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jenisis27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tiny wolf spider baby! For size context the black dot is a single paint drop on our curb house number sign.
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spiders-shitposts51 minutes ago
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villainhaver56 minutes ago
Okay here me out the spider mom from demon slayer
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little-kat07an hour ago
How do i explain that like
I'm also terrified of them
Like, if I see a spider, I will shriek like the devil and run away, but then when someone offers to kill it for me i will shriek even l o u d e r and tell them if they even TOUCH that poor thing, they will feel my wrath
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midnight-love-song2 hours ago
Lads I鈥檓 sleeping on the sofa tonight. There鈥檚 the biggest spider I鈥檝e ever seen right above my bed, I know I鈥檓 being a baby but just look at it
Tumblr media
*shudder* yyyuck
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the-panmixxia3 hours ago
Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 11; Shift Shape
Original Link (by me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory
(fic is not in this font)
Janus wove through the trees with ease, large serpine body gliding through the foliage and coming to a stop at the top of a hill. From here he could see out from miles, and barely in the distance was where his babies were. The building was obnoxiously white, all straight edges and clinical, and taunting him with how close it was.
A strong, feral part of him wanted to go straight away. Smash the glass, destroy the building, scream with the fury of a parent separated from their young. Keep the humans in his own little experiment room, to torture them for information on his babies, learn everything they did and return it them tenfold.
You can't, Janus his brother chided, they could still be alive - your rampage could kill them, or an evil human could decide to kill them then and there, in front of you.
All Janus could hear was 'let the humans get away with it'
It led to an argument that died out in the early morning, once Janus had mulled it over, pulled his brother into a hug and mumbled how right he was. Patton, in return, had hugged right back before hopping off to make them both a hot chocolate that sent them off to sleep right there in the living room.
Patton appeared in the treeline then made his way over, smiling rather tense.
"Been a while since we've tried to mingle with the humans, let's hope they still love puns down there"
"Yes," the snake responded, rather dryly "heaven forbid you lose eighty percent of your conversational repertoire"
Patton tutted as his form shrunk, molding into his human form. With a soft sigh, Janus followed suit and reduced himself to the constricting body. His human form always felt strange, especially with the abnormalities of the body. The scales that trailed up his torso and across the left side of his face were incompatible with the human facade and so translate into thick scarring - serpine eye turns clouded and pale as though he were blind despite being able to see perfectly. Patton's form was very much suited to him, perfectly kind and inviting, gentleness gracing his every feature.
"Gosh, Janny, you always look so different with legs!"
Janus grimaced as he glanced down at the bipedal limbs sticking out below his waist
"Thank you for the reminder. These things always feel so strange to operate."
"Oh, poor thing. Once we've finished our stuff you can form right out of it! Now come on, we've got to get on one of those 'bus' things into town"
"Very well. Here, don't forget your wallet, you can persuade most any human with a fist full of cash."
Patton took the wallet with a smile, tucking it into the inner pocket of an expensive creme-and-blue suit. Janus was glad for the copious amounts of human wealth he'd accumulated over the years as it was surely going to be useful.
But for now, he had some documents to forge.
" You crazy lil bastard, how are you doing that?"
Remy watched the newest specimens, as he had been for the last ten minuets, the creature staring straight back at him, before it spontaneously grew something on its face - sunglasses, identical to the ones Remy wore. Of course it didn't answer his bewildered exclamation, simply watched him behind twin shades.
The intern made a note of it, cause science or something, before rounding the desk to stare some more. The thing did some rapid twirls before stopping, now with a copy of the jacket Remy came in with tucked around its vague body shape, two tentacles within the sleeves to act as arms.
"You're still a shit bag for eating my bracelet, but that's pretty funky. At least you've got some style now."
The creature simply bounced up and down in front of him, before turning its attention to spider-baby. The little thing hadn't been active at all - it accepted cuddles from Logan, but any other form of social interaction it refused, scuttling off into its little cave.
"I don't think spider-baby wants to play with you right now"
Surprisingly, the thing let out screamed like an air raid siren and rapidly zoomed around its tank before returning, this time with a new form. The baby creature, a little too big, its skin decisively green and clearly belonging to a cephalopod. Remy rubbed at his ear in discomfort from the scream.
"Uhh, yeah, real nice. That's what your spider friend looks like."
The fake spider stared blankly before miming crying, identical to the upset he'd witnessed before.
"Uh-huh, upset, spider is upset so we aren't going to bother it."
Remy didn't know why he was talking to it, or if it could even hear him, but suddenly the fake spider leaned backwards to curl up in the 'sleepy and content' position only achieved by suitable warmth and Logan scritching at its body. It took a moment since it was in water, but eventually it was on its back and miming sleep before rotating the body like it was being rocked.
He tilted his head at the weird game of charades, the creature peeping an eye open to watching him. It stilled the rocking and began fake crying, then rocked once more, stopping crying.
"Uh...rock the baby?" He mimed a baby rocking in his arms
It lurched upwards, whirring high pitched and jumping back into its own form before doing a few underwater backflips. Remy took a wild guess to say that was good.
"Yeah, I'm sure Logan will rock it when he comes back. He's having to spend his lunch going to his son's preschool, lil Prince left his lunchbox in the car, and Logan isn't evil so he's dropping it off."
Considering the strange conversation over, Remy went to sit back at the desk. When he glanced over again, the creature was in his shades and jacket again. His mouth dropped open as it began miming the same rocking motion that he did before slamming a tentacle onto the glass in the other creature's direction. Oh.
These little things were getting uncomfortably human-like.
Numbly, the intern made his way over it the enclosure, hoping that the spider wasn't in a spit-and-or-bite-Remy mood. It was curled up in its burrow, trembling despite the heat lamp, though when Remy rapped slightly on the glass door it slowly got up. Remy unlocked the enclosure and waited for it to come out on its own - it had surely had its privacy invaded enough.
Surprisingly the spider-baby crawled straight into his hands, sure it did it with Logan but Remy didn't expect the same level of trust. Still he was careful, emulating what he'd witnessed from the scientist to cradle it gently, resting on his collar bone. The legs dug in slightly but that barely mattered.
The other creature was still watching them from the tank, very closely, so Remy made his way over to it. He turned his back to the tank so the spider was facing it and slowly sat down. The octopus thing lowered itself too, lying flat on the bottom of the tank so the two creature things were nose to nose through the glass. If either of them had a nose, that is.
Remy let out a long sigh, resigned to sitting here until Logan came back and cooed over the sight. The two seemed much calmer, at least, and he'd actually got the octopus to relax for once.
Job well done, he guessed.
Patton glanced around the large lobby of the science-y building, fiddling with his briefcase idly. He'd offered to come here instead of Janus, understanding that the poor man would likely be unable to control himself, mingling with the people that stole his children. The thought invoked some pretty colourful language from Patton, too, but more so just made him nervous. What if they're already gone?
Snapped out of his musings at someone's gentle "Excuse me", he stood aside as a scientist made their way to the barrier, scanning their lanyard and getting through. Huh, that's how he got in.
Patton sighed slowly, making his way over to the receptionist. She seemed sweet enough, the name 'Dot' in cursive on her chest, looking up from the computer to smile and beckon him over.
"Hello. I've got an appointment with Doctor Lee in, oh, seven minutes. Is there a visitor pass I should've gotten earlier?"
Patton frankly didn't know who Doctor Lee was, he'd just seen her name on a large screen explaining top researches. He hoped she will worked here. The blatant lie sat heavy in his throat, but Dot didn't seem to notice it.
" Oh, no sweetie, I can print you off a temporary one here. What's your name?"
"Patton, uh, Patton Hombre-Rana"
The receptionist nodded and click-clacked away before pointing to a little white box that had a black circle on it.
"Okay, look at the camera here, on three I'll take your picture."
Patton blinked before glancing up, smiling at the strange circle. A small flash of light went off before the woman smiled.
"Great. That's printing now. You'll be able to get in and out for the next ten hours."
"Oh, thank you so much! Have a good day."
Patton took the lanyard with the new card, inspecting the image of himself on there. Cute, if a little grainy and blurred.
He stepped into an elevator, though he held the door for a few moments, non of the lurking scientists seemed to want to get in with him. A quick glance at the map that showed what was on each level, he pressed number 23.
The ride was short, filled with a gentle tune that he hummed along to. It was strange how normal this place was, he expected a sinister vibe to ooze out of this place, if they were stealing young ones.
Once on the correct floor, he began walking reading the names on every door until he came to a stop in front of one. Professor Marcellus Payne.聽The man had received many disciplinaries for unethical and illegal conduct, if anyone was going to let company secrets slip for a price it would be this guy.
After a slight sigh he knocked on, standing back, and after a moment the door creaked open. The man didn't open the door fully, just enough to stick his head through, though he could see three other people in there huddled around a desk full of papers.
"Can I help you?"
Patton smiled tersely, fiddling with his jacket sleeve. The man's eyes flickered to the expensive watch Janus had given him to 'sell the rich man vibe'
"Yes, hello. I've come to speak to you about a passion of mine. Collecting rare and extraordinary creatures. I've heard through word of mouth you have two of value in this building. I would love to add to my little private zoo"
The man's eyes went wide as saucers, darting around the corridor before opening the door.
"Yes! Yes, the rarest of creatures! Come in, we can discuss this further."
Hopefully that meant the kiddos were still alive.
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the-panmixxia3 hours ago
Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 10; A Visit
Original Link (by me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory
(fic is not in this font)
Virgil clicked softly as he woke, stretching his limbs lethargically as the noise of someone entering the room became apparent. He honestly preferred waking up to a cuddle from papa, but the two humans were okay enough to stave off most of the lonely. Of course, having his brother here was making the weird experience a bit better, but he had to wonder when he was going to go home.
A few eyes blinked open, a low rumble in his throat. The human should be there with a friendly look and breakfast, but there were new humans in the room and none of them looked particularly friendly - all walking over to his little box, reaching forwards to open it up and make Virgil feel very unsafe. Normally his human would wait for him to come down from where he slept, under the warm, but big blue hands made their way towards him quicker than he could figure out what to do.
He let out a loud wail of distress, and while he could see Remus paying attention, none of the humans seemed at all bothered by the nausea-and-headache-inducing scream. He couldn't even bite them, their hands were holding him special, legs pinned to his chest and head firmly pushed down so harsh it ached - and, what they cared about, he couldn't move to bite at that angle.
The wails and whines continued until he was held over another box and dropped. There wasn't enough time to get his feet from under himself, so the thud smacked him right in the tummy and made breathing hard for a couple of minutes. Once over the brief stun, the baby cried in earnest, but the humans didn't care and simply sealed the top of the box. The container was too small for him to pull his legs out to stand, but even if he could stand, the top of the box was too short. He just about fit when curled up like this.
"Right. Let's grab the other one" a human said, picking up the box Virgil was stuck in. A harsh feeling of unsafe and scary that forced Virgil to shut his eyes with a whine.
A single eye peeked open to watch the scary humans try and grab his brother. If Remus didn't want to be grabbed he wouldn't be, but Virgil was nervous of the humans hurting him because of the defiance. As predicted, when the top of Remus' box was pried open and a net lowered to catch him, his brother gave him a quick glance before promptly dissolving his form to sand. Once it had settled on the bottom of the tank, it was indistinguishable from the sand already there.
"What in God's name just happened? How're we supposed to contain it?"
"Well, Sanders managed it. We'll have to wait and come back, do it real quick so it doesn't have time to freak out. Just take the first one for now."
"Fair enough."
A quiet croak of surprise as the box - and by an unwilling extension, Virgil - was shifted and moved around yet again, placed inside another box that wasn't see-through and full of white chunky things that made a horrible noise as the smaller box was shoved in tight.
The box closing plunged the baby into the dark, so Virgil tried wriggling and screaming. Nothing happened. No help.
Logan made his way down the halls, consciously slowing down as Remy tried to keep up. The two had come in together, Logan had picked the student up and driven him here since his bus pass had expired and could only renew it on Friday. The alternative (and what Remy was wholeheartedly prepared to do before Logan interjected) was leaving the house in early hours for a two hour walk up a busy bypass and through several neighbourhoods. Logan couldn't have that, so Remy was to be driven over to Logan's house, coerced into a breakfast that isn't just coffee, then they'd get in the car, drop Roman off at pre-school and then drive to the science park. Logan would have to consider the merits of offering the arrangement permanently - Remy could pocket the money expected to get the pass, Logan got the peace of mind, and Roman seemed to genuinely enjoy the teens company despite the age difference. It helped that Remy also enjoyed his son's company, plus most older kids had an instant cool factor that Remy certainly fell into.
