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don’t touch me, i’m ✨s o f t✨

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Peter and you had been dating for two months now. You guys had dates and stuff, sure. But none of you had the guts to invite each other to their houses. So, when Peter invited you to his apartment out of the blue, you were a little shocked but agreed nonetheless, because let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you? 

So, here you were, lying in Peter’s bed, while Die Hard played in front of you. You both were buried underneath the blankets as it was winter. But the blanket didn’t seem to work for you as you were practically shivering and Peter, of course, took notice. 

“Hey, Y/N, are you cold?” He asked.

“Yeah, a little,” Yo replies, rubbing your hands against your arms, trying to provide yourself some warmth.

“Hey, uh do you wanna cuddle?” Peter asked. You had never cuddled so of course, his question brought a blush to your cheeks. 

“You don’t have to of course!” He quickly added. 

“No, n-no, I’d like to, actually,” You said quietly.

“Oh, okay, um, here.” He moved from his position and opened his arms for you. You quickly moved towards him and slipped into his arms, your head resting on his chest. He shyly placed his arms around your waist. 

“Is this okay?” He asked, his doe eyes looking down upon you.

“Yeah, it’s more than okay.” You smiled, another blush creeping up your cheeks. 

“You sure you’re comfortable?” he asked once again, a small smile on his face.

“Yeah.” You raised your head a bit to place a kiss on his now rosy cheeks but before you could he moved his face so instead of his cheeks you ended up placing a kiss on his lips. His chapped yet warm lips slid over your cold lips, you could taste the hot chocolate you both had before, on his lips, kissing him was like a drug, you could never get enough. You both pulled as oxygen became a necessity. 

“You missed,” Peter said cheekily.

“I’m glad I did,” 


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You walked into the class with the teacher, it was your first day of school,

“Ahem! can I please get your attention!, this is our new student Y/N L/N.

Y/N? that’s a cute name’ Peter thought

You locked eyes with the most cutest boy you ever seen(Peter) and he smiled at you, you blushed and smiled back at him. 

He whipped around his head to his best friend behind him and said,

“ Did you see that?, she smiled at me!”


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Peter: “Quick call the avengers”

Y/N: “No”

Peter: “What do you mean no?!”

Y/N: “I mean no, do you wanna hear it in Spanish”

Y/M: “noh”

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Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

Peter Parker x Female!Reader 5 Years after Endgame(Both readers are written to be in there early/mid 20′s,) Peter takes a while to appear in this fic but I promise (hopefully)it’s worth it!

Word Count: 2.7k-ish

Warnings: References to violence, Spoilers to Endgame(I don’t know if I still need to put this but better safe than sorry), Nightmares, References to traumatic past, death, Red Room stuff, and past-abuse. 

Summary: Years after the blip and (Y/N) is remembering everything that brought her to the Avengers, everything that brought her to Peter. Her life in the Red Room, Natasha, escaping the Red Room, and everything in between. What if her thoughts start to consume her dreams, somewhere where Peter can’t save her. 

A/N: Holy Shit! Three posts in one week who am I?! Actually this has been sitting in my drive for a while and I finally figured out how to end it while leaving it somewhat open-ended(cause I’m a sucker for never being able to finish an idea in just one fic). Anyways I hope you like it, it is a little darker than anything I’ve written before. Any feedback or comments are very much appreciated! Much love! -Kay

Requests are open, I swear I just haven’t updated my bio yet to say so!

Point your toes.

A way in which they taught discipline

Stand up, your back needs to be straight.

Just like the girl next to you, everyone needed to be in perfect order

Arms out in front of you. 

Meant you couldn’t hide anything from them

Tighten your stomach and hold your position.

Never a moment of relaxation, never a moment of weakness

Suppress any lingering thoughts.

To keep your mind on the mission

Squeeze the trigger and don’t miss your target. 

“Shit,” You yelped. Your toes slipping underneath you, causing you to skid onto the studio floor. Your torso hit the ground and some deep-rooted reflex to defend yourself kicked in. You instantly put your arms up, protecting your face, bracing for the worst. You were ready for the whip of a belt, a kick to the stomach, a broken wrist, or worse. 

You held your breath waiting for whatever your punishment was, but nothing came. 

You cautiously opened your eyes before taking a breath. Slowly dropping your arms and standing back up. Your eyes carefully scanned the innocent room. Just four white walls with ballet bars attached to them and an old stereo in the corner that played the song you had been dancing to. 

The only thing to threaten you was her shadowed reflection that lingered in the mirror. 

“Looks like you might need some new pointe shoes,” Her voice called out from the doorway. A solo pair of heels clicking echoed off the walls as she walked into your studio. 

You took a quick glance down at your pointe shoes. You knew the voice wasn’t lying. The pair on your feet was definitely on it’s last leg. The material around your toes was fraying off and there were holes on the side of one of them big enough to fit a finger through it. 

“Pointe shoes aren’t cheap and neither is wasting time to break in a new pair while I’m renting this studio,” You said defensively to your guest, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of being right.

“You could break an ankle though,” She responded, “That’s how my ballet career almost ended,” 

You listened closely to her voice, recognizing it. It was smooth and collective. You turned around towards her, recognizing her face immediately. Your eyes widened as you were sure you were in a nightmare.

“I’ve dealt with worse pain before, Natasha,” You had a stare-off with her, spitting her name out at the end of your sentence. You were careful to not let on how scared you were, you knew better than to flinch under her gaze. 

“You’ve built yourself quite a life here Miss Williams, or do you prefer I call you by your real last name? The one you had in the red room,” She said to you, questioning you on the identity you had worked so hard to create, “It’s actually Miss (Y/L/N) right?”

“I’m not a (Y/L/N) anymore,” You denied, shaking your head. You had purposely dropped the name a couple years back thinking it was safer to leave your old identity behind in that Hell hole. Yet, apparently shedding your identity was all for nothing as one of the last living survivors of your past stood right in front of you.  

“You say that now (Y/N) (Y/L/N), but our name was one of the only things the Red Room never took away from us,” She responded. 

You knew she was right. You had the scars on your lower stomach and everywhere else to prove what the Red Room had taken away from you. But even at the end of the day, you were the one to rip away your own identity. 

“How do you even find me Natasha ? We only shared a small time at that nightmare of a place before you ran away to SHIELD, leaving the rest of us girls to suffer,” You had only come to know about her because her photo had been plastered all over the Red Room. She was known as SHIELD’s greatest accomplishment, of course that was before she ran away and joined the Americans.

She nodded her head, understanding your confusion and frustration, “I might have been the best assassin that the Red Room ever produced, but you (Y/N) were something else,” She said as if it was a compliment, “You were the Red Room’s prima ballerina, that makes some noise in the intelligence community,”

You almost snarled when she called you that. There weren’t enough words in the world to describe your hatred towards that name. The things you had done to earn that title made you fear yourself. 

“Don’t ever fucking say those words to me again,” You threatened her in a low tone voice. To which she didn’t as much blink at your sentence. 

“New Haven’s dance teacher of the year, impressive,” She commented with a smirk, pointing to a plaque on the wall. She knew she was getting under your skin with every word she said.

“Whatever you’re here for, information, weapons, secrets, I can’t give it to you, nothing I have is relevant anymore, I got out of that life as soon as I could,” You spat at her. 

“I’m not here for any of that (Y/N),” 

“What are you here for then? To kill me?” You asked. She wouldn’t be the first to show up in New Haven with that intention in mind. You eyed your dance bag that had a loaded handgun in it. However, it was across the room. You were too far away and  only had your hands to defend yourself. 

“No, if anything I want to keep you alive,” Natasha smiled with a cruel flare of her upper lip, “If I wanted you dead I’d at least have the decency murder you outside of your dance studio so your students wouldn’t find your body later, I know how much that kind of stuff traumatized you in the Red Room,” 

“Then what do you want with me, Black Widow?” You said, still skeptical of if she was telling the truth or not. 

“My team and I, we’re looking for someone of your expertise,” She said, walking around the room taking in every detail she could. 

“I assume you want me to choreograph your kids’s dance recital,” You said sarcastically as you rolled your eyes at her. 

“No, I don’t have any kids” She said a little sadder, the only emotion she had shown the entirety of your conversation, “The Red Room had a graduation ceremony for me before I was able to get away,”

“Then what do you want with me Natasha?” You really didn’t have any sympathy for her. Both of you were well aware that the Red Room held certain ideas of torment as a form of tradition. 

“We both know that old habits die hard,” She said, pulling out your gun out of your dance bag like she knew it was always there. 

“That they do,” You nodded, acknowledging the gun was yours. 

“My team and I need someone like you,” She revealed, handing you a file she pulled out of her coat, “Well actually, we need you,” 

You looked down at it, reading the Confidential Information stamp on it.

“What if I say no to your little job?” You said trying to see if you could get her to bend on her little proposition, “You know I have never played well with others,” 

“Luckily for you (Y/N), none of my co-workers play nice either so you’ll fit right in,“

“Natasha, I was trained to do pirouettes and to carry out missions, not to babysit children,” 

“I know, but I was thinking your past might motivate you a little bit more to help me,” She gazed over at the window that peered into your studio. 

You saw another figure in the window and you knew exactly who she was. 

You felt a giant hole in your chest that was then filled with fear, “How the fuck is that woman still alive?” You gasped as you started to feel yourself panic. Suddenly, you looked at Natasha and didn’t know if she wanted to recruit you or drag you back into your past. 

“Madame B is unbreakable, so am I, so are you,” Natasha smiled, walking you into a corner.

You heard another pair of heels click into the room. You saw the figure of the woman who had broken you down into the person you were now. You started to back away from the both of them, stumbling over yourself until you were against the wall. Your breathing became uncontrollable. There was no way out. 

“Hey! Wake up!” His voice called you out of your dream.

You gasped awake. Immediately clenching his wrists that were on your shoulders. He had been trying desperately to shake you awake. 

“Peter is that you?” You cried out desperately, looking into his eyes for an answer.

He paused and his look changed, asking if your question could be serious or not.

“Answer me!” You yelled. You words came out more aggressive than you had thought they would, but you didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t.

“Yeah, of course it’s me,” He nodded, his face had a look of pure panic on it, “What happened? Are you okay?”

You paused, not really sure how to answer his question. Not really sure you knew what was going on. You slowly released your grip on his wrists, realizing how tight you were holding on to him. Peter gently helped you in trying to sit up. 

