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aniqua · 2 months ago
When you see “English isn’t my first language…” just know the fic is going to be top-tier. Nonnative English speakers will always give a delicious fanfic.
Tumblr media
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starktonyx · a year ago
Sneaky (Peter Parker x reader) - smut!
Tumblr media
Word count: 2.1k
Description: Peter couldn’t stop eye fucking you during lunch break which ended up with you actually fucking in a classroom, almost getting caught.
Note: Alright ever since I saw this gif I got this idea because damn the way he licks his lip ... anyway enjoy! 
Part 2
Peter was going through a hard time at the moment.
The school was preparing for the senior prom, and you were one of the volunteers to help spread the info and hang decorations. He was looking at you from his table across the school cafeteria as you helped tape some posters on the wall.
To be fair, at first he was just admiring the way his girlfriend smiled and helped others, but when his eyes drifted off to your outfit he couldn't help the bulge growing in his pants.
You were wearing a button up white blouse that clung your torso perfectly and Peter wished he could unbutton the tight material to get a peek of that sweet chest of yours. His eyes trailed further down your body and now he focused on your baby pink skirt, and holy shit how the fabric hugged your perfect ass, all Peter could think about was how many times his dick buried in it. He couldn't help but keep shamelessly roaming his eyes through your body, biting his bottom lip at the thought of lifting that skirt to smack your ass.
He didn't understand the sudden arousal, I mean yes your outfit was pretty hot today but Peter never really felt the need to fuck his girlfriend in the plain light of day in the middle of school before. He guessed it had something to do with you guys not being intimate for a while – well, not exactly you guys had sex like two days ago.
Alright there was no excuse, he was just horny.
He suddenly stood up from his table, trying to somehow fix the tight fabric of his pants around the crotch area. He got out his phone to text you when MJ's voice stopped him in his tracks.
"Peter! Where are you going? We need some help with these posters" She said, squinting her eyes at him.
His phone almost fell from his shaking hands as he was caught with wide eyes like a deer in headlights. He tried to play it cool by leaning on the table and intertwining his hands in front of him, trying to hide his – very noticeable – hard on.
"I'm uhh ... I was going to one to look for more posters to hang, Y/n asked me to do it" He blatantly lied.
"Alright sure" She replied with a suspicious tone, aware of his weird behavior but decided to let it pass since he always acted weird.
"Actually, thinking about it I'll help you with a few of these on my way there" Peter said as he took a couple of posters from her hands and instantly hid his lower body behind them.
"Whatever" She rolled her eyes before finally leaving the horny boy alone to find a room to please his needs.
Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you smiled when a message with Peter's name appeared on the screen.
"Meet me at the media classroom, now"
Your smile immediately turned into a frown when you read it. Was he okay? Was something wrong? You asked yourself as you hurriedly excused yourself and sprinted towards the classroom. When you finally arrived, the door quickly opened revealing a bewildered Peter Parker.
"Peter are you okay? What are yo– ah" You let out a yelp when he threw a web in your direction and pulled you into the room before closing the door behind you.
You collided with his body as he immediately wrapped his arms around your waist and started kissing you, but confused you put your hands on his shoulders to push him back.
"Babe I need you" Peter complained and pouted his lips, never loosening his grip on you.
"Peter, I thought this was an emergency" You sighed worried.
"This is an emergency" He protested, letting go of your body to walk a few steps backs to point at his erection.
"Oh– oh my god Pete" You stared at it with wide eyes before bringing a hand to cover your laughs.
"It's not funny" He whined rolling his eyes. "Please help me?" He asked in an innocent voice before smirking.
"H-here? Pete we are on lunch break right now, what if someone catches us?" You unsurely replied crossing your arms.
"Everyone is in the cafeteria or focused on the prom decorations and ..." He explained and walked towards the door to lock it. "They can't even come in here"
You were still a little unsure, but hell, sneaky sex with your boyfriend sounded very appealing at the moment. So without thinking much about it, you nodded your head and he didn't take long to wrap your body once again.
This time he lifted your body from the floor and sat you in one of the large tables, you wrapped your legs around his torso and started playing with his hair as he trailed wet kisses down your neck.
"Umm baby" You moaned in his ear trying to keep it low, but damn his kisses were magical.
"God, you don't know how much I want you right now" He admitted, he had missed his girl's moans.
He stared unbuttoning half of your shirt to have a better access to your boobs, pulling one out of your bra to shamelessly start sucking on it. Your mouth was wide open but you only let out silent whimpers as the wetness on your panties increased, you slipped your hand under his jeans and boxers, smirking when you felt him moan on your nipple. You started massaging his length inside his boxers, to which he couldn't concentrate longer on your boob and you almost complained when Peter's mouth left your nipple.
"I'm sorry baby girl, we don't have much time" He apologized and you nodded understanding.
You pushed Peter back for a second to get off the table and turn around, bending over the table and wiggling your ass, winking an eye to him.
You knew what this skirt did to him.
"Damn Y/n" He huskily said bitting his lower lip, almost immediately unzipping his jeans to lower his boxers, the fabric falling at his knees, freeing his hard member. He quickly covered it with a condom, before focusing back on you again.
He bunched up your skirt to your waist to have a clear visual of your ass and immediately smacked it, making you muffle a scream.
"Fuck, just do it Pete– oh" You moaned loudly when Peter slammed into you with no warning, gripping the table harshly when he began thrusting in and out.
"Y/n, you feel so good baby" He groaned smacking your ass once again, his head hanging backwards from the pleasure he felt.
You weren't able to control the loud moans that came out of your mouth any longer, his hands were gripping your hips tightly as he desperately buried his dick on your throbbing pussy.
"Yes yes ... don't stop Peter" You begged as his member filled you up, you couldn't believe minutes ago you were refusing to do it, while now you just pleaded to be fucked by your boyfriend.
Peter senses were going crazy, you looked so hot leaning in that table with your clothes all bunched up for him and only him, your butt already red from the smacks he gave you. Peter couldn't keep himself from groaning, admiring the view of his dick disappearing between your wet folds.
He suddenly felt the hairs on his arms go up and his whole body shake, but something was off, he wasn't going to cum yet.
It was his spidey sense.
"Peter wha–" You turned around when he suddenly stopped his thrusts, he immediately hugged your body and put one hand on your mouth, indicating you with the other to hear something.
You couldn't hear anything but Peter's enhanced audibility allowed him to hear voices coming to the door and you instantly panicked when you saw the doorknob move.
"It's okay the door is locked" Peter whispered, you just nodded still nervous.
"Dude the door is locked" You could hear someone's voice from behind the door.
"Here, Mr. Harrington gave me the key"
You both widened your eyes and Peter immediately looked around the room, when his eyes found a closet in the back of the classroom. He quickly lifted you in his arms, you wrapped your legs around his torso as he ran towards the closet, trying not to trip with his jeans on his toes, barely getting in and closing it when the classroom door finally opened.
Still in his arms, he held you against the wall of the small closet and buried his face on the crook of your neck, as you both tried to calm your breaths down. His hands held your legs, and you bit your lip as you felt Peter's slick dick against your wet pussy, missing how minutes ago it was inside you.
Peter missed the feeling too, and he didn't know what got to him, but without thinking about it he pressed his dick into you once again, covering your mouth to prevent you from giving them away.
"Shh baby girl, don't wanna get caught" He mumbled, his hot breath tickling your neck.
He slowly began thrusting into you again, and fuck how good it felt. You rolled your eyes to the back of your head as he took his hand from your lips for a second, only to introduce his thumb in your mouth, his other hand holding all of your weight. You focused on sucking on it to keep yourself from moaning, while Peter focused on sucking on your collarbone for the same reasons, when a voice outside reminded you how you guys weren't alone.
"Where did you say the banners were?"
"In the closet, there should be two boxes"
Once again you widened your eyes but this time no one was going to take Peter's dick out of you, so instead of panicking, he just took his thumb off your mouth and turned around to web the doorknob of the closet. He did stop his movements for a moment when he felt the doorknob fidgeting, but he never got out of you.
"This door is locked too, you got a key for that?"
"Uh no ... that door doesn't have a lock"
You almost laughed at their confusion but before you could Peter attacked your lips, his tongue dominating yours immediately. He heard the footsteps getting far from the closet door so he started slowly moving inside of you again while his tongue fought with yours.
"Wait, I found the boxes"
"Alright let's go"
You finally heard the intruders getting away and shutting the door, to which you let out a moan when Peter tightened his grip on your legs and harshly slammed into you. He regained his rhythm as he fucked you against the wall, once again attacking your collarbone.
"Fuck Peter this is so hot" You slurred your words playing with his hair, sometimes pulling it when he hit that spot.
"Uhum" Peter could only mumble in agreement, enjoying the way your pussy wrapped itself around his member.
Peter started grunting in your ear, joining the sounds of his skin colliding with yours and your beautiful moans.
God, Peter never got tired of them.
"Baby I'm gonna ... I'm gonna cum" You announced when you felt the pleasure built around your body, your eyes rolling back again as you couldn't get enough of Peter's cock.
"Cum for me baby girl" He replied going faster, his fingers sinking into your skin when the grip on your legs deepened.
Peter couldn't describe the way you desperately moaned and whimpered his name in his ear as your whole body shook when you came, your gorgeous sounds making him come right after you.
He grunted as he gave his final thrusts, filling up the condom with his cum. You both breathed heavily, finally taking in what you guys just did.
"Fuck Peter, that was ..."
"Amazing yeah" Peter laughed pecking your lips. "I'm sorry if I pressed you into this"
There he was, the Peter Parker we all love and adore, apologizing for everything even after he made you feel so good.
"Are you kidding me? We should do it more often" This time you laughed as he blushed.
That bastard, he just fucked you into a wall and now he is blushing.
Peter finally left his grip from you and lowered your legs on the ground, they were still shaking from your previous orgasm. You started fixing your skirt and buttoning up your shirt as Peter did the same with his pants. You took a deep breath after realizing the doorknob was totally covered in Peter's webs.
"Peter dear, how are we getting out of here?" You softly asked to the boy fixing his hair.
He widened his eyes when he realized the webs would dissolve in a few hours, you would be there for at least a couple of hours, when a smirk replaced his bewildered expression.
"Wanna go for round two?"
Part 2
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hollandandparker · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
A really cute and funny photo of Tom and his Dad at the WimbledonFinal trying to keep their cool when Emma Watson walks by. I love it😂💙
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lousimusician · 2 years ago
Sex Pollen Part 1
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Summary: You and Peter decide to break into your dad's lab when Peter comes across an interesting plant.
A/N: This is me aggressively ignoring the events of endgame by writing something with Peter. Also I think that movie fixed my writers block because I've been writing nonstop this whole week.
Warning: Language, smuttyish(kinda)
[Peter and the Reader are both 18]
Peter quietly observed you while you were hunched over your desk in the corner of your room, playing around with a piece of technology you stole from your dad.
Peter was currently on the ceiling, looking down at you. He was incredibly bored and as much as he loved to just admire you while you concentrated, he couldn't stand the silence that came with it.
He watched as you quietly got frustrated and leaned back in your chair, head back and eyes closed. Peter took this as his que and slowly lowered himself, upside down from the ceiling by a web. He stopped once his face was leveled to yours. He watched as you took in calming breaths, and the little furrow in your eyebrows form, telling him that you were thinking.
To say he was completely and utterly crazy for you was an understatement. Peter was head over heels for you and was pretty sure he'd die for you if it came down to it.
He felt his cheeks redden as he realized he may have been gazing for a little too long and realizing how creepy that was, decided to break the silence by saying, "I'm bored."
