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Peter: I heard about a surprise party my friends are planning for me. Should I just pretend I don’t know?

Matt: You should think about your friends’ feelings.

Wade: Surprise them back. Don’t show up.

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“Because magic is always going to want to flow where magic isn’t,” lectured Tony. He was teaching a group of students the basics of magic and technology. Well, a group of students plus the two from Arachne—and their spiders.

“Like heat rushing to replace cold air,” said Peter.

Tony paused. That was—actually a brilliant observation. One of the children twisted to face Peter. “What do you mean?”

“Have you ever seen that moment,” Peter said slowly, “when it’s warm inside, but cold outside, and someone opens the door? What happens?”

“The heat rushes out,” said the child. Suddenly he brightened. “Oh! Like magic flows!” He turned back in his seat. “Now I get it,” he said, mostly to himself.

Tony shot the young High Priest a look. He was surprised by the insight—few people made that connection. “Unlike heat,” Tony continued, “magic can be manipulated.

“Heat can be manipulated as well,” protested Peter gently. “It can be moved with fans, and created with fire.”

Tony paused and looked at the young omega—the young adult omega again. His mate was sitting next to him, grinning his head off at Tony’s obvious bewilderment. Perhaps Tony should have listened to Pepper’s advice to teach Peter separately from the class. He’d never had a student catch on this quick before—and this was just the basics.

“Once again, very true. Now, magic can’t be manipulated with with a fan, but it can be controlled with your own will. Two things are needed: the ability to sense the power and a strong will.”

A student raised her hand. “How do you know if you can sense power?” she asked.

“Good question. Most people can’t, and everyone senses something different. For example, I personally taste power when I’m using it. The magician Stephen feels his power, like standing in a strong wind, and my mate says that power has a smell like newly cut grass. What you sense will be unique to you, and you’ll just have to stumble along until you figure it out.” He shrugged. “It’s the only way we’ve found that actually works,” he added.

“The second thing is equally important; a strong will. You have to be able to force the magic to move the way you want it to; it’s not going to want to do that on its own. You have to make the magic conform to your will, and your will is the only thing you have.”

“What if we never sense magic, if we’re not capable of it?” asked another child.

“That’s fine,” Tony told the child. “Not everyone cane. King Steve and his mate are both unable to sense the flow of power, and I don’t think there’s a person in this room stupid enough to think that makes them easy to defeat.” A loud bell chimed. “There you go, end of class. Good luck on sensing magic.” The children filed out of the room and he turned to Peter and his mate sitting in the back. “I think that was the most invested class I’ve ever taught,” Tony mused. “I’d like to take you to the workshop and see if you can get the hang of mixing magic and technology.”

“Ooo!” said the mate as the scarred man raised his hand. “I’d like to go too!”

The door opened and Pepper leaned in. “Have you seen—oh, there you are,” she said pinning the scarred man with a glance. “Come on, we need a statement from you,” she said beckoning to him.

The spider in the man’s lap leaped down and raced over before leaping into Pepper’s arms where it seemed to melt in the attention as she pet it. Peter accepted a kiss from his mate before he left the room, following Pepper.

Tony clapped the High Priest on the shoulder. “You’ll love the lab,” he said with a grin.

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We survived the holiday weekend and I know it’s not officially December but I’ve been ready for this year to be over for the last six months so I’m gonna December it up anyway!


BIKERS AND BRIGHT EYES updated clear through Chapter Eight yesterday! Go read it, love it, swoon over how ridiculous Winteriron is together and don’t forget to comment! 

BOOK ORDERS: If you have an open book order with me, be sure to check your email! I sent out an info blast about when to expect books, the mailing process etc etc. Important info for newbies! 

COMMISSIONS! We have some great ones coming up this month! A Spideypool ABO where they meet online and fall in love, a ThunderShield spin off of our Hexes and Honeysuckle AU, a Winter/Tony fic where instead of Bucky breaking programming in CACW, he breaks it pre IM1 and Tony walks into his bedroom to find the WS sitting there with a gun, and then of course a Christmas Winteriron from Hexes and Honeysuckle where they FINALLY get ho ho holly jolly in bed together. It’s gonna be a good holiday season, y’all. 

