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Always you
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Coming soon…
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the andrew garfield renaissance is real and it’s here
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If Netflix Marvel really is canon with Disney Marvel (as in Daredevil and Kingpin aren’t “variants”), then I want to bring back this point I made a few years ago:
Remember how Peter Parker was complaining about how he had nothing to really deal with in “Spider-Man Homecoming”? Before he encountered Vulture, he was stuck doing minor activities like helping people with directions and stopping bike thieves. For some reason, he couldn’t find any big-name criminals to take down.
Coincidentally, “The Punisher” season 1 came out that same year. In that show, Frank Castle temporarily retired after wiping out the gangs that were responsible for his family’s murders. And the show emphasized the fact that Frank took out every single member, even the low-level guys.��
So, while correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation, it’s fun to imagine that the reason why Peter didn’t have much to do in “Homecoming” was because the Punisher killed all the major criminals in the city.
And then you have:
1) Luke Cage clearing out the major criminals in Harlem
2) Matt Murdock taking down Wilson Fisk, the biggest mob boss in NYC  
Taking all of this into account, Frank, Luke, and Matt were so good at fighting crime that they didn’t leave Peter with much to do in his first movie.
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purpleratbastard · 5 months ago
something about the fact that MJ is still wearing the broken black dahlia necklace peter gave her even after having her memory wiped, in her final scene in the diner. hmmm.
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qxldtom · 5 months ago
Whatever you do, do not and I repeat, DO NOT! Imagine peter watching his old documentary from homecoming to remember the happier times with people that either are gone or no longer remember him.
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msblackx · 5 months ago
literally me in the cinema when electro said that maybe, in some other universe, there’s a black spiderman:
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except I poured all my lungs and voice and tears into the word “MILES” I cannot even describe it…
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Team Thor (2016) Spider-Man: Homecoming - Deleted Scenes (2017) Thor: Ragnarok (2018)
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#sick burn, bro
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aleksmaximoff · 9 months ago
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reminder that stunt doubles are just as important to the MCU as the actors are!
(even if the actor is CGI)
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For some additions....
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This pic is the reason for therapy and its also free therapy
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axhicleos · 5 months ago
HEY it's 2021 stop talking shit about spiderman
Tobey Maguire made him ICONIC
Andrew Garfield made him BISEXUAL
Tom Holland made him AN AVENGER
Miles Morales made him FLAWLESS
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purpleratbastard · 4 months ago
andrew garfield returning to the role of peter parker, russell t davies coming back to doctor who, taylor swift rerecording her albums. i am truly living in the most coveted timeline
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avengerrs · 3 months ago
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hello! hello! please. hey, hey, please. i’m down here. i’m down here. i’m stuck. i’m stuck. i can’t move. i can’t.
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#i miss you, mr. delmar :(
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Tobey Maguire
Spider-Man (2002) // Spider-Man 2 (2004) // Spider-Man 3 (2007) // Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)
Andrew Garfield
The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) // The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) // Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)
Tom Holland
Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) // Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) // Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)
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acciopietro · 16 days ago
i’m sorry this is kinda lengthy but basically peter is a huge simp for reader but he’s scared to put her in danger bc he’s spider-man but some villains find out he likes reader anyway so they attack her but he’s nearby and rushed to help her only to see that her take them out and finds out that’s she’s an underground hero so he confronts her later and it’s super fluffy and cute
silk - p.p.
pairing: th! peter parker x fem! reader
summary: in which peter’s school crush is not what she seems.
word count: 5,030
tw: mentions of abusive relationships and violence.
a/n: i hope you don’t mind i changed up the plot just a little bit!! same idea basically but just slightly different. im in a bit of a writing slump so i hope you dont mind i used ur request to try and get my creative thinking back up and running LOL. i never know what to do when making reader a superhero so i just made Y/N like silk from the comics. if you don’t know who she is, google her! she’s awesome! thanks for the request <3 BTW this is not edited bc im lazy
Tumblr media
PETER LIKED TO THINK HE WAS SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW WHEN TO GIVE UP. He was an Avenger, for gods sake; if he could fight someone like Thanos, then he could accurately gage when it was time to take a step back and admit that not all battles could be won. Even if he was willing to fight until his last breath.
