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Day 25 - Orgy (Peter/Avengers)

I’m sorry this is out late, I had a horrific day and it made writing really hard. But I’m doing better now and hope everyone enjoys 💜 I might even add a second part to this one if that’s something people want, this was a lot of fun to write

Warnings: orgy, oral sex, I don’t think there are any other ‘warnings’, it’s just pure filth yall


Peter was living the dream.

See, he hadn’t been so sure how to feel when the idea of an orgy was proposed. He was fairly inexperienced, always wanted to to everything right. Being thrown into everyone with way more experience than him definitely made him nervous.

Until he figured out that everyone wanted him.

He knew that Tony wanted him. The tension between them was thick enough to cut with scissors, so he figured he’d at least be with Tony.

But then Bucky had spoke up about how it had been a while since he’d been with anyone. Maybe someone with less experience would be good for him.

Then Steve causally mentioned actually being a virgin, and how he trusted that Peter would be careful even given the circumstance.

That surprised Peter, he wasn’t sure that he believed Captain America hadn’t gotten any action before, but he wouldn’t say anything.

Natasha made a comment about not trusting the others to actually be good and take her orders that she liked to give.

Thor didn’t need to say anything, the way that he instantly gravitated towards Peter when the proposal had been made told him all that he needed to know.

Even Sam, who notoriously liked to act like he hated Peter, said that he could be good for a round.

He had easily a half dozen people that wanted him. He had almost the whole Avengers team (minus Clint, married, and Bruce, couldn’t have sex) plus some that wanted to sleep with him.

He absolutely couldn’t believe it.

So then they got started.

Of course everyone couldn’t start with Peter, so they paired off in various ways.

Steve, Bucky, and Sam were instantly on each other, hands reaching and groping and mouths exploring.

Thor decided to watch them, leaning back on the couch and simply observing.

And Natasha kept a close eye on Peter, determined that she would have him next.

Peter shyly smiled at Tony as the older man pulled him in.

“I know you’ve never done anything like this,” Tony murmured, kissing over his jaw gently.

Peter’s lips curved up in a slight smile as he tilted his head back to give Tony better access to his skin. “You don’t know that for sure. You don’t know what I’ve done.”

“I’m pretty sure you would have told me if you’ve ever had an orgy before.” Tony grinned, one hand dropping to gently cup Peter’s hardening cock through his sweatpants.

The younger man bit his lip, breath hitching in his throat. “I don’t tell you everything, you know.”

“But have you done it?”

“Well, no,” Peter finally admitted, huffing a laugh. “But still. I’ll be fine.”

Tony hummed, finally satisfied by the answer he was given as he buried his face in Peter’s neck and began leaving love bites. “You will be. Because if anyone even looks at you in way you don’t like, I’m getting them thrown out and banned from the tower.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stark,” Peter gasped out, head lolling back as he basked in the feeling of getting the marks.

At the gasp, Thor glanced up and towards them. He slowly stood, making his way towards them.

Tony’s hand slipped into the waistband of the younger man’s sweats when he became aware of the god behind them.

“Mind if I join?” Thor asked, eyes careful and calculating, but definitely with a playful light to them.

“I might mind,” Tony commented, sucking another mark onto Peter’s neck as he slipped his hand into the man’s pants.

“I don’t!” Peter said quickly. “Please. Please join,” he said breathlessly.

Thor grinned when he was given permission, quickly ignoring Tony and leaning in to kiss Peter directly on the mouth. “Thank you, young spider. I’ve been imagining being with you for so long now.”

Peter blushed, surprised from the kiss and the words that followed. There was absolutely no way that Thor had thought about being with him like that. He just couldn’t believe it. “O-oh,” he breathed. He groaned when Tony’s hand wrapped around his cock, like the older man was trying to prove a point.

“So, what do you want with him, pointbreak?” Tony asked suddenly, voice muffled against Peter’s neck.

Thor chuckled, the sound low and booming. “We are here for sexual encounters, yes?”

“Correct, thanks for the observation.”

Peter smacked Tony’s arm gently at the sarcastic comment. “Be nice,” he mumbled.

“I am being nice.” Tony twisted his hand, stroking Peter slowly. “Very nice.”

Peter groaned, biting his lip. “Not what I meant. But yes, now you’re being nice. Please don’t stop.”

