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Hey, guys. Idk if you have noticed but I’ve been really struggling to write irondad for this past month or so and just in case I don’t pick it up again, I wanted to make sure there was a complete list of all of my Tumblr fics here. (6/6/2020)

He likes me- Harley tells Spiderman he likes Peter

Peter’s Protection- Harley protects Peter from Flash

Always Here- Harley helps Peter with his dissociation

7 Photos From Peter Parker’s Instagram- exactly what it sounds like

Missing You- Peter struggles with his temporary long-distance relationship with Harley

Why Can’t the World Just End?- Peter complains to Steve about how much the world sucks

Morgan’s Big Brother - Peter meets Morgan for the first time

Peter’s First Crush- Peter gets his first crush on Harley Keener

Where’s home?- Tony asks his children about their thoughts on moving out of the city.

Whumptober 2019

Home for the Holidays - Peter has a big family this year

Soft fluff - Irondad sick fic

Peter has a nightmare - Harley comforts Peter

Positivity - Peter’s been feeling down, his family step in

What friends are for - Peter and MJ have noticed that Ned’s been down

I don’t know how to be a dad - Tony questions his ability to raise his daughter.

Never Alone - A nightmare leaves Penny shaken, it’s up to Peter to help.


Accent- Peter makes fun of Harley’s accent.

Stealing clothes- Harley steals Peter’s clothes

Sensory Overload- Peter gets sensory overload in front of Harley

Stop interrupting me!”- Peter takes a hit meant for Tony

Peter’s hungry- Harley makes Peter food

Coming out to the Avengers- Peter comes out as ace to the Avengers

“You lied to me!” “I thought I could trust you!” - Peter finds out about Siberia

Twin Penny and Peter - Peter takes Penny to the lab with him

They were roommates - Peter and Harley are roommates at MIT

Exhausted Peter - Peter is stressed and Harley forces him to sleep

Jealous Penny of her twin Peter - Penny wants to be a superhero

Tony adopts little Penny - Tony meets Penny at an orphanage and wants to be a parent

Breakup - Penny’s boyfriend breaks up with her

Dead May - Tony and Pepper take in Penny 

“Yell, scream, cry, please, just say something, anything.” - Pepper has something to tell her kids

Comfort - Harley comforts Peter

“This isn’t what I wanted” “Are you okay?” - Peter comes out to his dad

Father’s Day - Penny and Tony celebrate Father’s Day

“That’s how the story goes” “Are you serious?” “I don’t understand” - Penny gets amnesia

“You should sleep.” “I’m not human therefore I do not require sleep.” - Peter needs sleep

“You’ll catch me right?” “Always” and “Please don’t let me fall.” “Never.” - Penny and Tony are at the edge of a precipice 

I know I kissed you before, but I didn’t do it right. Can I try again?” - Harley is drunk

“Don’t be scared, I’m right here.” “I won’t lose you too.” - Penny gets hurt

“Stay here tonight.” “Please don’t walk out of that door.” - Harley makes a mistake

Ace Peter - Harley comforts Peter

Abusive relationship - Penny is in a bad situation, thankfully her brother notices

Christmas together - Tony finally isn’t alone for the holidays

Fluff - Parkner fluff

Worried Harley - Peter gets hurt

“Why do you have to look at me like that? It’s making me weak, please stop.” + “I-I think we should go to dinner first.” - Someone hurts Peter, thankfully Harley is there to help

Peter is a Good Brother - Penny locks herself in her room, Peter wants to know why

Sleepover + helpful Morgan - Peter has a nightmare, thankfully he has a helpful little sister

“Don’t hesitate, just kiss me.” - Penny and MJ enjoy a quiet night

Parkner Valentine’s - Peter hates valentine’s day, maybe he can learn to love it

Parkner Comfort - Peter has a nightmare and Harley helps

Angsty Ironfam - Peter is jealous of Morgan

“You’re not my dad!” - Peter yells at Tony

Clingy Peter - Peter just wants to hug his dad

Aren’t you supposed to be the adult?” - Penny gives Pepper the shovel talk, or rather a version of it

Penny and Tony fight - Tony doesn’t approve of his daughter’s boyfriend, Harry

Confession - Harley has something important to tell Peter

Sick fic - Harley takes care of his sick boyfriend

Rainy day - Rain used to mean happiness to Peter, now it’s just reminded of what he lost.

Harley gets hurt - Peter deals with Harley getting hurt while he’s on patrol

“I know it’s embarrassing I still sleep with a night light.” - Penny seeks out Tony when she is in pain

Some fluff - Harley comes home late    

“I can’t do this without you.” - Penny gets shot   

“Whatever you do don’t open your eyes.” - Ironfam has a soft night

“I need a place to stay.” - Peter goes to Harley when he needs help

“I want you to be happy.” - Peter is anxious about college

“I won’t stop until I find ___.” - A tsunami hits New York, Peter can’t find Penny

“You’re lying!” “I hate you.” - Penny and Tony fight

Soulmates - Penny and MJ touch for the first time.

First 3 am phone call - Tony calls Peter in the middle of the night

Bullies and irondad - Tony overhears Peter ranting to Karen about Flash

First real hug - Peter has a bad day

First 3 am call - Tony gets a call from someone he hasn’t talked to in a long time.

