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MJ: I wish I could be the doe-eyed lovesick girl who hops around with hearts in my eyes and chases you around to kiss you nonstop like a cartoon

Peter: But why? That’s not you MJ and I don’t want it to be if that’s not you, you know?

MJ: Because… *shyly grabs her arm* because you always are so open and loving like a little puppy and it’s so cute and stupid and I.. and I wanna match that energy you.. give me because I know *gets quieter* don’t deserve.. you…


Peter: *wraps his arms around MJ and pulls her in firmly and kisses her. He pulls back so they’re so close their noses nearly touch, looking her dead in the eyes*

Peter: You. Are. More. Than I will ever deserve, MJ.

Peter: I told you already. I love you. And whether you act like a chibi character or a Bond girl in public around me, I love you. And I’ll take whatever you have to offer and never *kiss* get *kiss* enough *kisssssss*

MJ: *cheeks are red hot* you’re a dork. And I love you too. Really.

MJ: … so you’d be okay if I started acting super energetic and hype and lovesick?

Peter: I love you more with every single thing you do, so yes I would.

MJ: I’ll hold you to that. I might surprise you then. *kisses him… and then lets out an involuntary giggle that earns an incredulous little smirk from Peter*

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May and Michelle, after Peter dies

May and Tony, Discussing Peters spidermanning

Loki, Shuri and Peter, meme club

1950’s Stucky, Peggy supports them

Scott, Stephen and Peter, Magic showdown 

Natasha, Scott and Peter, bug friends

New years Clintasha

Gamora showing Nebula fun sister things

Peter Q and Thor argument

Valkyrie and Loki, LGBTQIA+ bonding

Steve and Bucky get shown musicals

Natasha, Wanda, Carol and Pepper girls night

Peggy and Bucky get to know each other while Steve’s out, 1950’s

Tony and Howard get more time together during Endgame

Natasha x Pepper, Tony and Pepper break up and Natasha gets protective

Maria Hill x Natasha, assassin bonding

Peter tells the avengers he’s bisexual

Michelle, Ned, May and Peter watch Hamilton one night

AceDec team + Betty, have a weird friends day

Baby Peter and Loki

Mj gets hurt and takes Anastasia, becomes loopy and confesses her crush to Peter

Natasha, Tony, Loki and Vision up in heaven spying on Peter

Groot and Gamora, Mother and son

Rocket convinces Mantis to steal something

Nebula x Mantis, Mantis touches her and realizes she feels love Nebula crushes on her

Loki turns himself and the avengers into children, Maria, Phil and Fury take care of them

Natasha and Clint have Peter as a biological son

Thor and Bruce, Thor calming down the Hulk like Natasha

Peter and Michelle play Pokemon go and bumping into each other

Michelle puts on the mask and Karen reveals that all Peter talks to her about is Mj

Highschool Clintasha fall in love over the internet and meet up

Stephen meets May for the first time 

Steve trying to keep the future a secret from Peggy after going back, 1950-2000

Peggy x Angie, forbidden love in the 1950s

Peter finds out Michelle has a Spiderman stuffie collection

Bucky and steve nags Tony about the flying car his dad promised

dr.Strange Multiverse where Loki meets Tom Hiddleston and they bond over coffee

Pepper and Natasha take Michelle under their wings

Shuri and Mj bond over memes

Highschool clintasha, Clint is on the archery team and Natasha almost gets shot

Eddie and Peter meet, Venom gets transferred to Michelle

Venom and Goose meet, Carol and Eddie watch as they bond cutely

Loki fakes dying again, doesn’t seem fake big plot twist

Peter introduces Loki to Dan and Phil

The avengers take turns playing Fnaf

Tony catches embarrassing video footage of peter pretending to be all the avengers

Michelle is secretly the softest person in the world, Long socks, big sweaters cute music, Ned and Peter find out when they come over to her house

Dr. strange continues to feed a stray cat, Levi gets jealous

Noobmaster69 aka Wong is playing while Stephen and Thor are playing, Stephen recognizes the name and claims that Noobmaster69 is Wong