Your eyes shot open as you sat up quickly, banging your head against Peter's. "Oww." You whined. You pushed your chair back, putting some distance between the two of you so you could see him better. "Peter! Don't scare me like that."
Peter smiled sheepishly, rubbing the spot on his forehead that you bumped. "Sorry but, I'm bored." He said again.
You shook your head, fighting the smile that tugged on your lips. "Then go do something."
"Like what?"
"I dunno, be Spider-Man. I'm sure there's someone that needs to be saved." You said, maneuvering around him, to pick up the tech you were playing with. "How do you do that?" You said, referencing his position, "Doesn't all the blood rush to your head?"
"No." He said simply. "I don't wanna go out. I want to hang out with you."
"Aren't you literally doing that right now though." You smirked. As you admired the wiring you were staring at. 
"Ha ha ha." He said sarcastically. "I mean, I want to do something fun."
You looked into his puppy dog eyes and immediately found yourself giving in. "Fine," you sighed. "How 'bout a movie?"
"I dunno, we always watch movies."
"Okay then do you wanna go out or something?"
"No." He said shaking his head. "Whenever we go out together you get too much attention."
You paused. "...Well, my dad has been working on a new suit for you, if you wanna check it out."
"Wait really!?" Peter suddenly exclaimed, jumping up, which caused him to fall down on the ground, making you laugh loudly. "Shut up." He grumbled.
"Anyway, how does sneaking into Tony Stark's lab sound?"
"It sounds great, let's go!" He said, excitedly jumping up and grabbing your wrist, pulling you with him.
While the two of you were scheming on how to break in. Bruce Banner had currently been the only occupant of the lab.
He stood with a gas mask on his face as he studied a plant in front of him.
A week ago, the Avengers had gone on a mission after a few aliens landed on earth and claimed they wanted to "Take over the planet". It had been pathetic really, the aliens were wiped out in half an hour.
But while on this mission, after Hulk had finished "smashing" the last of the aliens, he had reverted back to himself. Finding that Hulk had taken him onto one of the alien ships.
Bruce looked around at the strange tech, while he stood up, already heading for the exit. That was until something had caught his eye and started to draw him in like a moth to a flame. 
It had been a plant.
It stood tall, about seven feet in height. It was absolutley beautiful. It had pink flowers that mimicked the shape of a heart and it was quite literally glowing.
Bruce touched the plant, his fingers coming back covered in a pink dust, which he naturally assumed was the flowers pollen. He leaned in, realizing it smelled familiar.
But the strangest thing happened after.
His heart started to practically beat out of his chest and before he knew it Hulk had come back.
Once he had calmed down and turned back into himself an idea struck him. He quickly plucked a flower off the plant and stuck it in a box that he found in the corner of the ship.
Not a single Avenger questioned why he now carried a box with him on the ride home.
And now a week later, Bruce stood in front of the plant which had grown two feet after it had been replanted, running tests on what exactly it could be.
"Ah Banner." Thor's booming voice sounded, as he stepped into the lab. "I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to-" Thor stopped, eyebrows furrowing in confusion as he looked at the plant that sat in front of Bruce. "Why do you have that plant?" He asked genuinely curious.
Bruce looked up at Thor, surprise written all over his face. "Wait, you know what this is?" He said, voice muffled by the mask. He stepped around the table to approach Thor.
"Of course." Thor said, mildly offended. "Where did you get this?"
"Found it after the mission last Friday. It made me turn into Hulk, so I figured it could be useful if Hulk ever chickens out on me again." Bruce quickly explained. "What kind of plant is it?"
"It's called a Sex Pollen Plant." Thor said, stepping around Bruce to approach the plant. "It belongs to that specific race of aliens we fought. The plant helps the aliens to breed since they find it very difficult on their own."
Bruce scrunched his face in shock. "What does it do?"
"The pollen arouses the alien that breathes in the pollen- that may be why you turned into the Hulk, it raised your heart rate. I'm immune to it of course."
"Wait- I brought a sex plant into the compound." Bruce asked in shock, utterly horrified of his own judgement on the situation.
"Yes and I suggest you get rid of it. I have heard the affects of the pollen on a human could be very severe."
"H-how do I get rid of it?"
"Hm, I suppose I'll do it then. How have you been able to contain it?"
"I had this box I took from the alien ship, but it's too big now, so I've been putting it in one of the quarantine rooms just in case."
"Alright, come with me. I may have something that can help dispose of it safely." 
"Okay, let me just lock up the lab." Bruce said.
The two of them stepped out of the room and Bruce pulled off his gas mask once the lab was locked.
Thor and Bruce headed towards the elevator, walking through the living room where the two spotted you and Peter sprawled out on the couches. They shot you two a greeting before leaving.
Peter's head snapped towards you. "I can't believe sending in Thor actually worked. Do you think either of them know what we're planning?"
You smiled, shaking your head. "No, I was too vague when I told Thor to get him out of the lab, and I love the guy but he isn't exactly the smartest person I've met. Now let's go, I don't know how long we've got." You said, trailing ahead of him.
You easily unlocked the lab, Peter following behind you.
As usual the lab was filled with tables with piles upon piles of weird tech, ranging from projects your dad or Bruce had been working on to discarded scraps that should've been tossed or moved out.
You immediately got distracted from the task at hand when you spotted one of your father's latest projects, "Alright, go find your suit." You muttered, walking towards the table.
Peter looked around the lab, trying to find some sign of the new suit he'd hopefully be getting soon. But to be honest, it was a bit of a wreck. With two scientsist's working there, the lab got a bit messy. So instead of Peter being able to locate the suit, which actually was placed nicely in the back of the room, his eye was drawn towards something else.
And it was beautiful, and definitely something he's never seen before.
Off to the side was a plant that had stood at two feet. Pink and glowing. And it was as if he couldn't control his movements while he walked towards the plant.
Now standing in front of it, his finger traced the petals of the glowing flowers, making his index finger come back with a pink dust on it, which he could only assume was its pollen.
He leaned in, breathing in it's scent.
He expected a normal flowery smell but, instead it smelled like you.
He pulled away for a second, and narrowed his eyes at the plant in confusion. But only for a few seconds, before being compelled to smell it once again.
Peter's eyes fell closed as he let the scent dance around him. There was no other way to describe it other than it being completely you.
Sweet and calming. It smelled like lavender and jasmine, with a hint of peaches, your perfume, your body wash, your shampoo, and that very specific scent that belonged to you and only you.
Peter was completely lost in it, breathing in deeply, treating it as if it was a drug he could never get enough of. The different layers of your scent completely engulfing him, making him feel warm and content.
His chest blossomed with warmth that spread down all the way to the tips of his fingers and toes and to the very crown of his head, that made his whole body feel like it was buzzing.
But he snapped out of the trance he was in when he felt a rush of blood travelling south. He tensed up, quickly turning around to see if you were still distracted.
He turned back around and backed away from the plant. And that was when he had noticed his spider senses had been going haywire. The hair on his arms standing up straight as goose bumps rose.
And whatever the plant had did to him was getting worse.
He felt warm, too warm. Like he'd start to melt soon.  
He leaned on the table behind him, panting. A flood of arousal coursing through him. 
From the end of the lab you heard Peter's panting breaths, causing you to look up and see his hunched over form leaning on the table behind him, sliding onto the ground.
"Peter?" You asked in concern. "You okay?"
He groaned at the sound of your voice, his eyes shut tight, trying to gain control of himself. But it wasn't working, inappropriate thoughts flooded his mind immediately wandering to what you would sound like letting out high pitched whines and moans of his name with that same voice, while he bent you over one of the tables and pounded into you hard.
He moaned at the thought, your eyes widening in shock at the sound not quite sure if he was in pain.... or if it was something else.
You stared at what was in front of him on the table, and knew whatever it was was the cause of Peter's state right now.
You quickly ran over, crouching down next to him.
You gasped, "Oh my God." His face was bright red as a thin layer of sweat collected on his skin. He was out of breath, eyes screwed tightly shut. But what caused your own face to turn red was the very prominent buldge in his pants. You cleared your throat. "Peter can you hear me?"
He slowly opened his eyes but immediately wished he hadn't, his pupils blown wide at the sight of you. Eyes trailing over every bit of exposed skin on your body, just picturing what it would feel like pressed against his own.
"(Y-Y/N)." He stuttered out a whine. "I-I-...S-something's...happening."
"Oh, shit." You cursed.
Peter wanted nothing more in that moment to pull you down into a kiss and pin you to the floor, grinding his hips into yours, but he still had enough mind to know how wrong that would be.
"Okay, alright, okay. This is what I'm gonna do." You said frantically. "I need to find Bruce-"
"No... d-don't go.." He didn't know why but he knew that if you left, it would only get worse. That even just your presence made him feel a little better and that he might just go insane if you left him. "Please... s-stay.."
It was too overwhelming, instead of his senses being dialled to 11 it felt like they were at a fucking 20 now. Hyperaware of you and only you, every movement, every breath, the beating of your heart, everything.
"What? B-but Pete-"
A gasp cut you off. Your head snapped towards the doorway, where Thor and Bruce stood.
"Thor, the kids got in." Bruce said in terror.
"B-Bruce!" You yelled in relief. "I- I don't know what's wrong with him- he just sorta collapsed, and he's acting really strange."
"Oh no, oh no, oh no, this isn't good." Bruce said rushing over to Peter. "Thor how do we fix this."
Thor looked down at him in pity, standing next to Bruce who was crouching on the opposite side of where you were. "The only known cure for someone who has been contaminated by a sex pollen plant is,"
Your head snapped towards Thor. "W-What?" You shrieked. "Is that what that thing is?" You started yelling angrily.
"Yes, and it must be with whoever's scent he smelled on the plant."
"Oh for fuck's sake, who brought a sex plant into the tower!"
"F-fuck, (Y/N)." Peter moaned loudly, eyes training on your figure. Getting more aroused at just how fucking hot you looked when you were mad. 
"Ah," Thor said, coming to a conclusion. "And it would seem that it would be you Lady (Y/N)."
You cleared your throat, opting to ignore Thor's last comment. "Okay what are we gonna do?" 
Thor looked at you in surprise, "Lady (Y/N) do you not know what sex entail-"
"Shut up Thor. I know how it works- but there's gotta be another way to help him." You gulped, looking down at him.
Bruce sighed, "I think- I think I'm gonna have to tell your dad. I'm pretty sure this isn't something I can fix in an hour by myself."
You huffed. "Fine, but we can't leave him here. Let's take him to his room."
You reached out and grabbed his arm, but at the loud moan he made due to the skin to skin contact you let go.
"I probably should have mentioned." Thor started. "That you shouldn't touch him."
"W-what? Why?"
"(Y/N) Please." Peter whined, trying to grab your wrist but you quickly pulled it out of reach.
You looked up at Thor. "It'll make him," Thor paused searching for the right word. "Eager? And you don't want that if you plan on looking for another cure- see he's trying to touch you now." 
Thor was right, just that small bit of skin to skin contact seemed to have sent Peter into a frenzy. Your head snapped down at him, as you realized he was just about to put his hand up your skirt. You quickly grabbed his hand, holding it in a tight grip so he'd stop getting handsy. Your other hand quickly grabbing his free one too as it came nearer.
"Fine, then Thor take him to his room."
"N-no." Peter stuttered. "Please, I-I need you." He said as Thor picked him up, making you let go of the hold on his hands. "No! Let go!" He yelled at Thor. "(Y/N)!"
Thor headed for the door while Peter began struggling violently in his hold.
Bruce shook his head. "Tony is not gonna like this."
