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Title: We Are A Family.
Pairings: Steve x tony, Peter x Wade, Nat x Clint, Sam x Bucky.
Part: 30/?
Warnings: swearing, fluff, angst, eventual smut, slowburn.
Summary: When Nat comes into the avengers tower with baby Peter Parker, the avengers didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. But now that Peter is here,Steve and Tony both feel protective over him. It doesn’t help that Peter hates everyone other than Steve and tony. But as Steve and tony raise Peter, they start to fall for one another. Will this superfamily work out or will it all turn to hell?
A/N: I have waited a very long time to write this part-hope you enjoy.

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Originally posted by somethingjustsouthofbrilliance

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The injury (Peter x reader)

@purefluff “Did I hurt you?” “Let me take a look at it” “you’re faking.” “Height doesn’t equal strength”


Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

“It’s okay, we’re like the same size.” Peter brushed off the conversation. You and your brother were fixing one of the vents in the apartment and the ceiling was rather high. So the both of you were in a debate about who should stand on who’s shoulders. Peter voted that he stand on your shoulders because he knows what to do to fix the vent instead of having to explain step by step to you and you not understanding.

“Ok but height doesnt equal strength. I’m not as strong as you. I wasn’t stronger even when you didn’t have your powers.” Peter rolled his eyes and pulled on his hair.

“Y/n, the room is just gonna keep getting hotter unless we fix it. And it has to be fixed before may comes home otherwise she’s gonna have to call someone and get it professionally done and you know that’s expensive. So just suck it up for just a free seconds and it’ll be over.” You sighed, letting your shoulders down but complying nonetheless.

“Fine. But be gentle. I can’t believe we don’t have a ladder.” You said, bending down enough to let peter climb on you.

“Ok. Hold still.” Peter gasped lightly as he wobbled a bit on your back.

“Ow. Hurry up.” You grunted. Peter stepped on your shoulders and you straightened out slowly.

“Okay. Good. I’m close to the vent.” Peter opened the vent and adjusted the pipe that is supposed to be flowing air to the living room. “I see it. The pipe is turned away so it’s not giving out air. I need to turn it back.”

“Okay! Just hurry, you’re heavy.” You panted.

“Hey!” Peter acted offended as you rolled your eyes, getting exhausted.

“Hurry peter!”

“Okay, okay! Almost done.” He finally successfully turned the pipe and fresh air was flowing out. Peter cheered, collapsed the vent and slowly jumped off of you. In doing so, his knees hit your shoulder harshly, making you howl in pain.

“OWW! Peter!” You groaned, grasping your shoulder and sitting down on the carpeted floor.

“Did I hurt you? I’m sorry! Let me have a look at it. ” Peter gasped as he tried to massage it.

“Ouch! Peter don’t massage it?! It hurts!” You smacked Peter’s arm away.

“Oh sorry.” He chuckled. You sighed deeply, gently rubbing your elbow.

“I told you I should’ve been the one in top.” You whined. Peter rolled his eyes again but felt guilty nonetheless.

“It shouldn’t still be hurting.” He thought to himself out loud.

“Well, it is!” You winced in pain again.

“You’re faking!” He laughed lightly, hoping that you were. He felt bad that he had hurt you.

“Why would I take? It hurts peter!” You whined. Pete cooed and pulled you into a hug.

“I’m sowwy!” You still pouted, smiling lightly at his baby voice. “You’re laughing! Are you sure you’re not faking?”

“I’m sure!” You whined, smiling at his teasing. Peter started to poke at your sides. “Hey!”

“Will you forgive me?” Peter said, squeezing your sides and pulling you into the floor and clinging onto you like a koala.

“No. I told you what we should’ve done and I got hurt because of your ignorance.” You giggled, squirming around trying to evade his fingers.

“Then I’ll just tickle you until you do!” Peter moves to scratching at your ribs harshly, making you burst out in laughter.

“Nahhahaha!! Dohohohont!” You begged, the pain gradually going away.

“Yup! You get the tickle monster for being unforgiving and for calling me fat.” Peter laughed as he blew a raspberry on your neck.

“IHIHIHIM NEHEHEVER CALLED YOU FAHAHAT!” You squealed, moving side to side to get his legs off your waist.

“Yeah you did. You said I was heavy. That means you called me fat.” Peter said, grabbing and pinching all around your waist, grabbing a bit of pudge below your belly button. “Ooh, looks like you’re gaining some too, I feel that pudgy stuff!” He teased.

You kicked your legs out, squealing and letting out hysterical laughter. “STAHAHAHAHAP! IHIHILL KIHIHILL YOU!” Peter scoffed and and went back to scribbling at your ribs.

“I don’t think you’re in the position to say that to me.” He chuckled and straddled your waist to give you a big fat raspberry on your belly. You kicked out and screamed, pushing harshly at his head to get him off you.

