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#spiderman fanfiction

Previous Chapter Fourteen: Encounters of the Third Kind 

Hi friends! Thank you for waiting for this one! I knew where the story was going but was having trouble executing it so hopefully this longish chapter will make up for it. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who has read this story in any capacity! I appreciate you all so much.

Chapter Fifteen: He Returns

“On the count of three.”

Everyone plunged their hands together, stacked on each other and shaking as the energy moved through them. It was almost visibly pulsing between them and feeding off of the crowds waiting beyond the curtain in front of them.


Frank eyes moved between the five of them as he bounced side to side, bumping into Julia each time. He looked like he was born to wear a suit. Maybe it was Peter who was aware of the uncomfortable clothes framing his body.


Monica’s hand not in the circle was gripping the notecards they’d spent days making and hours going over. Highlights and red annotations covered crammed space on the small paper. Her hair was in some type of bun today and Peter thought she looked regal, very adult-like in her black pantsuit.


Julia’s hand was at the bottom of their stack below Peter’s. Stored in her backpack was a bursting-at-the-seams binder filled with their notes from all the months of their work. The past week Julia met up with him at the library. They went through and organized all of paperwork in case Monica needed some obscure reference.

She held his gaze as they finished their countdown. A small smile rose under her steeled eyes.


Their hands ascended.

Cheers erupted.

The stage taunted them from where they stood in the wings.  

Frank grinned while Julia narrowed her eyes. Monica whipped up her notecards, beginning to go through them again, and Peter squeezed his eyes shut.

A tech alerted them it was their time to present. Monica hugged them all one last time and walked on stage. The rest of them peered around the curtain trying to get a glimpse of their teammate while she presented. Her words were loud and clear, and Peter’s eyes strayed to the captive audience, overlooking all the heads and searching for one in particular. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to find the certain person amongst the crowd or not.

Julia nudged his side and his attention shifted back to Monica.


Peter winded through the crowd trying to spot Frank, the tallest of their group, over the heads of everyone milling about the room.

He tried not to think about how strange it was being in the Tower again. How he knew down the hallway through the first door there on the left was a broom cupboard where Mr. Stark showed him a stash of snacks. ‘Easy access on the way to meetings’ the man had said. He withheld the urge to find an empty room so he could talk to Friday, afraid he might end up like those employees yelling to empty rooms with no hopes of an answer. His stomach turned at the thought that their friendship was contingent on his internship.

People were gathered in groups waiting for the news and he ignored his racing heart. Peter fiddled with his tie. He loosened it and attempted to straighten it only to shorten the front material. It was crumpled by the time he was done ‘fixing’ it.  

The presentation was over and his internship would be done with the announcement at the end.

Monica was a queen. She gave the presentation, nailed the question and answer portion by redirecting their inquiries and concerns with a smile and no hesitation. They ran to her once she exited the stage and held her arms until she got to a chair, which she promptly melted into it. Monica smiled, drained but happy, as they showered her in praise. Her hand covered her mouth as she muffled her giggles like a child.

“I can’t believe we did it. That was… amazing.” She giggled and relaxed back into the chair.

“You freaking nailed it, Mon. Like seriously amazing stuff.” Frank said.

They walked back to the waiting room and sat together on the couch, pressed side-by-side as they watched the other groups representatives present on the monitor stacked in the corner of the room. Flash popped his head in after his group went and then they were sent into the crowd to mingle with different companies and ‘influential’ people in attendance.

His team took to this portion of the day with gold stars. Even Julia got in there and got the card of a small start-up asking her to email them when she graduated.

It felt like the whole state of New York was there. All of them dressed in tailored suits and dresses, their posh hair and clinking glasses catching Peter’s attention with every turn. He observed these groups as he continued on his search. People laughed imbibed from the courage generously poured into the glasses.

He wasn’t oblivious enough to say no one wanted to talk to him. That would be false, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he wasn’t worth their time. A tall woman with dark hair had asked for his resume assuming he was older than a freshman. He didn’t even know how to fill out a check and she wanted to know his work experience. With a polite nod, Peter took her card and walked away. He ended up finding Flash digging into the buffet, who he followed around until Flash joined up with his own team.

Peter couldn’t correct the tightness in his necktie no matter how much his fingers played with the material. His rented tux drooped around his shoulders but was too short in the pants. At least he was wearing his trusty Converse. Once May got over her initial tears at seeing her baby dressed so nice she had zeroed in on the offensive footwear. Her objections were minimal at his insistence and she gave in noticing the tightness in his jaw. In the end she shrugged her shoulders and said most people would be looking at his face and not his footwear. Peter didn’t stop blushing until they were on the subway into the city.

“Hey Peter.” Julia called and his teammates closed the gap between them, carving a space between the other groups of people.

“We’ve got it in the bag, don’t you think?” Frank said, eyeing the plate filled with small appetizers in Julia’s hands. She saw his wandering gaze and moved her plate over so it was further away from him.

“Of course, we will.” She said. “Get your own food.” She added but extended the plate over at the puppy eyes and pout Frank was shooting towards her. He snatched up the miniature hotdog and moaned while he chewed.

“I don’t know how you can eat at a time like this.” Julia said. Peter watched as he snuck another hotdog off Julia’s plate when she bent over to say something to Monica. He winked at Peter.  

“Dude, this is so good. All vegan it says and I won’t be eating anything like this in the college dorms.”

Julia asked if he’d been assigned his roommate and he began to tell them how he’d matched right away with a cello-playing, Hawaiian shirt-wearing Political science major.  

Monica moved to the side, stepping out of their circle. Peter stared at the back of her head not believing who was standing beside her.

“Is that…?”

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SUMMARY; Y/N is falling for the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Unrelated, her and that dork Peter do not get along. (enemies to lovers au)

PAIRING; peter parker x reader

WORDS; 5869

WARNING; swearing, fluff, almost car related accident, violence

You couldn’t focus on class, you couldn’t focus on anything as you heard your own voice rumble in the back of your mind–overtaking whatever explanation your teacher was trying to give on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Peter had moved on, and that was the only thing you cared about. 

No, Spiderman moved on. You had to keep reminding yourself you weren’t in a relationship with Peter, you never were, and the only person you had feelings for was Spiderman. Of course, you couldn’t ignore the obvious truth–the facts you knew about him, the ones that made you fall for your hero. 

It was never his suit, and his heroic nature. If anything, that part always made you nervous–him retelling the details of a fight he had always caused an itch in your gut, much like fear. You were scared to think about him fighting–losing–or possibly swinging too high and falling onto a moving vehicle, and you were scared of if he ever had to face an Avenger level threat. That’s not what made you fall in love with Spiderman. 

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark! Reader

A/N: This is my first attempt at doing any kind of series, it will be short, just two parts. I should be releasing the second part in the next couple of days!

