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#spiderman fanfiction

Oh, wow, this book was a joy ride. I had watched ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ on the television somewhere through the middle. Harry Osborne (Dane DeHaan) and Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) in the spacious Oscorp office. Harry sat in a gigantic regal leather chair while Peter stood a few meters away, facing him. Harry tells Peter about his deteriorating health and says that he is in urgent need of a cure. He then shows him a video on his television screen about the animal trails that Oscorp was working on. Peter looks confused. Harry explains that he had considered using one of the trails on himself, but it wasn’t ready for a human trial.


Originally posted by thesolitaryghost


Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborne from ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’

Harry knew that Peter knew Spiderman and requested him to get his blood sample. Peter conflicts as he wants to help him but cannot. He doesn’t want to tell Harry about him being Spiderman. Harry misunderstands him, thinking that Peter doesn’t want to help him. They argue. Peter is afraid that Harry might press him for more information, leaves his office. Outside, he meets Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Peter informs her that Harry’s health is deteriorating and he is searching for a cure. He tells her that he told Harry that he isn’t sure if Spiderman’s blood will cure him of his ailment.


Later, Harry visits Ravencroft Institute, where he meets Maxwell Dillon. He helps him break out of his cell, and allows Max to take control of the power grid at Oscorp since it was his design. Electro causes a citywide blackout challenging Spiderman to fight him. After a long battle, Spiderman defeats Electro with the help of Gwen Stacy.


But that was not all. The real villain was yet to arrive. Harry Osborne’s health was deteriorating at a fast pace. Unable to control the pain, he gets hold of one of the scientists working in the lab and orders him to open one of the vials. He orders him to inject the serum in his veins, which the scientist opposes at first. Harry transfers into something monstrous. The serum had opposite effects. His fingers grow into talons, his body spasm and convulse into a hunching pale green monster. His eyes lost their boyish charm. They were menacing green. His hair stuck out at odd angles. His teeth were like shards of glass.


Harry escaped from Oscorp using the glider. He reached the power grid and seeing Gwen with Spiderman, and realized that Peter is Spiderman. He realized that his childhood friend was lying to him all along. Enraged, he swoops upon Gwen and throws her down the clock tower. Peter saves her. The friends battle each other upon which Gwen falls to her death.


To build Harry’s story, I researched Harry Osborne from Wikipedia. I wanted to know if Harry Osborne had any problems with his family. Well, I was right. I found some Fandom articles that Harry and Norman were not on good terms with each other. It started with an incident that haunts Norman. Harry’s mother died during childbirth. His father, devastated by her death, vented all his anger on his son. Norman neglected his son. He buried himself in his work and built his company Oscorp. As a result, Harry became lonely, and they would fight often.


When I was writing the story, I never that I would write about an antagonist. I had planned to make her protagonist, but then I felt that most stories feature a protagonist. So why not create an antagonist in the garb of a protagonist. Immediately the ideas followed. Her moves were smart and fluid. Her motto—revenge. Valery was not perfect. She was taking on the world’s most-loved heroes, and one slip would reveal all. She trained hard. But sometimes, her mind would play cruel tricks on her. Her nightmares became more and more real until they robbed her of her sleep.


Sokovia was a fictional country featured in AOU and Agents of SHEILD. To understand Sokovia’s past, I jumped to Wikipedia only to find that there was a lot of information about it. There were references that Ultron had destroyed Sokovia like how it was in AOU. I used Sokovia as the birthplace of my antagonist. I gave her a sorrowful backstory and included the plot of revenge. Her only confidant was her brother, who sympathized with her and understood her.


Once Valery murders Timothy in his dorm, her suspicions on who was spying on her grows. Her mentor leaves the rest of the mission in her hands as SHIELD was looking out for a suspicious person. Valery makes a new plan to kill Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) using Venom (Eddie Brock)’s help. She attends Harry Osborne’s party, where she mixes a drop of poison in his drink and escapes. The reason I included Venom in this book was that he would act as a lookout for her. Venom has a dislike for Spiderman in the comics, so I needed to get them together. Valery convinces him that they both can finish off Spiderman together.


Valery gets a shocker when she gets back to Sokovia. When you read the book on Wattpad, you’ll learn that Sokovia is not a democratic country. She forms a secret organization. They buy arms and ammunition to overthrow the government. After a lot of resistance from the royal soldiers, they manage to overthrow the fake monarch. But nothing lasts forever. Valery dies on the day of her coronation by the monarch’s faithful duo.


Now coming to the name of the book. The reason I named the book ‘The Devil Amongst Us’ is quite simple. The answer lies in the title itself. Valery was 'the devil amongst the American citizens.’ So 'us’ refers to the people of America. An outsider, living like an American citizen. I had planned to name it 'The Devil May Cry’ based on the Japanese slasher video game of the same name. I have never played the video game, but I had read about it in a local newspaper. It had two or three parts after the first was a hit.


Once the English version of TDAU was out, I made a Bosnian version of it. I translated it using Google Translate. And boy, the damn website would only translate one page and a time. I have no idea how accurate the translation is. I crossed my fingers and relied on Google to do it.


Edited by @wayward-heronstairs​, @hashtag-amf​ and Hemingway Editor

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the gingerbread pancake scandal | p. parker


pairing: peter parker x fem!reader

genre: best friends | fluff | angst if you blink

word count: 4k

note: its been awhile, hey ? things have been … weird in my life, to say the least. ( mental health, suicide and self-destructive tendencies tw ) shit has been crazy. ive struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life but it all has come to a striking, terrifying, and awful peak over the past few months . i almost had to be admitted to the psychiatric ward a month ago for threatening suicide and naturally i refused (there is nothing wrong with that ofc !! im just naturally a very stubborn person lol) bc i was scared . i am currently struggling with an eating disorder as well and my life has gone to shit. but the one thing i havent done for months is writing. it used to bring me joy, and so i thought i’d give it a try - and here we go - a shitty christmas oneshot. tbh im still not in the best state of mind but im trying to get through it and recover. i wish all my followers the best, & best of all, happy holidays and enjoy !!!! <33i missed you all so much and your lovely feedback :)

— y/n is stressed out, the avengers are kind of being assholes, and peter is scared of food poisoning 

-ˋˏ ༻✿༺ ˎˊ- 

Spending weekends training at the Avengers facility in upstate New York wasn’t an uncommon thing.

Having been brought in by Tony Stark during the Avenger’s infamous breakup, Y/N Y/L/N was accustomed to it and usually didn’t mind the complexity and difficulty of their routines. Coordinator Natalia Romanova - or more notoriously, Black Widow - held well-structured and helpful sessions.

Given, it gave Y/N quite a scare when she came home from school one day freshman year and found the Tony Stark himself conversing (quite flirtily) with her single mother over a glass of wine, not-very-subtly looking up and down her tightly fitting cocktail dress; but in retrospect, she kind of respected it?

Y/N was confused as to why he was there at the time as her backpack slowly slipped from her grip, but there, knees pulled up to his chest on the side of the couch and body swallowed up by a threadbare blue crewneck, was an awkward looking boy.

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Peter Parker x Reader


Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland


Day Sixteen of Fictober!

Fandom: Marvel

Fictober Prompt: “I never wanted anything else.”

Summary: Reader and Peter have been dating for a month, and Peter’s planned a date for their one-month anniversary. Reader’s one of the most popular kids in school, so when Peter sees some of the other kids in the grade flirting with reader, he decides to change course and do something extra special to show the reader he loves them.

Word Count: 1,768

Category: Fluff, maybe with a tiny dash of angst

A/N: I know Fictober 2020 is over and not reblogging posts anymore, but I’m gonna finish the challenge and tag it Fictober2020 anyway lol


Peter’s POV

“Hey. Peter. Earth to Peter… Come on man!”

I snapped out of it when Ned smacked me on the arm, a little harder than he really had to.

“Ouch! What gives?”

“I’ve been trying to ask you a question about Rise of Skywalker for, like, ten minutes! You have me totally blocked out!”

“Sorry man… I was just thinking…”

“More like staring at Y/N.”

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Spider-Man is forced to fight the Sinister Six while he’s sick, which leads to his enemies making unexpected discoveries about their arch nemesis.

Chapter 4

Spider-Man slept through the rest of the day and into the following morning, hardly twitching for the next twelve hours. His body must have seriously needed the shut-eye. The next time he regained consciousness, everything still hurt, but to a far less acute degree. He woke with a moan, stretching his achy limbs and squinting against the (once again) piercing sunlight.

“Mmgh…wha…?” he mumbled quietly, yawning.

“Well, rise and shine, sleeping beauty.”

Peter turned toward the voice with a grumpy frown. A man sat in a chair beside him, thumbing through a thick textbook on inorganic chemistry. He thought at first it was Mr. Stark; that was the face he normally woke to after taking a really bad beatdown. But once he observed the round features, tasteless grooming, and the four mechanical tentacles protruding from the man’s back, his body went rigid.

“Oh my god,” he whispered. He sat up sharply, the wet towel slipping off his forehead, then winced in pain, gripping his ribcage.

“I wouldn’t move around much if I were you,” Octavius said without looking up. He licked his finger and flipped to the next page.