First time they stand up for you - Ben gets called to Penny’s school after an altercation.

Advice - Peter goes to Steve to ask for some help.

Feelings - Peter finally tells Ned how much he loves him.

Coming out - Peter tells Ned he’s ace.

“Can you shut up for once in your life?” - Tony takes out his feelings on Peter.

Need to hide from bad guys - Penny knows someone is following them and does something really rash.

“Just get home as soon as possible, okay?” - Penny is sick and calls her uncle.

First meeting - Tony introduces his son to his girlfriend. 

Abandoned - Harley has a lot of issues.

Argument - After adopting Peter, Tony and Peter fight for the first time. 

Something good - Tony questions whether or not he deserves his son. 

“How do I make you love me again?” - Peter messes up

Come let’s away the strangers all are gone - Tony uses his daughter to sneak away from a party. 

Go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days - Tony finds out about his daughter’s engagement. 

Arguing - May’s abusive boyfriend trope. 

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Irondad Fic Rec

I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing. Today’s fic is a sucker punch to the gut from beginning to end.

Forgive me my salt (my decades of taking) by @blondsak

Summary: In the years after the Avengers undo the Snap, Tony learns to live both with and without himself.


Everything @blondsak writes is amazing, even if some things make me so sad I can’t read it. She is our angst queen and comes up with the most creative, and often heart wrenching things. This is one of them. I almost never read major character death fics, but @groo-ock rec’d it and here we are. I’m so completely shook by that plot twist that I need everyone to read it. It’s next level. And then when you go back and read to piece it all together. She’s an absolute genius. I’ll never be over this fic. It’s so well written!!! Read it. Just read it.

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I will hold you ‘til I hold you right

A/N: So forever ago, I asked for prompts. This sat in my Google Docs for months and months because I wanted to make it a full fic, but all I cared about was this scene. So I decided today that I’m gonna post it as a drabble. Special thanks to @sophie-the-compulsive-fangirl and @hardjaxlarnir for giving me the prompt “captivity”

Title from “Lost” by Dermot Kennedy

“Peter, come’re.” Tony outstretches his arm in invitation, the motion pulling at his sore, beaten limb. But he needs this physical contact that grounds him, as much a comfort for Tony as he hopes it is for Peter. They had been taken eight hours ago, but the trauma they’ve endured since then has made it seem like so much longer. The younger boy sniffles, a tear spilling down his cheek as he complies, folding himself into his mentor’s side. 

“I’m sorry,” Peter mumbles into the cotton of Tony’s shirt. It’s coated in dirt and blood and Tony swallows down bile at the sight of it.  “I should’ve-”

“Shhh. Nope. You’ve done amazing, kid. You shouldn’t have done anything, kid. This isn’t on you.” He wraps both his arms around Peter, and god he’s shaking. Tony reaches up, gently scratching at the nape of his neck and through his long chestnut curls. “This shouldn’t have happened.”

The room smells of piss of molding water, and Tony inhales a whiff of it as his mouth opens in a choked off sob. It had just been their normal morning jog when he was grabbed, Peter unlucky enough to be with him at the time. No, this is on me, he thinks. He knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that he would give anything to erase this trauma from Peter. Their captors seemed to catch on too, deciding the best form of torture would be having him watch as they messed with Peter first. For Peter’s part, he had been so incredibly strong, taunting them in a Tony-Stark-like fashion for the first few hours, but his bravado crumbled as the pain increased and time passed, his body working overtime to heal open wounds and darkening bruises. Anger coils in his chest, so hard and heavy in its depth that he struggles to sit still. But that’s not what Peter needs right now, so he stays still.

“I’m scared, Mr. Stark.” Peter whispers, burying his head further into Tony’s shoulder.

“Me too, bud.” Tony admits, fingers continuing their ministrations through his mentee’s hair. 

“You are?” he asks, lifting his head to look up at Tony. 

“All the time. Why do you think I put all those protocols in your suit? I’m - I’m terrified of something happening to you. Something like this…Pete, I’m so sorry. We’re gonna get out of here. I promise you.”

Peter just nods, eyes glazed and unfocused as he lets his head fall back against Tony’s chest. In the distance, the familiar sound of repulsors pierce the air. 

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A/N: Written for the wonderful @blondsak for the irondad fic exchange!! She actually gave me this idea and I like to think I twisted it and made it my own. Angst and fluff ahead friends.

Also on Ao3

“FRIDAY has already scanned the area. There’s no civilians. Give me the mission rundown.” Tony says. He’s hovering above a rooftop with Peter, surrounded by dusty warehouses that look like they haven’t been visited in at least two decades. It’s a low grade mission for Iron Man, but he’s been trying to train Peter more. He’d been tipped off that more of Toomes weapons were being sold here, and Peter has seemed to make it his personal responsibility to keep them off the streets since The Vulture fiasco.

“Okay I swing in while you stand guard out here. The tracker said the computer that we want to hack into is somewhere in the middle of the building. We just have to get to it first. So, we take out the guys, or girls - girls can be super villains too! - guarding it, and then have FRIDAY or Karen download all the info. And then, get out and bust the bad guys. Easy peasy.” Peter smiles, fingers drumming against his leg in anticipation. 