And then of course coming up at the end of the month is our Kofi Pot Commission: LASSOS AND LILIES. Stay tuned for additional info on the group commission and of course check out the eventual follow up fic, BULLETS AND BLUEBONNETS. 

Oh and also! I got a commission request for another Broken Wings bonus chapter ft. the new babies and Frigga and Valkyrie coming to visit Thor and an emphasis on Frostiron! It won’t be written till like, later 2021 but still. HOLLA! I love any chance I get to expand that verse! 

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*A Spideypool spin off from Lassos and Lilies. We’ll meet the characters in the background of Stuckony, and then learn their story here!) 

Omega!Peter works the whorehouse in the wild town of Wolf Canyon. He likes his boots tall, his skirts short and his Alphas big, bad and brutal. He is no blushing virgin, no sweetly fainting Omega, and when the bounty hunter Alpha on the black stallion comes to town, Peter refuses to shy away from the danger.

Alpha!Wade is less of a bounty hunter and more of a killer for hire. He wears his leather black and spurs silver, a gun on each side and swords crossed behind his back. He takes payment for kills in coin or jewelry, never stays longer than over night, and loves exactly one person in the entire world–

–and when that one person is taken by the Alpha’s enemies, Wade unleashes everything animal about himself to track them down and get his Omega back. 

It’s not every day an Alpha meets an Omega who can match him snark for snark, bite for bite, and bullet for bullet, but despite the call of ‘mate’, Wade pushes Peter away for the Omega’s own safety. Peter refuses to leave and instead sets out to prove that he and the volatile Alpha are meant to be together forever.

The Wild West is a dangerous place… but Wade and Peter are a dangerous pair and nothing is going to stand in the way of their Happily Ever After.

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“Shouldn’t we intervene?” asked Bruce nervously as Peter, High Priest of Arachne, verbally raked Stephen, one of the greatest magicians in Mysterio, over coals.

Tony sighed. “Look,” he said wearily, “I like Stephen as much as the rest of you,” no, not really, “but he had a duty. So, maybe they’d have come anyway. Probably would have come anyway,” he added. Meeting Peter had been a real eye opener—not only was the kid smart, but was fiercely loyal. “But they still had the right to make an informed decision.”

“Yes, but—this has been going on for hours,” protested Bruce.

Tony sighed and looked at Wade, who was holding both of the spiders as he watched the alpha ambassador bow before the sharp words of his mate. “Think you can stop this?” he asked.

A tiny muscle in his jaw, only indication of how upset he was, twitched at the request. “I’m not sure I want to,” Wade said with a disarming smile.

Tony sighed and rubbed his face. He didn’t think Steve knew what he had started when he’d gone over, like always, to thank the newcomers for coming despite the risk. He probably thought—like the rest of them—that Stephen had told them what they would be risking, not praying that nothing would happen.

“Stephen is the greatest magician in Mysterio,” Bruce said quietly.


“Tony, when it comes to fusing leftover technology and magic, no one is better at it than you are. That being said, no one is better at using raw magic than Stephen is. We might need him in upcoming war.”

Wade sighed. “All right,” he said with a slight pout. He walked up to his mate, still scolding the magician. “Peter, I think the spidlings need carded.”

Peter dropped the lecture and turned to the baby spiders. “Poor things,” he crooned softly as he saw the webbing attached to their bottoms. He gently took them from Wade and walked out of the room he’d confronted Stephen in.

Stephen looked up at him warily. He knew, as the king and Tony knew, that of the two of them Wade was the more dangerous, the more unpredictable. “And how do you feel about all this?” he asked.