“SOHOHOHORRY!” You screamed out before falling into silent laughter. Peter chuckled but quickly heard the keys of the apartment jiggle. He instantly stopped and jumped on the couch, acting like no tu una had happened.

May entered the apartment to see peter acting suspiciously innocent and you panting exhausted on the floor. “Hey May!” Peter smiled.

“Peter, what did I tell you about tickling your sister? You know she’s very sensitive and fragile. I could hear her screams from the stairs of the first floor!” May chuckled. You immediately blushed realizing that your neighbors probably heard you screaming for mercy from your brothers evil hands.

Peter sighed and turned to you. “Sorry y/n.” Sounding not so apologetic. But you rolled your eyes and forgave him anyway.

“God, brothers are annoying.”

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A/N: Hey friends! I can’t believe the last time I wrote was about four years ago! A lot has happened since and I’d love to give you an update, but there’s not enough space here! Let me know if you’d be interested haha!

Prompt: This is based on the prompt “you know my name?” from the 101 Drabble thing I reblogged! I’m still rusty so I’m sorry if this sucks haha. Let me know if you want more!

You were slapped in the face with the cold New York air as you slammed your front door shut. You stormed down the sidewalk, not a destination in your mind. The tip of your nose turned bright red while you adjusted your scarf to cover your nose. You had just gotten into a massive argument with your boyfriend, but it was nothing new. Tears burned at the corner of your eyelids as you blinked the cold air away.

You and your boyfriend had been arguing for weeks now. He’d been rude, cold, and distant. It took all you had to keep walking and avoid going back to the house and beg for his forgiveness. You felt your fingers grip your phone as you subconsciously texted your best friend Peter. 

you awake?

A loud sigh left your lips as you looked at the night sky. You weren’t sure where you were going, but you were sure that you would walk until you couldn’t anymore.

another fight?

A silent curse fell off your tongue as you read Peter’s text. It seemed that the only time you texted Peter was when there was another fight. He knew you better than anyone and you wished that you’d never met your boyfriend. Before you’d gotten comfortable in the misery that was your boyfriend, Ian, you and Peter were inseparable. You prepared to text back, but a hand gripped your waist. Hot air fanned against the back of your neck as something hard pressed against the center of your back. “Don’t move,” a gruff voice commanded into your ear.

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Imma just sit here waiting till someone with writing skills writes a Percy Jackson Peter Parker crossover where Annabeth goes to Midtown and becomes friends with Peter (which leads to him and Percy becoming best friends when meeting) and Annabeth gets a weird vibe off him so she decides to “investigate” him (she’s not taking chances after all the shit her and Percy have been through) and she thinks he might be spying on them or something so she confronts him and he’s like confused af when she starts to talk about Greek gods and that and he just goes “um… I’m just spider-man”

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Shuri: [texting] Y-you…you know what? get Tony to help you. I can’t deal with this sh*t.

Peter: ok!


Shuri: …….God has abandoned me in the dumbest timeline.

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Look who also went down this rabbithole! So, per @presidentofinferno ’s request on Instagram:

1) Stitch, cute little alien baby boi.

2) Baby Yoda, cute little alien baby boi. Hm, can we consider Lilo & Stitch part of the canon Star Wars Universe?

3) Spiderman, our friendly neighborhood hero!

4) Yzma, from Emperor’s New Groove, here to give us all fabulous nightmares, the admittedly most difficult thing I had to draw in a while.

5) A Smurf to help us in this trying time

6) The unholy spawn of Satan.

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previous work

synopsis:  Due to Peter Parker’s identity being revealed, he has to go into hiding. Sometimes, MJ visits him.

a/n:  I’m sure most of us have related to how Peter’s feeling because of all the craziness that has been happening these past few weeks. This is, obviously, post FFH and quite short, because procrastination thrives in isolation :( Wash your hands, stay inside, and stay safe, everyone! Comments, likes, and reblogs are always appreciated!

word count: 1.2 k

warnings: none

*if you prefer, you can read this on my ao3 instead of here

Peter couldn’t stop pacing. Back and forth, back and forth, two steps here, two steps there. He’d never thought that he’d be spending the beginning of his senior year in a SHIELD containment facility in the middle of God-knows-where, because Peter didn’t know where he was either. He was brought into the base with a blindfold on, almost two months ago. Ever since Mysterio streamed the video of Peter calling on the ‘attack’ of innocents in London, Peter couldn’t be seen by anyone, save for one monthly visitor.

Constant visits would cause suspicion to Peter’s whereabouts, is what he was told by a certain Agent Phil Coulson. Last month, he was visited by Aunt May, escorted by Happy. He seemed to keep her company in what Peter assumed was a lonely apartment. He felt worse for May than he did himself. She was so angry every time she called. Not at Peter, but at SHIELD, even though she knew he was being protected. This month, May stayed back in Queens to let someone else visit Peter. 