You scoffed. "Y' think?"
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jannieka394 · 3 years ago
Interview with the marvel cast
Interviewer: Chris
Chris evans: yes
Chris Hemsworth: sup
Chris Pratt: yow
Interviewer: uhm...the muscular one.
Chris Hemsworth: oops
Chris pratt: that's me
Chris evans: no, that's me
Interviewer: fine! The one playing Peter
Tom holland: yeah
Interviewer: oh dang it! Not you Tom
Tom hiddleston: What did I do
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thorscock-y · 3 years ago
On top
Parings: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: You tend to Peter’s wounds after he just got out of a fight with some robbers when things take another course and start to get a little touchy. 
Warnings: Smut, Unprotected sex, NSFW, 18+, little swearing, Cute fluff at the end :)
Authors Note: This actually was not intended to be a smut but ya know, one thing led to another and my imagination ran wild like Forest Gump.
Tumblr media
Friday night I’m sitting at my desk in my bedroom, doing homework. Now usually I don’t do this often, I mean its Friday night, who wants to be doing homework? If anything the average teenager would be out at a party or hanging out with friends. Not necessarily has to be those certain things but I should be doing something. I wasn’t really that popular so it didn’t come as a shocker that I was sitting here doing my homework. Though it was a shocker that I wasn’t with Peter right now while doing my homework.
We spend all our time together, barely spending a second away from each other but earlier at school today he had run off due to some scandal in New York so we weren’t together. Even my parents had questioned where he was, he was always at my house or I was always at his house. You could say we were silly teenagers in love who couldn’t be detached. Yeah every now and then, he had to leave to be Spider man then return to me as my Peter Parker but tonight he was taking longer than usual. I hope everything is okay. Gosh, I can’t lose him, not now, not ever.
I kept glancing at the news on my TV screen and listening extra carefully, just to make sure if they mentioned any news of Spider man I would be all ears to hear it and know whether or not he’s okay.  
After half an hour passed it was around nine’o clock. Peter would have called by now. He not calling me means something has gone wrong. That’s the only reason I can think of. He always makes sure to call me every night to tell me he either couldn’t hang or just to tell me he loves me. So I took matters into my own hands.
I grabbed my phone then dialed his number. I put the phone to my ear, biting on my nails. A bad habit of mine I tend to do when I get nervous. I glanced at my TV again, just in case there was anything new but there wasn’t. Just some talk about how Captain America is still a fugitive. I’m pleased to know that I know everything about that, Peter was practically jumping off of his feet when he told me the story of how he stole Captain America’s shield.
Peter didn’t answer his phone; it went straight to voice mail. Shit. I ran a hand through my hair, feeling exasperated. All I know is, I have to go and find him, just to see if he’s alright. He’s out in New York somewhere, how hard could it be to find him swinging from street light to street light? Okay what am I thinking? This is definitely not going to be easy. I still go to my closet, about to get dressed in suitable clothes to go out and public in when I hear a loud bang on my window causing me to shriek and turn around.
There in my window is Peter, his suit on so I can’t see his face. I know it’s him though. I run to my window, opening it. Peter falls into my arms, his arms wrapping around my waist.
“Peter, what happened? Are you okay?” I ask, worried.
As he’s about to speak I hear the voice of my mother. Oh shit.
“Oh, my gosh. Go, hide in the closet.” I whisper very lowly so my mother won’t here. He groans then rushes into my closet, closing the door. Before I move again, the door opens to reveal my mother.
“Are you alright sweet heart? I thought I heard you scream.” She says, looking around my room.
“Um, yeah, yeah I’m fine I just, I just uh……..” Quick, come up with a lie. “Tripped……..over………my…….bed.” I’m a horrible liar, that’s a known about me that everyone knew. To my luck my mother didn’t suspect anything.
“Okay, just checking up on you. Love you, Y/N.”
“Love you too, mom.” I say and then she exits. I rush over to my door and lock it then turn around to see Peter has exited the closet. He takes of the top of his suit so now I can see his face. And he’s bleeding. “Peter, what the hell.” I walk over to him, grabbing his face in my hands.
“I,” He’s panting somewhat. “I might’ve kind of sort of got into a fight in Brooklyn. Just like an hour ago.”
“Jeez Louise, they messed you up badly.” I rub my thumb over his bottom lip which is bleeding. He as well has a cut on his nose, and his nose is bleeding. He’s sweating too. “Here, lie down. I’ll go get the first aid kit.”
He nods then goes and lies down on my bed. I walk out of my room then go to the family bathroom to get the first aid kit. I check to see where my parents are so I can determine how quiet we have to be. They’re in their room with the door closed. Good, that means they’re going to sleep for the night.
I run back into my room then shut the door, locking it, just to take pre-caution. They might get up to check on me randomly and I don’t want them walking in here seeing Peter. Yes they like him but if he’s sneaking in my dad is most likely to shoot him.
Peter is on my bed, the suit is off his body and he’s only his boxers. My body heats up and gets slightly excited at the sight but I hush my wants. I need to fix him up first. When I walk closer, I see he’s got cuts and bruises all over his chest.
“Oh, baby, what did they do to you?” I ask.
“Some guys were on thirty four street robbing the bank and they were different,” I climb on the bed and open up the first aid kit while he’s talking. “Stronger, faster, and there were more of them than I had ever fought off before. Guns, and knives.”
I’m struggling to pour the Hydrogen peroxide on his chest so he grabs me, setting me on his lap so I’m now straddling him. I blush slightly at the new position. Peter on the other hand continues telling me the story of what happened.
“They cut me so many times, that they ripped through the suit but somehow it sewed itself back up.” He furrows his eyebrows glancing at the suit.
“Well it is a Tony Stark product so it doesn’t come as a shock.” I say then chuckle.
He chuckles too. I continue to tend to his wounds and in doing so I feel Peter’s hands move around to my waist. I ignore him for now and keep on doing the deed but then his hands move further down my back, gliding down my thighs until they’re rested on my ass. Each hand on a cheek.
“Damn, baby girl, no shorts?” He asks with a smirk.
I blush a deep red. I’m only dressed in a big t shirt that goes a little past my ass and Peter should know by now that that is what I always wear to bed. Sometimes I’ll go to bed in just my underwear. I just love to be a comfortable person.
“Peter, let me finish this.” I said.
“They’ll heal on their own.” He murmurs and then leans up to kiss my neck. He trails soft kisses from my jawline down to my collar bone. In the process he squeezes my ass.
There is no way I could focus like this. I push him away then go back to cleaning a wound that’s on his chest. He groans and leans back, just staring at me. I giggle. He’s so cute when he’s pouting.
After a few minutes of silence and him just watching me, he decides to break the silence.
“You’re so beautiful, princess.”
Even though he’s told me numerous of times that I’m beautiful I still get all nervous and my cheeks flame.
“You know that?” And as he says that, his hands come to once again, sit on my ass. Oh, he’s so obsessed with my butt.
“And do you know that you currently have a boner?” I tease him. I could feel it sitting right on my core which to be quite honest had me aroused like crazy. But we couldn’t. Not with my parents right next door.
He looks down then shrugs. “Guess you know how to turn me on without even trying.” The room fills with a loud smack as Peter brings his hand up and smacks my ass. Hard.
“Peter!” I groan, slightly turned on, and slightly pissed. “My parents are literally right next door.”
“So? We can be quiet.” He leans his forehead against mine. “Please, baby.”
“No, are you crazy?”
“Oh come on, we’ve done it before. Remember that time when Aunt May was in the living room and-“
“That’s different.” I say, knowing full well it’s the same situation. I just hope he will stop when I say this.
“How is it different? If you ask me, it’s the exact same thing.” He says, in a defending manner. He’s smart. How did I even think that was gonna make him change his mind? Peter’s the type of guy where if he wants something he’ll have it. “Y/N, please. Feel how hard you’ve got me.” He moves his body up so I can feel the steel rod in his pants. I almost moan at the feeling that I make a face in desperation. “See, and I can tell you want to.”
“Ugh fine.”  I say, giving up.
Peter smirks and sticks his tongue out as if he’s just won something prenominal. I roll my eyes and smile at him. He’s so playful and too damn cute that I can never actually be mad at him.
“Wait, are you sure you’re gonna be able to do this with your cuts and such?” I’ve cleaned up the cuts so he’s no longer bleeding but I would think they still hurt.
“You’re right, I am still kind of sore but I’m sure I can manage.” He says then goes to move again but I stop him. “What-“
“Let me ride you, baby.” My cheeks turn red at my words, though I want to do this. We’ve only done this certain position maybe twice and Peter loves it.
His eyes wide at my sudden offer but he doesn’t object. “Fuck yes, baby.”
“Someone’s happy.” I tease him once again.
He rolls his eyes then leans forward pressing his lips against mine. I kiss back, moaning into his mouth. It’s been a while since the two of us have actually shared a kiss. Yes there were pecks here and there but we’ve been so occupied with other things that we haven’t had time. Now I see why he was so eager. I can feel it too. The urge to just skip all the kissing and get straight to it.
He tugs at the bottom of my shirt, signaling he wants it off so I pull away then take my shirt off. Peter’s delighted to see I’m not wearing a bra underneath. He dives in, taking a nipple into his mouth while massaging the other. My panties are dampening by the minute and I can’t wait. Neither can Peter. He kisses in between chest then pulls away. He goes to take his boxers off and I help him, sliding them off until they’re off of him. I take off my panties as well.
“Your body is so perfect, Y.N, gosh I’m lucky.” Peter mumbles, while looking me all over. Every time I’m naked he tells me this. There have been times where I have been insecure about my body. My stretch marks, my stomach not being as flat as the other girls or my thighs being slightly a bit thicker. But all of that to Peter was bullshit, as he’s told me. He sees that as perfection more than an imperfection and it just made me feel so loved.
I go to move on top of him, his cock soothing over my soaking folds. I moan a little loud, forgetting about my parents. Peters hand flies over my mouth quickly. I don’t stop my movements though. I lower myself onto his cock and he leans his head back on my headboard, fighting a growl that wanted to escape his mouth. His hand moves from my mouth, to my ass, the other hand joining. 
He’s stretching my walls, filling me up. My eyes flutter from the immense pleasure. I bite my lip to keep the moans that so badly want to escape in my mouth. As I’m about to repeat the action, there’s a knock on my door. The both of us freeze looking into each other’s eyes with worry.
“Y/N, are you asleep?” It’s my dad. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap.
I don’t respond, out of fear for what would happen. Maybe if I pretend to be asleep, he won’t keep nagging.
“Y/N, honey.” It’s my mom this time. Oh great, they’re both at the door now.
“She’s just probably talking in her sleep, it’s alright. Let’s go back to bed and sleep.” I hear my dad say. Oh, so they heard me moan. Peter lays his head down on my chest. I’m pretty sure he can now hear how hard my heart is hammering out of my chest.
“Oh alright.”
After hearing their bedroom door close shut, I let myself breathe, Peter does the same. We were both holding our breaths it seems like out of sheer fear that my parents would catch us in our dirty little act.
“Do you want to stop?” He asks.
I should want to because there is a fifty fifty chance one of us will let out a sound but I don’t want to. If anything it makes the moment even more exciting knowing we might get caught.
“No, do you?” I ask.
“No, not really.”
In saying that I repeat the motion, pulling off him then sinking back down, his cock filling me up again. I pull my bottom lip between my teeth then keep going, not stopping, my tits bouncing up and down. I put my hands on his chest for leverage, careful not to touch his cuts. He holds my hips steadily, biting his lip, probably trying to suppress the noises he wanted to let out. Just like me. I continued on bouncing on his hard cock, every bit of me is on fire from pleasure. The feeling of him inside of me is like none other.
