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autisticwife420 · 2 days ago
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vampirepumpkin · a day ago
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I made some Halloween mushrooms.
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spacecandyshop · a day ago
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belfastroadster · 6 months ago
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One of the joys of a misty morning; dew-covered spider webs! The gorse around the reserve at WWT Castle Espie was covered in them today.
Wow! 1000+ notes? 😲 Thanks everyone ☺️
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geopsych · 4 months ago
This spider web down in the woods glinted in many colors.
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nonalimmen · a month ago
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© Nona Limmen
{via Instagram / Webshop}
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liverditty · a year ago
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A rose for a corpse.
I wanted to do some fanart of Corpse_Husband as I’ve been sucked into the simp hole. 
Edit: Since people seem to like this design a lot, you can get a sticker of it on my Redbubble if you’d like! :D 
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 months ago
I was sitting in a casino with two men. The taller man was skinny like a stick and the shorter man was large and bald. We must have been in a private room or something because we were the only people there at the roulette table. I rolled my dice and suddenly the men changed into monsters; the tall man a vampire and the short man a werewolf. I called for help and a woman in a red dress appeared to save me. She transformed into a spider creature (torso of a human, but was a spider from the waist down). For some reason, I felt at ease with her. The monsters all lunged at each other and then I woke up (I’ve had this dream since I was 4 - it’s my earliest memory).
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