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Peter looked terrified, his body shaking, eyes wide, scared. He couldn’t trust himself anymore, he couldn’t trust what he was seeing, what you were doing, if you were even you. Whatever he was feeling, seeing, doing,it wasn’t real. He begged you, pleaded with you, to show him you were real, that this was actually happening. He needed to believe if it wasn’t anyways, he needed to cling to a small comfort, otherwise he had nothing, nobody, not even himself. You weren’t sure how to prove it. You’d never been asked to do so, or how to. Only one story came to mind. Quickly you tried not to smile, explaining how you met. You were so young, too young to remember, but you’d been told enough it was almost like a memory. At daycare, Peter spilled his juice on his lap, making it seem like he peed his pants. When the other kids laughed and made jokes, calling him names, you fought back, doing the same, showing him it was no big deal. That was enough proof for him. You were the only real thing.

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Peter’s P.O.V

[A/n: You can use the picture at the bottom as refrence also the picture isn’t mine]

“Mr. Parker i will not accept this permission slip”

“Why not?!?!”

“Because your permission slip is signed by Tony Stark-Rogers and we both know that your internship is fake so just give it up and go home”

I was fuming “Fine!!!” I shouted and stormed out of the classroom. If your wondering what happened. Let me explain.


I accidentally fell asleep in science class because well… I’m not dumb. I already know this stuff. Having Tony Stark-Rogers as a dad and as a mentor before that while also having Bruce Banner teach you has it’s perks. I was woken up from sleep by Ned who was trying to shake me awake which definitely worked. Obviously. I lifted my head from my table only to see the teacher glaring at me. I don’t know why but the teacher hates me with every bone in her body.

“Now that Mr. Parker is awake” she said glaring at me before she continued.

“We will be going on a field trip next week on Friday. The location will be a surprise but until then everyone must take one permission slip for your parents to sign.

Class dismissed”

Everyone packed their stuff and got up from the seat while mumbling excitedly about the trip. I couldn’t care less about the trip but..whatever. I took one permission slip while receiving a (not so) deathly glare from the teacher and walked out of the classroom.

-End Of Flashback-

When i was a few blocks away from my school, i saw Happy waiting for me next to a limo. I went up to him and gave him an apology for the slight delay. He accepted and we both got in the limo with me at the back while Happy sat at the drivers seat and started heading home with me not talking much because i was still mad. Happy kept looking at me frome the rear view mirror but i payed no attention to that and kept looking out the window.


I got home and saw that none of my family members were at home probably on a mission. I walked into the living room and saw my (h/c) boyfriend reading on the couch. I smiled, walked over to him (sneakily) and backed hugged him making him drop his book while mumbling something under his breath in surprise. I started giggling at his cute face that he made.

(M/N) ’s P.O.V

I was reading a book while waiting for the others to get back because even though I’m the newest member, they said it was “too dangerous” for someone as young as me (although I kicked all of their butts in one go)I was so deep invested with my book that i didn’t even realise that someone was sneaking up behind me. When i did realise it, is when i felt someone back hugged me.

“Holy f*cking sh*t” i mumbled under my breath and dropped my book by accident. I heard someone giggling from behind me. I turned around and saw Peter giggling at me. I let out a playful sigh and glared at the giggling boy while picking up my book.

I continued reading my book which is a sign that I’m (slightly) pissed by his actions. He stopped giggling and walked around the couch so he was standing in front of me but i didn’t look at him. He took my book, marked the page i was reading and placed it on the table. I was about to protest but he straddled me and kissed me. I melted instantly and kissed back. It got heated after a few minutes and we started making out with Peter on my lap. We we’re so distracted that we didn’t even realise that the others were back already just staring at us like the creeps they are. We pulled away when we heard someone coughing, trying to get our attention. We turned around and saw the Avengers standing there, some with there arms crossed (Steve, Tony, Loki, Vision, Bruce) while the others we’re snickering in the background (Nat, Barton, Pietro, Wanda, Bucky, Sam). Peter was a blushing mess. When he turned to look at me and he saw the mischievous smirk on my face. I gently squeezed his butt and he gave a little squeak in return. He glared at me but my smirk didn’t falter one bit. Revenge tastes sweet. He turned back to the others and smiled akwardly.

