the bank drew his attention. He’d arrived before the police cars though he could hear them just around the corner. Peter leaped through the blown out window. It was dark inside except for the glow of the red emergency lights. They must have tried to kill the power to the building. His eyes scanned the area, searching the faces for the only one he cared about. People were dead. This wasn’t a normal bank robbery. They were aiming to kill. He could tell by the way the bullets hit. There were blood splatters over the floor and walls. Those still alive were crying out for help or trying to stumble towards the daylight. One man dragged himself across the floor, leaving a thick trail of blood behind him, until he eventually gave up and collapsed face first against the ground. It was a gruesome and deadly sight in here. There were too many casualties for it to have been an accident. Whoever did this knew what they were doing. They were purposely creating chaos and destruction to give themselves plenty of time to get away. All the attention and man power would be focused on the victims first. 
Peter stepped over the body of a security guard. The poor man didn’t even have time to reach for his gun by the looks of things. He screamed out your name and held his breath to listen for a response.
A quiet whimper came from behind a desk in a small room to his left. It was one of those little rooms people could go to have one on one meetings. He called out to you again as he tried to push open the door. Something was blocking the way. He did his best to ignore the collection of bullet holes piercing perfect circles through the door into the room. Peter gave a little grunt and forced his weight against the barrier keeping him from you. 
The body of a man slid across the floor as Peter pushed his way inside. The man had been leaning against the door, using his own body to block the entrance, when he was shot. He slumped over and stared back up at Peter with dead eyes. He scooted around the man and leaped over the desk. His heart lurched the second he saw you. There were tears in your eyes, your entire body was shaking uncontrollably, and blood soaked through the front of your shirt.
Peter quickly leaned down. His eyes searched your chest for the source of the blood. “Where were you hit?” He asked, reaching to pull you into his arms.  
You stared back at him with wide, teary eyes. You opened your mouth to speak but, instead of words, only a loud whimper came out. 
His eyes were wild with fear and he grabbed at the collar of your shirt, tearing it completely in half. He pushed the bloody fabric to the side and caught sight of the bullet hole entering below your left shoulder. As gently as he could, he tiled you forward to check your back. A perfect exit wound was directly opposite the entrance. 
Peter took a deep breath to try and collect himself. He did a quick look over the rest of you. You’d only been shot once. 
“Okay…okay…” his voice was shaking as he spoke. “You’re going to be okay, baby. The police just pulled up. I’m sure the ambulances are right behind them. It doesn't look like they hit any arteries. The bullet passed straight through you. I’m going to get you to the hospital and they’re going to patch you up in no time.” 
“The-” you took a gasping breath before trying to speak again. “The man. The man in here with me. Is…is he okay?” 
Peter hesitated. He wanted to keep you calm until he could get you out of here but he didn’t want to lie. “Baby, listen, don’t worry about that, okay? I need you to relax.” As he spoke, he pulled off his sweatshirt and held it tightly over your bullet wound. Your face contorted in pain and you gave a soft hiss the harder he pressed against your chest to control the bleeding. 
“He saved my life,” you whispered. “When they came in…when the explosion happened…he…he opened his door and pulled me in here. They tried to come inside. They tried to get us. He blocked the door. They started shooting at it. I fell to the ground. I was so scared they were going to come in. I just tried to stay really still so they wouldn’t know I was in here. I couldn’t hear him moving though. Peter…Peter…tell me. Is he dead?”
Peter looked around helplessly to try and avoid your piercing, heartbroken eyes and finally gave you a quick nod, “Yeah…yeah, he’s gone. I’m sorry.” 
Your lip quivered and fresh tears rolled down your cheeks, “I want to go home.”
He nodded, “I know, me too. Soon. I’m going to get you to the hospital first.” 
“Is anyone alive in there! This is the police! The area is secure!” Someone shouted outside their door. 
Peter peeked his head around the side of the desk and responded, “Yes! I have an injured person with me! They’ve been shot but are conscious. They need an ambulance. I can carry them out.” He turned back to you and gave you a quick kiss on the forehead. “I’m going to pick you up now. It might hurt to move but just hold on, alright? It’ll be over really soon.” 
