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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Well I’ve seen 3 spiders in the span of 20 minutes and no one else has seen any of them so either 1) I’m cursed 2) someone who needs a new way of communicating is trying to chat or 3) it’s going to rain so everyone’s coming inside or 4) I’ve got shit luck

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So, this is my new child. Her name is Spunky Brewster and she was quite adamant that she was going to be living with us now.


Like, I tried to release her several days ago, between cold snaps, and last night she showed up like “Yeah, no. It was more comfortable with you. It’s warm and all my meals are catered!”


Bestie and her hubby bought me a proper enclosure and other supplies for her as an early birthday present. 🧡

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we have Cindy in the bath

who occasionally loses a leg

her long legged brothers in corners

happily sitting in webs

fables say horse chestnuts drive them away

so half-heartedly we tried that but no

& a lady came to visit

looked around looked me up & down

set herself to go

it’s the dust the cobwebs spiders

brown nuts lying around

not my kind of place

which was just as well I thought

she’d yet to see inside my head or life

but now I had another notion

of where cobwebs might grow

neil benbow

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I am indeed Aussie. And I have a lot of stories about big fucking spiders. But the biggest spider I’ve ever had to personally deal with, would be a Huntsman Spider the size of a damn dinner plate. 

Its really common to hear that sentence. But seriously… this spider was HUGE!! And it made me nervous being around it, and that is saying something. I’ve lived with these things. I’ve rehomed them from dark corners and shower curtains and bathroom towels to the outside multiple times. But this thing was…. unnervingly big. 

The rest of the story is below if you’re interested. But trust me… when an Aussie gets nervous about a Huntsman spider…the fucker is big.

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I reached out a hand. There were a million other Aithnes, Lailas and Astras stretching out in every direction. “Mirrors.” I murmured, as my palm came into contact with cold, tough glass.

“It must be a mirror maze,” Aithne said, and grinned. “Ooh, what fun.” She started to walk in one direction, but instantly collided with one of the mirrors, and fell onto the ground.

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