“I think you’ve got it. Let’s go. You’re gonna do great, kid,” he says, trying to encourage Peter in a way he never was as a child. Or even an adult. He really doesn’t want to mess this up, whatever this is. 

Pepper had immediately coined it as co-parenting over dinner one night, much to Tony’s denial. 

(“So you’re co-parenting the kid now?” she’d quipped, her brow raising as she suppressed a laugh. 

“No. I’m not a parent. A co-parent or a co–”

“You spent dinner last night telling me about his chemistry project and academic decathlon meets. The only other person you talk about more is yourself.”

“Not true.”

Her amused smile turned smug as she cast her gaze to the ceiling. “FRIDAY?”

There was a pause as the A.I. gathered her data. “In the past 5 months, you have talked about Peter 40% more than anyone else. Most of your conversations with Happy Hogan revolve around Peter Parker as well.”

“That doesn’t prove anything.”

“You picked him up from school, Tony. Because he was sick.”

“I was being a responsible mentor. ”



“Fine, live in denial. Tell May I said hi at your monthly dinner where you talk about your kid.”) 

Tony smiles at the memory. And yes, maybe he had bought back the tower on impulse after Karen called him while Spider-Man was half out of his mind with pain and a knife wedged six inches into his leg. And if he thought the sight of blood seeping profusely from the wound was awful, it was nothing compared to his mentee’s muffled cries as he held him against his chest during the flight over. After that, Tony had upped his training. Which brings them here. He’s brought out of his reverie with the sound of said kid quietly singing “Private Eyes” to himself. Under his mask, Tony smiles as he sighs. 

“How stealthy of you, Spider-Man.” 

Peter mutters an apology, but continues to hum the song at a lower volume. A few minutes pass before he speaks up. “I found it! It’s not even guarded. Okay, Karen, just do your thing.” A beat. “Okay, Mr. Stark. It’s downloading. I’ll just…wait here.” 

“Boss. I think -” FRIDAY stops mid sentence, her constant, faint humming silencing completely. He calls out for her, and nothing happens. He calls for Peter and Spider-Man. Nothing. His stomach drops, a panic coiling it’s way up his throat, constricting his airwaves and he has to get out, has to help Peter, Peter –

“Confused, Stark?” A voice taunts into his comm. It’s an older, male voice, raspy and definitely not the voice he was wanting to hear. “Just consider me an old friend.” 

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warnings: poison and sickness

a/n: okay so yesterday flopped and i actually thought it was a good chapter and this one is bad so at least this one deserves to flop 

read on ao3

Penny knew something was wrong. 

The entire night her “spidey sense” was acting up, letting her know that there was danger nearby. It was nothing immediate, but it was a nagging feeling that was bothering her. The problem was: Penny couldn’t figure out what was wrong. 

The gala Mr. Stark was hosting had an exclusive list of attendees, security guards at every entrance/exit, and cameras hidden in every possible corner. 

So, why did she feel like something really bad was going to happen? 

“-enny, Penny, you okay, kid?” 

Penny shook herself out of her thoughts. “What?” 

“You okay?” Mr. Stark asked her, “You seem worried. Care to share?” 

Penny didn’t want to distress Mr. Stark for no reason. So, she lied. 

“No, I’m fine!” Penny exclaimed, “Just…can’t decide if I want the salmon or the filet mignon.”  She held up her menu and pointed at the two options, “What would you recommend, Mr. Stark?” 

“Definitely the salmon. Pair it with some Chardonnay. Very classy. And, you’ll love Chardonnay. Just don’t tell your aunt I let you order wine, she’ll murder me.” 

“Tony,” Pepper interrupted, “She’s fifteen. Don’t tell her to order wine.”

“It’s one glass, Pep, it’s not like I’m telling her to get drunk.” 

“Would they even let me order it?” Penny asked, “I’m not twenty-one.” 

“It’s basically like champagne; you can order it, kid. But, only one glass. I’m not that irresponsible.” 

He earned a glare from Pepper at that statement. “You shouldn’t be encouraging her to drink wine at all, but fine, just one glass.” 

Distracted by their food and drink, Penny completely forgot about how off the party felt. However, after finishing her drink, she started to feel warm, too warm, and her vision was becoming very hazy. 

Penny reached out to grab Mr. Stark’s sleeve and gently shook his arm. “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good…” (i’m so sorry,,,,i had to)

Mr. Stark turned to look at her, concern in his eyes. “What’s wrong, Pen?” He put his hand to her forehead, noticing how flush she looked, “She’s burning up!”  Mr. Stark said to Pepper; Pepper rushing to get security and to call a doctor, fearing Penny’s sudden illness was because of something sinister. Mr. Stark quickly grabbed a cloth napkin, dipped it in a glass of water, and pressed it to her forehead. “Hold that there,” he helped her out of her chair and put his arm around her shoulders, “You need to lie down.” 

Before they could make it out of the room, Penny collapsed. 

“Penny!”  Mr. Stark fell down beside her and tenderly pulled her into his arms, brushing her hair back out of her face. “Stay with me, kid, you’re gonna be okay.” 

Penny felt like she was burning. Her heart was beating so fast she actually thought it was going to burst. She just wanted this to stop. 

