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#spilled poetry


It would indeed be wonderful to posess the willpower of a wildflower

Resilient enough to grow again, after getting trampled on

Strong enough to stand it’s ground, even during the most violent storms

Tough enough to grow in places, they never thought a flower could


ig: @darkacademist

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Nights without a good night

Just because you want to play hard

This doesn’t feel right

I take this to heart

But you keep that same vibe

Can’t mess with this stressful energy

Is there any person right for me ?

Trauma fills my mind

Your lies kill me inside

I wish i didn’t have a heart to love you

And i wish i didn’t meet you too

Girl all you do

Is running from the truth

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I let go and trust the universe ! I am strong ! What is meant for me will find me and it is already mine . I am open to love ! I am ready to finally welcome my twinflame !

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Sit down for a second … And ask this to yourself … ’ why am i stressed and depressed ’ … Answer is simple … School , money and work … School is a place where it usually forces you to learn so many things that you don’t even need … It stresses you out because it makes you think that you have to be perfect at any type of job , while pushing you away from all your talents and soul purpose …. You go to school all these years just to most likely get a stressful job that gives you minimum wage .. enough to get by ( not always ) . You get stressed again for no having money , for doing the same slavery job for years and for not having the time to pursue your dreams …. Conclusion , you go to school just to get a job so you can make money enough to get by if you are lucky . Mental health doesn’t matter sadly… If money didn’t exist , then school wouldn’t exist this way .. think about it . Yes you can escape this whole trap by paying attention only to what matters but it is hard because of the amount of the distractions … Should you be stressed about life ? No , infact live how you want ! Spread love and positive non stop . Be you . Because trust me , you are temporary here . Don’t forget that…

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Inisip ko kung gaano kabilis ang takbo ng mundo. Kanina lang ay umaga, ngayon ay takip-silim, ngunit ang buto ng mangga na aking itinanim ay hindi parin bumubunga. Ang tuta na ipinanganak noong nakaraang araw ay marunong na tumahol ngunit ang sanggol na isinilang nang halos isa o dalawang buwang nakalipas ay ngayon lang halos tinutubuan ng buhok.

Gaano nga ba kabilis ang takbo ng oras at ikot ng mundo? Mayroon bang mga kanya-kanyang orasan ang mga tao?

Ilang mukha ng buwan sa gabi ang kailangan abangan? at ilang beses pa bang sisilayan at aabangang dumungaw ang haring araw?

Panahon ba ang basehan? Bawat anyo at pagbabago ng mga lumulutang na planeta’t bato sa kalawakan?

Araw-araw, maraming nagbabago ngunit gayundin ang mga nananatili.

Ang luma'y bumabago, ang bago'y naluluma. Kahit maalaga,

Oras lang ang may alam at makakapagsabi kung kailan.


Originally posted by david-koblesky

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It’s been months since we last talked… But i keep seeing her in my dreams … I keep feeling her energy around me … Everytime i ask the universe to show me my twinflame in my dreams , she appears in them … We both ended things in bad terms … I knew she was going through fucked up times and that she kept doing the same mistakes but she was the person that appeared as my twinflame before i even met her … It is weird but i trust the universe… I trust the process … Healing is happening … Maybe after it is done , we will have a re union , maybe we will come back better than ever … I am not desperate about it … I find it weird how when i ask for my twinflame she appears … A strong feeling in me tells me that she wants to contact me but something is blocking her … Universe will make the time right for us soon…

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“Kiss me as if a breeze brought my lips to yours over a sea of my love beneath your heart, tumultuous as waves, as red as your lips, and sexy like a tongue kiss dragging along my esophagus..”

Just kiss me heatedly and kiss me with fire but do it softly and sweet - eUë

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My name is Jane Grey. They say, I am Queen of England and tomorrow I will die.

My name is Jane Grey. They say, my cousin wanted me on the throne and doomed me to death.

My name is Jane Grey. They declared me Queen of England and I knew, I wouldn’t survive.

My name is Jane Grey. They abandoned me shortly after and therefore signed my death sentence.

My name is Jane Grey. They say, my other cousin is rallying an army and I am in the way.

My name is Jane Grey. They say, I have been Queen for nine days and I cannot escape.

My name is Jane Grey. Will you remember me?

If you are interested in English history, look up the Jane Grey. It is a truly tragic story.

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Well I guess I love so easily

I don’t care if you’re black or white

I don’t care if you’re ugly or pretty

I don’t care if you’re a nerd or someone famous

But If you talk to me nice

I guess I’ll love you so easily

I don’t care if you’re a morning or a evening person

I don’t care if you’re a priest or an atheist

I don’t care if you eat beef or a leaf

If you believe in me

I guess I’ll love u so easily

I don’t care if you spend your day fucking around

I don’t care if you spend your day watching stupid movies

I don’t care if you spend your day sleeping

But if at night if you come to me telling all you did in your day

I guess I’ll love you so easily

I don’t care if you’re 5 feet or 6

I don’t care if you’re self obsessed

I don’t care if you have anger issues

But if I’m crying and you’re there to wipe off my tears and hug me

I guess I’ll love you so easily

I don’t care if you can sing or not

I don’t care if you can write poems for me or not

But if you just say only 3 words which you mean it from your heart

I guess I’ll love you so easily

I think loving someone is soo easy

Like a sleep, slowly and then just getting lost into it soo deeply….

But, yeah there’s always a but

It’s nothing more than a party

It starts slow and reaches the peak

Then the drama begins followed by silence

Silence of tiredness and anger just like most time a person is from other person

And then waiting for something magical to happen out of nowhere without any efforts themselves so that the party proceeds..

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