Wade stuck his hands in his pockets. “Well, you see,” he said amiably, “I’m a results kind of guy. Peter’s fine, the baby’s fine, and we’re all okay. And,” he added with a grin and a reasonable tone of voice, “if any of that changes because of the stunt you pulled, well, I know where you live.” Before anyone could register the threat he turned and, with a whistle, followed his mate.

“Did he just—did he just threaten to kill me?” asked Stephen, a little flabbergasted.

“I’m not sure that counts as a threat.”


“I think it was more of a promise.”

Tony chuckled. “And just think,” he said as he turned, “You haven’t even heard from Pepper yet. Or Steve.”

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Steve Rogers, officially king of Mysterio (as though anyone could actually rule the entire country), met with the envoys from Arachne and their spiders in a non-formal setting. Actually, one of the reasons that Arachne was so isolated from the other countries was that they simply ignored most of the formalities that seemed to be so ingrained in the hierarchies of the other countries. He was also curious to meet the spiders that seemed to have upset his best friend and entranced the rest of their friends.

He wandered over to the table that the two of them (four, if the baby spiders were included) and looked at the two things with curiosity. One of them was pink and appeared to have a horned abnormality on its head and the other was red with blue stripes. Or blue with red stripes? It was difficult to tell—there was almost an equal amount of each color.

“You can touch,” Wade, the scarred man, told him. The two met, ice blue eyes to ice blue eyes—and recognized each other. The scarred man, now acolyte, grinned and saluted the king with a small loaf of bread. “And sit,” he offered. “They don’t bite.”

Steve’s gaze turned to the other man, a High Priest who had standards few of them understood, who simply smiled and nodded. “Thank you.” He sat in the seat next to them as the dull roar of the cafeteria washed over the group and held out his hand to the spiders. From his perspective, they were huge. From what he’d heard, they were tiny.

The pink one leaned close to Steve’s fingers, and it almost looked like it was sniffing him as the red and blue one ran two forelegs over the hand, before hooking it and setting it on the spider’s back. “He wants pet,” Wade translated. He took a bite of his food. “Before I forget. Petey, this is Steve, Steve, this is Peter.”

Steve held his other hand out to the young omega. “Pleasure,” he said warmly as the younger man tentatively shook the hand.

“Nice to meet you,” agreed the young man, amber eyes sincere. Peter took a forkful of potatoes from his plate and bite into it.

“By the way,” added Wade casually, “Steve here happens to be the king of Mysterio.” When the young man choked and glared he grinned and shrugged. “What? I thought you’d want to know.”

“Wade!” hissed the priest.

Steve just chuckled. The two of them together were very similar to Pepper and Tony. He could see Tony sitting on the bombshell just as Pep was eating as well. “It’s all right,” he told the young priest. “We’re not really that big on formalities here.” His first hand paused and the spider under it gave a squeal and wiggled its rear in a hint. The second spider launched itself into the air and grabbed his other hand, dragging it down to the table. Steve was startled at how light it was. And the way the feet felt against his skin was somehow both silky and spiky at the same time.

Wade simply nodded. “True. Aw, don’t be like that,” he begged of his mate. “It’s not like you don’t pal around with MJ.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Not while she’s the queen Wade!”

Steve chuckled again. He liked these two. “Well,” he said, “I’m only King Steve in the throne room. The rest of the time I’m just plain old Steve.” He shrugged.

Wade snorted. “Don’t let him fool you,” he told his mate. “This ‘plain old Steve’ can lift almost as much as you can, and has more battle experience.”

Steve grimaced. “True. We recently had a little bit of a civil war here in Mysterio.” He turned his attention to Wade. “Thanks for not getting involved,” he said with sincerity. “I know how much they offered.”

Wade merely shrugged. “They didn’t hold my leash,” he said simply before taking another bite of his food. “Besides,” he added as he swallowed, “I didn’t like them much anyway. I much prefer my ruler now.”

His mate flushed. “Wade!” hissed Peter.