“I-I don’t know w-w-what’s happening, Mr. S-Stark,” Penny said, her speech slurring, “P-Please make it s-stop.” 

Mr. Stark’s gaze softened. It pained him to see Penny hurting so much and not being able to take it away. “I’m trying, honey. A doctor is on the way. I promise this will be over soon.” 

An anxious Pepper returned to them a few minutes later; the doctor with her urgently tending to Penny. “Um, Tony, I need to speak with you…privately. I don’t think Penny should hear this right now.” 

Tony didn’t want to leave Penny, but he needed to hear what Pepper had to tell him. He figured talking a few feet away would be fine, considering Penny was so out of it she probably wouldn’t hear what they were saying anyway. 

“So, I asked a guard to show me the security footage to see if anyone tampered with Penny’s food or drink because I thought maybe she was poisoned, I mean, you can’t just get that sick out of nowhere. You’ll never guess who poisoned her drink. Well, actually, it was technically your drink, but the waiter must have switched them by accident. It was Justin Hammer.”

Tony was shocked. Because one, it was supposed to be his drink that was poisoned and two, Justin Hammer was supposed to be in prison. “But, Hammer is in prison-”

“Happy checked the news. He broke out this morning; he probably figured poisoning you would be some petty act of revenge or something for throwing him in jail. And, the gala was the perfect opportunity.” 

This was his fault. 

Penny being poisoned was his fault. 

“Don’t do that, Tony,” Pepper started to say while grabbing hold of his hands, “I know you’re blaming yourself, but it’s not your fault. That drink probably would have killed you. And while this should not have happened to Penny, her metabolism is going to save her, okay? She’s not going to die.” 

That calmed Tony a little.

But, only a little. 

“He hurt my kid, Pep,” Tony glanced over at Penny, lying on the floor, silently suffering because an old enemy decided he still wasn’t done torturing Tony, “I’m going to make him pay.”

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warnings: hypothermia, mentions of kidnapping 

a/n: here is day one of febuwhump! these are all going to be penny parker one-shots, and i am going to try to write for every single day. please leave me feedback! i would appreciate it so much!! 

read on ao3

Penny woke up feeling cold and uncomfortable. She blearily opened her eyes, lifted her head, and looked up at her surroundings.

She was in the middle of a forest. In the pitch black of night. 

“Where am I? How did I end up here? What happened to me? Why can’t I remember?” were the thoughts racing through Penny’s mind. She needed to figure out how she got here, making a list in her mind of how her day went. 

1. Wake up and eat breakfast with Aunt May

2. Take the subway to school 

3. Stay after school for Decathlon practice 

4. Take the subway back home

5. …

Then…nothing. Penny couldn’t remember what happened after she got off the subway. 

“Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic.” Penny thought. She just needed to look at her surroundings and make a plan! That shouldn’t be too difficult. 

The first thing she noticed was the cold. 

It was the middle of winter, so no surprise there. It was probably freezing outside right now. But, at least she was still wearing her winter jacket. Wait! She should still have her phone in the inside pocket! The phone was a brand new StarkPhone that Mr. Stark had given her because her old phone had been “not reliable enough and looked as if it would break into pieces if you just tapped the screen a little too hard.” Surely, a StarkPhone could work even in the middle of nowhere, right? 

The phone was still in the pocket, and Penny breathed a sigh of relief at that discovery. She pulled it out of the pocket, unlocked it, and…no reception. 

Okay, so, maybe she just needed to get up and walk around. She had to get some reception somewhere. She struggled to stand up off the ground, knowing the temperature was affecting her and causing her body to slowly shut down especially since the spider bite doesn’t allow her body to thermoregulate as well as it used to. If she was getting out of this forest, she needed to get out of here soon. 

(a/n : there are a bunch of sirens going off where i live and idk what they mean like wtf is going on they are so EERIE anyway continue the story sorry for the interruption)

Penny began to walk towards the lighter brush of trees. Because…that means she would be closer to the edge of the forest? A thicker blanket of trees means she would be walking more towards the middle of the forest? Penny didn’t know if this logic was correct (aka the author doesn’t know if this is correct and is too lazy to look it up). Anyway, she was going to stick to the sparse blanket of trees. 

Penny held up the phone while she walked, hoping to get some bars soon, so she could call Mr. Stark. He could help her; he would be able to track the phone, find exactly where she is, and get here quick in his Iron Man suit, and everything would be okay. They would go back to the tower, watch a movie, and drink a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Penny just wanted to be in a warm, safe place and forget that this is happening. 

Still no bars. 

Penny was scared. Really scared. She was lost in an unknown place, having no clue how she ended up there, and was completely alone. 

And, on top of that, her phone was about to die. She needed to get reception soon. 

Penny was shivering intensely, and it was becoming more difficult to walk. The trees looked so menacing in the dark, and she swore she could her chittering and footsteps all around her. Her nervousness was growing. 

One bar. 

Oh, thank gosh. It wasn’t a lot, but one bar could definitely allow her one call. Penny clicked Mr. Stark’s contact. 

It only took one ring for him to answer. 

“Penny, it’s about time. Do you know how many times I’ve called you? Your aunt is freaking out, kid,” Mr. Stark lectured, “Where the hell are you? May said you never made it home.” 