The two paused when they came to the laboratory door - usually always secure, there was a wedge in the door to keep it open, and people inside.
Logan could feel his figurative hackles raise as he stepped inside, Remy following in his stead with the chit-chat completely silent.
Four people stood inside, and Logan immediately noticed both enclosures empty - little creature's door wide open, and the newest creature wasn't swimming circles like usual.
"Excuse me, who authorised you to enter my laboratory and manhandle my specimens?"
All of them startled and turned, one in the centre narrowing their eyes in an almost challenging glance.
"Sanders! Aren't you running a little late? Too busy having a coffee date with your intern?"
"You will address me as Dr.Sanders, I didn't earn three separate doctorates to be spoken down to. I am precisely nine minutes behind schedule, and if you continue to insinuate I am courting my underage intern I will gladly lose this job to throttle you. Now, answer the question before I summon security"
Wholly unprepared to respond to all points but the latter, the stranger sniffed haughtily, producing a badge to flash the scientist - they were from the same company, but Logan didn't even bother reading it.
"Like security will do anything, we're meant to be here."
"Falsehood. No one is permitted to enter my laboratory without prior forewarning, barring instances of compulsory, spontaneous regulation checks - and if that were the case, you would've told me so by now instead of avoiding the question."
"I'm not! Listen, we've got permission to be here. We're taking the specimens, you'll be going back to your prior research. If you've got an issue with that, I suggest you take it up with your superiors."
Remy popped up behind him, scowling fiercely behind his sunglasses "You aren't taking shit!"
Ah, at least Remy had the lack of impulse control to say what Logan truly wanted to. The doctor placed a hand on the interns shoulder, to stop him from approaching the strangers, and hopefully soothe him slightly.
"Can it, kid. We've got the word to move these, they're going up for auction to private collectors."
A strange jolt of panic overtook him, "You can't, they're both still a largely unknown species, they need to remain here for studies."
The person seemed a lot more confident, sensing they'd struck a nerve "Don't worry, each auctioneer will be vetted beforehand, they'll need their own professional to provide care, and they'll be required to return the body post-mortem. So, you'll probably see them again."
"You aren't taking them anywhere. Animal welfare laws dictate as such, I'm the individual deligated to maintaining the welfare standards, as is stated on the licence aquired when the company filed to be able to legally house these two species. If you want to take these creatures, you will need to produce a written request that I must sign, then it'll take three weeks. "
The four shifted nervously, eyeing the sealed cardboard box with the words 'FRAGILE - LIVE SPECIMENS' pasted on the side. The one on the end cleared their throat,
"We'll get the paperwork, then take them"
"You can get whatever paperwork you wish, I shan't be signing it and you will not be getting them. If the facilities executives wish to go a commercial route with these creatures I will be disappointed, but they will be coming to me about that decision. I don't want any of you in here again."
Any retort was cut off by Remy, smirking "If you've got an issue with that, I suggest you take it up with your superiors."
The statement was punctuated with a sip of his Starbucks, wagging his eyebrows tauntingly as the four attempted to leave the laboratory with as much dignity as possible. Logan stood in their way, scowling.
"Where is the aquatic specimen?"
Fortunately there didn't seem to be any cruelty in its absence, one simply shrugged
"Its in its tank. Fucking thing disintegrated the second we went near it."
The middle one piped up yet again, "You massively understated the ability of its form changing. I wonder what the board would think about you lying on research papers."
Logan simply rolled his eyes at such a stupidly baseless accusation, as if he was withholding information instead of just having only had the specimen for a short period of time, deciding to not waste his breath. "Just get out"
They did, and Remy locked the door behind them, mumbling "Good job that's over, huh?"
The scientist hummed softly as he approached the box, looking between that and the tank. He wasn't sure which one he was more concerned over - little creature had been manhandle and trapped in a transport container, while the other was clearly so frightened that it had 'dissolved' as some flee mechanism. Something that was quite incredible if he hadn't found out like this.
Regardless, he reasoned, there wasn't much he could do until it decided to reform, so he set out on the caged little creature. Using a scalpel, the closest blade he had to hand, he sliced at the tape closing the box shut. Lifting the panels open, he peered in, heart breaking as its little cries started up again. A multitude of eyes staring up at him, and Logan found himself cooing softly as he gently lifted the clear container it was stored in.
It seemed bothered by the sound of the packing peanuts, clicking a whirring while meekly batting its pedipalps. Poor thing. Logan waisted no time setting it down, wincing yet again at how cramped it was - in its curled up form it touched each side of the container, and it certainly wouldn't be able to stand. He just hoped the little one wouldn't fear his enclosure now.
He next gently unlocked the top, given the cramped space Logan had to help it out, cooing soothingly as it made a multitude of 'not happy' noises
"I know, little one. I know. Its all done now, I've got you."
He sat the little thing on his shoulder, scratching at its carapace. It didn't begin to purr, but it sure did relax. The small legs stretched themselves out, cracking and creaking sadly. When it started twitching under his hold, he pulled back and mumbled tenderly,
"Down? Would you like to go - oh"
The little creature was still whimpering, but now black liquid trickled out of its eyes, catching the light and making its already adorable eyes even shinier.
Remy looked over questionably from where he was crouched to watch the tank, conspicuously not even mentioning the 'babying' of the creature, as Remy called it. Logan sniffed slightly,
"Look. Its crying."
The intern frowned at that, folding his arms and resting his head on them. Logan made his was over, sitting criss-cross with a still-distressed little creature. Remy watched it, but didn't offer any commentary as he turned his gaze back to the tank,
"Dunno where this one is"
Logan hummed at that, observing the tank himself. It looked undisturbed. He absently pet the little creature as he looked around, hoping to any diety that they hadn't lied about the creature still being in there.
He hardly even noticed when the little creature crawled down and across his thigh, settling a few legs onto the glass while the rest stayed on the scientist's leg. Little pedipalps tapping gently on the glass, too quiet to be heard by anyone but Remus.
He certainly noticed the sand movement, though, both humans watching in amazement as it formed back into the familiar creature, big eyes staring at them while the little creature chittered and cheered, tapping on the glass as the other floated towards it. The two seemed to be communicating, nuzzled up to the glass. The little creature finally started purring. Logan couldn't stop smiling.
"Dammit," Remy mumbled. Logan looked up, expecting Remy to be pouting at a mild ailment. Instead he was flushed adorably, shrugging at Logan and gesturing vaguely at the two "S'cute"
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the-panmixxia3 hours ago
Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 9; Enter Sandman (or, Snakeman)
Original Link (by me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil, Janus, Patton
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory
(fic is not in this font)
Remy had been late to work today, though he'd called ahead to sort it out first. He'd spent his morning at a routine hospital visit, though it had managed to infuriate him to no end. The waiting times were shocking, and someone's kid was screaming the whole time - not a little kid, fucker was at least eleven, and wanted to go on his confiscated ipad. The waiting room TV was broken, a constant static really grated on him, and he couldn't listen to music any more since the baby spider barfed all over it - disintegration isn't covered on the warranty, apparently. Once he'd finally gotten ushered into a second uncomfortable plastic chair, the nurse trying to take his bloods got all snappy at him just cause they couldn't insert the needle in right.
Three hours late, and with five holes in his arm instead of the predicted one, Remy was ready to have a pretty chill day in the lab - after all, they hadn't planned for anything, and was mostly just going to socialise the creatures for a bit then crack on with the research paper.
Remy really shouldn't expect things to be simple.
When he entered the lab, he really didn't expect Logan to be sitting on the floor with both creatures lose. Remy was quick to shut the door, because the last thing they needed was a containment breach - or one bigger than what Logan had already done.
"What the actual fuck, Logan"
The senior scientist looked up, eyes wide and shiny, his only response "They're friends"
He shouldn't be surprised that the man was like this, he'd practically adopted both of them the second they came in, but he still didn't know what would possess the man to do something so stupid.
At least the creatures didn't seem to be harming each other. They seemed to be engaged in a game of tag, but they both were and were not it, more just rolling/scurrying around and randomly bopping each other with whatever limb was closest. He was still lost for words when the little spider scurried up to him, doing its little wiggle dance, albeit much more animated and excitable than usual.
"You have to dance back" Logan insisted, because of course he did.
"What do you mean 'you have to dance back'?"
Logan sent him a look "Little creature is saying hello. Say hello back."
Ugh, the dude had entered full parental mode.
"I'm not dancing at it. What if I do the wrong wiggle and accidently tell the thing to go fuck itself?"
Logan silently gasped, surely considering Remy evil for denying the baby a dance "Remy"
This guy, honestly.
The little creature was waiting patiently with excited booty wiggles. The student placed his bag down, sighing before awkwardly wiggling his hips. He was rewarded for the effort, the spider trilling, bapping its pedipalps on the floor and wiggling again. Remy...had an idea where this was going, and wasn't down for it.
"Nu-uh lil guy. I'm not having a dance battle, these pants are not made for dropping it low. Have a boogie at Logan, I'm sure that old turd has some rhythm in him"
The man in question rolled his eyes as Remy went about his usual getting ready routine. The octopus thing rolled over his feet, covering his shoes in a disgusting slime, Remy scrunching his nose up in distaste. Little shit owed him a hundred and forty eight dollars already for the bracelet.
"How was the appointment?"
"Eh, alright. Just a really long waiting time."
"There's multiple plasters on your arm from the blood test."
Well, wasn't Logan all perceptive and shit today. His dad instincts must be dialled up to eleven, which was becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence.
"The nurse couldn't insert the needle properly, then kept being a dick like it was my fault."
Logans frowned, tilting his head slightly to observe the student "I apologise, Remy, that sounds incredibly frustrating and unpleasant, especially since you had to attend the appointment and deal with that discomfort on your own."
A small flush on Remy's cheeks caused Logan's frown to let up a bit "Logan, I'm not a kid, I can go to the doctors on my own"
"But you are a child"
Instead of continuing the argument that Remy was totally going to win, Logan simply smiled patted the floor next to himself, motioning the student to come sit
"Sit with me, please"
Remy stared for a moment before wondering over, trying to look nonchalant while simultaneously very careful to not slip on the miscellaneous liquids the creatures had left. Sat criss-cross next to the tall-ass scientist did make him feel like a child. Maybe that's why Logan did it.
"The creatures are enjoying each other's company, if we sit still enough one will usually come and interact."
He wasn't sure if he wanted either of them to interact, but he did as he was told and kept rather still and calm. Just sitting next to Logan numbed his frustrations a little, feeling less antsy, and soon the little spider baby was hesitantly tapping at his knee. Remy simply blinked owlishly at him but stayed still, which was apparently enough consent for the spider baby to crawl up his pants and drop down into the little gap his crossed legs made.
"Cute, isn't it?" the scientist hummed, looking rather fond.
Remy shrugged, gently reaching down to try and scratch the thing like Logan did. It took a few attempts but soon the purr started, a little smile of accomplishment on his face.
"I dunno, maybe. In a weird way."
Logan actually laughed at him, the cheeky lil shit, making Remy practically puff up in defense.
"I knew you'd grow fond of them"
Remy shook his head, "Nu-uh, only this one. That other one is a turd."
As if on cue, a loud fart noise came from across the room, where the other thing was fanned out on the wall like the most fucked up starfish ever.
The spider thing cracked oddly, rubbing its legs across its own carapace to make odd little chirps as it began clicking and bobbing - and a faint part of him whispered that it was laughing
Laughing at a fart joke of all things. And if the other creature knew to make a joke, and it wasn't some comedic coincidence, and the spider had the capacity to be amused - that had implications that hurt the caffeine-addicted student's head greatly.
It hurt Logan's head too, if the slightly horrified, wide eyed look the guy had was anything to go off.
Just as the man was going to comment, both their faces twisted up in disgust. The fart wasn't just a noise, and the shit bag had scented the air with what smelt like freshly warmed sewage.
There were humans, humans on his land. Janus felt a familiar flicker of rage within him as he perused the noise, silent and sinister and running on pure animalistic instinct as his tail let out an ominous rattle.
The group of humans didn't seem to hear it, thankfully, talking amongst themselves and holding a strange device while moving around the floor leaves. Perhaps hunting? He had to get closer, shifting his body, tail now a textured brown with the odd scale a moldy green. In the dim light of the heavily dense forest, human eyes were pitiful. His tail would look like tree roots, of perhaps a fallen log. He leant his torso across a large oak, ears focused.