“Uhm… Hey dad…” Peter said akwardly.

“We’ll talk about this later” Tony said with a glare and they left the room.

He turned towards me and smacked my chest while burying his face into my neck.

“I hate you”

“Love you too” i replied with a sly grin on my face.

-Timeskip to dinner-

Peter’s P.O.V

Just another dinner night at Stark Tower. My dad was playfully arguing with Uncle Clint (yes i have to call them uncle and aunt except for Pietro and Wanda). Uncle Thor was eating pop tarts for dinner. Uncle Loki was struggling to use his utensils. Pietro was laughing hysterically at him for not being able to use them properly, pushing on Uncle Loki’s buttons making him aggravated. Uncle Bucky and Aunt Nat were talking in Russia. The only normal one’s were me, (m/n), Uncle Bruce, Vision, my pops aka Steve Stark-Rogers and Wanda. We we’re just watching the scene play out infront of us. (m/n) and i was snickering at how childish they we’re acting even though we’re younger than them (except for Aunt Nat and Uncle Bucky. They looked like they we’re talking about something important) until i remembered something.

“Hey Pops???”

“Yes Peter???” he awnsered looking at me.

“Is it okay if i stay home next Friday???”

When those words came out of my mouth everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me suddenly intrigued by what i had to say.

“And why do you want to stay home???” Aunt Nat asked me and i knew i couldn’t lie because this is Black Widow I’m talking to and she knows when someone’s lie. I sigh in defeat.

“Well…you see…” and i told them about what happend with the teacher not accepting my permission slip and talking trash about me. After i explained all hell broke lose. Aunt Nat was sharpening her knives, Wanda and Loki had magic surrounding them, (m/n) had a little string of (f/c) fire twirling around his fingers, Thor was looking at his hammer probably contemplating how hard he can throw it, Uncle Clint was sharpening his arrows, Pietro feets were looking impatient, Uncle Bruce was turning a little green, Dad was typing something on his phone probably calling his suit, Uncle Bucky was clenching his metal arm and Pops was trying to calm himself down. Well…this is going to be a fun night. (note the sarcasm)

-The Next Morning-

Ned’s P.O.V

I was on the bus sitting next to MJ who had her nose stuck in a book and i was looking out the window ignoring Flash yelling insults about Peter being a coward for not coming on this trip with us and about how he was right about his “fake internship” because the teacher told us we we’re going to Stark Tower. I have been there on lots of different occasions, most of the time it’s because i have an intern ship with Stark industries as well and it was all thanks to Peter. He is most definitely going to be there because he didn’t show up to school. This isn’t going to end well is it. Oh well… More entertainment and drama for me.

(M/N) ’s P.O.V

I was in my room scrolling through my phonewith Peter snuggling into my side. He dies have his own room which is next to mine but he decided to sleep in my room because his dad doesn’t really let us sleep in the same room but he does it anyways but i don’t mind because i get to cuddle my little spider. I was looking at a cute cat photo which was playing with a leaf when i heard FRIDAY, Starks AI, greeting me.

“ Good Morning Mr. (L/n). Tony Stark-Rogers has requested Peter to lead the tour for today at 10 later”

“Thanks Fri. I’ll tell him when he wakes up”

FRIDAY hummed in acknowledgement and left. I put down my phone on the bed side table and i turned my body towards Peter which resulted with him cuddled into me and nuzzled his head deeper into my chest (if it was even possible at this point considering about how close we were already)

“Peter, Babe. Time to get up. Your dad said that you need to give a tour to some visitors later at 10”

Peter’s eyes fluttered open but he just closed them again and nuzzled his head further into my chest.

“Do i have too? Can’t i just cuddle with you?” he said while giving me his puppy dog eyes. I sighed.

“Even if I want to, I need to go on a mission with Clint, Pietro and Tasha in about… *glances at the alarm clock* 5 minutes so I have to go. But don’t sweat it, the missions gonna take two hours at least. When I get back I’ll come help you with the tour when i get back

Okay??? ”

“ Fine” he whined and gave me a soft kiss which i gladly returned.