I stop bouncing and roll my hips on him, taking a break for a bit. I loved this position but it got tiring after a while. He notices and leans forward; wrapping his arm around my waist and without warning he’s plowing into me, hard and rough. I gasp and throw my head back, my eyes rolling back to my head.
“Fuck, you feel perfect around me, princess.” He whispers very quietly. I move my head up and go into the crook of his neck, moaning softly, but very quiet, into his ear. That sets him off as he pulls me closer so there is no space between us, his fingers digging into my flesh. His thrusts are faster and I can feel myself coming to the edge quickly. Our bodies were matted with sweat, the air was hot, and everything in this moment was so intense.
“Mmmm, baby, I’m gonna-“
“Come on my cock, beautiful.” He breathes, still speaking lowly.
I feel my pussy clench around his cock, my juices coating his shaft. I wrap my arms around his neck, moving my face in front of his, our foreheads our touching. And then it happens. My orgasm rips through me, violently and I go to moan, not being able to control it but Peter is quick enough. He moves his mouth on top of mine, muffling my moan, still sliding in and out of me. His cock twitches and it’s not long until Peter’s seed filled me, his warm juices combining with mine.
He doesn’t pull out of me; he grabs my hips slamming me down one more time causing my mouth to open in a hushed moan. He then grabs my face in his hands before kissing me roughly and passionately. I moan softly into the kiss while he groans lowly. He pulls away.
“I love you.” He pecks my lips. “So much.”
“I love you too, Peter.” I say, breathlessly.
We lay down next to each other, still panting, and our bodies a sticky hot mess but it was so worth it. I didn’t realize it until now that I had been craving that. Bad. After a few minutes, the two of us has caught our breath and it is silent. It’s a peaceful silent though, not an awkward silence.
“That was by far, the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done.” He says, and then turns his head to look at me.
“You’re the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done.” I poke his chest in a playful manner.
He snaps his fingers. “Touché.”
A few minutes later, Peter is wearing a sweatshirt that I “borrowed” from him and one of my grey sweatpants which surprisingly fit him. I just put my shirt back on and then put on one of our favorite Disney animation movies, Wall-E. I cannot count how many of our dates have consisted of us watching this movie and saying Wall-Eeeeeee over and over again just to make each other laugh.
I lay back in his chest so my back is to it while he has his arms wrapped around me so I’m warm and cozy. He pecks my temple and nuzzles his nose into me. Who knew that Peter Parker could make out to be the best boyfriend ever?
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em-imagines · 2 years ago
Wearing Your Clothes: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Spiderman is caught off guard when he sees Y/N wearing Peter’s clothes... (Reader doesn’t know Peter is Spiderman).
Word Count: 2.8k
Tags/Warnings: slow burn
Knock, knock.
You gasped and looked over to see Spiderman at your window.
"Creep, much?" You laughed unlatching the window and pushing it open, breathing in the cool night air, "And you know, if you wanted to see me, I have a perfectly functioning front door that you could've used..."
"Front doors are boring," he shooed.
"Front doors aren't three stories high and accessed by a fire escape. If anything besides that is considered boring then I don't know how I could possibly be any more interesting."
"Aw, come on. You're way more interesting."
You smiled, pressing on, "So, what do you want, Spiderspawn?"
"'Spiderspawn?' Damn, what have I done this time?"
"Nothing, I just don't know what else to call you," you replied, sitting on the edge of your window, "You still refuse to tell me your name.”
“Well, calling me Spiderman would work just fine...”
“I feel like ‘Spiderman’ is only used for all those damsels in distress as they swoon into your arms after you’ve saved them,” you put the back of your hand against your forehead and leaned sideways dramatically.
He snorted, “Not a single girl has ever done that.”
“Good, and I won’t be the first,” you chuckled.
He laughed along with you for a moment before his eyes caught a glimpse of your t-shirt.
You frowned, following his line of vision and looking down. You stretched out the fabric so you could see the ‘Han Shot First’ lettering better.
“Oh, yeah,” you looked back up at him “you a Star Wars fan I’m guessing?” You asked him, curiously.
“Yeah, you could say that,” he said, a little distantly. You weren’t sure why he had the weird tone, but you ignored it. He got like that sometimes. There were always times when Spiderman would get quiet or reserved and you had no clue as to what was going on in his head. But you’d gotten used to it by now.
“Well, honestly, I don’t even fully know what this shirt means,” you laughed, “It’s actually not mine.”
“Really?” He asked, though the response was a little hollow.
“Yeah, it belongs to my...” crush “friend. He left it at my house last week.”
“So... you just... wear all your friends shirts normally??”
“Not really, no... his shirts are just... super comfortable, I guess.”
Spiderman cocked his head in confusion. Yeah, you’d have to agree that wasn’t your best lie. But you also knew if you came right out and told him you had a crush on someone, Spiderman would tease you til the end of the century.
You sighed, “I don’t know, I just find them comforting,” you smiled to yourself, “I like falling asleep to the smell of his cologne. It’s just... nice.”
Spiderman didn’t really say anything in response- which was surprising, you’d assumed he would immediately jump down your throat with the “ooooooh does Y/N have a crush?!?” and the “what’s his name? tellmetellmetellme” like most of your other friends would’ve.
“Huh,” he said instead, “That’s... cool.”
You arched an eyebrow, “You don’t think it’s weird?”
“Nope, nope, not at all, whatsoever,” he replied quickly, “I think that’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do and that you should definitely continue doing it,” he assured you.
You furrowed your brow, unsure of why he was being so odd today, “Well... alright then. Thanks for the... approval?” You chuckled.
He gave a forced chuckle in response.
“Alright, well, I do have homework, so I can’t stay out all night with you,” you sighed, climbing back into your room, “I’ll catch you later, though?”
“Definitely,” he smiled.
You smiled back, giving him a small wave as he climbed toward the edge, shot a web, and jumped away into the night.
Oh!" You exclaimed, stopping Peter before he walked out the door. You grabbed the Star Wars shirt that was sitting on top of your dresser, "I just remembered! You forgot this here a couple weeks ago."
Peter gave it a bizarre smile before looking back up at you, "Thanks! I totally forgot about it..."
"Yeah, no problem! I was just doing laundry the other day and caught that in the mix. Figured you might want it back." More like I’d worn it to bed every night until it had completely lost the smell... "It's clean from being in my laundry, but be warned, it probably smells like me now so you might want to wash it again." Again, you had washed it, but considering the amount of times you’d worn it and how it’s been staying in your room for a couple weeks, it very much smells like your perfume now.
"Thanks so much," he grinned anyway.
"Yeah, no problem. See you tomorrow?"
"See you tomorrow," he smiled back, in that weird way he'd been smiling recently. Like he knew something you didn't.
You closed the door, thinking.
Maybe he was going to surprise you with some gift. Yeah, that must be it. Your birthday was in the next month.
Ooh, him and Ned were probably coming up with a really great present...
You smiled, before sighing and heading back to your room.
You cleaned up a few of the snack wrappers the two of you had left during your studying, before your eye caught a blue sweater.
"You're kidding," You said to yourself, your mouth twisting upward into a massive grin.
You knelt down next to the sweater and held it up in front of you.
Yup. Peter's signature blue sweater.
You bit your lip to hold back your excitement as you slipped your own sweatshirt off and slid on his.
You nuzzled your nose deep into the fabric and smelled. God. How the hell did Peter smell so GOOD?
You turned to the mirror on your wall to get a look. You smiled at how big the sweater was on you.
You ran a hand through your hair moving your head around to look at different angles.
If you may say so yourself, you looked adorable.
If only Peter and you were dating, and you could steal his clothes all the time.
Knock knock.
You spun around and beamed as you saw Spiderman waiting outside your window.
“Perfect timing,” you told him, unlatching and opening the window.
“Timing is my specialty.”
You rolled your eyes.
“Though, posing in a mirror might be yours,” he replied, grinning.
Your cheeks burned, “You saw that?”
He chuckled, “Don’t be embarrassed, it was... cute.”
“Thanks,” you laughed.
“Is the sweater new or something?”
“Um... you could say that...”
“It’s from that guy again, isn’t it?”
“Oh, shut up,” you knocked his shoulder playfully, attempting to hide your embarrassment.
“Well, I-“
Police sirens interrupted you from your conversation and you both turned to see them rushing down the street in the distance.
“And that’s my cue,” he frowned.
“I’ll see ya later, Spidey.”
“Later,” he smiled back.
You gave him a small wave before he jumped out of sight.
“Hey,” Liz greeted, stepping through your doorstep and closing the door behind her, “You ready to go to the game or-” she paused as she caught a look at you, “Oh my god, Y/N, you’re wearing another one of Peter’s shirts again, aren’t you?”
“He leant it to me this time!” You argued, “I had been talking at lunch about how I didn’t own any Mets shirt, and he said he had a few so he gave me one of his jerseys for tonight! Come on, you can’t expect me not to wear any gear to the game! What else am I supposed to do?”
“Gee, maybe tell Peter that you’re head over heels for him so he can lend you his clothes every day and you can be a couple?”
“Ugh, don’t even, Liz. He doesn’t think of me that way.”
“Oh come on, Y/N-”
“No, don’t ‘come on’ me! You, Michelle, and I all lend each other clothes all the time, so you can’t act like this means anything. He’s just helping out a friend, nothing else,” you said, sternly, “Now let’s go, because I promised we’d meet Ned and Peter outside and they’ve already been waiting for like ten minutes.”
Liz sighed but followed you out of your house nonetheless and down the stairs to the street.
“It fits!” Peter beamed at your jersey as you stepped out the door.
You laughed, “Yup, perfectly.”
“Maybe I should give you my clothes more often,” he joked.
You forced a laugh slightly, because you knew he wasn’t being serious despite how much you wanted him to be.
“Or you could just lend me your hat,” You teased instead, slipping the cap off of his head and right onto your own. You smiled up at him from under the bill before skipping away down the street so he couldn’t take it back from you.
(Not that he would’ve wanted to.)
“Does any of your closet belong to you anymore?” Spiderman laughed at you as you rolled your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest which displayed a sweatshirt with the Death Star from Star Wars. A sweatshirt that you most certainly didn’t own.
“Oh, shut up.”
“But, really, how can someone’s clothes be so comfortable that they’re all you will only wear?”
You furrowed your brow, “Do you seriously still think that’s why I wear his clothes?”
Spiderman frowned, not sure where this was headed.
“Spidey, I just said that so you’d get off my case. I don’t actually wear them because he uses better detergent or something...”
“Then, why do you wear them?”
You looked at him for a moment. Was it seriously not blaringly obvious?!
“Cuz I like him.”
He furrowed his brow, “Well, you like Liz, and Michelle, and me, but you don’t-”
“No, no, dude,” you laughed, putting a hand on his arm to stop him, “I like him.”
Spiderman didn’t respond for a moment. And then for two moments. Then three.
“What?” he asked suddenly.
“Was that not clear?” You chuckled, “All the rest of my friends can spot my crush from miles away, I’m surprised it took so long for you to catch onto it.”
“That’s, well, that’s-” Spiderman shook his head, attempting to figure out what to say, “That’s great, Y/N. That’s really great. Um, will you excuse me, though? I just remembered I had a thing that I was supposed to be at right now. Uh, I’ll talk to you later though? Yeah?”
“Yeah, but-”
“Great, bye!” He zipped off your fire escape and into the night.
You frowned. What the hell??
Why did he always get so freaked out whenever you brought up a boy? He never freaked out when you talked about Liz or Michelle.