As gently as he could, he scooped you into his arms. You whined and bit down on your lip to keep from crying out in pain. Peter positioned you a little more securely to cradle you into his chest. 
“We’re coming out now!” He called out to the officers. 
The thought of carrying you back out through the carnage in the next room was too much. You were already going to be traumatized enough. This was exactly the kind of horror he tried to protect you from. He was used to this level of destruction but not you. He knew you better than anyone. The sight on the other side of this door would be too devastating for your eyes. He needed to keep you safe. Protect you from the horror. 
Peter pressed his head against yours and whispered to you, ���I need you to do me a really big favor, baby, okay? I’m going to need you to keep your eyes on me. Look at me, don’t look at anything else. It’s going to be alright.” 
He took a tender step out from behind the desk and stepped over the man who saved your life. The man who’s name he did not know and, yet, the man who he owed everything to. He already made a promise to find that man’s family. He would find a way to cover the cost of his funeral and anything else they ever needed. You were alive and in his arms because of that man and he wouldn’t forget that.
As they passed an officer, Peter took a quick moment to stop and nod back to the room, “That man in there is a hero. Please, find out who he is. Treat his body with the respect it deserves.”  
You gave a quiet whimper and Peter focused back on your face. He gave you a sad, but encouraging smile, “You’re doing really good, baby. Don’t stop looking at me, okay? The things around us aren’t for your eyes. Just look at me and nothing else.” 
He kept his eyes locked with yours, being guided by another officer out of the building, though he would have been able to maneuver his way out completely blind if he really needed to. He pressed his forehead against yours, making sure to limit your vision to nothing but his eyes. 
“You’re going to be okay,” he whispered softly to you. “They’re going to fix you up really good. You can eat all the hospital jello you want. I won’t even try to steal it from you.”
You let out a quiet, sad laugh through your tears and kept Peter directly in your sights. If he told you not to look then you wouldn’t look. You trusted him with everything in your being. You zeroed in on his calming words instead of the cries happening around the two of you until you were carried out into the sunlight. You had to squint away from the harsh light and hid your face into Peter’s neck. 
He carried you straight to a waiting ambulance where he, begrudgingly, allowed the two paramedics to take you from his arms. He jumped into the back of the car after you and settled by your side as they closed up the door. 
Peter leaned over, holding your hand, and whispered in your ear, “You did such a good job, baby. I’m so proud of you. We made it out. You’re safe now. You’re safe.”
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lizziesaura · 2 days ago
You Scare Me
SUMMARY – You had known him for so long, wasn’t it meant to be obvious that every night he snuck out of his bedroom to save the world? 
PAIRING — Peter Parker x Reader [ 1.8k ]
AUTHORS NOTE — This is an angsty one! And one that I wrote two years ago during covid. Seems fitting to fix it up now that I’m stuck in quarantine again. 
You were friends before Tony Stark laid down his life for the greater good of humanity, before elementals shattered a city, and long before Peter Parker ever identified as Spiderman. When you were just kids in a concrete city you would climb into his room, curious eyes wide and ready for an adventure. When you were teenagers, it was no surprise to anybody that beneath the big apple’s influence you fell in love. It was young and it was cherished, until it wasn’t. 
Peter Parker had a lot riding on his shoulders. 
It was a stormy Tuesday afternoon, just after a spontaneous shower of summer rain. He had been out all night, quite literally strung up and pressed with lowlife crime. Things had begun to even out since defeating the elementals, for Spiderman that is, not Peter Parker. Peter Parker had missed three dates since revealing his identity to MJ Watson in France and taking on petty crime in his home city.
You were not a girl known to wait around for what you wanted, and yet every night you clung to a sliver of hope that your boyfriend would break through your bedroom window with a twisted grin and sweet accent. Every night you went to bed lonely and disappointed. 
The week had begun with plans to see a movie, and when Peter called to tell you he had gotten stuck at work, you accepted his excuse and happily agreed to the raincheck he provided. On Sunday, when you were meant to have dinner down at the diner, you were met by MJ instead. Tuesday had been your final straw, texting your boyfriend and asking for a simple night in. Your mother had left town just the night before, leaving the loft cold and available, and yet Peter never showed up. 
