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#spiderman no way home
opticblastsbaby · 15 days ago
Anthony Mackie realizing that he not only has to deal with 1 spiderman, but now multiple spidermen:
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subspider · 7 days ago
I would let Peter ruin my orgasm 😪
Let’s face it, Peter Parker has a serious fixation. It’s becoming a real problem at this point. He pretends that he can’t help ruining your orgasms because he thinks your pussy is the prettiest when it’s cumming and he desperately wants to see it without anything obscuring the way including his own fingers.
He’s fucking you so good, you’re babbling out nonsensical little noises, voice delving into a higher octave with your litanies of ‘m cummin’, Pete and so close’s as if he doesn’t know. As if he hasn’t spent an innumerable amount of time on the mechanisms of your body. He’s addicted to making your cute little cunt cream.
Peter knows damn well what it feels like when you’re close— your whole body tenses and like sequential clockwork, he suddenly pulls out and you belatedly register it with a loud whine that sends a jolt of heat into his lower stomach. Warmth permeates his cheeks, ears searing hot with embarrassment and heart pounding with anxiousness at the thought of being caught— oh no, you definitely know by now. You’re gonna be so mad at him.
As always his orgasm is staved off in favor of watching you; pinning you down with his hands on the undersides of your knees. You’re so open and exposed and you’re crying, trying to kick your legs out as he watches your pretty cunt spasm around nothing, he almost starts drooling.
His eyes are kitten-round as he simulates innocence, settling his hands to calm your trembling thighs.
“You- you’re- fuck! You’re doing it on purpose! I hate you! I hate you!” There are fresh baby’s-breath tears brimming over your lower lash line accompanied with your accusatory glare.
His lips twitch imperceptibly, any anxieties from earlier disregarded now that he’s been figured out. He knows you don’t mean it and that’s why he can’t help the infinitesimal movement of his mouth; you just look so cute and he’s still so hard.
Peter tries for a guilty smile but it comes out without a glimpse of remorse between marmoreal teeth. He’s looking at you with moonstruck eyes, thumbs swiping under your rheumy eyes. “Shh, shh. It’s okay. I’ll make it up to you.”
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[  share your spider-man / peter parker thirsts 💌.  ]
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mechasomniac · 13 days ago
MCU movies and series summed up in one quote:
-Iron Man: Stark gets hoist by his own petard
-The Incredible Hulk: Don’t worry Bruce you get better later
-Iron Man 2:Remember kids, don’t drink and fly
-Thor: Odin - God of Bad Parenting
-Captain America The First Avenger: What’s Steve’s secret? Steroids!
-The Avengers: Never mess with the homies
-Iron Man 3: That’s the Mandarin?! C’mon!
-Thor The Dark World: Not enough Loki
-Captain America The Winter Soldier: Don’t trust the government, as if we needed reminding
-Guardians of the Galaxy: Who the hell are these guys? They’re kinda cool!
-Avengers Age of Ultron: It’s always Stark’s fault huh?
-AntMan: Paul Rudd makes a wacky concept awesome by being himself
-Captain America Civil War: Well that escalated quickly
-Doctor Strange: Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff…..wait wrong doctor……..
-Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Daddy issues in space
-SpiderMan Homecoming: Peter Parker can’t catch a break, exhibit A
-Thor Ragnarok: Let’s make a Guardians movie without the Guardians!
-Black Panther: Shuri is my favorite Disney Princess
-Avengers Infinity War: I don’t feel so good
-AntMan and the Wasp: Oh nice they found Jan…oh…. Oh……
-Captain Marvel: Nick Fury lost his eye to an alien cat, lol
-Avengers Endgame: It’s so cool but it’s so sad!!!!
-SpiderMan No Way Home: Peter Parker can’t catch a break, exhibit B
-Black Widow: Russians being sassy, The Movie
Episode 2: I should not be enjoying Vision being drunk this much
Episode 3: We just gonna accept this lady wished children into existence? Ok
Episode 4: I can’t be the only one shipping DarcyWu can’t I?
