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Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

Part 1

At first when everything happened you dedicated everything to trying to understand.  It took about five months before it all made sense you traveled everywhere looking for answers.  Everyone had their own part of the story but when Tony made it home you got all the answers you needed.  Everyone gone was not coming home and that was it.  As the world was recovering in New York opened a help center for parent-less kids.  The younger kids officially being orphaned and the kids above sixteen being transitioned into early adulthood.  Going into this program they set you up with an apartment and a part-time job the only thing is you have to stay in school.  The rent was mostly paid by the government you only paid twenty percent out of every paycheck.  The first two years were no fairy tale you suffered from insomnia as you were not use to living alone.    Your last two years of high school were rather lonely as you made no attempt at friendships or relationships. Before the vanishing you had been looking at Pace University you were unsure what you wanted to major but you were serious about college.  When graduation came you wouldn’t admit it but you were happy Pepper and Tony came.  Through Tony you got a marketing job staying there you left the apartment appointed by the government assistance program.  Getting your own place you were doing well for yourself.  The irony of it all is the day everyone returned was on your 21st birthday.  On facetime, with Morgan and Pepper the original owners reappeared into the apartment.  

“Who the hell are you!”  They screamed and you froze looking at their terrified expressions you were not sure what to say.  When things calmed down you explained to them what had happened and that five years had passed.  Gathering some of your things you reassured them you would come for the rest of your stuff.  Driving to the old evacuation point seeing your parents you froze.

“You’ve grown,” Your father said looking at you, you were no longer his teenage girl, you were a woman now.  Inhaling as a tear escaped you they pulled you into a hug.  The hardest parts had yet to pass.  Driving your parents to the Stark residence upstate you were greeted by Morgan running out of the front door.

“Mom, (Y/n) is here!” Morgan screamed, running into your arms as you lifted her up she giggled as you attacked her with kisses.  Seeing Pepper on the porch the look in her eyes told you everything you needed to know.

“Go I got her,” You mouthed earning a nod from Pepper as she disappeared into the house.  Taking Morgan inside and introducing her to your parents she was ecstatic to meet them.  The lively little girl brought joy to parents as you knew they were hurting.  They had missed five years of their lives, five years with their daughter, the pain was mutual.   Hours passed before any of you heard anything and when Pepper returned so had the others.  She rushed in and pulled Morgan into a tight hug.  Watching the exchange as Pepper squeezed her eyes tight you could see she had been crying.

“Where’s Daddy?” Morgan asked and Pepper went rigid at her daughter’s question.  Looking at Happy standing in the doorway when he met your gaze he shook his head slowly.  That is when you knew that Tony was dead.  Walking out of the living room onto the porch it felt unreal as you saw him standing there.  Looking up at you on the porch Peter was in shock.  You were still so beautiful but slightly taller, your acne marks had faded and you looked vibrant.

“Pete?” You called out knowing he had to be hurting as his idol was dead.  Walking over pulling him into a hug you had always imagined this reunion being happier but it brought you no solace.  Neither of you said much that night and during Tony’s funeral you knew what you had to do but you waited.  Giving him a few days this would prove to be one of the most challenging things you had ever done.  Knocking on the apartment door after work May answered.  You had spoken to her for advice and she knew what you were there for.

“Hey sorry I’ve been meaning to see you but things have just been crazy,” Peter stammered, failing at cleaning his room quickly in your presence something things never changed.  Every time you could come over before he would stumble around trying to make his room look neat.  Watching him stumble around only made your heartache for what came next.

“I can’t see you anymore Peter,” You said ripping the band-aid off, and he thought he heard wrong.  Stopping looking at you with furrow brows he hoped he heard you wrong.

“What are you talking about‒what?” He said, looking down you felt horrible but things were different now.

“I’m turning twenty-two in a few weeks Pete.  I have a job, a car, and my own apartment.  I graduated high school and I’m adult now,” You choked, shaking his head taking your hands in his you stepped back, “Peter please, it’s over for us.  There are things I’ve already experience that you’re going to.  It’s too late for us. I’m sorry,” 

Leaving without another word you felt terrible for what you had done to him but it was the right thing.  Continuing on with your life months had passed,  getting a promotion at your job you met a guy.  You were happy but there times when you were in the city and you’d see Spiderman swing by.  Watching him you would remember how terrifying it was swinging through the air like that.  Brushing the feeling aside what you didn’t know was Peter was always checking on you.  Making sure you were safe because no matter how different things were you would always be his first love.  

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Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

Anyone who knew you or knew of you were aware you were the nicest person.  You had always been like that, making friends with any and everybody.  Being best friends with Peter came naturally before and after he suddenly wasn’t a complete stumbling dork.  The two of you had met when you moved into the apartment across from his when you were kids.  

“(Y/n)! Come say hi to our neighbors,” Your mother called out for you and you got up, bringing your toys with.  Walking into the living room there stood a woman and a boy shying behind her. 

“Hi (Y/n), my name is May and this is Peter,” May said and you smiled up at her, then looked at Peter still peeking from behind May.

“Hi, Peter I’m (Y/n)!” You said with a little too much enthusiasm as Peter flinched a little.  Holding out your toy to him he took it with hesitance and your parents watched the two of you in amusement.

“Thank you,” Peter mumbled looking less tensed which made your smile widen.

“You’re welcome!”

Going to elementary and middle school together Peter always knew you would be more popular than he was.  His only worry was you would stop being his friend, it was bad enough he was in love with you. Every morning not only would he almost miss the train to ride with you to school but somewhere along the way he’d lose his balance and trip. That moment happened to be right into Flash.

“What the hell Penis Parker?” Flash said, taunting Peter was easy for him never having to lay a finger on him.

“I’m sorry-I-” Peter stammered and you shook your head walking to Peter’s side.

“Flash,” You said in a patronizing tone but he gave you an innocent smile.

“Oh come on (L/n) he ran into me and I’m supposed to be nice about it?” Flash asked he was curious about how being nice to everyone worked for you.

“Y-” Before you could answer Isaac walked over putting his arm around you towering both Flash and Peter.

“Yes because if she wants you to be nice to Peter do it or you deal with me,” Isaac said and Flash nodded walking as Peter rolled his eyes, unbeknownst to you.

Isaac Donovan, captain of the football and your boyfriend.  He and Peter constantly bumped heads discreetly not wanting to put you into an impossible situation.  You met Isaac in gym class when everyone had to play dodge-ball.  Flash whipped the ball to hard trying to hit Peter but it hit you.  Bloody nose and dazed Isaac was the first at your side and helped you to the nurses’ office much to Peters chagrin.  As Peter changed so did a lot of things in your life.  

Walking to the train you were surprised to see Peter already there waiting for you. Looking at him confused you chuckled, “Good Morning.”

“Hey!” He said, holding your favorite juice from the bodega, and you smiled thanking him. With little small talk the two of you carried out regularly but you noticed something off again when the train jerked and your phone slipped.  Catching it mid-air you looked at him amazed.

“How’d you-?” You asked something felt off for about half a second then Peter cut you off speaking quickly.

“The Stark internship has this gym I can use so I’ve been using that,” He said before you could ask more questions you made it to your stop.

When Peter was gone on his internship a lot changed,  your parents went from fighting every now and again to fighting constantly.  You were struggling in physics and starting to notice Isaac’s distaste for Peter.  Peter’s return home was nothing he expected, when he got into his house it was only Aunt May waiting.

“Where’s (Y/n)?” Peter asked and May sighed gesturing for him to quietly follow her.  Pressing their ears to the living room wall that’s when he could hear it.

“Oh yeah because that’s my fault!” Your mother yelled followed by a crashing noise as if something had shattered other than their marriage.

“Wait how long has this been happening?” Peter asked, knowing you hated when they fought and May frowned.

“This is the third time,” May said.

“This week?” Peter asked but May cringed, shaking her head.

“Today,” May said and Peter looked at the clock as it was only noon. Going into his room he went out on the fire escape and climbed across.  Looking into your room you were laying on your bed in the fetal position with your headphones in.  Sliding the window open climbing in he tossed the little wrapped box at you, jumping you flinched at the sight of Peter.  Then getting up you wrapped him in a hug.

“I missed you so much,” You said, squeezing him and he gestured you towards the window.  Going back to his room you were holding the little wrapped box in curiosity, “What’s this?”

“A little gift from Berlin,” He said and you smiled trying to discreetly rub the evidence of crying from your face.  Opening the box it was a necklace with a purple Aster pendant and you lit up for a second then your face fell again, “You don’t like it?”

“What? Of course I do it’s just today isn’t my day,” You said, putting the necklace on and Peter sighed.

“You know we can always talk about it,” Peter said and you gave him a weak smile.

“I know it’s okay though. All of it is gonna pass they’re just going through the regular marriage squabbles,” You said and Peter placed his hand in yours, giving it a little squeeze.

“What can I do to make it better?” Peter asked and you chuckled with a shrug.