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to get changed into my outfit which is a hoddie that is as strong as Steve’s shield but still flexible, fluffy and comfortable to wear. I put on my fingerless gloves and headed back in my room. When I entered the room again and saw Peter scrolling through his phone. I smiled and walked towards him.

“Bye Pete, I’ll see you later” i gave him a kiss on his forehead.

He smiled at me while i grabbed my shape shifting elemental sword and my wireless headphones. I know what your thinking. Why am i bringing a wireless headphones with me to a mission. Well…that’s because i fight while listening to music. It enhances my ability to fight and makes it easier for me to use my elements. left the room while waving at him. I put on my (f/c) mask and headed towards where Pietro, Nat and Clint were at so we can get this mission over and done with.


Peter’s P.O.V

I was sitting at the lounging room, waiting for the visitors to arrive while messing around on my phone. I heard the sliding door open and close but i didn’t bother to look up because if they were the visitors, Alicia is going to explain how everything works and how to use the badges before giving them it. Only when she was done i would take over and show them the places that they have access to. While I was scrolling through Instagram, i heard Alicia call my name. I got up from my seat and walked towards them while still looking at my phone. When i reached them i looked up from my phone my eyes were wide as saucers because the visitors were my classmates!!! I have a lot of explaining to do aren’t i…

“Uhh… Hey guys…” i said while waving at them awkwardly.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE PUNY PARKER!!!” Flash yelled at me with a hint of rage in his voice.

I rolled my eyes at him and responded to him in a sassy tone.

“I’m actually doing something useful in my life other than waste my time insulting someone. What are you doing???”

Flash was fuming with anger but didn’t say anything else while the class, Alicia, Mj and Ned were chuckling because Flash just got told off.

“Okay Peter I’ll leave it to you. See you later Mini G” she said while walking and waving.

“Later Alicia” i said while waving back at her before turning back to the rest of the class with stunned faces except Mj and Ned who were chuckling at Flash’s stunned face.

“Anyways… I’m going to be your tour guide for today. So, unless you want to spend the rest of the visit outside the tour while the others have a good time, i suggest you keep your mouth if you have nothing nice to say because people at Stark Tower does not tolerate bullies especially Mr. Stark and Mr. Steve Rogers”

I didn’t say there actual name which is Mr. Stark-Rogers because it isn’t public yet that their married and no one definitely knows that tgey adopted a child aka me. But later on we’re going to have a press conference revealing their marriage and me to the public. Flash looked slightly pale but didn’t say any insults (or anything in that matter) and Mrs Warren was glarring daggers at me but i couldn’t care less about what she thought about me at this point because all i want to do is get back to bed, wait until my boyfriend gets back from his mission and cuddle with him.

“Ok everyone. You need to scan the badges you got from Alicia and walk through the metal detector. You are also not aloud to take pictures during the tour. Any questions???”

Nobody raised their hands and i ushered them towards the scanner and the metal detector. One by one, everyone scanned their badges and walking through the metal detector (their phone don’t count). F.R.I.D.A.Y announced their names, badge level and wether or not they have weapons or anything else dangerous. I let Flash walk through for demonstration (don’t know why i did), F.R.I.D.A.Y announced his name in the same bored tone she always uses when it wasn’t any of the avengers, me, Ned or Mj.

“Eugene Thompson, Omega badge level 2, no weapons”

He looked at me like he finally achieved something in his life. I rolled my eyes at his shit eating grin, scanned my badge (even though I didn’t need to because I can scan my face and enter the building without having to waste my time with these badges) and walked through the metal detector.

“Peter, Delta level 10,no weapons detected. Hello Peter nice seeing you use the door once in a while” F.R.I.D.A.Y said with slight sarcasm in her voice but i just sigh in relief because F.R.I.D.A.Y didn’t use my full name. But Flash just had to open his goddamn mouth and say something stupid like he always does.


I just ignored him which I do like 90% of the time and waited for the others to get through. While checking my watch to see how long i have left until (m/n) joins us.


Almost everyone has gone through except for Ned and Mj. Mj scanned her badge and walked through the metal detector without looking up from the book because she comes here to help Pepper with some business stuff. Oh!!! Did i forget to mention you that Mj is Pepper’s assistant. I didn’t??? Oh well moving on.

