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Chaotic Spiderverse Headlines
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Percabeth in the spiderverse
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Meet Cute? Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: You see a nice boy on the subway but you two never talk. You share glances until finally one day the two of you speak.
Pairing: TASM! Peter Parker x Reader
Word Count: 2.9k
Warnings: Sexual harassment momentarily but nothing too crazy. It's mostly just fluff kinda and strangers thinking about each other.
A/N: This is my first fic and I had a lot of fun with it! There might be some minor grammar issues but it shouldn't be too much because I have grammarly lol. I might make this into a series depending on the response so let me know if you like it!!
They met on the subway. In true New York fashion, their love affair started on passing cars heading northbound toward Manhattan. Peter was used to watching people come and go on his longer routes, and though he could swing from burrow to burrow if he really wanted he chose to be just like the rest of the residents. His mind was calm on the subway, though there was the occasional breakdancer and cat caller he didn’t feel the need to intervene because everything was settled once those doors opened. People scurried off to their boring lives with no care for anyone that they may have shared a glance with on the route. Peter was like them, not caring about the countless amount of glances, grazing, and occasional bumping. Just hoping to make it from point a to b. He was like them until he saw you.
The moment he laid eyes on you he wanted to know more. From the batting of your lashes to the way, you would bob your head to the music you knew nobody else could hear. Every bit of life that you lived for those 20 minutes underground, he wanted to be a part of. But of course, he never spoke to you.
You caught him looking a couple of times and let out small laughter as he tried to play it off, but there was something sweet in his admiration. Usually, you would sit on the opposite end of the car if you caught someone staring as much as him, but you could tell he meant no harm. It also didn’t hurt that under his awkward exterior you found him very attractive. For weeks you had gone on about your “subway boyfriend” and even began to wonder where he was if he was missing for more than a day. And yet through all of this, you two had still never spoken. He was shy which was understandable but this was getting out of hand.
On a particularly cold day, Peter found himself almost excited to get on the subway. His mind was filled with thoughts of you and there was no denying it. He wondered what book you would be reading today, or what kind of music would be playing through your wired headphones. Though these were questions he knew he would never truly know the answer to unless he spoke to you, he had become comfortable. Comfortable knowing that if the two of you never spoke you would never get tangled up in the mess that was Peter Parker. He could live with the fact that you would never get hurt because of him. He was fine being stuck in the fleeting moments and had truthfully never even considered the fact that you may have actually wanted him to speak to you. So instead of interacting with the girl he had now spent weeks gawking over, he did what he always had and sat patiently waiting on your arrival.
You walked into the car with your headphones already plugged in. A tall man followed behind you and for a moment Peter tensed. He thought it may be a stranger getting a little too close for comfort, but he was quickly proven wrong as you began to speak to the mystery man. Though he should have been relieved Peter couldn’t help but become even more upset. He watched as you tried your hardest to have as little conversation as possible with your partner, who seemed to be unable to take a hint. His hand gripped onto the metal pole of the subway car and he watched shamelessly as the man continued to bombard you.
The person you had come in with was named Noah. A business major who seemed to think his guaranteed position at Wallstreet equaled a guaranteed position between your legs. He had been on to you for over a week now and though his constant attempts at flirting were almost pitiful there was a charm about him. He was actually speaking to you as well, compared to some of your other admirers. However, today he was being especially needy. His goal was to get you to go to a party with him and his rich friends later that night, and no matter how loud you made your music you couldn’t ignore him forever. When you got on the subway you barely noticed the awkward brunette who had been catching your attention recently, instead, you were overwhelmingly distracted by the six-foot idiot on your tail.
“Come on, I swear it’ll be fun,” Noah said in a low voice, a sly smirk stuck on his lips.
You tried to ignore him but you couldn’t help the butterflies that formed in your stomach. You let your lips curl up as he scooted a little closer to you.
“I have a paper due in the morning.” you sighed, turning your music down to hear his response.
“You and everyone else, just twenty minutes. We’ll get off at the next stop.” He suggested, letting his arm creep around you.
Peter was fuming. He tried to stop his heavy breathing but there was no use. He was grabbing the metal pole so hard his knuckles had become white. Why was he like this, he asked himself. He didn’t know you and yet he was jealous. Jealous of how easy it was for Noah to reach out and touch you. How easy he made flirting with you seem. He watched as the other man pulled you closer, taking out your left earbud in the process.
“Come on, I'm begging here.” You could feel Noah’s smile as he whispered in your ear. You let out genuine laughter riddled in mockery.
“Fine,” you smirked before pushing Noah back into his own seat. “I’ll go but only for a little while.”