Episode 5: And the X-Men fans rejoiced
Episode 6: Classic comic outfits distract from the nightmare fuel
Episode 7: Damn that’s such a catchy tune!
Episode 8: Everything about Age of Ultron doesn’t make sense anymore
Episode 9: Eat sh** Mephisto
Falcon and Winter Soldier:
Episode 1: Steve said Sam was the new cap, who’s this weasely guy?
Episode 2: *hears about the Big Three* write that down, write that down!
Episode 3: Zemo dancing is something I didn’t want but so glad I got
Episode 4: That is NOT how you use that shield Walker!
Episode 5: Can you blame your sister Sam? I mean look at him!
Episode 6: Captain Falcon is now in the MCU
Episode 1: Time cops give Loki a mental breakdown
Episode 2: Asgard is not a place, it’s a salad
Episode 3: Loki can’t hold his liquor
Episode 4: “Go f*** myself”? Alright!
Episode 5: Into the Lokiverse
Episode 6: Doctor Strange is gonna have an aneurysm over this
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peterismymans · 5 months ago
so i was looking at the white board showing all of the title ideas for spiderman 3 as one does and noticed something. tell me if you’ve spotted it.
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don’t see it yet? here’s a closer look.
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Tumblr media
this is an edit that I found on twitter
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sothatgrass · 2 years ago
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skygemspeaks · 2 years ago
imagine miles’ dad is on his way home one night when he spots spiderman sitting by himself on the roof of a building
he looks small, and lonely, and fragile
and jefferson, who has a son around spiderman’s age, can’t ignore the impulse to make sure he’s okay
so he finds his way to spiderman’s perch and settles down next to him
they sit in silence for a long time, spiderman staring up at the moon in thoughtful silence
it’s almost five minutes before he finally speaks
“i was there, you know”
jefferson doesn’t understand
spiderman hugs his leg to his chest, resting his cheek on his knee as he turns his face to the officer sitting at his side
“when peter died,” he says by way of explanation, and his voice is wavering with the threat of tears. “i’d only had my powers for a day, and i was so scared. i had no idea what was happening to me. but then he showed up.”
jefferson is baffled, his whole world turned on its axis. somehow, he’d never thought about who spiderman had been before he was spiderman. there was a part of him that had just kind of assumed he’d been different from birth. a part of him had bought into the lie that spiderman was indestructible, that he had always known what he was doing and who he was.
“he said he’d teach me,” says spiderman, voice bitter with longing. “he promised he’d show me the ropes and be there for me when i needed him. and then he died.”
"i’m sorry you had to experience that,” says jefferson, because he doesn’t know what else to say. and it’s the most natural feeling in the world to reach out to the young hero and wrap him in a hug.
he fits in jefferson’s arms like he’s always belonged there, and in a moment of clarity, jefferson feels everything click into place
“i watched fisk kill him, and i didn’t do anything,” sobs the child in his arms, the child that jefferson would recognize anywhere, in any life. “it’s my fault he died. i killed spiderman”
“Oh miles,” he says, voice gentle as he reaches down to remove the mask from his son’s face so he can wipe his tears away with gentle fingers. “you didn’t kill spiderman. you brought him back to us.”
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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness gonna be like:
Doctor Strange: Alright, let's start at the beginning. How did this nexus event start?
Wanda Maximoff: Well, I learned that my sons were somehow still alive, even though that goes against the laws of nature since they were just illusions I created. So when I tried to find them, I tore a hole in the multiverse-
Peter Parker: -which led to me teaming up with my doppelgangers. (Tobey Maguire Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man wave to Strange)
Doctor Strange: ...and you, how did you contribute to this mess?
Loki Laufeyson: Well, I confessed my feelings to Sylvie and now we're a couple.
Doctor Strange: That doesn't sound too bad-
Loki Laufeyson: -oh, and Sylvie's a version of me from a deleted timeline-
Doctor Strange: -and there's the fuckery I was looking for. Great. Peter, Wanda, Loki...I mean, seriously, what the hell?
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shittymoviedetails · a month ago
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FIRST EXCLUSIVE poster for SpiderMan No Way Home
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