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#spiderson fic rec

Irondad Fic Rec

I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing. Today’s fic is a sucker punch to the gut from beginning to end.

Forgive me my salt (my decades of taking) by @blondsak

Summary: In the years after the Avengers undo the Snap, Tony learns to live both with and without himself.


Everything @blondsak writes is amazing, even if some things make me so sad I can’t read it. She is our angst queen and comes up with the most creative, and often heart wrenching things. This is one of them. I almost never read major character death fics, but @groo-ock rec’d it and here we are. I’m so completely shook by that plot twist that I need everyone to read it. It’s next level. And then when you go back and read to piece it all together. She’s an absolute genius. I’ll never be over this fic. It’s so well written!!! Read it. Just read it.

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Iron Dad & Spider-Son Fic Rec

I really didn’t mean to rec the same author two days in a row, but this fic was next on my bookmarks. And this author is super talented. 

Occupational Hazzard by @captainkirkk

Summary: Peter flaps a hand in the air, grasping for words. All he’s left with is the thought that’s been running through his head all night: “There was this dilapidated building out near Hell’s Kitchen, rotted all the way through, and I kept staring at it and thinking, This thing could go down at the smallest breeze.” Peter gestures at the roof over their head. “Even this apartment could go down easily enough.”

May rubs his hand. “Buildings don’t just collapse, Peter. Did something happen to make you worried about that?”

Peter shakes his head. He doesn’t ever give her details. He doesn’t tell her about the intimate, gnawing kind of horror that came with being trapped beneath a collapsed building and knowing no one was coming to save you; the way it felt like his bones were being ground into the damp cement; how he’d felt small and very soft, and how his thoughts keep going over the components of a building—rusted metals, long nails strong enough to jut through cement—and how that might’ve pierced him if he’d moved wrong, like a fork pulled through slow cooked meats.

(Peter learns to cope and communicate with the people around him, post-Homecoming.)


I have a weakspot for traumatized Peter. I’m also a complete sucker for fics that merge school life and Spidey life in the way that this fic does. The way it details Peter’s trauma is so realistic and something I think about literally all the time. I wish there were more fics like this. I absolutely love Peter and Neds friendship in this. I need more fics with Ned. I also really love how concerned everyone is for Peter! May! Ned! MJ! Tony! One of my favorite parts is this little excerpt into May:

May watches the news with a wet kind of intensity, and grips Peter’s hand. She doesn’t say anything, yet. She doesn’t have the words. One day, she’ll cup his jaw and tell him how proud she is, how she looks at the red and blue posters strung up around Queens, the t-shirts barring his symbol beginning to populate even the further parts of the city, and thinks about how amazing he is.

But for now, she clutches him tighter in each hug, and only cries when she’s sure he’s at school, and watches the news with a terrified hunger. She doesn’t forbid him from being a hero. For now, that’s enough.

Another thing I adore about this fic - Tony finding out about the warehouse and opening up to Peter! Another favorite line from this fic is from everyone’s favorite Iron Dad, “I’m not going to take the suit away. You earned this. Your aunt might hate me, and I might be condemning myself to a world of guilt if anything ends up happening to you—anything worse, because I think your trauma is giving me trauma, and I already have a guilt complex like you would believe—”

Okay, enough spoiling. I love this fic 3000. It’s one of the best, most realistic fics that I’ve read dealing with the aftermath of his trauma on an everyday basis. It’s phenomenal. You should really read it so you can love it as much as I do!

And as always, whenever I rec a fic, if you like it, please let the author know! That’s why I do it. I want to share what I love and spread encouragement and positivity to all the amazing authors in this fandom. 

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Catching Butterflies by GremlinSR

Words: 53,390

Pairing: Tony Stark/T’Challa

Completed: No

Tony snaps his fingers…and wakes up five days before the events that led to the death of JARVIS and the creation of Ultron. He decides he won’t let the future he lived come to pass, no matter how thoroughly he has to destroy the timeline.

Or: Tony Stark will do anything to keep Peter Parker from turning to ash, and T'Challa gets dragged along for the ride.

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Hi♥ Thank you so much, sweetheart!

Sure, here:

🎃🥧🍁 🥧 🍁 🥧 🎃

Ned the Dumbwaiter by whumphoarder Peter gets horribly sick on Halloween night and his very overwhelmed Guy In The Chair attempts to take care of him. But when both boys find themselves in over their heads, Tony takes over.

13 nights of halloween by killerqueenwrites 13 halloween prompts, from spooky to angsty to fluffy.

Peter Parker’s October by happyaspie A collection of related short stories that center around fall/Halloween. Everything from pumpkin spice lattes to Halloween night.

