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tea-toast · 5 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Deadpool - All Media Types, Spider-Man - All Media Types, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Peter B. Parker/Wade Wilson, Peter Parker & Wade Wilson Characters: Wade Wilson, Peter B. Parker, Miles Morales (mentioned), Gwen Stacy (mentioned) Additional Tags: Idiots in Love, oh my god they are roomates and lovers, Domestic Bliss, Fluff and Humor, Dumbasses being Dumbasses™, Wade getting excited over parades and chimichangas, and Peter being cranky at first but then joining in, Peter has a Dad Bod & Wade lives for it, Deadpool being Deadpool Summary:
The joyful spark in the merc’s big brown eyes would have been enough to lit up the whole hood and Peter could not care less to look cringe-y when that puppy dog expression was trained on him with such excitement.
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cyberdelph · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
by @SAMSA_3449
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pool-spidey · 10 hours ago
Wade: Jesus, Petey, what did you pack in here?
Peter: I didn't know what to bring.
Wade: It's Florida, baby. The only time you don't wear a bathing suit is to a funeral. And even then, it depends on who died.
Peter: No one is dying, Wade.
Wade: Honestly, I've never been to Florida and not watched someone die. Luckily, I've brought a grieving Speedo.
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siyuris · 10 hours ago
Final chapter of my spideypool fic posted!!!!
Tumblr media
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fantasticstoryteller · 12 hours ago
New Dynasty Chapter 58
Wade groaned as they took another blood sample.
[What do they want with all that blood?]
{To see if we’ll die of blood loss? Death’s not permanent for us.}
“Seriously?” he demanded of the buff woman staring vacantly at him as she inserted a needle into his arm. “Are you seriously taking more blood?”
Her lips pursed and she continued with her business with brutal efficiency. Well, not quite efficient. She ripped his vein partly out of his arm as she pulled the needle out.
Funny thing about your blood in this AU Wade.
Wade heaved a sigh. I’d wondered when you were getting back to us, he thought bitterly.
You’re close to being rescued. I just thought you’d like to know why they keep taking so much blood.
[Go ahead.]
{Can’t make things worse.}
No, but it might make things better. See, they keep trying to look at your blood under a microscope.
[Isn’t that what labs do with blood?]
{Seems legit.}
Oh, there’s a reason they’re doing it here. Anyway, your blood is lasting just long enough to make it to the microscope—only to dissolve into dust as soon as they look through the tubes at it.
I assume that’s your work. Wade thought about it. I don’t think I’ve seen that in any of my other fics.
Oh, it gets better. They’re about to realize something else about your blood dust.
Suddenly there was a round of fluid cursing coming from behind the closed door and Wade turned his head with curiosity. Sounds like someone's getting their panties in a twist.
Well, I’d be a little pissed myself if my multi-hundred dollar microscope was just ruined by the acidic blood dust that I’ve been pouring over it for the last several hours.
The door to the room slammed open and Francis, his eyes glaring balefully at the masked man still helplessly strapped to the table, strode in. “Did you know it would do this?” he demanded.
“Do what?” Wade could pretend innocence.
Francis punched him making his head rock against the restraints.
But not well.
Could you give me something useful for a change?
All right. Wade, ask him why he has a Swan Lake costume in the back of his closet.
What more could go wrong? “So, why do you have a Swan Lake costume in the back of your closet?” he asked.
Francis glared at him coldly. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” he asked.
“Yes, actually. I find I’m pretty curious.”
It’s the costume of Baron von Rothbart.
“Who the hell is Baron von Rothbart?”
The evil sorcerer who curses the female lead into being a swan during the day.
Wade laughed. “So, what? You dress up and pretend to have the power to curse your enemies into being animals?”
A thin, grim smile graces Francis’s face. “Ah, I know exactly what animal I’d turn you into. An ass.”
[An ass?]
{This guy has no imagination.}
Wade burst out laughing. “You already did!” he giggled as Francis turned and walked out of the small room, slamming the door shut behind him.
Okay, so was there really a point to that whole exchange?
You remember our conversation where I said I try to protect my protagonists? This is me keeping you from getting tortured.
Wade stared up at the white tiled ceiling and started trying to see if he could put constellations in the black dots up there. I don’t really believe that you made your beta reader puke.
