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Tony: Hey, I’m at the store. Do you want anything?
Peter: How about a will to live?
Tony: Nah, I think they’re fresh out of that, but they do have Takis™
Peter: I'll take two bags, party size, please :)
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Happy FFWF too!! I wanted to answer this with my writing blog instead of my main blog; I hope you dont mind 😅

“ Tony grabbed his stark phone and pulled up the blueprints he was working on. It was a high tech spider-man suit.

Peter’s eyes widened, almost comically. “Wow! Is that-”

“For you, yes. It has padding which will lessen the number of injuries, parachute, heater, built in AI- everything a young crime fighting spider-ling would need. And it’s all yours, under one condition.”

Peter’s smile dropped immediately. “I’m not going to be a villain, Mr. Stark.”

“God no! That’s my job. You just need to stick to being the neighborhood friendly spider man. No big missions, no avengers, no super villains, actually, no villains in general.”

Peter eyed Tony suspiciously. “That’s it?”

“That’s it, kiddo.”

“Why are you doing this?”

Tony sighed. “I may be a super villain, but I don’t hurt kids. Well, I don’t hurt kids knowingly. My… feud is with the avengers. No one else has to get involved. I’m sorry it took me this long to separate you from the avengers, and realize that you’re a kid.”

Peter stared at the blueprint with longing poorly disguised in his eyes. “When you fight with the avengers, I can’t not help. If there’s someone about to get hurt, I can’t just stand there.”

“And I’m not asking you to.” Tony met Peter’s gaze. “I’m not stopping you from helping people, I’m restricting you from fighting the enhanced and trained. Staying on the sidelines and helping the medics is completely fine. So, do you agree?”

At the sight of Peter nodding, a small weight lifted off Tony’s chest. He still had a lot to make up for with the kid, but this was a start: the dawn of redemption. ”

That’s a from the first chapter in Super Villain Tony Stark + Super Hero Peter Parker. I really liked the way this turned out, because I’m a firm believer in the idea that no matter what universe/AU, Tony Stark will always have a soft spot for his spideyson, and I think I showed that pretty well.

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Part 2 of 2.

AO3 link here! Part 1.

Peter’s webs latch onto Doc Ock’s coat and the man stumbles. Peter yanks, and he falls, plummeting towards the Earth. The video stops. Tony stares at the still screen for a moment.

“FRIDAY, play it back again.”

He’s been at it for a while now; rewatching the fight from the comfort of the compound. He holds a tumbler of whiskey in one hand. The other clenches and unclenches against his leg.

Once again, he watches Peter pull Octavius from the clock tower. This time he lets the video continue playing, but he has stopped watching. Each individual moment is its own freak out waiting to happen, but at the moment, Tony is fixating on this.

Just as the fight resumes atop the moving train, he stops the video and says, “FRIDAY, bring it back.”

He doesn’t understand what happened. How Peter and Octavius came to such a point. He doesn’t understand why Peter didn’t tell him, either.

Tony’s not stupid. He knows that he isn’t privy to every detail of the kid’s life after the Homecoming incident Peter became more open about some aspects of it, and more secretive with others but surely Doc Ock’s hatred of Spider-Man was worth mentioning. Surely Peter knew that having Iron Man’s backing would have been helpful.

The hero and villain had clashed once before, only a week ago. Tony remembers it as a footnote in the evening news.

Doctor Octopus Robs Bank! Spider-Man Intervenes.

At the time, he gave it little thought. Bank robberies, he considers well within Peter’s purview. Plus, well. Doc Ock came across to Tony as a particularly tragic joke.

Not so much now.

“Play it again, FRI.”

He can’t stop watching the news report. He almost clings to it, like repeated viewings will illuminate some hidden truth.

All the main lights are down this late at night. The only illumination is provided by the lights installed in the kitchen cupboards; above the breakfast bar. The rest of the room is still in darkness.

Maybe this is why Peter doesn’t notice Tony when he shuffles into the kitchen at gone two o'clock in the morning. Tony doesn’t say anything. He watches Peter grab himself a bowl from one cupboard, then a box of horrendously sugared cereal from another. He wants to snort. Typical. At least some things in this scenario are recognisable to him.

Next comes milk from the fridge, and for a minute, Peter just stirs the cereal around and around in the bowl.

“Hey, Mr Stark,” he says, after a minute of silence has passed between them.

Okay. So the kid did know he was there. Tony knew that.

Peter glances up at him from the top of his head, raising his eyebrows. Tony notes how drawn his features are.