Oh shit what if he’s jealous of Peter?
You shooed that thought away. No way. There’s no way freaking Spiderman would just like a regular citizen like you. Nor was there any way Peter Parker would like someone like you either. You were just imagining things.
You nuzzled deeper into Peter’s sweatshirt and climbed back into your room, deciding to just forget about the superhero’s odd actions.
“Oh, wait, Peter,” you called after the boy as he began walking back down the sidewalk to his own apartment. You unzipped the hoodie he had lent you when it started to rain ten minutes ago. “You forgot your hoodie!” you told him, tugging it off of you.
But he only smiled and shrugged at you, “Eh, why don’t you just keep it for the night? It’s all wet anyway, you can put it in the laundry and give it back to me Monday at school.”
You smiled to yourself, “Oh, alright. Sounds like a plan.”
He gave you one more smile before turning around and continuing back home through the rain.
You grinned once he was out of sight and almost bounded up to your bedroom with happiness.
The hoodie had lost some of his scent in the rain, but the smell of rain now reminded you of how you two had run around and played in the rain on your walk home- and that was even better.
You closed your bedroom door behind you and leaned against it, sliding your hands into your pockets with content.
Your bliss was short lived however, as it was replaced with curiosity when your right hand touched something in the pocket.
You slipped it out, and saw a small yellow paper folded up.
Ah, it was probably one of Peter’s Post-It’s from English class, you thought to yourself as you opened it, that boy needs to learn how to use a trash-
You froze as you looked at the message. You blinked. You shook your head. You flipped it to the backside. No way. This couldn’t be real.
Y/N, will you go out with me?
W h a t. You turned back to the door. Had he seriously...
You looked back down at the message. This couldn’t be happening. Since when did Peter even like you back?!?! Let alone be ready to ask you out!!
You put your hand on the doorknob to go flag Peter down and ask him to explain, but a knocking at your window stopped you.
You bit your lip, not wanting to let Peter go but not wanting to just ignore Spiderman.
You flipped around ready to explain the situation to Spiderman, but instead found Peter, smiling meekly as he gave you a little wave from the fire escape.
It took everything in you not to completely run to the window.
You quickly latched it open and climbed through, “Did you mean it?” You held up the Post-It.
“Why wouldn’t I mean it?”
“Well, I wasn’t really expecting a surprise like this,” you laughed slightly.
“But was it a good surprise?” He asked hesitantly.
You smiled, and put your hand on his cheek, leaning it, “I don’t know yet. You tell me.”
You waited one more moment before leaning forward and closing the distance.
His arms slipped around your waist and pulled you closer against him, and you had to resist making a noise at how wonderful it felt to be this close to him.
Having his clothes was one thing, but having him truly there himself was infinitesimally better.
“Spiderspawn!” You practically screeched as you launched your window open, “Oh my god, I haven’t seen you in forever! So much has happened! Look,” you motioned down to the blue sweater and the fluffy socks you’d borrowed from Peter, “I’m wearing his clothes and this time it’s with his knowledge!” You laughed.
“Y/N, I have something to tell you...”
You blinked, all your excitement washing away. Panic rose in your stomach. What if he was about to tell you he liked you? What if your jealousy suspicions had been right? Oh, god, you were finally in a happy relationship with your dream crush and now you might have to turn down your other dream crush? Why was everything always so complicated!
“Sure, go for it,” you said anyway.
“Here, come on out,” he motioned.
You sighed and made your way through the window frame, then sat down next to him, kicking your legs off the edge of the fire escape through the railing.
“There’s something I’ve been hiding from you. I don’t know how to tell it to you, but you need to know.”
"Y/N, I think that-”
“Ihaveaboyfriend!” you blurted, suddenly, unable to wait anymore. You cringed at your lack of subtlety. But you didn’t think you’d be able to listen to him confess any feelings without it becoming a giant mess.
Yet instead of being upset, he laughed. “Yeah, I know,” he replied, and your eyes widened as he reached up and tugged at his mask, “Because it’s me.”
Your jaw dropped as he removed off the top of his suit to reveal all-too-familiar swooping dark hair and dimples.
“Hey, babe,” he gave a weak, unsure smile, awaiting your response.
“Oh my god, Peter!” You suffocated him with a hug, “Are you kidding?! How is that possible! How are you-” you froze and tore away from him with a gasp, “You little shit, you’ve been playing me this whole time! You knew I was wearing your clothes!”
“Guilty?” He smiled smally.
You punched him playfully in the shoulder, “Are you kidding! That’s so- Wait a second, were you purposefully forgetting your clothes at my house this whole time?”
He chuckled, “Well, not the first time. But from then on... perhaps...” He laughed again at your shock, “I’m sorry, you just looked really freaking cute wearing my clothes! Is that so wrong of me to want to see a pretty girl trying on my clothes in her mirror for fun?”
You groaned with embarrassment, “Oh, shit, I forgot you saw that, too.”
“Mhmm,” he grinned smugly, “Best moment ever.”
“I hate you so much.”
“No, you don’t.”
“You’re right, I don’t.”
He smirked at you, “If it makes you feel any better, after you would give me the clothes back, I kept them under my pillow because they smelled like you.”
“Really?” You asked, touched.
“Mhmm,” he smiled lazily.
You giggled, “God, we both really were head over heels, huh?”
“Who said anything about ‘were’?” He replied.
You looked over at him with pure happiness, and closed your eyes as he leaned in and gave you a dizzying kiss- simply one of many to come.
A/N: Eeeeee thanks for reading! Please PLEASE like, reblog, and comment if you enjoyed! <3 <3 <3
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stylesharrys · a year ago
Webbed Up
A/N: For my first Peter smut, I kinda thoroughly enjoyed writing this haha. Peter and the reader are both 18 in this, about to finish high school!
WC: 5,468
“Promise I’ll be a good girl,” you bat your lashes innocently, lips pouted and puffy. Peter’s cock twitches in his pants and he bites back a groan and a growl.
You’re toying with the zipper of his jacket and it only just hits him that he’s still got his damn backpack on. “Think you deserve to be touched after acting like a little brat all day?” he asks with a hum, head tilted.
Your thighs quiver and you gnaw on your bottom lip, shifting to the edge of the counter desperately. “I’ll be good, I’ll be so good, Pete,” you whisper. “Be so good for you.”
You’re being a little too bratty for Peter’s liking, so he teaches you lesson or two.
Three more weeks. Just three more weeks until you’re done with high school and you can start planning your near future. You’ve been accepted into three colleges, two of which are the same as Peter and while he’s inching more toward MIT, you’ve got your heart set on Harvard.  
Just a 20-minute walk from each other, you’ve already figured out that your relationship will work. It has to.
The whole excitement and stress of leaving high school for good has done nothing but wrap Peter up in a tight bubble. He’s a little off lately, fixated on everything going to plan, on you not randomly changing your mind and deciding to take your scholarship to London. It doesn’t matter that you continuously assure him you’re sticking with your decision to attend Harvard, he’s scared.
“Are you even paying any attention to what I’ve been saying the past thirty minutes?” MJ’s snippy voice is quick to break you out of your little trance and you blink away your daydream.
“What?” you ask. “Yeah… yeah, course I’m listening,” you shrug your shoulders and lean forward on the desk, elbows propped up and your chin rests in the palms of your hands.
MJ rolls her eyes. “Whatever, you’re so in your head lately, what’s going on?” she asks. You purse your lips. It’s not that you don’t want to tell her, because you do… but she’s Peter’s friend too, and it’s not exactly fair for you to complain to her about him.
You shake your head. “It’s nothing!” you tell her, a little too enthusiastically. You clear your throat. “What were you saying?”
MJ squints at you sceptically, like she’s trying to figure out what it is you’re really hiding. You show no tells, though. You keep your bright eyes and encouraging smile and eventually, she gives up. Before she can actually repeat anything, though, a ruckus sounds from behind you, cutting her off.
You spin in your seat, eyes wide as Peter tumbles toward you and trips over another groups table. “Sorry! Sorry,” he mumbles out his apology, cheeks flustered and he knows half the cafeteria are staring at him.
MJ rolls her eyes.
“Hey,” you greet him softly, moving across the bench to give him room to sit beside you. He huffs out a barely audible ‘hello’ before dropping his lunch tray on the table and turning to you with pouted lips.
Stifling a laugh, you lean closer and kiss him gently, MJ making a scoff of disgust while you feel Peter’s body relax against your touch. He hums against your lips and you smile into the kiss, loving the calming effect you seem to have on him.
“What’s up?” you ask, the tip of your nose brushing against his and Peter sighs, shaking his head and giving you a knowing look. The one where his lips are pursed and tugged at the left side, eyes a cautious glimmer. It’s the Spidey look.
Your shoulders slump a little and you turn your body to your food. You suddenly don’t feel very hungry and your entire mood has turned sour from just one look. You know it’s silly, but you also know if you don’t prepare yourself for the soon disappointment, you’ll only be more upset when he inevitably cancels your plans for tonight.
Flicking your pasta around your plate, you chew on the inside of your cheek while Peter complains about the chemistry homework with Ned. MJ squints at you, subtly kicking you under the table, and instead of a usual sarcastic remark, you don’t say a thing… don’t even bother looking up from your chicken pasta bake.
You zone out for the rest of lunch like your social meter has hit empty. The bell rings later than you would’ve liked and before you can wander off to your next class, Peter is calling your name and slowly jogging the few steps that you are ahead of him.
You spin around, shoulders slumped and he frowns. “Let me walk you to your class,” he offers, but you know it’s not an offer so you let him walk you anyway. You don’t say anything, just hold your books close to your chest and Peter doesn’t need his spidey sense to know there’s something wrong.
He doesn’t say anything, though. He figures if you wanted him to know, you’d tell him yourself. Typical man.
By the time you reach your class, you haven’t even spared a glance at him and he’s growing worried. You’re about to walk straight into your class without a usual kiss goodbye when he side-steps in front of you, blocking your path.
Peter raises his hands to hold your shoulders and he dips his head a little to get a better look at you. “Hey… are you okay? What’s going on?” he asks, searching your eyes for an answer. You let him dig a little deeper and for a split second, you think he’s figured it out, that he finally understands why you’re so upset. But then he speaks.
“Are you on a period?”
Your lips thin as you grit your teeth. “No,” you spit. “Why? Will that make you cancel our plans tonight?” you ask bitterly. Peter frowns in hurt but the expression quickly changes to one of pure confusion.
“What are you – wait, we have plans tonight?” he asks, words jumbled and rushed and if it’s even possible, your shoulders slump further. You bite back your quivering bottom lip and blink away the tears of frustration.
“Are you serious?” you scoff.
Peter stares at you, eyes wide and you can see the guilt painting his pretty, stupid face. And though you keep searching, there’s no sudden hint of realisation, no flash of remembrance. “Movie night at my place… while my mom and dad are visiting my grandma for the weekend…” you say, hoping it will at least jog his memory but his expression doesn’t change.
You scoff and nod your head, gnawing on your bottom lip. You know by the look in his eyes that he’s trying to think of a way to let you down easy, to tell you that something’s come up. “But you can’t make it, can you… because you have Spidey Stuff to do, right?” you spit.
Peter keens back, shock and confusion soaring through his veins at your sudden tone and aggression toward him. You didn’t mean to be disrespectful, but the words left your mouth before you could filter them or set a slightly softer tone. You know it’s not his fault, that being Spider-Man is an important and demanding role, but you’d also appreciate it if he stopped cancelling on you, or straight-up forgetting.
He doesn’t say anything back, doesn’t exactly know what he’s supposed to say. “Whatever, I’ll see you Monday. Stay safe.”