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Spider-Man is forced to fight the Sinister Six while he’s sick, which leads to his enemies making unexpected discoveries about their arch nemesis.

Chapter 3


That was the first coherent thought that registered in Peter’s brain. 

Pain. He was in pain. A lot of it.

It started with the sunlight shining directly in his eyes through the ceiling-high windows. Then there was the sharp ache in his left leg. Then a sting in his shoulder. A cramp in his stomach. A throb in his skull.

And then, everywhere.

Peter was hurting all over. And yet, it was dull, distant, hazy hurt, like he was a ghost floating above his body after it had been run over by a dump truck.


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Spider-Man is forced to fight the Sinister Six while he’s sick, which leads to his enemies making unexpected discoveries about their arch nemesis.

Chapter 2

Doc Oc’s notoriously dull and empty lab was filled with bodies and excitement that evening. The Sinister Six piled eagerly into the large room as Octavius dumped a bloody, unconscious Spider-Man onto one of the examination tables. An uproar of cheers and laughter followed.

“The spider is finally squashed!”

“Is he still alive? No way he’s still alive.”

“Heart’s still beating, according to the computer.”

“Who cares? The little bitch finally got what was coming to him.”

“I wanna break his other leg. Can I break his other leg?”

“Now, now, listen, my comrades.” Octavius rose above the group on his metal limbs, tapping a glass against a bottle of champagne until the room fell quiet. “Before we continue, I think a win this spectacular deserves to be celebrated accordingly.”

Using the prehensile pincers at the ends of each tentacle, Otto poured and distributed the alcohol with ease, and everyone raised their glasses.

 “A toast to us, the greatest super villains to ever grace history!”

“Here, here!”

“And a toast to Spider-Man! The biggest, most obnoxious pain in all our asses—vanquished at last!”

Laughs and shouts preceded the communion. After downing his drink, Otto wiped his lips with a grin. 

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Spider-Man is forced to fight the Sinister Six while he’s sick, which leads to his enemies making unexpected discoveries about their arch nemesis.

Chapter 1

Stomach bugs were no fun for anyone, even superheroes. 

Or maybe, rather, especially superheroes. 

When Peter staggered out of his room Friday morning with glassy eyes and a scalding fever, lurching over the kitchen sink to barf his guts up for the third time since midnight, May corralled him right back into bed and forced him to stay home from school that day.

“You’re a walking petri dish that can barely walk,” she scolded him, pulling the covers up to his chin. “Stay in bed and sleep it off.”

Peter’s only retort was a quiet groan of protest. He would have put up more of a fight, had he the strength or desire. But in all honesty, a day off was something he desperately needed, especially in his condition.

May left him with water, soup, Gatorade, and a puke bowl, then kissed him on the forehead and hurried off to work, promising to return to his side as soon as possible. Peter didn’t remember falling asleep, but he remembered waking up.

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Part 1 of 2 (Second part coming this week)


Gender: Female

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warning: None

Anon requested- can I get a one shot where the reader does the body positivity trend with the new megan thee stallion song and the reader is insecure about how ppl will react to it?? Most importantly how peter will react to it?? K thanks

Awww I love doing smol readers and where Peter’s actually the one that has it together lol sooo thanx for this

The TikTok is that new body positivity trend with that Megan Thee Stallion song. Couldn’t link it because tumblr acts weird about links but part 2 will have a video for Peter. Also reader will be 18 (senior in high school) cuz some people think minors shouldn’t participate in the trend lol

A/N: Either a motivation fairy hit me in the middle of the night or I’m really just that bored to the point where I had no choice but to get my motivation to write back. Either way I’m happy lol. Enjoy! Thanks to @yumings and @kelieah for helping me feel confident in this lol

Will definitely be a two parter🙂



Originally posted by tombabeholland

Body oddy oddy oddy oddy oddy oddy oddy-

You’d finally finished editing the video.

It was a simple, short collage of all of your favorite selfies and pictures that showed off your body well. There was a new trend going around on TikTok and when you saw it you just had to jump at it headfirst.

People would take their favorite pictures of themselves, ones that showed off their bodies just the way they liked, and they’d put it to the sound of Megan Thee Stallion’s song “Body”.

You looked through your entire phone gallery to find pictures that you were confident enough to post, some you’d forgotten you even took in the first place.

When you were done, you threw in the simple caption that everyone was using.

Heard we’re using this sound to show off. My turn then😜

Yeahhhhhh, the caption sounded much more confident than you actually felt.

You actually thought about deleting it from the minute you posted it. Insecure wasn’t even the word for it. And even with your followers there to hype you up, you couldn’t help but feel self-conscious. So, albeit hesitantly, you went to your friends for support.

The first person you showed was Michelle.

“You killed that,” she said in math class as she passed you the phone underneath the table so that the professor wouldn’t see.

“Thanks,” you said. “I was honestly kinda nervous about it.” You noticed her incredulous look and explained yourself, toying with the loose strings on your jacket. “Like seriously, I don’t wanna fish for compliments, it’s just that there are so many better ones out there.”

Michelle gave a lopsided grin. “That’s just you being insecure, you dork,” she retorted. “You look hot.” She gave an uninterested glare at the teacher when they told her to be quiet. Then she turned towards you with a smile. “You shown Peter yet? I bet he’d agree.”

You shifted in your seat nervously and MJ immediately caught on. “What, you don’t wanna show him?” She gave you a look when you took a while to answer. “Dude he’s literally your boyfriend. I’m pretty sure he’ll like it.”

“MJ, we haven’t even-” you looked around secretively. “-we haven’t even taken our shirts off in front of each other yet. There’s literally a pic of me in my sports bra and I..” You shrugged, a little embarrassed by the conversation topic. “I-i just don’t know how he’d react.”

You and Peter were a fairly new couple and were taking it slow. You’d only ever kissed, cuddled, and held hands so far. Plus, you were a major causal clothes wearer. Sweatshirts and jeans, those were your specialty. The two of you were in no rush and you were both fine with that, but you had no idea how he would react to seeing pictures of you like that.

And, though it wasn’t the most feminist approach, you kinda wanted to impress him. Was that so bad?

MJ, forever the voice of patronizing reason, rolled her eyes at you. “So, let me get this straight. You’re not fine with your boyfriend seeing sexy pictures of you, but you’re okay with literal strangers seeing you instead?”

“Look, I know it’s-”

“No, no I totally get it,” she said with a sympathetic smirk, before laughing. “I just wanted to show you how dumb it sounded though.”

The bell rang, signaling the end of class.

“Look,” she said, standing up and getting her things. “You have nothing to be worried about. Peter practically worships the ground you walk on. He’ll love it.”

When you showed Ned, he genuinely didn’t give a shit.

“Oh my God, there’s a new Megan Thee Stallion album?!”

“Uh, yeah.”

“I have to listen to it right now!”

“Yeah okay, but do you like the-”

He was already plugging in his headphones before you even finished your sentence.

You showed Harry next. If anyone was gonna rate you unabashedly, it’d definitely be him.

He was the only friend you had in your lunch period, so you met up with him every day. Towards the end of lunch that day, you’ll pulled out your phone and asked if he wanted to see the video. He enthusiastically agreed.

He watched the short video with an amused expression, bopping his head to the music all the while.

When it ended, he handed you your phone back and gave you a high-five. “Damn girl!,” he praised. “Just throwing it out there, if Peter fails you, I’m hella available.”

“Heh, thanks.” You smiled as you felt your entire face heat up. “Ya think he’ll like it?”

“What, you haven’t shown him yet?” You shook her head, giving a nervous smile. “Oh-” he nodded confidently. “-he’ll love it. Trust me.”

“Are you sure?,” you asked.

“Yeah,” he responded with a shrug. “Why are you so worried?”

“Because he’s not-..he doesn’t really seem-” You couldn’t find the right words for it. “I dunno, I just really want him to like it!”

Harry scoffed. “Look. Let me tell you a little secret about Peter Parker,” he snickered. “Or practically all guys for that matter.”

“Okay?,” you said, curious as to where this was going.

He smirked. “You remember when he introduced himself to you at my party last summer?”

You nodded.

“Well, hon…” Harry lowered his head to where he was whispering in your ear. “Your personality wasn’t what he was noticing from across the room.. catch my drift?” He chuckled when he saw you blushing as you caught where his eyes had wandered. “Just sayin’.”

Seeing your incredulous expression, Harry continued. “Peter likes to act like he’s not checking you out every second of the day, but I promise you he is. That little "I’m so respectful and bashful” crap he has going is complete B.S.“

You smirked and rolled your eyes as he pulled away from your ear and kept walking. "You’re an ass.”

Harry shrugged. “True, but I’m a realistic ass.” The alarm on his phone sounded which marked his time to start heading to his next class. Standing up, he smiled down at you. “Seriously, if I could take back all the time spent listening to Pete go on about how good you look in your jeans, I’d be one well rested guy.”

You rolled your eyes, but it betrayed the small smile growing. After all, he wouldn’t be Harry if he wasn’t a flirtatious dweeb. “Bye Harry.”

“Show him the video, [Y/N]. He’ll love it. You know I’m right.”

And then there was one…

Later in the day, you were talking with MJ after school, waiting because Peter always insisted on driving you home because chivalry was not going to die as long as he was alive to keep it going.

