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i love the idea of peter as subtly chaotic. like,,, having too much random stuff in his bag that has No Relevance but is just there to make bag-check security guards laugh. yknow? but never overly/obviously chaotic. just a little bit, to throw people off

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Kid, why are you five thousand feet in the air?
Is it only five thousand feet? It felt higher.
Relax! I had to catch a plane.
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Mr. Stark, that kinda looks like Siren Head.
Yeah, yeah. It looks like... Siren who now?
Peter *pulling out his phone*
Siren Head. You know. Like Slenderman. The usual creepypasta stuff.
Tony *looking increasingly terrorized*
What kind of man? And what kind of pasta?
Peter *putting on a chef's hat and jumping on YouTube*
You gonna learn what kind of pasta today.
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Relationship with my girlfriend and her son ½

“Since you’re done, don’t forget that you will be attending a meeting with the board of directors next?”

Tony looked away from his finished paperwork for pepper to collect it.”Yes yes, I know but can you also bring me a cup of coffee while I’m there, Pepper.” He asked, leaning against his chair and stretched his arms.

“Sure I’ll get you some, Tony,” Pepper said with a nod as she was picking up the stack of paperwork that tony has finished. “But before I go to that meeting, can I have another request from you,” Tony asked.

Pepper titled her head before turning her head to him. “And what kind second requests is that Tony?” she asked before widening her eyes a bit to see Tony’s eyes close while his lips are puckered up “Kiss me, Honeybun, Kiss me please so I need some strength from that meeting,” He said as he made a kissing sound.

Pepper rolled her eyes with a smile at Tony’s childish plea for her to kiss him. “Oh alright dear,” Pepper said, leaned kiss him softly on the lips. Tony groaned softly, feeling pepper’s soft lips against his. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her more against him.

Pepper pulled away from Tony’s lips. “I hope that kiss is enough for you tony” She asked before putting her index finger on his lips “Well its not enough, I want more.” Tony playfully said, kissing her index finger.

Pepper pulled her index from his lips. “I know you do but you have to wait after your done with the meeting…” She said strictly as she pulled away from him. “Then after you can more kiss from me. “She added, winking at him before letting tony standing from his chair.

“Oh, I can’t wait for that treat” Tony gave pepper a soft kiss on the cheek. “Your the best, pep. I love you!” He truly said, smiling gratefully to his girlfriend.

Tony really does love pepper with all his heart and arc reactor ever since he saw her with the beautiful yet sexy blue dress in that dance that he bought for her.

They have been dating for about a year or two which is a change for tony. Pepper is not like any other women who worked or slept with him, who are after his fame or money. she’s different, she’s smart, hardworking, and loyal girlfriend/P.A ever that tony ever been with.

Pepper made a small smile “I love you too, tony” She replied, kissing him cheek before holding tony’s hand. Then they both went out of the office hand in hand to the meeting room.

“I hope you don’t mind, I have to leave middle of the meeting to pick up peter from school” Pepper said, feeling bad that she has to leave her boyfriend in a boring meeting with the directors

“I don’t mind you leaving pepper to pick up underoos from school” Tony said, smiling as he thought fondly of his girlfriend’s son. Oh yes, not only his girlfriend is his P.A., but also a single mother to a kind and shy yet smart son. Tony met the kid a couple of times when he spends time in his girlfriend’s house. He is really fond of the kid because he’s not like kids. Peter is brilliantly smart for a kid his age, he’s really is interested in techs, intelligent in math. The kid asked lots of questions and wanting to build tech as tony did.

“I don’t mind you bringing him to stark tower for the first time” Tony said, hoping to spend with peter. Pepper looked at tony in slight shock.

“Are you sure, I know he’s a good and smart kid. Are you sure he won’t be a bother?” Pepper said worriedly as Tony nodded before lifting up his hand to kiss pepper’s hand.

“Oh I don’t mind at all, He can come and do his homework, watch movies, play with Dum-e and help me build my new ironman suit” Tony said as Pepper frowned a bit when Tony said that last part.

“Alright, I can bring him here however I disagree on that last part you’ve said,” Pepper said, knowing that her son is intelligent for his age. She slightly doesn’t trust tony letting peter helping with building a new ironman suit or some other stuff that is dangerous.

“Awe Pepp” Tony said with a playful pout as pepper rolled her eyes as they were still walking to the meeting room.

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Tony and Peter + Introducing WEB (Worldwide Engineering Brigade) to the world

‘Now, you must be thinking: can’t Tony Stark just give all recruits a suit of armor or something? Why is he getting a bunch of science students and amateur inventors to make stuff? But, actually, it was Mr. Stark himself who said that he wanted to help up-and-coming inventors…See what we can come up with that maybe he hasn’t thought of. He’s even given us our own building/workshop to do that! Plus, he’s gotten people like Pym Technologies and the Wakandan Design Group to donate a lot of their old tech to WEB to see what we can reverse-engineer from it.‘

Thanks to none other than Tony Stark, a new scientific research station for teenage heroes has just been completed –  and Spider-Man just got an invitation to join! 