“Michelle Jones, alpha level 8, no weapons detected. Glad to see you Mj” F.R.I.D.A.Y greeted her happily.

“You too Fri”

Everyone’s mouth was gaping because the Ai system recognised Mj. The last person was Ned and he got the same exact reaction from the class.

“Ned Leeds, alpha level 7, no weapons detected. Good evening Ned, i hope you enjoy your visit”

“I will Fri”

Flash was slightly annoyed that he didn’t get the same treatment but beggars can’t be choosers. I coughed slightly to get everyones attention and lead them towards the elevator so we can get started with the tour.


We reached the fifth floor so that they can look at the Avengers exhibition for the oldest and newest avengers. Everyone was looking awed and starstruck including Ned (who has been here loads of times) and excluding Mj (because she was still reading her book).

“Ok everyone you have an hour to look around and if you have any questions, you can come and ask me”

And just like that everyone was scattered all over the place looking at all the suits and weapons displayed. Of course they were just replicas of it. I walked around to make sure that they were no inconvenience. Everyone was mostly gawking at my iron spider suit that i got from dad and Elemental’s mask, hoodie, headphones and his shape shifting sword especially Flash. He can only dream of wearing our suits. Let alone hold (m/n) ’s shape shifting sword because have you seen that thing??? It’s pretty epic if i do say so myself.

“Hey loser. Maybe you should explain more about the suits everyones gawking at” Mj said with a knowing smirk and looking up from her book for the first time since she entered the tower.

It’s not really a surprise that she knows my relationship with (m/n) because the whole tower knows and thinks were a cute power couple. I returned her smirk and started to explain about the origins of the suits and (m/n) ’s weapon.

“Well the Iron Spider was designed by Mr Stark for Spiderman when he was first offered a spot as an Avengers. He turned down the offer at first deciding just to stick on being a friendly neighbourhood Spiderman but he joined in the end after some complications”

I finished my explanation for the Iron Spider and looked at everyone. They were all listening to me very intently on the origins of the Iron Spider (with the exception of Mj who was still reading her book). I countinued onto Elemental’s origin.

“Elemental is the newest member of the Avengers who joined almost a month ago. His sword can shape shift to any kind of weapon you can think of such as an axe, a bow and arrow, a bow staff and much more but i think that it be too long of an explanation if i kept going on. He can control natural elements which are fire, water, wind, ice, light, dark, and nature. Whichever power he choses has it’s own abilities. He can also transport the elements into his weapon. For example if he was using an axe as a weapon and he transported his fire element into the axe it would turn into a fire axe. Any questions??? ” I saw somebody raise their hand at the back.

“Yes you at the back” i said while pointing at the person at the back.

“How did the Avengers meet Elemental because he was annouced as one but nobody got an explanation”

“Good question. Well nine months before he was announced as an Avenger, the Avengers were in a battle with Red skull. They almost died when he was suddenly frozen and he was shattered tp a million pieces. They saw a silhouette of a person but his face was covered with a black face mask. After months of searching and researching for this person. At first he refused to join but he caved in the end after some persuasion by Spiderman. Anything else???? ”

Someone was about to ask another question but Friday said that our time was up and that we had to mive on to the next part of the tour which was the mechanical workshop. I have a feeling that my Parker luck is gonna struck again but when has it not.


When we entered the workshop it was pure chaos. Dad was yelling at Clint something about almost ruining the mission Nat was sharpening her knife. Pietro was next to Clint holding his hand and (m/n) was fixing his motorbike whole wearing his wireless headphones, listening to music. So he was pretty clueless on what’s going on around him. They all stopped what they were doing (with the exception of (m/n) who was to focused on fixing his motorbike) and smiled at us.

“Hey Pete boy what are you doing in these parts of the tower” Pietro asked while he suddenly appeared next to me. He put my head in a headlock and messed up my hair a bit before letting me go.

“I could ask you the same thing. Your not exactly trusted here” i said while fixing up my hair a bit. He put his hand on his heart while giving me a mocking gasp.