Summary: Peter desperately wants to confess his feelings on a trip to the beach

Warnings: A dash of angst


Peter had fallen, fast and hard. Before he could even begin to understand what was going on he was absolutely in love with (y/n) Stark. He’d tried three separate times to tell her, and ended up backing out everytime. The first attempt had been over winter break, he’d gotten her the perfect gift, and planned to accompany it with a card where he’d write down his feelings and ask her out, but he ended up shoving the card under his bed where it remained to this day. The second time he decided to go much simpler and just ask her on a date. The New York Botanical Garden was having a big event to kick off spring, which he thought would be a perfect first date, but instead of asking just her to go he got nervous and suggested their whole friend group go. For his latest attempt he’d gone to purchase a bouquet of her favorite flowers, but the florist had been sold out. He took it as a bad omen and decided he’d wait a little longer, but that was a whole month ago now and he never ended up returning to the florist. Peter was tired of waiting, but he didn’t just want to blurt out that he liked her, he wanted it to be romantic, at least a little bit, he just needed the right opportunity. 

Today it seemed the universe was going to set up that opportunity for him. Mr. Stark and Pepper had decided to go on a small vacation for their anniversary, and they’d suggested (y/n) take some of her friends to spend the weekend at their beach house instead of spending the weekend bored and sulking while her parents enjoyed the medditeranian. She was currently pitching the small vacation to Peter, Ned, and MJ, and Peter was over the moon at the idea. He was absolutely certain that he could find the perfect sunset moment on the beach to tell her how he felt.

“I’d drive us down so we have a car there, but we’ll only be like an hour or two away. The house is in Southampton, right on Cooper’s beach, where I can promise you both the food and the view are always amazing,” she bounced on her feet excitedly, “So what do you guys say?”

MJ smiled, “I’m down, that sounds super fun.”

“Me too,” Ned nodded in agreement.

Peter was beaming ear to ear, “Yeah, the beach sounds great.”

She squealed happily and clapped her hands together, “Yay! We’re gonna have so much fun you guys!”

When Friday morning came everyone piled into (y/n)’s and made the surprisingly short feeling drive to Cooper’s beach. Of course the Stark family vacation home was exceptionally nice, a put together, large, blue home settled right on the coast. (y/n) assigned each of them a bedroom upon their arrival, but the beach house and bedrooms were quickly ditched in favor of the actual beach. 

“So you’re gonna tell her this weekend right?” MJ nudged Peter as they made their way to the water. 

(y/n) and Ned had gone racing from the porch to the water much like a child would, Peter thought it was cute. “I don’t know, probably,” he flushed.

“Come on Peter, the romantic intention is getting ridiculous.”

MJ had figured out Peter liked her some time ago. “I want to, I just want it to be the right moment.”

“It doesn’t have to be the right moment, you both like each other, one of you just needs to do it.”

Peter was fairly certain that (y/n) had feelings for him, mostly because of MJ’s insistence that she did. It didn’t make it any less nerve wracking. He still wasn’t totally sure, and she hadn’t made a move either, which didn’t help him feel very confident that she did feel the same way.

“You guys are so slow,” (y/n) whined as they finally reached the shoreline, she grabbed Peter’s wrist and pulled him into the water, “Come on, the water feels so nice.”

Peter followed after her with a smile, “Yeah, salty.”

“Salty?” she laughed, “I didn’t realize your super powers included a salt radar.”

“I don’t get the chance to use that one very often.”

She rolled her eyes, stopping when the water reached her waist, “You guys can keep going, I’m not a very strong swimmer so I don’t want to go much deeper than this.”

“Deep enough for me,” Peter declared, splashing some water towards her.

“Brat,” she splashed him back, a small giggle leaving her lips as she sank into the water.

“Brat,” he mocked. 

Ned nudged MJ’s shoulder, mouthing the word “Lovebirds,” before they joined them.

They all stayed in the water until they were all pruning and sun kissed, deciding that all of them were starving, and maybe a little dehydrated. 

“I’ll order some pizza,” (y/n) offered as they entered the house, “Shouldn’t be more than ten minutes.”

“Well I’m gonna take a shower then,” MJ patted her back, “I want veggie.”

Ned got the message, “Uh yeah, I’m gonna go change,” he followed MJ towards the bedrooms as quickly as he could, “Pick a good movie guys!”

Peter took a nervous breath, “Guess we should pick a movie then?”

Her cheeks tinted a little pinker as she flicked the tv on, opting for Netflix, “We always have to make the tough decisions. Comedy maybe?”

“Anythings fine with me.”

“Peter,” she groaned before falling onto the couch, “Come on, I need more input than that.”

He sat besides her, blushing just a bit at how close they sat, “Comedy sounds good. You wanted to see Scott Pilgrim right?”

“Yeah but we have to make sure everyone will like it.”

“I think everyone will like that.” 

He wasn’t really concerned with what movie they were going to watch that evening. He was much more concerned with how cute she looked in the dress she’d thrown over her swimsuit and how soft her sun kissed cheek looked. His heart was racing, it struck him that this was his perfect moment. The sun had just begun to set, and there was something about the warmth dozing sky cast on her that screamed at him to tell her.

Peter took a deep breath, “(y/n),” he tried to just shove the words out but his nerves took over, “Could I, um, tell you something?”

She nodded, meeting his eyes with a soft smile, “Of course, you can tell me anything Peter.”

He bit down on the inside of his cheek, unsure if he could get it out, “It’s just that, well, I…” he lost his words again. She was so close, and she was getting closer, or he was, all he knew was someone was leaning in.

“Hey did they say how long the pizza would be?” Ned’s voice broke them apart before anything could happen, startling her so much she’d jumped to her feet. Ned flushed instantly, “I’m sorry I di-”

“It’s fine!” she spoke quickly while she moved towards the kitchen, “You know that pizza place is just up the road, I’ll just go grab it and it’ll be way quicker than delivery,” she gave an awkward laugh while she searched for her keys, “I’ll just be like ten minutes see you guys in a sec!”

Peter groaned as she disappeared behind the front door. “So you told her?” Ned pressed carefully.

He shook his head, “No, I was going to but then, well you saw.”

“Well she wouldn’t have almost kissed you if she didn’t like you,” Ned beamed back at him, “It’s good, that was just… Awkward.”

Peter nodded, trying to let his friend’s positive attitude rub off on him, “Yeah, probably.”

After a good 20 minutes of Peter sulking, MJ returned to the living room, a frown deepset on her lips at the obvious somber mood, “Where’s (y/n)?”

“She went to pick up the pizza,” Peter mumbled.

“And what happened to you?”

“Him and Ashley almost kissed,” Ned explained, “But then I walked in and she ran out to get pizza.”

MJ rolled her eyes, “Why are you sulking then? She wouldn’t almost kiss you if she wasn’t into you.”

“I don’t know! Maybe she ran off so fast because she realized she didn’t want to kiss me,” he sighed in frustration.

“You’re being ridiculous Peter, she likes you,” MJ glanced towards the front door with a huff, “How much longer is she gonna be anyway? I’m starving.”

Ned glanced at his phone, “She left like 20 minutes ago, but she said she wouldn’t be long, probably just busy.”