You Broke Tony by whumphoarder Peter stumbles into the tower one evening, clearly injured and in need of assistance. Cue a very agitated and sleep deprived Tony trying to make sense of what happened.

Friendly Neighborhood Craft Project by whumphoarder Through a convoluted series of events, ten-year-old Cassie Lang is in New York and missing a costume on Halloween. Peter, his aunt, and his long suffering mentor all come to her rescue, hot glue guns a-blazing.

The Prank by blondsak “Kid, you couldn’t be scary if you tried.”A pause on the other end. “Is that a dare?” Tony rolled his eyes. “Tell you what, if you actually manage to scare me, I’ll get you and Ted movie premiere passes to that upcoming Star Wars film you keep going on about.”

To Infinity… and Beyond! by superhusbands4ever (Potterwatch97) Halloween in coming up and after watching a certain toy themed movie, Peter knows exactly what he wants to be. He’s just going to need a little bit of help.

slow down, you crazy child by hailingstars Peter dresses like Tony Stark for Halloween and Tony has Feelings about it while worrying his kid is working too hard.

That Time Peter Went Trick or Treating by Supernaturalislifeforyouandme It’s Halloween, how could Peter not go trick or treating? His costume is a surprise to Tony, however.

Trick or Treat (or Traumatize) by awesomesockes, whumphoarder In which Hulk destroys a mannequin factory, Tony gets sued by his boarding school childhood rival, and Peter accidentally chops off his own finger.

A monster among us by frostysunflowers For Peter, the best thing about fall is the leaves. 

🎃🥧🍁 🥧 🍁 🥧 🎃

Again, love your blog and thanks for all you do for this fandom


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Happy FFWF!!

Ooh I’d love to give some love to the amazing story The Time Traveler’s Mentor by @i-am-irondad! Not only is it beautifully written (as all the author’s works are), but the plot is so unique and intriguing!!! It does explore the idea of time travel and paradoxes, but it’s broken down in an easy to understand way and then the author just takes that concept and rolls with it into amazing places!! Seriously, last chapter was like a sucker punch to the gut and it was awesome! Highly recommend for any Irondad readers out there!

Thanks so much for the ask and I hope you have a great day!


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Similar series/fics to the one you just read:

Congratulations, it’s a Boy by capiocapi

The darkest hour is just before the dawn by StarryKnight09 (by the same author)

Unforeseen dangers by StarryKnight09 (by the same author)

Walking The Wire by emquin

We’re Gonna Have to do This Together by edibna

A Parent Apparent by happyaspie

It’s a Secret to Everybody by StarPrince_Punk

The Waterspout by FriendlyNeighborhoodFangirls

The Guardian by Emily_F6

Sins of the Fathers by geekymoviemom 


Here are some good irondad collections and series:

By Kythara

IronDad & SpiderSon Stories that feature Tony acting as Peter’s father (whether official or not).

Intern Peter Stories that have Peter working as an actual intern at Stark Industries.

Peter Parker’s Field Trips Stories that involve Peter and class/decathlon team going on a field trip.


Irondad series:

And feelings by Insanus Navicularis (DiDive)

Nice work, kid by madasthesea

We forgot Peter by inkinmyheartandonthepage

series: iron-dad and spider-son by superhusbands4ever (Potterwatch97) and  bookmarked by waywardsonsandaughters

series: Tony learns how to parent Peter series by LadyAnneNeville, bookmarked by waywardsonsandaughters

IronDad Prompts To Warm And Break Your Heart by PinkEasterEggs

Tales of a Sweet Spider-Son and His Embarrassing Irondad by mttraspberrypie

peter’s one badass mf by casual irondad (Padfootastic) 


Post Endgame series:

post-endgame irondad oneshots by aileenwood


12 Days of Irondad & Spideyson Christmas by ciaconnaa

irondad cuddles:

cuddles & hugs by parkerxheart

Tony and Peter reunite bookmarked by Dancing_leaves

Together we are complete by QueenofInsanity

The One Where the Peters Meet by MoreCuddleFics

sometimes it’s easier to just swim down by mjscorner

I’ll Rearrange The Stars For You by Ashleyparker2815

The Five Times Peter Denies an Illness or Injury + the One Time He Doesn’t by whumphoarder

more here.


Everyone thinks Tony is Peter’s dad collection:

Everyone thinks that Tony is Peter’s Dad bookmarked by AshviquaKadar


While looking for these, I found some anti-irondad ones. They’re hilarious. People really think Peter doesn’t know about the Sokovia accords. Poor creatures, I’ll pray for them. 


Thank you, sweetheart♥

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Irondad & Spiderson Rec List Pt.1


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