Tony pretends the power went out because peter misses when he, May and Ben would play fun games around candlelight

Peter says “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good,” and Tony freaks out

Clint spies on everyone through the vents

Vision and Wanda go on a little vacation

Peter and Loki recreate the “I’m Weird” scene from Riverdale like Betty and Cole

Wanda makes baby Peter float and Tony scolds her

Stephen taught Peter how to use magic, now he’s teleporting everywhere while Tony freaks out

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Walking into to the small apartment, Michelle Jones-Parker felt her feet becoming weaker. She had just come out of a gruelling 13 hour shift.

“Hey babe. Welcome back.” Peter Jones-Parker yelled from the kitchen. “Long day?”

Michelle only groaned in response. Seeing the lemonade in his hands, she made grabby hands to get them. Peter placed them in her hands.

“How was ‘babysitting’.” MJ spoke, finally raising her head from the throw pillows.

Peter picked up little Mira from her baby tote. She was taking her mid-day nap, while Peter worked on his chores around the house.

“Hey baby.” MJ cooed at the now awake infant. “How was your day?”

She had not thought she would be in this position. Michelle had a plan for her life. Peter came in, and interrupted it. He had helped her grow in ways that she had not known that she had needed. Looking at the mirror image reflecting off the television, she smiled. She was happy.

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One shots:

I wanna be your lover.

Fluffy. Rated G. 

Rockin’ all over the world.

Fluffy. Rated G.


V light angst. Rated G. 

If you fall for me, I’ll catch you.

Fluffy. Rated G.

And I’m certain, I’d do anything for you.

Vampire!MJ. Rated T. 

Let it be me.

TW: depression. Rated T.

I don’t care who’s right or wrong (I just don’t love you no more).

Angst w/ a happy ending. Rated T. 

Without knowing how, or when, or from where.

Fluffy. Rated G. 


You could be happy.

TW: domestic violence. Angst w/ a happy ending. Rated T. 


You’re just too good to be true. /  Can’t take my eyes off of you.

Fluffy. Rated G. 

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Missing Scene


Fic Recathon: Day 23

The creation of Spideychelle as a fandom is a whole missing scene and I love that for us. Peter and MJ are iconic and giving them respect in fanfic where canon didn’t/won’t? Excellent.

Here are some of my fav canon nudged to the left:

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Day 23 of Spideychelle Recathon! 

Mainly either MJ or Peter pining because hello I need a whole film of it you savages. 

amidst the chaos - mynameisbirdie. So fucking cute. 

Team building exercises and Ned is totally fine now, thanks - shouldhaveknownbetter. Both flawless. 

lost moments - whisperyourscreams. I cry this is so cute.

electrifying - @you-guys–are-losers. Dunno why they took this out the film, rude. 

finally found the missing part of me - moodyreindeer. Pining. Counts. 

force of impact - @momentofmemory. The way there should have been an airplane scene. This one specifically. 

your quiet afternoon crush - penelopes. Everything they write is flawless. I need Spiderman 3 to be a romcom.

love at first sight is for suckers (at least it used to be) - crimsonpetrichor. Piniiiiiiiiiiiing. 

i’m not asking for a miracle - bleuboxes. More pining if anyone is shocked x

hello, welcome home - crimsonpetrichor. Honestly, just read it. 

the street where you live - nik_knows_nothing. Entire series is flawless thank you for your time. 

Don’t forget to comment and kudos if you read!

Thanks, @spideyxchelle xxx

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spideychelle recathon day 23: missing scenes


on top of the world with you by AppleJuiz

utter sweetness. this perfectly captures how awkward they are. 

That Time Peter & MJ Got Caught in a Public Restroom by @machiavelien

oh brad. when will you learn? hot, funny and cute all at once.

post-tragedy. by @seek-rest

peter is happy because mj likes him back!!! (let’s all pretend the midcredits scene never happened)

“I’m not obsessed with him, I’m just super observant.” by @emkayoh

mj pining during hoco. such a cute style!