“M-mr. Stark, I-I-I think I’m lost. I need h-help.” 

Penny could barely speak. She knew that wasn’t a good sign. 

“Okay. I can find you, don’t worry, Pen, alright? Just stay on the ph-”

Her phone died. 

Penny let out a sob. This was it. Mr. Stark wouldn’t be able to track her if her phone was dead. She knew she was experiencing symptoms of hypothermia. She wasn’t anywhere near the edge of the forest. She was going to die here. 

Penny was trying to keep walking; she was really trying. But, her legs wouldn’t listen to her brain? They weren’t moving anymore? Why wasn’t she moving anymore? When did she lie down? 

She wasn’t shivering anymore. Does that mean she’s not cold anymore? Maybe she doesn’t actually have hypothermia. Maybe she just needed to rest for a minute…

Penny didn’t know how much time had passed when she hears a sound. She can’t exactly make out what it is, but it sounds a bit like…the clanking of metal? 

And, then, there’s someone holding her, delicately picking her up. 

“Hey, honey, I’ve got you. You’re going to be okay. Just stay awake, okay? Please, don’t close your eyes.” 

Penny tried to look at who was holding her, but everything was blurry, and it was getting harder to stay awake. She was beginning to see black dots all across her vision. This person told her to stay awake, though, so she needed to try. They sounded worried, and she didn’t want them to be worried. 

Penny tried to keep her eyes open, but the darkness seemed more inviting. She couldn’t help but to close her eyes. Penny’s last thought was I’m sorry

Penny woke up feeling warm and comfortable. She blearily opened her eyes, lifted her head, and looked up at her surroundings.

She was in the medbay. She had been saved. But, how? How was it possible that someone had found her?

“Hey, kid.” Penny turned her head. 

“Hey, Mr. Stark. What’s up?” Penny asked, attempting to lighten the mood. 

Mr. Stark softly smiled. “Well, you were kidnapped, taken to the middle of the woods, left alone there, and almost died from a severe case of hypothermia. But, other than that, everything is just fine.” 

“Wait, how do you know I was kidnapped?”

“You don’t remember?” 

Penny shook her head. 

“After I found you and brought you back here, we had to wait awhile for you to recover, so I began to look into why you were in the woods in the first place. I figured you wouldn’t have gone out there all by yourself, especially without your suit and a fully-charged phone.” He jokingly glared at her. “So, I hacked some city cameras and saw someone grabbed you. Must have used some special knock-out drug if it worked on you. I’m still trying to find them.” 

“Wow,” Penny said, taking in all the information, “That’s weird.” 

“You just found out you were kidnapped and on the brink of death, and that’s all you can say?”  Mr. Stark jokes. 

“Wow, that’s really weird, Mr. Stark.” 

“Kid, you’re killing me here.”

“Wait, so you’re the one who found me in the woods? You sounded like a worried dad.” Penny giggled. 

“I did not sound like a worried dad.” 


“Okay, maybe I did. Just a little bit.” 

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so…i think i’m going to try to write for febuwhump this year?? it’s going to be my first time so i’m probably not going to write for every single day but i definitely want to try! i also think i’m going to have them all be about penny parker? i really enjoy reading the penny parker fanfics and have always wanted to try writing for her myself!! so i’m going to start on the first prompt right now :) 

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For my darling @a-liddell-alice who asked me to write some fluff and of course I obliged because I love her so much. (i hope this is okay i wrote this in fifteen minutes)

Peter coughs pitifully into his sleeve, not even trying to conceal the wheezing noise that comes out. His throat is killing him and his brain feels like a ton of rocks is sitting on it.

“You feeling sick, Pete?” Tony asks as he sets a plate of food in front of the boy. The two had forgone their usual routine of working in the lab and instead took up shop in the living room so Peter could finish his homework. But now that homework is sitting half done in front of him and Peter doesn’t look the least bit thrilled to continue.

Peter shakes his head, “I’m okay.” He wipes his nose on his sleeve, tightly couching once more.

Tony lifts an eyebrow at the kid, seeing straight through his lies. And he presses the back of his hand against Peter’s forehead, ignoring Peter’s groans as he tries to swat his hand away. 

“You’re warm, kid,” Tony sinks down onto the couch beside Peter and shoves his homework out of the way. “If you’re sick you shouldn’t be working.”

“Tony! It needs to be done for next class!” Peter whines as he tries to grab his books.Tony doesn’t listen to him and instead pulls Peter flush against his chest, pillowing the boy’s head above his heart. Peter stills. “Oh,” he says softly as Tony begins to card a hand through his hair. “This is nice.”

Tony leans father back into the couch hugging Peter tighter, “You shouldn’t over work yourself when you’re sick.”

Peter rolls his eyes, “You’re not setting a very good example.”

Tony huffs, “Do as I say not as I do, short-stack.” He laughs when Peter nudges his head into Tony’s hand once he realizes that Tony stopped playing with his curls. Peter hums, too tired to answer Tony. 

