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#spiderson fic rec

Irondad Fic Rec

I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing. Today’s fic is a sucker punch to the gut from beginning to end.

Forgive me my salt (my decades of taking) by @blondsak

Summary: In the years after the Avengers undo the Snap, Tony learns to live both with and without himself.


Everything @blondsak writes is amazing, even if some things make me so sad I can’t read it. She is our angst queen and comes up with the most creative, and often heart wrenching things. This is one of them. I almost never read major character death fics, but @groo-ock rec’d it and here we are. I’m so completely shook by that plot twist that I need everyone to read it. It’s next level. And then when you go back and read to piece it all together. She’s an absolute genius. I’ll never be over this fic. It’s so well written!!! Read it. Just read it.

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Iron Dad & Spider-Son Fic Rec

I really didn’t mean to rec the same author two days in a row, but this fic was next on my bookmarks. And this author is super talented. 

Occupational Hazzard by @captainkirkk

Summary: Peter flaps a hand in the air, grasping for words. All he’s left with is the thought that’s been running through his head all night: “There was this dilapidated building out near Hell’s Kitchen, rotted all the way through, and I kept staring at it and thinking, This thing could go down at the smallest breeze.” Peter gestures at the roof over their head. “Even this apartment could go down easily enough.”

May rubs his hand. “Buildings don’t just collapse, Peter. Did something happen to make you worried about that?”

Peter shakes his head. He doesn’t ever give her details. He doesn’t tell her about the intimate, gnawing kind of horror that came with being trapped beneath a collapsed building and knowing no one was coming to save you; the way it felt like his bones were being ground into the damp cement; how he’d felt small and very soft, and how his thoughts keep going over the components of a building—rusted metals, long nails strong enough to jut through cement—and how that might’ve pierced him if he’d moved wrong, like a fork pulled through slow cooked meats.

(Peter learns to cope and communicate with the people around him, post-Homecoming.)


I have a weakspot for traumatized Peter. I’m also a complete sucker for fics that merge school life and Spidey life in the way that this fic does. The way it details Peter’s trauma is so realistic and something I think about literally all the time. I wish there were more fics like this. I absolutely love Peter and Neds friendship in this. I need more fics with Ned. I also really love how concerned everyone is for Peter! May! Ned! MJ! Tony! One of my favorite parts is this little excerpt into May:

May watches the news with a wet kind of intensity, and grips Peter’s hand. She doesn’t say anything, yet. She doesn’t have the words. One day, she’ll cup his jaw and tell him how proud she is, how she looks at the red and blue posters strung up around Queens, the t-shirts barring his symbol beginning to populate even the further parts of the city, and thinks about how amazing he is.

But for now, she clutches him tighter in each hug, and only cries when she’s sure he’s at school, and watches the news with a terrified hunger. She doesn’t forbid him from being a hero. For now, that’s enough.

Another thing I adore about this fic - Tony finding out about the warehouse and opening up to Peter! Another favorite line from this fic is from everyone’s favorite Iron Dad, “I’m not going to take the suit away. You earned this. Your aunt might hate me, and I might be condemning myself to a world of guilt if anything ends up happening to you—anything worse, because I think your trauma is giving me trauma, and I already have a guilt complex like you would believe—”

Okay, enough spoiling. I love this fic 3000. It’s one of the best, most realistic fics that I’ve read dealing with the aftermath of his trauma on an everyday basis. It’s phenomenal. You should really read it so you can love it as much as I do!

And as always, whenever I rec a fic, if you like it, please let the author know! That’s why I do it. I want to share what I love and spread encouragement and positivity to all the amazing authors in this fandom. 

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Irondad & Spiderson Rec List Pt.1


Keep reading

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I have so many of my favorite fics saved in my notes on my phone, and it would be a crime not to share them with you all! Last post, I did an author spotlight for S0lstice on ao3. If you’d like to see that post, you can find it here. This post will not highlight a single author like the other. This post’s theme will be Infinity War Fics!

Tony’s Epiphany - Foxfire96

Set after the snap.

After seeing a photo of himself and Peter Parker, Tony Stark can’t help but look back on their relationship as mentor and figure. He decides to watch Peter’s vlogs from ‘Homecoming.’

Post Infinity War, and set during a canonical scene in Endgame.

Breathe - hughjackman

Tony tells May what happened on Titan.

Dear Peter - zKghOst

Tony writing to Peter throughout the 4 years after the snap.

recovering - soverysesual

Peter wonders what happened, what changed. Tony hovers.

grappling - soverysesual

Tony struggles to keep a grip on reality. Peter is there to help.

(recovering and grappling kind of coincide. One is from Peter’s point of view and one is from Tony’s)

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Happy FFWF!