"I just don't think we're gonna find anymore creatures round here,"
Creatures? If it were a species the humans knew, Janus would expect them to call it 'animal'
"You don't know that! We caught two, very close together, and they can't be the only ones, especially since the first one is apparently young it's gonna have parents somewhere. This whole forest has barely been touched, there's not even a single footpath, no one goes in there. Who knows what's evolved in this place. "
" Mm. But it just feels like a waste of money setting these traps up, we could spend our time and money on what we already have and conduct some really good research. Hell, Logan should have a whole floor to himself for the specimens. Did you see the tank? Way too small, that's probably why it's so restless鈥"
Two caught? Research? Tank? Something like dread bubbled in his gut like hot tar, paternal fear clinging to the inside of his throat, he gripped the bark until the tree cracked under his hands. The humans heard that, backing away slightly, then frowning at each other. The taller one placed the device down and kicked some leaves over it.
"C'mon, Cal, we're going back to the labs," the blonde one whined, tugging the other back to their machine. Cowards.
Soon the two were gone, and though Janus would've loved to give chase. Catch them. Tear them to shreds and leave their bodies for the avians. He focused his attention on the side of the machine, the logo and accompanying name.
There was no doubt, the two were scientists and it was all but confirmed that his two babies had ended up there. A sort of wordless grief overtook him, images of Virgil crying out for him, each perfect little leg ripped off and pinned next to him like butterfly taxidermy. His glands delicately slit to seep out his unique venom. Remus sliced open, to watch his muscles work as the youngling tried to escape, the sweet little horror would be so fascinating that they'd likely keep him alive for the longest.
He glanced down at the blankets in his arms, one was Virgil's, fluffy purple thing that the baby absolutely loved being swaddled in and just. Carried around while Janus did the chores. He had it on him at all times, thoughts of finding Virgil lost in the woods, all cold and sad, just cooing and wrapping his baby up while he let out the adorable chitters that everyone loved him for.
Remus' blanket was technically a towel, the thing old and threadbare and half eaten due to the toddler's monstrous teething phase. Remus often had to be forced out of his pool, wrapping the little thing up so cosy kept many complaints away.
The thought that these could be the closest thing he was going to ever have of them...just wouldn't do. He couldn't allow it. Even if he was just recovering bodies, even if his children were shattered, he needed them home. Janus slowly rose to his full height, clutching the fabrics close with his lower arms as his face steeled in determination.
A crinkle of leaves behind him, Janus whipped around.
His brother.
"It's the humans," he cried, in lieu of a response "The humans have my babies"
The other's face was blank as he digested the information, throat poach twitching was the only give for his distress, before humming in a false calm.
"Well, we'll have to go find them, then. Won't we?"
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i went down to the basement to get gatorade the other day and a couple of those huge millipede things came scuttling out and now im too scared to go back down there
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Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 8; Din-Dins, Re-Re!
Original Link (by me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory
(fic is not in this font)
Coaxing the little creature out of its curl was getting progressively easier, Logan speaking gently and carefully smoothing its defensive spikes down until the creature slowly uncurled and chittered at him. Twenty-three minutes was a record for him, and he rewarded with some mashed bananas.
Since Remy reported that the creature had been active when he came in, Logan wanted it to sleep now - especially since they weren't going to be giving it attention for a while. He'd already switched on the heat lamp, and normally that was enough to get it to nap.
Not today, apparently, as the little thing stood stubbornly, clicking and chittering. Logan had tried to lure it up to the lamp with a banana, and it had worked for a moment, until the banana was all gone and the little thing scurried back down with a chirp. Remy had found that extremely amusing, and instead of helping had just sat back to watch.
"Come on, little one. I know you're tired, sleep up here with the lamp - you enjoy the lamp, it's very warm, isn't it?"
He found himself yet again testing that the lamp was sufficiently warm - and it was - before watching its reaction. The creature simply bobbed in place, slower and more sluggish than usual, but still unwilling to at least curl up and rest if it wasn't going to sleep. His mind pulled up fond memories of Roman doing the same, seated on his toy horse, rubbing at his eyes but insisting he stay awake.
"I don't know what you want, little creature. Is something wrong with your enclosure? Are you still hungry? You can have lots of food later if you go to sleep now. Please"
Across the laboratory, Remy watched with an air of amusement. Logan had sent him with a few dollars to get himself a new coffee - it was a ridiculously dad-type move, and Remy would've declined if it weren't for the free coffee. He drew the line when Logan offered his own coat to wear, though, he'd rather stroll into Starbucks all stained and cold and shit than wear the man's too-big coat and look like an actual child wearing his dad's clothes.
He was leaning comfortably on the tank, and spared a side glance to the thing inside. Oddly, it had stopped its high-speed circle swimming to stare at Logan and the spider baby. Ah well, it was probably focused on the noise Logan was making, or sizing the little thing up for food.
"What a sight, hmm?" He found himself musing to the creature next to him "the great scientist, Logan Sanders, negotiating with his specimen over nap time"
Remy smirked to himself for a moment before recoiling and jumping back, staring at the aquatic creature who seemed to stare right back.
"The fuck am I doing, talking to you guys. Lo's rubbing off on me, I'm losing it. Screw this, imma go get the food prepared." he turned to address Logan "Is this the list of foods to get?"
Logan wasn't even looking at him, barely engaged as he seemed to be gently encouraging the spider up with his hand "Mm. Yeah, that's the one"
Remy snickered and put down the piece of paper he'd been doodling on earlier, grabbing the actual list before leaving, idly considering the merits of jokingly getting Logan a 'world's best dad' mug before realising the lovable idiot would probably just thank him and not realise the joke.
Even as Remy left, Logan was wholly focused on the spider creature, trying yet again to lead the little thing up to its usual napping location. It would follow his fingers excitably, patting at the digits with it's pedipalps and chittering to try and play - until it noticed where Logan was leading it and scurried off. The little creature was down right lethargic, and Logan surely could've let it pass out on a random web now that it was exhausted, but that didn't seem fair at all to the cutie.
He tried to use his experience with Roman, and considered a solution that would definitely get him mocked if Remy were in the room. Luckily he was not, so Logan scooped the tiny creature up for the cradling hug. The other creature struck its tank rather harshly and Logan had only a moment to worry about it being a possible threat display that would spook the other, before the creature on his shoulder rattled its carapace. It was much quieter than the rapid banging but, amazingly, the rattling caused the other to instantly go silent. The two were engaged in a silent conversation, the creature using its pedipalps to rub at its own face in a way Logan had never observed before. Floating for a moment, the new creature was completely still as tentacles fanned out to expose more and more eyes staring right into Logan's soul before it finally blinked and sped off back to lap circles.
Strange behaviour that he'd have to note later, but for now Logan focused on the creature in his arms and getting it off to sleep. He began with scratching at its carapace soothingly - the purr started up like a car engine, making Logan smile wide as he slowly walked laps of the laboratory in hopes of soothing it to sleep.
It seemed to be working, the creature settling and nuzzling insistently into the nape of his neck with the pedipalps tapping gently at the skin without its little fangs even so much as scraping his skin. Even for an infant animal, the little thing tamed easily and sometimes acted so much like an actual human baby it hurt.
The creature certainly knew this motion, and it made Logan curious as to how its parents behaved - a part of him certainly wanted to watch it being cradled by a mama creature, the thought was endearing.
Forty minuets passed and the creature was certainly asleep at this point, all limbs tucked in and trusting Logan to not drop it, considering it didn't have any limbs holding on to his shirt. It felt precious, even as he gently lifted it off to settle it in front of its heat lamp, smiling warmly as he secured the enclosure door.
With that sorted all of Logan's focus could go on the other creature, idly speeding laps of its tank. He did find it rather cute, though in a more abstract way. It reminded him of Roman, in a different way to the little creature, the energy and mischief and sometimes playful disobedience that made Logan smile even though he really shouldn't be encouraging it.
"Hello. Are you having fun in your tank? It's a lovely tank, I hope it's enough like your home that you don't miss it too terribly."
The creature actually stopped as he spoke, which was interesting, like it was actually focused on Logan speaking. Though surely it was just lured by the noise and was watching Logan to gauge if he was a threat. Surely.
" Is my voice interesting? I wonder what you think of all this, being taken to a lab. Must be strange, but we aren't going to hurt you. In fact, once Remy gets back, you're going to get some dinner. Won't that be nice?"
For a moment he could almost imagine the creature nodding before the laboratory door opened, a winded Remy tugging along a trolley packed with food. Logan rushed over to help the effort, feeling slightly guilty that he sent the student off to collect the heavy load, especially since this was the dodgy trolley which two of the wheels don't wheel at all. Together they had the trolley situated in front of the tank, Logan checking that everything was on the list while Remy took a breather.
"In my bag there is an unopened bottle of water if you need it. It is flavored lightly with peach, as that is the only way I can get Roman to drink water"
Remy gave a wordless grunt, taking him up on his offer and going to retrieve the bottle. After finishing the bottle in one go, the usual sass returned
"Are the US military rations supplied there? Fuck that, is the actual military in there?"
Logan chuckled at that as he gathered the necessary paperwork
"Apologies, I know you shouldn't be handling heavy loads such as that. The trolley contains two separate coolers and a heater to store food, each with their own battery, so it is incredibly heavy even when not loaded with food."
It seems the student had no sass for a genuine apology, shrugging nonchalantly is beginning to prepare the foods they were going to try. Various fish, crustaceans, red and white meat, and a few root vegetables to try. Logan had selected both land and aquatic foods, considering it was found in the middle of a forest and so conceivably, could hunt above water.
First, Remy handed him a sizable cut of pollock along with a cut of haddock. He dropped the chunks from the opening at the top of the tank. It was simply remarkable to watch, the fish had barely touched the water before it shot up, swallowing both chunks in a mouth that Logan couldn't see through all the tentacles before dipping back down to continue circling, unbothered. Logan openly gasped in awe while Remy made a vaguely disgusted noise.
"Incredible. We'll have to measure how fast it can travel, and probably request a larger tank so it may have some space to reach maximum velocity."
Remy grumbled something about that being 'totally great', which seemed contradictory with Remy's general attitude to the new creature, before handing over the next fish chunk.
The routine continued, the creature never once rejecting a cut of fish or meat. He'd even dropped in a few shellfish, in hopes of watching the incredible dexterity of the limbs work to crack open the hard shell, but the creature simply consumed them all with a large crunch. It also didn't seem to be getting any fuller, which was strange, Logan would have to experiment with the best feeding schedule. The sleepy little creature was fed daily, every morning by Logan, along with treats (often bananas or berries) for being cooperative...or sometimes just for being cute, Logan had to admit.
As they got up the vegetables, and it seemed that the creature was going to finish everything offered, Logan decided it would be a good idea for Remy to try to feed it. Not only would it be good as a student, Logan would very much like him to warm up to both creatures, especially this one as he continued to be wary.
"No. No. Absolutely not, I won't and you can't make me"
Logan sighed at that, "You're studying for a bachelors in biology with hopes of being employed at this facility after graduation. You will need to learn how to feed the specimens, this one is feeding well, it's a great place to start"
He made sure to keep his tone calm, and only a little like how he spoke to children, Remy kept his face and tone blank as he responded.
"Fine, I'm changing courses"
"No you're not"
"Am too!" Despite the students' protest, he took the food with only a slight grumble.
"Just drop the yam into the tank - it rarely even breaks water when it comes to eat. Just be careful."
Remy perched daintily on the edge of the tank, staring at the vegetable with such dread it was rather amusing. From the position on the ground, he could see the creature more clearly and how it seemed to notice the food before it had even dropped. As he saw the yam be dropped, the creature yet again shot upwards. Only it completely missed the food, rocketing up. Almost in slow motion, the fear dawned on the scientist as it jumped up to wrap itself completely around Remy's wrist.
Understandably, Remy's reaction was a loud, startled scream as he began shaking his arm rapidly. Logan practically flew up the steps along the tank to reach the top, to attempt to pry the thing off, but it had unlatched itself before he even got there, dropping back into the water and meandering lazily to go and eat the yam. Focus switched to ensuring Remy was not injured. They knew it could produce hazardous chemicals, and Logan didn't know what he'd do if he'd caused Remy to jeopardise an arm just because he wanted him to overcome his nervousness.
"Shit, fuck it fucking -" the poor student was still shocked, gesturing wildly at his arm. Logan was only able to mumble a soft "I know, I know" as he inspected his arm.
The skin showed no discolouration or irritation or even any teeth marks and after a few heaving breaths, Remy was able to blink at Logan and say,
"It's鈥t's not hurting or anything. It just squeezed me a bit, and scared me, a lot."