“I’m offended. Just because i zoom around the place that doesn’t mean i broke anything”

Dad looked at him with a ‘are you serious’ look. Pietro did a damsel in distress look while sighing a dramatic sigh.

“I’m hurt by your words”

I just chuckled at his childish attitude while Aunt Tasha just exited the room. I swear Pietro is more dramatic than dad.

“While it was fun watching you joke around the class has a tour that (m/n) needs to take over. So i think it’s time to take our leave. (m/n) time for you to take over!!!

(m/n) didn’t move away from his motorbike so I’m guessing he didn’t hear dad.

”(m/n)!!! Are you listening to me!!!“

"Don’t worry Tony i got this” Pietro said with a mischievous grin on his face.

At the sidelines, everyone was mumbling to each other. Some of them were about being in the same room as their favourite superhero. While the others were mumbling about my internship being true. Flash was flushed red because i got noticed by them and not him.

(m/n) ’s P.O.V

I was fixing my motorbike because someone *cough* Clint *cough* thought it was a good idea to “accidentally” knock over an expensive vase (which i think he did it on purpose) and he almost got shot if it wasn’t for me jumping in with my motorbike and the latter decided it was a good idea to use an explosive arrows while I’m near the proximity. So, now i have a lot of things i need to repair on my motorbike. While i was fixing my motorbike, i was startled when someone yelled in my ear.

“(m/n)!!! Peter’s in trouble!!!” Pietro yelled into my ear.

“What!!! Where!!!” i shouted with slight panic but i accidentally hit my head on my motorbike’s turbo booster really REALLY hard because of how fast i lifted my head.

“Ow…” i said while closing my eyes and rubbing my head.

Whwn i reopened my eyes, again and saw a bunch of teenagers (is that the right way to describe them???) staring at me with wide eyes with a laughing Tony and Pietro and a blushing Peter (probably because i was worried about him getting hurt) . I was glaring at Pietro and Tony so hard that (f/c) flames started to surrounding me. They raised their hands in surrender, terrified that i might burn them if they continued. I smirked a victory smirk and the (f/c) flames disappeared. I took off my wireless headphones and walked towards Pietro and smacked his head really hard.

“Ow… What was that for???” Pietro whined while rubbing his sore head.

“That was for scaring me” i said and i started walking towards Peter. He blushed a darker shade of red while the teenagers behind him started giggling and whispering about how “hot and attractive” i was, but i just tuned them out and continued walking until i reached Peter. I wrapped my right hand around his waist and layed my head at the crook of his neck.

“Hey Pete sorry for not joining the tour earlier because someone decided to be stupid” i said emphasising the word someone someone while glaring at Clint who was now, sulking in a conner and was being comforted by Pietro. I just rolled my eyes and gave Peter a peck on his lips.


I looked over and saw a guy wearing a jacket, trying to look cool which he did horrible at.

“Yeah. What Peter never told you he was dating me. Pete, baby how could you not tell other people that you were dating this handsome dude”

I heard Tony snort at the word handsome while Peter just chuckled at my childness.

“As much as i want to mess around more. We need to get on with the tour. I’m assuming your going to be showing us around”

“Mhmm,nothing ever gets by you does it” i said while smiling fondly at him and kissed his cheek before unwrapping my hand around. I walked towards Tony, Clint and Pietro and shooed them out of the workshop. Once they were out , i turned towards the class with a soft smile which made everyone blush and drool (even the hoe of a teacher). I mentally rolled my eyes and pulled my (f/c) mask back on. I clapped my hands together and said,

“Let’s get the show on the road now, shall we?”

-59 minutes later-

I looked at my watch and realised that i had one more minute until they had to get to the next part of Stark Towers. I decided to awnser one more question that they might have. For the entire time they’ve been in here i showed them some of the things that i made. For example, my motorbikes, electric cars, jets, mechanical wings for falcon, guns, Clint’s arrows and pretty much anything you need i can make it. They all were impressed that i could make all of this and on top of that i gratuated school pretty early. Oh!!! Did i mention that I’m 17? No? Oh well,now you know.

“Alright everyone i only have time for one question before we move on onto the next destination of Stark Tower. So if anyone of you have a question don’t be afraid to ask because you miggt never get this chance again” and instantly five hands were raised up but I pointed at the guy near me.