Peter does his best to stay awake. He fights to keep his eyes open and to stay lucid, but he is not match for the comforting rhythm of Tony’s hand in his hair or the comforting weight of Tony’s arms gently squeezing him. Being sick takes a lot out of kids, Tony realizes, especially super-human kids. So it doesn’t surprise him at all when Peter’s breathing evens out, though still a bit hoarse and scratchy, and his eyes droop closed. Tony smiles to himself, “Goodnight, kid.” And while he is still asleep, Tony kiss Peter’s forehead. And if Peter is still awake, well, Tony would never have to know.

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Penny never thought she’d have parents. Mary and Richard had died too quickly for her ever to think of them as her ‘real’ parents. And then she was shipped off to live with May and Ben. At first, she had tried to make believe that she was really May and Ben’s child, but she never got past calling them Aunt and Uncle.

At twelve years old, Penny figured out that she would never have a normal family. And she was fine with that. She loved her aunt and uncle. Then Ben Parker died in front of her. Penny tried to push May away after that, but the woman wouldn’t let her be alone. May never let Penny drown in her sadness. She made sure her niece was never alone.

But now Penny is alone. She has no family of her own.

“Penny?” Tony tentatively walks into the girl’s room, a tray of pasta and a cup of tea carefully balanced in his hands. Penny is sitting motionless on her bed, staring at the ground. “Sweetheart?” Tony tries again. Penny looks up at him, eyes red and cheeks pale.

Penny immediately hates herself. When she moved in with the Starks she promised that she wouldn’t be a burden. She would be low maintenance and quiet and the perfect charge. That’s all she is after all. Mr. and Mrs. Stark are just providing her a roof and food until she goes off to college. But here comes Mr. Stark with a plate of food he made her.

Tony sets the tray on the bedside table and sinks down beside Penny on the bed, “Pen, I’m really worried about you.” When Penny doesn’t say anything he continues. “I know that you’re going through a very hard time right now, but I need you to let me be here for you. Whether that’s literally right here by your side or on opposite ends of the couch, I don’t care.” Tony sighs, “Pepper and I care about you very much, but we can’t help you if we don’t know how you need help, okay?”

Penny has to bite her lip to keep from sobbing. She just nods. Tony stands with a defeated sigh, “I’m going to leave the tray there, okay? Eat if you’re up to it.” Penny nods again. “Pepper and I’ll be in the living room if you need us.” Tony gives her one last look before turning and walking towards the door.

Penny curses herself, but she knows if he leaves things will only get worse. “Wait.” Penny’s voice is soft, almost light as a feather, but Tony still hears her.

He turns around with a hopeful glow, “Yeah, Pen?”

Penny’s heart pounds in her chest, she hadn’t thought this far ahead. “I-I’m sorry.”

Tony frowns as he walks back over to her, sitting back down beside her, “What are you sorry for?”

Penny shrugs, biting her quivering lip, “For being here. I know you never wanted kids and I-”

“It’s okay, Penny,” Tony gently takes Penny’s hands. “You don’t need to apologize. And I don’t want kids,” Penny’s heart falls, “I want you.”

Penny snaps her head up to meet Tony’s eyes, searching for any indication of him lying. She doesn’t find one. “You-you mean it?” Penny asks, hopefully. Penny can’t hold back her tears any longer when Tony nods.

“Sweetheart,” Tony begins as he gently maneuvers Penny into a hug, “of course I mean it. I’m sorry I didn’t show that to you.”

“Can you stay with me?” Penny asks, her voice small.

“As long as you need me I’ll be here,” Tony runs a hand through her long hair and for the first time in two weeks, she lets herself smile.

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Based on @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars‘s post

The instant Tony say the baby boy’s tiny little hands up against the glass, he knew something was wrong. It was an extra hot summer day today and seeing that baby stuck in that car worried Tony more than anything.

His original plan for that day was to buy himself some ice cream (because he always liked treating himself, obviously) but his plans quickly changed when he saw the boy’s hands. Without even thinking about how much trouble he could get in, Tony shielded his hand in some of his Iron Man tech before he smashed the car window open. His heart broke right then and there when his ears registered the baby’s cries of distress.

Tony quickly swiped the shards of glass onto the car floor before he reached in and scooped the boy into his arms. “Oh God, you’re practically burning! Happy, call an ambulance!” Tony commanded as the boy cried and gripped Tony’s shirt. Happy hurriedly did as he said, his eyes widening at how drenched in sweat the baby was.

As Happy practically screamed into his phone, the baby’s foster parents came sprinting out of the store, clearly concerned.

“Who the hell smashed our car window?!” the dad screamed, his eyes wide with anger.

“And why the hell are you holding Peter? Give him to me!” the mom spat as she lunged for her foster son.

Tony’s instincts forced him to hold Peter closely against his chest. “Back away!” Tony retorted, making sure he didn’t curse in front of the kid. “Who in their right mind was the genius who insisted that Peter should be left in the metal hot box that is your car on a day like this?!”

“We weren’t gonna be gone for long,” the dad argued, the mom nodding in agreement. “Now give Peter back and shell out some money to fix the window you broke!”

“That’s not a good enough reason,” Tony defended, ignoring the man’s demand for money. Peter soon started to cry again, not only because of how hot and dehydrated he was, but also due to the screaming.