OMG this question is awesome because I’m about to go OFF about how much I love these two stories I read recently!!!

Cycle Through by @ambivalentmarvel


Twenty-five years ago, Tony Stark disappeared from his family home a month after the tragic deaths of his parents, Howard and Maria Stark, leaving a billion-dollar tech conglomerate without an heir and the world wondering what happened.

Twenty-three years ago, HYDRA gained another super soldier.

Ten years ago, Peter Parker’s parents died in what is ruled as a home invasion gone wrong but he knows was murder, plain and simple, because he spoke to the killer.

And in the present, Project Insight fails, and the Iron Soldier pays the price.

This fic is an absolutely AMAZING journey with tension, fear and relief all wrapped into one!!! Not only is the idea of Tony being a Hydra soldier super interesting, but the way the relationships between Tony and his friends (Bucky, Rhodey, Peggy and especially Peter!) are handled is so beautiful and emotional! Recommend 10/10

Free Like a Broken Heart by @notaparty-trick


Tony sat before the parole committee and spouted the same old bullshit he’d been spouting for sixteen years. It was pointless; Stane was going to keep him in the Raft until he breathed his last, whatever he said to the panel. Most likely everyone in that room had been paid off.

It depressed Tony to think of that, and it was all inevitable anyway, so he sat back and enjoyed the quiet of the room until it was punctuated by the thump of a stamp.


When Tony first laid eyes on Peter Parker, he was forty-five, the kid was eighteen, and Tony bet two packs of cigarettes on him breaking down that very night.

“Look at him. Still gangly. He’ll drop like a fly.”

Maybe it wasn’t nice. But it was just what happened. You might as well have bet on it.

It’s 1952. Tony Stark is 16 years into a life sentence at the Raft when he meets Peter Parker, a new arrival who changes things at the prison for good with his unbridled, enchanting capacity for hope in a place full of hopelessness.

The Irondad/Shawshank Redemption AU that I never realised I needed until I read this amazing work! It’s only got one chapter at the time of writing this but DAMN is it good, and I’m already so excited to see how the author adapts Irondad into the world of Shawshank! I can tell it’s going to be an amazing ride, and this author is just great in general so you should definitely check out their other works too!

Remember to comment and kudos folks, and thanks so much for the ask!


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Caffeine vs. the Spider by  Optimistique

“Peter grabbed another soda from the fridge that morning, desperately hoping it would help wake him up enough to at least make it to school. But as he glanced down at the brown liquid, he wondered: just how much caffeine would it take to actually affect him? There were some limits he still hadn’t tested since the spider bite.
And so he made the decision to perform an experiment. You know, for science.
He took the remaining seven bottles of coke and stuffed them in his backpack.“

Peter decides to find out just how much caffeine his metabolism can handle. In hindsight, it may not have been such a good idea. Tony Stark doesn’t think so either.


Sometimes, I get very tag specific. The particular tag I searched for this fic was ‘heart attack’ because I’m all about the angst. Angst all day, every day. Especially since I’ve been prepping for Whumptober since they announced the prompts.

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Sure, here:

You can change right next to me by LovesFrogs What if Tony got dusted instead of Peter? Peter gets back home with Nebula and Captain Marvel only to find that May is gone, his two best friends are gone, and the Avengers are broken and defeated. He doesn’t even have anywhere to go until Pepper, who has recently discovered that she’s going to have a baby, offers to take him in.

Fragmented by Iron_Daddy A.K.A Peter doesn’t get snapped but Tony does.

a quiet place amongst the stars by ephemeralstar Peter survives Thanos’s ‘halving the population of the universe’ plan, but he’s the only one on Titan who does. Now he’s alone on this abandoned dust ball of a planet, alone with an AI who doesn’t recognise him, and Tony’s ashes on his hands and in the cracks of his armour.

Pater Patriae by hollow_dweller After Thanos, three fathers wake up to a brave new world.

The Other Side by SnuffleTruff  What if Infinity War had ended just a tad bit differently? What if the other half of life had survived? How would our dusted heroes fare against the events of Endgame? One thing for sure is that they’re willing to do whatever it takes. (Endgame/IW AU).

Stasis by ImaginationReaper98 “I lost my parents, when I was a kid. And then my uncle got shot.” Peter’s voice was low and cracked and not for the first time Natasha was reminded just how young he still was. “May was all I had left.”

Mission Undo Snap by Mentathial There was only one chance to save the world. And it was gone, Stephen thought, with horror as he saw Tony Stark turn into dust on Titan. He had gambled everything, broken his oath…and they had lost. Defeat like he had never known before coursed through him as he sat down, eyes watching his own hands turn to ash. He felt nothing.


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