“Unless you can call up Spiderman to swing me around New York probably nothing,” You said and Peter perked up at your words.

“You like Spiderman?” Peter asked and you nodded with vigor.

“Of course I do Pete.  Come on he saves people.  If you put your life on the line for others you don’t even know that makes you an amazing person.  That’s the love and kindness I want all the time,” You explained and Peter’s face felt warm at your confession.

“I mean maybe I could pull some strings you know Stark internship and all,” Peter said but you laughed it off saying goodnight to head back to your room.  Several hours passed and Peter kept playing with the idea of going to see you in the suit.  Asking Karen to mask his voice that his how he ended up in your room at ten at night.

“Hi I’m Spide-” Before Peter could finish you screamed at the dark figure in your bedroom.

“Woah Woah Woah! Peter sent me, it’s me Spiderman,” He said and you calmed down but you could hear your parents coming.  He quickly jumped onto the ceiling as you cracked your bedroom door open intercepting your parents.

“Are you okay?” Your dad asked, holding his gun and you smiled nervously.

“Yeah dad I just saw a一spider,” You said quick and your mom visibly calmed down telling you not to scare them like that.  Going back into your room you froze a bit becoming nervous as Spiderman was in your bedroom, meanwhile, you’re in a Midtown hoodie, shorts, and fuzzy socks, “Wow hi I’m (Y/n).”

“I know Peter said something a swing around New York?” He said, offering his hand and you chuckled looking down at your toes.

“Uh一yeah,” You stammered, taking his hand and at first you could not look as the height was too much.  After a little while though it became fun, swinging to the top of one of the skyscrapers you got an amazing view of the city.  Even with that your face fell a bit.

“I don’t mean to pry but you seem upset,” Peter said and in seconds you went from a frown to in tears, “I’m sorry一I didn‘t一jus一”

“It’s not your fault I just haven’t talked to anyone about any of this. I even lied to Peter today about it and I hate lying!” You exclaimed in tears and Peter was confused about what you meant, “My parents are getting a divorce. I’m gonna have to choose who I want to live with.  It doesn’t help my boyfriend and I keep fighting about stupid stuff because he thinks Peter’s in love with me.  I’m sorry for dumping all of this on you.”

“It’s okay. I’m sorry all of this is happening to you,” Peter said, nodding your head as you wiped your eyes Peter was in shock at all he had missed.

“It also doesn’t help that I’m Nice (Y/n) the cheeriest girl in school.  I love my reputation but it gives me no space to just be sad.  I’m expected to be happy all the time and I play the part but it’s exhausting,” You explained and Peter could not find the words to try and comfort you.

“Well my Dad would say that when it rains it pours but the sky clears eventually,” He said and you toyed with that for a bit.

 Going to lighter topics like your friendship with Peter, you even revealed to him he had saved you once. Peter remembered it but it was more of a vague memory.

 You had been so caught up in text arguing with Isaac you didn’t see you had walked into the road.  Webbing your hands and pulling you up he swung a bit the two of you landed on the sidewalk.

“Are you okay?” Peter asked and if you weren’t so high off adrenaline you would have recognized his voice.

“Yeah一uh一thanks,” You stammered and he swung off, that was the beginning of you liking Spiderman.

With Peter home the fighting with Isaac only became worse.  He was constantly annoyed assuming you not wanting to go out had something to do with Peter.  Actually it was because the divorce was getting closer and closer to being finalized.  The worst fight though had come when you started to realize Peter might be Spiderman.

You were still at the school after hours and Peter was seemingly at home when you broke the news of your parents’ divorce over text.  He said he was so sorry that was happening and then quoted his dad, “When it rains it pours but the sky clears eventually.”

“Oh my god,” You said, starting to head home but Isaac came out of practice.

“Hey ready for some lunch?” He asked as the two of you were supposed to go on a pizza date and try and work out your relationship.  For the first time Isaac had every right to be mad at you.

“Isaac I’m sorry I can’t I have to go,” You said about to run off but he stopped you with a confused look.

“Why what’s wrong?” He asked and without thinking you started rambling on.

“I can’t say much but Peter-” You began but as soon as you said his name Isaac’s complete persona changed.

“Of course go-ahead run to your boyfriend,” He spat and you sighed trying to grab his hand but he jerked away from you.

“Isaac please,” You begged but he shook his head.

“No I love you but I can’t share you with Parker,” He said and your eyes started to swell up.  Isaac hated to make you cry but this was serious. 

“What are you saying?” You asked and your voice wavered.

“You’re gonna have to choose and I’ll love you no matter what you do,” He said, kissing your head and you felt lost as he walked away from you

“Why?” You called out but he didn’t turn around.

“He’s in love with you,” Is all he said, leaving you in tears. Walking home your phone died and you didn’t want to take the train.  

That’s how everything built here to the present. In the hallway outside your apartments.  Getting home so was Peter he looked happy but when he saw you his face fell.

“(Y/n) are you okay?” He asked and you stared at him.

“Are you in love with me?” You asked and Peter stared at you. Opening his mouth nothing came out, “Peter.”

“Time out,” He said and you froze, he knew he needed to stop doing this to you but still he did.  Staring at your crying face he took your phone.  There was a text from Isaac.

I’m sorry if you choose him I hope we can still be friends - I

Then it hit him that Isaac broke up with you.  This was his chance to finally tell you how he felt.  He knew though it would only be piling something on the many things you were going f through. Your parents divorcing, boyfriend breaking up with you, and now best friend admitting he’s in love with you.

“Of course I’m in love with you (Y/n). You’re the nicest person I know. You try and make everyone happy and I wish I could give you the world.  I want to tell you everything I wish I could.  To do that would only make things worse. I’m not gonna do that to you because you need me as your best friend right now,” Peter said as every part of him screamed to just tell you,  “Time in.”

“Peter?” You waited and he sighed shaking his head lightly.

“Of course I love you. You’re my best friend,” He said and he couldn’t figure out your reaction. Pulling him into a hug you just stayed there.

“I’m having a crazy day Pete,” You mumbled as he held you.

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Awesome. He called you awesome. If Flash knew who was really under that mask, you were sure he’d give up on the Avengers entirely, each and every one of them, all because the hero he idolized was the same kid he picked on any chance he could get. For some reason he hated you. He hated the sight of you. Any friends you made, anything you liked, ant hobbies you made, Flash made fun of it. Most of the time you could roll your eyes and let it go, giving it back to him every once in a while. Sometimes you lost it, yelled at him because you couldn’t stand it anymore, but that wasn’t often. There was a reason he was so mean, you didn’t want to add to it. Besides, it gave you a lot of satisfaction knowing the hero he idolized was you. Whatever you did he looked up to. He probably even had a poster of you on his wall. If only he knew… . .

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“You could’ve died.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t, right?” Being an Avenger was all you ever wanted. You had powers and abilities no one else did. You wanted to be able to do good with them, just like the Avengers. Save the city, save the world, save the galaxy. You’d had to hide it from everyone in your life when you first got recruited. Tony made you promise to, explaining it was too dangerous to let anyone in on the secret. Instead you pretended to have an internship for him, one that demanded a lot of your time. Eventually though, Ned caught you with your suit on. It had been too late to hide or come up with an excuse. He was the first person and the only person who knew so far. You thought he’d be more excited.

“I guess… . .” You sighed. He didn’t share the same excitement you had, at least not after the last mission. You’d spent months in a cast, the rest of your wounds healing even slower. No one suspected a thing, a lot of people had been hurt in the battle, a lot of people you could have protected if you hadn’t gotten hurt. You looked at your friends face, overcome with sudden guilt. Ned had called you a dozen times during that fight, worried about you, leaving texts and messages. He thought you really had died. He was there at your bedside in the hospital, relieved you’d woken up. “I’m sorry Ned, I’ll be more careful.”

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“No one cares, except for me.”

“Thanks?” You weren’t sure why Michelle was acting so weird all of a sudden. She was usually mean to you, picking on you for the smallest things, making quips and jokes at your expense, laughing when you failed and making excuses for when you succeeded. That was your friendship, and you gave it right back to her, poking fun at her any chance you could get. But she’d been nicer lately, maybe even kind, complimenting you even. She’d never complimented you once in all your years of friendship, and now she’s done it twice. It felt wrong to make fun of her now.

“You’re welcome.” She tried to smile in a non-forced way. She’d liked you forever, since day one. She’d been too scared to act on it though, not wanting to ruin your friendship. When you started to show interest in other people though, it made her want to show you how she felt. They all had the same thing in common: they were nice. She figured if she was a little nicer, maybe you’d like her too. It has definitely caught you off guard, even now after almost a month of her giving up on making fun of you. No matter how much she wanted to, how easy you made it, she bit her tongue. She wanted to be more than friends, and if that meant missing out on an opportunity to crack a joke, that’s what she’d do.

