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It would be really awesome if he saw how Peter went from getting beat up by the vulture on the beach to fighting thanos and straight up using instant kill without hesitation.

THIS. This could show us the magnitude of character development between IW and homecoming regarding Peter’s morals and abilities. 

I’d like to see how his resolve hardens over time and him relying on tony more,


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I want this.

give us legit reason as to why peter would misinterpret the message with edith the glasses.

Maybe the legit reason is that Watts didn’t know how far the directors developed Tony and Peter’s relationship for the movies. He didn’t know it was two years after Homecoming since in FFH he still made Peter a 16 yo kid. He thought Tony and Peter were still in the ‘distant mentor-mentee’ phase of their relationship. But I want another reason for this lmao

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I think he was there for a while. This is why I was wondering if this scene:


was a deleted scene, because this looks like the aftermath of the snap. It looks like Nebula told Tony that she could help him go back to his planet or maybe told him she knew where her ship was. I think Tony was a little catatonic, anything anyone said to him in that moment was unintelligible and senseless for him. I think Nebula gave him a few minutes out of respect and then tried to talk to him.

Tony probably went into death shock. This happens when a loved one dies, it’s a common reaction. This can affect you for days or weeks. 

They showed us Tony after a long time. I’m not saying it’s enough time to get over someone’s death but it takes place 22 days after the decimation and Tony is hungry, depressed and probably thinks he’s going to die. I think everything he does after Peter dies or at least the first months, are just attempts of getting out his shock, disbelief and numbness.

And it was Nebula the one standing behind him, Gamora died earlier in the movie.

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i desperately need Lanky Boy Peter who is Taller Than His Mr Stark and tony Hates It So Much

like peter is just a long boy, and in the peak of his Huge Teenage Boy Growth Spurts when he meets tony. so tony just watches him shoot up like a damn sprout, and the absolute second peter gets a centimeter taller than tony, tony feels a disturbance in the force

he gets a shiver. peters not even there

pepper: what is it hon?

tony: peter is taller than me…. i need to buy some heels, STAT

and tony, 5'9", is surpassed by his 6'4" child who slouches bc hes a bit embarrassed about how tall he is and tony just finds it infuriating that its his face in peter’s chest when they hug

he totally loves it, but dont tell peter that, he has an image he needs to maintain

but that doesnt stop peter from, after a bad nightmare or just on a clingier day, from crawling up for some solid dad-figure cuddles from tony and making himself as small as physically possible so he better fits against Tony’s chest and u KNOW tony bundles up his lanky child as tight as he can and savors every second

(and dont get me wrong tho tony is still Bulkier than peter, bc even when peter “fills out” he is still just a very Lean boy, he never rly bulks up)

just… tall, awkward, lanky peter. thank you for ur time

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Someone to Hold When the Lights Shut Off

Peter doesn’t exactly know what’s going on. Really, he never does, but now it’s all completely over his head.

The invading smell of disinfectant and rubber wraps up this confusion in a messy bow. Peter hates hospitals, so why is he here?

And why is some lady telling him that there were people who were coming to take care of him?

He had May, right?

(You can also read this on my AO3 here!)

CW: Major character death and grieving, depictions of violence, Peter being depressed.

Chapter One: can’t cry on the floor, you’ll scuff up your knees and heart

Peter Parker sat alone in a hospital waiting room, fingertips much too cold and head much too fuzzy. The faint buzzing from the overhead lights filled his ears with nothing but someone typing at a computer and his breathing to accompany it. His left eye was swelled ever so slightly, obscuring some of his vision. The gauze someone had put over it did nothing to help.

Wait, why did he need a gauze in the first place? Had he gotten into a fight and lost?

No, Peter thought, shaking his head lightly. No, not a fight. I’d have my suit with me. Plus, why would I be in the waiting room?

He grazed his fingertips over the gauze that had been expertly taped to his face. His healing factor should kick in soon and take care of it, so it wasn’t too much to worry about. He’d have to be more worried if May found out before it did, though.

May. Peter’s stomach dropped at just the thought of her. Why? What happened to May? Did she already know? Was this the hospital she worked at? It was pretty safe to say that Peter didn’t exactly know what was going on. Really, he never did, but now it’s all completely over his head. The invading smell of disinfectant and rubber wrapped up the confusion in a messy bow. Peter hated hospitals, so why is he here? And why were his senses dialled up so high?

All the questions he was asking gave Peter a headache. He leaned forward, elbows on his knees and head in his hands. He really wished Advil still worked with his metabolism, but apparently spiders don’t get stress-induced headaches. Mr Stark had laughed at that after Peter came out of an anxiety attack one day at the lab. God had it been embarrassing, but it had been worth it to see his mentor genuinely happy. Not forced for the press, not through pain, but just amused at Peter’s pained ramblings.

He really wanted to see Mr Stark. And his aunt. Where even was May? Should he call him?