“Hey (Y/N), are you okay? Can you talk to me?” He asked again, pushing some of your tangled hair out of your face. 

You could hear him clearly, but his voice just sounded like background noise. You could tell he was staring at you. His face was full of concern for you. 

But your eyes couldn’t meet his. Instead you found yourself looking out the window, onto the placated lake that reflected the night sky. The view helped to relax you a little as you pieced together the fact that you were at the Avenger’s compound in your bedroom. Miles away from your old dance studio.

“FRIDAY, I need Dr. Banner now, tell him it’s for (Y/N),” Peter called out to the AI after a moment without any response from you. 

“FRIDAY, cancel that order,” You said passively, still trying to catch your breath, “Don’t worry Peter, I’-I’m fine, I can get through this,”

“FRIDAY, tell Dr. Banner I need him now-”

“Peter I’m fine! Nothing happened so don’t worry about me!” You snapped at him before pulling the blankets off of your body. 

You thought that nothing had happened, but then your eyes caught on to your bed as you removed the last sheet. There was practically an imprint of your body in sweat where you had just been laying. You didn’t realize how your entire body was covered in a think layer of sweat until now. 

“(Y/N),” Peter started, seeing you in your new state of shock, “Please tell me what is going on,”

“I didn’t hurt anyone did I?” You could feel yourself start to panic again. You could feel your heart beat louder with every breath you tried to take. 

“No, everyone is fine, you didn’t even leave your room” Peter said, seeing how disarrayed you looked. 

“What happened to me Peter?” You asked, looking down at your imprint of sweat, having never experienced any side effects from your dreams like that before. You looked at him, your confusion matching his own about what was going on.

“I-I don’t know, I was working late in the lab and then FRIDAY told me something was wrong with you so I rushed up here and you were thrashing around in bed,” Peter informed you, 

“It’s getting worse,” You said under your breath. You couldn’t keep your dreams at bay anymore. You knew that this was only the start of it. That eventually your dreams would become you. 

“What’s getting worse? Please (Y/N), dear, tell me what’s going on,” He pleaded with you, having heard your whisper. 

You shook your head, “That’s the problem Peter, I don’t know what’s going on with me, all I know is that I saw her Peter,”

“You saw who?” He asked.

“I saw Nat,” You said, a little disbelief in your voice still trying to take everything in, “I’ve seen her every night for the last couple of months, I thought it was because I missed her and that she would just go away after a while, but -she’s not,” You rambled on trying to put your thoughts together.

“(Y/N), it’s normal to miss people we lost-”

“Peter, Nat died five years ago,” You cut him off, more harshly than you expected to, “I mourned her death, I grieved for her, and then I healed, but then all the sudden out of nowhere I just started seeing her in these nightmares, there’s no explanation for it,”

“Well, can you explain these dreams to me?”

You hesitated for a moment, scared for a moment just thinking about your past, “The dreams, they’re more of a memory but I know they aren’t real,” 

“What do you mean?”

“In my dream, Nat comes to recruit me like she did all those years ago,” You explained your memory to Peter. You put in detail about how you knew her in the Red Room, how you had escaped and recreated a different life for yourself, and how you had earned the title of the Red Room’s prima ballerina long before that.

“Nat came to recruit you for SHIELD?”

“Yes, well no, not in my dream,” You shook your head, “Nat in my dream is there to bring me back to the Red Room and she’s not alone in my dream,”

“Who else is there with her?”

“Nat is there with-with,” You couldn’t finish your sentence, your breathing became heavier, “She came with-with,” 

“Who else is there (Y/N)?”

You were still too scared to even say her name, “Her,” You voice uttered out in a slow, quiet breath. Your chest tightened up just saying that one word. 

Peter noticed how terrified to the bones you were to even say her name. He slowly made his way to scoot himself behind you, wrapping his arms around you tight. 

You found yourself holding on to his embrace, grasping tightly onto his forearms for comfort, “Peter?” You asked, still having your thoughts linger to your past. 

“Mhmm,” He answered.

“Promise me that I’ll never be that person again,” 

For a moment you could tell he had a strange look on his face, a little confused by your words. 

“You have to promise me that if I ever become that person again, the person I was in the Red Room, that you’ll stop me, you’ll do whatever you have to do to make sure I don’t hurt anyone,” You repeat yourself, this time almost begging him. 

“Wh-what do you mean?” He asked. 

“You know what I mean Peter,” You turned your head to look at him. Giving him a look that he didn’t want to see. He knew what you were asking for.

“I-I can’t, you can’t ask me to do something like that,”

“Please Peter, I need to know that you can do this for me, you’re the only person I can trust to do this,” 

“No, not even if it comes to that, -I-I’ll find a way,” 

“Peter, we might not be talking about just some nightmares here, I need you to tell me you can do this, for me, please” You pleaded with him. 

“No!” He said, raising his voice for the first time.

“Peter please, you don’t know the person I was before and I don’t ever want to let that side out again, but if that’s where I’m heading, I need you to do this for me,”

“I can’t, I’m sorry,” He said before placing a delicate kiss on the top of your head, “I promise, I’ll find a way,”

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JOOR Chapters 5-8 in John Mulaney Quotes:

Using characters and plot from @hey-marlie’s series “Just Out Of Reach”. Go check it out if you haven’t.

Here <- first part

Peter at literally any point in time:


The story @ Jason, abused by Peter on one hand, and being rejected by Thandie on the other:


Y/n, willing to overlook Peter being such an asshole all the time to everybody when no one else will:


Peter and y/n discussing their history with Harry:


When everyone’s dads are either dead or assholes:


Peter, when Lazlo told him he needed to drink more water:


Lazlo barely being phased at all after learning Peter is Spiderman:


Y/n telling Vulture that Liz doesn’t go by his last name anymore and getting yeeted through a window seconds later:


Peter: I’ve never had sex with-



And lastly, not a John Mulaney quote, but my overall mood at how much of a bitch Felicia is:

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Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Peter Parker x Reader(Both are written to be in their mid 20′s-ish)

Summary: Money is tight, but you and Peter will find a way.

Word Count: 700-ish

Warnings: Mentions of tight finance situation, little mention of violence

A/N: Whoa guess who posted twice this week(lol). This kinda popped into my mind. It was originally suppose to be something way different but I still really like this moment I wrote. Any and all feedback is appreciated! -Kay

Requests are open cause why not?

You heard your bedroom window slide open. A few seconds later you heard it slowly close. You followed the sound of subsequent footsteps down the hall of your one-bedroom apartment, accompanied by the creeks from the old laminate flooring. 

Then he appeared. He looked at you. You and your bills that had been laid out in front of you. Everything from the electricity notice that said it was about to get shut down in a couple of days to your student loans you were going to have to defer again for the second time in a row.

As you dreaded the how much debt Peter and you were both in, you knew the two of you would get by. That eventually everything would somehow happen to work out and that you would survive it all. It would all just take time. 

“How was patrolling?” You asked Peter, your eyes not leaving the Final Notice printed in big red letters on your water bill for last month. 

“It was fine, stopped a robbery a couple blocks south from here, helped babysit a kid for a couple of hours while her mom was in a class for night school, not much else,” He replied before strolling into the kitchen. He opened the mostly-bare fridge to grab the last of the last apples in there. 

“Hey, that was going to be my lunch for tomorrow,” You said too late as you looked up to watch him take a big bite into it. 

“Sorry,” He apologized in a muffled voice with a now full mouth of apple chunks, “I didn’t get to have dinner tonight while on patrol,”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” You sighed before glancing back at your bills. Totaling up the amount of money you owed in your head and calculating how long it would take to pay it off. 

Peter saw how much dread you carried just sitting on your hand-me-down couch from Aunt May. Of course you were the one who was thinking of how you guys would make by this month. You were the more responsible one. The one who always made sure everything worked out. You were the one who took on the burden of making sure everything would be okay for the two of you. Peter was just the one who always worried.

“Hey (Y/N), darling,” He said sitting down next to you, “We’re gonna get through this, right?”

“Yeah we will,” You reassured him. 

He took a deep sigh of relief, “So it’s just some rain,”

“Not at all a storm,” You finished, a small smile on your face from his words. It was something you always said to him when he came back injured or hurt from patrolling and you had to fix him up with your basic first aid kit and a couple of YouTube tutorials.

“Look if anything, I could take the job at Stark Industries-”

“No, no, no, no, no Peter,” You refused, adamantly shaking your head, “You and I made a promise to each other that I would finish school and become a teacher and that you would finish your doctorate before you took a job there,” 

“I know what I promised, but-”

“No buts Peter, Tony didn’t put in a good word for you at your fancy-smancy Ivy League school just for you to only give half your focus there,” You said.

“Even if I worked part-time at Stark Industries, less than twenty hours a week,” He tried to justify to you. 

“Peter, we’ll find a way to get by,” You said, even knowing money was tight on your teacher salary, nonetheless that living in New York didn’t make it any easier, “Even if I have to pick up a second job, we’ll find a way,”

“Are you sure (Y/N)?”

You nodded before cuddling up into his chest, “You always worry about me Peter, when you’re the superhero who goes out to stop bad guys every night,”

“I know,” He admitted, before drawing you in with his arms closer to his chest, “It’s just easier to fight bad guys than it is to worry about us trying to survive in New York,”

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01 | first period biology


pairing — spiderman!vernon x reader

word count — 3k

genres — spiderman au, marvel au, fluff, action, angst, humor

warnings — violence, mentions of school tests

summary — vernon doesn’t entertain bad guys on monday mornings, but the villain of the day apparently didn’t seem to have gotten the memo.

note — first chapter woohoo! in celebration of comeback day, i present to you: my first actual tumblr multi-part series. send me an ask or dm if you want to be in the taglist! masterlist coming soon <3


I do not have time for this.

Vernon swung through the air, landing nimbly on the road just a few feet behind the newest menace that had decided to grace his neighborhood with its presence. The self-proclaimed Rhino—basically a guy in a rhinoceros suit, as the name suggested—was tearing down 108th street at breakneck speed, which was almost as fast as Vernon mid-swing. Almost.

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JOOR Chapters 1-4 In John Mulaney Quotes

Using characters and plot from @hey-marlie’s series “Just Out Of Reach”. Go check it out if you haven’t.