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Requested: @fangirlsarah16

MJ smiled at the two of you, excited to be spending time with you. She had a lot of classes with your brother, only rarely getting to see you at lunch or in the halls. She was too afraid to ask Peter about you, how you were, for fear that he would catch on about her feelings towards you, maybe even end up telling you, too. Instead she did what she could to see you, visiting you often where she knew she’d find you: the library. Either reading for fun or working on homework, you found a lot of peace there. Even during things like school dances, when the crowds were too big and you needed some space, she found you up there. This class trip was her big chance to spend as much time with you as possible. You’d been reading all about your favorite places, knowing exactly where to go, the history of it all. It amazed her, made her like you even more, if that was possible.

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“I’m so glad you could come!”

“Thanks for inviting us.” It wasn’t often you and your friends were invited to parties, especially not along with the most popular kids in school. But Liz had asked you personally, placing an invitation on your hands instead of you locker like everyone else, otherwise you would have thought she had the wrong locker. You asked if you could bring a few friends and she was more than accepting. By “a few friends” you meant your only friends Peter and Ned, who were equally excited as we well as suspicious as you were.

“Drinks are over there with the snacks, make yourselves at home.” She let you in, showing you around, trying to act as casual as she could. She didn’t want to make it obvious how much she really liked you. Even now she thought she was embarrassing herself. She knew parties weren’t really your thing, but it was the only way she could ever think about talking to you. School was weird, it had its rules. You ran in two different social circles, and we’d then you talked in the halls, people looked, namely her judgemental friends. This was her way of getting to know you without their looking and whispering. She liked you and that’s all that mattered.

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You nearly screamed beside your friends, your family after what you’d been through together. Through the crowds, the open portals, you saw him, you saw Peter. Running from your own you screamed his name over and over again, trying not to cry. It had only been seconds to you, second that passed, barely a blink, but it felt like it had been so much longer. Standing here now, everything changed, it felt like it had changed. The same, but different. You’d watched Peter turn to ash, calling to you, to Tony. You tried to hold him, hug all the broken pieces back together, but there was nothing to hold on to. Tony was there to hold you back only to watch you go next. Two kids gone. But you were back now, and you could hold him, and hug him, and he wouldn’t disappear.

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Requested by anon:  Can you do a how you got together with may parker from spiderman?

  • Being recruited into the Avengers by Tony
  • When you first met Peter, you thought he was a good kid that was a bit awkward (which you liked)
  • You were a few years older than Peter so you didn’t think you had that much in common with him
  • Meeting May when Peter first brought you over to his place in order to help him with a minor problem with his suit
  • Finding May really attractive and making excuses to go over with Peter more often to help him with “Spiderman stuff”
  • Flirting with May with Peter being oblivious as to how much you like his aunt
  • After several months of “helping” Peter, you finally ask May on a date
  • May was hesitant to say yes at first since she was afraid to make things awkward with Peter, but she ended up coming to the date
  • Trying to keep your dates lowkey
  • Peter didn’t realize you were dating until he happened to swing past your date with May
    • “Aunt May! You’re dating (Y/N)? (Y/N) you’re dating Aunt May?”
  • Peter was ecstatic that you two were dating
  • He wiggles his eyebrows at you whenever he sees you at his place, and you’re forced to smack his shoulder
  • Sleeping in May’s room whenever you’re able
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She stopped hiding her sighs, her glares, all the little things that annoyed her about you. She rolled her eyes, making sure you saw her. Liz wanted to hurt you because you hurt her. You knew how important this was to her, that she’d been worrying and preparing for weeks, and still you couldn’t even manage to show up on time. She reminded you over and over again to be on time, setting early alarms and calling you, but time was never your friend. It always got away from you, easier than it did most people. You never intentionally did this, but things got away. Time slipped from your fingers, things took your attention away from the clock. All you ever wanted was to be there, but you couldn’t. All you wanted to do was show her how much you truly cared. That’s all.

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The news alert flashed before the TV’s. The crowd of kids gathered around them. A shaky camera clung to your image, in the suit Michelle dreaded seeing, trying to escape the latest villain terrorizing the city. She knew all about what you did on the weekends. She was the first to figure it out actually, coming right up to you and asking. When she wouldn’t take no for an answer, because she knew better, you broke down and told her. Now all she could think of was you behind the mask, in more danger than either of you knew. She wanted to call you, laugh about the whole situation, hoping you were home and safe instead of on the top of the New York City skyscrapers trying not to get killed.

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Hey guys! We’ve almost reached the end and I’m so excited to get the last few chapters up. This chapter was inspired by Tom Holland’s adorable relationship he has with his dog, Tessa and a few other fics that I’ve read over the last couple of weeks. I have the outline for the next chapter so it should be posted in the next couple of weeks! Enjoy and thank you for reading (:

If you want to read the other chapters, you can find them here: Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, & Pt.4


“Peter, your mom and dad, they—“ Aunt May choked on a sob, her grip on his shoulders tight, “They—“

“They’re not coming back, bud.” Uncle Ben said softly, bright blue eyes filled with unshed tears and something tight wound its way around Peter’s heart.

“No, you’re lying! I want my mommy and daddy!”

“They’re gone, Peter.”




Blood, so much blood. Peter looked down at his hands, the dark crimson staining his skin and dripping on to the sidewalk. Sirens blared in the distance, there was shouting, erratic heart beats, pained groans—

Uncle Ben

“Pete—Peter, I—“ A cough and blood spilled from his lips, slipping down his chin and Peter could only watch, helpless.

“Ben, please—please hold on—“

“Take care of May—“

“—I can hear the ambulance, just a little longer—“ Peter pleaded, tears blurring his vision and panic gripping his racing heart.

“—be…safe—“ Another cough, more blood, a wheeze.

He can’t breathe, he can’t breathe.

Uncle Ben—

“No, no, no, please uncle Ben, please don’t go—“

Gurgling, more wheezing, even more blood.

“Sir, we need to ask you to move so we can help him—“

“—He’s going into shock—“

“—he’s not going to make it, he’s lost too much blood—“

“—I can’t find an exit wound, the bullet is still in there—“


“Uncle Ben, please—“

My fault my fault my fault—

“I told you, if you didn’t stop messing with my business, I was going to kill everyone you loved.”

The Vulture smirked as he held the gun to May’s head, his eyes dancing oddly as he watched her squirm and cry heavy mascara tears. She struggled against his hold, her dark eyes pleading with Peter.

Save me, save us.

But he couldn’t move, his body was trapped underneath the rubble of what was the roof of the building. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe and he couldn’t think clearly. His spidey-sense was going haywire, his body was alive with pain and he could taste the blood in his mouth.

“Peter—“ May begged.

The silver of the barrel glinted dangerously in the lowlight and Peter squirmed, crying out in agony as rebar stabbed him in the thigh—

“I told you, stay out of it—“


“Say goodbye to your aunt, Peter—“

“Peter please—“

“—I warned you—“


A gunshot and more blood—



All my fault all my fault—


There’s so much blood—


His head was on fire, his senses in overdrive—

“Peter—damn it kid—“

A hand grabbed his arm and he cried out, fire coursing through his veins—


Choking on a gasp, Peter opened his eyes to total darkness. His legs were tangled in the sheets and he could feel sweat-soaked state of his shirt clinging to his back. The back of his head was tingling, the hair on his arms standing at attention and he realized, as he tried to focus on getting air into his lungs, that he wasn’t alone and someone was talking to him.

“—you’re okay kid, you’re okay—F.R.I.D.A.Y. give me his levels—“

“—blood pressure is one-fifty over ninety, heart rate is at one hundred and fifty beats per minute—“

“Kid, can you hear me? It’s me, Tony, you’re in your room at the tower, in Manhattan, you’re safe, no one can hurt you—F.R.I.D.A.Y. hit the lights, level four, we don’t want to overstimulate his senses—“

Dim light filtered through the darkness and Peter felt something in his chest loosen at being able to see his surroundings. The familiar light charcoal walls, the blue of his bed spread, the giant IronMan poster hanging over his desk and Tony, kneeling on the plush grey carpet beside his bed, watching him with unconcealed concern and Peter’s gut twisted with guilt.

“Mr. Stark—Tony, shit I’m so sorry—“

“Pete,” Tony interrupted, voice uncharacteristically gentle, “it’s okay, you’re okay.”

Peter opened his mouth to protest, but no words would come out. His mind flashed back to blood, all the blood, my fault, my fault, May screaming—

Something was in his eyes, stinging and blurring his vision and something that resembled a sob ripped itself from his lungs and made it’s way passed his lips. His entire body was shaking, his head was spinning and he could feel the bile rising in his throat, the lump pressing harder against his esophagus until he couldn’t breathe. He bolted up out of bed, tripping on the bed sheets and ignoring the harsh cold of the tiled bathroom floor, he fell to his knees in front of the toilet and threw up dinner.

Wave after wave of nausea hit him to the point where it felt like it was never going to let up. His brain was still swirling with the images of blood and death, the sounds of uncle Ben’s protests and May’s screams still playing through his ears and Peter prayed to anything or anyone who would listen to just make it stop.

