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#spiderman homecoming
infinitelysordinary · 2 hours ago
spiderman: homecoming au where when aunt may walks in immediately after bed finds out that peter’s spiderman, she thinks that peter and ned were making out. everything is the same except aunt may thinks that peter and ned are dating, and peter and ned accidentally start fake-dating, which, in the most fanfiction of ways, turns into them real-dating
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spider-starry · 10 hours ago
Loki the show makes no sense. Marvel has messed with timelines so much in so many ways but has never addressed any real consequences of them. It feels like the tva only exists in the universe now as a simple plot convenient way assist Loki in a way that can counter Loki's powers.
There were just so many ways they could have gone with a show about Loki, I'm just disappointed in the one they came up with beacuse the tva ruins so much of the stakes and the tension of the entire series before it.
Idk. There's still 3 more episodes so maybe it will get better anonnie. Personally I'm enjoying the Loki series! I think the main problem the MCU has is with it's timeline is just with what they ended up doing for Steve. Also that hiccup that made with Spider-Man homecoming with the begining scene stating it had been eight years later when that's not the case. Basically Marvel has dropped the ball a lot. But at least we get Bi chaotic Loki🙃🙃
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crazyshay-gay · a day ago
Part 1 of my Wrong Number Kid rewrite is out now!
Young Peter Parker finally decided to go to a highschool party. Even though he's tried to stay clear of parties in fear someone would figure out he's trans, he decided to join his friends at the party after they begged him to go to one for the past few months. But what happens when Flash Thompson gives his crush the number but writes down the number wrong? What happens when the number Flash gives Peter actually ends up being Tony Starks phone number?
This fic contains:
~Trans Peter Parker (ftm)
~FlashPeter (Peter x Flash)
~Tom Holland spiderman
Trigger warnings:
~mention of suicide/self harm
~mentions of religion
Chapter 1 out now! words in part 1: 1,309 more parts to come!
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neverlandwolf · 2 days ago
Aunt May Spider-Man No Way Home Coloring Page
Tumblr media
Aunt May in the Spider-Man Homecoming film, played by Marisa Tomei, stole the attention of fans. Peter Parker's aunt looked stylish like a teenager.
No wonder Happy Hogan and even Tony Stark were attracted to her. In the third Spider-Man film 'No Way Home', Marisa Tomei returns as Aunt May.
As we all know, the real identity of Peter Parker was revealed by Mysterio and spread by J. Jonah Jameson in his online media, Daily Bugle. It is interesting to see what Aunt May will do to protect her nephew.
I tried to make an Aunt May coloring page and I hope you guys like it. Happy Coloring.
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vampireoutofbusiness · 2 days ago
Hi, Ms. Parker
Pairing: peter x reader
Warnings: none but a tiny sex reference because what would something written by me be without one??
Request: Could you write about may meeting reader and her first initial reaction- seeing how she changed Peter and made him happy
Synopsis: The time has come to meet May, you're adorable boyfriend's aunt
a/n: look at that, I'm not posting something at 4 am for once
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
When Peter told you he wanted to introduce you to his aunt, you didn’t think much of it. Yes, it was kind of a big deal to meet the “parent” of the boy you’re dating, but the nervousness flooding through your body wasn’t something you expected. You thought you might even be more nervous than Peter was to meet your parents, which is saying something.
He could barely get a word out, accidentally called your dad “dad”, and could barely make eye contact. He didn’t even notice until later when you asked why he looks at you every time he said something.
Now, tonight it was your turn and you felt your stomach doing flips as you raced around your room.
“You’ve changed three times,” Peter sighed as you held up a new shirt in the mirror, “All are good options, just pick one,” “Peter, if I don’t make a good impression- this color is awful, why’d I buy that?”
“Y/n,” he got off of your bed wrapped his arms around your waist, “I promise you will, just wear that black shirt with jeans you had on two outfits ago,”
“Yes, really, we have to go or we’ll be late,”
You listened and quickly finished getting ready. Your leg bobbed up and down the entire cab ride to Peter and May’s apartment.
“Relax, she’ll love you,” he rested his hand on your leg in an attempt to calm your nerves.
“Or, she could think I’m a dumb ass who has no business being with her nephew,” you murmured and turned to look out the window.
“She’s not like that and she knows how much I like you so she will too,” he reassured you.
The car pulled up to the complex and Peter paid the driver before you got out. Your boyfriend kept his hand on your lower back the entire way from the sidewalk to his door, making small circles to slow your breathing.
He opened the door for you and you hesitantly stepped into the apartment where a strong smell of chicken filled your nose.
“Hi,” a woman came over to you from the kitchen, wrapping her arms around you, “so good to meet you, I’m May,”
Her long hair fell to her mid-arm and she had kind, brown eyes like her nephew. You immediately felt comfortable around her.
“Oh- you too, I’m Y/n but Peter probably told that,” you sputtered out as you hugged her back, a few butterflies leaving your stomach.
“Yes, he won’t shut up about you. I can see why,” she smiled and Peter’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink, as did yours.
“What are you cooking?” You asked, peering into the kitchen where many utensils and ingredients were splayed out on the counter.
“Shit- chicken,” May ran back to the kitchen, trying to fan it and Peter chuckled, “I hope you like chicken Alfredo pasta, but it might just be pasta at this point,”
“Yeah, I do,” you nodded and felt Peter lean down to your ear.
“She likes you,” he whispered and you rolled your eyes.
He helped you out of your coat and smoothed out your hair caused by the winter static.
“Maybe you should help her?” You gritted your teeth when you saw the overly cooked chicken start to smoke.
“Yep,” he patted your back and made his way over to his aunt.
He gave you a thumbs up when he poked at it with a fork, proud of his contribution. Then, dealt with the pasta, seeing how much water was starting to boil over.
“Maybe we should order takeout,”
“I’m sure it’s fine May,” Peter looked over at the charred chicken breast and tilted his head to the side, “Okay, what about…what about pizza?”
“Good idea, does that sound good Y/n?” May asked, tossing the chicken in the trash can after it cooled off a little.
You stopped looking around their apartment and darted your eyes back to them, quickly nodding your head.
“Alright, we can order from that new place up the street,” May grabbed her phone and looked up the number of the pizza restaurant.
You sat on the couch as May ordered dinner, Peter sitting next to you while you absentmindedly played your fingers.
“Okay, they’re fast,” May sat in a chair across from the two of you and took a deep breath, “Peter, why don’t you go grab it and Y/n can help me clean up here?” She looked from you to Peter, receiving nods from both of you.
You were screaming inside of your head that you would have to be left alone with her. Of course, she seemed very sweet and welcoming. Her motherly nature made you feel comfortable.
However, you didn’t know what to say or do. What if you fucked up and she didn’t like you? Your thoughts raced as Peter kissed you on the cheek before grabbing his coat and heading out the door.
“So what have you and Peter been up to?”
“Nothing much, we usually spend time at the tower or eating,” you answered and May chuckled.
