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#spilled the tea
tea-pettiest · 2 days ago
yep lol. and today was extra fun because some lady followed me to my car and threatened to beat me up and called me a stupid fucking cunt to my face :’)
so you’ll forgive me if your repeat ask of “countries spooning shy!virgin!uwu!reader” takes a little longer to get out.
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tea-pettiest · 23 hours ago
Antis, for some reason: HoW dARE you allow consenting adults to…to…consume SMut?! In mY WHolesOME Christian HEtalia fandom?!
Tea, just vibing and making great content: And? Die mad about it.
lol it’s just people who think they have the right to talk to me at all 🙄🙄🙄
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tea-pettiest · 20 days ago
Are you white?
I’m mixed race (chinese and white) second generation chinese-american
and also, mind your own fucking business
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tea-pettiest · 22 days ago
Do you know why Japan and China keep getting femininzed and being marked as sub? Because, I just DONT understand why.
And every time I see it in fanfiction, comics, and other stuff, it makes me rlly frustrated.
i know why. we know why. we KNOW why.
the emasculation of asian men is nothing new in white spaces.
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tea-pettiest · a month ago
Tumblr media
so normally i just ignore inflammatory things people send me because there’s no sound way to argue with someone who’s already contextualized you in their mind as being unsound, be that morally, psychologically, or what have you, but i do think it’s related to how we as a society talk about sex and what’s acceptable within that.
listen.  it is perfectly fine to curate your own experiences and that absolutely should be done.  it is perfectly okay to block/unfollow/etc. and be wholly uninvolved with content to whatever degree you need to be.
however, what i’ve found in my experience, is that people will swoop in on that mighty, mighty high horse of theirs (weary after making the long, arduous trek on the moral high ground for so long, of course) and start dropping accusations of bombardment and harassment despite having gone out of their way to come to me, and having ventured far enough into content that they deem “morally repugnant” despite it being clearly labeled at the top for what it is, and tagged using well-known, identifiable tags that describe the content it deals with.
someone @ed me a bit ago about misusing the word “purity culture” and while there are many more things written by people more qualified to talk about why it’s an appropriate term to use with respect to the “anti/fanpol movement”, and who are far more eloquent when they do talk about it, this screenshot right here, to me, feels like a good example.
usually, the first bit of resistance i get when people want to argue with me about portrayals of kinks, and more often than that, paraphilias specifically is that they jump to the “it’s just wrong and icky” argument.  not only is it a depiction of sex but it’s a depiction of sex that falls outside the scope of what they’re comfortable with.  it’s fine to think things are wrong and icky -- but just because one person doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean the whole thing is morally reprehensible.
what’s morally good and okay is inherently subjective -- there is no universal moral good, so it’s our job in a society with laws to decide where we draw that line -- it’s our job as people who live in a community that has and will continue to have established social norms, to decide where we draw that line.
you disliking something just because you find it icky, or don’t know about it, or are afraid to like it are not where the line gets drawn.  what doesn’t hurt people is where most have decided to set that line.  
while people might make the argument that this content is harmful -- keeping it to audiences who consent to seeing it is how we keep it safe.  setting clear boundaries and respecting those boundaries is how we keep the community safe.  people who go out on witch hunts and harass others for the “sake of boundaries” are all about paying lip service without even understanding what it means or takes to have and keep a safe community.
moreover, there is no purely fictional content that is directly and solely harmful to anyone.  the fictional component of this makes sure of it.  insensitive?  sure.  does it perhaps have the potential to make bad waves?  absolutely -- but that requires at least a modicum of accountability and responsibility on the consumer’s part -- something that really seems to scare antis. 
deciding to draw a line somewhere just because you think “finding it icky” gives you some moral authority is similar rhetoric used by purity culture to perpetuate other harmful sentiments, much like the homophobic and transphobic sentiments the lgbt community is subjected to.
to be perfectly clear -- i’m not comparing the fuck ass tumblr discourse surrounding kink to the systemic oppression and marginalization of the lgbt community, but i don’t think they’re entirely unrelated (and i’m not just referring specifically to the history/origin of kink though i think this history is married to ideas of censorship, progress, and purity culture.)  .
but if someone can take up a legitimate platform to condemn kink (a means of sexual expression) as being morally wrong off the context of it being “icky” then what sort of precedent does that set for other things?  what kinds of people and in what contexts have traditionally been considered “deranged” or “insane” with respect to sexuality and expressions of sexuality?  (not to mention how ableist undertones in this sort of talk) and does the mass condemnation perhaps have -- gasp! -- real consequences that impact peoples’ lives?
there’s a reason there’s an instinct to shut down censorship at low levels, such as not being allowed to read certain books in school or why we like our government to keep their hands off what media we’re allowed to consume by and large, and that’s because we all have an understanding of how these smaller, seemingly trivial instances relate to bigger, more pressing components of our life, like who we’re allowed to legally marry, what we’re allowed to do for a living, what we have access to in our education, be it formal or informal, and who we choose, or even if we choose who represents us and continues to have major influence over these major components of our life, depending on the collective noise we make as people living under the unified concept of a community.
