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Mj , about Shuri : - and then she stole my cereal again .

Ned : you have to stop letting her get away with everything .

Mj : you don’t have all the facts .

Ned : which are ?

Mj : I love her .

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77. My day was fairly good, actually, especially compared to the rest of the week so far. I managed to calm myself down, I watched Homecoming a second time in the last 5 days, and my family and I are preparing a trip! I’m gonna order some funky pops (Tony and Peter because I do not have any Marvel characters yet) along with some sort of environmentalist T-Shirt or hat or something so that I can wear it in front of all of the conservatives. So yeah, doing great!

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Summary: An alternate ending to Spider-Man: Homecoming. The conversation with Vulture in the car being what it was, what would have happened if he decided to take the information he had and find a different way to deal with Peter, and still get his money in the process?

Notes: It’s come to my attention that, as the idiot I am, this story hasn’t made it to my writeblr yet either. So. Y’all can have this one too. Let me know if you want to be on the taglist, and enjoy! 

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38. My favorite/best movie is SpiderMan: Homecoming HANDS DOWN. I honestly don’t care that I watched it for the first time last Friday. I absolutely adored it and have been fruitlessly trying to convince my family to watch it again this entire week.

58. This one was… challenging, to say the least, and I’m sure I’m going to come up with more bizarre experiences after I write but, apparently when I was younger I used to have sleep paralysis. If you aren’t familiar, that means that your mind is somewhat conscious and you can see your room, but you cannot move. This terrified me. I used to hallucinate and see these ordinary objects floating closer and closer to me and threatening to crush me. I would always wake up running downstairs and screaming for my parents. Ooof, it was a doozy.

 Another weird experience was my first time using mugwort to help me sleep. My mom makes poultices out of herbs (I know, it’s weird, but it works), and offered to give me this particular one because of my struggles sleeping. She questioned that she had put on too much, because in the middle of the night I apparently ran downstairs rambling about some odd thing that I could not remember when I awoke.

Not something that happened to me, but my grandma’s told me that she once saw these floating orbs while walking with some friends. The weird thing was that when she passed them, she and all her friends forgot everything about what they saw. I don’t doubt that what she saw was real, but I had to disagree with her assumption that the floating orbs were demons. I’d much rather believe that they were some abnormal, alien creature that humans are yet to discover. Then it’s more scientifically plausible, while still intriguing.

78. Unlike the last question, this one took me no time to figure out. I would never, under any circumstances, want to find myself anywhere near the Stranger Things universe. It wasn’t even a horror movie, and still it scared a sensitive, sixth grade me out of my boots, along with traumatizing my young soul *nervous laughter*. You could send me to any other place (except probably another scary movie or TV show or something) and I can promise you that I would be able to think straight and maneuver myself around the world. If I ended up there, I’m pretty sure my absolute terror would completely paralyze me, and that I wouldn’t be able to make any logical choices with my fear controlling my body.

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Mj x Reader Fic:

{Disclaimer: this fic is like a year or two old}


Originally posted by tomhollandd

It was a chilly day outside, people were hiding away in coffee shops, book stores, basically anywhere to get away from the freezing feeling of the outdoors. Thats when you heard a knock coming from the front door of your apartment, you got up from your couch and walked over and looked into the peephole. Mj was standing outside waiting, you quickly unlocked the door “Hey Mj, why are you here?” You asked her.

“Y/n it’s snowing out let’s go somewhere.” She said with a slight smile, you honestly were confused where this random burst of going somewhere came from but shook it off. “Okay let me get dressed first though.” You said as you walked off to your room. Mj sat on your couch looking out the window staring at the falling snow.

You walked out of your room with a black winter jacket and some warm looking sweats, you were ready for almost anything. “Shouldn’t you have a hat?” Mj asked “Shouldn’t you??” You shot back quickly, as she rolled her eyes at you.

“Okay y/n let’s go.” She said standing up from the couch walking out the door, you following close behind her. Soon enough you were walking the cold streets of Manhattan with her.

“We’re going to the aquarium, okay?” She said seeing if you’d be okay with that. You nodded with a slight smile on your face as you both stepped into a cab to get to your destination. As you road in the car you stared off into Mjs eyes, you looked at every perfection on her face. She looked over at you and you quickly looked down at your feet.

She shrugged it off “Were here y/n, come on.” Mj said as she paid the cab driver and got out waiting for you. You slid out of the car and stood besides her and started to walk towards the aquarium together. Mj opened the door for you and let you walk in first, she walked in right after to take the lead again. There was a big crowd inside, you looked around a bit following Mj as much as you could. She turned seeing that you were falling behind because of the amount of people around then took your hand quickly. She blushed lightly but didn’t look back and walked you over to the ticket desk.

Mj asked for two day passes and quickly paid so you both would be able to experience the aquarium all day long. She smiled as she looked at you “Where to first?” Mj asked you. You thought for a second searching your mind, then it hit you. “The seals!!” you exclaimed in an excited tone. Mj nodded “Let’s go see the seals.”


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Must be a good Tuesday if some of your favourite fanfictions has been updated, on the same day.


@shreddedparchment and @peeterparkr every time I see your fanfics has been updated, I’m so happy. Love your works.

Fanfic update day today it seems.

Another great author and fanfic. Love your work @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan

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Peter: I never know what to answer to people when they ask if I have a good or bad memory because I still remember the thing aunt May asked me to memorize three years ago, but when I want to eat a specific snack I immediately forget what it was when I open the fridge and I can’t tell if that means I have a great or a shitty memory

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pairing: Peter Parker x reader

summary: A misunderstood text message paired with a pinch of jealousy seem to make the ultimate love potion for you and Peter. (Aaand some good old secret spilling).

warnings: smut (with clothes tho?), jealousy, swearing, all that

word count: 3.5k

a/n: soo, a bitch graduated, but now i’m back and (probably not) better, i’d love to talk to you guys, let me know how you’re feeling xxx (gif not mine)


Peter feels like the biggest asshole.

You’ve been talking about the party you’re throwing together with an old friend of yours for weeks now. Happy that Peter would finally meet some of your friends from outside of school.

And now he has to cancel.

Honestly, he was looking forward to it just as much as you, but Spider-Man duties call and, as much as he hates it, are more important than a party.

Peter cringes as he sends the text message, explaining that he has to help May with something important, and that he‘s sorry.

His phone pings and he feels like crying.

‘K.‘ Your text says.


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