Good job.
“You know I have to say how much better he’s been doing,” she gave you a warm smile and you cocked your head.
“Better?” “Because of you,” she folded her arms, “he used to be so out of sorts, even when he seemed happy. When he told me about you, all became clear. I rarely see him without some kind of smile on his face and he talks about you nonstop,”
Warmth grew in your chest at the thought of making such a difference to Peter’s mood.
“And after everything, he does for everyone…he’s a lover and I suppose a fighter if we include his alter-ego. But I like that he has someone that loves him for being him- not being the most confident in himself and his anxiety has made meeting new people pretty difficult,”
“Yeah, we don’t talk much about "work" when we're together. I’m more than happy to hear about some guy that he punched in the face but I focus on him, not Spider-man if that makes sense? If he never catches a break, he breaks,” your lips curled into a smile while recalling how happy he was when you helped him shower last night, washing away the dried blood and shampooing his hair.
Your smile got bigger when you remembered what happened after.
“Thank you, Y/n,” she reached for your hand, squeezing it tight, “my boy is genuinely smiling because of you and that’s all I ask for,”
“Sometimes I think he does more for me than I can do for him,”
“Still, you seem to be a good match,” she let go of your hand and smoothed out her shirt, “what do you say we clean up my path of destruction in the kitchen,”
“Sounds good,”
Taglist: @imawhoreforu @avengersbitch @criminalyetminimal
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mistressimagined · 2 days ago
can u do parker peter?
yes i can! first writing done in a while. not a big fan of the outcome but hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When Peter had applied for the job at Daily Bugle, he figured his life would be a bit more relaxed. While he didn’t really need to work (Tony offered to pay for everything and anything he and Aunt May would need), Peter had wanted to experience something normal for once in his life. Being a superhero wasn’t an average teenage thing, but having a job certainly was. And besides, getting some more money was always a plus. As his luck would have it, the Daily Bugle added more stress to his life.
First, Peter had to deal with was his boss, J. Jonah Jameson. The man saw great potential in Peter as a photographer. He also saw a great lack of potential in Spider-man, and he wanted Peter to collect as much dirt on the popular neighborhood hero. Of course that became a problem since Peter and Spider-man were one in the same, but Peter had ended up accepting Jameson’s task despite the shortcomings (a huge mistake on his part).
Second, Peter was supposed to be in two places at once during the most dangerous parts of his days. Anytime there was a crime that required the involvement of Spider-man, Peter was expected to take photos for the papers. And seeing as Peter was Spider-man, that part of his job was draining. Most time Peter would snag a quick selfie in costume and later explain to Jameson how the superhero had taken the camera to shoot a photo himself. That, in turn, made Jameson despise the red and blue hero even more, which just added more pressure to Peter’s undercover life.
And third—his biggest problem yet—you. Peter had been assigned as your photographer since he started the job. And you were dedicated your job, which Peter really admired. If push came to shove and Peter needed a partner on the side, he’d have to go for you. You were fearless with your interviews and never held back. The few times Peter had managed to watch you interview, he had been struck in awe at your polite aggression. You poked for answers and didn’t stop prodding until your questions were properly answered. It wasn’t a problem to watch, but it was a problem to be the one interrogated. And you liked to interrogate Spider-man the most. Which was not good for Peter.
He already had a big crush on you and the only somewhat good thing about being your photographer was that he got to be near you and never be under your fire. Peter had no problem being by you when you weren’t focused on him. As Spider-many that was a different story. All your attention is on the hero and Peter finds it hard not to stubble his wording when your eyes somehow manage to pierce his through the mask. He always felt awkward and his sudden rush of sweat whenever you asked your questions made his suit clammy. He’d have to remind himself he was Spider-man and forcefully straighten himself up to seem more confident, despite the anxious tapping of his fingers on his own thigh. Finishing your wave of questions, you’d always flip your notepad over and flash Peter a bright smile and thanks. Yeah, Peter was thankful for the mask. He’s sure his face was bright as a tomato every time you did it, and you’d do it all the time.
“Until next time, Spider-man.” You’d say before walking away. And Peter always had to gulp before responding to insure his voice wouldn’t crack.
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ren-therose · 3 days ago
Stuck In the Web (PT. 2)
Peter Parker X Stark!Reader (WC: 2.9k)
Summary: Peter learns about the guilt that Y/N carries after letting down their mentor.
Warnings: Spoilers up to FFH, cursing
A/N: I love causing myself and others pain. We will start getting some more fluff after this...I think...
Tumblr media
Peter and you were both sitting across from the other on the floor, staring in silence as the sun continued to pass through the windows. Needless to say, seeing Tony, even if as hologram, was a little traumatizing. But what you revealed after was just as difficult.
"Are you ready to explain how you caused Mysterio?" Peter said slowly, not wanting to set you off again.
You placed your face in your hands with a sigh, shaking your head back and forth as you groaned. "Peter, it is so much more complicated than that".
"How is it complicated? Is he secretly your birth dad or something?"
You started laughing. "What is with you and who my dad is? Lemme guess, dead father figure syndrome." You slap your hand across your mouth, realizing that those words actually came out of your mouth.
Peter raised an eyebrow, his mouth pulling into a surprisingly devilish look. "Well, look who's talking? Besides, I have three dead father figures."
You muffle a snort behind your hand before shooting back, "Funny, me too". You both blink at each other before stifling your laughs. "Dude, this is so not funny," you giggle.
He coughs to mask his own laugh. "No, you're right it isn't funny."
"Are we too dark?" you say with a soft sigh, an unfortunate smile playing on your lips.
"Nah, we have enough trauma to justify it." You smile at him, knowing that despite the trauma, you were both incredibly strong. You'd seen it first hand.
"So... why is it so complicated?" he pushes once more.
You sit back, leaning against the chair behind you.
"Well, it goes back about seven years ago," you begin, but you're interrupted by Peter.
"Oooh, that's when Mr. Stark stole Quentin's tech; renamed it B.A.R.F, right?"
You roll your neck, the bones cracking with a threat. "Okay, first of all, shut up, please. And yes, that was the same year, but it doesn't have anything to do with this. What else happened that year?"
"Uhhhh, that was the year of my first battle, and when I met...oh..." he trailed off, realizing that it goes back to his beginning.
"Do you remember what Tony did when he first stopped by the apartment and introduced himself?" Peter shook his head.
"It was all kinda a blur, I was in shock a little so I only heard like every other word".
"How Peter of you."
"Excuse me?"
"Nothing. Anyways," you pushed forward, secretly pleased that you had peeved him "He showed those videos of that you thought were from Youtube; and while there was some clips from the interwebs, he was looking a little more personally. But we both know his way of watching isn't as literal as we had always hoped".
He nodded slowly, ensuring the understanding our similar sentiment, though it seems he still couldn't follow.