Almost as soon as he pulled out his phone to dial her number, a nurse walked into the lobby. He was almost glad to see her, that meant he could focus on why she was approaching him instead of why his phone screen felt absolutely splintered. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem. Except for the fact that Mr Stark had gotten him a new one only a week ago. He had treated the device like gold, made sure he wouldn’t drop it or lose it at school. And now the screen felt like a web, sharp edges nearly cutting into the pad of his thumb.

“Mister Parker?” The woman’s voice cut him out of his trance. She smiled(sadly smiling sadly why was she sad what happened where was May), hugging a clipboard close to her chest. Peter’s anxiety heightened as she scanned his face. Pity covered hers. “I’m Doctor Jay, will you please come with me?”

Peter nodded and stood, wringing his fingers together and followed her down a hallway behind a set of heavy doors. If he were to pay close enough attention, he could hear her heartbeat. Fast and deep, worried but calm. She wasn’t panicked, more bracing.

“How’re you related to May Parker?” She asked, and Peter blanched.

“She-She’s my aunt, Miss Doctor Jay,” She smiled again, fonder this time(but still so so so sad why so sad what the hell is going on) “Why uh… why do you ask?”

The smile dropped, and she sat down in an office swivel chair. Peter was in an office. Doctor Iren Jay’s office, according to the degrees on the wall beside her computer. When had they gotten to her office?

“Peter, I’m so sorry,” She began, chewing the inside of her lip. “But she had lost too much blood by the time we got to her. We couldn’t give her anaesthetic, her blood pressure was too low. The crash took out most of-”

The crash, the fucking crash.

Suddenly the world was spinning and Peter Parker was on the ground. Suddenly the carpet felt like knives and glass that had shattered on a phone screen that bounced against the asphalt oh god the crash.

Suddenly all he could hear was his aunt shouting, pushing him out of the way of the road. Suddenly all he could feel was his palms scraping against the concrete and creating scrapes that already healed. Suddenly, his aunt was run over by a drunk driver on a late Saturday night.

Suddenly his aunt’s head was cracked open, blood gushing out through her nose and ears and head and everywhere. Suddenly she was dead, and Peter was alone.

Peter was alone.



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I really wanna write an irondad spiderson mafia AU eventually because I love mafia AUs. Would anyone be interested if I wrote that? It would contain a lot of Tony being supportive and protective of his adopted son Peter, and Peter being protected from bullies from his avengers mafia family that loves him very much. (I would write Tony as a “good” mafia boss even though I know that’s not a real thing lmao but this would be my fiction and I could do what I want lol) Would anyone like that? It would be self indulgent as heck lmao

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IRONDAD→ Disney+ TV series.

Both drawn together and pulled apart by past trauma, Tony and Peter attempt to navigate their now connected lives. New threats are faced while politics rage, and eventually words are the greatest threat of all. Words, and the ever-looming possibility of a real, actual future. Maybe for Tony, all hope isn’t lost. 

Credit for description → The Waterspout by FriendlyNeighborhoodFangirls

Credit for template → @mclean

I saw on twitter that someone made an edit for a Disney+ series about the Avengers, and I thought about doing one for Irondad. Sorry for the lack of creativity with the logo lmao

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When Boromir stops Frodo from running after Gandalf and when Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli decide to go after Merry and Pippin:

My mum: this film reminds me of iron man and spiderman

Me: omgggggg platonic parental relationshipsss

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Hey, so, um. As much as I’m a sucker for fanfic where Harley is like Peter’s little brother, I’ve got to say it-

Harley is actually a year older than Peter. Canonically. Harley was 11 in Ironman 3, which takes place in December of 2012.

Peter is 15 in Spiderman: Homecoming, which canonically takes place in September/October of 2017. Which means during Spiderman: Homecoming, Harley is 16.

However, this also means that if fanfiction is happening after the events of Endgame, depending on whether or not Harley got snapped, Peter would be 17 and Harley would be either 18 or 23 by the time the events of Spiderman: Far From Home happen.

I guess it depends on where in the timeline you’re writing and whether or not you believe Harley got snapped, but I guess if you were to write post-Endgame fic, clearly canon is not the end-all-be-all. I understand that is entirely the point of fanfiction, but if anybody cares, I figured I’d throw it out there.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have fanfiction to write.

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The Burlesque Lounge: Part 8

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 (Here)


After showing my old castmates around my current place of business, I head backstage to start getting ready. I catch the end of an argument between Flash and Tony.

“You’re drunk, go home.”

“I can’t go home I’m about to go on!”

“You’re gonna go home.”

“Relax. It is one drink. What is the big deal?”

“Peter you’re gonna take Flash’s spot.” I look up.

“He can’t dance my part!”

“What? No I—”

“Oh yes he can and he will.”

“No, no, no. Oh my God, I can’t do that.” I backtrack.

“No, no, no, wait. You said you can do any number, right?”

“Now, I just don’t wanna step on anybody toes.”

“Then don’t.” Flash steps forward as Tony blocks him.

“I don’t ca—listen to me. You’re gonna go on, and you’re gonna go home. Here, put this on.” He tosses clothes at me.

