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jakeperalta · a day ago
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romance in film gif meme: [2/5] kisses
“i really like you.” “i really like you too.”
spider-man: far from home (2019) dir. jon watts
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i-lovethatforme · 2 days ago
First, I just want to say I love your prompts and thank you for such great canons!
Anyway, can you write something about Peter and MJ knowing each other's sleeping habits and decide to keep it for their own instead of telling the other? Like the fact that Peter reaches for things in his sleep and he sleeps better when MJ is around or MJ loves Peter's back-rubs but will never admit it cuz she has a reputation to keep?
Thank you so much <3 <3
P/s: I also love your fic I won't say I'm in love. Really looking forward to it!! <3
day twenty two: i'll find you, even when i'm sleeping
Peter hadn't anticipated it taking this long to clear his name. He'd hoped it would have been over by now. The hide away house isn’t bad... It just isn’t ideal.
It wasn't the perfect situation to start his relationship with MJ in. The evening of their first date spent being whisked away to a remote location. He can still picture her scared face, though she hid it well from everyone - he's been looking at her for the better part of eighteen months. So he saw it.
It's why he called it off, breaking up with her before they even had a chance to have a kiss that didn't involve his bleeding nose or the smell of burning tyres. He didn't think they'd end up going to the same safe house though.
So it's been a little awkward for the last two weeks. During the day they spend time reading and avoiding each others eye line because he hurt her and didn't immediately set it right when he found out they'd be staying together anyway.
Because when they're together she can get hurt. And he was selfish enough to want her anyway when he thought he could protect but it turns out that he can't.
So he mutters a good night to her, though he knows he's not all that sleepy - he just wants her to have some time to herself. Without him. And they live together in one room with a double bed that stares at him all day.
"Night," she replies, rubbing her eyes lightly. She sleeps on the couch, refusing to take the bed even when he slept on the floor. But he knows it doesn't matter - she seeks him out in her sleep anyway. He's not sure if it's because she gets cold or if she has nightmares and he has no right to ask her because she won't tell him anyway.
So he lets her crawl into bed with him and he pretends to be asleep even though he’s awake the second her feet hit the floor. He slowly maneuvers as she walks over, making sure she can easily rest her head on his chest and he pulls her closer to him as he mumbles random words into her hair. 
Sometimes his eyes flutter open in that weird time of night where it feels like nothing is real, and her eyes flutter open too. And he pretends it’s not real life as he presses his lips to hers. And he pretends he doesn’t fall back asleep replaying the soft sigh she made when he rubbed his thumb against her neck. 
The first few nights she wouldn’t look at him and came nowhere near him when they slept and they were the worst nights here. He sleeps peacefully when she’s in his arms though, pressing his lips to the top of her head when she falls asleep on him. He tells her he’s sorry and that he really likes her and he only wants to keep her safe while she snores lightly. 
He wills his heart not to crack when her alarm goes off at six thirty and she pulls him closer to her before she sighs and walks back to the sofa, burying herself under the blanket. 
And when he wakes up, she avoids his smile as he places her tea on the coffee table. 
MJ had told him on the bumpy helicopter ride that she was in this with him. Her fingers squeezing his tightly as he smiled at her. Though she knew he was already thinking about how to break up with her before they even touched the ground. 
She said she didn’t have much luck getting close to people. But her boyfriend, the guy she crushed on for an embarrassingly long time and then told him she liked him, dumping her and then having to share a safehouse which is basically one single room and a bathroom? Well, that’s just rude. 
She spends most of her time avoiding Peter’s gaze because if she looks at him she’ll cry or she’ll shout and she doesn’t want to do either of those things. There’s nowhere to get away. There’s no one to vent to. There’s no one to say all this is unfair and ridiculous and breaking her heart. 
So she lets him sigh and say goodnight even though she knows he wont fall asleep for another fifty minutes. She mumbles a night when he looks at her for a beat too long, her throat tightening with his sad expression. She wipes her eyes off any moisture because she really doesn’t need Peter to comfort her right now.
She wraps herself in her blanket, refusing to take the bed on the first night because fuck if he thinks he can try and be nice to her while trying to pretend they don’t really like each other. Like he doesn’t spend the night whispering things that he thinks she’s asleep for. 
The nightmares start as they always do, his fists tightening in the sheets and his feet thrashing around. She isn’t sure if these are nightmares from Europe, or nightmares about what might happen, or maybe they’re nightmares from when he saved the world. She’s not sure. She can’t exactly ask now. 
But she waits to see if they’ll subside. They don’t. They didn’t on the first three nights either when she had to pretend to be asleep as he screamed himself awake. 
She tried to shake him awake once, but his hand held her wrist and he calmed down. So she slipped onto the bed next to him to save her back from breaking - and then he wrapped his arms around her and really she’s only one girl. So she let him bring her back to his chest, and she let herself comfort him. 