A weight lifted off Logan's shoulders, sighing in relief and nodding. He reached over and shut the lid of the tank to prevent anymore mischief, pulling out his work phone and dialing
" I'm still going to ask someone from the medical staff to check you over - ah, hello, Terrance, would you be able to come to my laboratory -"
Remy sighed at the dad-ing going on right in front of his eyes, rolling them behind his shades and inspecting his own arm. It felt fine, just slimy and smelling vaguely fishy. Honestly he was already over the scare, he put up with worse shit in this laboratory. A soft tap on the glass made him notice that the spider baby had been awoken by his screaming and seemed rather antsy if the pacing was anything to go by. As if the creature had the capacity to be concerned for him, but still, he held the arm up for inspection and the little thing did seem to be watching it.
In hopes of easing it, he reached to tap on the glass like their usual game. Only to stop, and stare at his wrist. Remy wore a silver bracelet 24/7 that had an engravement to list his allergy to tree nuts and peanuts, as well as contact information if he's found choking in an alley or some shit.
Only it wasn't on his wrist like usual, he hadn't taken it off - the bracelet was medical and clung tightly to the skin so it wasn't a laboratory hazard. A light scoff escaped him as he turned to point an accusatory finger at the shit-bag currently staring at him from the tank
"That little turd ate my bracelet!"
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Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 7; Cheese鈩
Original Link (by me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory
(fic is not in this font)
Remus was bored. Remus was restless.
He'd been trapped in this stupid box for too long - and the dumb humans had left him alone for twenty whole minutes. Well, not entirely alone. His brother was here! Little Virgie was crawling up the side of his own little box, whining and clicking in upset.
The humans just left him all sad like that! Papa wouldn't let him cry like that, it was sad to listen to - so Remus decided to go over and cheer him up. It was laughably easy to escape; papa often put him in 'time out' boxes which took a lot of thought to break out of! Sometimes when papa wanted a lot of self care time, Remus would be put in a box in a box in box. Remus always loved papa's big smile when he escaped.
This box had holes on the top, which papa would never be stupid enough to do. Holes in boxes were easy as liquid poop when you didn't have bones!
With a wet pop, Remus was free from the stupid box. Virgil whirred from his stupid box, so Remus made a show of dropping to the floor face-first with a crunch. His bro was swaying side to side and tapping the glass - excited at Remus' theatrics.
Remus made a show of peeling himself off the floor slowly, body shape shifted to look like he'd been turned into an actual pancake. It certainly amused the baby, letting out excited little "tsst. Tssstssst!" noises at Remus. With that, Remus slinkered up to Virgil's box to inspect the lock. It wasn't even a lock! Just flip it down then slide the bolt - there were four of these but they were still ridiculously easy. If Virgil wasn't a baby he'd be able to escape no problem.
He swung the box door open, vibrating with excitement as the click click click of Virgil's running got closer. Remus allowed his form to shift into his usual look, just in time for his spidery-lil-bro to land on his shoulder and nuzzle into him.
"Heya, Vee-Vee! Are you okay? Have them snotty little humans hurt you?"
Virgil let out a quiet little 'vvrrrr' as he fussed, climbing all around Remus and nuzzling under his jaw with loud, cracking noises - he must be upset.
"We've been looking for you all days and nights! Promise! Even papa is scared, he carries your blankie around everywhere just in case he finds you all sad"
That was the wrong thing to say to a baby since the next thing he knew, Virgil was letting out a horrid noise. A mix of rusty metal and a piggy squeal - it was a noise Remus would've loved, if it wasn't from his brother crying. He pulled back from the hug to see big, goopey, purple tears falling from all of Virgil's eyes.
"Oh! Don't cry Vee, he's gonna come real soon and take us home, and he'll crush these stinky humans with his bare hands and then I'll grow actual bear hands to eat their bodies then the bears will poop on the floor!"
Remus was expecting a laugh but oddly enough, the visual didn't amuse Virgil like it usually did, instead he cried a little harder, loud clicks as his tough body rumbled. Remus bundled him up on his little arms, rocking the baby like papa did whenever Virgil was overcome with terror. It took a while to work, not as smooth and rhythmic as papa, but soon the clicking stopped and the tears lessened, though his leg spikes still dug into Remus' skin. That was alright.
"It's alright, Virgie. You don't want the stinky humans to be crushed?" His brother whined, dipping his body and shaking a no "Why not? I saw the tall one steal all your webs! You'd have spat all over papa for that!"
Virgil turned to look at his box, inspecting the webbing as though he'd only just noticed. His legs clicked before he scuttled off back into the box.
Remus knew Virgil can take a while to give an answer, or do something, and pestering him only stressed him out. So he occupied himself with stealing pens and licking them, watching the plastic bubble away and disintegrate. Papa never let him do this in his office! It was kinda fun, but then Virgil was emerging back out with something in his hands.
"Oh! It's a moldy block!"
Virgil chittered an affirmative, bopping slightly on his way over. They both loved moldy blocks, papa rarely let them have any because they both got rather...hyper, so to speak. The last time, the two had an impromptu paintball in the house - though instead of paint, the two were spitting black and green goop at each other, both colours causing unique degrees of destruction all over papa's expensive decorations.
The block was dropped in front of him, Virgil clapping his front legs encouragingly.
"The humans gave you the block?" a nod, and Remus laughed slightly "you like the humans because they give you food?"
Virgil hissed softly, dropping his head to shake it, causing Remus to panic slightly "They don't give you food??"
Luckily, Virgil shook his head again, totting over to the block and plopping onto it. He began purring, like when you scratch him, and tapping his legs playfully. It took Remus a minute to figure out what his brother was trying to say
"You like the humans because they take care of you?"
At that his brother squee'd gently and bobbed cheerfully, making Remus grin, a tentacle spawning out his side out of excitement. He loved being praised, especially from his brother.
"You're too soft, Vee-Vee. They're humans, papa is gonna want to smoosh them just for that! Besides they stole you, then me!"
Virgil made a variety of sad noises, though he nodded along, because it was true. The humans stole him and he missed papa so much. He missed being cuddled and played with and pet - the humans did that, too, but only sometimes.
He'd missed his brother, too, and he leant forward to push the block towards him. Remus' eyes bulged, literally, as he scooped the block up.
"For me?"
Virgil chittered and cooed, because yes, he saved it for Re. His brother grinned, so he knew he'd done good, before shoving it in his mouth whole - a manner that papa definitely would've told him off about.
Still, Remus was very happy, the snack was very delicious and he found himself scooping his brother up again for a cuddle. It was nice, warm, but there were voices outside now and suddenly Virgil was twisting out his arms with a whine. Remus let go of him, and the baby scurried off into his box - with a sigh, Remus slid the stupid locks back into place so no one knew Virgil had escaped the stupid box.
Remus didn't really want to go back into his, but what if they separated him and Virgil cause he was being naughty? He couldn't have that.
But he could have some fun in the box!
Remy finished chatting to Joan, unlocking the door as they turned down the corridor out of his eyesight. He'd have to ask where they got that skirt from later, his ass would look radiant in it.
Familiar with the routine, Remy sipped at his drink as he shed his jacket, placed his bag in the cubby, and donned the unflattering white lab coat. What wasn't familiar was the spider thing making so much noise - whining and clicking, tapping on the glass fiercely. It didn't seem like it was trying to get Remy to play again, something was definitely bugging it.
Technically he should ping Logan to get him up here, to record and locate the issue, but the guy was such a dad he'd definitely freak out. Remy crouched next to the little thing, tapping back at it on the glass. It only whined higher, flattening itself and shaking its butt at him.
"Girl, what is up with you? You keep being weird I'll have to get Lo, and he'll be all sad and shit"
The clearly flawless negotiations didn't work, and the little thing continued to whine at Remy. He almost threw in the towel, before realising that there was another creature here, one that might've been pissing the spider-baby off.
Remy turned to inspect the massive tank, frowning deeply as he failed to see the creature within.
"Uhhh" he stepped closer to inspect the tank, hoping the thing was chilling in the plant bed, because a missing specimen would be very bad.
It was nowhere to be found, even as Remy paced around the whole tank, tapping to try and lure it out. Nothing. Finally, Remy leaned real close against the glass, butting his forehead and searching every corner for any sign of life.
"Shit, it's gone. Logan's gonna - HOLY FUCK"
Remy was on his ass within a second, coffee spilt all down him. The stupid thing had appeared out of no where, slamming up against the glass with a horrible screech that almost drowned out Remy's own scream.
From its position smushed against the glass, Remy could see an eerily human mouth, buried within the mass of tentacle arms. He swore he saw the fucking thing blow a raspberry at him before it slid off the glass with a disgusting squelch and swam off to continue it's usual swimming. It took a while for heart to stop racing as he stared blankly. Faintly, he was aware the spider had gone silent and when he turned, the little thing was curled up in a ball. Most likely also startled.
Remy slowly peeled himself off the floor, grimacing at all the sticky mess. Ugh. Time to clean this shit up, he guessed.
By the time Logan returned from his lunch break, Remy was grumpily mopping up his spilled mess, shirt thoroughly stained. The scientist stared at him, confused, and Remy full blown pouted.
"That," he shook the mop at the newest creature "Scared the shit outta me! Spilt my coffee everywhere"
Logan blinked, and came forward to inspect the intern "Coffee? Did you run the burns under cold water?"
Remy sighed and pulled back his arm, brow raising from behind the tinted out glasses "Nah, babes, the coffee was iced coffee. No burns, just a sore arse and a scare. Spider has been curled up since"
Logan nodded and hummed, glancing over at the enclosure. The spider was still very much curled up - he was going to go over, and turned to speak with Remy to gather some supplies, but found himself smiling at Remy's pouty expression.
"Girl, what are you smiling at now?"
"Nothing, nothing. You just look so young when you're pouty like that"
It had the desired effect, Remy squawking in offence and smacking Logan's arm "Oi! Quit with that dad-ing right now! No ma'am no ma'am! Go baby that spider thing instead!"
Logan laughed again, patting Remy's arm on his way to go take care of his not a spider creature. Cause that's his job and Logan is always, completely, professional.
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Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 6; Toddlers and Tentacles
Original Link (by me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory
(fic is not in this font)
"Okay, what the fuck is that"
The student was staring blankly at the new creature as it was dropped into a large tank of sea water. A strange mass of tentacles wriggling and writhing around so much that one couldn't determine the actual form. The instant it was fully submerged in the water, it began lapping the enclosure at a rapid speed. Logan made a mental note to test its speed later, but was more intrigued when neon green bubbles erupted from the creature and bubbled up to the surface - the scent was unpleasant at best, and he spent no time rushing to the supply closet to get ventilators as a precaution.
"Remy, you'll need to wear this until we confirm the gas it is excreting isn't toxic. Dr Picani and Dr Stokes - thank you for performing the transfer, but I ask you leave to avoid being exposed further"
The two nodded, bolting the top of the enclosure shut before making their exits, leaving behind the case file at Remy muttered a 'later, babes'
With the two remaining scientists adequately ventilated, they approached the new creature for initial observations - it was certainly lively, never quite staying still. Perhaps it needed to keep moving, or it felt threatened by its capture. His musings were interrupted by a gentle elbow to his arm, Remy pouting up at him and jabbing his thumb towards the other little creature, in its enclosure across the room, cloth draped over it so it wouldn't be startled by all the commotion.
"Isn't spider-baby gonna get gas attacked too?"
Logan's eyes widened as he hurried over, scanning the clipboard next to the enclosure about its machinations. A sigh of relief,
"The enclosure runs on its own oxygen supply, though when taking the creatures out, a grace period of around thirty minutes to allow adequate ventilation. Whatever gas this creature is producing, it will end up in the filtration system. I'll send someone to go and analyse it. "
Remy nodded absently, watching the octopus-like creature still speeding around.
" You're not going to adopt this one as well, are you? "
Well, Logan couldn't confidently answer that.
After nearly forty minutes to allow the creature to settle (it didn't) and setting up the station for observation, it was time to get it out. The scientist that captured it had assured Logan that the creature was fine out of water but they kept a pail of water out, just in case.
"Alright, open the hatch, please. And be on guard, this one is likely to be more active than the other"
Net at the ready, Logan waiting for Remy to unbolt then lift the hatch, dunking the net in. It took less than a minute for the creature's rapid movements to get tangled up, the scientist quick to lift it out, manhandling it out of the net and into the transportation box - Remy quick to secure the lid.
"Perfect work. Let's get it down, be careful on the steps."
The two lifted the carrier by the handle, careful as they took the steps down the side of the tank. The creature was still flailing around, and up close he could see eyes peeking from between the tentacles. A familiar fondness bubbled within him as he watched, gently depositing the creature on the desk.
"There's no way we can get that out, it's too wriggly"
Logan hummed in thought, watching it writhe. It wouldn't be preferable, but he was sure they'd manage.