When he finally showed up, the first thing he did was take you by the hand and give you a quick peck on the forehead.

“How are you guys doing?,” he asked as your little trio started to walk.

“We’re good,” you chirped, ever so conscious of the phone in your pocket that you were suddenly very hesitant to pull out.

MJ noticed and nudged you. “You got anything you wanna show anybody, [Y/N]?,” she asked with a smirk, causing Peter to look at you curiously.

You stayed quiet, but MJ still wasn’t putting up with it. “I think you may have a video that you made…”

You remained silent and Peter looked at you, a lot more confused now. MJ frowned. “Um… cough.. cough.”

Peter laughed and stopped walking. “Okay, what am I missing?” He looked to you and when he didn’t see your expression falter, he looked to MJ. “What’s going on?”

Michelle shrugged. “[Y/N] wants to show you a dumb TikTok she made but she’s scared about how you’ll react.”

“Michelle!,” you scolded.

She shrugged again. “What? You weren’t going to say anything anytime soon.”

“A TikTok?,” Peter questioned. “Cool, which one did you do this time?”

You could feel your face heat up for the hundredth time that day. “It’s a…um..” You stared down at the ground. Jesus, this was hard. “..It’s a body positivity trend.”

His eyebrows went up at that. “Oh, well um.. is it cool if I see it?,” he asked.

You blushed. “Sure.” You pulled out your phone and opened the app. When you got to the video you quickly shoved it into his face before you had a chance to second-guess yourself.

Both you and Michelle watched Peter’s face as he watched the video.

His cheeks immediately turned red but his expression was unreadable. He had to have watched it over 5 times before MJ pulled the phone out of his hand. “Helloooo, earth to Peter Parker?”

She snapped into his face several times and he started to blink wildly, apparently being pulled out of a trance. “I…um- heh..”

You gave a small, nervous smile. “..did you like it?,” you asked, growing confused as stared at you, his expression still the same. “Um, Peter?”

Suddenly, he smiled and let out a little chuckle. “Sorry… just…” He laughed again and scratched his head, unable to keep eye contact. “You’re just- like…. really hot.”

You blushed. Fuck. “You’re not just saying that are you?”

“No, really like-” He looked back at the phone. “…Damn.” He bit his lip. “How on earth did I get so lucky?”

“Okay, can we please get in the car before I throw up?”

The two of you looked at an uncomfortable MJ with embarrassment riddled on your faces. “Yeah, totally,” you said with an awkward cough. “Sorry.”

“Nice video [Y/N],” Peter murmured bashfully, opening the door of his car for you, his face still beet red. “Really nice…”

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I’m glad someone said this. I love my lil spider boy~


Originally posted by theyebrow

Virtual Dates

Peter Parker x Reader

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Word Count: 1.3k+

Warnings: Fluff, coronavirus (COVID-19), quarantine, Zoom dates, love confessions, barely proofread, slight spoilers for ‘Marley and Me’ but I don’t actually say what happened.


Peter was used to wearing a mask, since he got a head start on the rest of the world. But that wasn’t enough; things still had to change. During the early stages of the pandemic, Mr. Stark had insisted that Peter and Aunt May move into the Compound. He said it was so that Peter could continue his training without having to go back and forth, but he mostly cared about making sure Peter was staying safe. He knew Peter would want to sneak out and stop crime, no matter what. At least with Peter in the same building, Tony could keep an eye on him; make sure he wasn’t sneaking out at night.

Tony was in the process of developing masks that would protect the wearer from the virus better than a regular mask would. Meanwhile, Bruce was attempting to reverse-engineer a vaccine. But until either one of them could make a breakthrough, Peter was on house arrest. Aunt May agreed that it was for the best, but it was still hard for him to accept.

What made the whole thing even worse was that Peter couldn’t see his girlfriend during all this. He tried to talk Tony into letting her move in as well, but that was a no-go. There were too many security risks involved; it just wasn’t something they wanted to deal with. The other Avengers tried to make him feel better by saying things like “it’ll be okay”, “she’ll understand”, or even “you can always video call her”.

Video calling.

Peter hated video calling.

Yes, it allowed him to see his girlfriend. Yes, it allowed him to have conversations with her in real time. But could he hug her? No. Could he snuggle her? No. Could he laugh at her and kiss her when she gets popcorn butter on her lips? No. And those were Peter’s favorite things to do! He loved when she would come over after a long day just to snuggle him on the couch. Aunt May loved Y/N almost as much as Peter. She trusted them enough to let them hang out in Peter’s bedroom unsupervised, but they usually fell asleep in the living room anyway.

So, here he was. In his ‘temporary’ bedroom, in the compound, on his bed, laptop in front of him. He groaned, “Pick up…” Peter knew he was talking to himself. But maybe she could sense his impatience and answer his call faster. It must have worked, because the screen showed her face only a moment later.

“Hey!” Y/N answers with a bright smile, even though it’s almost eleven o’clock at night and he can tell she was about to fall asleep.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call you earlier. Mr. Rogers thought watching a movie together would be a nice team-building experience right now and he made it a requirement that we all attended— he even made Aunt May come! I was going to text you and tell you I wouldn’t be able to call you but he took my phone and told me not to text during the movie even though we were just in the media room and the lights weren’t totally off— I’m sorry.” Peter spoke quickly, not even looking at Y/N’s face as he did. He thought she’d be mad and he honestly wasn’t sure if he could handle seeing her ‘I’m disappointed’ face right now.

But then he heard a laugh. A small, tired giggle drifted through the speaker on his laptop and he looked up. Y/N was just grinning at him, “Are you done rambling?”

“I think so.” He smiled shlyly, knowing how awkward he can be.

“Good because I’m not mad. Really. It’s okay,” Peter could feel his face getting red now. “What movie did you watch?”

He groaned, “Marley and Me. Mr. Rogers wanted to watch something happy to ‘boost morale’ and Mr. Stark told him it was a happy movie about a dog, so he went for it. He got really upset at the end.”

“Oh no…”

“Oh, yes! So I was crying, May was crying, Mr. Rogers was crying— Pretty much everyone except for Mr. Stark and Dr. Banner, but that’s because Dr. Banner was asleep.” Peter covered his face with his hands as he remembered everyone frantically looking for tissues. Everyone knew it was going to be sad (except for Steve), but everyone thought they’d be fine. Plot twist: they weren’t.

“Awee, babe~ You cried?” Y/N cooed mockingly. Peter rolled his eyes.

“You would too!”

“I never said I wouldn’t! I just asked a question.” Her smile was radiant, even though it was on a screen. She never failed to make Peter smile.

“…Yeah, I cried…”

“You’re so cute.” Y/N’s face was half-buried in her pillow as she smiled at him.

Peter pouted at the camera, “No, you’re cute.” He could hear Y/N snort a laugh.

“Okay, fine, we’re both cute. Happy?”

“Very.” Peter winked, causing Y/N to snort again.

“Stop! I’m too tired to stop my snorts from coming out.” She whined, not wanting her boyfriend to see her like this.

“Then don’t stop them! I don’t care if you snort, it’s adorable~ I just wanted to see you.”

Y/N’s face falls the slightest bit, “I wanted to see you too.” She doesn’t mean to sound sad, but she’s tired so her filter is basically gone.

“I miss you.” Peter’s voice is solemn as he looks at the screen longingly. He really did miss her.

“I know… I miss you too. But, hey— at least we can still kind of see each other? We can still talk.” Peter nods, still not fully convinced. “Wait, don’t you have to train in the morning? You need to sleep.”

Peter sighs, leaning toward the camera with a smile, “I should go to sleep, but I don’t want to. I want to stay up and talk to my beautiful girlfriend.”

“Well your girlfriend is about to fall asleep, so you’ll have to settle for listening to her snore.” Y/N joked, closing her eyes but still facing the camera.

“You don’t snore.”

“I do, you just love me too much to notice.” Peter’s chest tightened up as her sleepy words sunk in. They haven’t used the ‘L’ word yet, so what was he supposed to say to this? Did he love her? Well— yeah, duh. That’s a dumb question. But does she love him? Is it too soon for that? They’d only been together for a month before everything shut down. Technically, they’re on month 8 or 9, but do virtual dates really count?

“You’re right. I do.” Peter’s brain shut down after he said that. It’s all out there now. No going back.

“I’m always right,” Y/N hummed, sinking further into her pillow, “Imma go to sleep okay? You can stay on or hang up, but I’m really tired.”

He was partially relieved that she didn’t mention what just happened, but also kind of sad that she didn’t say anything back. Maybe she just didn’t feel that way?

“Okay… I’ll probably hang up once you fall asleep. Goodnight.” He looked down at the keyboard, fidgeting with his fingers; thinking he messed up. All until Y/N spoke.

“Goodnight, Peter. I love you.”

Peter’s face broke out into the largest smile he’s ever had. “I love you too.” Only moments later, Y/N was asleep, but he couldn’t bring himself to hang up. So he didn’t.

The next morning, Aunt May came to his room to wake Peter up for his training. Before she could say anything, she spotted the laptop and the video call that was still going. Y/N was still asleep on the other end, and the whole scene brought a smile to Aunt May’s face. She brought out her phone and took a quick picture.