Peter couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Finally letting go of the pole he shoved his hand in his pocket before pulling out his phone. Angrily he scrolled on his phone trying hard not to look up at you.
As the subway finally came to a stop you watched Noah stand up coolly. Without a word he put his hand out to help you get to your feet. You couldn’t help but glance over at your ‘secret love’, the brunette who had caught your eye on previous rides. But today he didn’t look. He was buried in his phone and no matter how hard you stared he did not look up. Finally after a few seconds of trying you turned to leave.
Peter lifted his head just in time to watch you exit the car. He wanted to get up and say something, but he knew there were no words. He tried hard to look away, to think about anything else but it was impossible. Then suddenly he caught the eyes of Noah, a guy he knew was taller than him and probably had more muscle mass but he didn’t care (especially since he was literally Spiderman). Though neither of them knew eachother there was tension in the air. Noah lifted one of his thick brows before turning back toward you and finally leaving the car.
Later on that night Peter found himself swinging threw the boroughs just to get you off of his mind. Though crime was low and he could have gone home if he wanted, he would rather be out tonight. He was still angry with himself for letting you weigh so heavily on his mind. You were a total stranger and yet he couldn’t get you out of his head.
At some point during the long night he found himself in Forest Hills, a place that’s crime rate was suspiciously below average, which gave him more than enough time to think as he listened to the muffled music of a party taking place next door. He sat silently trying to figure out what it was about you that caught his attention in the first place, but the list became so long it almost embarrassed him. He found you captivating, from the myriad of novels you seemed to read all the way to the customized converse you always wore. He had taken in every aspect of your being and left what he didn’t know to his imagination. You were a puzzle and he wanted nothing more than to solve it, but why? He wished he knew the answer.
“Stop, I said I want to go home.” A voice called out from below him. He recognized it as yours instantly. Standing up he could make out your figure from across the bushes. You were pushing a tall figure away from you but there was no denying that you were over powered. Quickly he put his mask on and jumped down to the backyard next to the one you were in. Peering through the bushes he watched as Noah pinned you against the side of the house.
“Come on, don't be a tease,” he growled into your ear.
You knew something like this would happen. No guy could ever just invite you out, there always had to be something else. You cursed at yourself for giving in to his pleas. How stupid could you be? What did you think was going to happen when he invited you out? You’d have a nice night then he’d walk you home like a gentlemen, yah right. You had given him the benefit of the doubt and now, three shots of vodka and two wine coolers later you could barely muster up the strength to push him away. Suddenly branches were snapping and Spiderman was coming to your rescue.
“Let her go,” he shouted.
Noah let out a quick laugh before turning fully toward the suited man. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
“No, come on,” he said motioning for you to take his hand. You hesitated, understanding that you genuinely had no idea who this man was, but when you looked over at Noah, an insatiable hunger in his eyes, your choice became clear. You stepped forward but Noah stepped between the two of you.
“She’s not going anywhere.” he raised his voice causing the baritone to vibrate within you.
Peter rolled his eyes before quickly jumping in front of Noah and swiping his leg below the taller man. As he hit the ground Peter shot out a web, sticking Noahs body to the ground. “How about now?” he teased before putting his hand out toward you again.
You couldn’t help but laugh at Noah’s large figure squirming to break free. As you looked back up at Spiderman you felt a wave of gratitude crash over you. Without a thought you grabbed his hand, letting out a quick gasp ask he pulled you close and pulled the two of you into the air. Before you knew it you were out of Forest Hills and back on the regular streets of Queens. You watched as he walked beside you, careful not to say anything stupid. You had just been saved by the actual Spiderman and now he was walking you home.
“Thank you, for helping me,” you managed to say. He looked over at you the eyes of his mask reflecting your face.
“Uh, no problem, it’s what I do.” He shrugged before looking at the open road once more.
“I should’ve known better. I mean he’s a total jerk.” You sighed unable to stop the words from spilling out of your mouth. The masked man turned toward you again and something about his posture let you know he didn’t mind if you kept talking.
“He invited me and I didn’t really want to go, but my life has been so boring lately and he just gave me so much attention.” You had no idea why you said all of that, but by the time you wanted to stop it was too late.
“Guys are jerks,” he shrugged, “but I’m sure there’s someone out there.”
You couldn’t help but laugh as you thought about you thought about your current situation. “You know your the first guy to walk me home since highschool, and I don’t even know who you are”
Peter let out a cute chuckle before turning completely toward you so that he was walking backwards. “That’s okay, if I wasn’t busy I’d probably walk you home more often.”