"We'll keep it in the box to weigh, then we'll use the velcro restraints, keeping the tentacles in groups of three. It'll prevent such extreme wriggling and make it easier to count"
It was agreed, and getting the box full of squirming aquatic life was no easy feat but eventually they got the measurements - a hefty 14.6kg. Clearly the main mass is the muscle of the tentacles, that were already slamming on the lid to get out.
Next step was to restrain the creature, they were going to perform the physical test, before Logan got - quoted from Remy - "Too attached to the fucking thing to not cry"
Logan accepted the sentiment, no matter how much it stung his pride. The two opened the lid, thick gloves on as they rushed in to pin it - grabbing at the tentacles and collecting them in groups of three to bind them together. It was no means easy, and Logan found himself joining Remy in the litany of cursing.
"We got eight bundles and two left over, so it has a total of twenty six tentacles"
As Logan taped up the last two, Remy scribbled on the clipboard, muttering
"Excellent deduction, Professor. Loving the research."
Logan sighed at the comment, stepping back from the restrained creature, though as he did the many eyes peeking through continued to stare at him for a long moment before the silence was broken by a popping sound. Another tentacle had sprouted out, then another, and another, and another -
"Alright, this filter isn't working, I'm clearly high as balls right now"
The student looked rather disgusted at the thing as it began writhing all over again. Logan, on the other hand, was wholly fascinated. It seemed the creature was capable of some degree of shape-shifting or mass redistribution. Incredible.
"Let's get the blood and tissue samples. Thankfully no one is expecting us to measure this thing, they got an approximation of thirty-eight inches, and if you make an inappropriate joke about that I will ask you to leave -"
Logan collected the tools necessary to take samples while Remy spluttered vaguely offended noises. Logan would be extracting the tissue and blood, while Remy would yet again be restraining the creature. He handed over the simple restraint - a pole with a hook on the end, similar to ones used to restrain snakes, and would serve a similar purpose to hold down the tentacle. The student sighed, leaning into the container to apply suitable force in keeping the body restrained.
Only, Remy got close enough, the creature let out a sound that was almost like a giggle before there was a burst of bright colour. A fine green mist coated the air, staining the room in pigment in a vivid Kelly-Green mist. It took Logan a few moments to realise it was a smoke bomb. The creature had essentially tagged them.
"What the hell! I just got nickelodeon slim-ed. Now I know how Demi Lovato felt."
"I don't believe this is slime, Remy" the professor quipped, rather dryly, to which the student simply scoffed.
It was a good thing their ventilators were full faced, protecting their face and exposed skin from that burst, though the explosion kicked up a fine powder that was still settling in the air. It seemed in their moment of stunned stillness, the creature made another break for escape, quiet and other worldly noises being emitted.
Logan sighed softly and made quick work of wrestling the creature, who didn't seem particularly offended.
"Prepare the slide and vial, Remy. It's a little unorthodox but I'm getting the samples like this"
Clearly thrilled at not having to pin the Cephalopoda, Remy hurried around the table, leaving a light dusting of green in his wake. Luckily the vials had a lid on, else they'd be contaminated. Logan selected the 16-gauge needle - to be able to collect even fairly viscous blood. Remy was quick to attach it with an attached vacutainer blood collection tube, that would gather 0.23 fluid ounces. Logan made a mental note to praise Remy's assembly skills in the report he files to the student's University every quarter year.
With that taken care of, Logan applied a firm pressure to the base of his selected tentacle, restricting movement as he lined up the needle. With no knowledge of the creature's vein system, he just pierced what seemed to be a continuous muscle - from the way it flexed during movement - and was forced to hold the line in while blood was drawn. Usually tape would be used, but the muculent skin and constant flailing made that rather unachievable.
Blood should have started being drawn by now, but still far not a drop had trickled out into the tube. Remy was watching Logan, probably thinking he'd done something wrong in the assembly of the line - but no, it was perfect. Perhaps the creature didn't have a circulatory system? But surely if it was following the genetics of, say, flatworms, nematodes, or cnidarians, it would need to be constantly on the ocean floor to collect nutrients and oxygen directly. Yet another peculiarity, a part of him wanted to be excited about all of the traits this creature was exhibiting and what research could be done.
But mostly he was strangely and deeply concerned about this creature becoming a lab rat or dissection study.
With a sigh, Logan withdrew the needle, only to pause. The needle wasn't there, only a nib of metal that looked as though it had been corroded off. He shared a glance with Remy, who swallowed thickly.
"Shit, it just ate your needles, babes. Hopefully it won't die or whatever, but does that mean it's blood is corrosive?"
That did seem to be the correct assumption, though it unfortunately made his life a whole lot more difficult.
"It seems a tissue sample will likely yield similar results, so I will have to write up why physical data is not being presented but it seems the creature is best to be put back onto its enclosure. I've sent Picani out on the boats, they're collecting various surplus sea life creatures as possible food sources for the creature, we'll test that later. "
Remy nodded with the sigh of a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. The two wordlessly picked the box up after sealing the lid, more than ready to get the cretin back in its tank.
After that ordeal, and sending the needle and pigments off for analysis, the two scientists shared a quiet lunch in the cafeteria before returning to tend to the tamer of the two creatures. Despite its arachnid appearance, the creature had traits much more in line with the Manidae family. It took a lot more than logic and facts to stop Remy from assigning a nickname, though.
" Yoohoo, spider baby, its spring cleaning babes!"
The student hoisted up the sheet they'd placed over the creature to prevent it from seeing out, in case seeing the new creature causes distress, surprisingly enthused. Though that extra energy may be attributed to Logan donating an extra three dollars for Remy to 'supersize' his meal with cheese bites and fries.
The creature wasn't asleep like it usually was when left in the dark. It seemed rather preoccupied in its small burrow, not even coming to greet the scientist. Hmm.
Logan unlocked the enclosure, comfortable enough to know the creature wasn't going to attack or try and escape.
"Hello, little creature. I hope you're well. I just need to take some of your webbing. It's gorgeous, but you see, I can't view you through the glass because it's so thick."
As he was talking, and adorably the creature was focusing on him fully, Logan was gently using a wooden hooked tool to gently pull down the truly impressive mass of webbing. The actual webbing was incredible, not only was the colour gorgeous - a rich and dark grey that shone purple in the right light - but from the tests conducted by Doctor Stokes, it's textile strength beat that of the Darwin Bark Spider. A record breaker, once the go ahead was given to release the knowledge of this animal to the public. A day that Logan鈥 was not looking forward to.
Still, the creature was under 24 hour surveillance and he'd received complaints that it had completely obscured its own enclosure.
As Logan chatted away, hopeful to keep the creature docile and not noticing its den being dismantled, the creature had wandered off into the burrow. It took a while to see what the creature was doing in there, but it was slowly consuming the black substance it had left all over the cheese. Logan whispered for Remy to take notes, not wanting to move away and startle it into stopping.
Not once did the creature try to eat the actual cheese, and once all the secretion was removed, Logan had to flinch in disgust. The cheese was molded away as though left for years - black and blue mold swarmed the block, and any yellow showing through the decay was almost grey.
Okay, that was disgusting.
Grabbing the nearby bin, Logan reached in, intent on taking the block off the creature. After all, it wasn't interested in eating it - perhaps the black substance changed while on the cheese and was enjoyable to eat - and it wouldn't be sanitary to keep decaying lactose with the creature. Surely.
"I apologise, little creature, but I need to remove this. It's dirty" he tried to say this with conviction but the creature already looked upset, making warbles and whines reminiscent of the dreaded physical.
Any attempt to grab was met with fury, the creature lunging and biting at Logan's gloves. He didn't like seeing it so upset, so instead Logan scooped the creature up. Sure, he could've swiped the block right now, but Logan was okay with claiming that he just wanted to see what the creature would do with it (and not that he 100% was guilt tripped)
"Shh, shh little creature. I won't steal your cheese, if you really want it."
"Love your authority, doctor. Such a leader"
Logan skillfully ignored that comment.
Quite stupidly, Logan pulled the creature close for an on-the-shoulder hug as though the creature was his baby, scritching away at the carapace and mumbling. Mostly to himself.
This continued for a few moments, the creature coming close to his neck. It totally could've bitten and possibly killed Logan, and he'd have totally deserved it for being stupid. But no, it simply purred away, nuzzling as though familiar with this form of contact. Fascinating, and adorable - a rather extensive summary of Logan's thoughts on the creature, in all honesty.
"The executive board would be foaming at the mouth right now"
Logan glanced at Remy, blushing sheepishly. He was certainly breaking so many codes of conduct.
"I'm surprised they haven't sent someone down to slap me up the head, they're normally quick to act on what's going on in the cameras."
He just hopes he wouldn't get fired for the impromptu snuggle session with the one-of-a-kind species that's also confirmed as poisonous.
Not the worst way to go, he supposed.
Though Remy simply smirked, jabbing a thumb in the general direction of the camera.
"Don't worry, soft arse. They aren't seeing anything."
Logan followed the motioning, and gleeful smile on his face as he realised that none of that had been observed.
The camera was still covered in green, after all.
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Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 5; Play!
Original Link (by me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory
(fic is not in this font)
By the time midday rolled around, Logan had somewhat recovered from the surprise of the critter's cute habits, though that's not to say he stopped giving it scratches every so often just to watch its reactions. He was excited to move onto their plans to try and engage the little one, and thankfully he'd remembered the toys he'd packed - though probably only as he'd put them in his car last night.
The box contained some of Roman's old toys, sanitised, obviously, and carefully checked to make sure it couldn't pull anything off that it could then try to eat. He'd also packed a few basic enrichments - a ball, some toilet roll tubes, paper straws.
They'd allowed the creature free roam of the table, trusting its docility - and the security of the locked door and windows. It seemed to appreciate just standing near either scientist as they worked, occasionally coming closer to sit next to them. Remy was skimming lab results as Logan set up some coloured blocks,
"He's a baby"
Logan glanced up, quirking a brow. He wholeheartedly expected Remy to be discussing one of his many crushes posting something on social media, but the students attention was still on the files before him.
"What do you mean? Who's a baby?"
Remy pointed his pen at the creature, who chittered and began inspecting the clicking mechanism. Logan blinked slowly, watching the creature.
"The blood and DNA tests. It's a male and the protein count indicates it's still an infant."
Logan still couldn't articulate a response, staring at the creature blankly as it played with Remy's pen, batting at it and chittering as Remy slowly moved it back and forth. It certainly made sense, how easily he was able to warm up to the two dedicated to its care, its habit of mimicking simple gestures, and how it took most every opportunity to try and engage them in play. Yet a part of him couldn't help but fret - were they going to be able to provide everything it needs? They had no idea what its parents would've taught it behaviour wise, undoubtedly its young life was going to be impacted severely by captivity. Where were the parents? Given they're apparent level of intelligence, were they mourning? Searching? -
"Wait does that mean this creature is gonna get bigger??"
Logan glanced at Remy and smiled sheepishly. It certainly seemed so. Remy gave an exasperated sigh and flopped back in his seat. The creature watched him, before trying to mimic, throwing himself back and trilling in delight. Cute.
" Well, no matter how big it gets, it'll be our responsibility to accommodate. But for now, we have work to be doing"
With that, Logan pulled out a rattle - gave it a shake to demonstrate what it was, and then placed it in front of the creature.
It immediately scuttled towards it, smacking at the top of the rattle with much more force than expected. As the rattle rolled in a circle, the beads inside made a noise similar to rainpour, which is what the creature seemed to have been going for as it chittered excitably the then crouched, staring at the now still rattle. After a few moments, it vocalised a damn near perfect imitation of the rattle sound, before looking up at Logan and wiggling slightly. He felt the urge to reward the little creature, smiling and giving it a scratch.
"Well, it definitely enjoys mimicking things."
Remy smirked at that, flicking the rattle to make a noise, which the creature instantly copied.
"I could've told you that, girl"
Logan smiled softly, scribbling down notes "We'll have to test the capacity of its mimicking abilities at a later date, for now let's see how it responds to鈥.. These"
He gently placed down three blocks, the primary colours, onto the table. The creature meandered over, tilting its whole body sideways in curiosity before tapping at the yellow block. It used all its limbs to scale onto the block, legs tucked in awkwardly as it squeaked and dithered its carapace to rattle. A few moments of observation told them it wasn't planning to do anything beyond standing on the block looking pleased with itself.
"Well the creature seems to enjoy鈥 Climbing, I suppose. We aren't really finding anything new out."
Remy hummed absently, training his phone camera on the creature. Logan trusted him enough to not share any images or videos, but the student often thought he didn't notice him snapping pictures of the creature being utterly endearing.