It’s the least she can do. It’s all she can do. 
So she moves from the couch stumbling over in the dark until she finds the edge of the bed and she slips under the sheets, placing her head against his chest. Her own heartbeat slowing when she hears his calm down. 
She falls asleep quickly when he rubs her shoulders, his lips brushing her forehead and she can’t tell if she hopes they both wake up in the twilight zone tonight. If she wants to feel his lips on hers again if she only has to pretend she doesn’t want to kiss him when the suns up. 
It turns out she did want them to wake up, she did want to feel his lips on hers. But they didn’t and her alarm goes off, so she hugs him closer once more before she goes back to back to the sofa, hiding her emotions under the thick blanket.
He’ll give her a cup of tea in a few hours and she’ll ignore his smile, only looking at him when he walks away.
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destinyc1020 · 17 hours ago
Omg how cute is this! 🥰 hopefully we’ll get some petermj scenes if the trailer drops tomorrow 🤞🏽👀
Awwww....this is cute lol... 🥰
Tumblr media
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machiavelien · 14 hours ago
can you rec some peter/mj/spidey love triangle without smut pls? like that flower shop au jess wrote?
Hm yeah a lot of my faves are smutty fake love triangle fics (by the talented @awakening5)! Here are some non-smutty ones!
Peter / MJ / Spider-Man "Love Triangle" Fics
Tumblr media
what in carnation? by @i-lovethatforme - the aforementioned flowershop au! MJ is torn between Spidey and her cute new customer Peter
With the Click of a Button by @justmattycakes - Peter accidentally likes MJs IG post from his Spidey account, which throws off his plan to ask her to winter formal as Peter
Joint Souls and Broken Bones by @enteetea - MJ figures out her soulmate is Spider-Man and annoyed that it's not her crush Peter 👀
Alright on Paper by @forasecondtherewedwon - MJ's PR/fake relationship with Spider-Man is getting in the way of her real crush on Peter Parker...
Remember to leave some love if you enjoyed!
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promiseofthepremise · 2 days ago
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this is a gift (it comes with a price)
a vampire au for @halloweenie-event 2021 🦇
Vampire!MJ/ Immortal!Peter | 3 parts | rated E
“Okay, I don’t know what your deal is, Ma’am,” he stands tall, just about her exact height, “but if you hurt that man--”
“Oh, come on,” Michelle scoffs, “if I was actually hurting anyone, it wouldn’t have taken me a month to get your attention.”
“I-- Excuse me?” Spider-Man balks, obviously taken aback, obviously a little intrigued too if her intuition is at all accurate. And it usually is. “What do you mean, get my attention?”
“I mean, I’ve been wanting to talk to you,” Michelle explains. “But you make it awfully difficult for a gal to have a conversation.”
OR: MJ's a vampire, Peter can't quite die, and New York can be a big place when you're all alone.
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comfortember · 4 months ago
Hey guys!!! Comfortember 2021 is upon us. WHO’S PSYCHED CUZ I AM 🙌🏼
Comfortember is a month-long challenge during the month of November and the focus is all things comfort. Whether in the form of fluff, recovery, post-whump, or all of the above, this challenge is guaranteed to give you those soft, fuzzy feelings that make you want to curl up under blankets in front of a fireplace ☺️
This challenge is open to all fandoms and it’s open to all forms of art, not just fanfiction. Please use the #comfortember tag when you post so all the fics will be in one place! 
For anyone posting on AO3, the link to this year’s collection is here!
Tumblr media
I decided to post the prompts earlier this year to give you guys more time to plan, especially since it’s coming after @whumptober2021​ and @sicktember​ (the first Sicktember is this September!)
The 5 prompts off to the side are the alternatives. If there is a prompt you don’t want/aren’t comfortable using, please use these as a substitute 💜
Please refer to my FAQ for any questions but please send me an ask on this blog or my main blog @baloobird​ if you have questions about anything!!! 
Thank you guys so much, it’s because of YOU that i’m able to do this again and I’m so freaking excited!! I hope you guys enjoy the prompts and have fun with this!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Please share this and spread the word, the more comfort, the better 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
*Adding the prompts under the cut in the copy/paste format for easier accessibility*
1. Discovery
2. Darkness
3. Hugs
4. Friends
5. Coping
6. Falling leaves
7. Insecurity
8. Relived trauma
9. Fear
10. Cuddling
11. Warmth
12. Make Something
13. Confession
14. Crackling Fire 
15. Scars
16. Journal/Diary
17. Insomnia
18. Anxiety
19. Walk in the Day/Moonlight
20. Blanket Fort
21. Pets
22. Nightmares
23. Hiding
24. Family
25. Mental Health
26. Confrontation
27. Confidence
28. Treehouse
29. Reunited
30. Light at the End of the Tunnel
Alternative Prompts:
First Snow
Car Rides
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louonce · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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