You let out a loud belly laugh before stumbling slightly over your feet. “Spiderman is a flirt,” you teased. He shrugged his shoulders playfully. The walk home was nice and when you finally arrived at your off campus housing you wished you had more time with the mystery man. “Thank you for walking me home,” you smiled.
“It’s just what I do,” he repeated. You felt a flutter in your stomach and it could have been the alcohol but you wanted to hug him so badly, so you threw your arms around his neck and gently placed your head on his shoulder.
Peter was stunned for a moment until his brain finally registered what was happening. Quickly he put arms around your waist and squeezed you tightly. There was a sense of longing in his arms and you felt it without question.
“Seriously thank you,” you whispered into what you assumed was his ear.
Peter felt a chill run down his spine at your soft voice. He wanted to take off his mask and show you who he was. He wanted you to know that he had been the guy in the subway who was too nervous to talk to you. He wanted you to be hugging Peter Parker and not Spiderman, but he understood that he couldn’t tell you. Eventually you let go and the smile on your face sent his own lips into a curve. “Any time,” is all he could manage to spit out. He watched as you unlocked your door waving at him before disappearing into the building.
The next day he was beyond prepared to get on the subway. He had rehearsed his introduction in the mirror and decided that no matter what he would get to know you. He payed for his pass and practically ran down to catch the subway he was already early for. He waited with an anxious smile on his face hoping that you would be there. When the train finally arrived he immediately recognized your hair from the window. He felt his heart sink as he made his way to the now open doors. He was nervous but that didn’t stop him from sitting one seat to the right of you.
You were caught off guard by his sudden closeness but it didn’t take long for you to get used to it. You listened to Deftones through your headphones and tried to read your book but something about him took all of your attention.
“I like your shoes” You heard a muffled voice say from beside you. Turning you were able to take in all of his features. His dough eyes made you want to smile as they peered through their lashes and over at you.
You looked down at your own feet, momentarily having forgotten what you were wearing. You were met with a flash of colors realizing you had worn you hand embroidered black converse. “Thank you, I did it myself.” You replied while swiftly turning down the volume on the side of your phone.
“That’s really cool, i’ve seen you wear them before and I always wanted to say something.” Peter cursed at himself for going off of his script, but it felt nice to have a natural flowing conversation with you.
“You usually sit on that side right? I almost didn’t recognize you from this angle,” you teased, but you had placed his features almost immediately. The boy laughed an infectious laugh and looked away from you shyly.
“Yah, I’m Peter by the way, Peter Parker.” He smiled and you felt a rush of emotion surge through you. You gave him your name and for some reason put out your hand to be shook. He wiped his palm over his jeans before connecting it with yours. His hands were some how soft despite the calloses. He was warm and you wanted to hold him for a little while longer, but by the time you finally let go the two of you had already been touching for longer than necessary.
“What’re you listening to?” He questioned. He was getting bold now and you both knew it, but you found it charming. You also couldn’t help but appreciate that his boldness was asking about your music rather than your sex life. He was a true gentleman and not far from what you had imagined.
“Changes by Deftones. It’s my favorite song right now,” you replied unable to stop the last part from coming out of your mouth.
“It must be good then,” Peter replied looking through the adjacent window and watching the tunnels fly by.
You turned to watch him. There was a certain happiness about him that you found infectious. Without thinking you took out one of your headphones and motioned it towards him. “Do you want to listen?” you asked almost too comfortably. He hesitated but gratefully took the earbud grasing over your fingers lightly.
For the remainder of the ride you two sat dangerously close listening to your playlist. You both were happy to have finally met and when you reached your stop you gave him your number hoping he would text you, and of course he did.
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MCU Silk based on @cadhla182‘s amazing design! I hope she gets to be in more stuff like the mcu and spiderverse soon.
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thatonecringeyartist · 19 hours ago
After weeks of practice,I present to you.
Tumblr media
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captainofbadart · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Some Doc Ock art so my page isn’t abandoned for this year.
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Spider-Punk #1, variant cover by Rico Renzi
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mettywiththenotes · 2 days ago
I think about “He’s not falling. He’s rising.” every goddamn day
It sounds like it should be a line in the movie
But it’s actually a sentence from the script of Miles’ Leap Of Faith
While that scene is so beautiful and chilling on it’s own, I don’t know if I’d find it just as breathtaking if I didn’t know about “He’s not falling. He’s rising.”
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lnevada · 2 days ago
Stephen notoriously, vigorously demands respect at all times and to be referred to as “Doctor Strange” despite his rank as a superhero.
But in NWH, he looks Peter dead in the eye and says, “you can call me anything because you’re my son now.”