A hesitant but strong hand landed gently on Peter’s shoulder, another coming to rub in between his shoulder blades as the vomit gave way to bile and his throat and stomach ached in protest of bringing up anything else.

When the world stopped spinning and the angry sea in his stomach settled, Peter lifted a weak hand to flush the toilet and pushed himself off of his knees to lean heavily against the sink. He rinsed his mouth out before he grabbed his Darth Vader toothbrush, wanting to rid his mouth of the horrible taste of stomach acid and half digested Pad Thai.

Peter ignored his reflection in the mirror as he wiped at his mouth and he could feel Tony’s concerned stare burning a hole in the back of his neck, but he ignored that, too. He could feel the fatigue in his bones, but his mind was too hectic to go back to sleep, his stomach lurching in protest at the thought of seeing more of—

“Peter,” Tony said, voice soft and Peter, startled, met his worried gaze in the mirror, “Why don’t you take a hot shower and change into some new PJ’s, okay? Meet me down stairs in the living room when you’re done.”

Peter nodded numbly, already stripping out of his sweat clothes. He fought against the anxiety rising in his chest at being left alone again and for a wild moment, he thought about asking Tony to stay outside the bathroom, just to have the comfort of knowing someone was there, in case something or someone wanted to get him at his most vulnerable. Like the time Peter snuck out of bed and into the living room when he was five and supposed to be sleeping. Aunt May and uncle Ben were sitting on the couch, watching Jaws and the next night, at bath time, Peter was terrified of getting into the water, images of a hundred foot long shark with bloodied jaws of his victims flashing through his little mind and Ben, bless him, stood outside the bathroom in case he had to fight off a shark for him.

“I’ll be right outside Pete, nothing is gonna get you, you’re safe with me.”

Shaking his head, he mumbled for F.R.I.D.A.Y to turn on the water as hot as her code would allow her to go, the A.I. forever coded to keep his safety in mind.

He washed quickly, not wanting to be by himself for longer than he had to or to keep Tony waiting for too long. Stepping out of the shower, he toweled himself off and headed back into his room, shivering as his hot skin met the cold air.

He noticed the fresh pajamas laid out on his bed, along with the new sheets that were on his bed—they were blue when he went into the shower and now his sheets had IronMan all over them, in different stages of action and despite the nightmare still fresh in his mind, he smiled at Tony’s attempt at humor.

Shrugging into his new pajamas, he wrapped himself in his Star Wars blanket and made his way down stairs, where he found Tony waiting for him on the sofa with two steaming mugs of something in his hands and the opening scene of the first Star Wars movie playing at low volume on the giant flat screen TV.

Tony handed him the mug—hot chocolate—when he sat down and manifested a blanket for himself and another one of Peter, in case he wanted it. Peter took a hesitant sip from his mug and had to bite back a moan of satisfaction when the rich sweetness met his tongue and danced over his tastebuds. There was no way this was Swiss Miss.

“All the way from Belgium,” Tony confirmed his thoughts, taking a sip from his own mug, “It’s my favorite and way better than store bought, bleh.”

Peter huffed a weak laugh at Tony’s snobbish tendencies and took another sip of the delicious brew, ignoring the piping hot temperature because it was so so so good.

He snuggled deeper into the nest of blankets as F.R.I.D.A.Y. started the movie and all thoughts of the Vulture and Ben and May’s blood curdling screams drifted as he was taken to a galaxy far far away.

Tony wrapped his arm around the back of the couch and began playing with Peter’s shower dampened curls, running his fingers through it. A small smile found its way across his lips as Peter leaned into his touch, his shoulders relaxing further into his blankets, his eyes never leaving the screen in front of him, sipping away at his hot chocolate.

Peter looked so small and vulnerable, wrapped up in Avengers themed blankets and sipping his hot chocolate from an Iron Man mug and it made Tony’s chest ache at the youth that radiated from the scene in front of him. Peter was just a kid, barely a teenager and he was already dealing with horrific nightmares that Tony himself was no stranger to. He had his own demons that preyed on his unconscious mind every night and he wouldn’t wish some of things he saw on his worst enemy, let alone the fifteen year old kid sitting next to him.

Tony wanted to ask him what his nightmares were about, but he knew Peter, as much as he trusted Tony, wouldn’t want to talk about it and burden Tony with his problems. Peter, because of his intelligence, was often treated with a level of maturity that didn’t match up with his age and Tony was no stranger to that. People forgot, often times, that because he was so smart, that he developmentally, he was still a kid. A stupid teenager with stupid teenage tendencies that, mixed with his scary level of intelligence, often times turned into disaster.

Peter had a brilliant mind and Tony could only imagine what his subconscious mind could conjure up to scare the kid so badly that he got physically sick from it.

A light snore broke Tony from his thoughts and glancing down, Peter was now snuggled into his side, dead to the world and holding his mug precariously in his grasp. With fond smile, Tony gently took the mug from his hands and placed it on the coffee table, making a mental note to grab it in the morning. Slowly, so he didn’t disturb the sleeping teen, he slid out from the couch and scooped Peter into his arms, ignoring the warmth that bloomed in his chest when the kid snuggled closer to his chest, his hand resting against the arc reactor as he dozed on, completely oblivious.

He made it to Peter’s room without a hitch—the kid was still snoozing away and Tony didn’t drop him, so he counted it as a win. He walked across the soft carpeted floor and carefully eased Peter down onto his fresh Iron Man sheets. Peter snuggled into the pillows easily enough, but when Tony tried to remove his arms from underneath Peter, a small frown caused a furrow to appear between his eyebrows, which gave Tony pause. Peter, as if he sensed his hesitation, rolled over on his side and snuggled back into Tony’s arms, his hand once again finding purchase on the arc reactor. The furrow between his eyes disappeared and he seemed to settle back into the pillows, his body relaxed and face smoothed back into the serene expression of one in the middle of a good nights sleep.

Tony hesitated, ensuring that the kid was settled and comfortable and asleep, before he tried to get his limbs back, once again coming up unsuccessful.

Because the kid adhered himself to Tony.

As in, he was stuck.

To Tony

Like the little spiderling he was.

“You don’t make things easy, do you kid?” Tony muttered, sighing as he weighed his options.

His back was already aching from being bent over this long and there was no way he would be able to do this for the next several hours or whenever the kid decided to get up.

He wasn’t gaining ownership of his limbs anytime soon and if he tried, he’d probably rip his skin off and then he’d have to deal with the weight of Peter guilt for god knows how long. They hadn’t explored this particular enhanced ability too much, but Tony was sure without any sort of experimentation, this would not end in his favor if he tried to move and it’s not like he wanted to wake the kid up to ask him to kindly remove himself from Tony and give him the use of his arms back.

So that left Tony with only one option and that meant he had to roll Peter over, facing the opposite way and Tony crawled over him, holding his breath and praying that he didn’t wake the kid up. Finally, his body met the softness of the mattress and his lower back sighed in relief. He had to rearrange some pillows and adjust the blankets, but he settled, his eyes heavy, he watched Peter—the way his eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks, the small pout on his lips, the serene expression on his face as he dreamed (hopefully) better dreams. And the way his hand never left the arc reactor, it’s soft glow illuminating the room like a night light.

And that’s when Tony got an idea.


Peter trudged into the Tower, his back pack slipping off of his shoulder and landing haphazardly on the floor, but Peter couldn’t find it in himself to care. He face planted onto the couch, curling up into the fetal position and closed his eyes, sighing in satisfaction at finally being able to rest.

His nightmares had been getting worse, to the point where he didn’t sleep at night. He either stayed out late patrolling or caught up on his homework, choosing to do something more productive with his time than falling victim to nightmares.

And some nights, when it was really bad and homework and patrolling couldn’t keep the thoughts at bay, he’d web his way to the tallest building he could find and sit there and just listen to the city—sirens, clubs, taxis, car horns, chatter. His thoughts got drowned out by everything else going on around him and sometimes being up high, felt like it was the only time he could breathe.

“Kid, I know I’ve told you make yourself at home, but that doesn’t mean you get to just toss your stuff wherever you feel like—“

Peter groaned, opening a bleary eye to watch Tony nudge his backpack out of the way with his foot as he made his way over to the couch.

“”m sorry, I’ll pick it up later.” He muttered, burying his face back into soft cushion.

“Or you could pick up now, bring it down to the lab and get cracking on the homework I know you’ve got piled up in there.” Tony countered, sitting on the coffee table.

“It’s Friday and I’ve already finished all my homework last night.” Peter said, voice muffled from the couch cushions.

He could feel the weight of Tony’s stare as he shifted on the couch and Peter was avoiding looking him in the eyes, knowing the question that was on the tip of Tony’s tongue.

“That bad, huh?” He asked, his tone going from harpy to soft, gentle and it still made the guilt rise in Peter, knowing that Tony worried about his sleeping habits along with everything else he had going on in his life.

Peter hesitated and Tony sensed it, “Pete, you can talk to me.”