"You, Peter, were my first mission. I was 14 or 15 when I started, I can't remember. I had been trained by the team for a year, but Tony knew that tensions in the group were rising, with the aftermath of Sokovia and Lagos. He wanted to know about the 'spider-boy' in Queens. So I watched you. I wasn't allowed to interact, or do anything to help you unless absolutely necessary. You were a little reckless back then. I was coming behind you, cleaning any minor messes."
Peters face contorted in disappointment. "Are you joking? Mr. Stark didn't trust me?"
"You said it yourself Peter, he isn't the most trusting type. I didn't report every misstep like I was supposed to because, well, I could relate to the feeling of indepence and trust I craved from him."
Peters eyebrows raised, relief washing over him at the idea of Tony not knowing everything.
"So, after Germany, and all of that, I continued to keep my distance as much as I could. I watched how you bugged Happy and when he started complaining to Tony, Tony got an idea."
You pause for a breath, letting him settle with all the information you had just unloaded on him.
"Soooo, what was it?"
You looked down into your lap, feeling self-conscious.
"Do you remember Karen?"
"Karen? K-Karen, oh you mean, Karen in my suit?"
"Yeah, Karen in your suit," you say with a sigh.
"Wait, did you make her?"
You shake your head with a soft laugh. "Actually, uh, I was Karen..."
Peters eyes widened as you looked up at him, a small smile playing across your face.
"Y-y-you were, you were Karen?"
"Well I wasn't supposed to be Karen, I was just supposed to be your suit AI. But, you kinda got attached to me, so I let it slide. Tony thought it was hilarious too, which was kinda great, until I didn't report you getting all the access to your suit."
"Oh...I'm sorry about that, I didn't think it would affect anyone".
You laughed. "Peter, you didn't know I was real, dipshit".
He blushes, reaching up to rub his neck. "I guess you're right..."
"Also, I thought you would figure out that I was real..." you trailed off, not wanting to reveal too much about your time with him that year. "I mean, I gave you advice about that chick! And I'd assume you'd tried having a normal conversation with Vision, and how did that go?"
He shakes his head with a small laugh. "He couldn't compute the emotions, just the chemical balance." He looks at you, still smiling, but a sadness clouding your eyes. "Vision must have been a big influence in your life, what with the super computer powers and all? Someone to relate to."
You looked down once more, feeling uneasy about the shift in conversation. "I'd rather finish telling you this other depressing story first."
Peter nodded, adjusting in his spot, aware of what was to come in the next year.
"I guess, you kinda know what happens. Thanos. Space. Blip." you breath out, uncomfortable saying all of those words back to back.
You can see him visibly shudder at the memory.
"Well, when you jumped on the spaceship like an idiot, I was supposed to meet you back on Earth. But you never came down, and neither did Tony. I lost contact with you both."
You leaned back, looking up to the ceiling to keep the tears from falling. "And then, I blipped."
Peter stared at you, both a feeling of understanding, but also confusion at the amount of emotions you were displaying. The blip wasn't incredibly painful beyond dusting away. He had felt like he blacked out, and then he was back. You were unlucky.
"I can see that you are trying to figure out why I'm sobbing when I haven't even gotten to the soul-crushing, defining moment in our life. It's because only my body blipped."
Peter stared at you, until the answer finally clicked in his mind.
"The database in your brain..."
"When I came back, I was jammed with five years of information in the span of a few seconds. It was the most horrific physical pain I had been in my entire life. By the time I was physically able to move, the fight with Thanos was in full swing."
"But the hardest part," you were choking back a sob as the files opened without warning in your mind, the multiple voices echoing over one another. "Tony was uploading video diaries to me in the hopes that I would see them, wherever I was. It was everything, about how I had a little sister, how the world was changing, and how he figured out the way to save everyone." You looked down, letting out a soft cry. "I think he knew he was gonna die before he even left because he left a goodbye vide-AAAAHHHHHH"
You let out an ear piercing scream as you dropped your head in between your legs, covering your ears.
Peter launched himself in front of you, reaching for your face, pulling you up to look at him. "You're okay Y/N, I'm right here," he said as calmly as he could.
Your eyes flew back and forth between his. You swallowed harshly, your throat starting to dry up as you tried to continue. You pulled away from his touch, his hands dropped back into his lap where they twiddled with anxiety.
"When I...when I final-finally got there, I saw Tony, with the Infinity Stones...then, he snapped."
The tears streaming consistently with no end in sight. You were starting to escalate in volume as you spoke quicker.
"I screamed. I screamed so loudly, I didn't care if people found out about me. I just wanted my dad."
It was the first time you had ever called him your dad out loud. Peter reached out to touch you again, but you pushed him away.
"No. Peter, don't." Your voice was rising, not intentionally, but out of pure emotion. "I tried to run to him, I tried to get to him. I was looking for Pepper too, but I could feel that it was too late. Still, who got there first?"
He began to stammer as he recalled that dreadful day.
"It was you Peter. Not Pepper, his wife, not me, his adopted daughter, but you. And in that moment, the years of respect and care for you, an-and, just so goddamn much, was gone." At this point you were seething. You jumped up and began pacing back and forth.
"I didn't get to say goodbye Peter. I didn't get to hug my dad before they took him away. And, you, you took that from me, and I hated you for that..."
Peter had tears streaming down his face, staring up at this girl who he had no idea about for years, only to find how important she was in his life. And she hated him.
You tried to regain your breath, still on edge but finding your composure.
"I left you. I gave up on you, and I gave up on Tony. I ignored Happy, ignored all of the Avengers. I visited Pepper and Morgan, but mostly lived here, in pain and grief."
Peter wiped his eyes, also standing up. "So, Europe?"
"I should have protected you. I knew Quentin, he was always so nice to me. If I had been there, I coulda stopped him myself, disabled the tech, something-"
"Stop. Please, stop."
You stepped back, realizing he hadn't said anything in close to an hour. There was a feeling of relief that he stopped you, even though getting most of the secrets off your chest.
"Y/N, I am not gonna blame you for Europe, or Mysterio."
Your eyes flicked up to look at him, while he stared at the floor.
"I would have done the same thing if I was in your place. Actually, I already blame myself..." Peter murmured.
You stepped forward and placed your hands on his arms. He looked up at you, tears still stinging his eyes.
"Peter, I don't blame you anymore. In fact, I blame myself instead of you..." you say gently. "None of it was your fault. I had no one to blame, so I made you the villain when in reality, you just had no clue."
"I remember seeing you."
You removed your hands from him, stepping back as he looked up at you with red puffy eyes.
"At the funeral. You wore a hat with a veil. I thought it was a little strange that someone would hide their face, but I was too focused on being there for Pepper. But I saw Morgan run up and hug you. You had pulled off your veil to kiss her cheek, then you both went inside."
"I-uh, i..." That day had been a blur of pain for you, and it was no surprise you didn't remember.
"But that wasn't the first time, was it Y/N?"
He stepped towards you, and you didn't dare breath.
"The Netherlands. I was never sure how I ended up in jail, but I I had come to for a few seconds when I was removed from the train. It was you."