MJ nodded, reaching for her all phone, quickly punching in her number, “Hopefully she won’t be much longer, I’m about to wither away.”

“Me too,” Ned agreed, nudging Peter while he pouted.

“She’s not answering,” MJ frowned and moved to peer out the window, “Her car’s still here, did she walk?”

“She took her keys,” Peter was on his feet instantly, a familiar sense of worry settling in his stomach, “She isn’t in the car?”

“No, definitely not,” MJ turned back to the boys, “Maybe we should walk down there.”

Peter nodded, “Yeah, she said it’s just up the street,” he was already at the door and pacing down the driveway, stopping when he spotted her phone on the ground. He dropped to pick it up, the screen was cracked and upon closer inspection there appeared to be a bit of dried blood on the ground with it. 

“Shit,” MJ cursed above him. 

Peter stood back up, clutching her phone tightly, “I’m gonna see if I can find her.”

“We’ll go check the pizza place,” MJ tried to promise, but Peter was already running inside, zipping out of the upstairs window only a second later.

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Get down on the ground! Now!

“Oh, shit!” Ned ducked behind the customer service desk and pulled his friend down with him. 

Hands out, eyes shut, face down! Not a sound!

Peter threw his hands outward and screwed his eyes shut. He could hear Ned hyperventilating beside him and was comforted by the sound. It’s just like hide and seek. They’re in the playground. Flash and his posse, younger but still horribly mean, chased them until they couldn’t find them anymore and then the boys just had to stay put until their assailants got bored and left. It was a while before Peter learned that was not how one played hide and seek, but he still called it that in his head. Uncle Ben had been the one to tell him. When he died, all of Peter’s then newfound bravery seemed to go with him. 

The voice that had been yelling now snarled into his ear, “What do you have in the backpack, kid?”

The boy flinched so hard, he hit the robber’s chin with the back of his head, “Sorry! S-sorry! I-I-I d-didn’t mean -”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Peter!” Ned yelled, pulling his friend backwards as the masked robber fell forward, his gun still slightly raised at the boy whom he’d thought was trying to be a hero. 

The robber’s partner was being taken into custody as the boys were approached by a tall, curly haired girl in ripped jeans and a custom t-shirt that read in blood-like print, ‘but screw your courage to the sticking place and we’ll not fail.’

“… MJ?” Peter gaped, “Birth happy day! Day birth happy! I mean, happy birthday!”

“Age is just a number. And close your mouth, Neutron, you’ll catch flies,” she spoke without malice and maybe even a tinge of concern, “You okay?”

The boy looked down, patted himself and mumbled, “No new holes.”

“I’m Ned,” said the chubby boy, “You must be the girl.”

The girl?” for an explanation, MJ looked to Peter, who muttered, “Don’t mind him,” in a very pointed way.

Read on Ao3 :)

A/N: A badass MJ by the talented @maxyartwork​!! 

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flustered || peter parker x reader

summary: peter decides to flirt with the new avenger, y/n. he doesn’t expect her to flirt back and fluster him, making him realize he needs to get the upper hand.

word count: 2831 words

request:  can you do a peter x flirty reader where at first peter is flirting buts the reader flirts back making him flustered?

a/n: the BIGGEST thank you to the loml @drusilla-as-in-blackthorn who helped and co-wrote this fic with me! she has some amazing fics, go check her out!

warnings: making out, sexual tones, swearing, sam and bucky being sam and bucky.

masterlist || co-writer


i do not own any gifs used. all credits go to the original creator.

“Just be cool man. We practiced for hours, she’ll totally be into it.”

Ned’s voice echoed in Peter’s head like a tape stuck on loop as he entered the Avengers Compound. He puffed out his chest as he stepped into the elevator, trying to assert some sort of confidence within him to prepare himself for what he was about to do.

Steve had called for an Avengers training session today, which meant Peter got to see you again. He’d first met you during a robbery in Queens where he’d gotten tangled up. The thieves would’ve gotten away had you not shown up and ever since that day, he’d been in awe of you.

When he found out you were an Avenger too, he swore he felt his stomach do flips. His crush on you began shortly after meeting you those six months ago and is still very much there. For a while, Peter didn’t know what to do about it, but around two weeks ago Ned convinced the boy to go old school and try the one tactic ‘all the ladies loved’, and that was flirting.

He was skeptical at first, but he eventually figured he’d give it a try. And so Peter spent the whole of the night before googling pick-up lines and watching ‘flirting 101’ videos on YouTube in preparation for today. He was satisfied with his research and felt confident.

As the elevator doors opened, he took bold steps towards the rest of the team and waited for instructions from Steve. Not everyone had showed up, but you were there, leaning against a wall as your fingers mindlessly played with each other, your eyebrows furrowed as you listened to what Steve was saying. He felt his breath falter as he looked at you, you wore simple grey sweats and a ‘Stark Industries’ tank top. It was a simple outfit but for some reason Peter couldn’t take his eyes off of you. Your eyes eventually wandered towards the boy, noticing his stare. You gave him a light wink, causing his cheeks to stain red, his eyes immediately looking away.

After the briefing, Steve announced today’s training would consist of sparring in pairs. Peter silently pleaded as he grouped everyone together and he felt his heart jump when Steve announced he would be paired with you.

Everyone made their way over to their assigned partners and he watched as you walked up to him. He mentally prepared himself, taking a deep breath as you approached. He was ready.

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uhhh so i wrote this super long ago…i was in like 6th grade and i thought tom holland was the most beautiful being on this planet so i wrote this. had to edit it a whole lot, but ig i’m happy with it. don’t really like tom holland anymore tho, i discovered girls and woah. 

warnings: curses, school 🤮 

꧁ ••••••••••••••••★••••••••••••••• ꧂ 

as the last period bell rings, you shoot up from your desk to go find your best friend, peter parker. you just finished chemistry, and understood exactly none of it. peter, on the other hand, was a chemical genius, which was why you were running. running so you could find peter and get good grades. you were getting good grades so you could get into collage and get a job and make money and go to the most amazing place in the world…. now that you were thinking about it again, you realized anywhere would be paradise as long as peter was there. but you quickly shook the thought out of your head and rushed to find your friend. as you frantically blasted through the halls, you hear a familiar voice. “hey! (y/n)! looking for someone?” you skidded to a stop and spun around on your heels. peter. “found you. finally.” you said breathlessly. “i need help with chem. your place, 6-ish?” peter gave a small smile and turned around. “yeah. my place, 6-ish”

later… (5:43)

you turn around for the thousandth time and look at yourself in your full-body mirror. you think to yourself, i don’t need to look like a model. it’s just studying. aka the best time to make your move. still staring at the girl in your mirror, you hear a knock on your window. spider-man. once again. you waltz over to you window and open it. “looking nice. goin somewhere fancy tonight?” you looked at him and sighed. “no, just peter’s apartment. nothing special.” but it was special. you were head over heels for peter, and any moment spent with him was another moment of time well spent. “why you all dressed up for him?” you thought for a second. he really couldn’t tell? you looked at your feet and told him, “because i like him. you didn’t realize that?” he looked back at you with a blank face, not saying a word. “oh. that’s cool. anyways, i’ve got to go. i’ll, um, catch you later.” and with that, he was gone. why was he so weirded out by that? pushing those thoughts into the back of your mind, you looked back at yourself in the mirror. why were you all dressed up for him? it’s not like he liked you back. you ripped your dress off and threw a hoodie and sweatpants on. you twirled your hair into a messy bun and decided that was enough. as you grabbed your books and headed for the door, you quickly glanced back at the mirror. you still had makeup on. debating whether or not to take it off, you settled for a yes. you walked into your bathroom and wiped it all off. better, you thought. after all, it’s only studying.


