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BTVS - Spike William

I stood on the roof of a old, abandoned Factory, looking down on all the little walking happy meals. I took a brief moment to inhale the Fresh Night air. I reached for the cigarette that was tucked behind my ear and placed it between my lips. I reached in my pocket, grabbed my Zippo and lit the cigarette. I took a Drag and glared at the night sky for a moment. I listened Back In Black by ACDC started playing in the background while i chuckled “Ready or not”… I jumped down from the roof and landed on top of a car. The windows shattered and the car alarm went off. The owner of the car was macking on blonde as he ran out the car. I jumped off the car as I sprinted up the guy. “ Now is that any way to treat your lady friend?” Leaving her behind to her death?” I asked him before pinning him down to the cemented pavement. I snapped his neck looking down at him and stood back up, his lifeless body. “He wasn’t something I wanted to drink. He was a coward” I told the blonde before I approached her. “ now love, don’t you think you’ve couldn’t done better than that?” I asked as I moved my hands slowly up to her mouth. She was scared of me. “ Shh” I placed my finger over her mouth to stop her from her whimpers. “ no need to cry, my dear. This won’t be painful for long.” My fangs extracted as I bit into her neck feeling the nectar of her crimson liquid ooze out of her neck. She was tasty, a good little thing to eat. I let her body collapse to the floor as I walked away from the scenery and into the night


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All right, I feel like I need to pause my binge of Lab Rats to address this whole issue with Spike.

I understand that Spike is his own person. I understand that he is a conscious, feeling being. I’m not unaware of that.

However, we share a body. This, obviously, has caused issues for me in the past. He’s caused large gaps in my memory, hurt my relationships with others, and caused me physical pain. Above and beyond, he’s caused serious damage to my self-image.

In case you don’t know by now, I was assigned female at birth, and I’ve been transitioning away from that for years. Spike is a huge contributor to my gender dysphoria. Whenever he comes out, it’s a reminder that I’ll never be able to reach a level of masculinity where I’ll feel comfortable, no matter how many hormones I take or surgeries I get. I’ve spent my entire life trying to feel comfortable in my own body, and it’s effortless for him.

I don’t want to delete him, or “kill” him, or however you want to put it. I just want him out of my body and away from me. He just exacerbates so many problems I already struggle with on a day-to-day basis.

I hope this clears things up.

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We will forever love this drawing of Angel by Spike !! 100% Accurate xxx

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OWO what’s this? Pony art?? IN MYYYY HOUSE???!?! it’s more likely than you think B)

Just some cute art of Twilight helping Spike learn how to fly. uwu I made this mainly to test a new style I wanna use for my MLP art and I’m really liking the result. :3

Some of ya might recognize Twi and Spike’s look from this post hereWhile this image doesn’t really have terribly much with the AU in question, I’m seriously considering adopting the designs I used for the AU into my headcanon, such as Twi having Heterochromia and Spike’s wing gradient. I dunno though so we’ll see! owo

But uhhhh…. Yeah! Don’t have much to say for this so I hope you enjoy the art!! ^.^

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I just realized that the dynamic that my roommate/bsf have is just,,, spike and rarity

Here are the examples


Tell me it’s not

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i avoid discussing ships or any opinions regarding ships, but i still adore spuffy so much - disregarding their so far from healthy past, the fact that spike did everything for buffy, from obtaining his soul just to feel some semblance of remorse, to absolutely everything else he did for her just to be hers, moves me. i think bangel is a really good ‘first love’ ship for buffy, but as far as endgame goes, i go for cordy/angel for angel (and no we’ll never discuss what whedon had done to cordy and focus more on pre-jasmine and ‘you’re welcome’ cordy b/c that is cordy at her absolute best), and spuffy for buffy, not that buffy needs either of the two lol

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That sounds really nice, but I will put this 3 here again as reminder…

😜 #CensorshipIsNotTheSolution #HypocriticismIsNotTheSolution

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So… show of hands

Who else thought that “scene” in Seeing Red was OC as hell for Spike to do 🙋

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Platonic sleepover with reader, Dawn, Buffy, Willow and Tara. 

Request: okay i just saw your guideline post and i got a cute idea for a dawn fic platonic friendship oF COURSE but dawn and reader are bffs ever since she ‘moved’ to sunnydale with buffy and their mom and theyre having a epic slumber party with willow and tara and buffy cause tHAT would be so pure and wholesome. happy fic for all involved maybe watching horror movies or something idk

Requested by: @sunflower-stan

A/N: Thanks for looking at my guideline post, I write Dawn so long as it’s platonic/familial. Reader’s hair is long enough to be plaited.


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I always thought it was kind of obvious.


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