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The Field Trip, Part 2
Scene in the Avengers Tower
Clint (pauses Mario Cart): I'm telling you it's that Spiderkid.
Sam (snorts): The chatterbox from Berlin? Man, I don't think so. They seem close but not that close.
Clint: (looks offended)
Clint: Are you kidding me? Stark left us midfight plenty times for the brat!
Sam: I don't know. Maybe he was just...constipated?
Clint: (gives Natasha a look that says 'Can you believe this guy?')
Nat: Whatever Stark has going on, it isn't your business, idiots. Leave it be.
Clint: (looks aghast for one moment before accusation replaced disbelief)
Clint: You know what this is about, don't you?!!!!
Nat: (smirks)
Nat: We always know who's the better spy between the two of us. Are you really that surprised?
Steve: (walks into the room carrying groceries with Wanda)
Steve: Hey guys. We got food.
Clint and Sam: (looks guilty)
Steve: (narrows his eyes)
Steve: What's going on?
Wanda: (uses her power)
Wanda: They're trying to figure out why Stark is unable to join us for the day
Sam and Clint: Hey, no fair!! You used your powers!
Nat: Don't look at me. You know where I stand.
Meanwhile, in Midtown Parking Lot...
Student A: Hey look, is that Tony Stark?
Student B: (shoves him off)
Student A: You dumb shit, why would Iron Man be here when he has a lot more important things to do like saving the world?
Student A: Well it isn't like there's another alien invasion going on at the minute.
Tony: (casually leaning on the bus, ignoring gawkers to check on his multipurpose watch)
Tony: Friday, remind me again what Peter's schedule is for this field trip thing? And who's the teacher again? Mr. Hangerton?
Peter and Ned: (walking towards the bus, Mr. Leeds in tow)
Peter: What do you think happened? I thought we couldn't go without chaperones.
Ned: Come on dude. Whatever happened, I'm just glad I get to go to this field trip with you.
Peter: (smiles gratefully at Ned)
Peter: Yeah, me too.
Mr. Harrington: Peter! Ned! Glad you could both make it. Move along now. Get inside the bus. Get comfortable. But be mindful of your seating arrangements. Always sit beside an adult, yeah?
Peter: (shuffles his feet, looking down)
Peter: Ahm...Mr. Harrington, sir? Remember last Friday, sir, when I said May couldn't come but you said that that's okay and--
Mr. Harrington: (smiles and pats the boy on the shoulder)
Mr. Harrington: You're a good kid, Peter.
Peter: (blushes)
Peter: Uhm..thank you sir.
Peter: (steps onto the bus and freezes at the sound of a familiar heartbeat)
Tony (smirking, already in the aisle seat, saving the window seat for Peter): Well kid. You sure took your time. Only late for three minutes now. Must be a new record, huh?
Peter: MR. STARK!! Wha- wha, what are you doing here? I thought you had that meeting with the Avengers and--
Tony: (pulls him to sit on the chair)
Tony: Aren't you happy I came prepared? Come on. I advance ordered sandwiches from Delmar. Grab ten and finish them before the bus leaves and I'll get you that new lego set you and Ted were chatting about.
Tony: Kid. Hey kid, you okay? Are you hurt? Friday, scan-
Peter: (tackles him into a side hug)
Peter: Thank you.
Tony (taps his arm): Don't mention it. Told you, didn't? I'm in this for the long haul.
(An Hour Later)
Students: (chattering about Iron Man being in the bus with them)
Tony (shushes them): Yeah? Look folks, I have no problem giving you all signatures and taking pics but save it for later. You all need to shush now. My kid's sleeping. He's a growing boy, alright?
Ned: (grinning wide, catching the scene on video)
Ned: (captures Tony looking fondly at Peter, adjusting his blanket)
Ned: (grins triumphantly)
Mr. Leeds: Ned, how exactly is Tony Stark related to Peter?
Ned (still smiling as he sits down): Mr. Stark is Peter's dad.
Ned: Irondad.
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monireh89 · 2 days ago
This one is a commission drawing for @superherotiger who wanted me to daw this scene from her absolutely amazing Western Irondad series. Please go read this….like seriously….like now…😁
“At the sight of the familiar stable boy, Tony leant back against the crate with a sigh as his arm now hovered awkwardly behind Peter’s back, stiff with uncertainty as Tony searched his gaze. It took a few moments for Peter to understand the silent question in the outlaw’s eyes as the silence dragged on, but the moment he did, he felt something warm blossom in his chest.
Are you sure? the bandit appeared to be asking. He was the only person who knew the root of his nightmares, and the only person Peter trusted to protect him from them.
And so, Peter simply tipped his head to rest on the man’s shoulder again and pressed snuggly into his side, the answer as clear as day as he let his eyes fall shut peacefully.
I trust you, returned Peter’s reply, spoken not in words, but in the silence.”
Tumblr media
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Category - Low Stats
This one is a new category as suggested by a voter for the 2021 awards.
THE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH — We have all read a story, marveled at it, and then glanced at the stats only for our mouths to drop open in shock. Some stories don’t get the love they deserve. What’s the story in the low stats — ??? — that you want us to showcase?
