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Sypnosis: This fic was previously written using my oc, Juliette Rogers. Before the snap, in the heat of the moment, Peter confessed his love for y/n. When the two were brought back though, they agreed that they both needed time to adapt to everything that had happened. 8 months later the class take a trip to Europe, and Peter is ready for their break to end.

Part One - Peter comes up with a plan to win Y/N back

Part Two - Peter’s plan comes to a halt when a monster attacks Venice

Part Three - Fury hijacks Peter’s trip while Y/N is left questioning his feelings.

Part Four - Y/N’s had enough of Peter’s secrecy. The class arrive in Prague.

Part Five - Y/N discovers the truth and the pair realise Quentin Beck is a fraud.

Part Six -  Quentin Beck sets his sights on London as the Europe trip comes to an end. Peter only has a few hours to save Europe and tell Y/N how he feels.

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Peter: Have you guys done your daily sacrifice for the day??

MJ: “daily sacrifice for the day”

Ned: it’s Peter, don’t question it.

MJ: That’s not what I mean.

MJ: Isn’t that the definition of daily tho.

Peter: Shh, answer my question, shithead.

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Peter: [looks out the school window]

Peter: [sees an alien invasion occurring]

Peter: [raises his hand] MISS! I- uh- need to used the bathroom!

Teacher: Then you should have gone before class, Peter. It’s my time to instruct.

Peter: but I REALLY need to go! It’s an emergency!

Teacher: It’s only an ‘emergency’ if you need to go to the nurse.

Peter: [stands up, walks over to the stapler, and staples his own hand]



The rest of the students:

Peter: I need to go to the nurse. [walks out the door]

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Vampire!MJ and (just trying this out) Zombie!Peter. I’m not saying he is about to pull out a wooden stake to kill her, I’m just saying he looks kinda pissed. 

And thank you to @bunnyranger761 for giving me the Zombie!Peter idea! (I know the original idea was Frankenstein, but he started looking like a zombie so I just went with it)

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