Here <- second post

Peter’s entire sexual history explained:


Peter: I like cupcakes



MJ and Ned not putting up with Peter’s broody crap and making him go places against his will:


Tony, at Peter literally in any situation:


Jason: *exists*

Peter, wrench in hand:


Thandie putting Peter in his place and telling him to stop playing games with y/n:


Every time y/n expects genuine emotions from Peter and is surprised when he doesn’t give any:


Peter being the literal textbook definition of a tired tall child:


The JOOR groupchat whenever Marlie hints towards more angst in the story:


Everyone @ y/n for being able to carry a conversation with Peter:

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A/N: Sorry for the inactivity! I’ve been super busy with college and haven’t had much time to write. Speaking of college, recently I had to basically free write my own story for a grade. Which, is what this is. However, the characters were different so I made some modifications so I could post this story on here. I’m really proud of this one and I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 1423

Pairing: Peter Parker/Spider-Man x Reader

Warnings: none really, kinda ooc Peter Parker, Reader’s middle and last name were filled in by authour for comedic effect, Peter can sing and play the guitar now and he also has a sister


Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

After the last class of the day, (Y/N)’s quick, gentle footsteps could be heard echoing throughout the nearly empty corridor as she made her way towards her locker. Mondays were always stressful for her, especially now that it was her senior year of high school. Needless to say, she was anxious to get home. (Y/N) quietly muttered the combination for her locker under her breath as she turned the lock dial right, left, and then right again. Then, she deposited her books back into their respective places. 

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masterlist || check out my commissions? || ko-fi

Peter always did everything he could to make sure you were comfortable when the pair of you were intimate with each other. Whether it was turning the lights off to your request, putting on music, letting you face away from him. Whatever it is you asked for–Peter would be honoured to do it for you, if it meant you would be happier with him. 

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Plot:  ur sad lol  [Peter Parker x Gender Neutral!Reader]

Word Count:  803

Warnings:  nothing too bad here, uhhhhh, the reader says some depressing shit, they’re basically having an existential crisis, so watch out for that

A/N: so, this isn’t Douxie, and that’s because I looked at my masterlist and went, “Huh, this looks a little bit uneven.”  That’s mostly bc of aaty, but still, here’s a lil’ drabble to even things out.  Also, I wrote this like, months ago and edited it tonight, so expect a small bby dip in quality.


Originally posted by king-of-moose

Today was not a good day.

It just felt like everything had gone wrong in the world, and quite honestly, you wanted to curl up in a little ball and pretend you didn’t exist.

You had woken up late, forgotten to hand in an essay, spilled coffee on yourself, gotten yelled at by both a guy on the street and one of your teachers, the whole nine yards.  Everything was awful and the universe didn’t care about you.

You just wanted to melt away into nothing, but you couldn’t do that yet because the Avengers had a stupid meeting with the stupid government, and you had to be there for it.  Stupid.

Despite your desperate attempts to stay focused, you found yourself zoning out multiple times, each time snapping back to reality only to see an irritated Avenger glaring at you.  

Yep, today was not a good day.

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🎭DEUX VISAGES🎭 ch.07 (peter parker x reader)


What exactly was he supposed to do when you came asking for his help with an article about Spider-Man’s connection to Midtown High? Sabotaging his crush’s ongoing investigation to protect his secret superhero identity might be suicide, but at this point, Peter Parker is willing to try anything.


word count: 9k

a/n: 😀 i am once again asking for your forgiveness. that’s it. bye.


In Newton’s Third Law of Motion, he states that for every action, there exists an equal and opposite reaction. As a science geek, Peter Parker could recite that sentence in his sleep; it would remain ingrained in his brain as yet another basic fact for eternity. For someone who claimed to enjoy physics as much— and for someone who was a human being with common sense— he should’ve known, then, that just like an object that pushes a second object, every decision and fault of his would fabricate a reaction that, whether he liked it or not, would impact him along with those in his surroundings.

At last, the time had come where every little consequence of those actions was culminating into one fatal outburst.

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Kinktober Day 18: Multiple Creampie


Originally posted by thwipspideys

Pairing: Sub Top Peter Parker (T.H. ver.) x Dom Bottom Gender Neutral Reader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 621
Summary: If Peter thought that topping made him the dom in bed, he may not be the genius everyone thinks he is. 
Note: It’s short, but I live for it. 
Tags: Collars and leashes, multiple creampie, unprotected sex (boooo), swearing, crying, overstimulation, riding, dom/sub dynamics and sub!peter 

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What You Seek, I Seek || Prologue

Summary: Y/N is no longer that small, little 11 year old girl. She now a popular 16 year old at Midtown High thanks to the snap. But she knows little of her powers, and their capabilities. Peter has a crush on her too and has no idea how to help her. This is a terrible summary but it is follow up to From the Ashes, You Will Rise story.


Originally posted by horowtz

They figured out what happened to you after two weeks of bed rest. They said they didn’t want you leaving cause they didn’t know what happen to you. You know they really meant to everyone else.

They said that when most people put on the gauntlet, the energy from the stones is too much for the body to absorb. But for you, your body absorbed all the power easily. But because there was so much, a majority of the power stocked with you, instead of going back into the stones.

But in the time that you were quarantined to the tower, you and Peter spent a lot of time together. He showed you his powers and how they worked, which was extreamly cool. And your feeling for him just increased. But you couldn’t.

Peter still thought of you as the little 11 year old who would go to his apartment every time you needed help.


Peters POV: She gorgeous. From the moment I laid my eyes on her on that battlefield, I saw her as beautiful. Her hair flows like the ocean and her smile makes all over seem obsolete.

She is just so funny, nice, smart, and everything. She is perfect.

She says that during the five years she still went to school, just a lot less. I asked if she had any friends but she said she just talked with everyone, but wasn’t really friends with anyone. She said maybe this guy named Brad, but other than that no one. I felt bad though because I felt jealous when she talked of Brad. But it was for the best, for the best.

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From The Ashes, You Will Rise PT: 13

Summary: You were eleven when the snap happened, and Peter was the last family you had left. Now he’s gone, and you swear you’ll bring him back.

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(Ok so I think I might do something where this goes into far from home and stuff. I wrote all this today and was going to do it in parts but I think it’s really good so I just posted it all right now. Her power will be revealed and stuff but if you don’t want to read the far from home one I can make a short extra part that you can read that will reveal y/n’s powers and peter x her thing so just tell me if you want me to do that. I’ll leave a summary for the far from home one at the bottom of the story for you to read. Yay!)


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You and Clint lay on the ground for awhile, too tired to get up. Nebula walks up to Clint, face void of emotions.

“Oh heyyy I know you, I know you” Clint says, lifting the gauntlet up to hand to her. You look at her with suspicious eyes, feeling as though something is wrong. You look at her face as she is kneeling down to grab the gauntlet, and notice that she no longer has her gold crest on her face.

“Nebula, what happened to your gold thing on your face?” You ask, while she grabs the gauntlet. She turns her head to look at you quickly, then brings her hand up to her ear.

“Father, I’ve got the stones, heading back now.” My eyes widen at the realization of it. Clint try’s to get up and take her down but she takes out her blaster. Her finger hovers over the trigger, and nearly shoot when a voice is heard over the chaos of the moment.

“Stop”, Gamora turns around the corner into view, her blaster up and facing Nebula.

“Your betraying us?” Nebula asks, her finger still holding the trigger. Then, our Nebula walks around the corner, hand help up in the air. Thanos’s Nebula takes her blaster away from Clint, and points it at our Nebula. Clint quickly grabs ahold of you and we move out of the way.

“You don’t have to do this” Our Nebula says, being the voice of reason.

“I am this” Thanos’s Nebula reply’s, having a hard time calling herself ‘this’.

“No your not”, Gamora responds. Her face looks sad and sympathetic, feeling grief for her sister.

“You have seen what we have become, the things we have done” Our nebula points to her head, “you can change”.

“He won’t let me”, Thanos’s Nebula’s eyes become watery, the blackness becoming smooth, with white dots clouding it. She moves her blaster in front of Gamora to shoot her, but before she can our Nebula grabs her own and shoots her.

She falls to the ground, hand clutching her chest, and eyes beginning to close. Once they are closed, a single tear falls down her face.

You and Clint slowing walk to her as Gamora and our Nebula stand still in shock. Clint picks up the Gauntlet, and together we walk away.


We conintue walking through the tunnel until we see a bright light. We look at each other with sad expressions on our faces, then start running towards it. Your foot begins to ache again but you push the pain back, focusing on the task at hand. You reach the opening to see a breath taking view. Thousands of minions are spread out over a hill, each with a more deadly weapon than the last. At the center of it, Thanos stands, tall and mighty. You and Clint share a scared look at each other as you see Cap stand up to fight them. As he is walking to them, he stops midway, putting his hand up to his ear.

A glimmering light appears behind him, and three people walk out together. Then a bird like things flys out of it as well.

“Who is that?” You ask Clint, pointing to the four. Clints looks over at you and his mouth curves upwards into a smirk.

“That’s hope”.

Suddenly, hundreds and glimmering circles open up around the dead landscape, and people begin pouring out of them.

“Are those…” you begin.

“The dead, yah”. Clints face has now become a full on smile, going across from cheek to cheek. You strain your eyes look closely at each portal, looks for the same beautiful brown curls that you love. Then you see him, swinging through the portal, and landing on the ground with a soft thud. You eyes begin to water as you see him again, and a tightening sensation fills your heart.



Everyone begins to rush into battle, shouts of war emitting themselves from everywhere. You begin to rush out along with them, til and hand on your chest stops you.

“Y/N, stop.” Clints tells you, pulling you away from the action.

“You can’t go into the fight you can hurt yourself”, Clints voice is filled with sympathy, but all you hear is Peters.

“I have to. Peter is out there I have to go and see him”, you begin to walk away again but you get stopped again by Clint.

“I said no.” His eyes are ones of a father, not moving on his position.

“Look I can defend myself, I’ve sparred with you before I can handle myself.”

“Yah with what weapon, your fist?” Clints says in a mocking tone.

“No”, you look around yourself till you recognize the Clints sword around his belt. You take it out of his belt and hold it up. “With this”.

He looks at you skeptically, before moving from his position.

“Fine, just go see Peter then after that go”, he tells me, and before he can even say go I rush into battle, look for Peter.