The god watched them, humming softly. “Well, you seem to be preoccupied, touching wise. But I would be very happy if you were open to…giving pleasure as well as receiving.”

Peter snorted. “Is the god of thunder asking me to suck his dick?” He joked. “Because, uh, yes.”

“I like your enthusiasm,” Thor said happily. “That is what I was asking. So that’s a yes?” He didn’t even wait for an answer, pushing down the comfortable bottoms that he had been in. Which revealed that he hadn’t been wearing any underwear.

Peter blushed, eyes trailing over the thick cock that was made clear once it was uncovered. He could already tell from the tenting that had been in Thor’s pants that he would be huge, but it was much more intimidating to actually see.

Tony looked between them, still slowly stroking the younger man in his pants. “I guess we’ll need to change position a bit,” he mused. “Peter. Let’s get down, alright? On our knees.”

The young man nodded quickly, slowly sinking down to his knees as Tony did. That way Tony could keep touching him and he could please Thor. His mouth opened and he looked expectant.

Using one hand to guide his cock, Thor gently set the head on Peter’s waiting tongue. “Don’t try to do too much, I don’t want you to be worn out too early,” he warned.

Peter smirked, lips wrapping around the head and suckling gently just to start. He shivered at the moan that he got from the god. That just encouraged him more.

He got to work, able to take down half of the huge cock before it was just too much. He gagged as the tip hit the back of his throat, but he got a control of the reflex and kept going.

Thor was incredibly vocal and laced his large fingers through Peter’s hair as he kept going. Soon his hips began thrusting slightly, testing just how far Peter could take him.

Tony kept a close eye on them, making sure that Peter was feeling good as well as staying happy.

But despite the watery eyes and choked noises that came from him occasionally, Peter seemed absolutely thrilled with what he was doing.

It didnt take long with Peter’s skilled mouth for Thor to be getting close, hand tightening further in the young man’s hair. “Are you alright to swallow?” He asked, eyes close on him to catch a reaction.

Peter moaned and nodded, the bobbing motion of his head only helping the god get there closer. It took less than a minute more of his actions before he felt the first spurt of liquid shoot down his throat. He swallowed, pulling off just enough so that he would get a mouthful instead of it all just going down his throat.

Thor enjoyed that, head dropped back and breathing heavy as he rode out his orgasm. Then once he was done, he finally pulled out of Peter’s mouth.

The young man had a full mouth and seemed to be struggling to catch it all. Some had already dribbled from the corners of his mouth and down his chin as he swallowed it all down. “Woah,” he breathed, licking his lips.

Thor grinned at the reaction, not even bothering to tuck his cock back away. Instead he just kicked his pants off completely. He figured he would get a second round with someone, what was the point of keeping them on?

Tony watched them, chuckling as he watched Peter. “How have you not cum yet?” He teased, still stroking slowly.

Peter blushed at the question, taking his bottom lip between his teeth. “Because…ah, I can’t really cum just from…my dick being touched.”

“Please tell me you’re about to say what I hope you’re about to say,” Tony murmured.

“I gotta be…filled too. In order to finish.”

Tony groaned, kissing the man quickly despite there still being traces of cum on his lips. He didn’t care. “You’re incredible. And I’m definitely going to be the first to get to that ass. Get up and on the couch.”

Nodding, Peter stood up quickly. He blushed for a moment before pushing his pants and boxers off, figuring there wasn’t much point to them any more. Then he bent over the couch, leaning right into Natasha.

“Hi, miss,” he said shyly.

Natasha chuckled, adjusting them so that his arms were braced between her legs. “Hi, Peter. Can I have a turn now? I wanted to be the first you got that mouth on, but I can settle for second. If that’s alright with you.”

Peter nodded quickly, licking his red and swollen lips. “Yeah. Yes. I would love to. Please-“

His words were cut off by a strained moan as he felt lube being poured over his ass. It was really cold and had surprised him.

Tony grinned. “Whoops. Sorry, kid. Just figured we’d need some of this before we got started.”

Peter nodded, blinking to try and reorient himself. “Yeah. Of course. Just- warning please. Next time.”

“Next time,” Sam commented, getting closer after breaking away from Steve and Bucky. “I would love to be that next time. Although im pretty sure you won’t need any more lube, I think he just poured the whole bottle in your-“

“Just trying to be cautious,” Tony defended, sounding offended.