He had liked Y/N for a while. Longer than he’d ever admit to anyone else, even Aunt May or Ned. Since before he became Spider-Man, she had caught his eye, but Peter had always been a bit too nervous to approach her. He had gotten lucky when his schedule lined up with hers for his Junior year, having five out of his seven classes with her. The only issue, however, was her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend was no match for Peter. Peter might be Spider-Man undercover, but in the daylight of his high school career, he was... kind of a loser. Y/N’s boyfriend, James, was six-foot-three and Captain of the wrestling team, with broad shoulders and a strong jaw. Peter, on the other hand, was a measly five-foot-nine and often compared himself to looking like a toddler. Aunt May said otherwise, but that didn’t change anything.
“Hey, Pete,�� she smiled at him, the apples of her cheeks round as she slid into the seat in front of him. She was the only one who called her ‘Pete,’ with the exception of Aunt May. Having so many shared classes had brought forth the closest thing he could get to being hers: an in-school friendship.
“Hi,” he pursed his lips into a smile, lifting a hand up in a meek wave. Fiddling with his pencil where it hovered above his graph paper, he eyed her and said, “I, uh— I like your shoes.”
“Oh, really?” she glanced down at the black-and-white skate shoes. “I was iffy about wearing them, ‘cause they kind of make me feet look like squares, don’tcha think?”
Peter peered back down at the shoes and cracked a small grin. “Maybe a little bit. But it’s not bad, I think they’re cool.”
“Thanks!” Y/N leaned down to unzip her backpack, taking out the notebook of graph paper with a series of messy scribbles along the margins. She flipped it open, turned in her chair to face him. “Okay, so I’m assuming you did the homework? I seriously have no idea how to do this, and I figured you did.”
“Oh, yeah — yeah, I — I did the homework,” Peter nodded fervently, leaning forward over his desk so he could see her notebook. She placed it on the top of his desk, fully facing him, and pointed to the second problem on the sheet.
“So I used SOH-CAH-TOA to find this angle, but then I guess I messed it up somewhere along here....” she continued talking, explaining the process of her attempt at solving the calculus problem. Peter listened intently to her words, all while staring at the different flecks of color in her e/c eyes and losing himself the way she bit the inside of her cheek in between sentences. “Peter?”
“Yeah?” he snapped out of it. She was smiling at him and oh, shit, he hadn’t heard the second half of what she was saying.
“So do you think you could help?” she asked. Her eyes shifted over towards the clock on the front wall. “‘Cause we got like three minutes until the period officially starts and I seriously need a good grade.”
“Yeah, of course,” Peter gulped and grabbed his calculator, focusing his eyes on the graph paper and began copying down the equation from his own notebook. It was dreadfully difficult to keep his focus with her leaning so close to him, her perfume flooding into his brain and fogging up his mind. He scribbled down the solution as fast as you can.
“Oh, duh!” she slumped her shoulders. “I guess I multiplied wrong. I always screw up simple math.”
“No, you did it right the first time,” Peter gently smiled at her, careful not to keep eye contact for too long. “Just a little mess up in the middle. But all the other math was, uhm... spot on.”
“Thanks, Pete,” she nodded, tapping her fingers on the spiral spine of her notebook. “I’m really glad that — oh shit!”
She jolted in her spot, a pair of hands coming down to squeeze her shoulders. She turned around and sighed; Peter followed the hands and was disappointed to see James, her boyfriend, standing beside her desk.
“You scared the shit out of me!” she said breathily, one hand flying to rest over her heart. “Jesus!”
“Sorry, babe,” James chuckled, slipping into his spot— which just so happened to be right beside her, diagonal from Peter. “What’s good, Penis Parker?”