“How does Parker get not one but two look a like Avengers, fake badges and how much did he pay you to kiss him”

I felt my blood beginning to boil. My bangs covered my eyes but they were red with anger (A/n: Your eyes changes colour depending on the emotions) because how dare he thinks that my Petey will do something like that. The tempature in the room dropped making the class shiver. I started approaching him very VERY slowly with lightning trailing behind me, so i can scare him a little which worked. Everyone made sure to keep a good ten feet away from us. Peter looked terrified about what’s going to happen but didn’t move because he knew the consequences. ( A little hint. He didn’t get kisses and cuddles from me for a week. He can go without those for two days)

When i was right in front of him, i tilted my head to the side revealing my glowing blood red eyes. I pushed him into a the nearest wall, trapping while shape shifting my sword into a darkness knife.

“One more bad word about my Petey. Your head won’t be attached to your body after this. Got it!?!??!” i said while pressing my knife dangerously close to his neck. He nodded so fast that i would’ve mistaken him for Pietro except he got a much more bitchy attitude than Tony when he wants attention from Steve or when Clint was ignored by Pietro because he did a 'breaking up’ prank (it was kinda funny seeing Clint begging to Pietro for two hours straight) and that’s basically giving them a compliment.

I let go of him and told the others to wait outside to wait for the next part of the tour because I wanted to have a word with Peter. Everyone basically bolted out the room trying to stay on my good side. I turn towards a nervous looking and kinda sweating Peter. He visibly gulped because he knows he is in deep, deep trouble.

Peter’s P.O.V

I feel like I’m screwed because not only did i not tell them about my salty teacher much earlier but i didn’t tell them that i also have a bully on my track. He crossed his arms while tap his left foot impatiently waiting for an awnser. Well, here goes nothing let just hope he doesn’t go on a killing spree.

-Timeskip after the explanation-

When i was done explaining, he was mad but surprisingly calm about the whole situation. He placed his hand on my shoulder and started talking.

“Look I’m not mad that you didn’t tell me but if something like this happens again i want you to tell either me or the others because we care about you and don’t want you to get hurt. Alright???”

I nodded my head while crying slightly and hugged him really tight like if i let him go i would lose him. I’m really thankful i have someone like him in my life. He chuckled and ran his fingers through my head and kissed my forehead before pulling away. He wiped my tears away and kissed me before pulling away. He pulled away from the hug and extended his hand to me.

“Come on Pete. We have a tour to get back to”

I smiled and took his hand letting him lead my hand outside towards the class to continue the tour.


I looked at my watch and realised that the tour was almost over. We only had two more destination which is the training room on level 20 and after that the class will meeting the rest of the Avengers. I mentally jumped for joy because my suffering is almost over. Not that I didn’t enjoy it because (m/n)’s hand is always either on my hip or around my waist. He will give me a random pecks here and there. Mrs. Warren and Flash aren’t picking on me because (m/n) kept giving them death glares but they still glared at me (i swear those two are oblivious) . So overall, I’m enjoying myself.

TBC (because I’ve passed my block limit 😅 but stick around for part 2!!)

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Nuevas fotografías del set de spiderman 3!! 🦸🏻‍♀️

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Whatever you do, do not look up Tom Holland’s baby pictures. Do not look up pictures of Tom Holland interacting with children. This is a warning you will end up in tears. He’s just adorable always has been and he loves children😭

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Anybody else, please. It’s all you could think. There were hundreds of heroes in the world, in the galaxy, why was Nick turning to you? You and Peter, two kids preparing for the impending semester, school work, wanting to relax a little on your vacation abroad before you were crushed by the weight of grades and clubs. You felt too young to be doing this, too inexperienced. You wouldn’t have even packed your suit if you hadn’t found out May packed Peters. Neither of you thought you’d be working, let alone working alone. You hadn’t even wanted to think about it, any of it, still heartbroken by Tonys passing. But superheroes had no time to mourn, you learned that quickly. Nick needed you and he needed you now. It was time to step up and take action. Neither you nor Peter felt ready, but no one did. It wasn’t one of those kinds of things anyone could be ready for, no matter how much time you to prepare and learn and train.