He was ashamed to admit it, but he felt tears fill his eyes. He was just so tired. But he was afraid, of closing his eyes, of seeing Ben die, all the blood and May and the Vulture—

“It always starts with my parents,” Peter began, voice thin, “I-I don’t remember them much, but I remember the day they died—Ben and May, they sat me down and told me that my parents weren’t ever coming back. Even though I don’t remember them much, I still feel like there’s this loss? I guess is the best way. Like there was piece in my life where they should be and they’re not there anymore. It’s like a—a void?”

He can feel his voice get shakier as his brain goes over his nightmares that intertwine with memories and he feels like he’s asleep, trapped somewhere he doesn’t want to be.

“I uh, I was there, the night Ben died,” Peter admits in a whisper, “I had just gotten my powers, I was scared and confused and I couldn’t tell anyone and we got into a fight and I ran away and Ben came looking for me and there was this guy who—“ Peter chokes on the words, everything coming out in a rush, “he had a gun and he had just robbed a liquor store and Ben tried to stop him and he got shot and I was walking home and I saw it and I couldn’t—I couldn’t stop it. There was so much blood and he was dying and it was my fault. I shouldn’t have ran away from home and if I hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been there and he’d be here. There’s always so much blood, I smell it and I see it and I see him, drenched in it and there’s nothing I can do.”

Peter chokes back a sob, his hands shaking and his chest tight, “And then it’s the Vulture—he has May and he’s holding a gun to her head. He warned me that I should’ve stayed out of it, that I brought this on myself and I can’t move because there’s a building on top of me and I-I can’t get out, but he has May and she begging me to save her, help her and I can’t. He shoots her and I can hear her screams and there’s more blood and he’s laughing and so much blood and I—“

Peter’s babbling at this point, shaking with tears and he’s so tired, so fucking tired and all he wants is to sleep and he doesn’t know how to without the nightmares.

He doesn’t know how he ends up in Tony’s embrace, but one minute he’s sitting on the couch, crying like a baby and the next thing he knows, he’s being pressed into a warm chest, the edges of the arc reactor digging into his cheek. Warm hands are carding themselves through Peter’s hair and it’s so nice, to be held and just cared for. Tony smells like Tom Ford cologne and engine oil, the arc reactor is giving off a soft glow and he just feels safe.

He settles himself eventually, pulling away from Tony and wiping at his eyes with the sleeve of his hoodie.

He meets Tony’s eyes and half expects him to crack a joke to ease the tension, but he doesn’t. Tony looks tired too, but in a different way and it makes Peter feel guilty. He knows his nightmares have taken a toll on Tony’s sleeping habits, interrupting whatever sleep he does manage to get to comfort Peter through his nightmares.

“Pete, I know it’s not easy, to talk this stuff through, but it does help.” Tony said, ruffling his hair, “not talking about, not sleeping, it makes things a lot worse than they need to be and you know you can talk to me, whenever you need to.”

He cupped Peter’s cheek in his strong grasp, urging him to look up into his eyes and Peter complied, “I know what it’s like to relive the horrors of your past and the manifestations of what could’ve happened and I hate more than anything that you have to go through this, especially at your age. You’ve seen things that someone even my age should have to witness and I’m so proud of you for still trying to push through. You’re so strong, bud, but it’s okay to ask for help. Even with stuff like this, okay?”

Peter nodded and Tony patted him on the back, standing up, “No science stuff today, you need sleep, but first, I need to show you something.”

Peter followed him down to the lab, ignoring the urge to fall over on the next available surface to finally succumb to the fatigue that was pulling at his eyelids.

“Now, as much as I would love to have sleep overs and be clung to like a Koala does a tree branch—,” Tony began, giving Peter a side eye.

Peter gave him a sheepish smile, his cheeks flushing in embarrassment.

“—I need my sleep too and you need to learn how to sleep on your own, because even though I don’t mind being your security blanket, there’s going to be times where I’m not available so—“

F.R.I.D.A.Y. opened the lab doors and Peter noticed two things.

The first was the labrador puppy sitting patiently on the lab table with a red bow around it’s neck.

The second, was that it seemed to be curious about an object lying next to him (her?), sniffing at it curiously and giving it an experimental lick.

“Hey, paws off the prototype mister—“ Tony said, rushing over to the work table and grabbing up the object that oddly resembled an arc reactor—similar to the one glowing in Tony’s chest.

The puppy merely blinked up at Tony, it’s tail tapping a soft beat against the metal lab table.

Peter was beyond confused.

“Tony, what—“ he began, looking from the puppy, to Tony, back to the puppy.

“Well, first off, congratulations, it’s a boy!” Tony said, scooping up the puppy and thrusting it into Peter’s face.

Big, brown, puppy eyes stared up at him eagerly, a pink tongue poking out from his mouth and aiming for Peter’s nose.

Peter was sure he was going to melt from the overdose of cuteness.

“Is he—is he mine?” Peter asked hesitantly, taking the puppy gingerly from Tony’s hands and cuddling it close to his chest. The puppy panted happily, lapping at Peter’s chin and wriggling in his arms to get closer, his paw resting on his chest.

“Yup, just picked him up from the shelter today—I went the adoption route, rather than the shop route—and he’s all yours. Don’t worry, I talked to May and she was up for the idea, even talked it over with your landlord, just in case. I’m paying for all the vet bills of course, but the responsibility—making sure it eats, sleeps and gets walked and all that jazz, is on you.”

Peter stared blankly at Tony, “You bought me a dog?”

“Adopted,” Tony corrected with a tut, “but yes, I did.”

Peter studied the puppy, who was now content on chewing on the draw string of his hoodie and he couldn’t help the smile that graced his face if he tried. He had a dog. A dog. Of his very own.


“Tony—I—thank you, but why—“ Peter fumbled for words, glancing up at the ball of cuteness to look at Tony in disbelief.

Tony gave him a smile, giving the dog (Peter was really going to have to come up with a name), a pat on the head and he got a lick for his troubles, “I talked to Rhodey, told him you were having a rough time of it lately and he works with the VA and he told me about all the research they’re doing into emotional support dogs for soldiers who come back with PTSD. Labs are supposed to be one of the top breeds and they ease anxiety, nervousness and they can even sense a nightmare and help you through it. This little guy was entered into the program and he proved to be a little to rambunctious for the discipline, so I gave the partnering shelter the program uses a quick phone call and well-ah.”

Peter stared down in awe at his new companion and couldn’t believe that this adorable ball of cuteness was his.

“Rhodey is going to help train him up a little bit, but he’s going to sleep with you and hopefully, having his presence in the room will help ease some of your anxiousness to sleep and help with your nightmares but if it doesn’t—“

Tony turned to the lab table and handed what Thor, (Peter decided the puppy looked like a Thor) was about to use as a chew toy, to Peter, who shifted the puppy to the floor to take a better look at it.

It was an arc reactor, the same one that Tony had in his chest and it glowed the same soothing blue tone light that emitted from Tony’s, but it was little bit bigger and tapping it, a thinner beam of light filtered from the center of it and looking up at the ceiling of the lab, an image of the Iron Man helmet was projected onto the tiles.

“It’s a nightlight,” Tony explained, “I’ve noticed that the glow of the arc reactor is soothing to you, whenever you’ve had nightmares and I think it’ll help that, should this little guy fail at the one job I’m giving him and I’m not here, you have a light when you wake up, so you’re not in the dark.”

Peter was exhausted. That was the excuse he was going to use for why his eyes were watering for the second time in the last hour and not because Tony got him a dog that he loved, but also made him a night light in the shape of the one thing that calmed Peter during his worst nights. Something he’s never admitted out loud, but Tony figured out anyways.

“Tony, I—thank you.” Peter breathed, staring down at the nightlight and the puppy simultaneously and Tony waved him off.

“It’s no big deal, I just had to make a few tweaks to the program—I also made sure to add in the same feature my reactor has, just tap it and it becomes your suit. In case theres an emergency or whatever. Not that the tower will ever be attacked or anything, but it helps me sleep at night, knowing my suit isn’t too far away from me,” Tony furrowed his eyebrow, “some have called that hyper-vigilance, but I called it being a good boy scout and being prepared, even if the experts don’t see it that way but I’ve never been one for soft sciences—“

Tony’s cut off abruptly when Peter wraps his arms around him and squeezes, to the point where Tony’s sure he’s cracked a rib or two but he can’t find it in him to care. He squeezes the kid back with just as much force, his heart warming at the thought of getting this parenting thing right.

“You’re the best, Tony, thank you.” Peter says as he finally pulls away, brown eyes shining with the upmost sincerity and Tony grins, ruffling Peter’s curls.

“Don’t mention it, kid, I just hope this helps.”


It was a late night in the work shop for Tony, he was working out some kinks in the software for Peter’s suit and adding some new upgrades he’d thought of in the recent months and he wanted to surprise Peter with them when he woke up in the morning.