She was going to have a word with Tony Stark.


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You’re Not The Only One

A/n: Hey :) so I’m not exactly new to tumblr, but new to posting what I write here. Hope you enjoy! 💖

Word count: 1,8k

Contains: a lot of angst, pop culture references, but I promise there’s fluff in the end.


Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

Saying that you were in love with Peter Parker was an understatement, you were head over heels, all the cheesy songs you can name it, that was how you felt about him.

Letting your feelings aside for the nerdy boy was definetly one of the hardest things you went through in high school, seeing him getting his first kiss, first girlfriend, but no matter how smart he was, he couldn’t see the way you were falling for him.

Now, in college, seeing Peter going on dates was one thing, but him asking if your friend was single? It hurt you like when One Direction went on hiatus.

“Hey y/n” he smiled, god you fucking loved and hated that smile, at the same time. How was it possible to get all giggly just thinking about the way he said your name?

“Hey Pete, what’s up?” You said taking a sip of your drink and thinking about how easy it would be having someone like Peter by your side.

“Nothing much, can I ask you something?” Oh no, what did he do? Oh he looks definetly nervous, but also cute, the way he looks confused on why you are taking so long to answer, enough daydreaming from now on.

“Yeah sure” he looks around just to check if someone is around, did he kill someone? Well that would be kinda hard considering that he can’t kill a spider, cause according to him that would be “killing his own kind”, whatever that means, sometimes I think he’s hiding something.

“Ok cool i-is y/f/n single?” Waitwaitwait, he’s talking about another y/f/n, it’s not your friend, chill.

“You mean my friend?” Now it was your time to be the oblivious one.

“I mean if you think it’s weird it’s ok, I don’t mind, it’s just that since I hooked you up with one of my friends one time, I was wondering if you could do the same?” Yeah, that shit hurt more than watching a great show but with one of the worst finales.

“Oh yeah, sure, and she’s single, I’ll talk to her later and then I text you.” Peter hugged you so hard that you couldn’t breathe properly, sometimes you wonder where all that strenght came from.

“Thank you so so much” he smiled “And btw, Brad’s single again, if you want me to call him” Oh Brad, the same stupid guy who thought North Pole was an urban legend. But here’s why you dated him for a while, Peter had a new girlfriend, and you were starting to feel left off, so you decided to take your shot and go on some dates. Brad was your middle school crush, and you kinda owned your 11 year old self, so when Peter told you about Brad being in town, you asked him to hook you both up.

Everything was great, until he would open his mouth. You really wanted to break up with him after your fourth date, but breaking up with someone on his birthday wouldn’t be really nice, and then his family came to meet you, then the holidays, until you decided to tell him why you couldn’t be with him, no matter how hard you tried, it was impossible to forget Peter Parker.

“Oh no I’m good, but thank you though.” You smiled faking the whole thing, it gets easier with years pretending you are not madly in love with your best friend.

Needless to say your friend was confused as fuck when you asked her if she wanted to go out with Peter.

“Ok is this a prank? Is this a trap?” Y/f/n stopped watching her movie to turn around and look at you.

“It’s not a prank, I’m ok with that, Peter asked and- doesn’t matter, I want you to go, if you want to, of course” Getting out of her bed, she hugged you.

“Oh honey” oh no, not the pity voice. “I’m so sorry, I know how much you like him” you stopped hugging her before she realized you were almost crying on her shoulder.

“It’s fine, really, it’d be good for me to move on, it’s been way too long and you deserve someone like him” your friend looked surprised, not knowing if you were telling the truth since you were too busy staring at the white walls in her dorm room.

And pointless to say that you spent the night crying and watching Love, Rosie.

“Stupid fucking movie that shit doesn’t happen in real life and everyone knows it!” Yelling at the top of your lungs to your laptop screen..


Peter kept telling all the jokes you told him, pretending that they were his, at least this way he could feel you closer to him. He wonders why you’ve been acting so strange lately.

And your friend keeps laughing, because alcohol has that affect on people, making you forget what you were worried about, making you say things you are not supposed to…

“So, Peter” y/f/n says while drinking her scotch neat “Are you sure y/n was ok with, you know, you asking me out?”

“Yeah she was super cool about it”

“Bet she lied.” she mumbles while suddently finding incredibly interesting her glass, little did she know that the boy sitting next to her had enhanced hearing.

“Wha-why? Why would she lie?” Shock crossed Peter’s face, almost as fast as realization hit him.

“I gotta go, I’m sorry” too early to swing with civilians around, too late to walk till your dorm room, so Peter decides to catch a cab. Wait could it be? No that would make no sense, why would you let him ask your friend out then? And before he can realize what he’s about to do, he’s already in campus searching for your dorm.


“NOT AGAIN gotta be kidding me, why do you keep chasing someone who doesn’t want you?” Oh, ok, you get it, let’s not yell to characters anymore.

Wiping your tears for the eleventh time that night, hearing a knock on your door. You decide to ignore, finishing How I met your mother was more important.

“Y/n it’s Peter” oh no. Trying to brush your hair with your fingers so that you didn’t look like a total mess to the cute guy you love, you open the door.

“Hey Pete, what’s up?” You couldn’t deny your puffy eyes but you can always blame it on rom coms. Peter felt like shit thinking about being the reason you had been crying all night. You wiped your eyes but the tears came anyway. Peter needed to ask you what was going on, but he also needed to be there as your friend. He opened his arms, and you fell into his embrace.

“You can let it out” he whispered while caressing your hair.


After what felt like hours, now sitting on your bed, you finally looked at Peter and was ready to ask why he left so early from his date, but almost like he could read your mind, he decided to ask first.

“Y/n?” You looked at his brown curls, wondering what was like to run your fingers through his hair.


“Hm d-do you like me? Like more than friends” Oh shit you’re gonna kill y/f/n and her drunk-ass self.

“Whaat?” Your voice went high pitched. So many years lying to your parents but you can’t do that to Peter, he knows you more than you know yourself.

“S-so you do like me?” It was his time to sound like he was going through puberty all over again.

Too embarrassed to say something, you just nod and get ready for the “I like you too, but just as a friend”, instead you get a nervous Peter.

“Ok what I’m about to tell you is my biggest secret and you can’t tell this to anyone”

“Peter I know you know all the choreographies from high school musical, I still accept you” putting your arm around his shoulders.

“I’m not talking about- wait how do you know that? Doesn’t matter we’ll get back to there later” he fidgets with his hands. “I’m spiderman” before you can interrupt him, he starts talking faster and faster. “I know it’s gonna sound totally crazy, but I got bit by a spider at 15, and, well, that explains why I am more… muscular?” He cringes at his words but decides to go on “Also why I aciddently broke your sink while supporting my hand on it, and I can explain everything, I swear” Trying to understand while Peter talked at the speed of light , you finally had answers for what you were searching for.

“Ok… So it was a secret for a secret? Like you finding out about me having a crush on you since I was 14, so you tell me that you are a superhero??”

“Wait I’m not done yet” he takes another deep breath before singing rap god, again. “Being spiderman is extremely dangerous and I didn’t want to put you in danger too, I love you too much for that.” here it comes, as a friend. “Way more than a friend” before you can ask if Peter was joking, he continues. “And it’s already too much that May knows, Ned knows, MJ knows, they are all in danger because of me” now it’s Peter’s turn to start crying. “I couldn’t do the same with you, so I had to pretend I wasn’t upset when you had your first kiss, and it wasn’t with me, when you had your first boyfriend, all your firsts didn’t have a different affect each time, all of them hurt like hell the same way” You are not the only one who’s oblivious towards someone else’s feelings, and I’m sorry for that, but the risk of putting you in danger, wouldn’t let me do anything about the way I felt- I mean, feel about you. I lost way too many important people in my life, I couldn’t bear losing you too.“ He sobbed while wiping his tears. "But now that I know you feel the same, suddently everything is worth fighting for. I love you so much, and- Peter’s words were cut by your warm lips meeting his.

Time is relative. You never understood Einstein’s theory, until now.

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.”

After what felt like a few seconds, but was actually hours, you both pull away with the biggest grin.

"Wanna go out sometime? I know spiderman.” He whispers the last part while laughing at his own joke.

“Sure, can I bring Brad?” Peter gasps, pretending to be offended.

“How dare you? At least choose someone who knows geography.”

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You’ve Got Moves (Part 2)


Part 1

Gender: Female

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warning: None

A/N: Better late than never, right?😂😂 (wow 2 fics in one week that’s crazyyy) Also I put one of my favorite comedy tiktoks in the dialogue soooooo oops? Also Harry and Ned are wingmen who share one brain cell and I like it that way

I might make one more part to this but idk



Originally posted by tommybabyholland

It took 7 months for Peter to ask you out.

It took the time for MJ and Asher to become a couple, homecoming to go by, MJ and Asher to break up, winter formal, midterm exams, MJ and Asher to get back together, and Christmas to go before Peter Parker gathered the guts to even consider thinking about asking you out.

Scared wasn’t even the word for it.

Harry Osborn, the new transfer student, laughed at how nervous Peter was at lunch. “Asking girls out is easy, Peter. I do it all the time!”