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“Hello And..Not exactly? Sure I’ve seen Peter fight all the time but when it comes to fighting baddies myself,

He’s pretty insistent that I don’t fight just yet since we’re not fully sure what my powers are and If could either be Normal spider powers or much more destructive powers- But don’t worry! I’m still pretty good at defending myself if I get catch off guard (I’ve never threw a punch before but I’m sure I’ll be fine)

And for how I met Peter, uh so… I’m a pretty curious Person so when I hear strange noises coming from my science teache'rs lab I gotta investigate but apparently that was a really bad idea cause the next thing I knew was;

I got bit by a Spider, Almost got killed by this strange spider creature, eventually got SAVED by Spider-Man, Cue ’You’re like me?’ scene , Cried a whole lot cause I thought I was dying.

And I, Singlehandedly, figured out his Identity just because my weird Spidey sense told me. I’m not fully sure how it did that but It just did. It did feel like my whole body was glitching though

Haha, maybe I got bit by one of those cool spiders after all”

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Hi yes miles morales is canonically trilingual or at the very least passable in English Spanish and ASL, that is all thank you for your time.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man

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𝙈𝙮 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙠 𝙝𝙖𝙩! 𝙄 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙞𝙩! 𝙔𝙚𝙨…. 𝙞𝙩'𝙨 𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧.😁

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“That’s quite a throwing arm you’ve got there Doc!”
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Tom holland is confirmed to have a part in Spiderman 3 along with 50+ different actors that have nothing to do with the MCU before or whatsoever.

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                                           Being a favorite Hero

“I’m so hyped that the tony stark is doing an hour live press conference on T.V!” Peter said on the phone before picking up a piece of pizza and Cheese sticks from the table that aunt may ordered before she left to work while sitting on the couch in front of the T.V

“I know what you mean dude, watching the ironman is going to answer lots of Q&A’s from reporters and fans are going to intense, interesting, and juicy,” Ned said, looking for the channel that he was looking for in his own living room.

“I am pretty psyched that he’s announcing new members for the avengers” Peter added as he was awestruck that new members are joining the avengers. As for spiderman, he doesn’t want to join since 1. He’s young and only Ned knows about it 2. People that he loves and cares for will be targeted and killed.

“I know what you’re excited about?” Ned said with a grin. Peter looked at the phone, lifting his eyebrows in confusion while chewing on his pizza.

“I know that you’re excited about watching tony stark, the smartest and heroic man on the planet making an awesome entrance and saying something on T.V. After all he’s your man-crush” He teased, seeing peter widened his eyes.

Peter swallowed his food before he spoke.“Tony stark is not my man-crush ” Peter said, childishly pouted. “I am just a fan of his work and heroic deeds, that’s all” He added.

Ned chuckled. “I’m just kidding with you, Pete,” He said, wrapping his arm around his shoulder as Peter was looking at the channel.

The channel shows the Host was on stage at the podium, informing the audience of journalists and avengers supporters in front of him while a huge Ironman logo banner is in the background.

“Oh man, I can’t wait for the avengers to show up!” Ned excitedly to peter on the phone. “Me too, need me too,” Peter said with a smile, turning up the volume.

“….So Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you IRONMAN!” When the host loudly said, as there audience standing up to scream and whistle at them in excitement and admiration. Even Peter and ned were fangirling as well.

However Tony stark did not show up which the host noticed. He looked at Rhody and pepper on the right-wing of the stage. Rhody and pepper sigh as they gave themselves a facepalm, knowing what’s going to happen.

The host looked back at the audience with a nervous smile. “Um well everyone it looks like that…” As The host was to tell him the bad news, there was the music (Never Too Much by Luther Vandross) started to play and the supporters screamed for joy when the tony stark/ironman is making a grand entrance.

====Brought to you by Tony dancing like RDJ in comic con====

After the music was turned down, Tony stopped dancing on stage before bowing to the loud audience as they were clapping for him. He waved at them giving them his signature stark smile as pepper and Rhodes rolled their eyes him at his habit but they are getting used to it.