He sits up straighter. “Hey, kid. You’re up early.”

“Woke up an hour ago. Couldn’t go back to sleep.” Peter starts eating the cereal. He stares at something behind Tony’s shoulder. There’s an infinitesimally small pause. “What about you?”

He’s about to make something up, when his better judgement has him turning to see what Peter is looking at. The screen is still paused over the sight of Spider-Man and Doc Ock falling through the air. The train is just in view.

Peter’s jaw is clenched tight. Makes all that cereal-chomping look kind of painful.

“You trying to grind your teeth to dust, Pete? Your busted leg hasn’t even finished healing, and you want to add a new set of smilers to the list of defects?”

He doesn’t need to see Peter’s lower half to know he’s favouring the leg he hadn’t tried to stop the speeding train with.

Peter doesn’t answer for a minute. He shovels the last of the cereal into his mouth and is already pouring a new bowlful. Christ.

“My leg isn’t busted,” he says simply.

It’s not, either. That’s also got Tony’s head reeling. He knows how resilient the kid is, on an intellectual level, but emotionally? The moment Cho announced that Peter had sustained no injuries his healing factor wouldn’t have cleaned up by the morning, Tony felt part of his brain short circuit.

“There’s some serious bruising, and he’ll be sore for a few days, but there’s nothing for me to do,” she said, sounding disbelieving herself.

Tony took a while to absorb this. Finally, he was able to speak on the subject.

“What the fuck,” he said.

Cho laughed. “My sentiments exactly.”

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me, reading through the Tony Stark & Peter Parker tag on AO3: wow some of these almost write them as a couple haha what a weird father-child relationship

my friends, who i have vented to a thousand times: that’s like…normal

me: what?

the emotional trauma my dad caused:

me: nooooo

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When You Assume Wrong

by TentativeTreason

Tony is hiding something.

The Avengers notice the little discrepancies in Tony’s behaviour, and they eventually come to the only conclusion they can think of: Tony is having an affair.


(i.e. Tony Stark and May Parker co-parent Peter and somehow the Avengers translate this into him cheating on Pepper)

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It’s been decided by both Tony and Pepper Stark that when the time comes, Peter Parker will take over Stark Industries. After months of planning the best time to announce the new heir to the world, things fall apart and plans are ruined. Sometimes ruined plans don’t change much, but in this case, they change everything.

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Peter on the avengers discord in the spam channel: Welcome to spamalot, where we serve the spamiest spam

Tony: Can we ban him from the server yet? 

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Tony: Why are you trying to hit thanos over the head with a stop sign

Peter: Well I saw this thing online-

Tony: If we survive this I’m unplugging your internet 

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Peter walked into the penthouse and stormed down the hall.

“What’s with the kid?” Tony asked

Happy shrugged, “I don’t know, he was telling me about his day on the way here and at some point his rambling just stopped.”

“Well that never happens, walk me through the conversation.”

“Ok, he got an A on his math test, they had burgers in the cafeteria at lunch. There was something about that new Star Wars show he’s obsessed with. The one with that ugly green baby?”

Tony stilled, “Wait. Did you actually call Baby Yoda ugly?”

“Yeah… why?”

“You’ve made a grave mistake, Hogan. I’ll go talk to him, but prepare for the silent treatment for at least a week…” Tony said, shaking his head as he rushed down the hall.

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Who’s the kid?

Warnings: None

Summary: The avengers notice a kid who they see call Tony ‘dad’. Their confusion grows as they see the kid come to the tower more and more often.

A/N: I love looking at Tony and Peters relationship from an outside POV. It’s short but I like it. Don’t judge my writing. I’m only 13 and am not a professional writer. Hope you enjoy!


It was a bad day. First, in the morning he was late for school. Then, he realized that he forgot his lunch. Along with that, he did awful on that history test. He was so excited to just help Mr Stark in the lab, eat pizza, and neglect sleep. Mr Stark came and picked him up from school.

“How was your day kid?”


“Oh? What happened?”

“I don’t really want to talk about it right now.”

“Okay then.”

When they got to the avengers tower, Mr Stark got a phone call. He told Peter to go inside while he handled it.

Inside, he was greeted by Friday.

“Hello, Peter.”

“Hey, Friday.”


“Who’s that?” asked Steve from the lounge.

“I don’t know. Probably an agent or something.” said Clint.

“Yeah, probably.” Steve replied.


“Where is boss, Mr Parker?” asked Friday.

“Oh, dad’s just outside answering a phone call.” replied Peter.