Michelle Jones. 

Peter got to have a phone call a day, always monitored by SHIELD, so on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Peter would call MJ after she finished work. She had gotten a job at a bookstore, and Peter didn’t think any other job suited her better. He couldn’t help but want so desperately to see her, and bury himself into her shoulder and hide while she held him. Everything was boring to him, except when he could hear her voice on the other end of the phone line. It wasn’t like he was kept in solitary, no, but the books, movies, and anything else he wanted just wasn’t enough. He’d dream about her from time to time, though they were mostly nightmares. Peter was always stuck somehow, unable to get to her, while something terrible happened to MJ.

Peter raked his hands through his hair, and took a seat at the foot of his plain bed. It was a twin, like his at home, but the white sheets and metal frame made him feel like he slept in a hospital bed. There were no windows in his room, but three of his grey walls changed into whatever landscape he wanted it to be: grassy fields, a beach, mountains, a forest. He usually kept it turned off. On his bedside table sat the entire collection of Star Wars movies, and the desk held his one constant, his sanity.

The door to Peter’s room opened. Peter felt a surge of joy, utter elation as a figure took small steps into the room, shutting the door. Peter froze for a second, unsure, staring into the deep pits of her eyes. “MJ.” He got up, and turned to her, catapulting himself into her embrace. 

“Oh, I missed you so much.” Her soft hands rubbed into his back, and Peter stood with her, glad to hear the familiar beat of her heart. She held him there for a while, and once he let go, Peter gestured for her to take a seat at his desk. Peter sat on his bed. “Ned misses you,” She said sympathetically, “He wants to see you next month.”

Peter laughed, “Okay. Tell him to check with Aunt May if that’s okay with her.” MJ nodded. 

“How are you?”

Peter sighed, and put his face into his hands, “As well as anyone in confinement can be. You’re the only thing that I think of.” Peter realized he just slipped that out casually, as if it was no big deal. He and MJ hadn’t been dating that long, and they certainly hadn’t been doing boyfriend-and-girlfriend things. He felt a shyness creep around him, and looked up at MJ with wide eyes.

MJ didn’t answer, which made Peter a little nervous.

After what seemed like years, she replied, “I didn’t know.” 

“Open the book on my desk.” Peter gestured to a thick, laminated brown book. It sat on the corner of the desk, and MJ flipped it open. Peter scooted to the edge of the bed, and looked along with her. The first picture was of his parents with Aunt May at their wedding. His mom wore a beautiful dress embroidered with white roses on the bodice, and his dad wore a suave suit that complemented his broad shoulders. The picture below it was of him and Ned on their first day of third grade, wearing matching Star Wars backpacks. The third was of him and Mr. Stark, the same one that he’d seen in their kitchen at his funeral. And the fourth was him and MJ. Betty took a picture of them in the London airport, not even a few hours after the battle with Mysterio. 

MJ’s smile was like hers in the picture, shy but happy. There were more of them scattered throughout the book, but their relationship was cut short by Beck ruining his life. If Peter walked along the street, he’d get arrested. The account of the hero, Quentin Beck, was much more reliable than some kid from Queens that had powers and jumped around the city. He most definitely wouldn’t go back to school, even if he didn’t get arrested. Everyone knew who he was. The only people who believed that he was good were Happy, Aunt May, of course, MJ, and Ned. MJ didn’t suspect for a moment that Peter called the strike that fateful day on the street, watching the broadcast on the skyscraper. She mouthed to Peter, run, after he looked down at her from the streetlamp. “We’re gonna get you out of here, Peter.”

Peter snapped out of his thoughts and looked at MJ. She took his hand, and held it in her’s, tracing her finger along the back of his hand. “I know. But I don’t know how long it’ll be. How would we even restore my reputation?”

“SHIELD is trying to figure it out, I know, but maybe we can come up with something else.”

Peter shook his head as if he was trying to shake out the bad thoughts, but they stuck inside like water from a pool. “I don’t want to waste our time talking about getting out. Can we do something normal, for a change?”

“Sure. What can we do?”

“We can watch a movie on one of the walls.” 

Peter looked at MJ, who was laughing, but then quieted. “You’re serious?” Her face went blank.

“Yep. Your pick.” Peter pulled a small box out from under his bed, opened it, and handed a remote to MJ. Fifteen minutes later, after much contemplation, the movie started. MJ nestled into Peter’s arms, distracting him from his reality. Just maybe, if he tried hard enough, he could imagine they were sitting in his room, the city noises getting in through his open window. A breeze would come into the room, and he would pull the blanket over the two of them as his old, boxy tv played a movie that MJ loved. Just maybe, everything would be okay, soon enough.

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