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tea-pettiest · 27 days ago
what pisses you off the most about the fandom? spill the tea, queen 🍵 i have my own list and i’d be down to share
Tumblr media
anyway, 1. antis/performative activists. usually inexperienced people who don't actually know what they're talking about and replaced actual critical thinking with a "hot take" they read on tumblr that they enjoy to parrot out to others. also, ironically enough, ppl who claim to be victims of being "bombarded with disgusting, immoral content" because they barrel right through tags that give content warnings, and then proceed to bombard artists and writers with death threats, groundless lectures, and insults.
2. sticklers of canon. i don't care if you like canon -- go wild. you can do what you want, but if you come onto my blog like "whY wOUld yOU dO thAt? In cAnOn It's--" then let me stop you right there -- i don't care. you're annoying. bug off.
3. country gatekeepers. "well, i'm actually german, so my takes on germany are--" shut up lol, literally no one cares. you're probably also someone who shits on americans constantly and condemns us all as gun toting morons because we "don't do research."
yeah, you're damned right i'm writing this pwp anal fisting fic with ludwig without getting my PhD in german history.
4. people who always have china and japan bottoming, especially when with white partners. you guys are sus as hell. stop telling me "you just feel it".
on a side note with respect to fandom, and especially the kpop and anime fandoms -- stop telling me how "interested you are in the beauty of asian culture." if you knew anything about "the culture" you'd know that asia isn't a monolith.
5. big accounts that cry about bigger accounts bullying them. "they're using their hetalia clout against me!!"
read that sentence again. hetalia what? we write fanfiction. nobody gives a fuck about us. i would sooner lie and tell my husband i was having an affair than have him read my russia x reader smut. we don't have clout. if anything, being a hetalia fan automatically gives us -100000000 clout. we're only in it to simp for the stupid country people.
that's all i can think of at the top of my head, but please feel free to add on or fight me or whatever.
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tea-pettiest · a month ago
Russia for the ask!
First impression
hmmm okay.  i get it.  he’s “scary” and has 1000 different ways he could make me disappear.
Impression now
i have a thousand different ways i imagine this man railing me.  he’s probably my most consistent selfship.  
Favorite moment
all of them.  he’s just doing his best
the paint it white movie when he was wearing that tank top.  you know the one.
whenever he and alfred Have Words
that cute lil moment in the april fools ep when he’s shy about wearing that cute lil dress
Idea for a story
it’s all smut.  and crime-y.  
he and someone who’s TOTALLY not supposed to be me have a tumultuous relationship where they stay together even though they objectively make each other worse people.  there are affairs and they both have drinking problems and commit white collar crimes and his wife has a love child (kitty ii) with her lover and they live in this big mansion full of erotic art, some of which they made -- canvases they’ve fucked on, sculptures of ass molds and coochie molds, a museum of their most notorious sex props, naked portraits. etc.  in their foyer they have a painting of them riding naked on a bear lol.
Unpopular opinion
he’s not just a big teddy bear.  i mean he’s big and he’s a fantastic cuddler but i fully believe he’s as scary or even scarier than he believes himself to be, and i like him that way.
Favorite relationship
self ship rights.  SPECIFICALLY me lol.  rustea is my favorite ship ;)
Favorite headcanon
i don’t know how canon this is, but just,, the extent of his emotional baggage?  i think it’s massive.  
idk, i've probably been reading too many russian classics but he gives me major pierre vibes from war and peace.  i like to think he reads and writes on the human condition a lot.  is endlessly seeking his purpose.
he maintains a constant level of inebriation all the time.
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tea-pettiest · 6 days ago
lol yeah, i get so fucking tired of the “this ship is a little toxic/unhealthy/abusive” 🤔🤔🤔
they’re fictional. if you’re really concerned about what’s “”toxic”” and harmful in stories, why don’t you start with the entire murder mystery genre.
also, people don’t need trauma to enjoy or explore dark themes and subjects in fiction. fiction is a sandbox for everyone to play in.
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tea-pettiest · a month ago
First impression
sweet. dad friend. probably has a great house and an open door/couch policy. is a good listener.
Impression now
is all of the above but he's also more playful and goofy. has a 'dumb ass' side the same way canada does. is more of an older brother friend than a dad friend.
i don't like writing for sweden bc ppl come for me in my inbox when i do.
Favorite moment
he's gold in every frame with the nordics.
Idea for a story
hmm. i have a thing for vikings, so maybe something about his days like that. or else, something about what was going on internally during his adjustment to "mellowing out." maybe something with him and denmark.
Unpopular opinion
i headcanon him as bi bc as a bi woman i will headcanon whoever the fuck i want as bi. it has no bearing on canon so leave me alone.
Favorite relationship
self-ship rights
sweden x germany
Favorite headcanon
anything involving him and wood working. i think he has a cabin stocked with the most beautiful, hand-crafted furniture. he sells his stuff locally and in small amounts, kind of like the amish do at auctions twice a year up where my grandpa lives.
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tea-pettiest · 28 days ago
Have you done Finland for the ask thing?
First impression
boring. baby.
Impression now
cute!! sexy!! all in one!! would treat you SO right. would be your drinking buddy and your one night stand.