upon arriving at peter’s apartment, you see a cat. a black one. great, you thought, just great. as you near his door, you hear music. and then you hear peter singing. you could listen for days. after a minute of enjoying his voice, you knock. the singing ends and the music stops. peter opens to door wearing a tight gray shirt that shows off his abs. damn. you’d never realized he was that ripped. he’d always worn baggy hoodies and sweatshirts. upon seeing you, he smiles. “hey (y/n).” since you know he doesn’t want to say come in, you let yourself in. “hey peter.” you sit down on his small couch and unload your books. peter asks if you want water. you say no. “alrighty then. so what were you confused about? um, chemistry-wise.” you roll your eyes at him. “uh, just about everything. that’s why i came over you moron.” he laughs. “tell me about it. okay, well this and that and blah blah blah…..” you aren’t paying any attention to what he’s saying. just staring at him. “(y/n)? you good?” you looked at him, and then at the clock. 7:03. shit. how long were you staring for? “yeah…i’m fine.” he looked down for a while. then he finally spoke. “good. because i have to tell you something.” oh shit. shitshitshitshitshit. “uh, yeah. um, go for it.” was he going to say what you were hoping for? “i, um, i, i…..have a cold.” oh. well. what was he going to say? “okay. sucks. do you want me to g-“ peter stopped you before you could finish. “NO. i mean, you can stay it’s not a bad one *cough cough*” why the hell was he being so weird? “oh. well i’ve actually got to go. i’ve got to wake up early for volleyball practice. i’ll see you tomorrow.” he looked at you for a long time. then he looked down. “okay. see you,” he said, very quietly. it hurt to see him sad. was he sad for the reason you were hoping for? no. he couldn’t have been. it was just a study session. just a study session.

tomorrow… (at school)

before first period started, you saw peter. you smiled and waved. he jogged over and smiled at you. “hey (y/n)! how was volleyball?” you look at him and frown. you shouldn’t have lied. “um, good. i’m kinda sore though.” he nods and the bell rings. “well, i’ll see you later peter” he salutes you and turns to leave. off to math. you spend the entire period doodling. and the next. the next. and break and lunch and all your other classes. damn it. why was he so gorgeous? no. he was your best friend. you couldn’t think about him like that. it was wrong. and gross. you walk home and throw yourself on the couch. you hadn’t even had a moment of rest before spider-man is at your window. you groan, but open it. “and how can i help you on this fine day? would you like some water? maybe a croissant?” he doesn’t laugh. he looks right at you and says, “i have something to tell you. it’s been killing me, and i can’t keep it a secret from you any longer.” you avert your eyes from him and quietly laugh. he heard. “i’m serious, (y/n). i really am.” you stop giggling and look at him with the straightest face you can muster up. “shoot.” he grabs your hand and you pull him inside. your heart flutters at the small movement. he closes the window and then the blinds. then he looks at you and says, “don’t. freak. out. okay?” you nod slowly. then he pulls his mask off. you audibly gasp at who looks back at you. “peter?” holy fucking shit. “you can’t be serious” he glances back at you and you can tell he’s serious. then he says something you weren’t ready for. “i’ve got one more surprise.” then he takes a deep breath and looks at you with the smallest smile. “i like you.” and at that you blink. once. twice. and then you fall. barely, but enough to where you can’t catch yourself. but peter does. and then your vision went black.

you wake up with an ice pack with water in it on your head. the ice has already melted. alright. you sit up and look around. you’re in your house, and peter is sitting on the floor because you were laying on the couch, and taking up all the room. adorable. he could’ve moved your legs but he didn’t. peter is also wearing a spider-man outfit. that’s right. he is spider-man, and he likes you back. now that’s a surprise. peter looks up at you and lays you back down. you look up at him. at his brown eyes, his curly mane of hair, his full lips…”now that is not how i expected you to take the news.” you shake your head and sit up once more. this time he lets you stay up. he sits down next to you on the couch. “so…was it good or bad news?” you look at him, you eyes the size of saucers. “good. definitely good.” he looks down and smiles ever so slightly. it’s adorable. now that you’re awake fully, you push him off the couch and onto the floor. then as he stands up you push him back down and grab his hair. you pull his head back so he is looking right at you. you let go and crouch down until you are just above eye level with him. then you grab his face and hold it in your hands. you both lean towards each other until your lips meet. his hand moves from the ground to your back, to your neck. his hands are soft. why are they so soft? he pulls away. he stands and leaves you on the ground, staring up at him. he pulls his mask back on and opens your blinds, then your window. he climbs onto the windowsill and looks back at you. “my house. friday. 7:30. be there.” and with that, he was gone, leaving you all alone, and absolutely starstruck. ✰ 

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I’m going to try my hand at something new and try to write a soulmate au series for Peter. I am already acknowledging that it isn’t good but it’s the best I can do with the skills I currently have so I am going to try. I am currently planning on having it be around 5 parts maybe more depending on how long the parts are (part 1 is really short right now). But yeah!! 

On Monday I will post part 1. 

For now here is the link to my other Peter fic: I Really Need You  (: 

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Pairing: Peter Parker x teenage!reader

Request: I had this adorable scenario in my head where Peter and the reader are dating. Y/N gets a new White English Cream Retreiver puppy named Quill and she brings it to him at the compound. Peter takes her on tour while she’s there but they end up loosing the puppy and panicking bc no one else knows about it.

Warnings: Absolute fluff! 

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: @awesomea353​ thank you so much for this cute request!! I changed it a little because writers block has been hitting me really hard lately but I hope you like it all the same and I hope I did your imagination justice! Love to know what you think! <3 


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Break Every Rule 

You couldn’t wait to show Peter your new puppy.

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Secret Admirer

(Updated 6/22/2020)


Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Rating: Fluff

Story Summary: Peter Parker’s life is as normal as any other teenager. The main obstacle in his life? Y/n. They’ve been best friends since they were kids, and told each other everything. Well, almost everything. Maybe not the fact that Peter’s been desperately in love with her since they were kids and her father is his mentor. Oh- and Y/n just so happens to be in love with his Superhero alter ego, which wouldn’t be much of a problem if she wasn’t Tony Stark’s (adopted) daughter. So, suffice to say: Peter’s been keeping a pretty big secret from her, and now it seems like it’s only a matter of time until she finds out.