You were overwhelmed with worry, fingernails broken between her teeth as you looked down at your phone. The blue messages were left unread and unresponded to, only making the pit in your stomach grow with the passing hours. You were tempted to reach out to Happy, knowing it was a last ditch effort to mend a heavy heart, but you were quickly running out of options that allowed for your sanity to be kept in check. 
The curly headed, brown eyed, adventure loving  boy had always given you a run for your money, but laying in bed alone unaware of his safety was growing sickening. Ned had stopped answering your messages, blocking your contact all together when the temptation to spill the truth became to much for him, and you and MJ had never really hit it off. You weren’t even sure you had the girl's number saved in your contacts. 
Your lonesome was crippling, tears soaking the pillow beneath your head as Peters favorite movie played on your television screen. The night was meant to be simple, a last ditch effort to rekindle a life long spark, and you had been stood up. 
Giving up hope, you let yourself sleep, crossing Peter Parker from your mind and instead giving into slumber. 
Peter cursed to himself, his hand pressed up against the glass of your bedroom window hours after you had fallen asleep. The movie had ended hours ago, the opening credits playing again and again on your television screen only making Peter’s heart drop further towards his feet. 
He didn’t bother knocking on the glass, knowing that his girl could sleep through the end of the world if she tried hard enough. His frown was tight as he slipped in through the window, the lock having never been very efficient, and let his body be met with the slight chill of your air conditioning. 
You hummed at the slight patter of his clumsy feet, wiggling in the bed with a look of pure angelic grace on your sleep drunk features. Peter's heart sank at the tears that left tracks on your cheeks, an apparent damp spot on the purple pillowcase beneath your head. Your hair was let down, a telltale sign of a migraine no doubt caused by him. Your bedside table was dressed in all of his favorite snacks, his eyes not failing to notice the homemade butterscotch cookies shaped like hearts growing stale beside a can of soda. 
Peter had fucked up. His stomach was already in knots from the robbery he had stopped, and the sight of his girl was only amplifying his guilt. 
“Y/N?” He whispered out gently, threading his fingers into your silky strands of dark hair. The touches of summer that danced across the apples of your cheeks were growing darker as the summer months continued to age. “Y/N/N.”
You moaned, only rousing when Peter pressed his lips to yours. You had responded without thinking, pushing up into his warm and familiar embrace with a tired sigh. Had it not been for the cold hand caressing your scalp you would have settled back into sleep, but the tender touch was enough to alert you. 
You pulled away from his touch, a scowl claiming your features and breaking Peter's heart as he tried not to act offended by your quick withdrawal. 
“What are you doing here, Pete?" 
Oh, you were livid. Never did you call him Pete, finding the nickname off-putting and not nearly as cute as Peter, or your personal favorite, Parker. You could call him anything but Pete, hating the way he seemed to age beneath the nickname. 
"I came to see you, didn’t realize I was so late.” His guilty frown would have been enough to ease the tension two days ago, but you were above simple apologies now. You weren't an idiot, for all living hell you had been friends with the boy since you were in diapers, and still he held himself back from you. If Peter was looking to get back in your good graces anytime soon, he’d have to be honest with you: share a truth you had known since the start. 
“Late would imply a couple hours, Pete. Not a couple of days.” Your yawn had created the shadow of a smile across his lips, but quickly he wiped away his glee. You hated when people found you cute, especially when you were trying to be mad at them. Peter knew that. “Made your favorite cookies and everything." 
"I see that, baby.” He was pleading without even uttering a please, or a sorry. His puppy-like eyes and swollen lip was enough to prove his genuineness, but you weren't having any of it. You’d been quick to give him the benefit of the doubt one to many times before. 
Peter Parker was your weakness, it was basically written across the empire state building. 
“Don’t baby me, Pete. We had plans for Friday, and you said you had work, and Sunday, and you sent MJ. I’m not even sure MJ likes me! What happened today? Was it May, or Happy?” You knew what it was. You knew that Spiderman had been called to the smoke shop at the corner of seventh, but you needed to hear it from him. You needed to know that he trusted you, because going to sleep every night knowing the person you love most in the world faces death at every moment is anything but settling. 