Peter felt his ears turn red, and he clenched his jaw, avoiding the other boys eyes and shifting awkwardly in his seat. Y/N abruptly whacked her boyfriend on the arm, suddenly frowning.
“Don’t be a dick,” she said pointedly. James laughed.
“It’s just a joke,” he lifted his hands in defense. “Parker doesn’t care, does he? Do you?”
Peter glanced up, eyes darting between James and Y/N. He only shrugged.
“It doesn’t matter,” Y/N said, scooting her chair under her desk as soon as she saw the teacher enter the classroom. “It’s still rude and immature and his name is Peter.”
“Okay, chill out,” James muttered. “Hey, you did the homework, right?”
Peter watched Y/N send her boyfriend a very tired expression, her shoulders slouching. “Seriously?"
“What? C’mon, I had practice ‘till late last night,” James frowned. “And you know how much I struggle with Calc.”
Y/N gave another sigh before reluctantly handing him her notebook. Peter watched the exchange with a slight frown, biting his tongue to refrain from saying something about cheating and morality or something equally as stupid. He wasn’t going to tattle. He didn’t want to do that to her, not that he gave a flying fuck about what happened to James.
James wordlessly threw the notebook back to her after a few minutes; she caught it swiftly and spared him another longing sort of glance before bowing her head and facing the front of the room. Peter clenched his jaw and sent a glare towards the back of James’ head; he knew he was a dick, and she knew he was a dick. So why the hell was she dating him?
There was no way in hell that James had some kind of brilliant quality about him that made this kind of treatment worth it. It’s not like he was remarkably thoughtful, or funny, or attractive. He was pleasant looking, sure, but Peter was sure there wasn’t a single redeeming quality about him.
As though he had heard his thoughts, James suddenly turned his head around and was met with Peter’s lingering glare. He narrowed his eyes at him, glanced at Y/N, and then looked back at Peter. Peter fought the urge to bow his head and shy away; he was Spider-Man for fuck’s sake! He could handle some stupid high school asshole, couldn’t he?
Peter frowned the entire walk from class to his locker, where he tiredly turned his lock and swung open the metal door as though the interaction in Calculus had taken a serious toll on him.
“Peter!” came a cheery voice from his right. Leaning back to look over his locker, he saw Ned, grinning. “You look so unhappy to see me. Is there a reason for this, or are you just, like, being moody today?”
“Being moody today,” Peter mumbled. “’Cause of stupid James Lewis.”
“Ah,” Ned said wisely, leaning against the other lockers as Peter slipped out his textbook and closed the metal door. “Yeah, that can really wreck a guys mood.”
“Yeah,” Peter breathed, watching as Y/N approached her locker on the other end of the hall. James followed at her heels, laughing obnoxiously with another boy on the wrestling team and ignoring his girlfriend entirely. Y/N took out her books, clutching them to her chest, and turned to speak to James; Peter watched as she fiddled nervously with her necklace as she waited for her boyfriend to look at her. “Why’s she dating him, man? He’s so awful.”
“I dunno, dude,” Ned shrugged. “Women are the world’s greatest mystery.”
“So are men,” Peter muttered, sending James a final glare before he and Ned turned the other way.
EARLY THAT EVENING, just before he left for patrol, Peter’s phone rang. Which was fairly normal, considering Ned called him a million times a day and Aunt May often send him the occasional call on her way home from work. This time, however, startled him, because the name on the call was not Ned, nor was is May. It said Y/N.
“H-Hey, Y/N, hi!” Peter stammered out after pressing the green answer button, steadying his grip on his phone after it had almost slipped from his grasp. “Hello!”
“Hi, Pete,” her voice said, sounding sweet. “Sorry to call you at such a weird time. I—er— had a question about the homework?”
“Oh, yeah!” Peter held the phone to his ear with his shoulder and shot his hand out across his room; a web flung from his wrist and stuck itself onto his Calculus notebook. It soared towards him, and he frantically flipped to the most recent page. “Which one?”