Sam raised his hands in surrender, shrugging. “I know it takes a lot, I’m just saying that was a ton.” He laughed, shaking his head. “But hey, I do want to be second here.” He patted Peter’s ass gently. “Although I’m pretty sure I’m going to ruin you for anyone else here.” He grinned, showing off the little gap between his teeth.

Peter couldn’t see it, but he always loved that gap. It was cute, even if the man who had it hated it. He loved the way it was shown off when Sam smiled. Which was often. “You can be second,” he told him.

“-but you won’t be ruining him for anyone,” Tony added. “Because that’s my job.”

Peter laughed, resting his cheek against Nat’s thigh. He was in for a long, long night.

And he couldn’t wait.

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This is a BRILLIANT idea I looove it!!😍😍💗💗 Thank you sm for sharing and I hope you like what I came up with🌸🌸

Daddies Steve and Bucky, +18 Little Peter, patient Tony, nurse Nat, Littles are Known, Littles can work as ‘Support Littles’, hospitals, surgery, heart problems, recovery, fluff, whump


Peter is excited, he always is when he gets to go on these missions. Daddies say excitement is good, but Peter knows better than to hop and run around here. So, he keeps his excitement within himself, although he still has a little skip in this step while walking hand in hand with his Daddies. 

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On the subject of Peter’s love for Captain America, consider;

Peter’s first Halloween party with the Avengers. He loudly and happily proclaims he’s going to attend dressed up as his ‘first ever childhood superhero’ and Tony is smug as fuck bc look at that ego stroking, that’s his Spidey boy right there.

Cut to the night of and Peter Parker struts in dressed in a Walmart Captain America costume and Tony is just like


Originally posted by canyoonmoooon

Can you tell I really stan comic!Peter’s boner for Steve yet or–

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Imagine, in a perfect MCU world where the team isn’t torn apart, Peter Parker is absolutely enamoured with his first childhood hero Steve Rogers (like he is in the comics) and they call each other Brooklyn and Queens.

And Tony overhears one day and is appalled, because what’s this?? Blatant favouritism?? Why doesn’t he have a nickname?? He can’t even get the kid to call him Tony and Steve gets a designated nickname??

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Day 17 - Facial Hair Kink (Steve/Peter) pt 1

I went totally overboard with this and I didn’t get into the real smut of it so I’m going to call it pt 1 lol but I hope you enjoy! 🧡 I want to write more but I’m having a shit morning and I’ve got to work all day, so I won’t be able to finish it. But I’ll make a pt 2

Warnings: canon compliant excluding anything after homecoming, 17/18 year old Peter, beard kink, rogue avenger Steve


Peter had not been warned that the rogue Avengers were back.

And he had not been warned that fucking Captain America had a hot-ass beard.


He blinked rapidly, looking between Mr. Stark and the rouge-Steve Rogers. When had that happened?


Tony looked at him, sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Yeah…so, Peter, this is Steve. Steve? This is Peter.”

“Yeah, I watch him in detention,” Peter said weakly. Although the Captain America he was used to seeing and rolling his eyes at was much dorkier. And much less…hot.


Steve raised an eyebrow, looking mildly interested as he listened to the teen. “Detention…?” Then it seemed to dawn on him. “Ah. Yes, I remember those.” He almost looked embarrassed about it.

Peter shrugged. “Just means I’m immune to your disappointment,” he joked. Then he glanced away, brushing his hands through his hair. “Mr. Stark? Can I talk to you? For a moment?”

“I was just about to ask the same thing of you, Pete.” Tony stood up, walking to the doorway that Peter had just stepped through. “Shoot. What’s on your mind?”

“That’s Captain America,” the teen said dumbly.

“It is,” Tony confirmed.

“Isn’t he, like, a criminal?”

Tony sighed softly. “Uh…as of this moment, that is correct. But we’re working on it. For whatever reason,” he grumbled. “So he’s gotta stay here for a bit until we get it all worked out.” He shook his head, clearly not super thrilled with the idea.

“Right. Now…what did you need, Mr. Stark?”

Tony smiled weakly, watching him. “I hate to ask you…but I know you just started break, right? So you’ll be around here a lot. And…I’ll be in and out working on SI and pardoning our fugitives.”

Peter looked at him, expression unreadable for once. “And I’ve got a Spanish take-home test, a history paper to write, a-“

“What’s the paper on?”

“…World War Two,” Peter said weakly.