Warnings: Language, minor-violence, suggestive themes/language, alcohol consumption.

Need to know: The events of Infinity Wars happened but Tony and Steve are still alive. (It’ll be explained in the story.) The events of Far From Home happened, still in very similar fashion, but it’s past that and not important.

A/n: This is the Masterlist for the series.

Final Word Count: N/A

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Just Another Night

Peter Parker x y/n Fluff

A/N: Hey friends, I was really craving some sweet Peter blurbs so I wrote one. Hope you enjoy!


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It was 11:00 at night, you saw your alarm clock strike the number and you sighed. Normally Peter would have been here by now if he was going to come over, so you went ahead and closed your window and crawled into bed. As soon as you got situated and comfortable, your eyes falling closed slowly to let sleep take you for the night, you heard the all too familiar sound of your window sliding open. You smiled and turned over to see Peter climbing in and closing it behind him.

“Hey baby, I’m sorry, did I wake you?” He pulled his mask off of his face as you answered, “No, I was just about to call it a night. I thought you might not be coming tonight.” He smiled and kissed your forehead before sitting down next to you. “Just a long night, these two guys robbed an ATM before I was going to head over here.” You nodded, understanding that the safety of the city always comes first. You never really minded though, you knew how important it was to Peter, and how important Peter was to this city. Plus, you got him all to yourself most nights, and whenever he wasn’t busy being Spider-Man.

You leaned your head on his shoulder and tried to breathe him in before inevitably getting a whiff of just how strong he smelled and laughed, pulling your head back and covering your nose. “You need to shower!” Your voice came out nasally and it made Peter laugh before kissing your forehead again. “Yeah I know, it’s a tight suit. Come with me?” You nodded and stood up, helping him remove his suit to be thrown in the wash in the morning. Peter started the shower and hopped in as you got undressed and followed him in. The steam was hot on your body while you watched him stand under the shower head, arms seemingly too tired to begin the process. You laughed and helped him run his head under the water before reaching for his shampoo bottle and squeezing some into your hands.

“You’re too good to me, y/n.” You grinned and kissed his cheek before replying, “Never,” as you started to rub the shampoo into his hair. You chuckled for a moment when you struggled to break through all of the gel in his hair, somehow it seemed it was fighting back as you tried to clear it out. “Jeez Pete, how much gel do you use?” He let out a loud laugh and ran a hand through his hair, seemingly understanding the struggle himself. “Hey, what can I say?” He tried his most ridiculous sounding Italian accent that had you giggling like a child.

After the battle with his gel was over, you ran his soap over his body, stopping to clean at scars that you knew would be gone by the morning, but couldn’t prevent yourself from taking care of anyways. You directed him to stand under the stream again as you helped guide the soap off of his body, kissing the newly cleaned skin as the water spilled over him. The two of you stayed like that for sometime before finally turning the water off and wrapping Peter in a towel. “I’m going to go make the bed, okay?” He nodded and kissed you for a long moment before allowing you to exit back to your bedroom. By the time he walked in you had your fan blowing, the lights out, and his favorite pillow set up on his side of the bed. You pulled out a pair of boxers and one of his t-shirts that you hadn’t already worn to bed this week for him to put on and he happily accepted your help in putting them on.

He climbed into the bed and you snuggled up next to him, laying your head on his chest and kissing a bright purple and red bruise that was already fading away. “I’m glad you came home tonight, Pete. I love you.”

“I love you too, y/n.”

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Hi sweet, lovely anon, here’s part 1 (which you may have read if you’re the same anon). for anyone who’s confused, this is a normal au where MJ is obviously the vigilante and peter is the concern significant other :)

The strange girl was right, he thought, “Why do I bother?”

He could pretend he was being a good wingman - a good friend - but the fact of the matter was that as soon as Shuri realized she could recite Liz’s entire wardrobe from memory, she made sure her not-so-little crush was well on its way to becoming a solid relationship. 

So Peter told Shuri he was leaving when Flash finally picked the lock on the booze cabinet. As an excuse, he said he had an appointment with Ned to build a Death Star in Minecraft, which didn’t sound like a bad idea at all. 

The boy didn’t make it three steps from the front door before a quiet squeak came from above the porch, followed by a thud and a scrape. 

“Who’s there?” he looked up.

“Oh, hi,” the girl with the frilly pink dress over her t-shirt and jeans waved, cell phone in hand, “I’m Michelle, but my friends would’ve been allowed to call me MJ.”

Peter had a million questions in his mind and for some reason, the first to be spoken was, “‘Would’ve been?’”

“Yeah,” she climbed down the trellis with a little grunt, “You know, if I actually had any.”


MJ picked her bike up off the lawn. At least, Peter assumed it was her bike. 

“Hey, you’re not, like, a thief or anything, right?”

“No. I’m investigating a thief,” she pointed towards the house.

“The Toomes?”

“Adrian Toomes. There are some discrepancies in his construction company’s inventory. Daily Beagle got an anonymous tip and apparently, unlike a lot of other crap we get, it checks out.”

“Daily Bugle?" 

"Ew, no, they’re a shame to the journalism community. It’s Beagle. Like the dog.”

“Because you guys sniff out the truth?”

“Or maybe I’m just rabid for blueberries.”

Peter blinked, “Was… that a Fantastic Mr. Fox reference?”

“My entire aesthetic is a Wes Andersen film, so yes.”

“So… you’re working all alone?”

“Why? Do we have a problem, Jimmy Neutron?” MJ advanced on him so they were toe to toe and she was a good bit taller than he was. 


She pointed at his “Gotta Blast” t-shirt.

“Oh, yeah, I mean, no. No, we don’t have a problem. But you could… use a lookout, maybe? Someone to make sure you don't… I don’t know, fall off a roof?”

“Eh,” she shrugged, rubbing her elbow, “I’m good.”

He saw the blood dripping down the length of her arm and proceeded to lecture her on the precise methods of infection on a cellular level until she gave in and let him lead her back into the house for a first aid kit.

“I’m still going after him,” said MJ.

“I never suggested you stop,” replied Peter, “Liz doesn’t have anything to do with it, though, right?”

“No, I’ve eliminated her and your friend who’s sweet on her as suspects.”

“Er, thanks, I guess?” he finished bandaging her up. 

She hopped off the bathroom counter, all lanky limbs and unbothered shuffling, “What’s your name, kid?”

“We’re literally the same age, probably.”

“I never said I wasn’t a kid.”

Oh, she was off-beat, alright. But there was something awfully easy about talking to her. So he said, “I’m Peter.”

“I could use a good lookout, Peter.”

“As long as we’re not stealing anything.”

MJ made no such assurances.


The girl crossed her spindly arms.

“Anything I wouldn’t want my aunt to know about?”

“Oh, please, like she’s never gotten up to anything in her day!” MJ wrenched the door open and the bubblegum pop music from the party filled their ears once more.

“She -” actually, May probably had gotten up to everything in her day, “Whatever, let’s go before I change my mind.”

“Excellent. You’re riding on the handle bars.”