“Uhm, number three.”
Peter scanned the page through the latex of his mask.
“I don’t think we had to do number three tonight,” he answered with an awkwardly laugh. Through the phone, she gave a noise of disapproval.
“Ugh, of course!” she said exasperatedly. “I always copy down the wrong numbers from the board. Thanks for telling me. Sorry to bother you!”
“No, no, you’re not — you’re not a bother!” Peter insisted in a shrill voice, grabbing his mask from the top of his head and tugging it off of his face. “Never a bother!”
With a laugh, she said, “I totally procrastinated my homework... I was totally binge watching all the Spider-Man videos on YouTube. Have you see them?”
Peter coughed rather loudly. “Erm, yeah, a few. Don’t really pay attention to, uh... to Spider-Man...”
“They’re totally awesome,” she gushed, and Peter felt heat flood up into his cheeks. “How do you not pay attention to Spider-Man? I feel like that’s right up your alley.”
“I dunno,” Peter shrugged absentmindedly. “We’ve got tons of Avengers, y’know? Guess I’m just... erm... kinda desensitized to it.”
"I’m kind of a dork about the Avengers, actually,” she said timidly. “I don’t care how many times I see Captain America on the news— I am totally mesmerized each and every time. Same with Spider-Man. I think they’re so cool.”
“...mesmerized?” Peter perked his head up. “Uhm... how so?”
“Thought you didn’t care about Spider-Man?”
Peter pressed his lips together. “I don’t.”
You dismissively waved your hand and said, “Then, I’ll stop. I don’t mean to be geeking out.”
“No, it’s okay!” Peter said hastily. “Really, I don’t mind. I think it’s cool that you think the Avengers are cool. They are cool.”
“But not Spider-Man?”
“I — well — no, Spider-Man is cool, I never said he wasn’t cool,” Peter went on. “But, I’m just saying, like... I dunno. The other Avengers are better. Like... like Iron Man, he’s awesome. Black Widow, she’s... the best.”
“Hm,” she paused. “I think I’ll be her for Halloween. You totally just sparked my imagination, thanks!”
“No problem,” he replied, willing himself not to think about what she might look like in the tight, leather suit that Black Widow wore. There was a beat of silence, and Peter was sure he had started sweating.
“Okay, well... I ought to finish the homework that we actually have to do,” she joked, a smile heard within her words. Peter felt himself grin. “I’ll see you tomorrow in class, okay?”
“Yeah, yeah— see you!” he said, and with a Click! she was gone. Turning off his phone, he tossed it onto his bed and groaned, putting his head in his hands and frowning. He was way too enthusiastic to say See you!. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his phone again and slipped it into his pocket before grabbing his mask and slipping it over his face; it was time to patrol, not to daydream. Cracking open his window, he was gone.
SOMETHING WAS WRONG. Peter felt it as soon as he went on patrol for the night. The streets of the city were empty, the night breeze whisking up the dust of the pavement and paving a path for no one. It was unlike Queens to be so quiet at this time of night; even at a quarter past midnight, the city was usually lively, however this night was different.
Mindlessly winging along the sides of the cities skyscrapers, Peter wondered what could be the cause of this weird occurrence. It wasn’t like someone kidnapped and hid away the entire population of Queens... nor was their some kind of alien abduction (he would’ve seen it). Maybe it was a holiday he wasn’t aware of and every happened to go on vacation at the same time. Or maybe—
“Woah!” said a voice, and before his eyes focused back into the world around him, he slammed face first into another figure. He shot a hand up as he flipped upside down, a web sticking onto one of the nearby billboards above, and watched as the mysterious figure slid down the wall before coming to a pause. He blinked. How were they sticking to the wall?
Lowering himself down, he stared at the figure. He might have been watching them from an upside-down point of view, but he could see clearly the web design on their suit. 
“Hi,” he said, tilting his head to the side as though to watch them more clearly. They lifted their head, pushing h/c out of their eyes; they had a red mask over their nose and mouth, e/c eyes blinking up at him. 