“Wait, did I mishear what that ‘agent’ just said? Did he call Stark… dad?” asked the soldier.

“Nooo that can’t be right.” said Natasha.

“But we all heard it.” Bruce argued.

“I’m going to go outside and see who that is.” said Steve, standing up.

Everyone nodded in approvement.

He walked outside to see a teenager leaning against the wall using his phone. Who is that kid? What’s he doing here? He does look a little like Tony. Is that really his son? Millions of questions raced through his mind. As he approached the kid to introduce himself, the kid noticed him before he could ask any questions.

“Are you Captain America?!” asked Peter.

“Y-Yeah, that’s me. What are you doing here?” Steve replied.

“Oh, I’m Mr Starks intern, Peter.”

“Ok Peter, where is Stark?”

“He’s right outside answering a phone call. Do you need him?”

“No, no, I uh, was just walking by and saw you, so I was wondering what you were doing here.”

“Okay, well it was an honour to meet you Mr Rogers.”

“Ya, can I ask you a questi-”

The door sunddenly opened to reveal Tony.

“Hey, kid. Come one let’s go.” said Tony.

He stopped when he saw Steve.



He put his hand on Peters shoulder which Steve immidiently noticed.

“What’re you doing here cap?” Tony questioned.

“I was just walking by and saw this kid here, so I decided to introduce myself.” Steve replied.

“I’m not a kid.” Peter mumbled.

They chose to ignore him.

“Okay, well you’re done introducing yourself now, right?” Tony asked.

“Y-Yeah, yeah all done.” Steve nervously muttered.

“Okay then. Come on kid let’s go.”

“It was a pleasure meeting you Mr Rogers.” said Peter, getting into the elevator with Tony.

“Yeah, you too Peter.”

Steve walked back to the lounge where Natasha, Clint, and Bruce were waiting for answers on the kid.

“So, who was he?” asked Natasha.

“He said he was Tony’s intern.” Steve replied.

“An intern? That called him dad?” Bruce added.

“Yeah, I guess. We need to find out more about this though. I was going to ask him more questions until Tony came in.”

“Bummer” Clint said frowning “I really want to know who he is.”

“Maybe he really is just an intern.” said Bruce “But then why did he call him ‘dad’?”

“Maybe we should just let it go.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right.”


“Why were you talking to cap?” asked Tony in the elevator.

“He was just walking by and it’s not everyday that you see Captain America so I said hi.”

“What did he say to you?”

“He just asked me what I was doing there and said hi.”

“Uh huh”

“Why? Is there something wrong?”

“No, nothing wrong.”

“Okay dad.”


Steve couldn’t stop thinking about the kid. He wanted to stop because he was none of his business but he couldn’t help himself, and it didn’t help with the fact that Peter started coming to the tower more and more often.

He decided to ask Rhodey about it. As he walked up to Rhodeys room, he thought that maybe Rhodey didn’t know anything about the kid, or maybe that Tony told him not to tell anyone. They were best friends after all. After a while he approached the door of Rhodeys room and knocked but didn’t hear anything.


“Rhodey I’m coming in okay?”

No answer.

He opened the door and he wasn’t there. He must’ve left.

He went to Tony’s room and hesitantly knocked. “Oh come on you killed Nazis and you’re getting nervous to ask you friend about some kid? Toughen up.” He said to himself. Tony opened the door.

“Hey cap. What’s up?”

“Oh um-” Steve replied. He began to regret his decision but it was too late now.

“You know that kid that keeps on coming to the tower? I think his name was Peter.”

“Yeah, what about him?”

“Well, me and the team have been curious on who he is.”

“You wanna know who Peter is?”


They both stood in silence for a moment until Steve finally blurted it out.

“Is he your kid?!!”

He immidietely regretted his words.

Tony started laughing.

“Why are you laughing?” said Steve confused.

“You think he’s my kid?”

“Well he calls you dad.”

“I’m his mentor and he’s my intern. He’s like a son to me and I’m like a father to him. That’s why he calls me dad sometimes. He’s not my real kid but I’m thinking of adopting him.”

Steve couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or not.

“Oh and a few years ago in Germany you dropped an airport ramp on him.”


“Yeah… he’s kind of Spider-Man.”

“Hey! You’re not supposed to tell my identity to people.” a soft and irritated voice said from inside Tony’s room.

“Sorry kid.” said Tony “Don’t huff and puff. He’s Captain America.”

“You’re secrets safe with me Peter. Oh and sorry for dropping an airport ramp on you.” Steve said into Tonys room.

