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#spiderman far from home

It’s day 15 of the spideychelle recathon already? Wowee, thanks @spideychelleweek for this awesome event! I wanted to post some underappreciated art blogs today because art deserves all the love!! I think these artists are fairly new to tumblr so make sure you check them out!!

@fiiidakahlo has some really cute stuff like this adorableness!

@artinventor is back on tumblr with some awesome art like this celestial fluff and this hawt colour study 😍

I know there’s many many more spideychelle artists on here (I’m saving plenty for the Art day in a week) but these are just a couple I have been enjoying recently 😇

Make sure you reblog creators work people grrr

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To them who commented their response on my IG…. and you know who you are -.-… you nearly killed me. I choked on a tostada while reading your response. You nearly killed me.

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hey everyone, I’ve never posted about this one here before because I haven’t used tumblr very much and I’m not that familiar with it yet but I have some 8x10 art prints of my drawings available now at 20-25$ ! I have tom and zendaya collections here (I also have arvin russell ones Ive posted before that aren’t pictured here) but if you want one feel free to message me on here however that works or DM me on Instagram (@/artinventor) or twitter (@/artinventcr) I hope y’all have a nice day and thank you for the support!!

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Originally posted by theyebrow

To The Boy With Luv (Tom Holland x Actress!Reader) Series:

1. To The Boy With Luv

- y/n fangirls about kpop phenomenon, bts, on a talk show and tom gets jealous.

- soundtrack: boy with luv - bts

2. Would U Be Mine?

- tom finally musters up the courage to confess to y/n on her birthday.

- soundtrack: would u - red velvet

3. Looks Like a Winter Bear, You Sleep so Happily

- y/n has a rough time at work but she can always count on tom to be there even when he’s a thousand miles away.

- soundtrack: winter bear - bts’ v (kim taehyung)

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