The torso of their suit was silver, with a red-and-black web pattern across their chest, however the arms and legs were black with the exception of her fingers, which were painted a bright red. Woah.
“Uhm,” Peter said again. “How’s it hangin’?��
“It’s all right,” the figure said; the voice was feminine, familiar. He felt his stomach jump for a second, as though he knew who it was, but it went away after a moment. “With the exception of you slamming into me.”
“Sorry about that,” Peter lowered himself more and crawled up the single web so he could be right-side up, at her eye-level. “Wasn’t paying attention. Hey, who are you?”
“None of your bees-wax,” she sassed, lifting a hand up. “I gotta go.”
“Woah, woah!” Peter shot out a web to intercept hers, swinging up to follow her. “Hey, c’mon! You know who I am, right?”
“Obviously,” she said, her back to him as she swung away. “Doesn’t mean I owe you anything.”
Peter frowned under his mask. “Well, how’re you also SpiderMan? Or... Spider-Woman? Sorry.”
“It’s Silk, actually,” she said exasperatedly. “And I’m what you call also SpiderMan because some nasty insect decided to bite me two days ago.”
“Yesterday?” Peter mused, still following her. “How’re you swinging so well, then?”
“Practice,” she shrugged and came to a stop on a nearby rooftop. “Are you gonna follow me all the way home, or what?”
“Oh, sorry,” Peter launched himself towards her, landing on the same roof. “I’m just... curious. Hey, were you the reason why everyone was gone?”
“Yup. Huge robbery at the edge of the city. Everyone sort of flocked outside when I got ‘em out of the place,” she said, crossing her arms over his chest. Peter stared, eyes trailing over the fine details of her suit. She furrowed her brows. “Hey! Look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you, you creep!”
“Sorry! Sorry!” Peter flinched. “I wasn’t— I wasn’t staring at your— I was looking at your suit! It’s really cool.”
“Thanks,” she avoided his eyes and rubbed the side of her head. Peter then noticed she had a bruise forming on her upper cheekbone. “I need to go home, okay?”
“Okay, yeah,” Peter nodded feverishly. “Didn’t mean to keep you.”
“All good, SpiderMan,” she gave him a salute and said, “See you ‘round.”
WORD OF SILK had spread faster than Peter anticipated. The next day at school, her name permeated about the hallways, whispers of her trickling around Peter wherever he went. She was the first thing Ned spoke of when Peter saw him that morning, and he was floored to find out Peter had actually met her.
Y/N was not in the calculus classroom when Peter walked in. She usually was there before him, however the seat in front of him remained empty. James, her boyfriend, came in earlier than usual, looking especially cranky. Peter gave him his own glare (which wasn’t very menacing, but he liked to pretend it was) before averting his eyes to his graph paper. 
“The hell are you looking at, Parker?” James barked. Peter shifted his eyes up.
“Nothing,” Peter said.
James scoffed and slumped into his seat, running a hand through his hair before sending a nod of a greeting to the girl who sat on the other side of him. Peter frowned at this, watching as the random girl blushed and sent a wave back. 
Right before the bell rang, as the last kids settled into their seats, Y/N speed-walked in, frantically apologizing to the teacher as she hustled into her seat. Peter sat up straighter, staring to try and meet her eyes, but she slid into her seat without looking up at anyone. 
The teacher, Mr. Bruno, began to teach, and Peter watched as James leaned over to nudge Y/N with the eraser of his pencil. She snapped her head over; her eyes were bloodshot, her cheeks flushed red, and her fist was clenched around her pencil.
“Woah,” James whispered. “What happened to you?”
She deeply inhaled through her nose, closing her eyes for a moment. “What do you want?”
“Don’t take that tone with me,” James furrowed his brow. “You did the homework, right?”