“You say it like it’s the simplest thing on earth,” Peter dreaded, to which Harry shrugged.

“Because it is! You just ask. How is it that I’ve only been at this school for 2 months and I’ve had more chicks than both you and Ned combined?”

“Hooking up is not a hobby of mine. That’s why,” Peter retorted with a pitifully unintimidating glare.

Harry shrugged with his shit-eating grin. “It’s not my fault the girls and gays can’t resist these lips.”

Ned chimed in as he threw a french fry into his mouth. “Peter, this isn’t like Liz last year. You and [Y/N] are already really close, dude. I’m sure you can just ask her. Who knows? She might say yes!”

“But what if she says no?,” Peter groaned. “Then I’ll just be one of those people she avoids and barely talks to out of awkwardness.” He shifted in his seat nervously. “I don’t want that.”

“But if you don’t say anything then you’ll always regret it,” Ned pointed out.

Harry sighed and rolled his eyes. “Peter, pull out your phone.”

Peter raised his eyebrows in confusion, but followed Harry’s instructions.

“Go to her in messages and say ‘hey let’s get dinner’.” He smiled. “See? Simple.”

Peter opened your messages in his phone and stared at your profile picture.

'You can do this, Peter. You can do this.’

He bit his lip. “Okay but should I say, 'let’s get dinner’ or 'do you want to get dinner’?” Seeing Harry’s impatient face, he explained himself. “I just feel like those two sentences have completely different vibes, y'know?”

Harry glared at him. “Are you really about to have us telling you what to tell your crush like a bunch of girls?”

Peter didn’t know how to answer that question seriously. “Uh…yes?”

Harry pondered the question for a small bit before simply shrugging and answering. “Hmm, go with 'let’s get dinner’, so you’ll sound all confident and assertive.”


Before Peter could press send without thinking twice, Ned stopped him. “Well, actually now you sound a little aggressive, man.”

“Really?,” Peter asked with a wince, immediately erasing the message.

“Yeah, I mean the last thing you wanna be like is the guy that’s all like 'let’s get dinner’ like you’re some kind of caveman.”

Peter groaned. “Oh no, definitely not.”

Ned ate another fry. “You want to ask her to dinner, not tell her to dinner.”

“I’ll go with 'do you want to get dinner’ then,” Peter said with a nod.

That one didn’t sit well with Harry. “No Pete. Cuz now you sound like a pussy.”

Peter slammed his phone onto the lunch table. “This stuff is tough!”

Ned turned towards Harry. “No but listen. The last thing Peter wants to do is come off as the overly masculine type that’s all like ’let’s get dinner cuz I’m the breadwinner, bitch’, y'know?”

Harry shook his head. “Yeah but women also love assertiveness. You have to know what you want.”

Peter stared at the table, desperately wanting the conversation to be over. Why would he even go to these two for relationship advice? Harry was the king of hookups and Ned’s relationships never lasted longer than a few weeks. What was he thinking? For a guy with a 4.5 GPA, he sure did feel stupid.

“I got it!,” Ned exclaimed. “Okay. Text her this. 'Dinner would be something that I would enjoy taking you on, but only if YOU were also interested in attending the meal’.” He held his hands up for praise.

Harry nodded. “Mhm. Perfect balance. And the more words the better.”

Peter just stared back at them, wondering where he’d gone wrong in life. “…no…. I’m not gonna send her that.”

Harry shrugged. “Welp,’ he sighed. "I guess some people just don’t want to be helped.”

So close to slamming his head into the table in front of him, Peter felt a tsunami of relief hit when he saw Asher walk into the cafeteria.

Asher was your best friend. If anyone knew the proper way you’d want to be asked out, it’d be him.

The second Asher noticed Peter looking at him, he made his way over. “Hey Peter. What’s up?,” he asked as he found an empty seat.

Harry spoke up before Peter had the chance. “Hey Ash. Pick one. 'Let’s get dinner’ or 'do you want to get dinner’.”

Asher thought for a second. “Depends on the girl,” he said before taking a bite into his apple. “-but 'do you want to get dinner’ is nicer. Why?”

Harry slammed his fist on the table. “Damn it!”

“Yes!,” Ned cheered.

Asher looked around the table. “Okay, by why?”

Harry and Ned went quiet and looked to Peter, who was staring anywhere to avoid eye contact. He began to mumble pitifully.“I….I-i wanna.. I wanna-”

Harry and Ned spoke up, already tired of the conversation not getting anywhere. “He wants to ask-”

“-I wanna ask [Y/N] out!,” he blurted, feeling his cheeks start to burn when Asher’s smirk turned into a wide grin.

“Well it’s about time!,” he exclaimed. “She’s been crazy about you since you met.”

“Really? She has?,” Peter asked. That wasn’t even in the realm of possibility in his mind.

Asher nodded. “She’s always going off to me about how-” he mocked your higher pitched voice. “I’ve been dropping him hints since, like, foreverrrr!

“Seriously?! She has?”

Ned laughed. “Well Peter. She has been calling you cute since the day she met you…”

“But I just always thought it was the friendly kind of cute, y'know?,” he rambled. “Not the boyfriend type cute!”

“How many girls are out here calling you cute for you to make that assumption, dude?,” Harry asked.

Asher sighed. “So this is what it’s like to have low confidence.” He shook his head and gave Peter a disappointed look. “I can’t say I like witnessing this, Pete.”

“Just-” Peter groaned and squeezed his eyes shut. “Just tell me what will work, okay? I need to ask her out perfectly.”

Asher tilted his head in confusion. “She’s a simple girl. You just have to straight up ask her out. What’s the confusion there?”

“That’s what I said!,” Harry yelled.

“You know he’s got to make it difficult for himself for no reason,” Ned pointed out.

“Okay can we all talk about how terrible I am at this after you help me?,” Peter begged.



“Ugh, fine.”

Peter sighed. “Alright. So?”

“What are you going for?,” Asher asked. “Like a gift or something?”

“I just want whatever’s the absolute best way to ask her out.”

Asher pinched the bridge of his nose. If he was gonna set you up with your crush, he wanted it to happen right.

“Okay,” he said, staring Peter in the eyes with a new sort of intensity. “Think about your best moments with her. Now pick something special from all those moments and voila! You’ll have it!”

Peter nodded and stared at the ground as he thought for a while about everything he’d done with you since the beginning of school. You were truly the most extraordinary, most confident girl he’d ever met.

Every time he’d thought you couldn’t get more perfect, you’d just show him another side of you that was better than the rest. He always stayed endlessly impressed and most of all, he felt as if he didn’t have to try too hard with you. He could be himself and mess up as many times as he could manage and you still stuck around, showing him that there needn’t be any worries.

And your style? Fuck, you could make anything work for him. You were the only one who could get him out of his comfort zone and in front of a camera, for something as frivolous as a TikTok. But he’d always do it, and even find the fun in it, because it made you happy.

“Remember how we freaked out that first time when she called you cute, Pete?,” Ned said. “She said that you were cute and that you only had to put it use!”

Harry laughed. “This girl is literally giving you the instructions, Peter. Take them.”

“Hmm.” Peter looked up with a smile and snapped his fingers. “I got it.”


You tossed popcorn into your mouth and snuggled yourself further into the blanket. “Ash, how can you even say that? 'It’ is a horror movie!”

“Yeah, technically,” he retorted. “But there’s literally not a single part of the movie that’s scary. It’s more of a drama than anything else.”

“You realize the clown phobia rate skyrocketed when the movie came out right?”

Asher scoffed. “Uh, your point? It’s not my fault some pussies couldn’t sit through it. Still a drama. The story definitely played with your emotions more than your fears.”

“Whateverrrr,” you laughed. “I can’t deal with you.”

“Pennywise literally got up and did this,” he said before breaking out into Pennywise’s dance. He laughed as he kicked his legs out. “What kind of horror movie has this crap in it?” He stopped when he felt the full force of you throwing a pillow on his face. “Ugh!”

“Sit down and get under the covers, idiot,” you hissed. “I wanna keep watching these HORROR films.”

Whateverrrr,” he drawled out, mocking you. He sighed and plopped down next to you, grabbing a handful of popcorn after.

When school was getting suffocating, marathoning horror movies with Asher were a must. He had an endless repertoire and all the time in the world for his best friend.

Halfway through 'It: Chapter 2’ though, the movie was the least of your focus and instead was TikTok.

What could you say? The app was addictive.

It was a big, entertaining, completely useless collage of everything every no-name had to offer, from stupid debates to cringey POV’s to fun dance routines.

You tried to hook every friend you could on it. Asher, of course, already knew about it since it first came out and he, of course, had thousands of followers because most of what he posted was random thirsts traps whenever he was feeling hot, which was always. And thirsts traps are always in high demand for the people on TikTok.

You tried to hook MJ on it, but she’d already decided that she didn’t like it before even giving it a chance. Even the messy, political side didn’t reel her in.

Of course then there was Peter, who didn’t know was TikTok even was before he met you. You made it your sole mission to get him hooked, but you’d since given up on that. It was a lost cause. The only time he probably ever saw TikTok nowadays was when he was doing dances with you before gym started. He let you put the app on his phone but he never used it. You wouldn’t even put it past him to have deleted it, but it was whatever. TikTok had started his friendship with you, so needless to say, it’d done an amazing job in your life.