Tony immediately shut up and chose to try to bounce Peter until he was quiet instead of arguing with his foster parents. “You almost killed him,” Tony said as he looked down at the curly haired babe. For some odd reason, he felt some sort of connection to the kid. Seeing him upset made him upset, as did most little kids like Peter, but there was just something different about Peter.

As his foster parents kept trying to hold him, Peter quickly grew attached to Tony and eventually, after those bastard “parents” were arrested, Tony decided that he would find some way to adopt him or take care of him for now at the very least.

“C’mon, Pete. Let’s go get you some water. And maybe some new clothes that aren’t drenched in sweat,” Tony said as he, Peter, and Happy all headed back to the tower.

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Tony can only stare at Peter. He’s not quite sure if it’s in horror, disgust, or awe, because no matter how unappetizing it looks, seeing someone practically inhaling an entire pizza in less than three minutes is quite impressive.

And Peter isn’t stopping. He hasn’t even swallowed down his last bite and he’s already reaching for the next (his third) pizza.

Tony can’t take it anymore. “Hey, slow down, okay? Nobody is going to take that food away from you.”

“But I’m so hungry,” Peter mumbles through the food that is still in his mouth. At first, Tony has been very concerned about Peter insatiable hunger, thinking that it might be some indication that something is wrong. However, after several tests, they found out that everything is absolutely fine, it’s simply his fast metabolism and him being a teenager that make him eat like he’s constantly starving.

“I bet you can still take one minute to actually chew your food,” Tony comments, still on his second slice of pizza.

Peter shakes his head. “You’re gonna lose that bet, Mr. Stark.”

“And I’m gonna lose an intern if you don’t slow down to make sure that those things won’t block your throat.” Tony shakes his head. “Seriously, if you continue eating that much and so fast, I might actually get bankrupt.” Immediately, Peter freezes, staring at him with wide eyes, and Tony knows he has to backpaddle. “That was a joke. I’m a billionaire. Do you know what that means?”

“You can buy so many chicken nuggets.”

“… I mean, very specific choice, but yes. I can buy so many chicken nuggets. So, take your time. You’re not gonna run out of food, so please start chewing, okay?”

“Mr. Stark, nothing will happen, I promise!”

Peter manages to keep that promise for nearly seven months.

Like so many other times, Happy just dropped the kid off at the penthouse and Tony has already ordered absolutely insane amounts of food for the spider-boy, everything from Thai take out to their favorite pizza. As soon as the doors of the elevator open, Peter jumps out, mumbling a Hi, Mr. Stark! before already pulling closer the first dish that he reaches.

“Oh, hi, Peter,” Tony says overly friendly. “It’s so nice to see that you want to spend some time with me! I’ve had a very nice and lovely day. How considerate of you to ask!”

Peter glares at him from the side, shoving more and more food inside his mouth.

Suddenly, he begins to cough.

“See, that’s why you should always take your time to chew at least 32 times.”

Peter doesn’t stop coughing, slowly setting down the food inside his hand (a half-eaten taco) and hitting his chest a couple of times.

Immediately, Tony steels his spine, a now very familiar worry starting to bloom in his chest. “Buddy?”

The kid doesn’t manage to get any words out. His face turns more and more red with each second, the coughs starting to sound a bit wheezing, like he can’t get enough air.

Tony doesn’t waste his breath with saying I told you so and jumps next to Peter, hitting him on the back a couple of times, hoping the food that got caught in his throat might becomes loose.

It doesn’t.

Peter keeps wheezing and coughing, slowly leaning forward in his effort to get some air inside his lungs.

In this moment, Tony is incredible grateful for all the times Rhodey forced him out of his lab to freshen up his first-aid skills. His body is running on an autopilot as a symbolic check list pops up in his mind (written in Rhodey’s exact words, which is probably not the politest way to explain the procedure of the Heimlich maneuver). He steps behind Peter, wrapping his arms around his chest, setting a fist just underneath his ribcage, and presses against it with his other hand in upwards and inwards motions.

Even though the entire procedure only takes up a couple of seconds, for Tony it feels like an eternity, trying his best to calm down his screeching and all-consuming worries, telling himself that Peter won’t get hurt, not as long as he’s around, and oh, god, he can’t get hurt, he can’t lose Peter, not after he got so used to having him around, this can’t be happening, it can’t-

Something gets catapulted out of Peter’s mouth. The wheezing coughs stop sounding like Peter is about to die. The tension in Tony’s shoulders slowly melts away. “You good?” he asks breathlessly.

Peter, who is still busy coughing but now it sounds a lot healthier, only nods.

“That’s it. From now on, you’re consuming all of your food through a straw.”

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No. 20   Alt. 14 

Fandom: Avengers

Whumpees: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff

Caregivers: Peter Parker

Title: The Barton Farm Battle

By: PenPatronus // PenPatronusAooO

Auntie Nat convinced Peter to go to Cooper’s birthday dinner, granting his wish to meet Spiderman. Peter autographed everything the kid wanted him to. He sang “Happy Birthday” and ate pizza and the amazing cake that Mrs. Barton baked. He played darts with Clint, colored pictures with Lila, and showed off his powers to an astounded Nathaniel, who immediately started searching the farm for spiders so he could be just like his new hero. Peter was in the barn, where Nathaniel was proudly showing off the family’s tractor, when the hairs on his arms suddenly stood on end. He grabbed Nathaniel and raced outside. Beyond the farm, the sun was close to setting.

