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#spiderman no way home
Okay but seriously, why is it that out of all the storylines we’ve seen in Phase 4, Clint Barton possibly not making it back to his family in time for Christmas is more compelling than a lot of the world-ending plots?
Like, Arishem trying to blow up the Earth to create a new Celestial? Sure, why not.
Dweller-in-Darkness trying to suck everyone’s souls out? Well, that was cool and all,, just another dragon fight. 
Peter Parker and Doctor Strange breaking the multiverse? Not that scared since the three Spider-Men have it covered.
Clint Barton missing Christmas with his family and Kate Bishop feeling that she’s responsible for ruining everything:
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neottia-orchids · 2 days ago
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Some single children who just found out they have brothers. based on that GQ picture of Andrew and Tom. 😇😇
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eline-meli · 2 days ago
I seen Tiktokers ranking the Spiderman Movies and let me tell you...
I don't care how many videos i have seen still makes me happy when i see Spiderman: Into The Spidervers in the number #1.
And a little reminder if you don't put Into The Spidervers in your number #1... I don't trust you, I don't care were you put the other ones everyone have different opinions on the live-action ones, but if you don't admit tha S:ITS is the one that most captures the meaning of Spiderman, you are wrong.
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heythereimashley · 10 hours ago
New international poster just dropped
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elennemigo · 23 hours ago
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2nd ✧ Amazon Studios released a new scene from “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain” ✧ Interview with Indiewire.
4th ✧ New photoshoot and interview with The New York Times. (Interview and Gallery)  (Transcript)
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✧ The Power of the Dog Official Trailer. + New posters. 
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6th ✧ Benedict and Sophie attended the 10th Annual LACMA FILM+ARTS GALA in LA. (Gallery)
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7th ✧ Interview with Filmink.
✧ Benedict on CSB Sunday Morning.
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✧ TPOTD press conference in LA. (Clips x x x . Pics: x x x x x )
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8th ✧ Interview with ABC Radio National. (Audio)
9th ✧ New photoshoot and interview for Esquire UK. (Transcript)
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10th ✧ Benedict participation at the Tmall Single’s Day event. (He starts at 4:50:07)
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11th ✧ Short interview for Reuters during the Venice Film Festival, recently posted.
✧ Benedict guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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✧ TPOTD premiere at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles. (Gallery + Red carpet and Interviews x x x x x x)
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✧ TPOTD AFI Fest Q&A. (Gallery) (Clip x x x x) (THR article)
13th ✧ Benedict interview with The Irish Times.
14th ✧ Benedict Cumberbatch talks TPOTD and TELOLW at Deadline Contenders panels. (Gallery 1 and 2)
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✧ List for all the TPOTD press junket. (⚠ Beware of possible spoilers!)
Stack magazine.
Digital Spy.
Bonnie Laufer Krebs
Tara Hitchcock
Jake’s Takes
Steve Hargrave *
ET Canada
MBC2 Channel
The Curvy Critic
VPRO Cinema *
The  playlist. (audio)
BBC Talking Movies *
Entertainment Weekly
News Sky
PopCultureConfidential (audio)
* Done during the Venice FF but posted now.
All these interviews were posted in different days, but I put them all here so you have them all together in one place.
16th ✧ Spider-man: No Way Home second trailer.
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✧ Outtakes from the Esquire UK phothosoot.
17th ✧ Benedict guest at Late Night with Seth Meyers.
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18th ✧ New photoshoot and interview with NME magazine.
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25th ✧ Some TELOLW behind the scenes pics from Benedict make up and prosthetics.( x x x )
✧ Interview with Empire UK, January issue. (scans)
30th ✧ TPOTD new promo still announcing the release of the film on Netflix.
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doctor-ocktopus · 2 days ago
Please marvel please let Otto be their protector please let Peter have a figure in his life he can count on, don't let him die don't make him turn evil marvel pl-
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tornrose24 · a day ago
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It’s almost upon us.... just a few more weeks... Here’s more drawings involving my personal favorite until then. Hopefully I will do more after I see No Way Home.
(Also, I remembered that he died/was pulled into the MCU before the last two Harry Potter books came out. Can you imagine coming from 2004 and into a time when all the books are out, but the author is very much hated?)
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lucyhalearchive · a day ago
No Way Home (P.P.)
Wow it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here, and I kind of fell off. I’ve been super busy this semester, so I hope I haven’t missed too much. I started editing on tiktok, but that’s the only new thing with me. If you want to watch me learn how to edit one marvel edit at a time, you can catch me over there at marcymv. 
Anyways, here is a little drabble taking place in No Way Home where I threw the other two Spidermen (Spidermans?) because why not? I hope you enjoy, and tell me what you want to start writing again. 
Words: 550 (small drabble) 
Pronouns used: They/them
Warnings: mentions of death? that’s all I can think of right now. It’s angst.
Summary: “I think I’ve seen this film before, and I didn’t like the ending.”
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be an ordinary day. 
You, Peter, MJ, and Ned were laughing at Doc Oc one moment, and the next? Well, you couldn’t really comprehend that this could be your final night alive because it was supposed to be an ordinary day. 
It was a looming thought, the fact that almost every villain killed by the different versions of Spiderman were coming to your universe. You knew that Peter could handle it, though. He’s handled worse before, right?
As you fall from scaffolding, the ground waiting to catch your back, you take in Peter’s body reaching out for yours, and every moment you two have had starts to play out in front of you.
The first time he smiled at you.
The first time he laughed at your joke. 
The first time he asked you on a date. 
The first time he said he loved you. 