Peter sighed gently, reaching to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. You didn’t flinch away, but you didn’t lean into his lingering touch and offer up a bright grin or gentle kiss like you always did; like you loved doing. Instead, you were stone in his hands, refusing to be molded by his touch. 
“I’m sorry, things have been crazy lately." 
"Crazy for who?" 
Crazy for Spiderman, Peter Parker just gets dragged along, you thought sourly as you watched the face of a childhood friend melt into a stranger. 
Peter spluttered at the question sweet brown eyes looking over you with uncertainty, "What do you mean, love?”
“Don’t keep lying to me, Peter.” The gentle tone of your voice broke his heart, your anger subsiding into exhaustion. “I deserve more than that." 
"I just want to keep you safe.” He didn’t bother saying the words, the soft edge to you words enough to solidify your knowledge. He wasn’t shocked, You had always been perceptive, especially when it came to figuring him out. When he shut the rest of the world out you were always the one to see through the thin, barely patched up cracks. 
“I don’t need to be kept safe, Peter. I don’t scare easily.” You scoffed, light eyes tracing his movements and the way his thumb continuously nursed at a wound on his side. “What does scare me is when my boyfriend climbs out of his bedroom window at night, puts on a mask, and acts like he doesn’t have school the next morning. When my best friend puts himself between a stranger and a loaded gun, or climbs onto a fucking spaceship, or holds his mentor while he dies. I worry that you wont come back to me in one piece, and when it happens nobody will be straight with me. That’s what scares me, Peter. Not some lowlife robber, or a highly manipulative supervillain. It’s you, you scare me." 
"I scare you?” Peter’s eyes were glassy as he looked you over, bottom lip caught between his teeth with worry. 
You didn’t bother apologizing, just nodding your head and squeezing your hands together. You lifted her phone, softly nudging it between his hands knowing your password engraved in his mind: you trusted him like that. 
“I texted you, twelve times. I texted Ned to, but he blocked me because he was trying to cover for you.” You sniffled, “You know what twitter said, Peter? It was headlines all claiming Spiderman was at the barrel of a gun, and when I got no answer, I thought the worse. I laid here for hours thinking you were dead on some convenient store floor, and that when the news broke of Spiderman’s death I would have to call May and ask her where you were. Would she tell me the truth Peter, or would she maintain your little lie?" 
Peter was speechless, mouth opening and closing trying to find the right words to say that could possibly fix what he had unintentionally broken. You knew this, you could see it on his face, and his guilt was making your decision even harder to vocalize. 
"I get it Peter, I really do. You wanted to keep your circle small, didn’t want anybody else in harm's way, I really do get it, but did you really think I wouldn’t notice? Peter, I notice when you trim your hair, I definitely notice when you get bitten by a radioactive spider and Tony Stark becomes your best friend." 
"You’re my best friend." 
You sadly shook her head, "I was. Now I’m just Y/N."
A — E
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F — J
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K — O
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spideymjlove · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isn’t it amazing to think that Tom has loved Spider-Man since he was little, and he got to not only play the web slinging hero in the mcu, but he also got his own MJ both on screen and off? Talk about the universe bringing Tomdaya together. ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️
Tumblr media
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jason-todds-bitch · 12 hours ago
Y/n incorrect quotes #3
Thor: *gets set on fire and screams in agony* Thor: Nah, I’m just kidding. Fire does nothing to me.
Nat: I scare people a lot because I walk very softly and they don't hear me enter rooms. So when they turn around, I'm just kind of there and their fear fuels me.
Wade: HYDRATE OR DIE-DRATE! Wade: *aggressively throws water bottles* Matt: Uh... what's up with them? Peter: They're trying to yell mental health and wellbeing into us. Wade: I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU! y/n, crying:It's working.
Tony: I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. Steve: I have that dream, too, but you go in the other direction.
Nat: So, what is y/n to you? Wanda: The reason I wake up every morning. Nat: ...That’s adorable. y/n earlier that morning, barging into Wanda′s room, smacking pans together: WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!
Peter: What goes up but never comes down? Jake: The amount of stress you're bringing this family.