He also says “We I love you”, to Peter’s face, which is something Tony never did (couldn’t due to past familia trauma and his attempt to keep a seemingly healthy emotional/relation distance for Peter’s protection).
And he LOSES Peter in all the ways that matter (memory of him and their mentor-like relationship) ALL in the span of 3 hours/2 days and I am STILL NOT OVER IT.
Tumblr media
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Me, going to the theaters to watch Spider-Man No Way Home:
Tumblr media
After the movie:
Tumblr media
"And I faced it like a champion."
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So now that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man is getting popular again I will say what I think originally went sort of wrong with the amazing Spider-Man movies and how they could’ve been amazing if some different choices were made.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the amazing spider-man movies, I just think they could’ve been done better. I believe Andrew Garfield is a great cast for Peter Parker, just not the one they tried to portray in the movies. He would be a perfect fit for a more grown up/adult peter from the comics. Specifically the Peter from the amazing Spider-man comics from 2015 to 2016.
If you haven’t read the comics, this Peter is more similar to the way Andrew’s Spider-man was portrayed in No Way Home or similar to Peter. B Parker from Into the Spiderverse. If the amazing spider-man movies had portrayed this peter I think they would have arguably been the best Spider-man movies compared to the comics and also would have been more unique than any of the other portrayals we’ve had in film.
To be fair, to pull this off you’d have to change the whole aesthetic of the movies since they’d need to be a bit more lighthearted and goofy, yet still serious enough.
Also if you want to see why I think Andrew Garfield would have been perfect to play adult Peter Parker just look up the spider-man comics written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Humberto Ramos, they’re some of my favourite comics.
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kram6496 · 2 days ago
In the Rain
Gwen Stacy x Reader
Tumblr media
Maybe it was coincidence or maybe it was fate. But that night, you went down the street in the rain.
Your goal was a simple yet extremely difficult one. You wanted to tell your best friend Gwen Stacy that you were in love with her.
Simple enough if you didn’t freeze every time you looked into her beautiful aqua blue eyes.
Well anyway you find yourself walking down the street towards her apartment when you hear the sounds of a fight breaking out in a nearby alleyway.
You rush in to see the famous Ghost Spider fighting off several thugs at once. And it looks like she could use some help.
You grab a discarded plank and charge in. You thwack the closest thug, knocking him out cold.
Ghost Spider webs the downed thug, “thanks I had him.” She shouts back. “You might wanna get out of here.”
“And you leave you to face all of this” you counter as you smack the second to last guy clear across the face.
Ghost Spider webs up the last goon and turns to you.
“And they say chivalry is dead,” she says with a hidden smirk while resting a hand in her hip.
“Well I couldn’t leave my favorite hero alone,” you admit with a shy smile.
She webs a line to the nearby rooftop and turns herself upside down.
“You know,” she manages to say, “you’re pretty cute. Do you wanna grab a coffee sometime?”
Her voice sounded so familiar. You had it all figured out when she first spoke to you.
“Thanks Ghost Spider,” you say, not letting her on, “but I’m already in love with another girl.”
“Oh. She’s a lucky girl.” You can practically hear the disappointment in her voice
“I haven’t told her yet.” You admit, “but she’s killer on the drums. Beautiful inside and out”
You take a step towards the young Spider girl, “and her aqua blue eyes just make me feel weak and strong at the same time.”
You’re mere inches from her now, “and I know the sound of her voice all too well, Gwen.”
You can hear her gasp under that mask. Gwen pulls down her mask a little, revealing her all too familiar smile.
“Can I save thank you for helping me?” She smirks.
You nod. Gwen grabs your face and pulls you into a soft kiss. It’s everything you dreamt it could be. Her lips taste like cherries. Simply perfect.
She pulls back rather suddenly. “See you back at my apartment.”
And with that she zips up into the New York skyline. The Ghost Spider swings towards her apartment.
You would see her very soon. And you couldn’t wait.
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monchdraws · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
I just love this trio, I cant wait to see this movie again
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kindofwriter · 2 days ago
Really wanna see a Spiderverse universe in which the person with eight limbs and “four eyes” who clambers around buildings is called Spider-Man, while the person who can stick to sheer surfaces and is flexible enough to fit into small spaces is called Dr Octopus.
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dorisillustration26 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I hope Marvel brings Silk into the MCU 😭
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captainofbadart · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jk here’s more, but this is the last of it for now.
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meepmoopdraws2 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Follow on Insta for more @/meepmoopdraws2
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recents · a month ago
Tumblr media
no character design will ever top this absolute unit of a man
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xuwenwu · a month ago
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Okay, let's do this one last time, yeah? For real this time. This is it. My name is Miles Morales.
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Tumblr media
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