Your face was red now, having been caught for leaving out that detail.
"You're right Peter. It was me..."
"You never abandoned me."
"But I didn't protect you," you say with a sniff, the tears coming back.
"No, you were protecting yourself, something anyone in grief would do."
Peter stepped towards you again, grabbing your arm and pulling you into him slowly. You were stiff at first, but soon relaxed, wrapping your arms around his waist. He rested his chin on top of your head, rubbing your back gently.
"What happens next?" he whispers. Your stomach felt funny, and instead of ponder on the feeling, you let go of him and stepped back, walking over towards the window.
"Well, we need to stay here for a while. I can't say exactly how long, but I know it's gonna be a few months, at least. Maybe Morgan can come stay with us for a weekend when it is safer," you state, straightening your posture and sniffing back the drainage from all the crying.
Peter turned to look at you, your hair still messy from when he had woke you that same morning. The sun was setting at this point, a whole day gone. He had gone from meeting a stranger to becoming stuck with an extension of his mentor.
"I think we should take some time to process this," you say quickly, before turning on your heels and making your way back to your room. "I'll order pizza," you call back to him before shutting your door.
Peter stood in the middle of the room, feeling queasy as all the information washed over him, truly setting in. As he went to sit down, your voice on the speakers interrupted him.
"Oh and your room is all set up in the basement. Your stuff is already there."
Peter looked around, remembering that you could do stuff like project your voice through the speakers. He sighed, rubbing his face as he made his way to the stairs. When he arrived in the basement, it was not only set up, but clearly with him in mind. It was more of a large studio apartment; a lot of Tony's tech was still set up, worktable at the center of it. In the back, a few of Peter's Spiderman suits were on display, while the back corner housed a large bed. Sitting on the blue comforter was a note, along with the glasses that Tony gave to him.
I swear to God, if you give these up again, I'll murder you myself. I left some of Tony's "toys" for you to tinker with. Oo, tinker. Tinker-BELL. You kinda fly, like Tinkerbell. Yeah, I'm gonna have to start calling you that.
Peter rolled his eyes at your note, placing it back on the bed. Hesitantly, he picked the glasses up and put them on.
"Hello Peter. Good to have you back," EDITH greeted.
"Hey Edith. Glad to be back. Can you pull up any information on Y/N?"
"As of today, the Peter and Y/N file has been unlocked as per Mr. Starks request after the viewing of his introduction video."
The frames lit up with multiple files, and Peter began to quickly scan through them. Each one confirmed the things that you had told him. As he got past the technical stuff, a video popped up.
"Hey Peter, it's me again."
There was Tony, for a second time today, talking to Peter.
"It seems like you met Y/N as of late, and once more, I have to point out, she is pretty awesome. If this video has popped up, it's because you're snooping through her files. I know that you probably want more information than just her side of it all. So, let me tell you mine."
Peter sat on the bed as he listened to Tony's retelling of meeting you for the first time, the fondness he had, and when you finally woke up. He was so happy that you were as tech savvy as him, as well as sarcastic. "She really is like my own, Peter. And I will always see her that way. That's why, I have made some videos about what I expect of you. I thought this might be easier than actually talking about the awkward or difficult stuff, but if you need to, you can talk to me."
Peter cringed slightly, but appreciated the sentiment. He wished Tony could do the latter.
"Anyways, I love her. And...I...I love you too, kid. But don't let that go to your head, or I'll take the suits again."
The feed ended and Tony dissipated from the frame. Peter fell back onto the bed, breathing deeply after the events of the day. A small plate on a floating device came down the stairs, three slices of pizza atop it. Making its way over to Peter, it dropped onto the bed. Once again, there was a note on the napkin.
I'm sorry to do all this to you. I'll make breakfast tomorrow.
Peter stared at the napkin, unsure what the next day would bring.
A/N: This series makes me emotional. If you repost my work, please make sure you give me credit! Also, liking reblogging and commenting really helps. Thanks xx
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breakfastatsloanes · 5 days ago
God is a Woman (Tom Holland x Mob!Reader)- Chapter 4
Pairing: Tom Holland x Mob!Reader
Summary: Ruler of New York City’s infamous mob, Y/N King doesn’t kill those who are the most unfortunate, but those who most deserving. She is not the one to be reasoned and has a reputation for being ruthless. However, when the new bartender of the nightclub she owns catches her attention, how far will she go to keep him from the dangers of the life she has lived as well as learn to open up herself and trust those who are worth trusting.
A/N: It’s been a minute. I have made small changes in past chapters as I came up with some minor changes to the plot. Nothing major, but you might see some differences. 
Warnings: This chapter contains hints of sexual situations, violence, pervy situations, sexual harassment and assault. PLEASE READ THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Tumblr media
Motels often get a bad reputation. Sure, they are not luxurious as hotels and definitely are less quality, but they sure hold lots of memories for millions of people. Whether it be family road trips, budgeted vacations, or temporary residence, motels definitely provide an atmosphere that hotels cannot give. You can’t describe it, but motels always gave you more memories and an aura that you can’t get anywhere else.
Especially right now.
You sipped your wine as you scrolled through your emails, bare underneath the sheets. You were the one who brought it but the guy didn’t even drink it. You paid no mind to the sound of the shower running as well as him humming softly. You didn’t know his name. Steven? Samuel? All you know is that he works in investment banking. It didn’t matter anyway, you would never see him again after this. He was decent in bed though, although you did most of the work. Nonetheless, you finished satisfied. 
By satisfied, you mean you could take it or leave it.
Putting your phone down on the bed, reaching for the nightstand on the other side of the bed. There wasn’t one on your side, so all his stuff was stacked on that one. A platinum wedding band sat next to his phone, shining from the table lamp that lit up that corner of the room. 
You picked up his phone, unlocking it to find a picture of a family as a background. It was him, a beautiful woman, and three adorable young girls, the oldest no older than ten. You felt bad for them. You had no clue about his home life or his parenting ability, but you’d hope they loved and cherished him and were oblivious of what he was doing on the side. You felt bad for being this “other woman” that society may call you. But the way he talked to you and how fast things escalated from when you met him earlier, there was no way that you were the first one.
You felt bad for his wife. She must love him and is probably at home taking care of his kids while he was here with you, breaking vows. You thought that as you got up and zipped up your dress. It was only a matter of time before she finds out the truth about him. It’s not gonna be pretty, but it will be good for her. She deserves somebody who is truthful to her. You fixed up your hair and makeup, before you left out the door, taking yet another memory.
The nightclub wasn’t that far from the motel. It was busy as always, people lining up outside the door, hoping to get in. However, you had a secret entrance to get in that only you and Zendaya had the key to get into. You made your way through the back area, throwing off your coat to reveal a short and expensive party dress. The dress was tight, off shoulder and black, but nonetheless hugged your body perfectly, the matching heels to add to it. Although it wasn’t your intention, it would definitely grab the attention of other partygoers. Without anyone noticing, you blended into the crowd full of people, no one having a clue that you were the owner of this nightclub.
