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#spike spiegel

Spike was not fucking around. He wanted to die. This more faithful translation gives as definitive an answer as we are we’re ever going to get short of Spike stating “I want to die”. For him, Julia was dead and it was time to end everything. But this was already made known to the audience via the tiger-striped cat story.

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Spike Spiegel’s version of cleaning day 😃

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Spike Spiegel has a special smile that he has only around Julia. 

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um hi i’m starry, i’m 16 and i’m looking for friendss so don’t be shy talk to me. if you have specific rules(?) please let me know i don’t want to be offensive look at the hashtags it’s what i like

notices: i am a MINOR and in a relationship please respect that. thank you have a great day :)

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to anyone that’s interested in old-timey anime i recommend cowboy bebop. it has some old school adult swim vibes which i love, the music is Swanky, and the characters are all very well done, i recommend.

also there’s a lot of poc characters, and one of the main characters is like,, genderless in a way that’s fun and addressed.

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Click to see it in full quality because the preview is derezed

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hi hello i am happy to say that i’m on tumblr now n i’m taking requests!!! i think for now i’ll mostly b writing in the realm of anime so basically i’ll b writing for levi, eren, any jojo character (tho i do mostly write for jotaro), jean, kakashi, itachi, (n any naruto characters really), spike from cowboy bebop, n many more that i’m sure i’m forgetting lol, but yes ask away!!!

i promise u, u will not b disappointed.
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Garrus is like Spike. Love the character. Sexy voice and personality. But hate their cishet male fans lmao

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See You Space Cowboy

Everything is already over,

You say with closed ears

The words only flow

Towards a tomorrow without peace

On the night when even prayers have disappeared

What will you believe in and where will you go?

A shooting star the color of tears passes by now as if laughing at me

There’s nothing that won’t change

Yet Even if my life ends

This love will not disappear

It’s something that will live forever

Even if dreams are hidden in darkness

I got a rainbow

In my hands…

The voice that crosses the inside of my chest

Tells me that there are also things that won’t change or disappear

On the morning when we pray before the truth

Love will return here once more

Love never dies

Love never fails

Love never ever fades away

If someday my life ends

This love will not disappear

It’s a thing that will live forever

Escaping the darkness

When we’ve passed the illusion

Frozen in time

On the other side of the rainbow, love will be waiting

Thousands of lights will be waiting

You got a rainbow

Rainbow in your hands…

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