And so it happened that Peter stood still as a statue outside a trailer office in midtown, plain black hoodie shadowing his pale face. 

“Hey, Neutron, you wouldn’t happen to go to the fancy STEM high school up the block, would you?” asked MJ from inside said trailer.

“Listen, I would love to get to know you better, but maybe now isn’t the time nor the place?”

“It’s a simple yes or no question,” she hummed.

Peter could hear more file cabinets opening and closing. They’d be there a while. “I used to.”

“What happened?”

My uncle died. “I have ADHD.”

“Yeah, but what happened?”

The boy shrugged. “Nothing.”

“Nothing?” MJ cast the beam of her phone flashlight about the room.

“Yeah. I couldn’t do anything.” I was there with him and I couldn’t stop it.

“The pace wasn’t good?”

“Do you go there?”

“Used to,” she replied, “Now I’m homeschooled.”

“Do you like it?” his question was met with silence, “MJ?” still no answer, “MJ!” he hissed peeking into the trailer.

“He’s stealing material from his supplier, Stain Industries, but he puts it towards like… fifteen different pro bono projects. Someone’s roof here, another’s basement, he re-built a homeless shelter after a fire…”

“Robin Hood, the carpenter, huh?”

“Whoever sent me the tip is onto him too. Most likely, it’s someone from Stain Industries,” MJ ripped a piece of paper from a notebook, “I’m going to leave him a warning to lay low for a bit or at least cover his tracks better…”

Peter looked out the window of the trailer. The night guard just completed another careless pass. He turned back to his partner in crime. “Is that supposed to be a dog?”

“It’s a beagle,” she told him pointedly.

“You’re a great artist,” he deadpanned.

“Like you could do better under pressure.”

“I draw chemical models and anatomically correct comics all day, this is nothing,” Peter took the ballpoint pen and drew a very convincing beagle, “Now, let’s get out of here. You’re taking the handle bars this time.”

“Suit yourself.”

He couldn’t see over her head and struggled to ride in a straight line.

“Okay back there?”

Peter sighed in defeat, “I’ll take the handle bars.”

They switched places and made it back to Queens just shy of midnight.

“Peter, was that a girl, I saw?” in jest, May pointed out the largest window in their apartment, from which she had the perfect view of the street.

“May,” he whined.

“What?” she smiled innocently before practically skipping towards him, where he was still shucking off his sneakers at the door, “Tell me, tell me, spare no details!”

“Her name is MJ and she’s weird but cool. She can’t draw and pedals a bike like a madwoman.”

May liked her already.

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brainwashed || peter parker x reader

summary: after being brainwashed by Hydra, Y/N is sent on a mission to kill her boyfriend and the spiderman.

word count: 1840 words

request: Hiya could I request something with Peter where the reader (his gf) is mind controlled into killing him! Maybe they all live at avengers tower and he’ll breaks lose when she starts attacking him and they realize she’s been brain washed but he refuses to fight her back! Super angsty maybe but you can take it where you like!

a/n: i had to google how long it takes to die from strangulation and my mom saw and lectured me about violence so please enjoy.

warnings: angst, injury, violence, brainwashed reader, swearing.



i do not own any gifs used. all credits go to the original creator.

Her mind felt vacant. Empty.

Occasionally a bit of familiarity would peek out of the nothingness in her head but every time she’d reach to grasp for it, it would fade back into the void. At first it was frustrating, she couldn’t remember a thing. There was absolutely nothing in her mind, nothing to tell her why she was stood outside a very very tall tower in New York and nothing to tell her why the image of a brown haired boy was engraved in her head. Nothing except one thought, the thought that wouldn’t stop running through her mind over and over again:

Kill the Spider Man.

 She stepped into the building, the tremendous beams of yellow light inside it heavily contrasting the quiet dark streets outside the building. Her feet carried her across the vacant room, a cold wave rushing over her as she stepped into the elevator. A faint, unfamiliar voice kept pushing its way into her head, telling her to stop, to go back. But she knew what she had to do. She needed to kill Spiderman.  

The elevator door opened, allowing her to step out into a large room. It was mostly empty, a counter jutted from what seemed to be a kitchen a wall along with an expensive refrigerator and stove. The few cardboard boxes scattered around the room along with a couple of empty suitcases made the girl realize someone was moving into the floor.

The room smelled like peppermint accompanied with a faint and familiar cologne. Oddly, the smell reminded her of the unfamiliar voice in her head. The one telling her to go back, to not to go through with the mission engraved in her mind.

“Y/N? Babe, is that you?”

A boy’s voice called out from another room on the floor, interrupting her thoughts, before walking in. Her eyes hardened as they met his brown ones. He stood before her, in a pair of blue pants with a Stark Industries t-shirt clinging to him. Dark circles sat under his eyes. He seemed to notice her cold stare, his face falling.

“Where were you? We’ve been looking for weeks.” He told her, his voice gentle. She didn’t respond. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

She felt her face twitch at his tone as if triggering a softer side of her. But that side wasn’t there anymore. She pulled up a device from her pocket, putting it on and entering a code causing the elevator doors behind her to seal shut and the lights and cameras to die out. The only reasons things weren’t completely dark was because of the lights of the city flooding through the windows.

Peter noticed this, his eyes widening at his girlfriend before him. What was she doing?

He reached his hand out to her. “Why are you-” Before he could finish, the girl came charging at him, a knife in her hand. His eyes widened as he dodged to the left before backing away. “What the hell Y/N?!”

She turned around, her eyes still set in that harsh stare, not a hint of emotion displayed on her face as she charged at him yet again. He dodged out of the way but hadn’t realized that was where she was getting him to step. One of her arms grabbed his shoulder and the other lifted the knife up, moving to push it the area above his heart. He moved his hand to grab it, his eyes laced with worry as he looked at the girl before him, scanning her empty eyes and clenched jaw before landing to the area above the crook of her neck.

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Sleep Tight


Originally posted by theyebrow

hi guys!! this is for a writing challenge run by @iguessweallcrazyithinktho ! i’m doing prompt #81 with peter parker! please enjoy!😊

81. “Steal the blankets again and I’ll put my cold feet on you.”

Warnings: absolutely none, purely fluff and comedic material

10:30 PM

“Alright look,” Tony huffed in Peter’s doorway as he cast a shadow over the floor. “I don’t want to hear any funny business in here tonight. You two have a big day with us tomorrow and I don’t need to be looking after two tired children, got it?” He verified seriously as he studied you intensely. You and Peter nodded, trying to hold back laughter.

“You’ll have no trouble from us Mr. Stark,” you replied with a hint of sarcasm. Tony raised an eyebrow before turning around to make his way out.

“And I don’t need anyone getting pregnant in here! Good night!” Tony added quickly before closing the door, leaving you and Peter in light only provided by the moon. You exploded in laughter as Peter fidgeted awkwardly.