“It’s fine. It’s not the worst thing that ever happened to me.” Peter mumbled.

“Wait what’s the worst Injury you’ve had?” asked Tony.

“Umm well…… a building once collapsed on top of me.”

“WHAT?!!” Both Tony and Steve yelled.

“Yeahhhh the Volture dropped a building on me.”

“Okay well I’m gonna go.” said Steve, turning around.

“See you cap.”

Steve smiled as he walked away from the room hearing Tony yell at Peter for not being careful and Peter trying to convince him it’s fine.

A few days later Natasha asked Steve if he found out anything about the kid. Steve smiled and said that he really is just Tony’s intern.

“Are you sure?” Natasha questioned.

“Yes, I’m sure.”


Hope you enjoyed reading this little fic! If you have any feedback let me know.

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Peter was relieved when the bell rang and he could leave. He just wanted to get outside and breathe fresh air. The school had been redoing the parking lot and smell had lingered heavily in the building the whole day until all Peter could think about was the smell and his pounding headache. He hadn’t been the only one complaining about it but he had been the only one with super sense to have to put up with it for that many hours.

Peter saw Tony’s car right when he stepped outside. It was extremely hot on this sunny Monday. Peter slid into the car and asked his mentor, “Can I open the windows?”

“I have the AC on, Pete. Besides you always complain that the wind messes up your hair and you’d rather have the AC on.” Tony signaled before pulling out into traffic.

“TONY, LISTEN I NEED FRESH AIR! I NEED AIR!” Peter wasn’t kidding either.

Tony glanced at him at a red light before turning off the AC and opening the sunroof. Peter took that as permission to open his window too. He just leaned his head back and breathed the fresh air willing his headache and upset stomach to go away.

“Sensory stuff?” Tony asked.

“It’s complicated.” Peter mumbled not opening his sleepy eyes.

At that moment it dawned on Tony, “The parking lot. Oh, Peter. You should have called May or I. You probably feel awful.”

“Yeah but everyone did.” Peter knew it was rude to keep his eyes closed but he didn’t want to throw up in this car and he was focused on calming his body down.

“You want me to pull over?” Tony asked worried. He knew he should be worried that all of the kids had suffered for 7+ hours in that building with that smell but the only one he could be worried about was his own.

“No. I want to go home.” Peter answered before grabbing his noise proof headphones from his bag and slipping them over his ears. Tony passed him his sunglasses and Peter put those on too.


Tony had tried to convince Peter to come inside but he had insisted that the fresh air was helping and he was currently laying outside on the grass. He had thrown sunscreen at him and let him be. He knew what being around that smell for a long time did to a person. Peter had senses dialed up to ten compared to Tony so he winced at what Peter must be feeling.

“You know Peter’s laying on the grass?” Pepper asked coming inside.

“He wants fresh air.” Tony glanced over at his fiancé.

“Is he okay?”

“Parking lot is being redone at school.” Tony explained.

“Poor kid. It’s probably going to be bad the next few days.” Pepper grabbed a water bottle from the fridge.

“I need to call May. We can’t send him to school with that smell. I know she’ll agree. I’ll figure out getting a doctor’s note out of Dr. Cho if I have to.”


Tony’s phone rang the next day while he worked in the lab. He glanced at the caller ID and answered when it showed Peter’s school. He wasn’t sure why they were calling because Tony and May had agreed to keep Peter home, but maybe she had forgotten to call him in.


“Umm. Hello. May I speak with Tony Stark?” The man on the other end requested.

“For the time being you can—At least until I get bored.” Tony rolled his eyes.

“Well I’m calling because you are listed as Peter Parker’s emergency contact and he is complaining that he doesn’t feel good.”

“Wait a second.” Tony put his tools back down on the table in front of him,

“Peter’s at school?”

“Umm. Yes, sir. School is five days a week you know?”

“Gee. Thanks for that clarification. I’m coming to pick up the kid, Okay?” Tony grabbed his keys. Why the heck was his kid at school?

Tony walked into the school and found Peter in the nurses office, “Sick?”

“Smell.” Peter responded. Tony didn’t miss how pale he was or the fact that he looked about ready to throw up.

“Let’s go. I signed you out.” Tony wrapped an arm around the teen and Peter didn’t even argue that people might see them.

Tony didn’t say anything until Peter was on the couch sipping some water with the balcony doors open letting in fresh air, “May should have called you into school. I talked to her last night.”

“She did.”

“Excuse me? What did you just say?” Tony sat down next to Peter.

