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Ok look, I know we’re all excited about Splatoon 3 but can we give a little attention to Neon White?!?!


It’s a first person shooter card game??? Where you’re a demon who fights other demons in heaven for a chance to escape hell???


And the main character is voiced by SPIKE SPIEGAL?!?!


This is amazing!!! I literally know next to nothing about this game and I’m already losing my mind, I can’t wait for it to come out.

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Say Please


Summary:  Dilf Daddy Spikes rest stop

Paring: Spike Spiegel x Reader

Tags: oral sex, spit kink, age gap, smoke kink, bimbo gf

wc: 2.3k

a/n: for my daddy, my superhero yes i said it was was coming out in a few days, but i did it today bc dilf spike was the only thing on my mind.




You turned and saw him mumbling curses walking through the door. His messy hair, messier now than when he left. Specks of grey flicked in there, wanting to run your fingers though it, so soft you thought.

“You okay?” you asked, eyes bigger as you watched him walk towards the couch, laying one of his guns down on the table.

“No baby, c'mere.“ he said, dragging you into his lap, playing with the hem of your mini skirt barely covering the swell of your ass. His hands resting on it, sneaking his fingers up there, making their way under the strap of your panties.

You were his warmth in the cold vastness of space. Relaxing whenever he was around you, being the only thing he would look forward to coming back to. Not the annoying kids and women he had to deal with daily, their attitudes nothing compared to yours, his sweet angel.

You looked up at him, seeing the stubble grow as he’d been gone for a day and a half, not caring about taking care of himself. Which you took into your own hands, wanting to treat him the way he deserved. Him being the only reason you were alive.


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So, I finally FINALLY finished Cowboy Bebop and I’m sorry fellas but, it’s gonna be a C for me. I’m used to bottle episodes with little plot, and it certainly adds to the mystique and philosophy regarding the past. The thing is that, because the majority of episodes are self contained and the actual plot episodes are spaced out, it took me months to finish it without getting bored.

I don’t love Jet or Ed, I like Spike and Faye, I can’t tell if I think Viscious is a good villain or if I’m just filling in the blanks according to what the show tells me. There’s a lot of that going around too. We only get flashes of what’s going on with Julia, Spike and Vicious, but no clear story or even an ending with Spike so it’s nearly all up to interpretation. Of course I get that it’s the point but it doesn’t add anything for my viewing experience. The characters I got closest to loving were Spike and Gren but it’s hard to get to know anyone in this story.

I did connect with the most with Spike at the end and yeah the character’s ends were super poignant despite my view on the series. It strangely reminds me of Cyberpunk 2077, though instead of being all about a sense of self and finding meaning in life it’s themes about acceptance, the past and how we move on from tough situations. In the end of Cyberpunk, an emphasis is put on not hurting others through your actions because your end will be the same no matter what. I felt that Faye and Jet could’ve helped save Julia, but of course it had to just be him because he had to pick up where he left off. It was like he paused his movie to put off the tearful end until he was ready. Spike really got me with the dream stuff. The stagnation, the fear of moving forward and just the inability to let go. Powerful stuff, just not my favorite execution.

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Lost post!

It was something like top ten hottest/ most attractive anime characters and the only ones I could remember where Spike Spiegel from Cowboy bebop and Shiro from Voltron

I forgot to save it can anyone help me

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.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・

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The water heater is broken, and Jet is waiting till they get to some asteroid orbiting Ganymede to fix it. Since, apparently, he has some old friend there that’ll sell him the parts or repair it or something for way cheaper than the going rate. Or whatever. Faye wasn’t really listening all that hard. Too busy lamenting the loss of hot water to pay attention.

Jet and Spike begrudgingly deal with it. Spike only complains the first two days. Jet says it’s not the first time it’s happened, probably won’t be the last. Ed and Ein don’t even seem to realize anything was different.

Faye, however, whines and whines and refuses to shower to try and get it fixed faster. Even though all she does is complain, her efforts fail.

The water stays cold.

But she won’t be showering in freezing cold water, thank you very much.

Not that she could if she wanted too.

Last time she tried, she immediately fell into a panic attack that sent her reeling and careening sideways down to the shower floor. She could feel the sting of cryo freeze snaking its way across her body, starting at the tips of her toes and spiderwebbing up. Faye snapped out of it an hour later, when Jet dropped something loud and metal down the hall and swore loudly. Her fingers and toes were numb, and she felt frozen down to the bone.

She didn’t try again.

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I love cowboy bepop and spike but he really needs to learn when to shut the fuck up 💔 ik hes supposed to be a player or whatever but he’s just an ass about women 🙈

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Spike spiegal could step on me and I would thank him

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It’s time we blow this scene!

Time for a Cowboy Bebop Redraw 😎

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Spike spiegal is truly one of the sexiest men out there

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