“He blew you off again?” your mom asks, her tone surprised and you nod, sighing. She gives you a pitiful smile through pursed lips. You knew it was a mistake to FaceTime your mom because you could really do without her pitiful smiles and words of reassurance.
“Maybe he’s just stressing about you guys graduating,” she suggests.
You hum. “Maybe,” you agree, because that’s easier than telling her that Peter is actually the suited Spider-Man swinging around the streets of Queens. The idea of one day having to explain that to her gives you a headache.
She’s about to say something else, probably more useless words of encouragement or reassurance that you’d appreciate either way, when your dad calls her name and you hear your grandma cackling from the other room.
She gives you a guilty smile and you shake your head. “It’s fine, go. I’m gonna order a pizza and watch a movie or something. Love you, see you Sunday night!” you tell her. She blows a kiss to the camera and ends the call, finally allowing you a moment’s peace.
It’s quickly disrupted and ruined when your doorbell rings and insistent knocking taps on your front door. Dragging yourself to the front door, you pull it open, heart leaping at the sight.
Peter stands on your doorstep, hair a mess with a bunch of white and pink flowers in his hands. He’s got a nervous, lopsided grin on his lips and half his Spidey suit is hanging out of his sixth backpack this year.
You purse your lips and jut your hip out, hand resting on it. “What do you want?” you ask tiredly. You know you’re being bitchy but you’re done with taking his shit and hearing his petty excuses.
He raises a brow comically. “That how you treat your boyfriend now?” he asks and his tone is teasing, lighthearted with something unknown in the middle of it. You squint, trying to figure it out.
“What do you want, Pete?” you sigh, a harsh shiver prickling your skin as his lopsided grin twisted into a filthy smirk, one you’ve never seen before.
He points the flowers at you. “To apologise?” it comes out a question, but you know he won’t let you close that door on his face, not that you ever would anyway. Especially when he’s looking at you like that.
You eye him up again, trying to figure out what the fuck is going through his head, what that little twinkle means as it flashes blindingly in his eyes. Something stirs in your stomach, a feeling that spreads heat to your lower stomach and for some reason, you feel your panties begin to dampen.
You swallow back anything that almost tumbles out of your mouth and pull the door open more, allowing him to come in. Peter steps inside, closing the door behind him as he follows you into the kitchen.
You don’t realise how close behind you he is until you’re bending over to root for a vase when his crotch presses hot against your ass and your breathing hitches. Your body stills as you feel his tender hands caress your hips, your cheeks flushing pink.
“God, you have the nicest ass,” Peter groans from behind you, bottom lip caught between his teeth and in your sheer leggings, he can make out the lacy thong that disappears between your full cheeks.
“What, you think you can come here, tell me I have a nice ass and that’s it, we’re good?” you scoff breathlessly, desperately trying not to keen into his touch. You hear Peter tut from behind you and you stand again, your ass brushing against his cock and he shudders.
You spin around, chests flushed and you tilt your head up slightly to get a proper look at him. His cheeks are flustered, just like yours, and that glint in his eyes is even more prominent than before.
Peter reaches up to cup your cheek in his hand and you nuzzle into his touch. It’s sad how excited his touch makes you, but you’ve been starved of it for too long and this is the closest you’ve felt for weeks.
“I was going to come over and explain that I’ve been so distant ‘cause I’m worried this whole different college thing won’t work, but if you’re just going to continue to be a little brat, maybe I’ll just go home.”
It takes a moment for his words to actually register in your brain. Maybe your mom was right about the college thing, but now you’ve got the last of his explanation in your head. Brat. He’s never called you a brat before and now you can’t help the thrill and excitement that courses through you as the name tumbles from his pink lips.
You’re not sure where it’s coming from, or what you’ve done to get this kind of reaction out of him but you’re already thinking of ways to be bratty, just to see what he’ll do.
“I’m not a brat,” you tell him sternly, though, by the glint in his eyes and blush to your cheeks, Peter knows you’re playing along to whatever the fuck he’s doing.
He raises a brow and his thumb strokes over your cheekbone before he’s cupping your chin and his thumb is nudging your swollen bottom lip. “Oh, really? ‘Cause you’re acting pretty bratty to me, Princess.” His voice is gravelly, deep and fucking dirty.
You’ve never seen him like this, and he’s only just getting started. The curiosity in you wants to be defiant, see how far you can push him, what he’ll actually do, but the other part of you, the submissive part, is screaming for you to be a good girl.
“Maybe if you showed me some attention once in a while, I wouldn’t be such a bratty little girl,” you reply in a sultry tone. Your lips are pouted out slightly as you speak, eyes doey and innocent. You look like such a fucking good girl for him but Peter knows better, knows you better.
You press spongy kisses to the pad of his thumb, eyes on his and your heart is fucking thumping in your chest. He’s no better, his cock is throbbing in his jeans and he’s trying not to sweat through his shirt. He’s nervous, neither of you have ever tried anything like this before but he knows you’re game, so he can’t back out now.
Not that he wants to. Peter knows soon enough he’ll be domming the shit out of you and you’re counting down the seconds until you finally see the raw and new side of him, not the gentle, soft Pete you know and love.
He nibbles on his bottom lip as he gently pushes his thumb into your mouth, resting it on your tongue and you suck softly. He’s growing harder by every sweet stroke of your tongue, cheeks flushing at the idea of you sucking on his cock like that.
“Or maybe, you just need a good spanking to put you in your place,” Peter suggests.
Your knees buckle, eyes fluttering closed and an involuntary whimper slips passed your lips, muffled by Peter’s thumb. Peter hums, your pussy pulsing. “You’d like that though, wouldn’t you?” he fucking knows you would.
You hum around his thumb and reach up to hold his wrist. Your eyes flutter open and he’s fucking panting, internally struggling against his inner desires to fucking obliterate you. You suck harder, a silent prayer that he’ll have no fucking mercy.
You’re embarrassingly turned on by the idea of Peter having his way with you; spanking, spitting, dirty talk, the works. Your panties are pooling and you’re sure if you don’t take them off soon, you’ll drip down your thighs.
The second his thumb slips from your mouth, his lips are hot on yours; desperate and eager. It’s dirty, fucking filthy – heavy breathing, wet tongues and teeth clashing. His nails are digging half-moons through your shirt and into the skin of your hips and your fingers are tangled in his tendrils.
Peter’s hand reaches around for your ass, grabbing handfuls as he smacks his palm into you. He pinches the backs of your thighs and you jump, legs wrapped around his narrow waist and he sets you on the kitchen countertop, legs spread wide and he stands between them.
He pulls away, nose nudging your cheek and with his index finger and thumb, he grips your chin and tilts your head, assaulting your neck. Your eyes are daring to roll back as he nips and sucks on the sensitive skin of your pulse point and you’re sure you can fucking feel him grin cockily against you.
His hands stretch across the expanse of your thighs, fingers curling as he grips the flesh and effectively pushes your legs further apart. You whimper, the feeling of your wetness seeping through your panties causing your cheeks to blush and you’re sure he can fucking smell your arousal.
“Pete, please,” you barely manage to whimper out but he hears it, loud and clear.
A dirty chuckle is muffled in the crook of your neck and he nips at the skin before pulling away; eyes hooded and fucking gleaming with lust. “Please what?” he’s digging, trying to see if you’ll talk back just as dirty as he’s planning to.
He knows you’ve never been one for dirty talking, never had the confidence for it. But he also knows (by pure luck that you’d left a porn tab open on your laptop one night a few weeks ago) that you’re more than a little into dirty talk and being a submissive little girl.
“Touch me,” to his surprise, you whimper out the request in a breathless haze. His grin grows, hands inching up your hips until they squeeze.
He got the reaction he wanted, but he’s not going to stop there, no. “Touch you where?” he pushes, doesn’t miss the way your entire fucking body shivers and his lips ghost over yours.
He’s patient, though. Wants to wait and let you tell him when you’re comfortable, wants you to know that if you don’t want to take it this far, you’ve got your out. But you grab his hands, guiding one to your breast and the other to your clothed pussy, and he’s fucked.
“Promise I’ll be a good girl,” you bat your lashes innocently, lips pouted and puffy. Peter’s cock twitches in his pants and he bites back a groan and a growl.
You’re toying with the zipper of his jacket and it only just hits him that he’s still got his damn backpack on. “Think you deserve to be touched after acting like a little brat all day?” he asks with a hum, head tilted.
Your thighs quiver and you gnaw on your bottom lip, shifting to the edge of the counter desperately. “I’ll be good, I’ll be so good, Pete,” you whisper. “Be so good for you.”
He hums and watches you, eyes calculated like he’s thinking about it, but if you know anything about Peter, it’s his inability to tell you no.
Peter kisses your lips softly, sucking your bottom lip into his mouth. “You’re sure you wanna do this?” he asks gently, releasing your lower lip. His sudden soft exterior has your heart melting, but that’s not what you want. You want to be fucking ruined.
“Wanna be a good girl for you, do whatever you say.”
His eyes sparkle and he sends you to the bedroom, tells you he wants you on your knees and naked by the time he gets in there.
Your pussy is swollen, lips pulsing and clit throbbing. Your wetness is dribbling all over the sheets as you kneel on the bed with your pretty thighs gently spread a little. Peter wanders in a few moments later, wearing nothing but those tight fucking boxers and you can see how badly his cock is straining against the fabric.
“Lay on your back, Princess,” he commands. His voice is low, deep and dark and you lay on your back, legs spread wide and your pussy fucking glistens in the warm light on your nightstand.
Your chest is rising and falling with an erratic rhythm, breasts bouncing and your nipples are pearled and hard. Peter wants nothing more than to suck and kiss and touch, but tonight, he’s gonna be selfish.
You should be blushing, hiding under his hard gaze, but you’re not. Instead, you’re alive with excitement and adrenaline. He’s looking at you like you’re the sexiest woman he’s ever laid eyes on and it only feeds your ego.
You spread your legs wider, press your breasts out further. Peter knows what you’re doing, that you’re fucking with him, but he doesn’t care. Not when you look like that; naked and willing, all for him.
He stands at the foot of the bed for a little longer, admiring the way your slick pussy clenches around nothing, appreciating every crevice and curve of your body. Your eyes are on his face, trying to gauge any reaction to your position. He’s void of emotion, but his eyes are fucking swimming with want and desire.
Your hands are by your head and you sneak one down between your thighs, finger ghosting between your folds and you swirl it through your growing wetness. Peter tuts, reaching for your ankles and he rubs them softly.
“Hands above your head, baby. You don’t get to touch tonight,” he commands.
Your pussy clenches again and you do as he says; hands resting above your head and he grins wickedly. Peter lifts your ankle to his face, pressing soft, spongey kisses from your ankle to your knee. He does the same to your other leg, nipping and licking along his way.
Your heart is racing, beads of sweat dotting at your hairline in anticipation. Your skin is warm, growing clammy. Peter notices but he doesn’t say anything. Instead, he takes a step back and watches you squirm, spread out like the most delicious buffet he’s ever seen.
You’re getting eager. He can see it in the way your hips roll and legs tremble. He’s about to tug off his boxers when you sneak a hand down again to rub your fingers across your clit. He’s quicker, though, and in the darkness of the room, you failed to notice those little cuffs sitting around his wrists.
When his eyes catch yours, you raise your hands back above your head, but before they meet the headboard willingly, something else forces them to it. Your eyes are wide, wrists bound by a sticky substance. Then you notice his wrists.