Steve grinned as he listened to the two companionably bicker with one another. Being in their presence was relaxing, calming. He almost forgot why he’d come over. “Before I forget,” he said warmly to the two who were already starting to feel like friends of his, “I wanted to thank the both of you for coming.” He waited while Wade choked and his mate gave him a rough kick. “I know how dangerous it was for the two of you to come, especially in your condition, and I want both of you to know how much we all appreciate it.”

Silence spread at the small table and Steve found himself pinned by an amber gaze. “Dangerous how?” Peter asked.

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“Incoming!” Bruce, Natasha, Tony, and Pepper dodged to either side as a huge bag came hurtling out of the gate with enough force to dent the stainless steel wall behind it.

“Is there a war on the other side?” demanded Tony. Natasha just looks at the bag with narrowed eyes.

“They did get the notice, to only pack what they could carry?” asked Bruce nervously as he looked at the huge bag. Natasha wandered over and gave it a tug, raising an eyebrow when she couldn’t move it.

Tony turned his attention back to the Crystal Gate. “What is going on over there?” he demanded. The gate flickered again and they tensed as two people, dressed primitively in long robe tunics, stepped forwards. One of them; young, brunette, wide eyes; was unfamiliar. The other one, despite the scars marring his entire body and being completely bald, was quite familiar. “You!” he snarled.

“Hey Shiny Dick,” said the bald man. “How’s it hanging?”

The younger one lightly smacked him. “Wade!” hissed the young omega.

The movement brought Tony’s attention to the huge spider cradled in the arms of both arrivals. “What the fuck?” he demanded flattening himself against the steel wall behind him as he stared at the thing. The two spiders shifted to look at him. Tony had the odd feeling that he was being weighed and measured by their gazes.

Pepper strode foreword. “I am Pepper, adviser to King Steve,” she said calmly. “With me are advisers Bruce and Natasha.”

“Pepper, what—”

“And that,” Pepper said, clearly annoyed with a gesture towards Tony, “is my mate.”

The young brunette flashed a grin at her before schooling his expression. “I am Peter Parker, High Priest of Arachne and this is my mate, Wade Wilson, Acolyte of all five goddesses.” His free hand reached up to stroke the top of the spider in his arms. “These are spidlings that are currently in our care,” he said with fondness.

Tony had heard young women with small lap dogs use the same tone with their pets and he stared, askance at the spiders.

“Oh, it’s adorable!” cooed Pepper. Tony stared at his mate in shock, she was smiling gently at the monster in the High Priest’s arms. “Can I touch it?”

“Absolutely,” said the High Priest as he held the spider—spidling away from his chest. “They love affection,” he added warmly.

Tony stared in mild horror as, with no reservation at all, Pepper reached over and began run fingers over the back of the thing. It leaned into the touch and waved its two forelegs in the air as it began to make an odd sound, similar to that of the cats that hung around. Pepper pulled back. “Did I hurt it?” she asked anxiously.

The High Priest smiled. “Not at all.” He casually guided her hand over the spider’s back.

During the exchange the bald man, assassin, made his way over to Tony. “Shocking, isn’t it?” he asked with a grin. “Wait until you see an adult.”

Tony’s head whipped around so quickly he hurt his neck. “What?” he asked.

The grin widened. “Oh, yeah,” said the assassin. “This,” he said indicating the spider in his own arms, “is a baby.”

A baby. Tony stared at the eight legged monster in horror. “How big do they get?” he demanded.

“Well, this one’s father is a real monster. Fill this room up, easy,” said the alpha male. Tony would swear he was getting joy out of Tony’s distress.

“Wade!” The omega was suddenly there. He flashed a quick smile at Tony. “Spot’s considered a monster by Arachnid standards,” the young man admitted.

“Spot?” A monster, a monster big enough to fill the room, was called by such a cute name?

“Most rider spiders are about the size of a carriage,” the High Priest continued.

“A carriage,” Tony said flatly.

The bald assassin nudged Tony with an elbow while he wore a smirk. “That’s why they’re called ‘rider spiders’,” the alpha said with a huge grin. “They’re big enough to ride.”