Plus your followers were always asking about him. All of the “omg couple goalssss” and “you guys look so cute together” served as massive confidence boosters. A girl can dream, right?

You shifted over a bit when you felt Ash getting closer and closer to you.

When he moved over again, you scooted away, only for him to get closer again. “Ash, what is your deal?”

“Easy there,” he chuckled, backing up a little. “I’m looking at the phone, not you.”

“You’ve been all up in my phone all day, what’s up?”

“I can’t tell you,” he shrugged, a sly smirk stretching across his face. “But,” he pointed to your tiny screen. “Some idiot is taking wayyyy too long to shoot his shot.”

“Shoot his shot?” You gasped. “Who?”

“I’m not at liberty to say,” he said with a smirk.

“Nooooo,” you whined. “If someone has a crush on me you gotta spill! C'mon, please?”

He laughed and repeated himself. “I’m sorry, but I am not at liberty to say!”

“Bullshit! Who is it? C'mon! C'monnnnnn!”

He shrugged and this time you knew that he was dead set on not giving up the mystery guy.

“Ugh,” you pouted. “Fine. Let’s just finish the stupid movie.”


“Kids next door, battle stations!!!!”

And now it was sometime after midnight. The popcorn was all gone. The movie was done and now you were watching old cartoons so that the horror movie wouldn’t be the last thing on your mind before bed.

Looking over, you saw that Asher didn’t need any cartoons like you did. He was already passed out, snoring as loud as ever.

Grumbling in boredom, you stared at the wall, trying to connect the tiny dots in the designs. It was like something was officially keeping you from being able to fall asleep.


At the sound of your phone receiving a text, you sat up curiously. Who was texting you at this hour?

You smiled when you saw that it was Peter.

Pete: hey y/n

You were about to send him a quick,“why are you up this late” text, but he kept typing.

Pete: pls dont judge me too hard for this

With that completely vague warning, you furrowed your eyebrows, concerned.

Y/n: whats up r u okay

He sent you a link next, which confused you, but not as much as when you actually pressed it.

It led you to TikTok, and the video was waiting to be pressed to start. Peter was standing in the middle of the screen with one of his typical corny sweatshirts on. The caption at the top read: “For [Y/N] Only”. Smiling already, you quickly pressed play.

You slapped your hand over your mouth. “Oh my God.”

“So he finally got the guts, huh?,” Asher mumbled, having woken up from the loud music on your phone but was still half-asleep.

“Oh I’m sorry, did I wake you?,” you asked. You turned down your phone.

“Don’t worry about me, you just got a boyfriend,” he chuckled, moving to lay down so he could get to sleep again. “Text him back for god’s sake.”


Y/n: its been almost a whole year and youre still so cute when you make those

Pete: haha thanks

Pete: uh

Pete: i really like you y/n

Pete: do u think you’d wanna go out with me or get dinner sometime?


“He asked me out,” you gasped. “Ash, he asked me out!”

Asher rolled over and groaned. “I thought that was already established? Jesus, you two couldn’t possibly be moving any slower.”

You rolled your eyes. “Fuck you.”

“Nah, you’re with Peter now,” he laughed. “You’re gonna have to fuck him instead!” That comment earned him another pillow to the face.

You looked back at the messages and sent a tiny cute one. You smirked at the new idea of what was about to happen and turned it off before going to sleep.


Y/n: kiss me at school tomorrow and find out


Didn’t do a third edit cuz I got lazy but I’m pretty happy with the turnout anyway. Thanks for reading!

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a/n ➸ please do not steal my dividers! and i do not allow any form of reposting my works. hope you like it :)                                    word count ➸ 271 



“Morning, angel,” Peter muttered, his voice groggy as he had just woken up. His hands slid up your exposed waist as he pulled you closer to him, your back touching his front as he nuzzled his head in your neck.

“Hey, Petey.” You smiled turning around to face him and placing a kiss on his nose as he giggled. 

“How’re you feeling?” He asked. 

“Sleepy and cold,” You grumbled, and snuggled into him, as he wrapped his arms around you and chuckled, his chest vibrating. “Can we stay in bed all day?” You asked, looking up to his does eyes as he smiled down on you. 

“We can, but what if we have to go pee?” 

“Peter.” You warned as he laughed. 

“Okay, sorry, and yes we can stay in bed all day.” He said and pulled you closer to him, his eyes closing in contentment and a sigh escaping his lips.

“You know I love you right?” You whispered against his chest, your warm breath hitting his chest as he shuddered a little.

“I know you do, honey, I do too,” He kissed atop your head, his lips lingering for a moment. 

“You’re perfect,” You praised and placed a kiss on his chest to which his cheeks dusted pink. 

“Nope, you are, angel.” He bopped your nose.

“Na-uh, it’s you, Petey.” You argued back.

“Nope, it’s you. End of the discussion, now shush and just huddle for warmth.” 

“Huddle for warmth? You couldn’t have said cuddle?” You looked up at him in confusion.

“I just wanted to say that,”

“You’re a weirdo, peter.” You chuckled.

“Yeah, but I’m your weirdo,” 


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Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark! Reader

A/N: Alright, here’s chapter 1! I’m so excited for you to read it, please let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Peter arrives has a nice talk with Tony on his way to New York, upon his arrival he meets (y/n)

Series Masterlist


Chapter 1 - Scintilla

Peter had always known the lab was small, he could tell that much from the few times he’d been outside, but he never knew how small until he was in a massive jet hovering above it. In a mere 10 minutes the lab which had been his whole world, was nothing but a tiny speck he could barely see out of a window. It was admittedly overwhelming, but Peter was not going to let anyone know he was feeling even the tiniest bit scared, so he quickly averted his eyes and turned his attention back to Tony while he explained his plan for the next few days. 

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Pairing: Bad boy!Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing, death, mentions of suicide

Summary: Y/n is part of her high school’s most powerful and most popular clique, but she disapproves of the other girls’ behavior. When Y/n meets the new boy in school, Peter Parker, and begins dating him, what she has known to be her clique begins to unravel. Starting with the death of the clique leader, Liz Allan, one by one, people Y/n doesn’t like begin to die by her and Peter’s hands. Soon, she realizes that Peter is killing students he hates and begins to try to foil his plans, all while clashing with the new clique leader, Elizabeth “Betty” Brant.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is a Peter Parker AU I thought of doing. It’s a Heathers AU!!! This is going to follow a similar plot to Heathers, but of course, I won’t keep everything the exact same. Here, we meet our protaganist, Y/n, and our love interest, JD Peter.

Masterlist Request Any Of These Peter Parker/Tom Holland Masterlist


Dear Diary,

Another waking hour of wondering if Liz is really going to put an end to my social life. I spent all night wondering how I’d end her life, how I would rid the world of Liz Allan’s existence. I do want to do it, deep down. I think part of me is too much of a pussy to lay a hand on her, but I just wish I could live in a world without Liz Allan. 

You watched as Peter held the two little sticks of metal in the lock on the handle of Liz’s back patio door. You could feel the tension radiating off of him and knew by the way his shoulders stayed raised in their place and his fingers were white at the knuckles, that he had been pissed off and angry since your discussion the night before.

The door creaked open slowly, the sound finally breaking the silence between you as Peter turned, his jacket flapping open to reveal the shirt of some band you’d never heard of. 

“Are you sure she’s even here? I don’t hear anyone.” Peter finally spoke, taking a step through the threshold as you held your breath, following him in. 

“Trust me. She skips the Saturday morning trip to church even when she’s not hungover.” You replied, your voice above a whisper. 

“Well, then let’s whip up a little concoction that will have her spewing red, white, and blue, shall we?”

You chuckled quietly, giving him a light shove as you pushed past him and made your way to the refrigerator as he made his way to the sink. You could hear him pushing around canisters before shutting a cabinet as you pulled out a carton or milk and a bottle or orange juice. 

You set the two bottles down on the counter, looking up to see Peter with his back turned to you as you tapped your fingers on the counter top. 

“What about orange juice and milk? What’s the upchuck factor on that?” You asked, a smirk on your face as Peter finally turned to you. 

“I’m more of a Fabuloso man, myself.” He grinned, holding up the bottle of blue floor cleaner. 

“Don’t be a dick,” You rolled your eyes, “that stuff will kill her.”

“Nah, it won’t.” Peter chuckled. “It’ll just clean her insides a little bit, maybe clean up that bitchy attitude of hers. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a Hispanic market, but those old ladies say this shit’ll clean anything.”

“Oh, shut up, jerk.”

You both made queasy eye contact for a moment before you put your hands on the carton and bottle in front of you, pulling them to your chests and lifting them up as Peter turned away, grabbing glasses from the cabinet as you shut the refrigerator door.

You bent down behind the kitchen island, opening up the cabinet as you looked through the various non-perishables. 

“How about we cook up some soup and put a Coke in it? Chicken Noodle or Bean-and-Bacon?” You asked, lifting your head up to look at Peter, who now had the Fabuloso in a beer mug. 

“Man, Y/n, pull the plug on that shit. I say we go with Big Blue here.” 