You and me both. And I had to clean the mess. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get vomit out of a keyboard?
That’s disgusting.
Yes it was.
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ask-spiderpool · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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clouds-turning-into-mist · 17 hours ago
Me, whenever I finish reading some really good fanfiction:
Tumblr media
Some of the banger fanfiction in question, you can read all the warnings on the pages:
i'd walk through fire for you (Madness Combat, kinda fucked but really good at the same time, Sanmos)
we're on a highway to hell (with a little bit of heaven) (Spideypool, Deadpool isn't overtly annoying for once!, jk jk I love him)
Even Old Wounds Can Heal, and Dead Hearts Can Feel (Jason Voorhees x reader basically (reader-chan has personality and trauma :OOOO))
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origami-breath · 22 hours ago
how about a really sad, bittersweet Spideypool fic where Peter Parker/Spiderman dies and basically becomes another box in Wade's head? (I want to say blue, but honestly red is good too)
And it's a box that gives Wade support and encouragement along with a dose of heroism.
(I feel like I need to read at least one Deadpool comic book to accurately pull this off 🤔)
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bunnimew · a day ago
Beginner's Luck
Peter hit far-off rooftops and flagpoles to swing through the city. So the first time Wade took him to a gun range, he hit every target. It made perfect sense.
Wade's brain didn't make it that far.
It hung right at the start.
On just how helplessly hot that was.
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New Dynasty Chapter 57
“Incoming call from Spiderman,” Tony’s suit informed him.
“Take the call,” Tony said.
“Found Arachne,” Spiderman said.
Tony let out a low breath. “Is she okay?” he asked.
Spiderman sounded amused. “She’s fine. Remember how we said we needed more eyes on the ground? She found us some.”
“Remember that bar Deadpool took her to?”
“She went there? Alone? At night?” demanded Tony.
“Oh, looks like someone's going to have a stroke if they keep that up,” said a smooth voice.
Tony looked up and the suit zeroed in on a familiar figure. He sighed. “Domino,” he acknowledged.
Domino jumped down to the rooftop that Iron Man was on. “So, you must be one of Peter’s friends,” she said in her smooth voice as she walked forwards. She smiled at him. “Poor Princess was so upset that Peter’s friends weren’t Wade’s friends and she didn’t think they’d look for him properly.” She pulled a phone and rattled off some coordinates. And paused. “No, but I’ve got one of them right here and I’ll ask.” She looked over at the suited man. “Princess says there’s an area between 34th St, 59th St, Eighth Avenue, and the Hudson that no one has checked,” the woman continued. “Have any of you checked it?”
Tony frowned. “No, that’s Ma—that’s Daredevil territory.”
“Isn’t he on that training trip learning a new martial art?” asked Spiderman through the suit.
The training trip that would make that area of the city the best place to hide. Matt hadn’t exactly been subtle when he left town. “Checking it now!” he told Peter as his suit ended the call. He turned to Domino. “Would the lovely lady like to ride along?” he asked her gallantly. He felt hope rising in his chest—the sooner they found the insane madman the sooner everything would get back to normal. And a small, selfish part of him hoped that it might help the little girl like him just a bit better.
Domino grinned. “Of course,” she said sweetly.
Tony also resolved to never tell Pepper that he was carrying another woman in his arms. Well, Iron Man’s arms. It felt suspiciously like cheating.
Tony paused in his flight as he passed by a warehouse near the river. Instead of being abandoned this time of night, there was a suspiciously high number of guards. “Call Spiderman,” Tony ordered the suit.
“Calling Spiderman,” the suit said obligingly.
“Hey, I’m down here and I might have found something.”
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ask-spiderpool · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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forgetful-nerd · 2 days ago
Deadpool, drunk out of his mind: whose the most handsomest man in the world?
Deadpool: false it’s fcking Ryan Reynolds.
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jettison-my-gift · 2 days ago
Do y’all remember when Deadpool and Spider-Man were kinda sexist toward Foster-Thor, so as punishment she made them dance in their underwear and Deadpool was wearing Spidey themed boxer shorts and also they did the lift from Dirty Dancing? Cos I think about that a lot
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