Tumblr media
Art by @superherotiger​
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incorrect-spiderson · 5 months ago
Peter: Man Mr. Stark it’s so lucky that we got you the proper care in time to save your life and now you, me, Pepper, Morgan, and Aunt May can all live happily for the rest of our lives!
The TVA: Variant Spotted, move in to eliminate-
Loki, holding a knife to their backs: You should reconsider
Sylvie, also holding a knife to their backs: I don’t know who that child is but I will kill you if you touch them
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forgetful-nerd · a month ago
Harley: it’s only an unpaid internship if you don’t steal enough office supplies.
Steve: Stealing is wrong.
Peter: You mean unpaid internships? I agree.
Tony: Go for the printer toner. It’s worth more than gold.
Harley: Fantastic advice
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murdermuffinloki · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Everything will be alright (As long as we stick together)
Twitter | Pixiv | Support Me
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dead-inside-pt2 · 9 days ago
-Stephen ripping Tony out of the afterlife-
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comfortember · 6 months ago
Hey guys!!! Comfortember 2021 is upon us. WHO’S PSYCHED CUZ I AM 🙌🏼
Comfortember is a month-long challenge during the month of November and the focus is all things comfort. Whether in the form of fluff, recovery, post-whump, or all of the above, this challenge is guaranteed to give you those soft, fuzzy feelings that make you want to curl up under blankets in front of a fireplace ☺️
This challenge is open to all fandoms and it’s open to all forms of art, not just fanfiction. Please use the #comfortember tag when you post so all the fics will be in one place! 
For anyone posting on AO3, the link to this year’s collection is here!
Tumblr media
I decided to post the prompts earlier this year to give you guys more time to plan, especially since it’s coming after @whumptober2021​ and @sicktember​ (the first Sicktember is this September!)
The 5 prompts off to the side are the alternatives. If there is a prompt you don’t want/aren’t comfortable using, please use these as a substitute 💜
Please refer to my FAQ for any questions but please send me an ask on this blog or my main blog @baloobird​ if you have questions about anything!!! 
Thank you guys so much, it’s because of YOU that i’m able to do this again and I’m so freaking excited!! I hope you guys enjoy the prompts and have fun with this!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Please share this and spread the word, the more comfort, the better 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
*Adding the prompts under the cut in the copy/paste format for easier accessibility*
1. Discovery
2. Darkness
3. Hugs
4. Friends
5. Coping
6. Falling leaves
7. Insecurity
8. Relived trauma
9. Fear
10. Cuddling
11. Warmth
12. Make Something
13. Confession
14. Crackling Fire 
15. Scars
16. Journal/Diary
17. Insomnia
18. Anxiety
19. Walk in the Day/Moonlight
20. Blanket Fort
21. Pets
22. Nightmares
23. Hiding
24. Family
25. Mental Health
26. Confrontation
27. Confidence
28. Treehouse
29. Reunited
30. Light at the End of the Tunnel
Alternative Prompts:
First Snow
Car Rides
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stuckonylove · 6 months ago
Peter: So tonight I was thinking we could stay up late playing checkers and say all the things we like about each other
Kidnapper, crying: Stark paid the ransom 3 days ago, please go home
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Category - Fix-It
Another new category for 2022
THE FIXER-UPPER — There are some incredible fix-it fics inn the Irondad fandom. From the wonderful Tony Lives™ to the Accords Dealt With By Simple Discussion, what’s the story that fixes things just right for you?
Tumblr media
Art by @monireh89​
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Tony: father's day is just a ploy made by capitalists in order to increase revenue by building sentiment over a relationship which will only bring pain and abandonm-
Peter: I made you a card
Tony, crying: you did?
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incorrect-spiderson · 6 months ago
Peter: *kicks down the door to the living room*
Tony: I didn’t, I would never
Natasha: Nope.
Steve: It wouldn’t be American to steal your leftovers now would it?
Sam: I definitely did.
Clint: Is nobody else bothered by the fact that he just kicked down a giant ten-ton metal door? Nobody??
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fandoms-incorrect-quotes · 2 months ago
Peter, a Professional Gen Z kid, after realizing that Vision is literally an Internet in a humanoid form: Hey, mr. Vision.
Vision: Yes, Peter?
Peter: And they were roommates.
Vision, without hesitation: Oh my god they were roommates.
Tony: Wha-
Peter, throwing an empty Dr. Pepper can into the trashcan: THIS BITCH EMPTY
Vision, without looking up from his paprikash: YEET
Tony: What.
Peter, pointing at a trashcan he set on fire: *John Mulaney impression* This is an on-fire garbage can...
Vision, also pointing at a trashcan: Could be a nursery.
Tony, running towards the trashcan with a fire extinguisher: WHAT.
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casual-darkness · 3 months ago
Shirts Peter Parker definitely owns
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bonus, a shirt Peter shows to Tony and Tony buys for Rhodey:
Tumblr media
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Tony: What are the rules of Monopoly?
Peter: If the game lasts over 4 hours you get the legal right to kill the person who asked to play.
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