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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Spike etching in the glass of the Swordfish so he can determine where to angle it, preventing the Earth’s atmosphere from obliterating his starship…


Originally posted by yonkou

Spike practically destroying the Swordfish to land perfectly in the cargo bay of the modified Columbia space shuttle.


Spike overhearing the heat resistant coverings are done for, lighting a cigarette, and leaning back saying, “Well, whatever happens, happens.”


Originally posted by mafuyuh

The creator of Cowboy Bebop knew exactly how to hook me and keep me. 🤤😍💜

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Everyone has childhood crushes. Let’s share! Rules are write at least five or more fictional or celebrity crushes you had as a kid. Be sure to include pictures!

1. Legolas- isn’t he everyone’s first crush. I mean blonde, handsome, badass fighter with a good wit. My little second grade self dreamt of being his bride.


Originally posted by bloo-my

2. Robin-omg in fourth grade I wanted to be part of the teen titans so bad. I pictured myself this badass woman with Robin as my boyfriend.


Originally posted by meezumaki

3. Haku- Again I think this is pretty self-explanatory. My third grade self pictured marrying this boy right here.


Originally posted by paperlittlegirl

4. Ulrich Stern- Ironically out of all these on my list this one embarrasses me the most, but it was fifth grade and Code Lyoko was my jam.


Originally posted by shit-waifus

5. Mushra- okay did anyone else watch the legend of Shinzo as a kid or just me? Nope. Didn’t think so…another one I am embarrassed about.


Originally posted by neo-nectar

—–And that’s my five, but since I am airing out my dirty laundry I might as well share a few more————

6. Spike Spiegel- Contrary to what you might think. My thirsty ass began crushing on Spike in third grade not middle school or high school, third grade! Thanks adult swim, you awoken something within me.


Originally posted by isohiko

7. Hatsuharu or Kyo- I honestly think this is where my ‘can’t I have both’ mentality came from. Unlike other girls who knew which zodiac they wanted, I couldn’t choose between these two.


Originally posted by byunminho

8. Hayate- Before Fruits Basket came along, Pretear ruled my life and my sixth grade self made the unhealthy discovery of loving hotheaded men. Like I seriously believed I wanted someone icy cold who barely talked but would always argue with me. A whole list of issues that looking back didn’t necessarily have to do with this character, but I’m blaming him anyway.


Originally posted by stella-scarlet

9. Jacob Black- Book Jacob not movie, although looking back neither are really a good pick. In my defense though it was middle school and Twilight resonates really well with what middle school girls’ believe love is. Although as a grown up I see how unhealthy the romance in the book was. Also I always disliked Bella.


Originally posted by taylorl365

10. Kakashi- I’d still marry him though…


Originally posted by osakaxkobe

I am tagging @junghelioseok​, @potter-inthe-tardis​ , @dreamsfromthesandman​ and anyone else interested in it. Please be sure to tag me in it as well so I can see what you wrote!

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Finally got around to seeing the animated version of Law’s past. Donquixote Rosinante “Corazon” and Spike Spiegel might not share much…

  1. They’re cool.
  2. They smoke.
  3. They “hate” kids.
  4. They both are self-sacrificing idiots.
  5. They’re voiced by the same man (who has an outstanding voice-acting record): Koichi Yamadera.

… And this alone was enough to prompt a small collage of two of my beloved characters.

Smile, space cowboy…

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A/N: Whoops, there’s another Spike Spiegel piece. I don’t know why I have so much inspiration for this ship right now, but I keep rolling out works. I just really like them, okay? 

Summary: After Jet and Faye learn Spike and Vida have been hiding their relationship.

Warnings: Implied sex, mentions of sex, probably language, Spike being a quiet sweetheart and probably ooc

Words: 1.7k


Originally posted by buzz-kill

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