All around you, people are fighting, but you just continue running straight. You get to a small hill that overlooks everything and see Tony about to get smashed by a big beast. But before the beast can get to him, you see webs shoot out and take it down. Then a blue and red figure walks out into the open, and the mask is taken off. Brown eyes, brown curly hair, smile that looks like a it can light a candle.

You are about to rush off towards him, and are about to call out his name when you see Tony hug Peter. You slow down and hide behind a piece of rubble and watch. They hug for awhile then Tony just pulls Peter and back and looks at him. You small smile forms itself on your face. A load roar from behind you grabs your attention and you turn around quickly.

A tall woman will blue hair stands behind you, her black and white face creasing where she is showing her sinister smile smiling. She brings down her sword on you, but you deflect it before it can hit you.

“Who are you”, you ask her, pushing her sword away and swinging at her face then crouching down and swinging at her feet. She steps back then jumps at my attacks.

“Proxima Midnight, and I can’t wait to kill you”. She lets out another loud yell and gives another hard shot at you. Then another, then another. You are barely able to deflect her shot, getting tired from the fight. Finally, she kicks you feet out from under you, giving it straight to your broken foot. You scream in pain and fall to the ground. You look up and see her beautifully crafted sword shining in your face, reflecting your fearful eyes back at you.

“Any last words?” She asks, eyes lighting up at the thought of kills me.

You continue to hold your foot and feel and shard object inside of it. You slip my hand inside my boot and feel a small knife in your hands. You bring it out and try to conceal it under your sleeve.

“No I don’t”, you quickly kick her sword out to the side, stand up, and stab her in the heart.

“But do you?” You pull the knife out of her body as her eyes begin to water up. She starts to limp backwards, falls, then dies.

You lean forward and breathe hard. You remember that peter was right behind you so you quickly put aside your exhaustion and look back. You expect to see those big puppy eyes still fixated on Tony, but all you see are them looking right back at you.

“Peter”, you say, eyes beginning to tear up as you start walking up to him. He looks at you with the same infatuated look he had on before. You come up to him and wrap your arms around his neck, and begin to weep like a child.

“I thought I lost you”, you tell him, still sobbing onto his shoulder. You expected to feel his body hugging you the same, but you just feel his tense and ridged body. You pull away from him once you realize this, and look him in the eyes. He looks at you confused, his body still tense and ridged.

“I’m sorry, but how do I know you?” He asks, and your world start to fall apart. Your mouth drops and your heart stops.

‘He doesn’t know you. You were nothing to him.’

Your mind tells you as you begin to walk backwards. Everything becomes a blur as sadness turns to anger. You hear Tony’s voice call out to you as you run away, going farther into battle. You knock down every beast you can get your hands on, cutting them down and slicing their throats.


“Wait! No! Don’t go!” Mr. Stark yells towards the girl who just hugged him. Peter mind is running miles trying to figure out who that girl was. Did he go to school with her? Did she work at the towers and he just never knew her? He keeps thinking until tony brings him out of his thoughts.

“Aww shit” Mr. Stark says, hands running through his hair.

“Mrs. Stark, who was that?” He ask him, eyebrows furrowing deeper and deeper.

“So you are telling me you have no idea who that girl is”, Stark says, looking at him with a tad bit of anger.

“No sir I don’t”.

“You know sometimes Peter, you can be so dumb!” Stark shouts at him, as peter shrinks a little bit.

“How can I possibly know her! I am close with like 3 people who are my age and all of the avengers!” Peter yells back, hands flying in the air.

“We’ll just think about it, if 5 years have gone by, do you think you might know someone who was like 11 the last time you saw them.” Peters eyebrows furrow again, thinking hard about that. Then suddenly his eyes become wide with realization.

“Shit”, he says and starts running his hands through his hair.

“Finally!…” Tony throws his hands up in the air with victory.

“That’s Y/N? Y/N? The girl who would come to my house with homemade cookies and would come to me whenever she had a bad day with her foster parents? That’s Y/N?” Peter says, disbelievement evident on his face.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! Now go out their and find her!” Tony yells, and Peter shoots back into the sky to look for her.


You are cutting down the minions left and right, leaving no one in your wake. That is until you see a certain webslinged swing back holding the gauntlet. For some reason, you begin to chase after him, trying to keep up with the freaking Pegasus that he is now riding. You continue to run after him as shots from the air ship rain down on you guys. You see the pegacus get nearly hit by a shot, but it sends peter flying down. He lands meters away from you, now cowering under the shots. You look up at the shop and see one particular shot heading straight at peter.

“Nooooooooo!!!” You scream, and jump in front of peter and hold your hand down upon Peter to keep yourself steady.

By doing so, you hand lands upon the gauntlet. You feel the same rush of power flow through you. This time though, the power chaotic, not contained.

“Stop” you say loudly but calmly, as you place your hand in front of the two of you. You close your eyes to brace yourself for impact, but you don’t feel anything and, even more, weirdly, hear nothing. You slowly open your eyes and see the shot standing still in front of you, in air. You look around and see that every shot has. Blue lines stay still in the air as everyone stands still looking around. You look down at Peter again. You see his big brown eyes look at you in admiration, before they fill with the same fear that filled Clints. You turn back and close you hand into a fist. All the shots start fizzling out, then a flash from each and they become bright blue butterfly’s. You retract you hand from the gauntlet, and feel exhaustion take hold of you. You collapse onto the ground, but peter grabs you before you hit it.

You lay on the ground, eyes looking upwards. Your ears ring, and peters face fills your vision. His eyes are sad and worried, and his mouth is moving as if he is speaking, but no words are heard. Only the ringing. Behind Peters face, you see a bright light fly in through the stars. His eyes are still on yours, not paying attention to what is behind him. You slowly lift your hand towards the sky, and Peter finally looks behind you.

The ship has a large hole going through it, with the bright light flying towards you and Peter. As it comes closer, you can see the figure of a woman before you. She lands, and sees the two of you on the ground. Her face is sympathetic, as she kneels down beside you. Her body is still encased with a light glow, making her look like a angelic figure. Her hand goes to your own, taking it into her grasps. But once her skins comes into contact with your own, the red lines appears again. It flows up your arms, up your neck, and onto your face. It connects with your closed eyelids, filling them with the red light.

You eyes fly open, and you gasp for breath. Your head hammers, and you look around to see Peter and the women standing scared by you. They look back and forth at each other for awhile, neither speaking.

“ Hiii,” you says, waving your hand at the two, “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you”.

The women smirks at you, and you feel a small happiness fill inside you.

“Hey Y/N, I’m Carol”, she crosses her arms across her chest.

“Hi Ms. Carol”, Peter voice squeaks when he talks, “I’m Peter. Peter Parker”.

Carol turns her head to look over at Peter, “Hey Peter Parker, heard you have something for me”.

Peters head perks up at that, and he turn around and grabs the gauntlet. He hand it over to Carol.

“I don’t know how you plan on getting it over their though,” he tells her.

“She’s got help” Okoye says as she walks into view from behind. Carol turns away from me and Peter, walks with Okoye. As they walk more and more women come over to help. They all start charging into the herd of enemies.

“We should go help them, right?” Peter says helping you up from your spot on the ground.

“I mean, it kinda seems like a feminist power play thing going on but help is always wanted so I guess?” You say back, really not fully sure. The two of you look at each other for a moment before peter speaks.

“I can’t believe it’s you Y/N”, Peter says with longing eyes.

“You remember me?” You look at him with disbelief.

“I do”, he says back, and embraces you in a big hug. You two stay in that embrace for a little bit before backing up a bit to look at each other. You stare into each other’s eyes for a moment before you place your forehead on his. You close your eyes snd breathe slowly, ears open to listen to his heartbeat, relishing in its existence.

A loud boom is heard that draws the two of you away from each other. A big force is made, pushing you guys back. You guys look back at each other before getting up and running through the crowds of minions. You and Peter arrive at the origin of the blast, and see Carol, Steve, and Tony all fighting Thanos. Steve and Tony are holding down Thanos’s arms, while Carol is attempting to pull the Gauntlet off of his hand.

“Stay back ok” Peter says, before running off into the fight. Peter swings to Thanos’s gauntlet arm, helping Carol pull it off. You stand back, not knowing what to do that will help. Peter and Carol continue to pull, and it flys off of Thanos’s arm and onto the ground mere feet away from you. Your lips begin to turn upwards but before it becomes a smile, Thanos breaks free of Tony’s hold, and throw him to the side.

He then throws Steve similar to how he threw tony, and he kicked Carol away from him. Peter is laying on the ground in front of him, and Thanos brings his foot up and starts to lower it upon Peter. Peter brings his arms above his head and hold Thanos’s foot above him.

You begin to panic. You know that peter can not hold Thanos off for long. You look around and see the Gauntlet. You rush over to it and grab it. You take a deal breath, then place the gauntlet on your hand.

You feel the rush of power again, but instead of it being chaotic, it is peaceful, calm. You stand up and face Thanos. You hold you arm up in front of you, placing your middle finger and thumb together.

“RELEASE HIM” your voice booms across the entire war zone. Drawing the attention of everyone nearby. Your eyes glow, changing colors between blue, yellow, red, purple, green, and orange. Your hair also has small streaks of these colors, but it is levitating around your face.

“RELEASE HIM, OR I SHALL SNAP” your voice sounds as though it is coming from all directions, but is being placed specifically on Thanos’s. You slowly walk towards him, til you stand mere feet from him.

Thanos’s leg lifts off of peter, and his arms go into the air in surrender. Peter runs away from him after the weight is gone, and goes to tony.

You look Thanos straight in the eyes, and see him fear for his life for the first time.

“i lied”.

Then you snap.

Your eyes never leave Thanos’s as ash fills the air around you. You breath it in with nourishment, but not happiness. It is when you can smell Thanos’s ash that you begin to smile, close your eyes, feel the cold metal leave your hand, and touch the soft, brown dirt.


The first thing you hear is the soft, annoying sound of beeping. The first thing you feel is the annoyingly soft blanket. And the first thing you see is the annoyingly big soft eyes of Peter Parker.

Your head feels like you took 10 hulk size punches to it. You leg feels like there are 20 wooden sticks in it. And the rest of your body feels numb.

The light is bright against your eyes, burning them.

“ughhhhhghghhhh” you moan, eyes squinting from the light.

“Y/N? Y/N your…your awake?!” You hear Peters voice say, and the sound of people walking around, going in and out of the doors.