“Perfect!” Tony clapped his hands. “You can babysit Cap, make sure he stays here, and get firsthand information for your paper! And I’ll be sure to check up on you, okay? It’ll be great. I trust you, kid.”

Peter sighed. “Thanks,” he mumbled.


Being put on babysitting duty was incredibly boring to start.

Steve hardly talked at first. He just watched Peter with a weird intensity that kind of unnerved him.

Peter just worked at first, trying his best to ignore him. He still wasn’t exactly happy with Cap because of the whole airport incident. But he was trying to look past it.

And he couldn’t help but look at the captain occasionally. The beard really drew him in.

Of course, he always thought that the other man was attractive. Maybe Mr. Stark had been his sexual awakening, but Captain America definitely helped him confirm his sexuality in younger years.

But the beard really did it for him.

He couldn’t help but imagine that beard between his thighs, leaving a delicious burn; the kind he’d only ever experienced after a brief hookup with someone who at the time he’d believed looked a bit like Mr. Stark. (Don’t drink, kids)

His cheeks flushed as he accidentally made eye contact with the other man again. Whoops. Good thing the Captain wasn’t a mind reader. That would have been mortifying.

Although with the way that Steve was looking at him, he could almost believe that the man could read his every filthy thought that he was having about him.

“What?” He finally asked, setting his pencil down.

Steve’s cheeks flushed lightly and he glanced away again. He cleared his throat before speaking. “Uh- sorry. You just…remind me of…someone.”

Peter gave him a look, raising an eyebrow. “And who would that be?” He didn’t mean to be so snippy, but he was still embarrassed and felt like he got caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to.

The tone caught Steve by surprise and he laughed. “Look, there it is again,” he commented. “You remind me…a bit of myself.”

Peter didn’t look amused.

“Before the serum,” Steve clarified.

That didn’t exactly make Peter feel much better. “Weren’t you, like, a hundred pounds before the serum? I’m skinny, but I’m not-“

“I mean, that’s not exactly what I meant.” Steve shook his head. “Just…you’re the spider one, aren’t you? Queens,” he said fondly. “Don’t look so shocked. I remember you. And you’ve got the same attitude. But yeah, you remind me a bit of myself. But…you can already kick ass. I couldn’t even breathe right.” He snorted.

Peter cracked a smile at that. “I had a few health problems before I got my powers too. Needed glasses. Had some…tummy issues.” He blushed lightly. “I was kind of a fragile kid. But not nearly as bad as I heard you were,” he joked.

“No, I’m not sure it’s possible to be as bad as I was,” Steve agreed with a chuckled. One hand stroked over his beard as he thought.

Peter couldn’t tell if he was drooling or not.

The feeling of the hair under his fingertips seemed to stir something in Steve. “I need to shave,” he mumbled. “Does Tony keep a razor around here or anything?”

“Don’t you dare.”

That definitely wasn’t what Peter meant to say.

The comment seemed to startle Steve. “Uh…I mean, I guess I don’t have to…”

Peter coughed, closing his book and brushing a hand through his hair as he looked away. Whoops. Got a little carried away there, Parker. “No, you do what you want. Sorry. That was…weird.”

“Maybe a little.” The older man chuckled, still watching him. “How old are you, kid?” He asked suddenly.

Peter blushed. That question always led to something right out of his inappropriate daydreams. “I-I’m eighteen. Sir.”

Steve hummed. He knew he shouldn’t do anything. Peter was too young. Still in high school. But he could tell the interest was there. And he was legal, so what was the harm? Two consenting adults. It would be alright unless Stark caught them. “Come here.”

He dared to be bold and sat back from the table, patting his thigh like he wanted the young man to sit down.

Peter just stared at him for a moment, mouth open just slightly. He didn’t know what to do. Captain America was totally making a move on him.

Steve seemed to backtrack, brushing a hand through his hair awkwardly. “We don’t need to. I’m sorry.”

Peter shook his head quickly, standing up. Then he plopped himself in the Captain’s lap, eyes wide and cheeks burning. “No. It’s…it’s alright.”

He obviously had no idea what he was doing. He had a very limited knowledge of hookups and what to do, and absolutely no one could prepare him for Steve Rogers.

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is it too late to get in on kinktober?

send in some kinks and i’ll just play catch up i guess? oh and ships. of course.