You stared at the glass, watching the blue liquid slosh around as he shook the mug in your face. It was almost as if he was hypnotizing you and you were scared by your own homicidal thoughts he was arousing deep in the back of your mind. You blinked quickly and shook your head, shutting the cabinet and straightening up on your feet.

“What are you doing? You can’t just hand her that…She’s never drink something that looks like that.”

You opened up the refrigerator again, once again grabbing the milk and juice and making your way to where Peter stood at the opposite end of the kitchen. You set down the drinks and looked up at him as he gazed into the cupboard, looking for a cup. 

“Okay we’ll just use this.” He set down a mug with a lid down on the counter. “She won’t be able to see what she’s drinking.”

Peter chuckled to himself as he poured the contents of the beer mug into the smaller container, the clink of the lid hitting the lip of the mug the only sound in the eerie silence between you. 

“You’re fucking crazy, you know that?” 

You groaned, taking down your own identical mug and pouring orange juice and milk into it before strutting back to the refrigerator, the carton and bottle in hand. You made your way back to the counter, your footsteps angry before you stopped beside Peter. 

“Milk and orange juice…” You muttered softly, “Hmm…maybe we cough up a phlegm globber in it or something.”

“Yeah, great.”

You both began coughing harshly, inhaling sharply through your noses as you attempted to get something to come up your throats. 


Peter shook his head and chuckled, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Well, milk and orange juice will do quite nicely then. Quite nicely.” 

You gathered up the array of cups and cleaning solution Peter left on the counter and put the dirty cups in the sink and the cleaning solution back under.

“I’m sorry.” Peter said finally as his arm snaked around your waist and his kissed your neck.

You hummed softly, your eyes fluttering closed as you smiled.


Dreamily, you grabbed a mug and began making your way out of the kitchen. 

“Uh, hey, Y/n?” Peter called, stopping you in your tracks. 

“Yes?” You turned to him, the mug clutched between your hands. 

“Uh, nothing. I’ll carry the cup.” 

Dear Diary,

If I wanted to kill Liz, I wouldn’t have done it with Peter. No way. I never really wanted to kill Liz, that has always been my teenage angst, my stupid teenage anger just saying that was what I wanted. I don’t even know what I truly wanted, but it sure wasn’t this.

“Good morning, Liz.” Your voice was sickly sweet as you approached the end of the girl’s bed, stirring her from her sleep.

Liz sat up, her hair a bit disheveled and her red scrunchie almost falling off as she studied both you and Peter. 

“Y/n. And Eric Harris. Quelle surprise.” She scoffed, turning her head to Peter, “Did you hear about Y/n’s affection for regurgitation?”

“Come on, Liz, we both said a lot of things we didn’t mean last night.”

“Did we?” Liz questioned,  pulling the scrunchie from her hair and slipping it onto her wrist. “How the hell did you get in here?”

“Y/n knew you’d have a hangover, so I whipped this up. Family recipe.” Peter cut in, holding the mug out to Liz.

“What? Did you put a phlegm globber in it or something? I’m not drinking that piss.”

“I knew this stuff would be too intense for her.” Peter said, looking over at you as you made eye contact. 

“Intense?” Liz interrupted. “Grow up. You think I’ll drink it just because you call me chicken?”

You and Peter did, you knew that. And you also knew you were right about it.

“Give me the cup, jerk.” Liz demanded, getting out of bed before strutting angrily towards Peter, her hand reached out to him. 

She swiped the cup from his hand forcefully before she slammed her head back and downed it all. She sighed for a moment before her face turned and contorted into a look of agony as her hands reached for her throat. 

“Corn nuts!” She gasped, her body launching forward as she fell foward, her eyes closing as she slammed through the glass coffee table. 

You froze, your eyes reaching Peter’s as you both stood in shock, the hairs on the back of your neck standing as your body tensed. 

“Something tells me you picked up the wrong cup.” Peter confirmed for you.

“No shit, sherlock. I can’t believe I did it. I killed my best friend.”

“And your worst enemy.”

“Same difference.” You replied breathlessly. “Oh jesus, I’m gonna…”

You staggered your way to the desk and took a seat down in the red cushioned chair. You held you hand to your chest, your heart racing as Peter laughed in shock, making his way over to you, leaning down on the desk.

“What are we going to tell the cops?” He asked. “‘Fuck it if she can’t take a joke, Sarge?’“

“Stop kidding around.” You snapped, looking back at him as you attempted to catch your breath. “I’m going to have to send my SAT scores to San Quentin instead of Stanford.”

“I’m just a little freaked, alright?” Peter lied. “You got what you wanted, you know.”

“It’s one thing to want someone out of your life, it’s another to give them a wake-up cup of poison!”

You stared off into the distance as you rocked back and forth on the chair while Peter began pacing, walking towards Liz’s body. 

He sighed as he stared down at the rubble of glass from the table and the body of the dead girl. He kicked a copy of cliff notes for The Bell Jar and a magazine titled with The Fall of the American Teenager out from under the rubble and Liz’s limp hand. 

“We did a murder. In Ohio, that’s a crime. But what if this was like a suicide thing?” 

“Like a suicide thing?” You repeated, looking up at Peter as he slowly walked towards you. 

“Yeah, a suicide thing.” He asserted. “Think about it, adolescence is a period of life fraught with anxiety and confusion.”

You began getting lost in his eyes, the calm look on his face as your hand reached out to touch his, calming you down as he continued on with his explanation.

“You can mimic Liz’s diction as well as your own, right? And I bet you know her laptop password.” 

“Yeah, and?”

“And like every other kid that commits suicide nowadays, you gotta have a suicide note. Hell, most kids write them on their laptop. You could just type it out and leave the laptop open.”

“But what about the time stamp Word puts on your entries?”

“If you never save it, it won’t be on there, would it?”

“I guess not.” You shrugged.

You turned towards the desk, the scratching of the chair against the carpet making you sick as you leaned forward and pulled Liz’s laptop towards you. You typed in the password, glancing over at Peter as if you were looking for any hesitation in his figure. You inhaled heavily, typing in Liz’s password before opening up a new Word document and began typing. 

“You may think what I have done is shocking…” You spoke out loud as you typed.

“To me though, suicide is the natural answer to the myriad of problems life has given me.” Peter added, leaning over you to look at the computer screen. 

“That’s good, but Liz would never use the word ‘myriad.’“

“This is the last thing she’ll ever write. She’ll want to cash in on as many of those those fifty cent words as possible.”

“She missed ‘myriad’ on the vocab test a few weeks ago, alright?” 

“That only proves my point. The word is a badge for her failures at school.” 

“You’re probably right…” You turned back to the computer. “’People think because you’re pretty and popular, life is easy and fun. Nobody understood that I had feelings too.’“

“’I die knowing no one knew the real me.’”

“That’s good. Have you done this before?”

Dear Diary,

I never wanted to kill Liz, I swear. I just wanted her to never exist. I didn’t kill her either, Peter did. Peter was the one who poisoned her, not me. All I wanted to do was make a mess of her room with puke, not a mess of her room with blood. I swear I was never a killer, but I don’t know if I’m still the same way.


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Pretty boy

pairing: peter parker x fem!reader

summary: you and peter go on a date, and your boyfriend never told you about one of his ex’s that you unfortunately run into

prompt: “I swear to god if you don’t come over right now, I’ll break up with you.”

“You fucked him too, didn’t you.”

warnings: mentions of sex, swearing

word count: 1.5k+

a/n: love me some bi Peter 😌


main masterlist


“Peter where are you?” You asked, your grip tightening on the phone as Peter let out a strained laugh.

“Just—on my way, babe!” He said, almost yelling out his response.

I swear to fucking god if you don’t come over right now I’ll break up with you.” You sighed, leaning forward on the table. You were sitting in the Italian restaurant alone.

Peter was supposed to be sitting right in front of you right now. But, like always, you feared he might cancel the date. Even though he was the one who asked you to go on a date instead of the frat party your friends were planning to go to.

“I swear…I’m c-coming!” He breathed heavily. “Just give me a minute.” He sounded put of breath and tired, the exhaustion was evident in his tone. You grimaced as you connected the dots.

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Pairing: older!college!Tom Holland x younger!Reader

Warning: Cursing, age gap relationship

Summary: After Y/n’s father invites one of his students to stay at their cottage for the summer and study with him, Y/n can’t help but try everything in her power to get the young student’s attention. However, with her past failed attempts, she’s unsure if a summer romance will ever blossom between them.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: I’m not sure what really inspired me to write this series, really! I blame my current re-obsession with Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die album. Y/n in this is 18 and Peter is 22, finishing up college. It’s kinda set in like the 50′s or 60′s, that’s kinda the vibe I’ve given it. I am still working on Elizabeths and a few requests, but I really wanted to give Tom a little more love in my writing!

Masterlist Request Any Of These Peter Parker/Tom Holland Masterlist


Chapter One (Coming soon)

Chapter One Teaser

“Daddy!” You cried, your head poked around the corner of the mudroom into the entrance to the foyer as you waved the mail in your hands wildly. “Mr. Tom Holland sent another letter!”

“Okay, Bunny!” Your father’s voice echoed from his open office door. “Just bring it up now, would ya?”