Shifting your way to the people, you made your way to Zendaya, sitting at a high table with your favorite drink already made. She wore a sleeveless red pantsuit, her hair parted to the side. It was her usual partywear, but it also showed that she meant business.
“Don’t you look nice?” Zendaya smiled as you sat down, sipping a club soda with lime in it.
“I look better than I feel” you replied, taking a big gulp of your drink
“How was it? Was he okay at least?” she asked, and you shrugged
“Could have told me he was married at least. I’m officially the other woman Daya.”
“I think to be the ‘other woman’ you have to be in an actual relationship. Let me guess, he did something weird?”
“Nah. He was nice. He spit on my chest but it wasn’t hot.”
“Okay, ew. That’s fucking nasty. Men are disgusting sometimes” she says
“I’d drink to that.” you said, raising your glass and she clinked her glass with yours. You laughed as you sipped your drink once more. You didn’t realize how good your drink was until that moment. After swallowing you examined it. Sure, the alcohol at your club was pretty fancy, but this was the best drink you’ve had in a while.
“Aw man, this is incredible” you said, cringing a bit from the strongness of the drink
“You like it? Our new bartender guy made it.” Zendaya replied
“Tom made this?”
“Yes, Tom made it. Since when did you start addressing your employees by their first name?”
“Hey, unlike past idiots you’ve hired, I actually like Tom. He seems really nice and a hardworking guy. Plus he apparently can make one mean drink” you said, taking another sip. Zendaya raised her eyebrow in suspicion, not believing a word you were saying.
“Well, why don’t you tell him that yourself? He’s still on the clock.”
You turn your head towards the bar, hoping to get a glimpse of who was there or more importantly who was working. Through the heads of random strangers, you spotted Tom, focused on his work. He was drying a glass with a clean blue rag, before putting it in with the rest of the clean glasses. He wore a white button up with a black vest as well as a decent amount of hair gel in his brown locks. He was a natural at this, especially since this was his second or third week of working here. You watched as he handed a vodka soda to another person, and you didn’t realize you smiled when he mouthed a “you’re welcome” to them.
“Are you staring?” Zendaya suddenly snapped you back to reality
“No, I am not” you said
“There was a sparkle in your eyes just now. And was that a smile I saw?”
“Why don’t you drink your fucking battery water and shut the hell up” you replied
“Y/N, I’ve known you forever, and I know when you stare. Whether it be when you want to get laid, when it’s something you see in the shop, or when you’re about to put a bullet in someone’s head, you have certain stares. What you did just now...that was new.”
“I do not stare, Zendaya. It’s called observing employees. Besides, the last person a guy like that would want in this world is someone like me.”
“What do you mean ‘someone like you’?” she asked playfully, perfectly knowing the answer to that.
You glared at her, looking back at Tom. He finished handing a beer to someone before he caught a glance at you. You both made direct eye contact and he waved, a friendly smile plastering his face. You waved back awkwardly, not knowing what to say after that. Turning back to Zendaya, she had a smirk on her face, sipping her drink once more.
“Fuck you.” you said, picking up your drink and walking towards the bar. Zendaya smiled as you sat down at an empty seat, right where Tom was standing.
“Hi, Y/N. How are you tonight?” he asked, wiping down the counter
“Eh, I could be better. You seem to be doing just fine, you sure you’ve never been a bartender before? You’re quite popular here.” you said, he chuckled at the last comment
“I doubt that. Besides, my dad used to own a comedy club back in London and I used to help him serve drinks. I used to make drinks for my family at gatherings too.”
“That’s nice. How old were you when you got to New York?” you said, making sure no one was around so you could talk without interfering with his work.
“I think I was about 20. My mate Harrison wanted to attend an art school and I wanted to pursue acting so it seemed perfect. Now here I am, 23-years-old and barely can afford rent.”
“You can’t pay your rent?” you asked, curiously
“Barely can. I love New York but it is expensive and my landlord is a dickhead. Also a creep too.”
“Oh, I am terribly sorry.” you apologized, sipping your drink.
“It’s not your doing. It’s actually the first time someone has asked me since I moved here.” he said, watching you as you put down your glass. Through the bar lights, Tom caught a glimpse of something shining around your neck. It was a little necklace, the two pure gold chains connected to a rose pendant with a small diamond in the center. It was small, but nonetheless beautiful and complements your skin tone.
“What a lovely necklace you have.” he said.
“Thank you, it was my sister’s necklace.” you said, fidgeting with the gold chain.
“Does she live in the city? Your sister?” Tom asked, genuinely curious.
“No, actually. She...lives in the country with my parents”
Tom nodded, genuinely listening to you talk. It was strange for you. No one ever asked you about your own life. Although you avoided talking about it with just anyone, and you felt bad about lying.
Tom’s head perked up at the door of the club opening, there he saw two guys trying to haul a limping woman in their arms out the door. He didn’t know much, but he knew she came alone. She didn’t look comfortable or looked willing to leave, making Tom clench his jaw in anger. She looked like she just wanted to get away from them, but they wouldn’t let her go. He felt disgusted, and you took a quick note of that.
“What’s wrong?” you asked, turning around in your seat to face where he was looking.
“I have to call the police.” Tom said, bringing his phone out.
“What’s going on?”
“Those two guys that just left...they’ve been staring at that poor girl all night. Now she’s drunk out of her mind and they just left with her. And she looked like she didn’t want to go.”
Unbeknownst to Tom, your back facing him, you were angry. Pissed and beyond just aggravated. Zendaya, from across the club, took notice of the scene and quickly pieced it all together. You gave her a quick nod and she knew exactly what you had meant by that. She cleared her throat as she grabbed her coat from behind her chair and took a glance at you, showing she understood. Zendaya reached into her purse and grabbed a pair of leather gloves, which could be taken as part of her outfit.  She exited the club, with such elegance and grace that you wouldn’t think for a second that she was about to do.
“I’ll be right back.” you said to him, leaving him a rather large tip before storming towards the door. He didn’t even notice you slipping on a similar pair of gloves.
Tom was beyond confused. Why did you leave? Are you going to confront them? Are you calling the cops? But he didn’t want to wait for an answer.
He called NYPD anyway, but they had disregarded his message, saying they will drive around the block to look for them and call him if they find anything. He saw cop cars come down the road, but they later called him saying they found nothing. He knew that they didn’t actually care or even tried enough to look.  
He spent all night thinking about that poor girl. He hoped maybe the cops did their job and actually did something to help her, but he knew that was unlikely. Tom went about his shift about as normal as possible, but he felt sick to his stomach. It was uncomfortably normal for creepy people to show up and stare down unsuspecting people, but this was Tom’s first time with something like this.
He had almost completely forgotten about you leaving, and the fact you never actually came back after that. A part of him wants to think you went all superhero on their asses and got them arrested, but judging how normal the night went, he knew that was unlikely.