“Yah dumbass, who you think is it, now turn down the lights please” you try to move your hand up to cover your eyes but they feel like they weight hundreds of pounds. The lights become a lot less blinding and you open your eyes. You see Peters face in front of you own.

“What happened Peter?” You see Peters smile fade, and his mind drift into thought.

“You…you took the gauntlet, and snapped.” Peter says, chocking up a bit when he said ‘snapped’.

“But no normal mortal is supposed to survive that, but you did. You did Y/N. “ his eyes fill with tears and he wipes his nose with his sleeve.

“So we got you on to a plane and took you to the avengers tower, it hasn’t been bought yet and some of the medical stuff is still there.” Peter looks away for a moment before looking back at you.

“They say you have a concussion and three breaks in your leg.” Peter finishes, looking sad.

“That’s it?” It amazes you that it is only that. You knew about the leg and all but still.

“ well…” peter starts, looking under the bed and grabbing a mirror. He hold the mirror in his hands for a second before handing it over. You hold the mirror up to your face.

Your hair contains small strips of red, green, orange, purple, and blue. The circular color in your eye changes around the circle. Specks of freckles cover your face.

“Wow”, you say, staring at your reflection in awe.

“What does this mean, like why did the stones change the color of all this?” You place your hand it front of your face and move it around it.

“We don’t know. All we know is that something is different about you, Y/N. Something that kept you alive when you held the stones and something that is keeping you alive now.” Peter grabs ahold of your hand, and you relishing in its warmth. Tears form in your eyes once again, clouding your eyes.

“Never leave me again, ok. Never again.” You tell Peter.

“Never again.”

What You Seek, Is Seeking You

Summary: Y/N is no longer that small, little 11 year old girl. She now a popular 16 year old at Midtown High thanks to the snap. But she knows little of her powers, and their capabilities. Peter has a crush on her too and has no idea how to help her. This is a terrible summary but it is follow up to From the Ashes, You Will Rise story.

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SUMMARY; Y/N spent her whole freshman year of college running into a brown haired boy, convincing herself it wasn’t more than just some on-going college fling. Until she arrived at her second year, and she finds out his name–and that he’s her TA for the whole year. commission by @matcatlove​​​ 💛

PAIRING; Uni!Peter x Reader

WORDS; 6084

WARNING; swearing, references to smut throughout


Originally posted by dailytomgifs

A party was all you needed today, after studying for your exam for three weeks and finally taking it this morning–all you needed was to get out and go to the nearest club on campus. It was riddled with college students, kids just like you who just needed a break from it all. 

It was the first test of the year, of your whole degree, and you couldn’t even tell if you did a good job or not. All you cared about, really, was that it was behind you–but there were three more on their way before the semester would be over. For now, you just needed a drink, and your friend was quick to get you one. 

“Drink up, babe,” she said with a wink, as the pair of you downed your cocktails in a hurry, eager to get out onto the dance floor. 

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Peter Parker - SFW Alphabet


This is for MCU Peter (cuz some of the answers would be different if they were for others lol)


Originally posted by tommybabyholland

A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)

Peter loves affection, but he’s got to work through all his nerves first. Just the idea of touching you sometimes is enough to make him start blushing and hiding into himself. But once he finally works through it, affection is always. He likes to receive it, but he LOVES to give it. He basically has all the love languages, but his major two are words of affirmation and physical touch.

B = Best friend (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?)

Peter Parker is a good best friend…when he’s there. He pays attention to all the little things and he always does right when it really counts. He’ll geek out with you, help you no matter what, and try his best to make you happy no matter what. However if you don’t know about him being Spiderman, it can be a real stress on the friendship, because he’ll always seem distant. Once you know, it will be like everything falls into place. You finally understand why he does the things he does. Overall though, he’s a stellar friend.

You’d probably become his friend because you sat next to each other in class, or you were already at the Avengers compound, and for whatever reason, the two of you immediately clicked.

C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)

PETER LOVES CUDDLES. And when Peter wants to cuddle, he wants to CUDDLE. He wants to squeeze you and never ever let go. Ngl he’ll probably fall asleep while cuddling you because when he’s cuddling he’s in PEAK zen mode. It’s probably the most relaxed that he can be.

D = Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?)

Yeah he definitely wants to settle down, but he’s scared to. It’s not that he has commitment issues, it’s just that he’s so afraid and aware of the dangers of being with him. But if given the chance, he’d probably settle.

He’s not completely terrible at cooking, May has definitely taught him a few things. But he’s no chef. Let’s be real he’s probably had a bunch of moments of forgetting that something was in the oven. There will be lots of disasters. When it comes to cleaning, if pressed, he will clean. But don’t be surprised when every room in the house is messed up again because of things that he’ll “come back for later” that he never comes back for.

E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)

Oh he’d hate every bit of it, he’d dread over it for days and days. If Peter were to break it off, he’d do it face to face. He’d feel so bad about it, and if you start to cry he actually might comfort you in the midst of breaking up with you.

Best outcome, it was mutual and you guys end like friends. Worst outcome, he gets cold feet and actually just leaves you a note.

F = Fiance(e) (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?)

He’s surprisingly cool about commitment, given the dangers of his life. Of course, he’s hesitant, but when this dude falls, he falls HARD. So hard to where he’ll commit and not think twice about it.

He’d wanna get married whenever it hits him I guess. Not right away, but it’s not like he’d have you waiting forever.

G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)

Physically- As gentle as the average teenage boy I suppose lol. Well a little bonus because of how anxious he is of hurting you. 5/10

Emotionally- Peter’s more anxious boi than soft crybaby. He wouldn’t need comfort on everything 24/7, because he can actually handle way more than people give him credit for, but it’s when he’s going through something really personal or really traumatic when he needs that reassurance that everything will be alright. 6/10

H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?)

Peter doesn’t mind hugs, but he’s gotta be in the mood for one to really enjoy it, otherwise he’s just going through the motions with it. Like if he’s in the mood his brain is “oh my gosh you’re hugging me this is beautiful you’ve graced me with your touch you wonderful specimen” but if he’s not it’s just like “oh… this is unexpected.” I don’t think he’s super into hugs because I kind of like the headcanon that he’s a bit of a germaphobe but I don’t think he’s super against them either. He’s more in the middle where if it hits him, it hits him and if it doesn’t, he doesn’t want them.

He gets in the mood to hug like 20 times a day. You’ll be beside him doing work and like out of nowhere. BOOM. Hugged. And then he just goes back to doing whatever he’s doing except now he’s blushing really hard while doing it.

Peter’s hugs are really soft and quick (unless he’s cuddling you, then it’s really long). He just wants to feel your presence until he’s satisfied. He’s always really warm so that’s a major plus.

I = I love you (How fast do they say the L-word?)

Not right away. It’ll be whenever it feels right. And I picture the first l-word drop going one of three ways:

1) Quirky - you guys will be chilling/making out/watching a movie and he’ll find himself feeling really sentimental and emotional for no reason and he’ll just turn and be like, “hey, I love you”. And it sort of catches you off-guard and he sees your expression (whatever it may be) and he immediately starts blushing and stammering and he’s like “I-i mean- no I don’t!..I-i mean I do!… but like- not unless you want me too! I-in fact I’ll hate you if you want me-” and you have to cut him off with a kiss before he gets too wound up and you softly smile back like “I love you too, weirdo.”

2) Sweet - he’s thought about this for a long time (and even maybe told May and Ned about it) and he really wants to tell you but he doesn’t know how and you notice that’s he’s been weird around you and always looks like he has something else on his mind (like more than usual) and you’re getting pretty worried and after awhile you can’t take it anymore and you confront him about it probably at the lunch table or in the hallways after school or at his apartment (is there some mission you don’t know about? Is he breaking up with you? Is he okay?) and he’s stuttering alot and he finally has to pause and compose himself before pulling you aside and softly telling you how we feels.

3) Angsty - after a particularly intense night at patrol (definitely with a casualty) he’s perched on the top of a building, staring out at New York, feeling like the biggest failure alive. He’s run down with guilt and the tears just won’t stop. Hands shaking, he dials your number and you pick up and immediately start asking if he’s okay once you hear his trembling voice. “I messed up,” he mumbles before he breaks down and sobs out the entire story to you. You try your best to comfort him as best you can through the phone, trying to tell him (with no avail) that it’s not his fault and that he can’t save everyone. It takes a while, but he finally calms down enough to clearly take a swing, but not before he says, “look..I want you to know that I love you… and I’ll do everything I can to always protect you…I promise you that…I can’t lose you,” he sobs. Given the situation, neither one of you really registers that this is his first time saying it, but it makes it a dozen times easier to start saying it more often from now on.

J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)

Peter’s jealousy is probably the average amount for a guy. He doesn’t do much with it though. He’ll just get really quiet and maybe freak out to Ned about it later. Very subtle looks and jaw clenches but other than that, he’s fine. Unless you’re really attentive, you probably wouldn’t notice.

K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)

When he first started getting into the hang of first dates and stuff, his kisses were pretty fast and more like little pecks on the lips and stuff because he was always so nervous about messing up. But now that’s he’s gotten the hang of it, Peter’s kisses (when he’s not in a rush) are usually slow and sensual. He wants to do nothing but focus on you in that moment.

Well mostly on the lips of course. He’ll lay his head on your shoulder alot when he’s bored so every now and then when he’s doing that he’ll turn his head and give you a little kiss on your shoulder. If he’s whispering in your ear in lunch he’ll give a kiss on the cheek. Really though, once he gets the all his jitters out about it, he’ll kiss you anywhere.

Peter probably likes to be kissed on the cheek and on the lips more than anywhere else

L = Little ones (How are they around children?)

Peter is amazing with kids. He’ll always find a way to get along with them, and they usually warm up to his easy-going nature. He’s a bit of a pushover when it comes to really nice kids so they usually love him because he’ll give them anything. I’m not really one of talking about having kids, but he’d be a great father in the future. (But we’re not in any rush for him to do that okay😂🤭)

M = Morning (How are mornings spent with them?)

Mornings are spent, well first of all waking up (obviously), cuddling, finishing whatever movie you were watching the night before, Peter probably rambling a bunch about whatever he finds himself wondering about, playing video games, and basically just relaxing before May tells you it’s time for school.

N = Night (How are nights spent with them?)

Nights are spent goofing around with Peter and Ned at Peter’s home or chilling with Peter which can literally be doing just about anything (making out, relaxing, deep talks, watching movies, doing homework, etc.). You can do practically anything with this guy.

O = Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)

Peter isn’t the best about opening up, not because he wants to hide things, but because he isn’t on the same wavelength as everyone else when it comes to “important” things to share. Like out of nowhere he’ll find himself telling you something and you’ll be like “woah I wish I you would’ve told me that earlier” and he’ll just shrug and be like “oh I didn’t know that was really important enough to tell”. He doesn’t tell anything slower or faster it’s more like whenever it’s on his mind or convenient for him to tell.

But for the most part, if you’re important enough for you to know he’s spiderman secret, he’ll tell you pretty much anything.

P = Patience (How easily angered are they?)

Not easily angered at all. If anything he’s more easily confused then angered. Like if you were trying to make him angry, he’d be more “why are you doing this🥺🤨?!” than “why are you doing this😡?!”

He’d only get angry easily if he’d been going through alot and a bunch of things have been building up, other than that, normally he’s a pretty chill guy when it comes to losing his temper.

Q = Quizzes (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)

Oh he remembers practically everything you tell him. Even crap that you’ve probably forgotten about yourself, he knows. He notices every tiny thing, though he forgets the big stuff sometimes.

Ex: one day May asks him what he wants her to buy at the supermarket for breakfast and he says poptarts because he remembers that you like poptarts from that one time you briefly mentioned how much you liked them and he gets the kind that you like even though he doesn’t really like it so that on the days you come over to his house you’ll have something to eat…but like legit that same day he forgets that it’s your anniversary😬

R = Remember (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)

He has many favorite moments, one of them being your first date. He was so nervous, and he showed up late, and he’d regretted letting May choose his outfit, and he hated himself for not choosing the restaurant because it’d show that he wasn’t assertive enough, and he was pretty sure he stepped in dog crap while he was running to the restaurant and he just knew that he was the worst date ever until finally he got there and you were totally just fine about it. You told him to relax and that everything was fine and you were just glad to have him there, which in turn made him relax. He looked into your eyes and knew there was absolutely nothing to worry about and he had an amazing time.

S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)

He’s protective, but not suffocating. Like if he sees something happening to you from afar, he’s not gonna step in unless you make it clear that you want him to. For the most part, he’ll let you handle things yourself.

Peter’s more like a “protect you from the unknown” kind of guy. He’s gonna protect you from threats that you don’t know are there, and that are probably much bigger than the two of you. Things like death or heartbreak. He’ll probably break up with you to “protect” you, which, let’s be honest, is complete stupid, albeit noble. Overall, he’ll do anything in his power to keep you happy.

Peter doesn’t really need protection more so… comfort. He knows the world he lives in. He can defend himself and all that, but at the end of the day, he just wants someone to tell him that everything’s gonna be okay🥺

T = Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)

With Peter it’s either extremely last minute but a little thoughtful (because he probably forgot) or extremely thought through with unbelievable effort. No in between. Truly a go big or go home type deal. Like for your birthday he’s either getting you something he’s researched on for months that he knew you’d love or you’re getting a card that he bought from a Walmart on the way to school with a sloppily written love letter inside that he came up with off the top of his head. At the end of the day it’s the thought that counts when it comes to Peter.

U = Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)

He thinks literally everything is his fault🙄. If something bad happens, and he feels that he could’ve done even the slightest thing to change it, he’s gonna beat himself up about it no matter what what you try to say.

Also he’s a really busy guy. So if you’re one of those girls that needs to be kept or need your boyfriend there all hours of the day, Peter’s probably not for you.

V = Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?)

Not too concerned. Like of course he wants to look good or cool or whatever, but he’s also learned to be pretty comfortable with himself (at least as far as looks go). He gets pretty insecure sometimes but for the most part he’s okay with his looks. He’ll totally do himself up if he’s trying to impress someone though.

W = Whole (Would they feel incomplete without you?)

Depends on how close you’ve become. If he only liked you, he’ll be okay. If he loved you, yeah, he’ll feel incomplete without you. But only if you break up or if you’re hurt or lost or something. If the two of you just haven’t seen each other for a while he’ll be fine. He’s not that sentimental.

X = Xtra (A random headcanon for them.)

Peter has a skirt kink. Skirts. They make him weak. He found this out about himself when he started dating Gwen Stacy. He will practically break his neck to see you in a skirt.

Y = Yuck (What are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?)

Someone who has extremely poor hygiene. Peter’s not the best at hygiene. He’s definitely skipped brushing his teeth from time to time, but someone who’s a complete slob? It’ll just make him feel bad for you. It’s a turn off for him. You won’t get his affection but you will get his pity.

Someone obnoxious or aggressive. Peter, although anxious, is overall a pretty chill guy. If someone was just on 100 every time he saw them, ngl they’d probably weird him out. Like of course he wants someone with their own personality, but he wants someone with a level of coolness and obnoxious and aggressive people just aren’t cool.

Z = Zzz (What are some sleep habits of theirs?)

Peter wants to hold something when he sleeps. When he was little, he used to sleep with a stuffed animal, and once he got older he broke out of it. But when he slept with you for the first time (sexually/nonsexually, doesn’t matter) all that came rushing back. He’ll hold you tightly in his sleep and won’t let go unless you make him.

Hope you liked it!!😁😁😁


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Mission For Immortality

Peter Parker x Hydra! Reader (Soulmate AU)

Synopsis: You’re an agent at Hydra, the next Winter Soldier, and soldier meant for eternity. There’s one issue: your soulmate.

You watched the beautiful drawings appear on your arm, but you weren’t the one drawing them. You were so lucky you had an artistic soulmate, but they had the worst soulmate imaginable.

You lived in a world full of soulmates, but there were two ways to find them, and how to know they were the one.

1.Whatever you drew on your body, would appear on your soulmate’s body too.

2.When you turned 18, you would stop aging, and when you met your soulmate, you’d start together, and if they died before you, you would stop, waiting for your next potential soulmate.

You secretly worked for Hydra, born into it. They claimed that you were their best soldier since the Winter Soldier.

There was only one problem: your soulmate.

Hydra wanted you to eliminate your soulmate, so you could live forever, serving them to the best of your ability. You never wanted to do it growing up, it had been explained to you when you were only nine, before your first mission.

But now, you had turned into a ruthless killer, a monster even, and you didn’t care if you had to kill anyone, let alone your soulmate.

Your parents were in charge of the Hydra base where you were currently stationed. Did you love your parents? No, for you, there was no room for love in your business. Did they love you? You had no idea. They never showed any signs of loving you, only harshness and criticizing behaviors.

That wasn’t the thing you were worried about the most though. Today was your 18th birthday, the day you were supposed to kill your soulmate. They wanted you to be in the prime of your life, the most fit and sharp you’d ever been. You weren’t nervous, regretful, or even worried about your mission. You were worried about your performance.

You sat in the cell Hydra had lent to you, just until the mission was over, then there would be no time for staying in one place, you’d be on the run.

There was an instructor sitting in the room, watching your arm tracking everything your soulmate wrote.

“Now, ask them where they live,” the instructor ordered, throwing a sharpie at you. You caught it, and uncapped it, writing above the drawing your soulmate just completed.

Where do you live?

You looked at your arm expectantly. The instructor glared at you as you examined your arm.

Queens, New York, you?

You looked up at the instructor. “Queens,” you stated, and he snarled at you.

“We’ll fly you there now, and train on the way there, you don’t know who you’re going to face,” he barked, and you looked at him.

“Why do I have to worry about who I’m going up against? Who could honestly beat me?” You replied, almost cocky, but it was true.

“Just shut up and follow orders!” He yelled and exited the cell.

You looked at the question in blue ink on your arm. You sighed, and uncapped the sharpie again.

Same! Wanna meet up?

You knew they were still watching you even though the instructor had left the room. This was your mission. This was your job. This was your duty.

There was a small part of you who knew none of this was right, who knew you should’ve left Hydra, but the new, ruthless you took over, shoving the small part down.

Sure! That’d be great! Delmar’s Deli? 4?

Of course!

You looked at the camera, “Delmar’s Deli, 4 o’clock,” you deadpanned, and waited for them to tell you they were ready.

Your cell door slammed open, causing you to straighten your spine. A different man stood in the doorway this time, glaring into my gaze.

“Lady Whisper, we’re ready, follow me and I’ll lead you to the plane. There’s civilian clothes for you in there. Up. Now,” he ordered, and you stood up, waiting for him to exit.

He walked out without a word, and you followed, keeping you head high, and your back straight, show no signs of weakness.

He led you to a small jet on the roof, grunting in the direction of the plane. You got the message, and strutted over to the entry stairs.

You walked calmly up the stairs, and felt the cool air of the jet hit you. You glanced at the dried blood on the walls, and scoffed. Hydra might’ve been an underground agency, but they could’ve at least cleaned up after themselves.

You took a seat on a tattered and scratched chair, and awaited further instructions. The door to the jet closed, and a woman dressed in civilian clothes emerged.

She had a pile of clothing in her hands, and threw them at you. “Get up, and get dressed, you’ll have to blend in,” she explained. “When you are finished, you will come out here, and we’ll explain the rest of the details.”

You walked into the bathroom, just because you were ruthless, didn’t mean you didn’t like a little privacy once in a while, well, how could you have any? There were eyes everywhere.

Picking up the shirt, you cringed, and stripped out of your black, skin-tight suit. You slipped the blue sweater over your head, and grabbed the black leggings. These were better.

You slid the leggings on, and took out your braid, running your fingers through you hair.

For a moment, you were in one of your childhood dreams, dressing up as a character for a play, putting on an act.

But this wasn’t a play, this was real, and dreams were diminished the second they resurfaced.

You were playing a pawn piece, in an all-too real game.

You exited the bathroom, and saw a pair of black ankle boots residing where you were previously sitting.

You took a seat, and pulled off the flats you had been wearing, exchanging them for the boots.

You had just finished zipping up the left boot when the woman came back into the cabin.

“Ahh, I see you found the boots,” she nodded.

“Well, you put them right in my spot, how would I not have seen them?” You retorted, bitterly.

“Watch your mouth Whisper,” she snipped, and you bit back your response. “Anyways,” she pulled out two bobby-pins, and held them out. “You’ll have to wear these in your hair, get it out of your face.”

You complied, and put the pins in your hair, forming a x shape, pulling the hair out of your eyes.

“We’ll be in Queens soon, be ready,” she responded.