You rounded the rest of your body around the corner and began taking slow steps up the stairs, counting each one as you stepped on them.

“And take your shoes off before coming up! I don’t want Ms. Lydia upset that she has to clean your mud off the runner!”

You groaned, stopping in your tracks and taking off your shoes. You tossed them down to the hardwood floor, the soft rubber of your shoes smacking the ground and you could hear your father chuckle from down the hall. You ran your fingers along the dainty floral and navy wallpaper as you hummed softly, your feet padding up the stairs, down the long hallway rug and through the open office door.

Your father sat, the same stoic look on his face that he always had when he was engrossed in his work. His hand ran through his hair, showing the grey that had started to come in alongside his normal brown. He pushed his glasses up his nose and smiled at you, his hand extended out to take the mail from you.

When you were younger, you had thought your father was the most handsome man you’d ever know, having not known anyone else, but based on what he told you about the Mr. Holland, you assumed he was just as handsome, perhaps even more so.

“You better pick up your shoes from the foyer when we’re done here.” Your father instructed, refraining from looking up at you.

“What did Mr. Tom Holland say?”

You set down the last of the mail on an open space on his desk before straightening up. You rocked on your heels and anticipation of what he had to say. You were always so nosy when it came to the letters between your father and his student.

At first, it had your father annoyed, how often you would pester him to tell you what their letters pertained, since you never really got any of your own. However, for the last few weeks of their interactions, your father allowed you to fetch him the letters and even read a few paragraphs out to you, omitting those he claimed were not for you to hear.

“Oh, he just sent a little postcard he got from the train station. It says he will be here by nightfall tonight, which we already know based on the conversation I had with him on the phone last night. Nevertheless, it says that he is excited for the opportunity to work on his manuscript alongside myself and to, hmm, meet you as well. He says you should anticipate a very nice gift.”

Your father furrowed his brow as he read, as if his glasses were in need of a new prescription while you squealed cheerfully.

“A gift! Oh, goodness! That sounds magnificent!” You squealed, the delight in your voice causing it to go up an octave or two.

“His train reaches the station in an hour, so I want you to tidy up while I go get him and bring him back. And please, do not embarrass your dear old dad.”

“When have I ever embarrassed you?”

“Hmm… well, on particular instance with Mr. Harrison Osterfield comes to mind.”

“Daddy! You said you wouldn’t ever talk about it again! I didn’t mean to spill that stew on his trousers and expose him like that!”

Your father chuckled. “Well, you sure did seem to make such an impression the poor bastard practically ran out of here.”

You pouted, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Oh, don’t give me that look. It’s funny. I know you want to laugh about it.”

You broke out into a small chuckled and nodded your head.

“I guess it is kinda funny.”

“See?” Your father rose from his seat. “Now, I need to clean up in here and be on my way. Please clean up those shoes in the foyer and make sure you didn’t get mud on the runner. Get dressed and put the casserole Ms. Lydia left in the fridge in the oven. She put instructions on it so we wouldn’t forget.”

“Yes, sir.”

You nodded, gathering up a few of the empty cups on the desk before making your way out of the office and down the hall and stairs to the kitchen. Sighing, you set the glasses in the sink, vowing to return to wash them when you baked the casserole and took a glance at yourself in the reflection of the toaster.

Your hair was a bit disheveled even though you had neatly put it in a braid before going on your bike ride with the boy down the street. Your shirt was torn at the collar from when you’d fallen off said bike and into a bush, your shirt getting caught by a branch and rendering you immobile until the boy helped pull you up (not until after he admired your skirt flying up and your legs in the air).

You rolled your eyes at your own reflection, a little smile on your face as you straightened up and pulled your ponytail holder off. You walked down the hallway to your bedroom, humming softly as you ran your hands through your falling braid, getting the tangles out as you admired yourself in the mirror.

What was this Tom Holland like, you wondered, did he like music? Did he like to dance? Was he as handsome and kind as he seemed in the snippets of letters your father read out loud? Was he as good of a writer as your father was?

The questions, you knew, would remain unanswered until he showed up.

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Running Tests

Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Word Count: 950+

Warnings: Medical stuff? I stop before anything happens, Tony being a dad, I don’t think there are any swear words, not proofread because I’m rushing.

A/N: This takes place after Tony recruits Peter for CA:CW, but before the airport fight. Tony Stark is your dad, but I don’t mention your mother.


Peter Parker entered the car driven by Happy, trying his hardest not to overthink. Just yesterday, Tony Stark himself had arrived uninvited and recruited Peter to come to Germany with the Avengers. While he didn’t exactly agree, it wasn’t like Peter could say no.

The Avengers Compound came into view and Peter’s leg began to bounce. During the car ride, Peter had asked Happy a variety of questions regarding the situation at hand. Almost none of them were answered, as Happy Hogan instead chose to roll up the divider between the drivers seat and the passengers section of the car. When they finally pulled into the garage, Happy held the door open and told Peter that Mr. Stark was waiting for him in the lab. With no further instructions on how to find that room, Peter was left to wander the facility. That was until a voice sounded.

“Hello, Mr. Parker. Mr. Stark would like to see you in the medical lab.” The voice was calm and borderline robotic. Peter jumped in his spot, unable to find who was speaking. It seemed like the voice came from the ceiling.

“Um… Who was that?”

“I am FRIDAY, Mr. Stark’s personal AI assistant. He programmed me into the building so that I could be more helpful.”

“Oh… Okay. So- um, where’s the lab?”

The automated voice gave him the directions to Mr. Stark’s location. Take the elevator down to sub level 3, then go down the hall and enter the second door on the left.

Peter opened the door and glanced in. Immediately, he was greeted by a loud voice.

“Parker! You’re late. Come on in.” He stepped in and looked around, noticing that there was a third person in the room. She was young, about Peter’s age; and she was wearing a white lab coat. “Peter, this is my daughter, Y/N. Y/N, this is Peter Parker. He’s going to be joining us in Germany.”

The girl looked up from her medical equipment and held out her hand, “It’s nice to meet you, Peter. As my dad said, I’m Y/N Stark. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to run some tests on you today. Just to see what enhancements you got after your… encounter with that spider.”

Peter’s body tensed. He turned to look at Mr. Stark, “Tests?”

“Don’t worry, Peter. It’s nothing like that, I promise. I’m just going to take some blood and check your vitals. Nothing too crazy; it’ll be just like a getting a physical.” Y/N explained, giving Peter a gentle smile. Not only did her words calm Peter, his ears went red as he got a good look at the girl in front of him. She was pretty. Really pretty. Too pretty to be talking to him.

Tony smiles at the teens, not oblivious to the way Peter is looking at his daughter, “Think you can handle that, underoos? Sound good?” He gives the kid two thumbs up and Peter’s face flushes in response.

Yeah!- Uh, right… sure thing.” Peter’s voice cracks when he shouts, so he tries to subtly cover it with a cough. He really hopes they didn’t notice. They did. Y/N holds back a giggle and Tony raises a brow.

“You sure about that, Parker? You don’t sound sure.” Tony teases the poor boy, resulting in Y/N smacking his bicep with a pointed look.

“Be nice.”

Tony shrugs, “Whatever. I’ll leave you to your work; just let me know what you find.” He makes his way to the exit, at the same time adding “Don’t do anything I would do!” Tony leaves the medical lab as Y/N shouts at him.

Peter watches the girl yell after her father with an awestruck smile. She turns back to him and notices the look on his face before he can hide it. He clears his throat nervously, “So- um… You’re his daughter?”

Y/N gives him a polite smile, “Yes, I am. And you’re the spider guy.”

“It’s- uh, actually, it’s Spider-man.” Peter tries to straighten his posture and make eye contact. He fails at the second one, so his eyes keep shifting around the room. Y/N lets out a small laugh.

“Right, sorry,” She starts going through her medical supplies again.

“It’s fine…” His voice trails off as he watches her work. “You do the medical stuff here? But you’re so…”

She looks up at him with a smirk, “I’m so..? Young?” He nods, making her laugh again. “Well, we’ve got a nuclear physicist and an engineer already. I wanted to be important, so I took up some of the other fields. Biology, anatomy, nursing…” Y/N shrugs, “I made myself useful. Roll up your left sleeve for me please, I need to draw some blood.”

“That makes sense.” Peter nods to himself while he looks around the room, completely missing her last sentence. This is the medical lab, so it must be her domain. It looks like a doctor’s office; just without the warm colored wall paint or random pictures framed on the walls. The room is mostly grays, white, and cool blues. It’s not very inviting, but the cute nurse makes up for the lack of decoration.

Speaking of the cute nurse; Y/N waves a hand in Peter’s face, “Peter?” He snaps out of his daze.

“Yes?” He asks, giving Y/N his full attention.

“You good?” He nods, kind of staring at her. Peter’s lucky he’s cute, otherwise Y/N would have called someone else to deal with him. “I need to take some blood.”

“Right. Go ahead.” He sits there, still just looking at her. Y/N smiles a bit and tries not to roll her eyes.

“Roll up your sleeves.”

Peter’s eyes widen as he quickly removes his hoodie, stuttering out “Yeah, right, sorry.”


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