Tom had texted Harrison telling him he wasn’t going to be home for a while. It was his job to close up and that meant cleaning up everything. He kicked out the last of the partygoers before locking up the front door. He wiped down all the tables and the bar as he threw away any trash along with putting stuff left behind in a bin in case someone needed to come back to claim them.
He looked down at his watch and saw it was 3:30 am. He was beyond exhausted, ready to go home and crash into bed, but had to clean first and then close up. He yawned as he moped the floors, the smell of the floor cleaner burning his nose. Before his phone died, Harrison had texted him and said he was going to bed, so that meant he had to be quiet or else he would wake him. The man was the lightest sleeper that Tom has ever known.
Around ten minutes later did Tom hear the sound of a door slamming from the back, frightening him. He dropped the mop before he ran behind the bar counter, grabbing a large knife from the clean dishes. Tom cursed himself for not locking that back door, it was New York at night for crying out loud. His phone was dead, and the front door was locked. He knew he was fucked, but he figured he needed to defend himself somehow.
Quietly, he made his way towards the back, knife clutched in his hand. As he reached closer, he could hear the sound of some shuffling along the sound of the back sink being turned on. Was it a burglar? He had no clue, but it still made him scared regardless. He reached towards the backroom, the figure of the person blocked by a shelf. Tom assumed the person couldn’t sense him there, as they didn’t run or attempt to hide. As the sink ran, he could hear someone trying to wash their hands, along with some mumbling.
“Shit! Fuck fuck FUCK!” a female voice screeched, sounding desperate. Tom peeked to see the familiar figure standing over the sink, watching her hands vigorously.
“Y/N?” Tom finally spoke up, making Y/N jump and face him.
“Tom! What the fuck are you still doing here?!” you exhaled, watching him lower a knife in his hand. It didn’t take a genius to figure out he was trying to defend himself, you didn’t blame him.
“It’s my job to close up tonight. I thought you were a burglar or something, I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright, I understand. I shouldn’t have barged in like that. I’m sorry I scared you.” you said, drying your hands with the brown paper towels next to the sink.
Tom finally took in your features. You were in your party dress from before but this time your hair was tied back, rather messy. There was a cut on your lip along with bruises and cuts on your knuckles, as if you threw punches or something.
“Hey are you alright? Your lip a-and your hands-”
“I’m fine. It’s nothing” you lied, but he didn’t care.
“Those guys from before? Did they do that to you?” he asked, genuinely concerned.
“Yeah but, you should have seen what I gave them. Trust me, this is nothing, it will heal in like a few days.”
“What do you mean? Did you fight them? How did you do that?”
“Let’s just say that they won’t bother that girl or anyone ever again. She’s safe and unharmed. They learned their lesson, trust me.”
Tom nodded his head, not knowing what to say. Did she really take down two bigger guys in a New York alley? He was confused, but he was more concerned for you.
“Y/N, you’re hurt and need bandages- and ointment. I have a first aid kit here. Come on, sit down.” he said, pulling up two chairs
“Tom, I’m fine.”
“Your cuts are gonna get infected if you don’t treat them. Please sit down” he said, sitting on a chair with a first aid kit.
There was something about that face that was just oddly irresistible to you. It could have been his eyes, the way he looked at you with tenderness and care that you felt safe. As he sat there in a chair, with a first aid kit, there was something in your stomach that you felt you couldn’t resist. It wasn’t painful but it sure felt like your gut was telling you to walk over there and sit in that chair.
So you did, and Tom unlocked the kit and pulled out some antiseptic spray along with some bandages.
“Hands please” he asked and you stuck out your hands. He examined each cut on your knuckles, and they were still fresh. He knew you had won whatever fight that was, but how hard did you punch to cause this?
“This might sting,” he said, taking the cap off the bottle. He sprayed the antiseptic on your hands, and he was right, it did sting. However, you were good at hiding the pain, watching Tom concentrate on your wounds.
“You didn’t have to do this” you stated
“Hey, you saved someone tonight. Whatever you did, you did the right thing. It’s the least I can do” he replied, a smile on his face.
If only he knew...
Tom carefully placed bandages where he could. You could tell by the way his eyebrows furrowed that he was really focused on getting the cuts covered up. You just really appreciated the gesture.
He finished your hands, taking a cotton swab and placing ointment on it.
“Scoot forward” he said, making you move your chair closer to him.
“Do you mind?” he asked and you nodded.
He gently pressed his fingers under your chin, giving him some leverage as he put the ointment on your busted lip. You tried to not make eye contact to make things awkward, which Tom noticed. As he finished putting it on, your attempt to not look failed, and now you two were making direct eye contact.
Tom’s eyes looked directly into yours. His eyes were soft and had this beautiful shade of brown that you thought was just perfect. There were some acne scars on his face but you couldn’t care less. This man was one of kindest and genuine people you have ever met. It made you feel bad that you were feeling this way right now.
As for Tom, he noticed how you melted as his eyes looked into yours. He knew you just kicked some ass, but in this moment you looked so calm and innocent that he swears he’s turning red.
You both didn’t notice how close your faces were. One jerk forward and both of you would be full-on kissing. Tom slowly leaned forward, hoping this is going where he thought it was going to go.
But it didn’t.
Once you realized what was happening, you moved your head back, backing it away from Tom’s face. He realized what you did and looked at you with concern.
“My cut-” you said, pointing to your lip
“Oh, I'm sorry I didn’t mean to-”
“It’s alright. You’re fine. Thank you so much for helping me.”
“Anytime. I should probably finishing cleaning up-”
“I can get someone to come in the morning and do it. Go home, Tom.” you said
“You don’t have to-”
“I probably would have made the mess on my hands worse if it wasn’t for you. Please, just go home. It’s not safe to be here this late at night. You must be exhausted anyways.” you explained, getting up and putting your chair away
Tom sighed hesitantly, pulling his phone out. He didn’t know how tired he was until now, yawning as he unlocked his phone.
“I hope Harrison is still up.” he said
“Why? You don't have a car?” you asked
“Nah, the engine is busted in my car and I haven’t been able to drive it. I usually drive Harrison’s cause he works during the day but he had a class tonight so he drove me here. If he’s not up I’ll get a cab”
“Well, let me take you home. Save you some time and money.” you said, pulling your keys from your purse.
“Are you sure?” he asked, stopping himself from hitting call the button to Harrison
“Yeah, I’d rather you be safe than stay here. Come on, get your stuff”
Without another word, Tom turned off the lights in the bar and grabbed his jacket. He felt his pockets for his keys in his pants before leaving out the backdoor, where you were waiting in your car. He was amazed at the sight of your car, not seeing anything like it in person. It was a 1960 lavender Cadillac Eldorado convertible, something you would see in a movie. Tom was impressed by how well-maintained it was. The hood was one with darkened windows, almost like you couldn’t see who was driving inside.