He’d sent the kid to bed hours ago, despite the complaining and the pouting—all on Peter’s end and even though Tony wanted him here with him in the lab, he was trying to be good at this parenting thing and that meant curfew’s and rules and boundaries. At least that’s what the parenting books said.

Tony stretched, his lower back popping back into alignment in the most satisfying way. He had reached his limit of what he could do, it was up to F.R.I.D.A.Y. to finish inputting all the changes and Tony found himself wanting to check in on Peter.

“What’s the time, Fri?” Tony asked as he headed out of the lab and into the elevator to go up to the penthouse floor.

“3:26 am, boss.” She replied back dutifully.

“And how’s underoos doing?”

“Mr. Parker is currently in R.E.M sleep, his BP is one-forty over eighty, body temperature is one-oh-one point six, pulse rate is steady at ninety five beats per minute—“

“I didn’t a whole med report F.R.I.D.A.Y.” Tony said with a roll of his eyes as he made his way down the hall way towards Peter’s room.

“Of course, boss, my mistake. Should I make a change to my code to respond with a open ended and general statement such as ‘fine’ or okay the next time you ask about Mr. Parker’s well being? Would that suffice your curiosity?”

Tony didn’t know where he’d placed the sass level last when he updated the A.I.’s code but he knew for damn sure it wasn’t at one hundred. He didn’t dignify the sassy A.I. with a response, choosing instead, to let it go ignored and check on Peter himself.

The door was cracked open, so Thor—Tony rolled his eyes at the name but after living with the overenthusiastic lab the last couple of weeks, he couldn’t deny that Peter had chosen a rather fitting name for the dog—could get in and out of the room if he pleased, but Tony had never seen a more devoted animal in his life.

Thor and Peter had taken to each other right from the get go and at this point, they were inseparable. While labs were generally friendly and loved affection from anyone, there was no denying that Thor clearly favored Peter over anyone in the room. He followed Peter around the tower like his own shadow and never left his side during the night, which caused DUM-E to work over time to get rid of certain stains out of the carpet. And Peter was just as enamored by the puppy as Thor was with him—it was a match made in heaven.

Peeking his head into the doorway, Tony couldn’t help the smile that graced his lips at the sight before him. Peter was sprawled out in his bed, covers half kicked off, Iron Man pajamas in full view and snoring away. Thor was in an equal state of comfort—his little body splayed out on the other side of the bed, head rest on Peter’s out stretched hand and snoozing away next to his owner. The arc reactor nightlight was on display on Peter’s night stand, the Iron Man symbol floating on the ceiling like a reminder that no matter what, Tony was always there for him and his heart warmed.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., take a picture and archive it, I need to send this to May.”

“As you wish, boss.”

Just as Tony turned to go back to his room to finally succumb to the fatigue he could feel starting to creep up on him, Peter made a whimpering noise and in a flash, Tony was back in the doorway, poised to wake the teen if need be. But before he could, he heard the telltale sign of sheets rustling and then the sight of a little yellow head popped up from his resting place. Tony watched as Thor scurried over to Peter, climbing up his body and finding a place on his chest, sitting down right over his heart. He began licking and pawing gently at his face, urging his human to wake up from whatever scary thing was causing him discomfort. After a moment, Peter seemed to settle back down and Thor watched him closely before he, too, settled back down. Rather than moving back to his original place, he curled up on Peter’s chest and his big eyes caught Tony moving back out of the door way and his ears perked at the intrusion, but he didn’t move from his distressed human.

Thor stared at Tony and Tony stared right back, caught in a Mexican stand off with a four month old labrador puppy.

Tony cracked a smile and nodded to the dog, “Good boy, Thor. Keep watching over underoos and keep him safe, okay? And if you need to, come get me, you know where I sleep.”

Tony turned back into the hallway, but stopped himself and looked back over his shoulder at the dog that was starting to doze off again, but perked back up at Tony’s reappearance.

“—and if I catch you chewing on my favorite Gucci slippers again, we’re gonna have to have a talk, okay? They don’t make them anymore and I know I’m a billionaire and Tony Stark, but lemme tell you, getting Gucci to bring back an old style is damn near impossible. Saving the world is a piece of cake compared to that, capisce?”

Thor simply blinked slowly up at Tony, before he shuffled around so his head was now nestled into Peter’s shoulder and his butt was facing a rather affronted Tony.

Canine or not, Tony understood the gesture for what it was.

He just got told to kiss a furry ass

“You’re lucky Peter likes you.”


Thank you guys for reading and please feel free to let me know what you think (:

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Black Canary 

Jumping up you reached for your chest, feeling the scar that would forever remain there.  The sweat dripped from the top of your head over your eyebrow. Wiping your face you stopped at the old scar that went through your brow. Around a decade later and these nightmares still plagued your mind.

Getting up putting your old league combat outfit you climbed out your window. Standing on the roof you clutched your staff to calm yourself so you can focus.  Closing your eyes focusing on the sounds of the city as it all meshed together at first. The first occurrence you dashed across over multiple buildings before finally hearing the scream. In the alley, you could see it was a couple of teenagers probably around your age.  Hands-on the wall they were trembling as the hooded man held a gun toward them. Dropping down he turned the gun on you and you said nothing.

“Don’t be stupid and no one gets hurt,” He said and you tested the waters a little bit.  Swaying right he flinched a bit aiming in that direction slightly then back at you. Doing the exact same thing the other way you got that exact reaction. This man was desperate, maybe in some kind of hurry.  Holding steady you didn’t move and you watched as he inched near you. Swaying right you quick duck left, grabbing his arm, cocking his wrist back the snap was loud and clear. His yell was echoed and you looked at the teenagers still too terrified to look at you. Walking over about to kick the man unconscious your foot felt caught on something.  Seeing the familiar webs at your feet you chuckled. 

“Thanks. You know we could really work together. You and I,” Spiderman said and you laughed rolling your eyes. Swinging your staff you quickly kicked off the side of the building to boost for a jump to the fire escape ladder. At the top, you looked down at him watching you. “At least give me some kind of name for you?”

“What does that have to do with the price of peanuts?” You asked, taking off Spiderman laughed as this was the usual cycle for the two of you.  Only once has actually tried to follow you and you beat the hell out of him for it. So now every other night the two of you cross paths and you usually say the peanut line.  The city started naming you after the comic book character, the Black Canary.  

Much like the character you had an all-black outfit, a long dark wig covered your real hair. You didn’t care for a gimmick or to be a known hero, you just have a lot to atone for.  Other than Spiderman it was fun watching Tony Stark fail at discovering your identity, you managed to stay off of the Avengers radar even the governments’ radar for a long time. Anything tied to you showed the names and faces of other people.  Other than your aliases and identification cards.“We gotta stop meeting like this,” Stopping short before jumping to the next roof you turned around with a stoic expression.  Not that he could see the bottom half of your face.

“Tony Stark,” You said and his mask retracted revealing his face before sticking out his hand.

“I want to make a deal I won’t snoop into who you are but I am going to need your particular kind of skill set,” He said, looking at his hand then at Tony you still made no efforts to shake his hand.  Crossing your arms over your chest you tilted your head to the side narrowing your eyes at him.

“I’m not following. Last I checked you had an Avenger called Black Widow why do you need me?” You asked, and he nodded agreeing with your statement.

“Let’s just say the band is breaking up and I have feeling it’s going to come down to my side of the team fighting against the team with the Winter Soldier,” Tony explained, raising an eyebrow the obstinant was written all over your expression.

“Why do you think I can fight the Winter Soldier?”  You asked, confident that you could you were just curious as to why Tony thought that.

“You can,” Is all he said, surprising you with how sure he was of your abilities.

“What do I get out of this?” You asked.

“I stop pursuing the vigilante that the city of New York is calling Black Canary. I’ll make a public announcement that you are no threat so the police ease up,” Tony said, staring at his hand that was still outstretched the offer was more than tempting.  The police of this city did constantly demonize you as you hadn’t done anything other than stop small crimes. To many of the citizens, you were a myth which was causing many different fabricated stories about you.

“How would you reach me and how would I know you won’t track me that way?” You asked, pulling out a small device he tossed it to you and you looked at it confused. Unsure of how it worked it had a tiny old screen and a little keyboard. “What is it?”

“Wow, kid way to make me feel old.  It’s a pager it cannot be traced so when I need you an address will appear on it okay,” He said, shaking his head you tucked the pager away in your pocket.  Turning away you jumped to the next roof and disappeared into the night, even then Tony was running an analysis on your voice. His time was limited he wanted to know who you were and once you held up your end of the bargain he knew trying to figure you out would no longer be an option.  As Friday scanned the internet and several private sectors of the web he came up with nothing. You may have accomplished something no one ever had, being a ghost to the written and electronic world.

Going through school and your daily life, as usual, the pager sat on your desk in silence.  You didn’t look at it or check it but resumed on like everything was normal. Watching the news eating some cereal with your feet kicked up in your desk chair.  All those years in Nanda Parbat being closed off from the world you had no idea what was going. The first thing you took advantage of and still take advantage of is the news.  Every day you got up and watched it to know everything it could possibly provide.  