Natasha was closest. She was sitting with Cooper on the porch, showing him how to use the Swiss Army knife she’d gotten him. Peter sprinted over and opened his mouth to say the codeword he’d been trained to use at Avengers Tower for such a situation. But – he couldn’t remember it. So, he just stood there while Nat, Cooper, and Nathaniel stared at him like he was crazy. “Strawberry pancakes!” he finally sputtered. “I mean… blueberry crepes. I mean… Raspberry waffles!”

Natasha’s cheeks paled. “That’s what you want for breakfast? I was thinking the same thing.” She smiled, stood up, and rubbed her upper arms. “Hey, Clint!”

“Yeah?” Clint called back from where he and Lila were practicing with a bow and arrow.

“Did you feel that breeze?” she asked him. “Gave me goosebumps.”

It was subtle, but Peter noticed Hawkeye stiffen. “Babe? Honey?”

Laura stuck her head out of the kitchen window. “Yeah?”

“That summer breeze gave Nat goosebumps. Maybe you could run downstairs and grab her a sweater.”

It was subtle, but Peter noticed Laura start to tremble. “Of course! And it’s getting dark, honey, how about you all come inside?”

“All right!” Clint took the bow from Lila and gestured for her to head into the house. He sauntered over to the porch where Nat stood with Peter, Cooper, and Nathaniel. “Coop, take Nate inside, will you? It’s past his bedtime, anyway.” The three Avengers stood listening to the movement inside the house. Peter heard a door open, heard Laura talking nonchalantly about heading to the basement to grab a popsicle, heard several pairs of feet go down a flight of stairs, and then he heard a louder, heavier door open and close.

Clint’s phone chimed. He read a text that Peter saw was from Laura. “We’re in.”

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No. 17

Fandom: Avengers

Whumpee: Peter Parker

Caregiver: Tony Stark

Title: Blackmail, Bullets, Blood

By: PenPatronus // PenPatronusAooO 

Steve was so concerned about Tony that he followed him one night. Tony walked to a small Stark Industries warehouse eight blocks from the Tower at two in the morning. Peeking through a dusty window, Steve watched as Tony loaded wooden crate after wooden crate into a white Stark Industries van. When Tony went to leave, when the garage door opened, there was Cap standing there illuminated by the headlights with his hands at his hips, looking like a mother who just caught her son’s hand in the cookie jar.

Tony stuck his head out of the driver’s side window and shouted, “Out of my way, Rogers!”

“I can’t do that, Stark,” Steve called back. “Not until you tell me why you’re sneaking out missiles in the middle of the night.”

“It’s none of your damn business where I’m going with my own inventory, Rogers,” Tony spat back. Tony jumped out of the van and pushed Steve in the chest. “Now get out of here!”

Steve caught Tony’s wrists when Stark went in to push him again. “Where are you taking those missiles? I thought Stark Industries was done with arms dealing. Who are you selling these to?”

“Selling them?” Tony laughed. He put his hands on his knees and laughed harder. “Selling them…”

In the bright light, Cap noticed that Tony’s skin was white and shiny with sweat. He appeared to have lost a few pounds and the crescents beneath his eyes were darker than usual. “Tony, what’s wrong with you?”

Tony wiped his eyes with his flannel shirt sleeve. “Nothing.”

“You’re upset and you’re hiding something from me.”

“I’m hiding a lot of things from you. You’ll have to be more specific.”


“Cap, I really need to get going.” Stark checked his watch. “I can’t be late.”

“Fine. I’ll go with you. I’m driving.” Steve went to pass Tony, but Stark grabbed him by the shoulders.

“Listen to me. Just… Just listen, Steve. I can’t get you involved in this. Nobody can get involved in this. It’s just between me and…”  Tony sighed.

“Tony, I’m your friend.” Steve put his hands on Tony’s shoulders. “I just want to help.”

“You can’t help me,” Tony whispered. “This is the only way. This… This…” Tony’s face crumpled. Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes. “He took the kid.”

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Summary: Both Peter and Tony are injured after an Avengers mission, leaving them cooped up at the cabin with Morgan while Pepper is away at work.

(In which Tony and Peter’s pain meds are accidentally mixed-up.)

Whumptober Day 15: Adverse Reactions

Word Count: 3,167

Genre: whump, angst, fluff

Link to read on AO3

A/N: Part 8 of @whumptober2020 , Thank you @whumphoarder for beta reading!!

Peter is sitting on the couch in between Morgan and Tony, watching Lilo and Stitch 2 with half-interest. It’s hard to concentrate with the way his head has been throbbing for the past half-hour. 

He brings a hand up to rub at his eyes, trying to appease growing ache behind them. Dropping his hand, he spares a glance at Tony, who doesn’t look like he’s faring any better, if the pinched expression on his face is anything to go off of. 

“Do you want some more pain meds now? I think our four hours is up,” Peter offers.

Both he and Tony had  gotten a little banged up during yesterday’s mission, raiding a HYDRA base with the team. Tony has a few broken ribs, whereas Peter ended up with a mild concussion, hence the pounding in his skull.  

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