“I told you, hands above your head.” Your entire body shudders, chest and neck red as your cheeks blush. You nod your head, though, eager. It’s more than just agreeing to listen, it’s agreeing to how far you’re both willing to take this.
“M’ sorry,” you whimper breathlessly. Peter tuts, shaking his head and he unclasps the web-shooters around his wrists.
You rub your thighs together, watching as his cock twitches in his boxers and you want nothing more than to reach your foot out and touch him. You don’t, though. You decide that if you’re going to do this, you’re going to be such a good fucking girl for him.
“Are you?” No. You don’t say that, you don’t have to. He already knows your answer.
Peter hums again. “Just look at you, baby. All pretty and desperate for me,” he admires, eyes akin with fire and the undertone of his voice has your eyes rolling back.
“Please, Pete. Promise I’ll be such a good girl for you, just touch me, baby. Please,” your voice is a wreck, breaking mid-sentence and you can feel your wetness dribble out of your throbbing pussy.
Peter grins to himself, ego well fed and he shimmies from his boxers, sighing in relief as his cock springs free. You hear his sigh, know exactly what it means and your eyes flutter open, dripping cock in your line of sight.
You whine out for him, wrists tugging pathetically on the webs but they’re stronger than you, so much stronger. He tuts again. “Thought you said you’d be a good girl?” he quirks a brow.
You’re about to let out another pathetic whine that you know will do no help when he crawls between your thighs and smothers his face in your pussy.
An involuntary gasp tears past your lips and you keen into his touch. Peter hums against your cunt, tongue flicking from side to side between your folds until he circles your hole then licks up to wrap his lips around your swollen clit.
“Oh, fuck,” you gasp out, eyes rolling back. He’s staring up at you with hooded eyes, watching how your breasts bounce and nipples pearl. You’ve got your head thrown back but he can see the way your jaw is slack and your eyes are clenched shut.
Peter tries not to smirk against your pussy but it’s no use, he’s fucking smug. He’s barely touched you a few seconds and he can tell you’re already on the brink of cumming all over his face.
Peter rolls his hips as he devours you, his thick cock rubbing against the cotton sheets and while it isn’t the best feeling, it's a relief. You raise your head from the pillow, eyes locking with his and he’s staring at you like you’re his fucking prey.
“So good, Pete, feels so good,” you cry out, not missing the way he sucks harder and his finger travels to your pussy, pushing through your hole and curling at your G Spot. Even while Domming the shit out of you, he still loves to hear the praise.
“Hmm,” he hums against you. “You like that?”
You’re nodding profusely, thighs trembling as Peter curls his fingers deliciously, sucking on your clit while he flicks the swollen bud with his tongue. You’re seeing stars, a burning fire spitting in the pit of your stomach and Peter feels the way you pulse and clench around him.
“I’m gonna cum, please let me cum, baby,” you pant, vision clouding and he hums, sucking harder. Peter pulls away to shove another finger in your pussy and he scissors them.
“Cum for me, Princess. Cum all over my tongue,” he coaxes it out of you, fingers rubbing just right and you explode, vision clouded with white lights and wayward stars. It knocks the air out of you, lungs constricting as your throat burns.
You can’t tell your left from right, body completely fucked and spent but still keening into his touch when his warm breath fans over your trembling cunt. Peter gnaws on his bottom lip, can’t believe how fucking good you taste, and he finds himself spitting on your pussy before burying his face into it again.
He’s kissing you, making out with your cunt like it’s the dirtiest kiss ever – and it is. You’re whining, squirming on the sheets and Peter pulls away with a shit-eating grin, chin and lips fucking glistening in the soft moonlight.
“So fucking sweet,” he praises, and even after the filthy noises and amount you came, your cheeks still blush like you’re nothing but an innocent girl.
Far fucking from it, he thinks.
Your chest is glistening with sweat, nipples still hard and he doesn’t stop himself this time when he trails up your body and sucks one into his heavenly mouth, holding eye contact. Your head rolls back, mind can’t fucking handle how well he’s treating you. Everything feels like it’s on sensory overload but in the best fucking way possible.
He pulls off with a pop, nosing up your neck and jaw until his swollen lips are on yours and you’re tasting yourself on his tongue, whining filthily into the kiss. It’s breathy and messy, tongues wet and tastes mingled. A filthy fucking kiss and neither of you can get enough.
“You’re being such a good girl baby. And good girls get rewards,” he whispered against your lips. There’s something in his voice, something dark that hides behind the light. It’s more than just a reassurance that he’ll fuck you, it’s a promise that no matter what, you’re gonna have probably the best orgasm of your life, thus far.
You nod your head vigorously, pussy pulsing already in anticipation. He pulls away from the kiss, eyes scanning yours and for a second, you see your Peter shining back through. The Peter that stumbles over twigs and blushes when someone mentions sex. But the moment passes after your nod your head and he’s back to business.
Peter crawls down your body, kissing down your torso as he does so. Your legs are spread, thighs resting on top of his as he sits back on his heels, admiring the sight of your heavenly cunt.
He rubs at your clit with his thumb, the other hand pumping himself softly. “So fucking wet, baby,” he murmurs to himself, eyes locked on your fluttering folds. With soft shudders slipping from your lips, Peter inches closer and teases your cunt with his cock, rubbing his head across your puckering hole.
You gnaw on your bottom lip, soft gasp echoing through the room as he pushes in, balls deep. Peter gives you a half-second to adjust before he’s slowly thrusting, moving his hips in a way that has your mind muddled.
He’s panting, holding back grunts of appraisal and whistles of affection. His thick cock is snug between your walls, fucking soaked as your pussy swallows him up. He picks up a decent rhythm, rocking his hips into yours.
Your eyes are rolling back, arms beginning to ache deliciously. Peter’s gaze is glued on your cunt, the way his cock comes out wetter each time, the obscene squelching noises you make as you take him deeper with each thrust.
Your whines and cries are music to his fucking ears, so filthy they’re borderline pornographic, but they feed his ego so he doesn’t complain. He can’t complain, not when it’s the most heavenly thing he’s ever heard.
“Such a pretty pussy, babygirl,” he praises. “Just look at you, taking me like the good little girl you are. Fuck, you’re so fucking tight, baby. Oh, fuck,” Peter whines, hips snapping at an ungodly pace and you can barely keep up.
He’s hitting all the right places, knocking the air out of your lungs and you can barely catch a breath. “Fuck,” you drawl out, toes curling when he hits The Spot and it’s like the first time you ever got high. You can’t make sense of anything but everything feels right. There are fireworks in your eyes and you feel like you’re fucking floating.
“I’m… I’m cu–” you don’t get to finish your sentence, don’t get the time to warn him like the good girl you promised to be. No. Instead, you’re cumming all over his thick cock, fucking screaming his name as he pounds relentlessly.
He doesn’t stop. His hands find purchase on your naked waist, fingers digging into the flesh and he forgets his own strength. You wince, can feel his fucking fingertips bruising on your damn skin but fuck, you can feel that fire roll over you again in waves and you’re cumming seconds later.
It’s different, though, more intense. You can’t see a damn thing but you can hear Peter moaning, fucking praising you like “yeah, baby, holy shit, that’s so hot, keep cumming for me,” and you think you might’ve had a glimpse of heaven when your body falls limp and he pulls out of you, grunting and panting.
Peter pumps himself furiously, cock fucking soaked and he cums all over your stomach in white ribbons, painting his mark on your skin. He falls back on his heels, completely fucked. His hair is a mess, sweat dripping down that gorgeous fucking body. You squint at the obscene amount and muster up all the energy you can to lift your head.
That’s not sweat.
An embarrassing blush smacks you in the face and with wide eyes, you look to Peter, silently begging you didn’t just fucking––
“Watching you squirt is my new favourite thing.”
Oh, God.
Peter sees the horror on your face, notices the way your skin drains from its usual vibrant colour as your head falls back into the pillow. With wide eyes, he rushes to your side. “No, hey, don’t do that,” he scolds as you try to hide your face in your shoulder.
His dominating personality is long gone as he caresses your cheeks and gently kisses your lips, forcing you to look at him. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, baby,” he promises, the genuine glint in his eyes enough to convince you.
“I soaked the sheets,” you murmur, cheeks still blazing and Peter lets out a giddy chuckle, nodding his head.
“Have you ever heard of this machine that washes sheets?” he teases with squinted eyes. You laugh tiredly, ready to smack his arm playfully when you realise you’re still bound to the fucking headboard.
Peter blushes at the sight, a laugh snickering to fall from his lips and your smile falls, eyes hard on him as you try to gauge his reaction. “What?” you ask, head dipping down as he tries to turn away.
You push your leg out to stop him, telling him to turn back to you. “What?” you repeat, heart thumping and you’re expecting the worst, that something somewhere has gone horribly wrong, that maybe him being with you has been a prank this whole time.
He cringes as he looks at you, comfortingly rubbing your leg and there’s a glint of pity in his eyes. Here it comes, the fucking ‘I’m leaving you’ speech while you’re naked and covered in his cum. But it doesn’t. Instead –
“The new webs take 6 hours to dissolve,” he cringes. “Wanna watch a movie?”
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lousimusician · 2 years ago
Sex Pollen Part 3
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Summary: You make your decision on how to help Peter.
Warning: Smut
You groaned looking at the time on your clock.
1:00 am
You hadn't been able to sleep at all. The whole Peter situation keeping you up.
You knew what you wanted to do. It wasn't a difficult situation to make. You've had sex before (You were a Stark after all) and with it being Peter the decision was even easier to make. 
It just still felt like you would be taking advantage of Peter somehow.
You sighed, sitting up, letting the sheets fall off your body.
You pushed the sheets away, swinging your legs over the side of the bed and getting up, deciding to head to the lab.
You stood outside, seeing that the plant was gone, and your dad and Bruce were pulling an all nighter, as you expected.
You lightly knocked, before letting yourself in.
Tony looked over at you. "I thought I told you to stay in your room?" He said, quirking an eyebrow.
You rolled your eyes. "I just wanted to know if you guys made any progress, you've been down here for hours."
"Well," Bruce said, looking up from the microscope he had been peering down. "We took a few samples of the plants, and just a few hours ago, we got samples of Peter."
You nodded, walking over to Bruce, and looking at the three microscopes that were set up, with an array of swabs just to the side. Bruce had been going on about something, but you ignored him, taking it upon yourself to see the samples.
The first one was a blood sample, but to your disappointment it looked perfectly normal.
You moved to the next one. A cheek swab. And once again the cells looked normal.
The next one was a little personal, but given the situation, you suppose it was necessary, because it was a sperm sample. And once again.
It. Was. Normal.
You furrowed your eyebrows.
"What the hell?" You said, turning to Bruce. "Everything is fine. Do you guys really have nothing?"
"I wouldn't say nothing."
You raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? Then what did you find?"
"I mean technically..." He looked like he was in thought. "Okay, yeah it's nothing, but we still have plenty more samples to go over."
You rolled your eyes. "How does he look, then? Is he getting any better?"
"He's fine, go back to bed." Your dad muttered, looking down into his own microscope.
"Fine may be pushing it Tony. He's worse than before. I don't think he's going to be able to get any sleep tonight. Which well then cause even more problems if he's sleep deprived and-" His ramblings were cut off by Tony.
"Bruce, seriously?" He said shooting him a look. "Can't you tell when I'm trying to parent? Stop scaring my daughter, you'll put ideas in her head." He looked at you now. "Now, Peter's going to be okay, we're figuring this out. It's just taking longer than expected. Now will you please go to bed, it's past your bedtime."
"I don't have a bedtime." You muttered, making your dad shoot you a look. "But fine, I'll go."
"Thank you." 