(hard links, guys. let’s not play around okay🥺)

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Can someone please write a fic where peter has a really bad persecution complex and can’t stop thinking that all the avengers hate him and just, emotional hurt comfort? Optiomally like Steve and tony like we’re polyamorous in this house and are here for big cuddles

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Guess I gotta do a sequel! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Summary: Bucky comes to visit

Warnings: abuse (physical and emotional), sexism, abo dynamics


“Omega. Come.”

Peter rushes out of the bathroom where he had been finishing cleaning, standing in front of the alpha and lowering his head in submission. “Yes, alpha?”

Steve takes a deep breath, the disgust with Peter obvious. “Bucky is coming to visit. Don’t bother us. Cook, serve us our dinner, and make yourself invisible until he leaves. Understood?”

It’s the same orders as always. And then Bucky always has to be nice, has to bring Peter into the conversation. And then Peter gets beat for it after the other alpha leaves.

“Understood, alpha,” he says anyway. He waits for Steve to turn away before he flits to the kitchen, starting to cook some chicken. It’s Bucky’s favorite.

The other alpha arrives and Steve talks happily to Bucky, a pleased note in his voice that makes Peter relax. Peter only ever hears Steve sounding happy when Bucky is here.

He puts two bowls of salad down on the table, for the alphas to snack on while the chicken finishes. He hears the alphas walk into the kitchen and tries his best to be invisible.

But Bucky is always too nice.

“That smells delicious, Peter! Thanks for cooking. I feel like you’re always the one to cook whenever I come over, what, this punk forgot how?” Bucky has a teasing sound to his voice, and Peter hopes his alpha won’t be too mad about that comment.

“What good is an omega for if not to cook, jerk?” His alpha teases, and Peter tries to let it sting. But it always does.

“Stop sayin’ stuff like that Stevie, one of these days Peter will start believin’ that shit.” Bucky’s voice is less humerous now, and Peter wishes he were dead. Steve is going to be so mad.

“I didn’t even want to get mated, you know that Bucky. Peter knows it. Everyone knows it. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t like me either. Isn’t that right, omega?” Steve calls over his shoulder.

Peter stiffens, fear at giving a wrong answer strong. Bucky has never talked about Peter like this before. He talks to Peter, sure. But not about him. “Y-yes alpha, of course you’re right.” He pulls the chicken out of the oven and plates it along with the veggies and mashed potatoes, and brings them over to the alphas.

“And that’s another thing,” Bucky says, nodding to Peter. “What’s the ‘alpha, omega’ shit? What is this, the 30s?”

Steve works his jaw and Peter fights back a whimper. He’s pissed. “It’s none of your business what me and my omega do.”

Bucky raises a brow. “It isn’t? Since when? You’ve always told me everything Stevie, but you get hitched and suddenly you got all these secrets. I thought it was just getting used to a mate but it’s been a year, Steve.”

Steve shakes his head. “Dismissed, omega.”

Peter nods once and turns to scurry away, but Bucky reaches out and grabs Peter’s hand. “Wait-“ His burned hand. Peter whimpers in pain, and Bucky let’s go, eyes wide. “What happened to your hand?”

Peter stares at Bucky in horror, holding his hand to his chest. “Um… cooking accident.”

“…a cooking accident?” Bucky raises a brow.

Steve scoffs. “Yeah. The dumb bitch forgot the stove was only just turned off and touched the burner. It’s fine, we wrapped it up.”

Peter fights the tears back at being so humiliated in front of Bucky, but he doesn’t dare defend himself.

Bucky scowls. “What the hell is wrong with you, Steve? What happened to the little punk who believed in omegan rights and cried about the injustices in the world?”

Steve huffs. “I married one. That’s what happened. All he does is cry and whine and not do anything! Ma said she would find me a nice little omega, a good omega, and that would ‘cure’ me. Well here I am, a year later and I still want you to fuck me and Ma is dead and I’m not even sure I believe in god anymore but yeah, I got a good little omega to keep me company so at least there’s that!” Steve has worked himself up to red cheeks and Peter is seriously scared that he won’t make it out of tonight alive.

Bucky’s jaw is dropped open wide. “Steve…”

Steve looks down, panting and breathing heavily through his anger. “I don’t want an omega. I want you.”

Bucky stands, going over to Steve. He cups Steve’s cheek, making the other alpha look at him. And then—

And then they’re kissing. Right in front of Peter.