Tony’s gaze fell on the horned pink spider the man was holding. It returned his gaze fearlessly as he tried to imagine it the size of a carriage. “The size of a carriage.”

“Not for a while yet,” the High Priest assured him. “After all, these two are only a few weeks old.”

“Few weeks old,” echoed Tony hollowly.

“They haven’t even had their first molt yet.”

The gate flared again depositing Stephen into the room, his living cloak whipping about his shoulders as he surveyed the scene with a small smile on his face. “Is something wrong?” the man asked with a smirk that said he knew very well what was wrong.

“High Priest Parker, Acolyte Wade,” Pepper said formally, “please follow me as I show you to your room.” The two men walked over to the respective bags. Tony watched with shock as, with a single hand and no effort, the young, thin omega picked up the huge bag that had dented the wall and slung it over a shoulder.

Stephen wandered over to Tony, still staring in shock. “Apparently,” the envoy said, “he’s been blessed with strength.”

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Wade was just trying to practice his vows for the wedding. Instead he accidentally proposes to an undead groom who calls himself Peter.
He swears it wasn’t on purpose though.


“With this hand I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty, for I will be your wine…” Peter trails off, staring off to the side as something catches his attention. It’s Vanessa, watching the scene in front of her with horror in her eyes.

“Go on, my dear.” The Elder prompts. 

Peter swallows thickly before turning his attention to Wade. Wade stood there in his black pristine suit, now fixed by the Black Widows, he stood there with an expectant face, waiting for Peter to finish his vows.

“With … with this candle I will light your way in darkness.” Peter knows his voice shakes, knows that the dread that he had felt hours before was now bubbling up. Peter had known that what Wade and he had, wouldn’t last; but it wasn’t fair.

Peter pauses and looks into Wade’s twinkling blue eyes, they’re filled with love and adoration, yet he knows that his own are filled with regret. “With this…” Peter stops again and looks to the side of Wade’s head, looking at Vanessa with heartbroken eyes. She shakes her head quickly, but her eyes are filled with glistening tears.

Wade looks puzzled, waiting for him to continue. “What’s wrong?” He asks, raising a hand to stroke Peter’s cheek lovingly. Peter looks at him and smiles sadly as a black-colored tear streaks down his face, falling into the gaping hole in his jaw. 

“This is wrong,” Peter steps back and Wade releases his face. He takes a shaking hand and reaches for the silver ring, pulling it off before gently grabbing Wade’s hand and setting it softly in the palm of his hand.

It was almost like Peter had finally accepted that they could never be. His eyes were now filled glazed over with black tears, and they continued to fall down his face melancholy.

Wade looks at him in disbelief, eyes wide. 

“I love you, Wade, but you’re not mine. My dreams were taken from me. Now I’ve stolen them from someone else.” Peter whispers and only then does Wade follow his eyes. 


Vanessa comes out of the shadows and slowly walks towards them. Everyone else in the church is silent, watching as Vanessa reaches the table.

“I thought you were married,” Vanessa says, her eyes never leaving Wade’s. 

“I thought you were too,” Wade answers truthfully, his voice coated in shame. Vanessa raises a brow before holding up her left hand. On her dark ring finger, a shining diamond ring is revealed to have settled there.

Wade opens his mouth to say something before Peter cuts him off with a shocked intake of breath. “Where did you get that ring?” He breaths, reaching for her hand to take a closer look.

Quentin comes up from behind Vanessa and places a hand on his wife’s waist protectively. “Vanessa there you are-”

“You!” Peter takes a step backward, his pale face now filled with fear. Peter raises a shaky finger at him. “You were the highwayman who strangled me. You took my ring!” He accuses.

Quentin glances at him, looking him up and down before meeting Peter’s disgusted eyes. “Nonsense. I’m a respected attorney…”

Peter turns to Vanessa quickly. “The ring has my name on it. Check the inscription!” He pleads.

Vanessa follows the man’s instructions and reads the inscription. “‘For Peter, with all my love’.”

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