Tony had finally decided to let the two of you have a sleepover in Peter’s room. The two of you had been dating for three months, but Tony knew how guys worked. Peter wasn’t the normal high school boy and you were smarter than to allow something mature to happen, and once Tony had completely wrapped his head around that he said okay. (Well, it wasn’t all Tony… it took lots of begging and bothering from you for him to clear the idea.)

You sat with Peter on his bed with the covers pulled up to your laps. You leaned against the headboard and took a couple breaths as you calmed down from laughing.

“Alright, so should we go to sleep now? It is 10:30,” Peter pointed out. You brushed it off and turned on the lamp on top of the nightstand. Peter’s eyes widened and he cocked an eyebrow in confusion.

“Nah, let’s do something fun!” You urged enthusiastically with sparkling eyes. His mouth parted but he had no words to say.

“But (Y/N), you heard Mr. Stark… He needs us on our best game tomorrow and-“

“Oh Peter, sometimes you just gotta live a little,” you explained as you kicked off the cover and made your way over to Peter’s window. He scrambled out of bed and ran up to stand by you. You two looked out high over the bright New York City skyline. You frowned.

“These windows don’t open, I forgot…” you muttered in concentration. You looked up and grabbed Peter’s hand. “Come on, we’re going out to the balcony.” You smiled. Peter bit his lip and tried to pull you back from running. You glared at him as he stared at you nervously, his brown eyes not breaking eye contact.

“Oh dear god, let’s go!” You said, leaving no room for argument. You yanked him along as you opened his door and ran as quietly as you could through the hall and down the stairs.

The rest of Stark Tower was fast asleep in preparation for the mission tomorrow, so it was no trouble making your way out without being seen. The only task you had to do was stay quiet while doing it.

Peter glanced around nervously, worried Tony could pop out at any second and catch you two. He glanced at his hand in yours while continuing to run behind you. He knew you were excited about this and loved nighttime shenanigans, but he felt a strong sense of responsibility of making sure you got to bed at a reasonable time.

You gently opened the glass door that led out to the balcony. You ran up to the edge and let go of Peter’s hand as he came up next to you.

“Alright Peter,” you panted. “How far can you shoot a web?” you asked. He scoffed slightly in disbelief, shaking his head.

“We’re doing this? R-Right now?”

“Right now,” you confirmed. He rolled his eyes as he reluctantly grabbed his web shooter out of his pocket. You watched him closely in fascination as he shot webs as far as he could into the night.

11:11 PM

After a little more than thirty minutes of placing bets and shooting webs, the two of you found yourselves back in Peter’s room.

Peter was now on board with staying up late. Wasn’t anything he hadn’t done before. You had become an Avenger after him, so he had more experience in the arena of staying up the night before a mission. And yet you were always more on board with the idea of doing it first.

The two of you layed on the wrong side of his bed and stared at the dark ceiling as you talked about everything and anything below the sun.

“Peter, Peter, do you think Steve has ever had a girlfriend?” You giggled. Peter laughed and ran a hand through his messy brown hair.

“Ah man… I mean, maybe? He’s Captain America!” He reasoned. You shook your head and bit your lip from laughing.

“No no but back in the 40’s he was all lil’ and scrawny and Bucky was the ladies man. Then he became a hot beefcake but he had to be frozen aND DIDN’T WAKE UP UNTIL LIKE WHAT, 9 YEARS AGO?” You basically screamed as you laughed hysterically. Peter covered your mouth to try and hush you as he laughed along.

“Okay okay smash or pass; 40’s Steve,” you asked as you looked at Peter’s figure in the dark. Peter thought for a moment.

“I don’t know about smash, but like, I’d take him to dinner and give him a nice date,” Peter responded. You stared for a moment before the two of you broke out in laughter.

“You’re so weird!” You cackled as you wiped away your tears of laughter. “‘I’d take him out to dinner’ my god Peter! Have you thought about this before?” You asked with a light slap on the shoulder. Peter looked at you and shook his head.

“No, I-“ he tried to interject as he cut himself off with laughter.

“Peter Parker thinks about dating Captain America!” You howled. Peter covered your mouth and shushed you as you both tried to calm down.

“Okay (Y/N), smash or pass Steve now?” Peter asked at a low volume with a curious smirk. You looked at him with wide eyes and an open mouth.

“Oh my god, are you kidding? I’d smash the hell out of him!” You laughed. Peter joined back in and stared at the ceiling. Playing a game like this in the day probably wouldn’t have been a good idea, but nighttime makes people slap happy and they forget about what was said the past night. Plus, Peter knew it was all a game. He would never worry about you actually trying to date a guy nearly 70 decades older than you.

“Would you smash him?” You gasped suddenly and put an arm on his shoulder.

“I mean…” Peter shrugged. You howled uncontrollably.

12:04 AM

“I think it’s time we go to sleep, yeah?” Peter said quietly as you nodded against his chest. The two of you were now on the right side of the bed with pillows scattered everywhere. After you had run out of people in little game last night you had initiated a pillow fight, which ended with you drifting off on Peter’s chest after calling a truce because “(Y/N) you’re going to break a window.”

Peter shifted you off of him slightly and readjusted under the sheets. You and him were now on opposite sides of the bed, connected only by holding hands.

After Peter looked at you sleeping one more time, he exhaled and closed his eyes, finally ready for sleep.

Everything was fine until he rolled over.

“Mph, Peter,” you moaned bitterly, furrowing your eyebrows with your eyes still closed. “Stop hogging up the blankets.” You pulled the warm covers back up around you.

“Sorry, sorry,” he whispered back. Your breathing regulated again as you fell back into sleep. Peter didn’t comprehend things well when he was asleep, therefore shifting away from you and taking the covers with him. You shivered as the cold air whooshed over your body.

“Peter!” you groaned louder, sitting up and just barely opening your eyes. “Stop taking the damn blankets!” You huffed and slammed your head back on the pillow. You weren’t always the happiest when you were trying to get some sleep. You were very irritable and easy to tick off, and poor incompetent Peter was just pushing your buttons.

Peter, thinking it would help, turned around thinking he couldn’t move away from you any more. The problems were, however, he was wrong and there were apparently not enough blankets either.

He moved away and you bolted up in irritation.

“Peter.” You grabbed his shoulders in the darkness and faced him towards you as he startled awake and stared at you. “Steal the blankets again and I’ll put my cold feet on you. Got it?” You snapped. He nodded as you threw yourself back down again and this time wrapped yourself around him so the blankets would always be there.

Moments passed and the blankets stayed, engulfing you with warmth. You felt Peter’s chest raise and lower as you closed your eyes and smiled contently. Finally, you could go to sleep as well.

And as you laid there with your arms wrapped around him, you suddenly started to roll with him towards a direction with a dead end. Thud.


7:15 AM

Tony knocked gently and opened Peter’s door to get you both up.

He blinked a few times when he saw the scene in Peter’s room; you were on the floor with a tangled sheet stretched out from the bed to you as you hugged a pillow, Peter was laying across the bed with his hands and arms hanging out on either side as he layed on top of the sheet that barely covered you. Pillows were scattered all across the floor and a few chunks of polyester layed along a the pillows that had been slightly snagged open.