The creature was so far staring at Logan, but decided to follow his eye line and noticed Remy, stumbling slightly off the block as it made its way over. It was rather interested in Remy's phone, brushing a pedipalp over the back case while chirping. It then moved around to the other side, Remy seemingly too stunned to move it, to inspect the digital screen. Logan had an idea,
"Remy, could you download an application for infants to engage with? Perhaps it will interact with that"
Remy rolled his eyes but was already pulling up the game store, mumbling "Sure, yeah, just use all my data like it's nothing. Us college kids are notorious for having buckets of cash"
Remy flipped his screen round to show the creature, displaying an application. He tapped it to demonstrate - a fairly simple app, tap the colour and a soothing feminine voice said that colour aloud - before allowing the creature to approach. The creature reached up with a pedipalp, tapping gently on green.
"Green. Yellow. Purple. Green. Yellow. Purple. Green. Yellow. Purple. Green -"
The creature continued its very deliberate pattern, never one straying from the three colours. It wasn't even like the colours where near each other - it was clearly indicating these colours in particular, and Logan had no idea why.
" What does that mean, little one? Are you - no, you can't actually be communicating鈥 no, no. Try the Alphabet, if you would please, Remy?"
Remy hummed, switching from colours to letters "Just letting you know if it spells out REDRUM I'm tossing it towards you to buy me some time to escape"
Logan rolled his eyes and simply observed. Yet again the creature strolled up without a care, and seemed to know which buttons to press.
"V. R. J. V. V. V R J. V R J."
Once more the creature had chosen three components, the letter V, the letter R, and the letter J. But why?
It could, of course, be entirely coincidental. It simply liked the colours, or the shape of the letter so it pressed them - and perhaps he was digging for proof of intelligence due to his own fondness for the creature, but he couldn't help but feel there was intent behind what it was doing.
"The lil baby creature is pretty weird, huh?"
Remy had his gaze soley focused on Logan, holding his phone still in one hand as the creature inputted the same three letters over and over.
"Yes, well, I'm not entirely sure what -" Logan was cut off by loud vibrating, this time not caused by the creature, and Remy's phone blasting out his ring tone.
The creature was startled enough so when the screen changed to the caller's ID image - a zoomed in, grinning Professor Picani - it was no surprise it entered fight mode. Before Remy could even think to move the phone, the creature was hissing furiously, spitting its corrosive black spit across the screen, instantly causing the screen to glitch out. To make matters worse, it let up the sharp barbs across its legs, squalling like an animal in heat before swiping furiously, rising to its back legs to use more limbs in the fight.
Remy pulled the phone back, frowning with a look of genuine disappointment. The phone was quite evidently beyond repair, and even as he pulled it out the way, the creature was throwing out all kinds of aggression signs.
"Remy, I'm truly sorry -"
Remy cut him off with a long sigh, "It's whatever, girl. I'll go see what Emile wanted on a different phone. They're out on the field right now, they wouldn't call me if it wasn't important."
He tucked his destroyed phone into his jacket pocket before standing. The creature scurried away as Remy rose, stopping dead in front of Logan with a long croak. Logan very carefully began petting it, managing to smooth it's barbs down gently as it began chirping and crooning, moving into Logan's arms with a chitter. When Logan allowed it to crawl into the crook of his arm, the creature began purring, pulling its limbs into itself while leaning up to nuzzle the fingers petting it. Though Logan was rather concerned that his apprentice was more hurt than he was letting on, he couldn't move the creature was surely close to sleep now.
After around twenty minuets, it was definitely asleep, chittering its carapace soothingly. Logan found himself cradling it slightly, unabashedly endeared.
When Remy came through the door, he looked rather shocked, holding a cordless landline phone he'd assumably called Emile on.
"The鈥 Research team was trying to find another," he pointed vaguely at the bundle in Logan's arms, clearly deciding a comment wouldn't be worth his time
"but they found another鈥 Thing. And they're bringing it here."
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Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 4; A Scritch and a Scratch
Original Link (by me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory
(fic is not in this font)
Remy groaned softly, looking up from his phone as the creature tapped on the glass yet again, chirping and wriggling around. It'd been doing that for the past two hours, and it wasn't helping his hangover.
"Girl, I told you. Logan isn't here, you tap tap tapping ain't gonna do shit"
Though he was most likely imagining it, the creature seemed to understand the sentiment, shuddering in that creepy way that made its carapace shake, and whined slightly. Could it understand him? Was it actually upset that Logan wasn't here?
Great, doing a Logan and projecting on it. If I start cooing at it I'm quitting.
He shook his head slightly, frowning when he saw it prying at its own carapace with its fangs, whirring and whining. He tapped at the glass in an attempt to make it stop - he had no idea if that was normal behaviour, they'd never seen it do that, and he didn't want to get in trouble for allowing the thing to mutilate itself by the time Logan got back.
The tap of glass did stop the creature, but surprisingly it seemed thrilled by it, hopping back on to its back two legs to do a little arm-wave-boogie and chittering the same it did at the banana. Remy paused, and repeated the action.
It chittered and tapped right back on the glass, before scurrying back and dancing. Remy tilted his head, and tried to picture what the creature was seeing.
"I guess my hand does kinda look like another creature thingy? Is that what it is, huh?"
As expected, the critter didn't respond other than bobbing up and down in anticipation - much like a dog waiting for the ball to be thrown. Remy chuckled slightly, before tapping the glass, and the reaction was much the same. A loud trill before the action was mimicked.
The little game continued for quite a while, the critter growing more lethargic as they played, though seemed determined to continue. Not wanting to exhaust it first thing in the morning, Remy eventually stopped, feeling a little bad as it continued tapping away in hopes of a response.
"Lil thing, please, just chill until Logan gets here, kay?"
After a few more taps it stretched again before wandering off to do鈥 Who knows what, in the little catacombs of webbing it had created. Just as Remy had finished assembling the most fire playlist, the door swung open to reveal a harried looking Logan, hair untidy and button up slightly ruffled. The creature squeaked and dropped into a curl as Remy put his hands on his hips, revelling in the position swap.
"Wow, girl, look. You've gone and scared it with your unprofessional entrance."
Logan winced slightly at the playful jab, sending a saddened look to the sentient ball inside the enclosure as he approached the work bench to deposit his jacket and briefcase.
" I apologise greatly, Remy, leaving you unattended for three hours is grossly negligent on my half, and I'll be entirely understanding if you'd like to make a complaint against my unprofessionalism."
Remy frowned slightly, reading his nervous posture - did he really expect Remy to get him in trouble?
" Fuck that noise, I ain't getting you in trouble, but what happened? You aren't usually late - like, ever. "
Logan sighed, and shifted around slightly before answering "You're right, I do not make a habit of being late but - well, last night Roman couldn't sleep, so I tried to read him a story, and well鈥 we ended up fast asleep, curled up on his bed and I didn't hear my alarm, and so I was late dropping him off to school, and, "
"I get it, babes, waking up late fucks all your plans up. And anyway, you've got a perfect record for the, what, twenty two years you've been working here? It's fine"
"Thank you, Remy. You're very kind. This won't happen again."
Remy shrugged, nonchalant, pulling out files from the cabinet.
"It's whatever. You see to your spider baby"
Logan nodded, making his way over, and Remy felt the need to add "It's been asking for you all morning"
The reaction was worth it, the scientist perking up greatly with a dumbass, excited smile on his face as he rushed off to tend to his little creature.
Logan crouched at the enclosure, humming happily as the creature ran up to give a greeting, wagging around. Logan smiled as he unlocked the enclosure, gently scooping the critter up while mummering gently. He didn't want the creature to think they were going to perform more distressing examinations today. The opposite, in fact. Today was the day they try to engage it with enrichment to see what it likes! Enrichment varies from animal to animal, and usually reflects what that animal does in the wild. Seeing what it likes to play with will hopefully give insight to activities it engages with in its natural habit - yep, that's the only reason. I'm definitely not just doing this because I feel ridiculously guilty about yesterday.
"Oh, Lo, it was prying at its carapace and whining earlier. I made it stop cause I didn't know if that was normal."
Logan glanced at Remy, who gave him a shrug. While the student was still doing paperwork, he didn't sit as far away as usual and wasn't as stiff in his posture. Logan vaguely wondered what had happened while he was gone, but shook the thought off and leaned down to inspect the little critter.
"Yes, I can see some damage around the Cephalothorax and there's blood underneath from the pulling鈥" his attention went to the creature, placing it down on the table and gliding a gentle finger over its body "What's the matter, little one? Why are you hurting yourself, hmm?"
The creature obviously didn't respond, staring at Logan silently before shifting, moving to bite at that hardened carapace, clicking. Logan used a simple wooden depressor - or a 'lolly stick' as Remy called them - to intercept the creature from biting itself, tutting slightly as it hissed.
"Please don't, little creature. That seems to hurt. Let me look,"
Logan gently traced his finger over the area, looking for signs of infection or even possible parasites festering underneath and causing bother. However, as soon as he did so, the critter scurried back. At first he thought it was uncomfortable - trying to avoid an inspection - and sadly resigned himself to pinning the poor thing down for the second day in a row. To his surprise, however, the creature merely chittered and wiggled, coming back towards him and standing on its back legs to expose the area he was trying to look at. Did it enjoy it?
Testing his theory, Logan gave it a little firmer of a scratch, and it downright trilled in delight. Logan felt a smile at his cheeks, scritching and scratching as the creature cheered him on with adorable little chitters and chirps.
Even Remy had come over to inspect what was happening, clearly trying to restrain a smile
"Hmm, I think it forgives you, Lo"
The thought made his shoulders relax slightly as he nodded, though his response was cut short by the vibrations coming off the creature. The both went silent and stared - Logan's hand was still, and after a few seconds the vibrating stopped and the creature was chirping at him, as though complaining. When Logan hesitantly continued, the vibrating continued.
After a few minutes, when his brain caught up, he realised that it was purring
As though the creature couldn't get any more endearing, here it was purring as he scratched under it's chin.
If the creature kept getting cuter, Logan wasn't sure how much longer he was going to be able to cope
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Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 3; A Not-So-Nice Day
Original Link (by me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory, pinned/ restrained character, hurt child
(fic is not in this font)
It took a week for the creature to stir again, which granted wasn't abnormal for an animal to do after an extremely large meal, but Logan still spent the whole week fluttering around the lab, periodically making sure the heat lamp was warm enough and that the water dish was definitely close enough for it to reach if need be. All the paperwork had been completed at this stage, all the samples they'd garnered analysed. There was nothing to do but wait for the creature to wake up,
If it'll wake up a concerned part of him whispered, but he shook it off. Sat at the laboratory desk quietly eating a store-bought sandwich, Logan wholly expected another day of no activity, and was planning work for himself just to get through the day without going sick from worry. Even though he was rather distracted, he still noticed Remy - who was sat on the desk and drinking a truly abhorrent cup of coffee that surely had enough coffee to kill him, but alas - freeze for a moment, before pointing at the enclosure
"Your thing is awake"
Logan's head snapped to the enclosure, lunch thoroughly forgotten as he saw little legs twitching and stirring. His face was pressed to the glass like a child at the aquarium as he watched it awaken, stretching each leg out individually and vibrating in such a way that its carapace rattled slightly before it let out a happy chirp - was that its equivalent of cracking one's back in the morning? Curious.
The creature noticed him, turning its many eyes to look up at Logan, blinking slightly out of sync. Logan backed up, suddenly very aware that not only was his behaviour very unprofessional, but could very easily have appeared predatory and scared the little thing to death. He knelt to be less imposing, and couldn't keep the smile off his face as the creature chittered, chirped, and danced back and forth in greeting. It was so cute, and he'd definitely missed it in the last week.
"Hello, welcome back. I take it you enjoyed your meal, huh?"
Behind him, Remy scoffed lightly as he began setting up a trolley,
"why's it always so cute for you, then when I'm left alone with it, it'll either hiss or just stares me down with its bagillion eyes"
Logan simply shrugged, gently lifting the creature yet again into his arms. And yet again it didn't seem to mind being carried, simply looking around at the new perspective as it was gently placed atop the work bench. It trilled, almost as if asking a question, and despite it being an animal Logan felt the urge to soothe him and answer the question,
"No need to worry, we're not going to hurt you. We'll be performing some non-invasive tests and then as a reward you can鈥"
Logan glanced around, honestly it wasn't like it needed an incentive or reward considering it had been nothing but compliant, but still - aha, his abandoned lunch was still out, and he saw the fruit he brought from home.
"You can have some banana, yeah? You really enjoyed it last week, so you can have some banana for being a good鈥" Hmm. They needed to determine its sex soon enough "... For being good."
Remy sat across from him on the bench, with that stupid teasing smile that he wore every time Logan fell that bit more endeared with the creature. Logan scoffed silently and straightened up.