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Ok so perhaps I missed Day 22 of the spideychelle recathon, what can I say, it’s been a busy time alright? @spideychelleweek rlly do be feeding the entire fandom with this event so thanks once again 💕

I LIVE FOR SPIDEYCHELLE ART I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY TO COME ROUND all your art makes me squeal these two are too friggin cute!

All I will say is that I have curated a spideychelle art tag on my blog in preparation for this day, please peruse it at your leisure! In it you will find works from talents such as @spidey-art (loml), @galaxyspeaking (😍😭), @machiavelien, @vicious-xuan, @azeher, @staryabos (who is sadly deactivated but I have tagged all their work so click the link to see!), @shesellsseagulls (also deactivated, but also click the link! Note there is a fair bit of irondad spiderson to see there too 🥰), @joleanart (who was my phone lockscreen for ages 💖), @doofusface (who was also my phone lockscreen!), and many many more!! 

I love every single artist and creator for this fandom y’all are truly the best 😘😘😘

Edit: I realise the links aren’t working on tumblr mobile and I am officially mad 😑 no clue how to fix them but in the meantime you can find your way there by just popping onto my blog and searching for the spideychelle art tag 🤷‍♀️ thank you tumblr!

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Peter Parker has long since dropped the “[…] but/because I’m Spider-Man!” excuse because he’s older and matured and realized how annoying it was—especially with how often he thought it worked as a legitimate “go free” card—but, even though he’s long since stopped spouting it, MJ has picked it up instead with teasing, taunting, and egging him on (”But why not? You’re Spider-Man after all, right?” said witch the largest, smug grin because she knows she’s won the debate or will get what she wanted).

It’s recently been used to rope him into attending one of the city’s Halloween attractions—a “haunted” house, full of wrong turns and elaborately and grotesquely made-up actors popping out of hidden windows in the walls, and hidden cameras capturing every attendees most embarrassing and instinctual expressions.

MJ had been smug about finally getting Peter to come along, teasing that he would be too frightful (and he was, admittedly) and puts on a cracked defense that she’d been unaffected throughout the attraction, it’s the developed photographs at the exit of the house that reveals the fault in her lie and shows that the pair are equally matched with earning the title “scaredy cat.”

Send Halloween themed three sentence prompts // my ask box

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There’s so much incredible fanart on here that it’s insane! I’m not only posting art for today, but I’m also thanking everyone who has featured me today in their posts! It means a lot to me that you’re featuring some of my work. Y’all are the real MVPs!

  • Peter and MJ Through the Years by @machiavelien​: From their wedding day to the day they found out their daughter’s sticky like her father. I freaking love all of these drawings! They’re freaking adorable! I also really like the grey/purple coloring. Something about it makes me happy, idk why, lol.
  • Miniskirt Part 1 and Part 2 by @pellisoro​: This never fails to crack me up! MJ decides to wear a miniskirt on a date with Peter, and…the outcome doesn’t exactly go according to plan. The art style is adorable, and I love how freaked out they both get at the end!
  • Power Couple by @coykoii​: Jon Watts, take notes! Imagine how unstoppable they’d be if they team up! They’d be amazing! 
  • MJ Spooning Peter by @machiavelien​: I freaking love the pose for this, and the hands look amazing! For me, hands are probably the hardest thing to draw, so I praise whoever can draw hands like this!
  • Spideychelle Cuddles by @nathvods​: Look how cute these two are! The art style is adorable, and I love the look of pure love on Peter’s face!
  • First Date Failure by @pellisoro​: Two adorable drawings with one of the cutest art styles ever!
  • Fluffy Spideychelle by @machiavelien​: I love the little heart background, and how sweet these two look! Also, the scarring on Peter? Yes.
  • Casual Affection by @scoliatrash​: Peter and MJ holding hands on the subway! The background is incredible, and I love how these two both look!
  • Explosion by @iovewords​: Don’t worry, they’ll make it out alive. I love the comic-like background, and lighting in this picture! It looks amazing!
  • Reading and Swinging by @joleanart​: The background and colors are amazing, and I love how content MJ looks! She’s just enjoying her book, not caring that she’s most likely several hundred feet off the ground. She trusts Peter not to drop her, and I love her for it.
  • Gunslinger MJ by @carysma​: The background, the shading, the freaking guns… It looks absolutely amazing! This drawing is also an upcoming scene in one of my favorite fics, May I Stand Unshaken by @spiderman-homecomeme​, which makes it even better!
  • MJ Tending to Peter’s Wounds by @machiavelien​: I really like the poses, and attention to detail in this one, as well as the muted colors (I really like muted colors. I think they look really nice!)! This is also some fic art, except it’s for @seek-rest​‘s Roommates AU, each coming night!
  • Upside Down Kiss by @doofusface​: Pencil sketches never fail to amaze me! These two look so cute, too!
  • Another Upside Down Kiss by @coykoii​: Can’t forget this one! I love the little blush on their faces, and Peter’s upside down speech bubble! They look amazing!
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Day 22: Recathon