As I change I learn that I’m leading a group number with MJ.

We all get in positions and she smiles at me.

The music starts, but stops within the first verse. Everyone freezes. Me and MJ look at each other, and everyone else on stage with us (Betty and Shuri on her side, Sey and Abe on mine).

No one knows what to do.

I hear Tony and Rhodey whisper-yelling about Ned being down and Flash saying Tony needed him.

Of course.

The curtain starts coming down.

“Am I throwing you off?” MJ looks at me.

“Nope.” I respond. She smiles.

“Didn’t think so.” The curtain begins to rise as we go through the routine to the best of our ability while singing instead of lip syncing. The band manages to catch up with us.

By the time we are done, the crowd is on their feet, and everyone is screaming. The lights go off and MJ jumps into my arms. We have a moment of HOLY FUCK before everyone else joins in on it.

“Oh, Tony we just—I didn’t know what to do—the music stopped—”

“You sing?” Tony asks, nearly silencing everyone. Me and MJ nod.

“I didn’t even know you—” We laugh as we realize we were talking at the same time.

“You guys… You sounded amazing up there together. I…” He takes a breath. “Guys, do you know the songs?” The band members nod. “Okay. So tomorrow, we are going to rehearse all day long, and then tomorrow night, you will be singing. And we are going to go into the show, live.” Me and MJ grab each other’s hands.


“Go with the guys, find out what keys you are comfortable singing the songs in… I am going to plan an entirely new show.” Everyone starts squealing and doting on us. While we just stand there, excited but shocked.

“Clearly one of us has underestimated the other.” Flash crosses his arms and flares at me before turning away.“

"Ignore him, he’s a prick.” MJ says, and she hugs Shuri. “Let’s go do that.”



After figuring out the keys, I go out to meet my old friends. Right out of the backstage door, is Obadiah Stane.

“I cannot believe Tony has you guys burried in the kickline.” I shrug.

“He didn’t know we sang.”

“Well you can and you are way too good to be doing it here.” Yea no shit, we used to sing while we practiced at the circus. Obviously I don’t say that. “How about a drink?”

“Bar is right over there. Tell Harley I sent you.” I walk away towards my friends, who start screaming.

“Oh my god that was amazing!” Nat squeezes me.

“I do not support the selling of sex considering you are under twenty-one but damn you are so good!” Steve pats my shoulder.

“Kid you have a great voice and a body built for that business.”

“Uh, thanks, Thor…”

“I didn’t turn my hearing aides back on until like halfway through but it was really good, Peter.”

“Thanks.” I smile at my friends.

We spend the rest of the time goofing off, until I have to go back and change, and then we start closing up.

“Who knew that you could do that?” I smile at Harley. “It was amazing, you two are great together.” MJ laughs.


“Who knew any white boy could sing like that?” Shuri bumps my arm with hers.

“How do you do that?” I shrug at Rhodey. He looks at MJ.

“I don’t know. It just happens. I just do it.”

“I know how that feels. I gotta pee again, so…” Bethany, she’s pregnant, gets up, and Betty starts poking her in the stomach. “Stop!”

“We’re gonna go get something to eat. You wanna come?” I look at Shuri and Everyone.

“Yeah, I would.”

“Let’s go.”

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Sometimes I’m just like:

I love my children

But then I remember that they don’t exist

But then I forget that they don’t exist

And then I love them even more

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Peter calls Karen his Friend

  • Okay so Karen and Peter talk a lot when patrolling
  • And Karen often has really good advice, even cool ideas and fun facts
  • Peter really loves talking to Karen
  • And sometimes he wants to share what Karen said at school
  • But Karen is an AI, so it’s a little weird, because how does he explain this Karen who happened to appear in his life
  • Ned and MJ know who Karen is so they understand where some of this advice is coming from and why it seems so weird sometimes
  • They just finished a decathalon practice against another school to kick off the season, and something was faulty with their equipment leading to the team losing
  • So everyone is angry and moping around, promising they’ll get these Upper East-Siders at the actual tournament
  • And peter says “Karen told me that being angry with everything that went wrong stops us from seeing what we actually did right. It’s okay to be upset in the moment, but if we dwell on it we won’t ever fix our mistakes”
  • “Who’s Karen?” Betty asks, now intrigued but this new person Peter has brought up
  • And Peter doesn’t know how to explain it without exposing himself as Spider-Man, so he looks to Ned, who also seems panicked and then to MJ who is laughing at him
  • “Karen is a friend of mine” Peter shrugs not able to build up the story anymore
  • Everyone just accepts is so easily, and Peter was not expecting that but it was so easy
  • So now at school when Peter will just name drop Karen and something cool he learnt from her
  • And it makes his life so much easier
  • Because Karen is Peter’s friend, even though she’s only in his suit, she’s always there for him
  • Tony does laugh only a little bit when Peter is telling a story and starts is with “my friend, Karen, said…” but only because he thinks his kid is too pure
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