"Have you considered an appropriate classification for it yet?"
Logan blinked. A genuine, work related question from Remy. Strange.
"I haven't, but we can rule out arachnid despite its appearance. It qualifies for an insect strangely enough, though it seems under the carapace plates it has flesh similar to a mammal - plus few presence of lactose could indicate mamalia if it's getting fed that instead of searching for it"
Remy leaned forward, chin on his hands as he stared at Logan behind dark shades.
"It could belong to the Dasypodidae family, or maybe Pholidota . We'll need to test to see which ancestor gave it the extra limbs and eyes though, try and trace if there's any relatives on the tree. We also need to determine a sex, and the hormone processes. If it's a female we'll have to track mating habits and ovulation, if it's staying here long term and we find no males of the species we may have to spay it to stop hormone - related tumours from forming - a life span needs to be determined, we have no idea how old this thing is, if your theory about it still feeding is correct we could have nabbed an infant "
Logan swallowed thickly. He had an idea where this was going,
" As much as you love playing with your new spider pet, girl, we can't keep performing observation after observation, giving it the day off every time it gets upset, and staving off testing. I know you don't wanna hurt it or kill its trust in you, but if we keep providing no information they'll just move it to a different team. You get me, babes?"
Sometimes Logan forgot how intelligent Remy was, how much more perceptive the sassy student could be. He was right, obviously, and Logan had known this but it still stung to have it all be lay out on the table. He took a steadying breath and nodded miserably, looking at the creature that was simply exploring the surface it had been placed on. No attempt to run off or attack - it was just as curious as Logan was.
The creature suddenly turned and looked at Logan and his no doubt saddened expression and scuttled forward, low whistles escaping it as it placed a pedipalp gently on his forearm and let out a long sound that almost sounded like someone trying to enunciate an 'L'
The proud scientist smiled slightly, and gave it a very gentle head pat - which it seemed to enjoy.聽 He whispered a gentle "thank you" before turning his attention to the apprentice,
"You're right, Remy. Of course you are. I've been putting off invasive testing for my own comfort, but that needs to stop. Contact labs to get some slots open, and bring the kit. We'll鈥 Get as much as possible done in one go."
Remy nodded, looking a little sobered up. Thankfully he most likely knew how much Logan was struggling and was withholding his usual jabs.
Testing on a creature you'd grown so fond of was more emotionally draining than one could imagine. They'd tried to be as gentle as possible, giving it small breaks and little snacks of banana in between - but it had stopped accepting after the first two times, perhaps realising that a treat didn't mean finished.
They'd taken fibres from both the carapace and legs - it had squealed on every pluck, and Logan's comforts were not effective when he was clearly the cause of it. After they'd used a harmless dye (fluorescein) to drop into one of its eyes. Remy had to pin the poor thing down while the CT scan mapped out the inner workings of the creature's incredible eyes.
Though Logan couldn't be too excited, the screeching sounded like a baby's wail, and guilt chewed at his stomach even after they'd finished. Once he let it go, it had scurried off, compulsively rubbing at its face with its pedipalps, still releasing the cry-like noise that hurt Logan deeply. He tried to give it some banana, but it felt like poor penance. Logically he knew the creature wasn't in pain - perhaps a little sting at the initial drop, but no more. He still felt horrible knowing he'd stressed it out so much.
"Alright, we need a venom sample this鈥 It's not gonna enjoy this"
Remy clicked his tongue, searching for a vial from the trolley
"It hasn't liked any of this, babes. All you can do is try to keep it comfortable, yeah?"
The scientist sighed, but nodded, taking the vial and re-sanitising his gloves. The vial was sterile, and had a fake skin cork. He needed to get the creature to try and bite it, penetrating the cork and dripping its venom into the vial for testing and analysis. As he psyched himself up, Remy wordlessly moved to pin the creature again, who began its heartbroken screeching as it seemingly sensed another invasive process.
Before he could chicken out, Logan moved forward and carefully gripped the creatures head, careful of the eyes, and managed to pierce the fake skin with the fang, wincing as the noise increased. Small drops of black dribbled out tediously slow, and Logan was forced to rub at the surrounding glands to speed the process up. For once it was trying to resist being held, wailing in distress and trying to escape Remy's clinical hold.
"Shh, shh you're ok. You're ok, shh. Look, darling, we're done now. All Done. All done, there we go."
Remy put the sample away, lipping the word 'darling' at Logan, who promptly ignored him. The student returned with a scalpel and slide, smiling sheepishly,
" This is the last thing. Promise, babes, then you can play with the little cretin as much as you want"
Virgil wailed, Virgil screamed, but the humans didn't stop. He needed papa, it was so scary - he thought the man with the blue tie was nice, he gave Virgil nice food and smiled warm when Virgil happy wiggled. The man reminded him of papa, sometimes, but papa would never do this. He was being held down which was scary enough, but then someone was grabbing his back leg and he hissed on instinct as he tried to pull it back but that didn't work.
The blue man was speaking in low tones, trying to soothe Virgil but he didn't understand why - Virgil could tell the man controlled what happened to Virgil, so if he was as sorry as he looked why wasn't he doing anything about it?
Virgil let out a 'tssssssttssss' at the man, the same thing he cries at papa when he's very upset. A stinging-scratch on his leg makes the volume increase, distressed warbles becoming distorted as his tempest tongue activated. The two men looked uncomfortable, but Virgil was too young to have powers strong enough. At best they probably felt a little tummy-sick and ringing ears, but nothing more. He let up the barbs on his legs, but they hardly seemed bothered.
Papa wasn't coming, was he? He never waits this long when Virgil is crying. Infact, he seems to appear before Virgil even realises he wants to cry, and cuddles the owies away.
Even his brother, as icky and gross as he could be, wouldn't let him cry like this.
The scritching continued, and he could feel flakes of hardened exoskeleton flaking off. Virgil wailed some more, it's all the baby could do. The sound of his own skin popping off was going to haunt him, he's certain.
Eventually the painful scratches stop, and the human with weird eyes backed off as he was picked up. He liked being held - just sitting in the box was boring, and the lack of contact caused his anxieties to mound - but the man didn't spend any time giving him head pats of just holding him close like he sometimes did. He was instead very quickly dropped back into his boring box. He very quickly scuttled into his webbing, scared he'd get nabbed again, and croaked sadly. No cuddles, no papa, no Re-Re.
He climbed up to his little sleeping tunnel, stepping over the lil block, he meticulously began wrapping himself, just like how he caught prey, and allowed the lines to be tight around him.
It wasn't a hug, but it was something.
Logan gently wiped his wet eyes, struggling to maintain a professional demeanour. He'd deposited the creature back into its enclosure, assuming it could soothe itself and would want away from them for now.
Something in its cries, it set off the paternal instincts within him. The level of distress was similar to his son's when he had broken his elbow last summer. Logan had had nightmares for the next few weeks after the incident, and he could honestly see them returning.
He would try and determine an intelligence for this creature, after it has rested sufficiently. The wails seemed to have too much鈥 distress and fear, to be a basic pain cry.
He glanced at Remy, who also looked rather upset. He glanced down at the sample they'd gathered, frowning.
"So, uh, that kinda made me feel like shit." the student confessed
Logan nodded, "I fear I'm going to be guilty about that for quite some time."
Remy looked him up and down, nodding numbly and probably deciding Logan was right.
"I'm, uh, gonna take these samples鈥 We can plan for tomorrow, okay? Get some enrichment, play with it."
Remy left with the sample cart, and Logan hugged himself, head dipped slightly.
He was determined - the creature was going to be the happiest little thing ever , tomorrow.
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talesfromtreatment4 hours ago
The vet called me a hero today.
Because I saved her from this tiny jumping spider. XD
Please for to meet Steve.
Tumblr media
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the-panmixxia5 hours ago
Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 2; Din-Dins, Vergie!
Original Link (by Me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory
(fic is not in this font)
Logan's attention was pulled away from his paperwork by a gentle tapping noise coming from the enclosure. Glancing up he saw the arachnid type creature awake from its mid morning nap, tapping upon the glass with its pedipalps and once Logan had looked up it began chittering loudly, stepping side to side and tapping its two front legs together as though clapping. Logan couldn't help but smile at the display - he knew nothing about the behaviour of this animal, for all he knew it could be threatening to kill him, but from a human perspective it seemed so happy and he couldn't ignore the warmth that gave him.
Logan made his way over slowly but deliberately as to not appear predatory. The creature gave no indication it was threatened, no hissing or preparing to lunge or even going to hide in the expanse of webbing it had created. He'd sent the sample webs off to be tested. For now Logan was going to presume its current body language was relaxed, unless any further information contradicted that.
"Hello, little one," he couldn't even feel ridiculous for addressing a creature he'd known for a few hours with such adoration. Luckily Remy wasn't here to watch (and undoubtedly mock) his soft side "Did you enjoy your sleep? Apologies for the spraying, I'll avoid that in the future. Would you like your light and heat on? Here"
Logan flipped the heat lamp on, smiling wider as the creature chittered some more before scurrying to the top of its enclosure in a truly impressive speed. It was so very interesting. He watched the creature circling the lamp, every so often leaning up to nuzzle into the plastic cover before chittering, then repeating the motions - Logan couldn't decipher the meaning behind that particular motion. Whatever the creature was trying to do ceased as Remy burst through the door, lugging in the crate of foods - items that could be parts of the creature's diet. Though his assistant had done exactly as he asked, he couldn't help but sigh as the creature hissed furiously, curling up in a little ball.
"Try being a little quieter, Remington. Or knocking. What if I'd had the creature out? And your noise startled the both of us, then suddenly the creature is loose?"
Remy raised an unimpressed brow behind his shades, plopping the crate unceremoniously onto the counter.
" Girl, how many times I gotta say it, REMY. Got it? R-E-M-Y. Second, this crate is heavy as shit, I had to put it down quick "
Logan sighed, all though he was smiling, and slowly stood.
"Regardless, you've spooked it. It's in a death curl - not the best way to begin this, ideally it would've been in the best possible mood before we began to feed it. Who knows if it'll even eat now its stressed"
Remy at least had the decency to look scolded, looking down sheepishly as he continued unpacking the various food stuffs. Logan simply tutted, and went to begin recording information yet again.
"Professor Logan Sanders, October Nineteenth. Time is two-sixteen pm. We are beginning a diet test with various food sources. From physical observations, the creature seems most likely to be an insectivore, frugivore, or a scavenger. Or even a mixture of the three. We're going to begin with various live prey, in hopes of capturing the hunt. The creature is currently in a death curl, as it is easy to startle. Hopefully it shall abandon the defensive position once prey is in the vicinity."
Remy fished a calcium-covered cricket with a pair of tweezers as Logan opened the enclosure door. Logan reached backwards for the tweezers, not taking his eyes off the creature in case it tried to escape. It remained in a ball.
" First, I'm going to offer it a Silent Brown Cricket, live, and coated in calcium powder for extra nutrients,"
Carefully, Logan leaned in with the tweezers, offering the squirming insect to the creature. It twitched slightly, acknowledging that it noticed, but remained curled up. A few seconds, just as he was prepared to pull back, the creature uncurling, chittering slightly as it moved forward. Both scientists waited for a pounce, or some sequence of attack, but it simply strolled over and raised its two pedipalps and grabbed the insect, almost like a hug, tugging slightly until Logan let go. It held the squirming prey close, rocking back and forth slightly as it chittered, then dipping its head low to lean in. A gooey crunch was heard, with a slight pause as the creature suckled on the brain matter and let the rest of the cricket drop to the floor as it walked off, apparently content with simply draining the haemolymph. Curious.
"I guess it doesn't really need to hunt if you're just holding it out, huh? It takes the easier route in life, I can respect that"
Remy punctuated his statement with a sip of coffee, smiling behind the straw at Logan's exasperated glance. Honestly.
"Very amusing. Pass me the next food."
They continued for the better part of an hour, testing different insects. It never attempted to consume the carcasses, and sometimes it didn't even feed - simply killing the prey before turning to Logan expectantly. Others it didn't even touch, and attempting to feed it an earth worm garnered a particularly aggressive reaction of hisses and the reveal of previously unseen barbs across all its limbs as it lunged for Logan's hand, spitting an inky substance as it went.
("Remy, bring me a slide. It just secreted on me and I'd like to analyse it."
The assistant moved to comply, sarcastically grumbling "Yeah, of course you would" as he went. Logan elected to ignore it)
They'd then moved onto fruits, and Logan was surprised that it seemed to enjoy them. It accepted a few nibbles of both apple and pear, but didn't seem to overly enjoy. It'd most likely eat them in the wild, but not seek them out. It enjoyed bananas a great deal, crooning and chittering, staring longingly at where the tub of mushed banana had been left even as Logan moved onto other foods. Citrus fruits garnered a similar response to the worms, but what it really seemed to enjoy was berries. Every single berry was met enthusiastically.