“I waited until she left for work and I went to school.” Peter avoided his gaze.

“Because you like feeling awful?” Tony was having trouble understanding.

“My friends were going to be miserable too. They weren’t allowed to just skip school. I wasn’t even sick so the note from Dr. Cho was a lie. I just thought I’d be fine!” Peter moved his arms so that he could cross them over his chest.

“Pete, buddy. I love that you are looking out for your friends, but they don’t have super senses. You do. The note from Dr. Cho was a gray area. You weren’t sick at the time but May and I knew you would be sick if you went to school and look what happened! You have to learn to trust us! If we say something it’s because we care and we want what’s best for you!” Tony knew he shouldn’t raise his voice but Peter constantly put himself at risk for other people.

“I do trust you both!” Peter argued.

“Do you? BECAUSE I CAN’T TELL!” Tony got up and walked out of the room.

Peter sighed. He pulled a blanket over himself and laid on the couch. Tony would be back after he cooled down. He always got heated when Peter got hurt or sick. Peter had talked to May about it one night because he thought Tony was mad at him. She had set him straight.


Peter walked into the apartment and slammed the door, “He’s just unreasonable! DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO!”

May was staring at a casserole that she had pulled out of the oven, “I can’t believe I burned this!”

“I mean it’s crazy talk! I don’t want you to be like me, I want you to be better!” Peter continued to mock his mentor.

“Maybe I can scrape the top part off and it’ll be fine.” May thought out loud.

“I don’t even know why he has me come over if he’s just going to yell at me any time I do something that he doesn’t agree with! I’m not stupid!” Peter huffed sitting down on the couch in the small apartment.

“Dang it. We’re going to have to order take out I think.” May sighed.

Peter laid down against a pillow and screamed into it.

“Are you thinking pizza?” May asked.

Peter glanced over, “Are you hearing me? I don’t think you were listening.”

“No. I heard you talking crazy talk so I thought I’d join in.” May winked.

“Crazy talk? You’re taking his side!” Peter stood up and yelled.

“Hang on. I’m not taking anyone’s side. Let me run something by you, okay?” May reasoned and Peter nodded.

“Tony got hurt last month. He went into a mission and he ended up in the MedBay all week. You remember he cancelled on you, right?” May asked.

“Wait, is he okay now? What happened? How did he get hurt? Why wouldn’t he have called me! I could have helped! HE LIED! He SAID HE HAD A MEETING!” Peter started to pace.

“Well he really thought he had it handled until he got in over his head and figured out that he didn’t. It was too late. He was worried you’d be upset with him if he called for help.” May explained.

“That’s crazy!” Peter argued.

“Yeah so he went into surgery and it was touch and go for a while. All because he threw himself in harm’s way for someone else.”

“But is he okay now?” Peter asked worried.

“Does it worry you that he got hurt?”

“YES! Now is he okay?” Peter groaned.

“Oh. He’s fine. That never happened!” May shrugged.

“MAY! That’s mean! I was scared!” Peter didn’t understand how his aunt could lie about something like that.

“That fear you just felt? Tony lives with that fear for you every time you put someone else’s well being before your own. Remember that before you jump to the ‘he’s unreasonable and angry conclusion.’” May ruffled his hair and grabbed her phone to call for a pizza.


Tony came back upstairs after a couple of hours and found Peter still laying on the couch half asleep. He played a game on his phone, “Sorry, I should have stayed calm.”

“I’m sorry I went to school. I’m sorry the call from the school worried you.” Peter locked his phone and set it next to him on the couch.

“How’d you know it worried me?” Tony wasn’t sure when the kid had started to read him so well.

“If I got a call about you being sick or hurt I’d be out of my mind with worry.”

“You would?” Tony asked with wide eyes.

“Of course! I—-Umm—Ya know…I think you’re great.” Peter fidgeted with his blanket.

Tony got this weird feeling and he wasn’t sure what it was, “No. I’m not. I’m kind of okay.”

Peter sat up at this, “Kind of okay? Nope. Best ever in my opinion. Don’t get weirded out at this, but I kind of, might, sort of…UGH. WHY WON’T THESE WORDS COME OUT? I just umm. Love you or whatever.”

There was that feeling again. But what was it? Oh. Yeah. Love. That weird feeling is love for another human. Tony reached over to ruffle his hair, “Yeah. Love you too, Bubs. Now are you hungry?”

“I’m always hungry.” Peter started.

Tony and Peter said at the same time, “THAT’S MY SECRET!”

If you like this–PLEASE leave a comment and KUDOS!

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