Favorite moment
that one episode with the nordics with tino wanting to go drinking and eat sweets. god what a fucking cutie.
Idea for a story
i just wanna right fluffy smut where he hits someone up at a bar, has a one night stand, and then they fall in LOVE. ugh.
Unpopular opinion
i think he's scarier than sweden when he's angry. i think he's the real dark horse. he's the most unreadable of all the nordics.
Favorite relationship
selfship rights
fine, sufin can stay.
Favorite headcanon
idk if this counts but you know that video of the finnish guy yelling at the bears on his porch? lol that but tino
i also think he's the BEST lay of all the nordics.
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tea-pettiest · 24 days ago
England’s true soulmate would be the one who’d be just as willing to stop sex to watch Bake Off with him
that's fucking cute and you're right. respect the mans free time!!!!
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tea-pettiest · 3 days ago
What are your favorite hetalia fanfics that you’ve read?
lol i don't read other people's hetalia fics. so, the answer is, mine.
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tea-pettiest · 6 days ago
No thoughts head empty, only pegging Germany
as it should be
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tea-pettiest · a month ago
prussia for the ask meme 😌
First impression
god that voice. god that name.
Impression now
he's a shithead but he's my shithead and i'm a little in love with him.
Favorite moment
him with his diaries. just how he writes in his diaries lmfao. also how he writes letters and hypes himself up. how he teases everyone all the time.
Idea for a story
i like the idea of gilbert as a byronic hero. idk, something like that. hyacinth was originally supposed to be that, before it completely shifted from being a gilbert fic lmao
Unpopular opinion
like most of the loud, obnoxious characters, fandom makes it so this is all he is. he's a lot deeper than that.
he also is super problematic lol
Favorite relationship
self-ship rights first lol
pruaus is chill
auspruhun (poly or love triangle)
prussia x anyone and/or everyone from the awesome trio
Favorite headcanon
one of my friends wrote a fic about gilbert being a violinist and i really, really liked it. also, again, i like him as owning his own garage in a human!au. or maybe as a "retired" nation.
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tea-pettiest · 3 months ago
Did you hear about what happened to frukmerunning/rayanne? :( I think I remember you mentioned that you guys were friends but idk if you heard about it yet.
Yeah, I did.
Honestly, no sympathy or forgiveness for people who “made a mistake” and “are sorry now.”
Congrats!! ✨✨Your actions have consequences. You bring that nasty purity-culture, anti-rhetoric shit in your bed, claiming some fake moral high ground on the internet because you’re too lazy to do something actually good and productive in your real life?
Congrats, you were an asshole, now go fucking live with it.
I don’t care if you “were mistaken.” If you felt it was your right and duty to treat someone that way as if it made you any less of a shitty person than what you accuse them to be — you were wrong! You are in fact a shitty person. Now go live on in your sucky irredeemability, like you expect all people on the internet who disagree with your shitty, fake virtue-signaling “””takes””””” to do.
FMR left this shithole fandom because it was exactly that, a shithole, and we made it that way.
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tea-pettiest · 13 days ago
What are your thoughts on Hetalia girls? I think it’s bizarre how each and every one are revolved around a male character
Belarus, Ukraine > Russia
Liechtenstein > Switzerland
Hungary > Prussia & Austria
The countries who don’t get seen as equal, or depend on a male nation are woman. They never seem to get stand alone comics which don’t involve sexualisation. Maybe I am looking too deep into this.
i like them a lot and wish there were more of them.
you make an incredibly interesting point! even now, there’s no czechia without slovakia.
it’s also like wow, the series really doesn’t give a fuck about the girls, ugh
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tea-pettiest · a month ago
England for the character ask thing?
First impression
god, what a pretentious fucking character. i still like it when he talks though. i hate him until i hear someone else also hate him, and then i like him and that's the hill i will die on, just to start an argument.
Impression now
fandom's take on him is pretty broke "hue soft uwu book boy" or total rat -- there's no in-between. he hits me in my pretentious lit feelings and i low-key think he'd be fun to talk to. honestly, everyone harps on arthur for being uptight and elitist, and maybe i might also be that way so i can't really judge. punk england is pretty hot also.
Favorite moment
HAHA whenever he's drunk. or any scene with he and francis.
Idea for a story
i'd like to write an introspective piece that explores his character more deeply than just "hehe he's a garbage man" or "stuffy bbc boyfriend." a big self-destructive spiral featuring arthur being torn apart by his loyalty to tradition and the system he's slaved away for, and how fucking repulsive he feels it's grown into.
Unpopular opinion
he and francis can be soulmates while not being exclusive sexually and romantically.
also i think he does a lot of drugs.
Favorite relationship
self-shipping comes first and foremost to me always, so arthur x reader/arthur x oc (and they better be a mary-sue lol)
fruk is cool too i guess.
Favorite headcanon
anything having to do with punk!arthur and his tattoos. or else, anything involving arthur in the regency era courting and pining for people like an austenian suitor.
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tea-pettiest · a month ago
it’s crispy but it’s blonde again 👁👄👁
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tea-pettiest · a month ago
also can we see the tattoo?
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