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#spiderman fanart

Go read Alright On Paper by @forasecondtherewedwon​, it’s amazing!!

This is for you friend, hope you like it! :D

(I’m so incredibly nervous posting this, I think I might die just a little but whatever LOL)

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Lia pushes everybody away. Too scared to let anyone get too close. Mistakes and secrets from her past keep her tethered to the idea of being alone, and therefore, safe.

Enter Peter, a cheerful, bubbly, awkward boy who just wants to get to know the quiet new blonde. His double life is interwoven with a new hero on the scene. 

As the two become friends their own secrets begin to catch up with them, leaving Lia to wonder if happiness and belonging are every going to be within her reach.  

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What’s better than PeterMJ domestic fluff? Domestic canoodling! 

A little scene from @seek-rest’s fic Can I Go (Where You Go), hope you like it!

The sunlight starts to stream in, the room filled only with their panting and soft whispers - Michelle letting herself get lost to the sensation of him moving in and out of her as her hips start to jerk.

“I love you.” She pants, Peter responding by thrusting his hips even harder.

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