Peter backs out of the kitchen as quietly as he can, before making a beeline for the spare bedroom.

He closes and locks the door quietly, before grabbing the bedding and pillows off the bed and making his way to the closet. He climbs inside of said closet with his stuff. He stuffs the blanket to the gap in the door, stuffing it to muffle the sounds. Then he curls into a ball and puts his face in the pillow, finally letting himself sob.

Steve was supposed to love him. He was supposed to hold the omega, kiss the omega. He was supposed to love Peter, he promised he would love Peter; but Peter will never fucking be loved.

Peter is going to be mated to an abusive alpha who hates him, while being in love with another alpha and cheating on him with said alpha.

Peter sobs, gut wrenching, ugly sobs. This is so unfair! Peter didn’t do anything wrong! He loves his alpha, he does everything his alpha says. He cooks and cleans, he takes the beatings, he takes the rapes. He prays the alpha will one day wake up and realize he actually does love Peter, and Peter will have his fairytale true love like he always dreamed about as a kid.

But instead, he’s hiding in a closet, sobbing alone, as his alpha cheats on him in his own bed. Loudly.

Peter had secretly hoped that if he was good enough, if he proved himself enough to Steve, if he was as little of a burden and as little of an annoyance as possible; that maybe one day Steve could learn to love him. And then Peter could be happy.

But now Peter knows better. He was never going to be loved. He must have done something, something awful, to deserve it; but Peter is going to die never having been loved.

And as the moaning from the next room stops and the shower starts; Peter, for the first time, wonders if he could speed up that process.

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Day 8 - Puppy Play (Steve/Peter)

This was so fun to write and now I’m thinking about this a lot lol I hope everyone enjoys!

Warnings: mob boss au (not really mentioned, just so you can have it in mind for characterization), pup!Steve, puppy play, Peter’s age isn’t mentioned but he’s meant to be an adult


“Steve. Here,” Peter ordered, watching his guard closely.

Steve shivered at the tone. He dropped to his knees like he knew he was supposed to, crawling towards the younger man.

Peter smirked, legs spreading as the other man got closer. “That’s a good boy,” he cooed. “Up.”

The blond was on his knees, hands up on the chair between Peter’s leg in an ‘up’ position.

“That’s it…” he started undoing Steve’s shirt, revealing full muscles and a black harness, stark contrast against his pale skin. “Perfect. Knew you wouldn’t disappoint,” he murmured. “I’m sorry we can’t get the rest of your gear, but daddy is feeling impatient.”

Steve whimpered softly at the words, pupils dilating at Peter’s use of ‘daddy’ on himself. “It’s okay,” he murmured. Then he pressed his lips together tightly at the look Peter gave him.

“Puppies don’t talk,” the other man reminded him.

The dynamic was always interesting. Steve liked being Peter’s puppy, despite being twice the man’s size. If he was a dog, most would assume he’d be something of a Doberman. Huge, sleek, strong. Seemingly in charge.

Until he’s rolled over, showing his belly for his master. Definitely more puppy like. Not the big strong guard that he typically was for Peter. He was obedient, only wanting to follow orders.

He was torn out of his thoughts with a tweak to his right nipple, whining indignantly.

Peter chuckled. “Hey. You were zoning out. You okay, puppy?” There was a lazy smile on his face as he watched Steve nod. “Okay. Good.” He pushed the man’s shirt off completely, smirking at the fully shown off harness.

His hands dropped to cup the blond’s chest, humming appreciatively. “I can never get over these tits.” He grinned, thumbs brushing over dusty pink nipples slowly. He watched them harden under the attention, pinching them gently after.

Steve moaned weakly, biting his lip. He looked up at Peter, giving him the best puppy dog eyes that he could manage. He couldn’t talk, so he had to convey his thoughts through his actions and noises. But he had gotten pretty good at that, even if Peter wanted to act like he didn’t know what he was telling him.


Peter slowly pulled his hands away, humming softly. “I suppose you’ll need to stand for just a moment. Just so we can finish getting you undressed.” He watched the other man expectantly. “Come on, puppy,” he added playfully.

Steve slowly stood, unbuttoning his dress slacks before letting Peter finish getting them off. Then the same treatment was given to his boxers. He stepped away from them, down on all fours again once Peter pointed to the ground.