All of that would mean nothing now because even through his mask, you can see the panic and despair in his face. You know that he is preparing to see you die, so you give him one last toothy smile before closing your eyes because you want to imagine a happier time before death. 
However, that bruising feeling of your back snapping against the concrete never comes, nor does the darkness after life consume you. Your body has bounced off of something. Slowly, you crack open one eye to see what could have happened. That’s when you notice that instead of hard concrete under you, there is a softer force cupping your body. Looking down, there are webs surrounding your entire body, some even taking place around your torso to hold you in place. 
You hear footsteps racing along the lower levels of the scaffolding, and when you look, there are two Peter Parkers. Looking up a bit further, there stands another one, but he disappears back into the fight. You try to push yourself up, but it’s no use. Your Peter rushes down to you while ripping off his mask. 
“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” He quickly tries to move you to solid ground. Peter gets you to a broken building that still provides shelter from the war raging on outside in the city, so you lean against the wall, taking in deep breaths. 
“I’m fine. Just shaken up, that's all.” You reply, and you two turn to look at the approaching footsteps. In the doorway, there is another Peter Parker with no mask, his face cut up. 
“Are they okay?” He asks you Peter, so he nods. He seems very timid or maybe just severely shaken up. 
“Yeah, they are. Thanks.” A discomforting silence floods the spaces between the three of you. 
“You were quick in getting that web around me.” You mention, hoping that the praise would calm him. He turns his head away instead. 
“I just wanted to, no, needed to know that one of us got a happy ending.” He breathes out before taking his leave again. You look at Peter with a confused glance, wondering what he meant. He just shrugs his shoulders. 
Even though you know Peter is safe, his head laying on top of yours, you can’t help but wonder where everyone else is. Are MJ and Ned okay? You haven’t heard from Happy, either. 
You just want this night to end.
I hope you all are drinking water and eating. I love my little community, and I am super excited for the movie. 
-Lucy <3
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youandtom2 · 2 days ago
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TH - Tom Holland PP - Peter Parker A - Angst F - Fluff S - Smut Chapters marked with * contain smut (18+)
Series EXcape to the Countryside (TH, A, F, S ~ 24K) Fate has never been kind to you so it's no surprise when you discover that what was suppose to be a relaxing weekend getaway with your friends turns into an unwanted reunion with your ex, Tom Holland. PART 1 ☆ PART 2* ☆ PART 3 The Merry Men of Nottingham (TH, A, F, S ~ 10K+) In Nottingham, you have one of two choices. You either fight against the King or you side with him. However before making that decision you have to consider; do you want to live or do you want to die? It seems obvious, doesn't it? But in a battle where you don't know right from wrong, it's harder than you think. (RobinHood!Tom Holland x Reader) PART 1 ☆ PART 2
One shots *Contraband (TH, S ~ 5.9k)* NEW! The British army is ruthless. Especially with someone as equally ruthless as Sergeant Holland. So it’s advised that you don’t break the rules. Except you do. And Sergeant Holland has a certain punishment in store for you. ☆ Read here ☆
In Session (TH, A, F ~ 4.2K) You've been Tom's therapist for seven years and he relies on you as a source of advice, support and friendship. But what has Tom up at 4 in the morning on the verge of a breakdown that he is desperate for your help? ☆ Read here ☆
Cold in December's Chill (TH, F ~ 2.2K) How unfortunate that there doesn't seem to be any company fleeces left when you are working front of house at a charity event organised by the Brothers Trust. And it's very, very cold. Thankfully someone notices... ☆ Read here ☆
*Just Like You Belong (TH, S ~ 6.5K)* As a personal assistant, there's no way you should be taking someone else's place at the Met Gala. Feeling very out of place and ignored by everyone else, Tom wants to help you feel like you belong but it's not where you thought it would be... ☆ Read here ☆
*Indebted (PP, S ~ 13.3K)* The city despised Spiderman after Mysterio's death and it destroyed Peter, but you knew better. When both Spiderman and Peter are proven innocent of all of Mysterio's accusations, Peter does what he can to make sure he gets his revenge on the city that betrayed him and take back what he is owed. (dark!dom!Peter x Reader) ☆ Read here ☆ Epilogue ☆
*Let's Play a Game (TH, S ~ 5.4K)* Who knew that the ever arrogant, cocky and competitive Tom Holland, the sports major superstar, was such a sore loser... (dom!frat!Tom x Reader) ☆ Read here ☆
'Act 1: Scene 5 and 6' (TH, F ~ 1.8K) When helping Tom run through some lines, you begin to notice some similarities between the characters in his new romance film and your own life. All of a sudden, you aren't acting anymore... ☆ Read here ☆
*Satisfy Me (TH, S ~ 8.7K)* When your current long-term relationship becomes bland and stale, how far are you willing to go to bring some satisfaction back into your life? When you meet Tom, he shows you exactly how a man should be pleasing you. ☆ Read here ☆
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venomous--fics · 15 hours ago
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So, Tobey, Andrew, Tom, AND MILES are in this movie. 👀
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classical-bluess · 17 hours ago
Can I find one person that likes Raimi!Doc Ock AND mcu!Peter 😭 why does it have to be one or the other
Like is that too much to ask please I wanna be friends
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mysanityleaving · 12 hours ago
the way he literally transformed into Clark Kent ugh thank you Z for making him throw out that stupid hair gel 💗💗
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incorrecctaveengers · a day ago
Peter: I did fine!! He's alive...
Tony, concerned: He has a concussion, a gunshot wound, and he's missing an eye
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