“Well, excuse me,” you spat the manner, “but you haven’t explained the mission yet,” you raised your eyebrows at the woman.

“Right, sorry,” she shifted awkwardly. “First, you’ll find out what your soulmate is wearing, and then you’ll locate them. Afterwards, you will bring them to the nearest park, and kill them there, hiding their body in a bush. Remember, this must be done as quickly as possible. And no emotion. Sharp, clean mission,” she finished, and walked back into the cockpit.

Sighing, you opened the latch in front of you to reveal an array of weapons. A knife to the throat would work well, make less noise than a gun. You confirmed your mental decision, and reached for the sharpest and smallest knife you had. You slipped it into your bra strap, making sure it wouldn’t cut you.

For the rest of the ride, you stared straight ahead, your mind wandering, never staying on one topic for too long, in fear of attachment.

When the familiar lunge of your stomach, you knew the plane was descending.

You waited patiently until the plane landed, a clear area in the woods, workers running around aimlessly. You stood up, and waited for the door to open.

The capsule door finally clicked open, and you stepped out, not expecting a six foot drop. You landed in a crouching position, and walked to the transport car, you heart suddenly pounding against your chest.

Why was this happening? This never happened in other missions, easy in, easy out. Why was this one different?

Maybe because you’re about to murder the one meant for you!

The small, good part of you yelled in your head. You closed your eyes, and press the voice down, your heartbeat slowing to slightly above its normal rate.

The car drove forward, and you didn’t even pay attention to the driver, it was none of your business, better to keep their identity a secret, the less information you knew, the less could be forced out of you.

You drove for a few minutes, and arrived at a bodega on a corner. You examined the little shop, and took a deep breath. You glanced at your watch 4:00, it was game time.

You stepped out into the Queens air, and walked briskly into the bodega.

The bell above the door rang, and you started fake smiling, smiling is what your character, a normal teenager about to meet her soulmate, would be doing.

You glanced around the shop, and your eyes met with a pair of chocolatey doe eyes from across the room. You had never seen you soulmate, never known their gender, you didn’t know anything about them.

But you knew this was him.

Your breath caught in your throat, and you started approaching the boy.

A mission. Mission. Mission. You repeated over and over again in your head.

Love. Love. Love. Love. You felt the pure part of you scream from the depths of your conscience. You continued smiling, and the boy smiled right back.

This time, you didn’t push the pure part away, and you could feel it taking over your body. Is this the effect soulmates had on you? You hadn’t even spoken to the boy yet.

You took a few small steps so you were in front of the boy, a giddy smile on your face, you didn’t know if it was genuine or not.

You were standing inches apart now, somehow coming closer together.

“I-I’m Peter, P-Peter Parker,” he smiled, and you smelt his intoxicating scent.

“I’m (Y/N),” you felt your real name leave your lips like jelly.

He smiled again, and your heart flew out of your chest.

“Whisper, do you copy?” You heard the earbud screeched into your ear.

“I- “ you took the bud out of your ear, the boy staring at you in confusion.

“You good?” He lifted his eyebrow, and you melted all over again.

“I-I’m perfect,” you smiled, and looked into the boy’s eyes.

You had failed your mission.

And you were okay with it.


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Coffee Shops and Sisters

Tom Holland x Reader

Synopsis: When your sister doesn’t show up to help edit your book, you begin to stress out, and a dashing British man comes to your rescue.

You checked your phone for the millionth since you had arrived at the small coffee shop. No response.

You sighed before setting your phone back down. She was meant to be here thirty minutes ago.

She was meeting you to discuss the latest chapter in your book. Your editor needed it by tomorrow, and you were still extremely unsure about it.

You ran a hand through your hair, grumbling under your breath. “C’mon Nora, out of all the days to not show up, don’t choose today.”

A waitress approached you for the third time since arriving. “Are you sure you don’t want anything to drink?” She asked sweetly, her smile lighting up her whole face.

You sighed and glanced at your phone one last time before facing the girl. “Uh, yeah, I’ll just have one iced mocha latte, please.” You grinned at the girl and she nodded.

“I’ll be right back with that!”

“Thank you!” You called after her, and turned your attention to your phone. You scrolled through the messages you’d sent to her in the past ten minutes.


Where are you?

Are you okay?

Do you think you’ll get here anytime soon?

The read receipts said she hadn’t read them yet, and you were growing a little worried.

You turned your phone face down before glancing at your tote bag next to you. You unzipped it and grabbed the printed version of the chapter, setting it in front of you.

You picked it up, contemplating what to do. You could either wait here and review your script, or you could go home and cry about an unedited chapter. You were leaning more towards the first option, but the waitress returned with your drink before you could get up.

“Here you go miss, I hope your date comes soon,” she gave you a sympathetic smile.

You rushed to explain yourself, “oh no, no, it’s not a date! I’m supposed to meet my sister here and she just hasn’t showed up yet!” The waitress nodded in understanding before walking away back to her usual place behind the counter.

You took a sip of your drink before glancing at your phone again. Still. No. Fucking. Sign.

You groaned before putting your head in your hands, mumbling, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

A British accent interrupted your string of swears. “Uhm, excuse me, miss, is this seat taken?” You glanced up and saw the most gorgeous boy.

You locked eyes with him, and immediately felt every nerve in your body light on fire. His ember orbs seemed to dig right into your soul, making every secret you’ve ever kept tempted to emerge. There was a singular dark curl falling in front of his face, a mop of curls on top to match. He grabbed the back of the chair, and you snapped back into your senses.

“Oh, um, no, it won’t be taken for a while,” you smiled, and looked back to your phone, expecting him to take the chair and leave, but to your surprise, he sat down.

You set your phone down and looked up at the beautiful stranger.

He leaned forward on the table, “Are you okay?” He asked, pushing a curl out of his face.

“Yes?” You replied skeptically.

“If you don’t mind me asking, who are you waiting for?” He tilts his head to the side, his eyes narrowing in on you.

“Oh, I’m waiting for my sister, we were going to talk about something and go over it,” you gave him a tight-lipped smile.

“Oh, do you mind if I keep you company until she gets here?” You were a little taken back by his question, but you nodded.

“I’m Y/N,” you stuck your hand out, and he put his in yours.


“Well, Tom, what brings you to this fine establishment?” You teased, and he chuckled.

“Well, Y/N, this is my favorite coffee shop in town, and late night coffee usually helps when you have an assignment due in four hours that you haven’t started.”

“Well, shouldn’t you be working on that then?” You giggled and he studied you for a moment. You felt your cheeks growing pink under his gaze.

“No, I’d rather be here,” he gave you a small smile, and you looked down, flustered. “So, what were you going to look at with your sister, maybe I could help?”

“Oh, no, I’m sure you don’t want to look at it,” you laughed and bit your lip lightly.

“Oh, come on, why not? I’m just trying to help out,” he shrugged, and you sighed.

“Well, it’s a book, but if you read it, I know you’re going to up and leave,” you joked.

“Oh come on, it can’t be that bad,” he implied.

“Well…” you trailed off. You were in the middle of writing a romantic novel, based on a girl who met the main love interest of the book in a coffee shop, and the latest chapter was their meeting.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to, I completely understand,” he put his hand over yours, and pulled away just as quickly.

You glanced down at the chapter that had been laying on the table, before sliding it over to him. “All you have to do is promise not to make fun of me.”

“Pinky promise.” Be stuck his pinkie out, grabbing the chapter with his other hand.

You giggled at the gesture and linked your pinkie with his, pulling away seconds later.

As he started reading, you began sipping your coffee, trying to keep yourself from dreaming out. The same stray curl from earlier had fallen into his face again. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration. You looked down towards his lips before catching yourself and looking up again.

Over his shoulder, you saw someone frantically waving at you, and you saw your sister standing there, phone in hand.

She gestured you over once you caught her eye. You panicked before looking at Tom. “Uh, I’ll be right back, I’m going to use the restroom.”

He gave you a nod and continued reading. You inhaled before walking across the shop to your sister.

“Okay, first of all, so sorry I’m late, my phone died, and Danny was freaking out about his groomsmen not picking up their tuxes, and I came as soon as I could!” She apologized, gripping your biceps.

“Hey, Nora, it’s okay,” you smiled down at her.

“Okay, good, and secondly, who the hell is that?” She jutted her chin in Tom’s direction, and you felt another blush rising to your cheeks.

“Oh, um, well, that’s Tom. When you didn’t show, he came up and offered to sit with me, and when I explained what you and I were going to do, he offered to read through it, and that’s what he’s doing now,” you tried to fight a smile, but failed, and Nora poked your side.

“Okay, tell me, I can only see the back of his head, is he cute?”

You laughed quietly, trying not to make a ruckus, “So cute, I almost passed out.”

You laughed together. “Know what? There’s two things that can happen here. One, I can go over there, introduce myself, and completely embarrass you, but still get some editing done, or two, I can leave, and have you tell me all about it tomorrow,” Nora raises her eyebrows, and you looked at your feet. She seemed to understand your body language and whispered a good luck in your ear before walking out the door.

You took a moment to recollect yourself before returning to the table with Tom.

You sat down, and smiled at him. The chapter was sitting in front of him, and he was grinning ear-to-ear.

“So,” you giggled nervously, “Did you finish it?”

He paused, looking at you, then exploding, “Are you kidding me? This is amazing! How long have you been writing?”

You thought for a moment, “Well, I started writing when I was really, really young, but I got more into it in my teen years,” you bit your lip, and he looked at you, astonished.

“Well, Y/N, that was fucking amazing! Do you think that maybe sometime I could read the rest before it comes out? And maybe be another editor?” He looked at you shyly and you smirked.

Smooth. You thought. “Yes, I would like that a lot Tom.”

“Uhm, great! Does, um, does next Friday work?” He checked his watch quickly.

“Yeah, same time? Same place?”


“Alright, thank you Tom, and I’m really excited for next week.”

“Me too, thank you Y/N, bye!” He stood and gave you a little wave before leaving the shop.

Just as he walked out the door, your phone started blowing up. You picked it up quickly, and saw that Nora had started texting you.

N: How did it go?

How amazing is he?

Do you have a date for my wedding?

You shook your head at her responses.

Y: Were you watching us?

N: Maybe… that’s besides the point, get your ass in my car and give me the details, every. Single. One.