New York was not like Tom expected. He was grateful to be here in the first place, but it doesn’t mean that life here sucked. He missed London, mostly his family, and overall having the feeling of being home. Maybe if life was different, he’d be successful with a career he liked, but Tom learned early on that making the best out of everything even when times were rough. It’s a rare mindset to have in a world like this.
Sooner or later, you pulled up to the driveway of his apartment building, the city lights dimming the sidewalk. You took a mental note of the cracks on the walls of the hallway through the see through doors.
“Hey” he spoke up, as you put the car in park.
“I can’t thank you enough for helping that girl earlier. Whatever you did to those guys, they deserved it.”
“It’s sadly not my first rodeo with those kind of things. I do what I can to make sure men like that don’t roam anywhere near my club.”
“Thank you for driving me home. I’ll see you again soon?” he said
“For sure, I’ll call you if I get a paper cut. You can bring bandages again.” you laughed and he chuckled
“I’ll look forward to it. Thank you again, Y/N”
He shut the door of your car, and you drove off. As you drove, you breathed in heavily. Tom was an amazing guy, something you saw so rarely. You wanted to tell him so desperately that you weren’t a good person, and that he should stay away from you. If he knew what you really were up to, you’re pretty sure he would run for the hills. You nervously played with the rose pendant around your neck, the diamond shining through the city lights.
Tom  watched as you turned around the corner, disappearing from his sight. Tom smiled faintly, remembering how the dim street lights lit your eyes, how you smiled while he talks to you. He didn’t even realize that he had left his jacket in your car, his mind wandering elsewhere.
This was wrong. He should not be feeling like this. It was his boss for crying out loud. You were one of the most powerful people in the city and no one knew anything about you. He was a simple guy from Kingston who had nothing to offer. Why would a woman like you be with someone like him? Tom didn’t know what he was getting himself into, but something was telling him that he will be alright.
Tom locked the door of his apartment, sighing as he sets his things on the table. He walked into his bedroom, and crashed on his bed, throwing off his shoes. He thought about you as his back laid on the bed, sighing with relief. There was no denying you were a very beautiful woman, and maybe it was pure tiredness, but maybe what Tom was feeling was real. He managed to doze off while he was thinking, his light snores filling the quiet room.
Tom had slept for a couple of hours, only to wake up around 9am to the sound of Harrison crashing into his room, his face in complete shock.
“TOM! TOM GET UP!” he shouted, making Tom jump awake.
“What? What’s the matter?” he asked, squinting his eyes awake
“Just come out, you gotta see this.” Harrison said, walking out of the room.
Tom begrudgingly pulled himself out of bed, rubbing his eyes as he walked of his room into the living area, where Harrison had a pile of mail spread on the tiny dining table.
“Who sent this?!” Harrison said, handing him a bulging envelope.
“What the hell do you mean?” Tom asked, grabbing the envelope and looking inside.
Tom’s eyes widened as he pulled out a huge stack of money. All 100 dollar bills and 50s that Tom couldn’t even count how much it was. Tom’s jaw was on the ground as he examined the money, there was too much to count. This was just his hand alone, more money still in the envelope.
“What the fuck?” he whispered, looking up at Harrison
“Did you rob a fucking bank or something? There’s enough money in there to pay our rent for a couple of months”
“When did this get here?” Tom asked
“It was on the front doorstep when I went to get the mail. I was surprised no one took it. You sure it wasn’t there when you got home last night?”
“No. I was tired mate but I wasn’t blind.” he said, looking inside the large envelope.
He spotted a small white card on top of the bills in the bag. He quickly pulled it out and put the money back in the envelope. Tom handed the money back to Harrison as he opened the blank white card, finding neatly written words in pen.
Thank you for helping me last night.
Now it’s my turn to help you.
For your rent and your car. ♡
“Oh my god” Tom said, sighing in disbelief.
Unbeknownst to Tom, Harrison had turned on the news in the living room. He completely was oblivious to the reporter’s voice as he and Harrison processed what just happened.
“27-year-old Caleb Hockley and 26-year-old Jake Truman disappeared last night shortly after two went out to party at local nightclubs in New York City. Police had reported the two returned to Hockley’s home in Queens after 11pm and had left their belongings, but vanished afterwards. Police have ruled out foul play in their mens’ disappearance and their parents will provide rewards for any information on their whereabouts. Now Oliver Evans with the weather…”
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vampireoutofbusiness · 5 days ago
Peter Parker's Fluff Alphabet
Pairing: peter x reader
Warnings: m is about sex, swearing cuz I have potty typing fingers, typos I bet because my brain can't translate to my keyboard 100% of the time
Synopsis: The fluffy alphabet about pbp
a/n: this made me want to write sm fluff about him omg I'm going to bed to fall asleep imagining scenarios and I'm not afraid to admit that
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
A [Affection]
At the beginning of your relationship, he was affectionate, but he didn’t know how to show it as well as he does now. He’d try to hold your hand or find an excuse to give you a small touch.
You ended up initiating most of it until he got more comfortable. He is all over you now. Super clingy and lovey-dovey. He still gets nervous about going too far but you reassure him.
He’s constantly touching you in some way. He’ll play with your fingers while you’re busy and wrap his arms around your waist whenever you’re talking to someone and can’t give him all of your attention. Just a small reciprocation from you makes his day.
He also tells you he loves you and compliments you so much. And he means every word because you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Still, he’s not always the best with speaking his mind so he tries to show you through a touch more than words.
B [Baby]
Peter is open to the idea of having kids. He thinks about spending the rest of his life with you, whether that involves children or not. He’d hate for something to happen because of his secret identity and he already took a risk by telling you. So maybe, it depends on what you think about it. He’d love to have a family with you, just not right now.
C [Cuddle]
This boy can’t get enough of you. No matter what you’re doing, he wants physical contact. When you’re laying in bed or on the couch, he lays on top of you. And it’s just the most relaxing thing for him to have your arms wrapped around him.
99% of the time you’re the big spoon. But he likes to face you and bury his head in your chest if you’re on your sides. And his favorite thing: when you play with his hair. It puts him right to sleep.
D [Dates]
He tries to plan dates with you but he isn’t very organized and it usually stresses him out. You take responsibility for finding things for you to do together and take turns paying. He really appreciates all that you do for him.
With everything going on in your lives, it’s usually something low-key. Just “watching a movie” at home is fun when you’re together.
When he does try to plan a date says the same thing every time. All he wants is for you to let him swing you around NYC but you need a little more convincing than “it won’t that scary,”.
If you want to read about you planning a date for your baby boy then read mine hehe [If You’re the Sun, I’m the Moon]
E [Emotions]
Peter’s a soft boy, no doubt about it. He has no trouble showing his emotions because you don’t judge him for it. In society, it's expected men hide their emotions or aren’t masculine enough, but you think there’s nothing more mature than expressing how you feel.
Most of the time you know when he’s about to break and you’re ready for him. You hold him while he sobs and listen to his concerns when he’s finally calmed down. Then he falls asleep in your arms, thankful he has someone to vent to.