“Good boy,” Peter murmured, slowly rubbing at himself through his own dress pants. “You’re always so beautiful.” He eyed the swelling cock and full balls between his pet’s legs, chuckling to himself. “I guess it’s been a little while since we’ve been together like this. I’m sorry, pup. Daddy’s just been so busy, you know. But I’m here now.”

Steve nodded, eyes wide and shining as he watched Peter. He was just waiting for orders. He did anything that his master told him.

Smirking, Peter slowly unzipped his own pants. He didn’t push them off, just left them open. Then he pushed his boxers down, just exposing his cock and balls. He stayed fully dressed other than that. “Come here,” he said gently.

There he was. There was Steve’s softer master. Peter had a tendency to be tougher, colder when he was at work. It was just what he was supposed to be. What was expected of him. But Steve knew who he really was. Soft, gentle, playful.

He crawled to him quickly, nuzzling against the younger man’s thigh.

Peter chuckled, one hand stroking through Steve’s hair. It was getting a bit long, but it was beautiful. And he liked having something to hold onto. “You’re so pretty, Stevie. But you already know that.”

He hummed softly, eyes trailing over his pet slowly. “That looks like it hurts,” he murmured, addressing his cock. “Looks like puppy needs some help.”

Steve nodded in agreement, whimpering pitifully. His hips thrust weakly, despite not getting any sort of friction from it. His heavy cock bobbed at the movement.

“Oh, I know. I know.” Peter smiled at him, but he obviously had a plan. “Sit,” he ordered gently.

Steve sat, backside squirming a bit as though he had a tail to wag.

Peter laughed as he watched, shaking his head. “You’re so excited, puppy. It’s almost like you know what I’m thinking,” he teased. “Now show me your belly.”

Steve laid down before turning over, tongue lolling out as he watched his master. He stretched, muscles tight and flexed.

“Such a pretty boy,” Peter praised, getting out of his chair and leaning at Steve’s side. One hand slid over the pet’s stomach, a chuckle leaving him as he watched his cock twitch. “Eager, aren’t you?”

Steve made a soft noise, squirming slightly. He shifted his position a bit, trying to use the movement to get Peter’s hand lower.

“You are so naughty,” Peter scolded, but he was laughing. Obviously unbothered. His hand dropped, cupping Steve’s heavy balls and humming as he rolled them in his fingers. It was quite a feat for one hand, but he was just feeling. Not trying to use the action to get him off; that would have taken two hands. “So tight, puppy. This can’t be comfy,” he said, almost sounding sorry. “We’ll need to do something about that.”

Another whine left Steve, his hips rolling up in an attempt to get friction to his full and sensitive cock. He watched his master closely, panting softly.

Then Peter finally, finally got his hand around the length, smirking at the noise that it caused from his pup. “I know, that’s what you want. Don’t worry, I’m here. I’ll make you feel good, Stevie. I promise.”

Steve knew he could trust his master. He always did. So he just smiled at him, hips rocking a bit before moaning.

“That’s it, I know. I know,” Peter said sweetly, stroking him slowly.

He loved his pup. And Steve loved his master.

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I had this realization about trans poly Peter, so here it is

Peter is very on the ball about his birthcontroll that he’s been on since he was like, 14 okay guys, but his lovers are giant mother hens and Peter, even a little annoyed finds it adorable, and they get increasingly more crack headed. like we have Steve, golden retriever angel boy and steves like 'hey baby boy its 6 incase time ran way from you! don’t forget to drink water with it <3 love you handsome’

and then theres Tony who has an alarm set for 6 with Friday (and Peter obviously gets it from Karen to! Tony of all of them should know this best but whatever! and he just yells something to Friday from the desk like ‘its time to do some drugs! more and more like me in my youth every day’

and then bucky, ever the wild card but softie normally says some wild shit as if there in midivil combat like ‘the hour tis upon us.’ and just leaves it at that and Peters like!??? you absolute loon

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But I knew you

Dancin’ in your Levi’s

Drunk under a streetlight

I, I knew you

Hand under my sweatshirt

Baby, kiss it better, right

But I knew you

Playin’ hide-and-seek and

Givin’ me your weekends

I, I knew you

Your heartbeat on the High Line

Once in twenty lifetimes, I

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it’s officially spooky season bro’s!!

lemme know if you want a tag for my upcoming fic snippet & mood board & so i have a list ready for when the first part is posted.