“Oh my Gawd, that was the coolest grand entrance that tony stark gave!” Ned said, amazed before sitting down whipping his sweat from dancing a bit. Peter chuckled at ned on the phone, agreeably nodded at him. “Yeah awesome” He muttered, blushing at tony stark smiling on T.V. Thank God that ned didn’t see it blushing.

To be honest from what ned said earlier about peter having a man-crush on tony was true. he really has a crush on tony stark. Not man celebrity crush or fake crush for his money, wealth, being incredibly intelligent and etc. But falling in love sort of a crush.

He’s always had a crush on him since he saved him from the hammer drones attacking during the expo when he was a kid. They met a few times, saving new york city and Peter was shy to talk to ironman.

But he couldn’t fall in love with the older man since one, tony stark is older than him. Two, he’s an on and off relationship with pepper potts. three, The media will give a negative response for tony stark if he dates someone younger than him.

Peter sighs softly before swaying his head from his thoughts before continuing to watching avengers’ press conference. Fifty-five minutes later through the Q&A’s, introduction to the new members and some new tech announcement in the press conference

“Since the press conference is nearly getting to a close, we need one last question for the avengers from the audience,” The host said as everyone in the audience raised their hand for the last question.

“You, the gentleman wearing a blue cap in front right side” The host said, pointing at the guy in the right. The guy stood up as someone handed the mic.

“My name is Joe Miller, I am a reporter for the Daily Bugle and I have a question for Tony stark about the avengers” The man introduced himself with a grin as everyone around him groan or booing that he shouldn’t be here.

“Oh man, who invited this dude from the daily bugle!” Ned groans facepalming his forehead softly, watching the Joe Miller on T.V.

“Your right it may be fake news about the avengers or me,” Peter said with shrugging his shoulder, knowing that the daily bugle is sometimes showing fake negative news about superheroes. Mostly the daily bugle news is all about spiderman actually.

“Hey guys, settle down!” Tony calmly said as he stood up from his chair as the audience became silent and looked at the billionaire.

“I know everyone here dislikes the daily bugle sometimes since they gave off bad reviews about the avengers still let’s give this guy a chance to speak!” Tony gave them his signature smile.
Joe huffs arrogantly at them before looking at Joe. “Take it away Mr. Miller,” Tony said with a smile but in that smile was also a pissed smile.

“Thank you, Mr. stark for making them quiet,” He said as he was slightly appreciative as he was looking at tony on stage. “So I have one question for you, since your the founding member of the Avengers, are you going to capture the New york menace’s spiderman and send him to the raft,” Joe asked with an evil grin as the audience were silently angry at him saying that spiderman being a menace to the society and wanting ironman to take to the raft.

“Yikes peter, he really hates you!” Ned said on the phone as peter shrugged his shoulder. “I know, its not like I am asking everyone in the whole world to like me” Peter replied as he was still watching

Tony frowned at him before lifting up his mic. “No, I will not do that spiderman!” He said loudly and confidently as he stood up from his chair again.

“Firstly, spiderman is not a menace to society! I mean come on, he swings his webs every day to save and help people in new york city from a car crash, criminals, and getting cats or dogs from top of a tree while we, avengers have our own lives at the same time go around the world to save unworldly threats. Secondly, if you, James Jameson, or other guys from daily bungle think that spiderman deserves to be in the raft, he’s not. Sure he may shy, chatty and strange vigilante but Spiderman is my favorite superhero!” Everyone in the audience stood up and clapped for tony for defending Spiderman as the joe stood up in anger and embarrassment before leaving the room.

“Did you hear what tony stark just said, you’re his favorite superhero!” Ned said in shock and enthusiastically on the phone.

“Y-yeah i did,” Peter said as he was blushing hard by what he heard from tony stark, the CEO of stark industry, a founding member of avengers as ironman, and his crush said that spiderman is his favorite hero.

“Oh God, I’m tony stark’s favorite hero! I’m tony’s stark…” Peter fainted on the couch from thinking about how spiderman’s is tony’s stark favorite hero. Not hearing ned’s voice calling out to him.

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if spiderman 3 ruins the streak of the one shirtless peter parker scene in each spiderman mcu movie I WILL riot

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