#spilled tears
somos-deseos · 23 days ago
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dreamofeternalescapes · 18 days ago
I yearn for fall, for the soft gray skies for the cloudy fog days. I dream of trail covered in orange,red and yellow leaves. An hot cup of tea in my hands. Autumn please come fast
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expressionist-hira · 3 months ago
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moonlitinks · 3 months ago
i'm telling you this because i'm struggling with it, too.
stop second guessing and doubting yourself. stop getting imposter syndrome while writing. stop comparing.
i know it's hard to stop, and this is a process i always struggle with. but it's awful when you get tunnel vision, seeing all the plot holes and every little grammatical error made. i open my wip's sometimes, and get such bad anxiety that i can't even write, because i'm so scared. it literally doesn't make sense, but it happens.
but learn to love what you write. grow attached to your characters, and write whatever you want. write for yourself first. and no matter what, whether it's one word or sentence that you wrote that day, be proud of yourself.
self validation and self care comes before a completed novel or mesmerizing characters.
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alex-a-roman · 2 months ago
Black and blue
I remember your lips And the way I couldn't breathe When I was next to you. For some reason, you smiled, You smiled as we locked eyes -  Black and blue Like the sky before a storm, It only lasted a few seconds But it's taking me forever to forget Because I have regrets about that day I remember being sad and angry And I couldn't find the strength to smile back. Forgive me, It wasn't you, I was at war with myself.
~ A. A. Roman
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shmwrites · 5 months ago
I promise you that there is no way that your life would be better with someone who doesn’t want to be in it.
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mais-e · 7 months ago
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/Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray / MARINA, "Oh No!" / Kayleb Rae Candrilli / Ocean Vuong, from On Earth We’re Brief / unknown.
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sensitivepen · 2 months ago
One day, I'll be happy again.
And I'll forget everything about you.
One day, I won't have to hurt my heart for stalking you.
And even if I remember you, I will surely have no feelings for you anymore.
— Fynsie
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dramatic-spill · 7 months ago
One time i read a quote that said " May you fall asleep in the arms of a dream, so beautiful you wake up crying", after that i remembered my beautiful dreams, like how i dream about our first date and what i will do.
the dream about how i hug you so tight and not with the friendly intentions.
the dream about how i hold your hand for the 1st time and how you fall asleep in my arms, and about me cooking for you.
The dream about how i kiss your lips so gently and taste them for the first time and then going back for more.
The dream that your first message is good morning, the last is goodnight, and i miss you in-between.
The dream where you pour into my hands all your secrets, and your fears aand me promising you that you don't have to worry again.
The dream where i get my new year's kiss and my birthday wish.
The dream where the i love you's are all their.
The dream where there is a universe we both end up together.
And then i woke up.
I cried.
I cried.
And i cried some more.
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spilledinkandtears · 4 months ago
…and in that moment it dawned on me that I might not be deserving of love.
Untitled (Via @spilledinkandtears)
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glamorousguilt · 5 months ago
You said, that you'd be with me, you still say you're with me but why do I still feel lonely?, I feel more alone with you than I feel in that corner of my room, atleast I can trust the walls to say what I want.
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ultraromantically-suffering · 4 months ago
And I shall beg myself for forgiveness, for allowing my body to feel, and my heart to trust.
Ultraromantically Suffering, 2022
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aszmxm · a month ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes at the summit of tears
We might laugh!
It’s not the sensation in our minds
But the realization of triviality
That our tears are falling
For them!
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junepoetry · 6 months ago
on her last day every piece of my existence  shattered how could i ever love again each atom in my body grieves for her to love someone so much to give someone all that you have her memory lives through me i fear that  there is no life left for me how could there be when she is no longer here  to view the same sky.
A Heart of Grief // J.A.
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alex-a-roman · a month ago
The same sky
I lost too many days hoping I could rewrite the past Make things different, save you, save me, I went back to that place too many times Only for the scars to reopen again It's the same blood, can you still taste it? It's the same dull pain in my eyes This is the same sky under which you are growing, But not me, oh not me.
~ A. A. Roman
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saccharineguilt · 6 months ago
"I listen to Hozier" is simply one more approach to saying "I read books and all I do is cry for fictional people."
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