Could I rec art pieces? Yes. Am I reccing’s artists instead because I can’t choose? What about it.

  • @machiavelien - the way I love her. Machi doing the good work in this fandom is a tag I have for and I stand by.
  • @scoliatrash - excuse me your honor I need a moment
  • @iovewords - THE SWEETEST. THE TALENT. I cannot get over it.
  • @galaxyspeaking - a literal icon. We’re not worthy.
  • @spidey-art - it’s in the name. ITS IN THE NAME.
  • @soperiso - MJ is MJ and they recognize this and we have no choice but to stan
  • @auntmayy - I love them
  • @momentofmemory - gifs are art and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Remember that while liking art pieces is fun, reblogs are how artists are able to quantify how a piece is received. Just as commenting on fics is important for writers to grow and feel love, reblogging the art pieces you love is JUST as important. Thank an artist for all they do today!!!!

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Uh oh, more pining on the way in chapter 5 of Wavetide (tomorrow!!):

The decathlon team has a busy schedule of local meets right before Thanksgiving. The competition’s tougher this year, or it’s that MJ’s still working on filling Liz’s shoes, and she’s afraid that her team will feel the pressure and let it wear them down. She tries not to show her surprise when they endure. They win the semi-final and she happens to be smiling when her eyes meet Peter’s over Ned and Betty sustaining a rather lengthy hug between them. The completely normal, contented tug of MJ’s mouth hurts—god, does it hurt—as she allows herself to look back at him.

What hurts more is walking back to the prep room they’ve been given later on and flicking the lights on to find Peter with both hands deep in the blonde hair of the captain of the team they’ll be facing in the final the next day. Kissing her. MJ staggers back, snapping the lights off on the way out, conscious of Peter whipping his head around.

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spideychelle recathon day 22: art

the talent! the beauty! don’t forget to like, comment, or reblog on the art you like.


a love story in three parts by @machiavelien

A FAMILY! this is so beautiful and sweet. 

this lovely piece  by @kh-illo

the details in this are so nice! love the style

peter and mj in action by @vicious-xuan

mj and her mace! look at them!!!

this beautiful comic/mcu edit by @momentofmemory

comic quotes! the blending of gifs and comic art is so creative and cool

Give ‘im a smooch by @tin-tine

cute cute cute!!!

this beautiful gifset by @rockyblue

the quote! looooove 

dang by @pellisoro

so cute. so pretty. ahhhh!!

this galaxy drawing by @artinventor

traditional drawing!!! beautiful!

you enchant me by @mjscornerr

peter’s pink ears kill me. adorable.

boop! by @soperiso

the cuteness! please!

napping together by @wyldespiderraptor

so adorable!

happy valentine’s day @kazkazoozoo

look at themmmmmmm

this sweet art by @galaxyspeaking

the colors! the style! i love it.

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