“Yes, but I can’t give it to you now,” she whispered. “Mr. Bruno’s teaching, and I’d get in trouble—”
“Oh, come on, Y/N, just slide it over,” James said dismissively. “Won’t hurt you. It’s really not that big of a deal—”
“She said no,” Peter blurted. James whipped his head around, as did Y/N. She blinked at him, e/c eyes shining, and she gave him a pursed-lip smile that said thanks, but you shouldn’t have done that.
“The hell did you just say?” James hissed. “Huh, Penis Parker? You got somethin’ to say?”
“Yeah,” Peter gulped. “She said no. Leave her alone.”
“She’s my girlfriend,” James barked. “This is our business, all right?”
Y/N said nothing, avoiding both of their eyes; she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, and Peter saw her chest begin to ride and fall rather quickly. It was then he noticed, as he stared at her, that there was a large bruise on the side of her cheek. Oh god, Peter thought. He’s hitting her.
“You shouldn’t speak to your girlfriend that way,” Peter muttered, turning back to face the whiteboard, copying down the notes that Mr. Bruno had written. “It’s disrespectful.”
“Yeah, ‘cause I’m going to take your relationship advice, Parker,” James scoffed, shaking his head. “No girl could ever date you, man.”
“Quit being a dick, James!” Y/N said rather loudly, to which Mr. Bruno finally turned around and set his eyes on her. The classroom fell silent.
“Ms. L/N, please don’t use that kind of language in my classroom,” he said gently, to which Y/N melted into her chair and nodded her head.
“Sorry,” she mumbled, casting her eyes down. She didn’t speak for the rest of the class, ignoring glares she received from James. She didn’t even turn around when they were told to work independently. Peter prayed she wouldn’t pay for his actions.
“Hey,” he said to her as soon as the bell rang, reaching over to touch her shoulder. She jumped back, eyes wide, before her shoulders deflating at the sight of him.
“Oh, sorry, Pete,” she said, her voice tired. Her eyes were still bloodshot and glistening, and he stared at her gently with concern. “Scared me.”
“Wait here for a sec,” he told her, watching as James threw his bag over his shoulder. She gave him a look. “Please?”
“Y/N, c’mon,” James beckoned her. Y/N spared Peter a look before she turned and said.
“I’ll catch up,” she said carefully. “I gotta talk to Pete.”
James glanced in between them cynically, before his malicious glare settled on Peter. He clenched his jaw and said, “Fine,” before stomping out of the classroom.
“Are you okay?” Peter asked Y/N once James was out of earshot.
“I’m just tired, I promise,” she assured him. “I didn’t sleep well.”
“You’re all flushed. And your face is bruised...” Peter lifted a hand up absentmindedly as though to graze the bruise with his knuckle, but he snapped his hand back down to his side when he realized what he was doing. Glancing back at the door, where James had disappeared, Peter said, “Look, if somethings wrong... if you’re not safe...”
Y/N furrowed her brows. “Safe? I’m plenty safe, I promise. What is this about?”
“James,” Peter said. “I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions, but... he kind of treats you like shit, Y/N.”
“I — he’s just...” she gulped. “He gets angry. I know it’s not good, but...”
She clenched her jaw and glanced feverishly behind Peter. 
“It’s not like I can just dump him and have everything be all rainbows and sunshine, okay?” her shoulders tensed. “He’s my first boyfriend, I... I can’t just dump him.”
Peter frowned and glanced down at her bruised cheek. “But he’s...”
Y/N lifted a hand to touch her bruise, and with a faint smile she said, “I know what you’re thinking. He didn’t hit me, Pete.”
“You don’t have to lie,” Peter pressed further. Y/N furrowed her brows. “You can tell me. I can help you—”
“It’s not from him, Peter!” she insisted and threw her backpack over her shoulder, however it accidentally whacked her water bottle than had been sitting on the corner of the desk. 
Peter, the hairs on his arms raising, lunged forward to grab it, however his fingers bumped right into hers. Lifting his eyes up, he saw that she had caught the bottle before he had. How...? he couldn’t finish the thought. She pursed her lips and turned to tuck the water bottle into the side pocket of her bag. 