Peter: And what do I get out of this? Jake: I will give you a dollar. Peter:: What do you think I am? A chump? I would never do it for a dollar! Jake: How bout two dollars? Peter: You got yourself a deal.
y/n: Dumbest scar stories, go! Wade: I burned my tongue once drinking tea. Jake: I dropped a hair dryer on my leg once and it burned. Peter: I have a piece of graphite in my leg for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil in the first grade. Marc: I was taking a cup of noodles out of the microwave and spilled it in my hand and I got a really bad burn. Khonshu: I have emotional scars.
Peter: Marc, I rebuke thee! I rebuke thee! Marc: Rebuke? Is that a word? Peter: You have all invoked my fury! You will all pay recompense for your transgressions! Marc: What, you got like a word-a-day calendar or something?
Peter: You’d be stupid to lay a hand on me. y/n: Oh, you’d be surprised how much stupid shit I do.
Khonshu: I dare you to kiss the next person who walks into this room. y/n: Screw that, I’m not kissing any of you. *Jake walks in* y/n: Fine, I’ll do it. Rules are rules you know.
Peter: Good morning! y/n, checking their watch: Correct.
Jake: *holding a salt packet* It’s just a little sodium chloride. y/n: Actually Jake, it’s salt. Jake: That’s what I said, sodium chloride. y/n: Uh Jake, that would be salt. y/n: *takes salt packer from Jake* This is iodized table salt, which in addition to sodium chloride contains anti-caking agents and potassium iodate, which is added to prevent iodine deficiency. So not only are you being overly pretentious by insisting on using scientific terminology for everyday items, you are factually wrong. Your arrogance is your downfall, you annoying little shit.
Steven: Bro, I had a dream we fucked. Wade: Bro, relax it was just a dream. Steven: Huh, gay, I wouldn’t fuck you. Wade: You wouldn’t? Steven: I mean, unless you want to-
Marc: Hey, I say we go down there, kick y/n’s door in, and let them know that we’re in town. Wade: That ain’t the way we do things here. We may have to go in there and run a con, drop a bug, do the smooth talking. Marc: Okay, you come with me, you do the smooth talking, let’s go. Wade: No, we just can’t go in there and kick down y/n’s door. We need a plan. Marc: Well who makes the plans? Wade: Peter. Marc: Peter, what's the plan? Peter:You guys are gonna go down there, kick y/n’s door in, let them know you’re in town.
Matt: y/n, you're testifying in an aggravated assault case tomorrow, and I'm worried about how you'll present yourself on the stand. y/n: Why? I'm fine on the stand! *flashback to Testimony #1* y.n: Look, I'll make this real simple so even these dumdums can understand. y/n, to the jury: MAN DID CRIME. *flashback to Testimony #2* y/n: I'm sorry, could you make her stop doing that weird thing with her face? Defense Attorney, next to the crying defendant: ...Crying? *flashback to Testimony #3* y/n: And when this is over, I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna break those little fingers. Judge: Could the witness please stop threatening the stenographer?
y/n: Peter... you've been cuddling with me for over and hour now. Peter: *muffled* mm hmmm :) y/n: Fuck. I should be annoyed but you're adorable.
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igucci · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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thatonewisegirl · 17 hours ago
People who keep saying there's no point in Hazel anymore if Annabeth is black does not understand either character at all.
They are two very different characters with very different stories. Having Annabeth be a black woman doesn't take away from Hazel in any way.
I am a white woman and coming from a place of privilege but listen to poc when they say this cause they're right. This is a huge thing that's happened. Little black girls will be able to see themselves as the hero in both Hazel and Annabeth.
If HOO ever is made into a series (I don't think it will) having 5/7 of the main cast being poc is great.
Leah is our Annabeth and if you have a problem with this beautiful 12 year old girl playing Annabeth you can kindly get the fuck out of the fandom.
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giuliadrawsstuff · a day ago
Tumblr media
Spideypool re-draw.
Tumblr media
I can’t believe I finally managed to draw something other than Levihan, feels good to be back to drawing Spideypool, I still love doing them.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fruitycircus · a day ago
Oooh, I wanna see your take on Spidernoir :]c
Tumblr media
im incapable of drawing in just greyscale but here u go anon <33
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