"Awww, he likes Loganberries ain't that cute"
Logan turned his attention from the chittering creature, blushing slightly as he was yet again caught staring at the creature in unguarded wonder.
"Ahh, yes, well I'm just surprised it's still up to eating. It must've eaten its whole body weight by now."
Remy simply shrugged, sat a good distance away. He was still unable to shake off his unease around the creature, and had actually volunteered himself to do paperwork, if only to stay clear away from it.
"It's probably gonna nap for ages after eating a shit-tonne, it's what most spiders do. Hell, I do that鈥"
Logan sighed slightly, but supposed Remy did have a point. Only two things left to try, a sunflower seed and a small piece of pure cheese. Normally dairy was a risky thing to give to an animal without knowing its diet, but the webbing produced had a high count of lactose, lactic acid, and lipid - suggesting it was getting some form of dairy in its life quite frequently.
He began with the block of cheese, placing it in front of the creature before shutting the glass door of the enclosure and watching.
It definitely seemed interested, crawling closer to inspect the block. It placed a few limbs on it, before climbing up onto it and chittering in the way Logan had hypothesised to be positive. Logan smiled. The creature continued examining the block for a few moments - cheese wasn't naturally occurring, so it may take a while for it to realise it's the same as the milk it was most likely consuming in its habitat. However, it didn't attempt to eat the cheese at all. It picked the block up, much like it did with the insects, and walked off with it. Logan blinked in confusion, looking into the side of the enclosure as it disappeared into a burrow with the block.
Then it began meticulously webbing up the cheese, careful and elegant weaving of stands was mesmerising, even if Logan couldn't deduce what it was trying to achieve. Did it need to eat it with the webbing? Maybe the webbing counteracted a chemical in the dairy it found harmful. Or maybe it provides extra nutrients, but it hadn't attempted to web anything else.
After a good fifteen minutes, the creature seemed to be done, climbing the short distance to the ceiling of the web-made burrow, angled over the block. Logan paid particular attention - perhaps it was going to practice pouncing in incapacitated prey?
Nope, this magnificent creature would continue to prove him wrong. It simply trilled, then promptly spewed the same oily substance it tried to attack Logan with, all over the food, before doing the same display of assumed happiness that it did before.
How fascinating.
It seemed Remy could predict the creatures actions, however, as it completely ignored all attempts to be fed the sunflower seed, and nestled itself firmly in webbing before falling asleep, carapace rattling slightly with silent snores.
Why on earth was it so cute?
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tarantula-hawk-wasp5 hours ago
Happy Mother鈥檚 Day to Tarantula Hawk Wasps (the actual insect) for doing The Most and hunting down a tarantula, paralyzing it with their powerful badass intense sting, dragging a spider many times their weight to a tunnel, laying their parasitic eggs, and then sealing the tunnel. <3 milf icons
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Logan Accidentally Steals Two (2) Children - Chapter 1; Itsy Bitsy
Original Link (by me!)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Logan, Remy, Virgil
Ship: (eventual) Logan x Janus
Summary: Logan Sanders is so excited to study this exciting new creature that's been discovered! The spider-like creature is very interesting, and oddly adorable.
A few weeks later, a similar situation arises when an octopus like creature is discovered.
But surely they couldn't know each other. They aren't sentient. They're not related, and they definitely don't have an overprotective (and oddly attractive) snake parent looking for them. Nope, definitely not.
(or, how Logan became part of a monster family)
Warnings: Spider, accidental kidnapping, laboratory
(fic is not in this font)
Logan was quite excited to get to work, he'd received a very exciting opportunity, and had been emailing his superiors all night about the discovery.
What discovery? A new species. One that couldn't be categorised on site, and could even be its own genus with how unique it was. And it was being sent to his lab. He had to physically fight the urge to disregard the speed limit, allowing himself to smile whilst alone. Just think of all the research he could achieve!
The most important part was learning and observing as much as he could about the creature. It's reported as non-sapient and so is being held in a secure enclosure, kept in the darkness had the creature going to sleep, so Logan at least knew the creature wasn't nocturnal. As far as anyone knew, this was the only creature of its kind--data would need to be collected on the best diet, suitable enrichment, enclosure temperature and humidity, along with all its biometric data to ensure they can keep it healthy.
Driving past the barriers, Logan parked his car in his usual spot, and he gathered his things - briefcase, jacket, smartphone, keys - before making his way inside. He stopped at the receptionist's desk, smiling politely, if a little wider than usual due to his excitement.
"Hello, Dot. I was told you'd have some paperwork for me?"
Dot chuckled with a nod, standing up to go and search a filing cabinet. The woman was meticulous in her organisation, which Logan appreciated - regardless, the two got on very well.
"Ah, yes, Professor Sanders. The only person that gets excited over paperwork. Here it is, dear" she slid him a dark blue file, and a form on top to confirm he'd collected said file. Logan swiftly filled it out, sliding it back over.
"Thank you, Dot. I would love to chat, but I've got something very important to do, so-"
Dot simply waved him off with a smile, and Logan was grateful. He wasn't the best at navigating social situations, and was unsure if excusing himself was going to cause upset.
Regardless, he made his way to his work station, knowing the new specimen was already there, taking the time standing in the elevator to skim over the paperwork given to him. It contained notes on everything they knew about the creature, which was pretty minimal. It was arachnid at first glance, although it's appearance was more akin to the mythical Drider, with at least part of it lacking an exoskeleton and instead having body hair. It was black with a purplish shine - Logan would presume it lived in some form of cave system because of, assuming the colouring was to appear as a coruscating gem to either hide or hunt.
Logan tucked the file under his arm, taking a breath to steel himself as he entered. His lab assistant, Remington Alvas (a student from the local University on work placement), was half asleep in his usual chair, jacket thrown over himself, earphones in, glasses still on with phone in his hand. It was a regrettably common site. Logan cleared his throat, then spoke slightly louder than usual.
"Goodmorning, Remington"
The student jerked awake, almost launching his phone across the room, and Logan allowed himself a small smile at the bemused expression.
"Logan! Shit bag, you're going to frighten me to death one of these days."
He was quick to put his personal belongings away in a metal locker, removing his blazer and replacing it with a crisp white lab coat, fresh from the steriliser. He was rather fond of the sassy student, who didn't seem to take offence or mock his more than lacking social skills and encouraged the otherwise stoic professor to engage in some healthy, engaging 'banter'
"It is highly improbable to 'scare someone to death', even if they had considerable cardiovascular conditions before hand; which, to my knowledge, you do not" as though scared Remy was hiding a secret fatal disease, he sent a stressed side-eye to the student who smiled easily and shook his head. Logan relaxed slightly "So if you were to keel over from cardiac arrest, I would be inclined to point the metaphorical finger of blame onto the copious amounts of coffee you consume on a regular basis"
The chit chat comfortably went back and forth, Remy dramatically pretending to be offended while he worked on setting up the station and dressed himself in the ppe, and Logan went about collecting empty forms he would need to complete.
He washed and dried his hands, grabbed his file work, a clip board, and a voice recorder machine and prepared to meet the specimen.
"Professor Logan Sanders, October Nineteenth, time is currently eight thirty-two AM. I am joined by lab assistant and final year University student Remington Alvas who has the necessary training to sterilise, set up station, feed, and handle the specimen - while under my guidance. Initial investigation and observation of new specimen of uncertain famalia. The specimen was captured by field scientist unintentionally, being caught in a pitfall trap intended for a different species entirely. The specimen was enclosed in a secure, clear container and was transported to this facility and has been unattended but on a video feed for a little over seven hours. I shall take height and weight measurements from the specimen first,"
The enclosure was around a meter and a half tall, slightly elevated so it was within Logan's eyeline. He hadn't gathered a clear look at the creature, as the enclosure had been left dark, and it'd already made a surprising mass of webbing. Remy had prepared and sanitised containers to put the creature in whilst being weighed, and was standing close by to assist with any restraining should the creature try to make an escape.
Wearing protective gloves - in case the hairs on the creatures' body were irritants, or it was inclined to bite him - Logan unlocked the cage with an excited anticipation. Using both hands, he slowly scooped the creature up. It appeared like a tarantula, although it was the size of a standard rabbit. He applied a firm yet gentle pressure onto the creatures carapace to prevent it from wriggling out his hands, although it seemed remarkably tame and barely even reacted besides looking up at Logan in what seemed to be curiosity. Dozens of eyes filled the creatures face, some so small they looked like freckles and Logan had to bite down the urge to coo.
Blinking, and pointedly not looking at Remy's questioning glance, he began speaking for the audio recording as he placed the creature in the container as gently as possible.
"The creature is rather subdued, whether that is its true temperament or a result of me handling whilst it was resting under its light cycle is undetermined. Regardless it allowed itself to be carried in a standard hold, and is content to be seated in the weighing container"
Indeed, as soon as Logan sealed the top of the container, the curious spider creature immediately set to work creating webbing in its area. Either it had a high prey drive, or preferred to be confined; or perhaps both. He made a note of this, speaking as he did so.
It took awhile for the creature to settle long enough for him to get an accurate reading, which allowed him time to simply observe. Remy was being oddly quiet, watching with folded arms and a schooled expression. He seemed rather uncomfortable with an arachnid present. Logan, on the other hand, found the creature rather endearing. Its Spinnereta glands were in working at least, with how effortlessly it could create the web. He'd use this container to gather a sample of the webbing - it's protein content should help reveal some information on its diet and lifestyle.
"The specimen is weighted at six-hundred and-forty-three-point-zero-eight grams. We will now measure the specimen."
Yet again, Logan took great care in removing the creature from the container, and yet again it was perfectly docile asides from a small chittering that lacked the characteristics of a typical threat display, and therefore Logan interpreted as harmless. This next part may prove a little trickier and required Logan to be a little more tactile with it. Well, Remy had to be tactile, he would be the one pinning it.
"Remy, if you could. Hold down the carapace and sternum, it should instinctively spread its legs out so the measurement will be accurate. Be careful on the sternum, it has what appear to be eyes littered around it - they may be mimicry to ward off predators, but we aren't going to take that chance and will assume they're functioning organs connected to optical nerves"
Remy nodded, mouth in a grim line of disgust as he did as he was told
"it's just freaky looking, spiders shouldn't be this big"
Logan hummed noncommittally as he lined the measuring tape.
"I agree, our understanding of how arachnids work would state that an invertebrate could not reach this size. It may not even be an arachnid, as its upper section seems to be more mammalian. It may even fall into a Genus all of its own - and isn't that extremely exciting? "
Remy pouted, shrugging
" yeah, I guess, it's just a bit weird. I guess it'll grow on me, tho"
Logan chuckled at that as he measured, its over all height, over all width, and measured diagonally from the tarsus of its longest front leg, and longest back leg. After measuring its torso, he declared it done, and instructed Remy to place it back into its enclosure while he recorded the measurements.
"The specimen has a Chelicerae and Pedipalps which suggests it partakes in self grooming. I will spray non-chlorinated water in the enclosure to hopefully encourage it to groom, so we may observe the process. Cameras will be recording and will be provided along side documents and this audio recording."
Spray bottle at the ready, Logan aimed and sprayed a fine mist within the enclosure. The creatures didn't react at first, until the mist settled atop it, and the creature hissed furiously, lurching to life and running half up the enclosure. Logan felt a strange burst of guilt as he shut the door, preventing it from escaping. After a few moments it seemed to settle, using its Pedipalps to groom compulsively at its face, seemingly irritated on an emotional level; if non sentient creatures had the mental capacity to be upset, that is.
Sighing with a slight air of sadness as the creature chittered and clicked, retreating back into the almost opaque web tunnel it had created. Logan sighed yet again.
"The specimen appears over stimulated, not reacting well to being misted. We will stimulate a night cycle by tinting the observation glass on the inside looking out - we will still be able to see clearly looking on- and turning the internal heat lamp off. It responded well enough last time, and hopefully by the afternoon it'll be a well enough temperament to be handled again and we can try to determine a diet. In the mean time, the observational camera will continue filming, but this recording will be paused - "
Logan clicked off the voice recorder, humming as he dimmed the glass and deactivated the heat lamp for the little spider. He looked at Remy, who was eyeing his own mobile phone longingly, obviously hopeful for a break. Logan shook his head, laughing slightly at the ensuing whine.
"Afraid not, Remington. We've got plenty work to be doing while the creature rests"
Remy groaned.
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