Today the big coverage was the Accords for the Avengers which turned into an attack by the Winter Soldier.  Your alarm going off telling you it was time leave for class you looked between your bookbag and the television.  Ignoring your phone you followed the events as they released, intrigued by the events your eyes were glued to the television unfamiliar noise was ringing from your room.  Putting down your cereal walking to your room the pager buzzing around on your desk. Picking it up the address was a few blocks away from your apartment which made you a little hesitant to leave too fast. 

 Grabbing your staff, you stood in front of your mirror for a second unsure of yourself looking at the mirror on your nightstand you could see your locket.  Putting it on tucking under your clothes before getting dressed you waited a few more minutes before leaving. Running across several roofs as you reached the one with the perfect vantage point.  It didn’t take you long to spot where Tony was, next to a very expensive car. 

“Hey kid,” You jumped, swinging out your staff you were a bit apprehensive.

“Where’s the fighting happening?” You asked and he stepped out of his suit with a paper it read that the corresponding student was interning with Stark Industries.  You knew it was a ploy for your school to call and verify you were there. Which would reveal your real name.

“Here kid whatever school you go to this will be an official excuse paper for why you missed school,” He said and you took it with no real intention to give it to the school.  Like any other time, you would make a fake doctor’s note.

“Tony where’s the fighting happening?” You asked again and he entered his suit again, grabbing you taking you both down to his car.  Stepping out of his suit again you swung your staff across his face. “Never do that again.”

“I deserved that. You got a passport kid?” He asked, rubbing the side of his face with his hand.

“With one of my alias. Definitely. Where we headed?” You asked and he opened the car door for you. 

“Germany. I assume you’re gonna get real snippy about your identity so here this credit card has enough for a flight and the hotel address I’m going to give you.  After those two purchases the card will lock,” Tony said and you acknowledged the lack of a driver as the car was self-driving.

“You must really need my help,” You said, impressed by the mechanics of how he set up making sure you could remain unknown.

“More than you know.  Do you need to grab anything?” Tony asked, stopping the car right where you started, saying you needed ten minutes that is all you took.  Back at your apartment, you realized all you could take on a plane was your combat outfit; no weapons, no staff. Returning back to Tony you came with a book bag with an outfit, pajamas, and your papers.

“I travel light,” You said as he noticed your small bookbag he drove you to Newark airport.  Leaving he left you with all the information you needed the main rule was, keep your pager on hand. People stared at you as you still wore your combat outfit, so going into the bathroom hoping no one recognized your outfit you changed into regular clothes and removed the wig.  The flight was easy but something about the ride was just one big reminder that there was no one worried about you. No one to let know you’d be gone for a few days. Getting to the hotel the first thing you did was turn on the TV to watch the news. You could not understand a single word of it so you sat idly by waiting for something from Tony.  It took about three hours before an address appeared on the beeper. Arriving at the airport you actually flew in from you found it amusing.

“You’re here too!” Spiderman said and you rolled your eyes turning to Tony who laughed at his reaction.

“Here kid,” He said and you stared the block piece of box-shaped metal, cold in your hand you inspected every side of it but nothing really stood out.

“What is this?” You asked and Tony entered his suit as an alarm went off.

“You’ll know. Stick with underoos here he knows the cue for the two of you,” Tony said and Peter grumbled at Tony’s nickname for him.  Despite all the signs to it you still hadn’t connected the dots that the boy that Flash calls Penis Parker in your gym class was Spiderman.  The voice was a complete giveaway but it was the same reason Peter didn’t realize the really athletic quiet girl in his gym class was the Black Canary.  You took precautions though even covering up your eyebrow scar when being dressed regular.

“I’m Spiderman,” He said and his voice wavered a bit which made you shake your head and laugh.

“New outfit?” You said, turning your back to him looking off in the direction Tony had gone.  Not able to hear them but nothing good was coming from the conversation that was clear as day.

“Underoos!” Tony yelled and before you had second to comprehend Spiderman grabbed you and swung out also grabbing Captain America’s shield.  Pushing off of him you landed on your feet. Swinging out the box forgetting you no longer had your staff, you jumped a bit as the box extended looking exactly like your staff. 

“Nice job kid,” Tony said and you rolled your eyes looking at Natasha who looked at your combat as if it was familiar to her. Clint was doing the same thing, you knew all of their names you did your homework on them when you first started fighting crime in the city.

“Thanks. I mean I could have stuck the landing a little better it’s just a new suit and all. I mean thank you Mr.Stark it’s nothing-it’s perfect thank you,” Spiderman said and you shook your head looking up at the boy stumbling over his words.

“We don’t really need to start a conversation,” Tony said and Spiderman then turned to Captain America.

“Okay sorry. Uh, Cap-Captain I’m a big fan-Spiderman,” He said, saluting awkwardly and you gave him an incredulous look.

“You’ve been busy. I see the other kids quiet,” Steve said and you glared taking a step forward Tony grabbed you.

“Easy kid. Yes, I’ve been busy but you’ve been a complete idiot. Dragging in Clint, so-called resuing Wanda from a safe place she doesn’t even want leave. I’m trying to keep you from tearing the Avengers apart,” Tony yelled and you turned back to Clint who now was staring at you as if you had a gun aimed at him. It was obvious he knew something about the league, maybe it was personal.

“You did that when you signed,” Steve said and you didn’t break your stare from Clint as the intensity of the Accords came into the conversation.  

“You’re gonna turn Barnes over and come with us now because it’s us or a squad of J-SOC guys with no compunction about being impolite. Come on,” Tony said and everyone was at a standstill for a second and the arrow flew through the air.

“I believe this is your’s Captain America,” A man morphed from really tiny on Captain’s shield to human size. Realizing it wasn’t an arrow but the man your eyebrows pulled together in shock.  Stunning Peter, he joined Steve’s side giving him his shield and you were quick on your feet. Running at Clint you dropped sliding at his feet but he was quicker and stronger than you. Jumping up as he came back down he grabbed your arm attempting to pin you to the floor.

“Where’s that outfit from?” He asked, much like a shark you were trained to never stop moving in battle. Swinging your body around his arm he instinctively let go, if he did not the weight of your body would have broken his arm.  Swinging the staff at his foot he jumped, leaving his chest unguarded you hit him in his chest open palm.  

“Kid help Spiderboy,” Tony said, smacking Clint with the end of your staff you ran for inside the terminal. Clint attempted to follow but a standoff started between himself and his good friend Natasha.

“Hey, buddy I think you lost this!” Spiderman yelled, swinging a car at the Winter Soldier you were secretly impressed.  As Falcon attacked him, you ran at Bucky, ducking as he swung first you took his back being aimed at you as an opportunity. One leg over his right shoulder and the other under his left armpit you crossed them in front of his chest. Pulling your arms around his neck locking up he struggled at first and Spiderman had Falcon webbed to the banister.

“Is that stuff coming out of you?’ Falcon asked and Spiderman began babbling off then Bucky lost balance from the loss of oxygen, falling off the banister the glass shattered.

“Shit!” You yelled, releasing Bucky as you were both freefalling before you could try to brace for impact Spiderman caught you with a web attached to your foot you hung upside down. Then he shot another one at Bucky’s hand keeping him webbed down with Falcon.

“Guys look I’d l love to keep this up but Black Canary and I have one job here today and we gotta impress Mr. Stark. So I’m really sorry-” Spiderman explained, rolling your eyes you still hung upside down until one of the Falcon’s jets flew by. He was too impulsive hooking on to the jet with webs taking both you and him out of the terminal window. Mid-air Spiderman grabbed you pulling you in front of him breaking your fall but you didn’t notice that, you were livid.

“Get it together or you’re gonna get us hurt!” You yelled, pushing him to the ground you picked up your staff and stormed off.  Not getting very far you watched as a man floated in the sky stopping Captain and his team. As Tony stood with him you joined and the main face-off was beginning.

“-for the greater good you must surrender now,” The man said, slowly coming down once he was touching the ground he still remained calm and the gold gem in the center of his head contrasted the red of his skin or metal you were unsure.

“This is gonna end well,” Natasha said, walking at them you glanced at Tony just like Spiderman was.

“They’re not stopping,” He said and you took a deep breath bringing your staff to the front of you.

“Neither are we,” Tony said, running at each as you and Bucky began to fight but the Panther Guy was in your way.  Backing up you could tell there was something personal in this fight. Looking over Spiderman looked right at you but he was too far for you to run over to without getting caught in a fight so you put out your hand.  It took him a second but then he shot out his webs pulling you over.

“Aren’t you suppose to be handling the Winter Soldier?” Spiderman asked and you pointed over at the Black Panther who had the upper hand. 

“I think that guy has it handled,” You said, looking over Captain was just getting his shield back.

“That thing does not obey the laws of physics,” He said, as Captain looked at the two of you like many people would, just a couple of kids he likely thought.