"Yeah whatever." You sighed, walking out of the lab.
You went back upstairs only instead of going to your own room, you went to Natasha's.
It swung open, Nat standing in the doorway not looking tired in the slightest, it seemed like she had been up all night too.
You took a deep breath, ignoring your reddening cheeks. "Talk to Peter and get me his consent."
She quirked an eyebrow, "You seem rather eager now."
"They have nothing, Peter seems perfectly fine by a scientific stand point. They've been down there for hours, I don't understand why they can't find anything, and Peter's probably getting worse and we still don't know how this could affect him-." You ranted.
"Okay, let's calm down first. Now you're sure you're okay with this decision?"
"Yeah, I mean I'm not a virgin, and I am very much attracted to Peter." 
She nodded. "Alright then, I'll talk to him. Wait- what about birth control-"
"It's fine, I'm on the pill." You said, cutting her off.
"Why did I even bother asking, you are a Stark after all." She said with a teasing grin.
"Oh shut up." You blushed, shaking your head. "But thanks for helping me. Now, I need to go overrun F.R.I.D.A.Y's commands so she doesn't tell my dad where I am if he asks. So if he agrees can you tell him it might take me a while to get there."
"Of course." Nat said, stepping out of the doorway and pulling her door shut.
"Okay, thanks again." You said before running off to hack your dad's AI.
Natasha stalked down the hallway to Peter's room. Anyone who had a room down that same hallway had left, finding it impossible to sleep due to the noises he was making.
She approached the door, already hearing him panting on the other side. Nat sighed, feeling bad for him. She gently knocked against the door.
"D-dr. Banner?" She heard him say.
"Guess again."
"Ms. Romanoff?" He asked in surprise.
"Yeah. Listen I heard you were having a hard time.(Y/N) is worried about you."
Peter groaned, cock twitching just from the sound of your name.
Nat ignored it, continuing what she was saying. "It also looks like Tony and Bruce aren't making a lot of progress..So basically...what do you think about fixing this the way those aliens usually do?"
"W-what! N-no, I can't do that to h-her. It's n-not fair."
"Pete, it was her decision. She thought about it and decided it's okay on her end, she just sent me here to get your consent."
It was silent on his end for a few beats. "...I-I don't know. She's my friend."
She sighed. "You kids are impossible sometimes." She muttered to herself. "Yeah a friend who has an unbearably obvious crush on you and I know you like her too. So maybe if your smart you might get a relationship out of this...And look, she's sure she wants to do this. So don't worry about her alright? Just think about yourself, do you want this?"
"Well y-yeah, but-"
"Good. Then I'm sending her up, alright?"
"...O-okay." Peter said in a small voice.
"She may be a while though, she has to make sure F.R.I.D.A.Y doesn't tell her dad what you two are going to be up to."
He groaned, a flush of embarrassment taking over. "I hadn't even thought about M-mr. Stark. H-he's going to kill me."
"Still better than this stupid plant torturing you. I'm going to find (Y/N) now, hold tight."
Peter hummed as Nat walked away, hearing her receding footsteps.
"He said yes."
You jumped up out of your seat. You had been sitting in front of your dad's computer, where you had started overriding F.R.I.D.A.Y's commands.
You quickly turned around to face Nat. "H-he said yes?" You asked, wide eyed.
She nodded. "Having second thoughts?"
"No, no." You swallowed. "I think it just sank in what I agreed to do."
"And you're still up for this?" She asked, walking over to look at the screen of your dad's computer.
"Y-yeah." You said, shakily turning back around to continue what you were doing. "I still want to help him." You said as you frowned at the screen and groaned. "It looks like my dad went through extra precautions so I can't mess with F.R.I.D.A.Y like I did last time. This is gonna take longer than I thought."
By the time you had finished it was already 2:15 am. You didn't even know if Peter was able to fall asleep, until you found yourself standing on the other side of his bedroom door. He was a panting and moaning mess in there and you knew he had to be touching himself.
You swallowed harshly, slightly nervous, you raised a closed fist to lightly knock on his door. But he hadn't acknowledged you, his moans drowning out the noise of your knocking. So, you took it upon yourself to enter.
You took a deep breath you shut your eyes and silently opened the door and shut it closed behind you once you were inside.
His moans were louder now that the door wasn't in the way to muffle his sounds. You slowly peeked your eyes open and the sight made you suck in a sharp breath.
His arm was thrown haphazardly across his face, covering his eyes, mouth wide open as almost every lewd sound you had eved heard slipped past them. But what really made your breathing uneven and face flushing, was the sight of him jerking himself off. You squeezed your legs together at watching his had sliding up and down and hips bucking.
Even for you, who wasn't exactly new to sexual experiences found this extremely erotic.
His deep groan of your name made you snap back to reality, and you realized that you should probably let him know you were there.
With another deep breath you prepared yourself for what was about to happen, and cleared your throat loudly, gaining his attention.
He stopped his movements, and his eyes flew to your figure.
"(Y-Y/N)." He breathed out, pulling the bed sheet over his lower body, no doubt trying to have some decency, and scrambling to sit up against the headboard.
"H-hi." You said in a small voice. "How are you feeling?"
"Awful." He whined, his head already getting fuzzy by your presence. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for all of this."
"Hey shh." you said, trying to calm him down. You walked closer to him so you now stood next to the headboard. You brushed back the damp curls from his forehead. "You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for, this isn't your fault Peter."
Peter shut his eyes tightly, averting your stare, just focusing on your touch. "I just- I feel like I'm going c-crazy- and I- and I don't know how long I can c-control myself around you." He said, nearly on the edge of tears, making your heart clench. "And if you knew the things I thought about today you'd h-hate me."
"Peter look at me." You said firmly. 
Peter relented, eyes fluttering open and they immediately went to you and raked down your body. Noticing the fact that you weren't wearing a bra under your thin tank top, and your shorts that hugged you so perfectly. 
Your hand went to his jaw and lifted it up so he could look you in the eye. "I need you to calm down Peter and know that I'm here to help you." You climbed onto the bed and swung a leg over his lap so you were straddling him now, causing his breath to hitch. Peter sat up straighter, body tense, hands flying to touch your bare thighs. "So." You continued. "Stop feeling guilty and maybe we can try some of those things you thought of today."
He groaned, head falling into your neck, smelling once again all those amazing scents that lingered on you. "This is gonna ruin our f-friendship."
You bit your lip. "I think I can live with that." You whispered before pulling his head back to press your lips to his.
He stopped you though, lips almost touching. "W-wait." He stuttered, and with the sanity that was still left in him asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"
You smirked, and let out a short laugh, "You talk too much Parker." You said before crashing your lips against his.
The effect was immediate as he fell into that familiar haze from earlier that day where the only thing he could possibly think about was fucking you so hard you wouldn't be able to walk for days. Peter gripped your waist and flipped you over, so he was now seated between your thighs. He reconnected your lips, the sheets now a tangled mess between the two of you.
And everything seemed to happen at once, he began grinding his hips against you making you let out a surprised yelp and his hands gripped the bottom of your tank top, pulling it up and over your head. One hand gripping your hip while the other began massaging a breast.
Overwhelmed by the sensations you let out a high pitched whine into the kiss, and he took this opening to practically shove his tongue down your throat.
He pulled away, panting, as he worked to untangle the sheet around his legs. "You wouldn't believe the things I imagined doing to you today." He said breathlessly. He finally kicked the rest of the bed sheet to the foot of the bed, head turning to look down at your own flushed and breathless expression. "Fuck- you're so fucking pretty." He roughly ground against you, eliciting another moan from you. "And you make the prettiest noises."
His hands now grabbed the hem of your shorts, pulling them down with your panties. His eyes lingered on your pussy and he licked his lips, eyes flicking back to your own.
"Peter~" You said so desperately he was sure he was hallucinating again.
He leaned over you, pressing his lips onto your neck, kissing and biting as he worked a hand between you two.
His fingers making it's way between your folds. You immediately bucked your hips into his touch, giving him the most wanton moan he's ever heard. He groaned, "You're so wet." He panted as he slipped a finger into you, making you jump.
"Ahh~ holy shit-" A shiver of pleasure wracked down your spine, toes curling into the mattress and hands gripping the bed sheets tightly.
His thumb pressed against your clit, rubbing tight circles, and he slipped another finger into you and curling them. Your head was thrown back into the pillow as your back arched off the bed. Peter panted against your ear, whispering the dirtiest things you've ever heard and you couldn't tell if it was because of the pollen or he actually had this in him. 
He continued to thrust his fingers faster and faster, telling that you were getting closer. "C'mon princess I wanna feel you cum around my fingers. You're squeezing them so fucking tight." He groaned. "I can't wait to fuck this pretty pussy." You practically screamed as his fingers hit you perfectly.
"W-who the fuck... knew Peter P-Parker could talk... so d-dirty." You said in between pants.
He smirked down at you. "Now look who talks too much." He panted. "Cum for me princess." And not long after, you did. Back arched and mouth slack in a silent scream while Peter continued to work you through your first orgasm of the night. "That's it pretty girl, just like that." He moaned feeling you clench around his fingers.
Once you came down you were left a panting mess, you jumped as Peter pulled his fingers out because of how sensitive you were. He sat up looking down at you, adjusting you so you lined up with his cock.
"I know you're sensitive princess, but I'm not even close to being done with you." You nodded wordlessly before he pushed into you, the both of you groaning at the sensation.
Peter finally felt some of the relief he had been craving the whole day. He started off with a rough pace, gripping your hips so tight you were sure there would be bruises. You had quickly been rendered a moaning mess, not being able to think clearly enough to form any words.
He brought a hand up to lean against the headboard, giving him more leverage as he changed the angle slightly. "You have no idea how ....crazy you've been driving me all day." He grunted. "How fucking ...hard I had been all day ....because of you."
"Fuck~" You moaned. "I-I'm sorry...I... didn't come.. s-sooner
"Doesn't matter,'re here now." He said picking up his pace even further, the headboard creaking under his hold, wood starting to splinter.
He quickly pulled out and flipped you over, and pulled you up by your hips before thrusting into you again. He leaned over you, his chest flush with your back an arm wound around your waist, holding you tight against him. "You're so fucking tight, feel so fucking good around my cock." Your face was buried into the pillow to muffle your moans. Peter reached up, gripping your hair with his free hand, and pulling your head up, you hissed at the tight pull on your hair. "Wanna hear you, pretty girl." He groaned against your ear. He moved the arm that was wrapped tightly around your waist, bringing his hand down to your clit, making your body jerk at the sudden contact and clench around him tighter.
You let out a whine acken to a sob, overwhelmed by the pleasure. "P-Peter!" You cried out. 
He moaned at your cries for him. "You're doing so good. Such a good fucking girl. I want you to cum all over my cock princess."
And with that you came with a scream of his name falling from your lips. The pleasure so intense you saw white. He continued to thrust into you through your orgasm until he came himself. Moaning your name and curses against your ear.
You whimpered as you came down, body shaking.  
He pulled away, turning you over again to admire the fucked out expression on your face. He leaned over you, connecting your lips again and you kissed back lazily completely exhausted and sore already.
But while Peter felt some relief he still needed more because he was hard again in seconds. Although, his mind was slightly less fuzzy, on a positive note.
He pulled back, looking down at you again. His hand brushed back the hair from your face. "You're not tired are you."
"N-no." You lied, because while you were, you'd let him take you over and over again as many times as he needed to.
He hummed, a grin painting his lips. "Good." He said, fingers going back to your clit and gently rubbing, your body jerking at the touch. "Because I plan on making sure you won't be able to walk for the next few days."
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