“Don’t worry about me, Peter,” she said hastily without looking at him, her hand not leaving the water bottle on the side of her backpack. 
She shook her wrist around as though to try and take her fingers off the bottle, however her hand stayed put. Peter watched intently. Y/N finally settled on taking the bottle out and holding it in front of her. 
“I’m fine,” she told him firmly. “Erm — see you.”
And she circling around him without another word, starting towards the door. Peter hastily turned to grab his own bag in an attempt to rush after her.
“Wait, you left your—!” Peter picked up her pencil and turned around, but she was already gone. Sighing, he moved to put the pencil down, but something caught him off guard; a strand of a spider web wrapped around the eraser like a cocoon. His head snapped up.
No fucking way. 
DESPITE HAVING A good amount of classes with her, Y/N seemed to keep slipping out of his grasp again and again throughout the day. She ignored the notes he kept asking Ned to give her in History, pretending like she didn’t see him staring at her in English, speed-walking away from him in the cafeteria. Peter was sure he’d have to web her to keep her in one place just so he could talk to her.
By the sound of the final bell, Peter raced out of his last class (Physics) and practically sprinted to his locker before pushing his way down the stairwell in an attempt to reach the main entrance to the school to find Y/N. She parked her car on the side of the building, and although Peter walked the other way to catch his bus home, he decided to walk to her car. But when he reached her car, and she wasn’t there, he realized how creepy he probably seemed.
“Pete?” he heard his name, and he grimaced before turning around. Y/N was standing on the sidewalk, books hugged to her chest.
“Hey,” he dragged out, tensing his shoulders. “Uhm. Sorry.”
“It’s okay,” she sighed, walking around the other side of the car to drop her backpack and books onto the passenger seat. “What... erm... what’re you doing at my car?”
“Well, that’s... it’s...” Peter pursed his lips. Digging into his pocket, he took out her web-wrapped pencil. Her brows twitched. “I found this.”
“Thanks,” she reached out and grabbed it from him. “I was looking for it.”
“No, that’s... look at the end of it,” Peter said. At this, she furrowed her brows in confusion and glanced down at the eraser, covered in silk. She clenched her jaw and said nothing. “I... you can tell me, y’know.”
“Tell you what?” she said, putting her pencil back in her pocket. Peter opened his mouth wordlessly. “What’s up with you and your accusations today?”
“Okay, in my defense, it’s kind of hard to not thing you’ve got an abusive boyfriend when he treats you — and everyone else, might I add! — like shit all the time, every day.”
“I — he doesn’t —”
“So when you come into class looking like you’re about to cry, and with a bad bruise on the side of your cheek, excuse me for being just a little bit concerned!” Peter blurted. Y/N stared at him wordlessly. “And now there’s spider-web wrapped around your pencil. And the whole school is talking about this mysterious spider-woman—”
“She’s not a Spider-Woman,” Y/N muttered, brushing past Peter and opening the door to the driver’s seat. “Her names’ Silk.”
“Proving my point!” Peter threw his arms up. “I know it’s you! Silk said the same thing!”
At this, Y/N squinted and peered at him oddly. “What do you mean Silk said the same thing? Have you met her?”
Peter opened and closed his mouth like a fish for a moment. “I — that’s — no! Of course I haven’t! When — when would I have —?”
“Ah, okay,” Y/N suddenly smirked. “Why don’t you tell me what your deal is, then? I know it’s you!”
Peter clenched his jaw. “What... don’t turn this on me! This is about you!”
“You just made it about you,” Y/N stepped forward to him, and lowering her voice to a whisper, she said, “Spider-Man.”
Peter flushed and jumped back. “No! No, that’s — I don’t know where you’re getting that from! Look at me, I can’t be — I could never be — look at me! I don’t even—”
Y/N suddenly threw her phone out towards the ground at Peter’s feet. Cutting off his ramble, he struck his hand out nonchalantly and catch the phone. Handing it back to her, he continued, “Careful with that. But, anyways, it’s not me!”