“Look kids there is a lot going on here that neither of you understands,” Both you and Spiderman glanced at each other finding his words funny.

“Mr. Stark said you’d say that. Wow,” Spiderman said, throwing a web at Steve’s foot making him lose balance.  As he pulled Captain toward you, you ran at him swiping the shield clean from his hands.

“He also said we should go for your legs,” You said and Spiderman joined your side both of you hi-fiving with his shield in your possession. As Steve tried running at you for the shield Spiderman webbed both his hands but it backfired as Steve overpowers him throwing him across the pavement.

“Just hand me the shield and stand down. You won’t get hurt okay,” Steve said and you smirked under your mask Steve couldn’t see it but he could see there was a glint in your eyes. Running at him you slid hitting his legs with his own shield.

“You should really be more concerned about yourself,” Baiting him you pushed the shield into his hands. As he grabbed it you held on swinging your leg around, hitting him square in the nose.  Stunning him didn’t work though, grabbing the shield from you in one fluid motion he pushed the full force of his body against yours. This sent you flying back over by Spiderman who jumped up only to be kicked back down by you.  Captain thought quickly as he took out one of the columns watching as Peter had to jump up to hold the trailer from falling on you.

“You kids got heart. Where you two from?” He asked while Spiderman struggled to keep the trailer up and you were still trying to regain strength.

“Queens,” You both said in unison and both acknowledged the others’ answers.

“Brooklyn,” Steve said and then took off leaving the two of you.

“Please roll out from under this so I don’t accidentally crush you,” Spiderman said and his voice was strained as he was clearly struggling. Rolling out from under it he quickly dropped it as he got from underneath it as well. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine,” You said as he helped you up, grabbing onto him he shot out a web, swinging over to the action but stopped as the shrinking guy was suddenly very big.

“Holy shit!” Spiderman yelled and you were in just about the same amount of shock as he was. Grabbing onto Spiderman as he grabbed onto Rhodey proved to be a terrible idea at first.  Swinging around the really big guy you let go of Spiderman causing you to land on the back of the really big guy’s mask and hung on. As Vision went through him though he shook and you lost your grip freefalling.

“Tony!” You screamed as you were in free fall, Spiderman looked up at you and was quick on his feet.

“I got ya!” He yelled and for a second the catch was perfect and he actually helped you, until the web he had connected to Ant-man pulled you both back. Falling into a bunch of crates you groaned.

“Hey, you guys alright?” Tony asked, holding up a thumbs up you took a second to recollect your energy. Spiderman started to fight Tony as he wanted the two of you to throw the towel in. “Okay, you guys did good you’re done.”

“What-” You stopped listening to Spiderman arguing with Tony as you were trying to slow your breathing.

“Are you okay?” Spiderman asked and for a second you were starting to recognize his voice.  There was something familiar about him.

“We have to go,” You said, grabbing his hand it took you guys a second but once you were clear of the airport you knew your flight home was waiting for you.

“Wait!” Spiderman said running over doing the last thing you ever expected, taking off his mask. You weren’t sure if you were surprised or shocked. “We had each other’s backs today I just want you to know I trust you.”

“Okay,” You said, hiding your surprise behind a stoic expression turning to walk away but Peter called out again.

“Please at least tell me your first name,” He pleaded, back still facing him you weren’t sure why he was so curious to who you are.  You weren’t as curious as he was or at least you didn’t show it.

“I can’t do that Peter,” You said, turning to him bumping shoulders as you walked away from him but not without him noticing you said his name.  Which meant you knew who he was.


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Hi Tanya bby!!! I am glad you're taking requests! So can I please have a Michelle x reader where the reader is taking too much of stress for the upcoming exams and Michelle tries to pacify her and de-stress her in her own chill way? It would be awesome to have lots of fluff!!! Thank you! ❤❤

A/N: Hi baby! So sorry this took soooo long, I was relaxing after exams and forgot how to write, lol. Love ya for requesting! (also I wish I studied as much as yn lolol)

“The amount of air that can be…no, uh, is left after…” after miserably failing to recite the line for the fifth time, you placed your head in your hands and let out a pterodactyl screech.

“WHY CAN’T I BLOODY REMEMBER IT??” you were sure you were going to get a nervous breakdown.

“Babe, its okay. You’ve already done this chapter twice for the earlier exams; you’ll remember in your exam.” Michelle, your girlfriend, who has helping you study (but miserably distracting you because oh my god how the hell is she my girlfriend. While she was blunt with everyone, including you, but she had realised you weren’t in a jokey mood today.

“I know, it’s just-what if I fail, MJ? I’ll have to repeat an entire year!”

“You do realise you’re at the top of your class?”

“Yes, but…”

“Okay, get up. Let’s go take a walk. You’ve been studying for like 3 hours. My head hurts from seeing that dub book.”

“That dumb book is what will help me pass.” she looked at you with one eyebrow raised, until you sighed and gave up.

The walk turned into a trip to Starbucks for coffee, and then you two decided to go visit Peter, who was studying for his own exam, which motivated you to sit down and look at some notes on your phone, until MJ gave up and dragged the two of you out again, cheerfully greeting Aunt May with you in tow. Though the trip refreshed you, you were still worrying about completing your course.

Michelle became like an anchor during the stressful exams. You would call her for doubts and she would rant and rave about her day, calming and grounding you. Instead of stress-binging TV shows which would waste your time, you’d video chat and discuss concepts that confused you.

Even sitting with her revising was fun. She’d reward you with kisses when you got an answer right and was constantly giving you cuddle breaks. She told you, that yes, marks did matter but that they weren’t worth your sanity. On days you would not shower and look dead, she would refuse to kiss “such a stinky person, girlfriend or not” to which you would mock gasp at.

The exams would actually go well, contrary to what you expected. You had a bit of holidays before the results, which would result in the two of you going to different places, sometimes shopping or sometimes watching movies where she would relentlessly critique the acting, making you giggle.You’d suddenly realize how much you loved her when you kissed her on the nose and she’d scrunch it up. You looked at her, grinning.

“What is it?” she inquired.

“I love you. Thank you for keeping me sane.”

“You’re welcome, you sap.” she giggled.

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Spider-Man Imagine


Imagine: Tony and peter are hanging working on his suit. Then peter see a spider and say “ew a spider, die” then the spider just fall off the ceiling and is dead. Peter and Tony just stare at it for like a while then Peter yells“OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!!??!??”

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Spider-Man Imagine


Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Imagine: peter trying to send a you a nude photo. He’s completely naked staight out of the shower, he’s slightly hiding his dick with his hand, and is wearing a sexy smirking. BUT he accidentally sends it to mister stark.


Your POV

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Spider-Man Imagine


Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Imagine: your peters girlfriend and after he gets his suit back from Tony. You see him trying To throw away his old suit

You and Pete walk hand in hand back to his place. “Hey, aunt may” you and him said in unison. After dating for a while you just started to call her aunt may too. “Hey, kids. Y/N are you gonna stay over for dinner?” She asked “I don’t know I’ll ask my mom” you tell her As you walk into peters room you see a brown bag. Written on it ‘this belongs to you -T.S.’ Tony finally gave him the suit back yay.

Peter open the bag it’s his spider suit. You close and lock the door behind you so he can change into the suit without his aunt walking in. As you turn around he’s already in his boxers pulling the suit on. “Oohhlala” you say admiring his abs. He blushes. “Nice to see you again peter” a robotic voice say from within the suit “nice to uh… hear you again Karen” he say awkwardly “uhhh Karen?” You question with fake jealousy in your voice. He giggled knowing you were teasing him. “I’m gonna change back into my regular clothes and throw the old suit in the dumpster you wanna come ?” He asked taking off the suit

“um actually I think I can turn those into pajamas for me.” You say pulling them out of his closet. “Do you have scissors?” You asked “umm yeah somewhere” he mumbles shuffling. “Here” He say handing you the scissors. “Thanks petey” you say as you start to focus on cutting the sweat pants into shorts. “There done” you say admiring your work “I like the idea of you sleeping in my old suit” he says hugging you from behide. “See and you were going to throw the suit away.” You say.

oh You have to call your mom and ask about dinner. You pull out you phone dialing your moms number. “Calling my mom” you whisper to peter “hey mom can I say over at peters for dinner?” You ask “sure no problem sweetie just be home by ten and don’t forget to do your homework” She tells you. after you and peter dating for about a year and a half it was normal for you to stay over at his place. “Sure thing mom love you bye” You say “love you even more bye baby” you hang up. Walking to the door you open it and poke your head out “aunt may my mom said I can stay for dinner”

You call out. “Ok” she called out.

The rest of the night was you and Petey making out having dinner with his aunt and doing homework. Then he gave you a piggyback ride and shoot webs all over queens till he arrived at your house. “9:59 one minute left” you say that minute is filled with you two kissing. After brushing your teeth you change into your new pajamas and send him a selfie of you wearing them.…

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