Heylo! Thank you all so much for reading! At the moment, I’m reuploading all of my past fics because Tumblr’s a bitch, so likes and reblog are appreciated! Only if you want to though! Thank you all so much! Love ya!🥰😍❤️

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Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: A LOT of angst, and I guess kinda sad.

Word Count: 2,285 words

Note: Okay, guys, I cannot stress this enough, if this has ever happened to you, and I am so sorry! This is what happened to me, true to every detail except for the names, so I know how you feel, and if you ever need to talk to someone about it, I’m always here. And if you’re the Elly in this story, I’m begging you, fix things with whoever you did this to. You may hate them, but at least try, you don’t know what they’re going through, anyways, I hope you all enjoy it!

You, Peter, and Elly, the big three, the best of friends. That’s how it had always been. You were always at each other’s homes, always walking together in the halls, studying together, you were all attached at the hip.

So, when your school decided to take a trip to D.C., all of your parents agreed since you were going, the others had to. Peter and Elly had liked each other since fourth grade, so being as you all were in eighth grade, it had been around five years.

You had always been in love with Peter, but you knew Elly loved him too, and that she would be heartbroken if she found out about your crush, so you kept it to yourself, becoming an unknown third wheel in countless occasions.

Peter knew he was attractive, everyone knew, his brown curls that hung in front of his face so often, his captivating doe eyes, and that devious smile that had you giggling and smiling long before and after the incident.

On the trip to D.C., you saw how Peter and Elly were constantly cuddling, always smiling at the other, and it broke you a little.

Nevertheless, you decided to try and set them up, you convinced Peter to ask her out, and he was hesitant at first, but once you said that she liked him back, and you weren’t revealing a big secret, she couldn’t be more obvious about it, he agreed to ask her out, and so the day after you came home from the trip, Peter and Elly were official.

You were in eighth grade, it seemed so innocent, and you were still always with them, even though you were becoming the actual third wheel. In the week that followed, they had made so many more friends, and you only had them. They seemed to include you less and less in conversations, yet you still considered them your best friends.

Peter had already been given the best friend talk, if he broke her heart, you’d break his face. You were never a violent person, and you could never hurt Peter, so you both knew you were joking, but you constantly reminded him of it.

So, when Peter said he had a crush on a girl named Morgan, who was also in the friend group, you blew up. Elly hadn’t found out, and you, Peter, and Morgan were the only ones who knew. Morgan had a boyfriend, and that ticked you off more.

On Halloween, only a week after they started dating, Peter went to a Halloween party, and Michelle said she went trick or treating. The party was being held at Frances’s, so you called her, trying to stay updated. You had texted Morgan minutes before, and she claimed she was still trick or treating. After a few rings, Frances picked up.

“Hey, what’s up Kenna?” She asked, cheery.

“Hey, Frances! So, I know Peter is there, and I was just wondering if Morgan was there?” You tried to ask quietly, trying not to grab the attention of trick or treaters outside.

“Uh, yeah, she’s here, why?”

“Just make sure Peter stays away from her, for Elly’s sake, can you please do that?” You had begged Frances over the phone, and she agreed.

“Of course! Anything for Elly,” you heard her smiling, and you said your farewells, satisfied that you had just protected Elly from heartbreak, or you tried to.

Peter and Morgan stayed away from each other that night, and his crush on her faded, but unfortunately, his crush on Elly did too.

You were pissed when you found out, and called Peter immediately, demanding why.

“Peter, why the hell did you break up with her?” You hissed into the phone, pacing around your room.

“Y/N, she just became too much, she was always searching for attention from me, and she always needed to talk to me!” He tried to defend himself, and you scoffed.

“Peter, that’s what girlfriends do! So, if you can’t handle that, then maybe you should get your head out of your ass, and try thinking for once! Maybe you’ll finally mature!” You yelled, and you hated fighting with him, it killed you, but Elly hurting also broke you.

“Y/N-“ you heard him sigh on the other end.

“Goodbye Parker, see you at school,” you hung up, and ran your finger through your hair.

So, you continued being friends with the group, and Elly and Peter were just as close they were before this whole thing, though they started hanging out with you less, and they focused on their new group. You understood that, people changed, they would have other friends, but you always thought you’d be one of them.

Elly and Peter stopped talking to you, only small chats, but you still considered yourselves friends. The table was putting together a meet up, watching Disney movies, and you were so excited, until you found out you weren’t invited. You decided to confront Elly.

“Hey, Elly,” you called after her in the hallway.

“What’s up?” She grunted.

“So, I was just wondering, why was I the only one not invited tonight?” You asked, scared of the response.

“Well, we didn’t know whose house it was going to be at, so we didn’t invite you, cause we didn’t want to intrude,” she explained.

“You know it’s going to be at your house,” you said flatly, and she shrugged.

“Oh well, you still aren’t invited,” she smiled sadly, and started walking again.

“Elly!” You yelled and caught up to her. “What changed? What’s made you hate me? I thought we were best friends?” You asked, holding back tears.

She inhaled, and turned to you. “Y/N, I know about your crush on Peter, and I know you love him. So, my mom told me that once you like someone, it never goes away, so I think that you are still in love with Peter. My mom also said that you told him that you wouldn’t be friends with him, if he didn’t break up with me,” you wanted to scream that it was the exact opposite. “And as for the best friend thing, I don’t know if I can call you that anymore, you’re still my friend, but you lost that title in D.C.” she walked away again, and this time you were left in the middle of the hallway, biting back tears.

You had just lost your best friend, and it crushed you, and for reasons that didn’t make any sense, and that weren’t true. Peter. You had to find Peter.

He was probably still at his locker, so you ran to his locker, not caring who you bumped into on your way there.

“Peter! Peter!” You called as you stopped in front of him.

“Hey, what’s up?” He raised an eyebrow at your actions.

“Peter, I need you to tell Elly what happened! You don’t need to tell her why you broke up with her, just tell her what I’ve said to you in the past week! Please! She thinks that I threatened my friendship with you, if you didn’t break up with her, and you know that’s not what happened!” You ranged, and he shut his locker.

“Y/N I don’t know what you want me to do,” Peter sighed, and put his backpack on his shoulders.

What did he mean ‘what did I want him to do’? Was he really this stupid?

“Peter, I need you to tell her that’s not what happened!” You yelled at him, tears swelling in your eyes.

“Well, maybe that’s bestir she doesn’t know, Y/N,” he walked away, leaving you speechless in the middle of the hallway, again.

You lost both of your best friends that day, and the stab wound was made a hundred times worse when you overheard them talking one day.

“Oh, Y/N? Yeah, she’s an ass, that’s why I haven’t talked to her since the play ended,” you heard Elly say, and laugh a little. An ass?

“Yeah, she’s not my friend,” Peter stayed, and it shattered you. You knew Elly was manipulative, but the fact that Peter agreed with her, broke you in half.

You ran past them that day, wiping your tears with the palms of your hands, biting your lip till it bled. This was the worst thing that had ever happened to you.

So, over the next two years, you became a loner, staying on the outskirts, still participating in class. You ate in the library, and the only friend you had was the librarian, Mrs. Williams.

“Hey, Mrs. Williams,” you greeted, and took your normal place at a table towards the back of the library.

Elly and Peter stayed friends the whole time, still ignoring you. You didn’t mind anymore, sure, when you thought of it to this day, you felt tears prickling your eyes, so you tried to avoid the thought of them.

“Wait, Y/N! There’s someone who wants to talk to you, behind the A-D fantasy shelf!” Mrs. Williams smiled at you, and pointed in the direction of the shelf.

You gave her a skeptical look, and set your try down, walking over to the area cautiously. You peered around the corner and who you saw sent you back to the table, muttering.

“Nope, Nope, no, nopey, not today,” you grumbled, and set down at your table again, pulling out your book, Cherry, by Nico Walker.

“Hey,” you heard the all too familiar voice calm out in front of you.

You refused to look up, and continued reading.

“Y/N, please, I need to talk to you, it’s urgent,” Peter begged, and that’s when you snapped.

“Oh really, as urgent as two years ago, when I needed you urgently, to try and heal one of my broken friendships, only to have another one crash and burn?! After all this time, you need to speak to me? Well guess what Peter? I gave you a chance to fix things, all those years ago by the lockers, and you refused to by not telling the truth!” You screamed at him, and you felt Mrs. Williams eyes on the side of your head.

You stared at the dumbstruck boy in front of you, tears pouring down your face. You put your book back in your bag, and grabbed your lunch before storming out of the library, finding an empty classroom. You threw your tray down on a desk, and sunk to the floor, putting your head in your hands. As the memories came back to you, you started sobbing, tears pouring into your shirt.

All of the memories, before, during, and after started replaying in your head, taunting you. When you were little, you had always dreamed of a happy ending with Peter, marrying him and starting a family, but after the event, that dream was stretched far away from you.

You couldn’t hear the door to the classroom open over your sobs, and when you felt a hand on your back, you jumped, terrified. You wiped your face off, and turned around to see Peter looking at you, concerned.

“What, what do you want Peter?” You said hissed through hiccups, and he grabbed your hands.

“I want to tell you the truth, about what happened,” Peter sighed, and you scoffed. “Y/N, I never liked Elly as more than a friend, I dated her to get my mind off of someone else, the one I actually liked, but after a week, I realized that was impossible because I still saw them both everyday, and I knew it wasn’t fair to her, so I ended it. I had no idea how Elly would react, and I didn’t know that she’d blame you, and I’m sorry for not saying anything. I figure that if you weren’t our friend anymore, my, my feelings for you would go away, but they didn’t, Y/N, please, forgive me,” he pleaded, and you looked at him for a moment before leaning in.

You stopped centimeters from his face, “Peter, you didn’t try to mend things until now, you made me have a miserable two years, and I can’t forgive you for that. If you had told the truth back then, maybe I would’ve, but it’s too late. I used to dream that we’d get married, when we were younger. I’d dream that we’d have kids, and live in the suburbs, and have a happy ending, but, that can’t happen, not after what you did to me, and I’m still pissed at Elly, make sure that message gets to her, but I’m saying goodbye to you, Peter, and this is the last time,” you leaned back, and ripped your hands away from him, grabbing you stuff before leaving again.

You knew Peter and Elly would never leave your mind, you knew they’d always be haunting you, but you couldn’t forgive either of them , and you were better off without Elly, but you knew you wouldn’t be able to love someone else for a long time, and then, maybe then, you’d finally get a happy ending.


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