“You just caught that in less than a second,” Y/N deadpanned. “If you’re honest with me, I’ll be honest with you.”
Peter stared at her for a moment, unsure. Rocking back and forth on his feet, he squinted and said, “You first.”
Sighing, she rolled her eyes and said, “Okay. You’re right.”
“Ha!” Peter pumped a fist in the air. “Knew it!”
“Now you.”
He frowned and took a deep breath. “You... I... you can’t tell anyone.”
She suddenly beamed. “Y’know, I thought there was something suspiciously charming about Spider-Man.”
Red-faced, Peter said, “Charming?”
“Yeah,” Y/N shrugged sheepishly, her face tinged pink. “Look, I... James is...” she sighed. “I broke up with him. Right after last period.”
Peter’s face lit up.
“But... it’s not all sunshine and roses now,” she muttered. “He made a big stink about it and now he won’t stop calling me, and... he just... he scares me a bit.”
He frowned and took a step closer to her, leaning against the side of the car to face her. “I won’t let him hurt you.”
“Thanks," she said half-heartedly.
“I’m serious,” Peter said, bowing his head slightly and staring down at her. “He might be a wrestler or whatever he is, but I’m literally a superhero.”
She snickered.
“Nothing, it just sounds funny,” she giggled and glanced away, her cheeks still pink. “I appreciate it, Pete. Really.”
She was closer to him than he had anticipated, her sweet-smelling perfume flooding his sensing and ensnaring him in his place. He swallowed, his hands twitching at his sides as he felt an invisible force push him closer, faces leaning in.  
“Hey!” came a voice from their side. An old woman, standing by the door of her house nearby Y/N’s car was parked. “You can’t stay parked there all afternoon, y’hear!”
“Sorry, ma’am!” Y/N called back, giggling. Peter laughed as well, ducking his head and running a hand through his hair bashfully. “Looks like we should move.”
“Yeah,” was all Peter could find it in him to say. She grinned and glanced to her side again. Peter followed her eyes, noticing that she was watching the old woman walk back into her house. “What should —!”
Y/N had shot her hand out, a web flying from her wrist and sticking to his side to pull him in and press her lips to his. It was hasty, the kiss, and just as she pulled away, she beamed and slid into the driver’s seat.
“You want a ride, or what?”
a/n: okay i kind of love this a lot. its cute. 
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sourcherryandsprinkles · 24 days ago
“My friends get annoyed by how much I talk about you sometimes” with Peter Parker
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Tumblr media
''I can’t. It’s my dad’s weekend. He’s taking me to a baseball game.''
''Oh. Well, have fun with your dad. We’ll see you on Monday,'' Liz said, waving at you before she walked off to her locker in the other direction. 
''Why didn't you tell Liz that we had plans? It’s not even your dad’s weekend,'' Peter asked as he walked up to you, having heard your and Liz’s conversation. ''Are you like...ashamed to be going out with me?'' Pain tinted his voice and you felt bad. 
''No. Never,'' you reassured, taking his hand in yours. ''If I were, I wouldn't be holding your hand everywhere we go, would I?'' You forced a smile. 
Peter agreed, but his unanswered question was still bothering him. ''Then, why didn’t you tell her we had plans? I told Ned we had plans.''
''Because my friends get annoyed by how much I talk about you sometimes,'' you explained. 
Peter chuckled. ''Do you talk about me that much?''
''No.'' You sighed, knowing it was false. ''Well...not intentionally.'' Peter’s grin widened as you continued. ''I made a promise to myself that I would only mention you once a day and I already hit my quota in Science class. Which was my first period class. Okay, maybe I mention you a lot, but you’re my boyfriend and that’s normal and- Why are you looking at me like that?'' You pulled your eyebrows into a frown.
''You’re so cute.'' He pecked your lips. ''Don’t worry. I talk about you to Ned all the time too.''
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Incredible Hulk + Civil War + Homecoming Iron Man screencap redraws
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