i’m working hard on this as i haven’t had any motivation to write and the past couple of weeks i’ve been meticulously planning, outlining, gathering picture inspiration, taking the time broarden my vocabulary and work on improving my structure & other literary devices!

also putting together a playlist for the fic is taking up a big time space also due to wanting the playlist to portray what i’m writing and that means actually timing the read time to the tracks which is… fucking hard and so fucking cool at the same time.

yeah i’m just super excited for this and so stoked to be back!

get ready for that vamp!peter fic with starker, spidershield and winterspider elements to cater to everyone as well as weaving in all your ideas and suggestions

( which you can still send in, pls send in any ideas. as fluffy or as fucking grim and dark as you please)

happy spooky season lads

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It’s time 🎃 my full kinktober list is here. Starting tomorrow I will (hopefully) post one prompt a day. And this includes the kinks and pairings for each day

Let it begin spooky sluts🎃🧡


1. Food kink (Peter/Tony)

2. Femdom (Natasha/Peter)

3. Exhibitionism (Peter/Tony)

4. Breath play (Bucky/Peter)

5. Roleplay (Bucky/Steve/Peter)

6. Dry humping (Peter/Tony)

7. Humiliation (Peter/Pepper)

8. Puppy play (Steve/Peter)

9. Cuckolding (Tony/Peter/Pepper)

10. Impact play (Steve/Peter)

11. Fisting (Bucky/Peter) pt 1

12. Odaxelagnia (Biting) (Natasha/Peter)

13. Corset kink (Natasha/Peter)

14. Double penetration (Bucky/Tony/Peter) pt 1

15. Erotic electrostimulation (Thor/Peter)

16. Facesitting (Carol/Tony)

17. Facial hair kink (Steve/Peter) pt 1

18. Pegging (Peter/Pepper)

19. CNC (consensual non-consent) (Bucky/Peter)

20. Caught masturbating (Peter/Tony)

21. Virginity kink (Steve/Peter)

22. Daddy kink (Peter/Tony) pt 1

23. Fingering (Tony/Carol)

24. Gloryhole (Bucky/Peter)

25. Orgy (Peter/The Avengers)

26. Sugar baby/sugar daddy (Peter/Tony)

27. A/B/O (Peter/Tony)

28. Power imbalance (Peter/Tony)

29. Hate sex (Sam/Bucky/Peter)

30. Power bottom (Peter/Tony)

31. Hematolagnia (bloodplay) (Bucky/Peter)

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Back to the lates hits of: Steve Rogers 200% has strech marks from the serum and is insecure about it but peter thinks their ADORABLE

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An HS AU I thought of



HS AU taking place in some northern New York mountainous vacation hot spot small town where steves family owns a big fancy ski lodge and buckys family owns two local restaurants (nothing fancy Mr barnes would emphasize, his brother technically owned the diner and he technically owned the Pizarria but they were family, families share, and they share their kids as labor, he jokes. He loved his borscht belt jokes. Reminds Peter of his uncle) and peters aunt is just a concierge at one of the smaller hotels where peter helps out for brekfast service.

Steves a fancy dancy cross country skier whose probably going to the Cornell hospitality school.

Bucky and his friends snowboard when they have time, and he’s really not sure what the fuck he’s gonna do with his life. Maybe go to culinary school and add something of his own to the family empire.

Peter is saving up all his checks and tips that don’t go to helping May to his tuition to engineering school.

and while the two don’t share much in common except going to the local higschool bucky and Steve are both star players on the Hockey team, a big deal here. And they also share an eye on a pretty little thing.

and although things start a little bumpy it was actualy pretty smoth for them to get together.

So now peter confuses everyone by switching between “barnes 17” and “Rogers 18” jerseys every game, and Steve body checks the living fuck out of anyone who calls him and Steve Eskimo brothers, and Steve swipes empty room keys when he wants to get away with his two favorite brunettes.

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This is the most productive I’ve been in days, here, have the third tdatt inspired moodboard. I read @send-me-your-hcs and @tonystarkisaslut ’s comments on writing a dark au with Arvin Russell and I died. And then Ru (can I call you Ru?) electrocuted me back to life only to stab me in the heart with the stories spun from the word asks. Of course @puppypeter solved a very daunting problem for me and now I’m planning yet another work. The devil all the time has ruined me. (And so have these three above, I now have a longing for sad tom.)


I forgot the ship name, just whoosh, gone.

Gracie indirectly led me to one of the names, thanks love.

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