F [Feelings]
He knew he loved you from the moment he meant you. He didn’t fall into love with you, he very intentionally ran full speed ahead. Yes, you’re young and dumb but you both are extremely sure about your relationship.
G [Gentleness]
As previously stated, very soft boy. He’s super gentle with you and all of his touches are tender and sweet. Unless he hasn’t seen you in a while and he will quite literally jump on you to hug and kiss you. He’s also worried if he isn’t careful, his strength could be too much but he never would hurt you.
H [Hands]
Again, always touching you. Very handsy, not overly, he just feels safer when he knows you’re there by touch. He holds your hand so much that you’ve learned to do some tasks one-handed. He’ll hold your hand under the dinner table and absentmindedly play with your fingers when he’s anxious.
I [Impression]
He thought you were gorgeous and really wanted to talk to you and at least be friends with you. Even though you looked unbothered, he felt so drawn to you. He tried talking to you and you had to maintain a straight face when he could barely get a word out. You thought he was adorable and didn’t mention his frequent stuttering which still gets the best of him when he’s around you.
J [Jealousy]
Peter’s not possessive however he does get a little jealous when you talk to other people, even if it’s not in a flirtatious context. He gets worried that you might not be interested in him anymore or that he’s annoying.
He needs reassurance from you but he still understands you have other people in your life. And he trusts you that you wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt him.
K [Kissing]
Surprisingly a good kisser for such little experience. He was so nervous the first time, and more times after that, so he was very happy you initiated it. He would spend hours making out with you, and you have.
You straddling his waist with your lips on his was something he would take over any movie. And lazy make-outs at night, in bed, too tired to do anything else AHHHHH. He kisses slow and passionately, loving every moment with you.
L [Love]
He wanted to tell you for so long that he loved you, but he was so nervous you wouldn’t feel that way. You were very sure about your love for him and decided to tell him. His eyes lit up and he kind of froze. YOU loved HIM and he was over the moon, jumping on you and telling you he loved you too.
M [Memory]
Peter loves everything you do together but his favorite is the first time you guys had sex. Not because it was hot and he got to see you naked. Okay, yes it was and he enjoyed seeing you without clothes. It’s his favorite because, duh, sex is extremely intimate. He felt so trusted by you to do something that made you vulnerable in a sense.
Just loving you and being able to show it physically was amazing for both of you. Sharing his first time with you was very special and he couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.
This is crazy ik ik but here’s an imagine I wrote about having sex with him for the first time [Just You And Me]
N [Needy]
He’ll admit it: he wants security in your relationship. He feels a constant need to be with you and definitely has separation anxiety. So clingy that he follows you to the bathroom and waits outside the door. If you’re on the phone, he’ll pull you in by the hips and hold onto you until you hang up.
When you get ready for bed, there he is sitting on the counter in the bathroom and he does the same thing while you get ready for your day. He’ll go with you anywhere, even if it has nothing to do with him.
And you do so much for him, it’s definitely reciprocated, but he needs a little more help. You make sure he eats enough, isn’t overtired, and you just take care of him in general. He does everything he can and more to show you how much he appreciates you.
O [Official] You went on a date not long after you started becoming friends and he knew how much he liked you. It was just a matter of waiting to see if you felt the same way. He was so in love with you and the both of you just kind of assumed you were in an official relationship by the way things were going. Eventually, you introduced him as your boyfriend and it made him so happy.
P [Pet Names]
You have a plethora of names for your boyfriend:
-My Pretty Boy
-Baby boy
And he loves each and every one of them, most making him blush. You’ve told him you don’t like the cliche pet names and he’s refrained from calling you things like “baby” and “angel”.
He does, however, insist on calling you honey or sweetheart, kind of like you’re a married couple. At this point, you basically are in it for life. You still act a little annoyed by the names when he calls you them in public but you love it and he knows it.
Q [Quirks]
He might not be perfect but in your eyes, he’s pretty damn close. Although, he does have an issue with talking even when he shouldn’t. You can’t blame him for being anxious and feeling the need to sputter out random shit.
He stutters a lot but you never comment on it. You thought it was cute that he got nervous around you and when he’s okay with it, you don’t mind helping him get to the point. Otherwise, you happily listen to him work up to it no matter how long it takes.
R [Romance]
Your boy tries so hard to do romantic things for you. He buys you flowers, gets you random gifts, tries to plan surprise dates, anything you want he would do for you. He loves to take baths with you - even if they aren’t your thing - because he likes to help you relax at the end of the day.
Ummmm so I have a headcanon about him surprising you with a hot bath and rose petals [Petals Parker]
S [Secrets]
He tells you everything, he’s awful at keeping secrets and you found out about him being spider-man not long after you started dating. You were surprised you didn’t realize it sooner.
And, you made sure to be his safe space. You’re happy to hear about what he does with the Avengers or things that go down during patrol. But he needs time to take a break and be Peter Parler without having to be this brave hero.
T [Tease]
Peter’s always cracking jokes, mostly because he’s awkward in social situations. You laugh even if no one else does because you’re supposed to be his cheerleader. Some are actually funny but most are just ehhhhh…
U [Unexpected]
You didn’t think he would be so clingy. Yes, soft boy, we’ve established that, but he just can’t go anywhere without you. You don’t mind it because he’s great company, but you didn’t think he would be so attached to you.
V [Vaunt]
He shows you off so much. He just can’t believe he gets to be your boyfriend and needs everyone to know how wonderful you are. Every opportunity he gets, he’ll bring you up in conversation even if it has nothing to do with you or your relationship. He could talk about you forever.
W [Waking Up]
The softest state Peter Parker will ever be in is when he’s sleepy/asleep. Normally he’ll wake up just enough to find you in the bed you share and pull you close to him. He looks so beautiful in the morning with messy hair and the sunlight streaming in on his face. So pure and you’ll never get tired of starting your day with him.
Look at that, I have another imagine about this one too and you can go read about waking up with him and it’s really fluffy and the title means heavenly so… *throws confetti over your head* [Caeles]
Y [Yes]
He felt so sure that he wanted to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you. You made him feel so happy and safe. He asked May if he could propose with her ring that she stopped wearing after Ben died and she was so glad you guys were going to get married. Granted, he hadn’t asked yet, but May was very sure that you were meant to be together.
Hey, me again…you can read about him proposing to you [Proposal Parker]
Z [Zzz]
At night, he loves to bury his face in your chest or the crook of your neck and wrap his legs and arms around you. The second you start playing with his hair or scratching his back, he’s done for, out like a light.
He used to get really bad nightmares and he still does every once in a while when his anxiety is really bad. You make them way less frequent or nonexistent. He knows he’s safe with you and he lets his usual worrying state fade away when you’re cuddled up for bed.
Yep I have an imagine about him getting nightmares sue me AFTER you read it thanks [A Cure for Bitter Dreams]
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