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Welp on the bright side of being so stressed I managed to be productive and wrote a fic so I will be posting that tomorrow

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and this has been translated by google tanslate so their could be some miscommunication:

Why can’t all works on one topic be kept in one work as separate chapters ?! Why should I flip through more than 50 of your works in the feed when I can’t even filter them out? If I don’t want to read about Hydra-Peter, I will exclude the tag “Hydra-Peter”. Why can’t I do this with your work? In general, either put the appropriate tag, or put everything in one job.

Sorry for all the negativity, but this is infuriating.

…..Did someone just complain that I was posting to much works in the Irondad/Spiderson fandom???

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Sticky Situations (5+1) - Chapter 1 - Odd_I - Spider-Man - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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headcanon: peter acts more like a spider than he does in canon. he’s still a sweet cinnamon roll but kinda creepy sometimes.

1. he likes seclusion, is introverted. that’s kinda canon tho

2. he hibernates!! not nearly as long as an actual spider (how long do spiders hibernate?) and buries himself in comfortable things (ie. tonys clothes)

3. his room is more of a nest than an actual teenagers bedroom. he still has a desk and a closet and stuff but his room is just. a huge mess of stuff that only makes sense to him. stuff that people lost long ago can be found in his nest. only people he trusts and loves can be in it. they can come into the rest of his room but tbh the nest takes up most of it. tony and may have given up trying to have him clean it and get him an actual Normal™ bed.

4. he eats BUGS. yeah. extra protein babey

5. fangs!! tiny little fangs. he will Bite you. watch out.

and because of peters spiderness, he’s very fond of the eight legged creatures. everyone found out about this when deadpool killed one and peter tackled him off a roof. (“but peter !!! the spider bit me!!!!” “CUZ U PROVOKED HER AND NOW SHES DEAD!!! UR A MURDERER” “i mean…you’re not wrong”

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Stephen: alright there’s a problem at the Sanctrum so I’ll be gone for a few days but don’t worry, I asked Rhodey to babysit you

Tony: haha Peter, you get a babysitter

Stephen: it’s for you Tony.

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Peter: you know how dust consists mostly of dead human skin cells?

Tony, not liking where this is going: …yes?

Peter: well, does that technically make my roomba a carnivore considering it only eats dust?


Tony: I regret getting you a roomba for your birthday

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Did I spend my entire day on this instead of doing homework or answering my inbox? Maybe, maybe, but it was fun soooooooo

Yo, I LOVE @superherotiger’s Celestial Irondad AU, which you should all read here. It’s amazing and I love it and I’ve been ITCHING to draw it for ages. I took some creative liberties and I kinda wish Tony was shinier but overal, I love this piece, so :)

I’m, the comic’s a bit…confusing. Idk how to structure panels, but I tried, so ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯

~click for better quality~


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yk the mcu can bring Tony back with no actual process or chronological order/sense and i’d accept it 😁👍🏻 petition for this to happen pls

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Hi Doc! Happy FFWF!

Oh that’s a tricky one… I started an Irondad story very shortly after joining the fandom that I never completed, and it was basically a bio!Dad AU that showed how Peter got bitten, became Spider-Man, and had his identity revealed with Tony as his father. I had a really fun concept about Tony making a robot nurse for his son called ‘Kind And Responsible Electronic Nurse’ (AKA Karen!) who would become Peter’s confidant as he ventured into his vigilante life style. It was a really fun idea, and I wish I had gone through and finished it.

Thanks so much for the ask and I hope you have a great day!


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This one is going to be a last one for some time cause I managed to a develop ganglion cyst in my wrist by drawing for too long *facepalm*… I am sorry everyone, who is waiting for their commissions. Give me two or three weeks the most, ok?

This one is another illustration for Petey and the Hermit cause I lOVE it sooooo much. Thank you, @eccentric_artist_221b for being such a wonderful writer!

“He risks letting Peter’s arms go, smoothing back curls as the boy melts into fresh sobs. “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry, buddy.”

Tony gathers him up, cradling his head in the crook of his arm, and wiping the tears as they come, leaving his own to drip down his nose and chin.


“Yeah, Tony. Tony’s a freaking idiot.”


“You’ve got him right here, kid. I’m all yours.”

By @eccentric_artist_221b (Petey and the Hermit)

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Stephen: step one: go outside for once.

Peter: oh.

Peter: but the outernet is scary.

Tony: the outernet.

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fic idea #4 ft. irondad & spiderson

lemme know if this is something i should write uwu


peter is getting bullied in school/around town/etc. and tries to brush it off as no big deal. he’s spiderman, isn’t he? he doesn’t wanna admit that it hurts his feelings and crushes his spirit. he’s gotten shot before, for crying out loud! and despite his desperate attempts to ignore it, it begins to wear him down. and down and down and down until one hang-out-with-tony day, he cracks. spidertears and irondad panic ensues.

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