Tony shook his head and smirked slightly. He walked in and sat at the edge of Peter’s bed, chuckling slightly at you sprawled out on the floor.

Tony reached over and gently shook Peter’s shoulder. “Hey buddy, time to wake up,” he told him. Peter lifted his head and blinked his groggy eyes a few times. He rolled over and tried to comb back his wild brown hair with his hands. He nodded when he realized it was Tony and stretched his arms.

“There we go.” Tony clapped his hands a little before then reaching down to nudge you. “Let’s go (Y/N). Time to hustle,” he said before swiftly walking out. You startled awake and looked around a couple times before remembering where you were and the events of the previous night.

You groaned dramatically as you plopped your face back on the pillow. You heard Peter’s feet drop to the floor as he got up and put his hand on your shoulder.

“Did you sleep well on the floor?” He teased lightly. You whipped around and glared at him.

“You’re a real blanket hog, you know that?” You growled lightly as you sat you reluctantly. Your back hurt slightly from sleeping on the floor and you cursed under your breath, knowing that was going to be a real advantage while fighting.

Peter pulled you up into a hug and you sighed, letting him support all your weight.

“You’re gonna have to work on the blanket thing,” your voice muffled on his shoulder. He laughed before letting you go and walking to the bathroom.

“Who ever said you could sleepover again?” He retorted jokingly. Your laugh dripped with sarcasm as he shot you a playful glance.

“Good one Parker, good one…”

i hope you guys enjoyed! it’s been a minute since i wrote for peter so it was nice to give him some attention😊 thanks so much for reading!🤍 ( @lookalivefrosty )

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Flash was being weird. Well, weirder than usual. Distant. He hadn’t said a mean thing to Peter all day, and when MJ mentioned Spider-Man’s victory the day before, he hadn’t looked up from his sandwich. Betty, MJ, Peter, and Ned exchanged a look. 

Beyond looking exhausted, his lips were turned in a permanent frown. His eyelids drooped. His hair wasn’t moussed back. His nails (normally carefully maintained) were bit to the quick..

He was uncharacteristically silent in class. Instead of having a hand raised near-constantly, he had his head down on his backpack. 

It wasn’t that Flash was usually lively, or the life of the proverbial party— it was that Flash was usually pompous. Even if he was being quiet, Flash was there. He was going live, or tweeting, or doing schoolwork. When he wasn’t being quiet, he was being competitive, urging other to do better, or being an ass.

But now he was neither. He was only half of himself.

He hadn’t tweeted about Spider-Man in two days.

Somehow, this fell on Peter. 

“You should talk to him,” Betty said quietly. They were seated in the back of their English class, their voices low. At the front of the class, their teacher was droning on about some book Peter hadn’t gotten the chance to read. 

“Why me?” Peter asked. “He doesn’t even like me.” 

“You’re the nicest one here,” Betty said.

“Ned is the nicest one,” Peter corrected. She didn’t argue. 

“I think he’d appreciate it,” she said finally. “You should talk to him.”

MJ and Ned said the same thing. 

“I don’t think he likes me very much,” MJ said. Peter balked.

“And he likes me?” He demanded. “You just don’t want to do it!” 

She shrugged.

“He respects you,” Ned said. 

“You’re a horrible liar,” Peter said, but he still looked over at where Flash was pretending to give a shit about gym class. Even in action he seemed lethargic. Peter sighed.

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll talk to him.” 

Peter managed to catch him just as they were exiting last period. Flash moved fast, like he was raring to get out of the classroom. Like he was trying to avoid something. Or someone. 

“Hey, Flash. Wait!” Flash paused just outside the doorway. He turned.

“What, Parker?” He asked, but if he was trying to be snippy, his tone fell flat. He just sounded tired. 

“I wanted to… are you alright?” Peter asked. He stepped between the two classroom doors as people started leaving. “You seem quiet.” 

“I’m fine,” Flash said, and he moved to turn away again when Peter said,

“You can come talk to me, you know.” Flash looked like he was struggling not to roll his eyes. “I know we aren’t really—“ friends “close, but if you… if something’s wrong, I’m here.” 

“Thanks,” Flash said, just barely loud enough for Peter to hear. “Look, I gotta—“ he pointed down the hall with his thumb. Peter nodded. 

“Yeah— see you later.” 

That was Wednesday. On Friday, Flash was still eerily quiet. 

No one urged Peter to talk to him the second time, he did it on his own. He found him right before lunch, standing in front of his locker and staring at his phone, face set into a frown. When Peter stepped up beside him, he didn’t even greet him. He just waited for Flash to notice him and take an AirPod out to say,

“You should come over tonight. My aunt’s boyfriend is coming over, and we’re technically on babysitting detail, but we’re gonna have a game night. It could be fun.” 

Flash regarded him… carefully. Peter expected him to laugh, or make a cutting remark about how he has better things to do than help Peter earn babysitting money, but instead he was quiet for a long moment. Finally, he nodded. “Okay.” 

“Okay?” Peter repeated, trying to hide his surprise. 

“Yeah,” Flash said. “Okay. What time?” 

“Seven? I’ll text you my address.” 

Flash gnawed at his lip, nodded. “Sounds good,” he said. “I’ll see you then.” 

For a few seconds, they just stared at each other. Peter swallowed. 

“I’m gonna get to class,” he said finally, and Flash nodded. 

Flash wasn’t at lunch. Peter’s leg bounced under the table. 

Flash stood in the doorway looking uncomfortable at best. He had a fancy bottle clutched in one hand, the other was shoved into his pocket. 

“Hi,” he said awkwardly. 

“Hey!” Peter said, more forcefully than he’d intended. He backed up and opened the door wider. “Come on in,” he said, quieter. 

Flash smiled toothlessly and nodded. As he stepped in, he held the bottle out to Peter. “I brought— thank you for having me.” 

“Thanks.” Peter accepted it. It was a bottle of sparkling apple juice. He bit his tongue to hold in a laugh. 

“Flash! Hi!” May popped her head out of the kitchen. “How are you? It’s nice to see you.” She was grinning. Half of her hair was falling out of her ponytail, and there was some kind of sauce all over the front of her apron. 

And, because she’s May and she has that affect on everyone: Peter saw Flash’s shoulder’s drop just the slightest bit. 

“Thank you for having me,” Flash said. “I really appreciate it.” 

“You’re always welcome!” She emphasized the word ‘always.’ “We’re going to have a few more people than we expected, though. I hope that’s okay.” 

Peter blinked. “Huh?” 

“Tony’s reservations got messed up. They’re going to stay here and join us. He just texted me.” 

“I’ll grab the extra chairs from the closet,” Peter said. “Happy’s still coming, right?”

“He’s their ride,” May said. 

“Can I help with anything?” Flash asked awkwardly, seemingly very aware of the space he was taking up in the middle of their apartment. He looked from May to Peter. His fingers twitched. 

“You can help me,” Peter said. “I’ll show you where the chairs are.”

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