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soulwr1ter · a day ago
Do you understand 
that there is only 
one you in this whole 
entire universe and 
that you in yourself 
are a beautiful world 
with the breath of life 
running in every kiss 
of your gaze that 
lights whatever it 
touches? There is 
nobody in this world 
that can dream as 
you dream, love as 
you love, say as you 
say, and do that which 
only you can do in 
the specific way that 
you were made divinely 
to because there is
only one you, and 
that my dear, is your 
brightest light, your 
purpose. It is not a 
matter of whether or 
not love will find you 
because you are love 
and so it will always 
rest its head on the 
beat of its source of life, 
your soul. It's not about 
being perfect, it is about 
being candid about what is. 
It's not about what 
you cannot give, but 
all that you do give and 
that is what makes 
you more than enough 
and worthy of every 
beautiful thing that could 
ever find you. There is no 
way to measure the 
perfection you are 
because you are perfectly 
you the way you were 
always made to be. 
Clear your heart, 
sweeten your soul,and 
brighten your eyes, 
my dear, to see that 
no matter what, you are 
always more than enough.
-J.Wool, Always Enough , Soul Whispers
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anannya-dhiman · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
" How the fuck do people choose professions for the rest of their lives when all I want to be is the dust between yellow pages of the old books...... "
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lostmoonchildsblog · a year ago
Dancing around your room to music in the middle of the night is the ultimate form of self care
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somos-deseos · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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siickangel · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
just existing
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aslisjournal · a month ago
Tumblr media
Asli Hersi
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iambrillyant · 9 months ago
“the need to over explain yourself can be a trauma response in itself. your truth is your truth and no one can ever take that away from you. how you feel isn’t going to be made more valid by trying to get the ones who misunderstand you to see things from your point of view.”
— iambrillyant
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elysian-i · 4 months ago
Summary: Reader cries because of lack of attention and Draco finally gives in to comfort her.
Warnings: Smut. Draco is just big and strong lol. Innocence & hand kink. Fingering. Dom!Draco. Crybaby!Reader. This is super short and a little rushed, srry :(
a/n: hi i am back after 20 days, i got some of the inspiration to write this after listening to crybaby, so everyone go steam it. enjoy :p
There was that pout, and your fists— curled— and eyes teary, and your throat dry.
It had to have been an infinite amount of times you’d called for him, but he’d shake his head, swipe his eyes over you for a mere moment, and return to whatever activities he was doing.
Now there was that cry caught in your mouth— and you were pressing your lips together into that hard flat line to contain your sobs— but they fell through your efforts— and that immediately got his attention.
“Baby? What’s wrong?” He sounded worried, but it felt like a joke to you, you didn’t look back at him or answer him as he stood up from his seat and went to grab you.
You hated being a crybaby, but in all honesty, you were right to be in this position right now. He’d payed no mind to you, shoved you aside, all until you were crying, and wiping away your tears yourself, despite his being present.
“Love. Love. I’m here, can y’look at me?” His voice was gentle— apologetic— as he bent down, settled his legs on the couch, and sat you up to straddle him.
Draco’s hand rested behind your head, patting you softly and pulling you into his chest, kissing your forearms, and whispering into your skin. “Darling, m’sorry, I swear I was just joking”
Your sobs didn’t falter as you spoke softly, “Am I annoying you?” You said, still covering your face.
“No! Not at all, I was playing around, I’m so sorry for ignoring my love.”
His hand put away yours from your face, intently staring at you, and giving you a warm smile. Draco wiped away your tears using his sleeves, guilt bubbling in him as he cleaned the tears he’d formed, “I’m sorry” He repeated, resting his head against yours, “Can you please forgive me? I’ll do anything”
You giggled lightly, and nodded, “I forgive you”
“Good girl. Now, what do you want?”
You sniffled, fumbling with his tie nervously, “I jus’ needed you— to take care of me however”
From the stuttering syllables, and shy behaviours, he picked up where you exactly needed him.
He chuckled into your hair, giving both your eyelids a kiss as his big hands held your waist and he picked you up with ease.
You aligned your lips with his, and his kissed him ravenously as he stalked towards his bed and put you down on it. His lips were like clouds that felt like they’d been danced on by angels.
Draco pressed his tongue inside you, swiping it over yours, and teasing your lips with his teeth, and then as you just got indulged in it. He pulled away and left you wanting again.
At your expression, he laughed and gave you back a small peck.
His hands pulled up his your hoodie to reveal your soft tummy and your navy blue underwear.
“Pretty” he muttered, and he rested his soft lips on your neck, and ran a finger through the outline of your slit, gently tracing your folds and feeling the slight dampness of it.
“Is this what you need taken care of?” Draco said, cupping your cunt, and staring into your wide eyes.
“Y—yeah” You meekly said as he smirked and part your legs further.
His heavy hand rubbed you over your panties, putting pressure on your clit and he made circles around it. Your gasps going up as his movements got more and more intense.
You fingers went up to grab his silver strands of hair. Pulling at them as he pulled your knickers down your legs, and threw them on the floor. Staring at your pussy hungrily.
Your cheeks burned in shame. He bent down to give your core a little kiss— inhaling your scent as he did so— and then coming back up to your face.
“Draco” You softly gasped as he pulled apart your lips with his fingers, and revealed the pretty flesh.
He shut you up with his lips, kissing you hard as his hand worked over your pussy to give you the best orgasm possible.
As he were kissing you, you felt his hand slip between the two of you, and pulled away from him to look down and there you found his pulling off his silver rings— very much to your dismay.
He stared at you confusingly as you quickly reached down and removed his hands from one another.
“What—?” He asked, pinching his brows.
“I want you too keep them on. Please?”
Fuck. He’d sell his entire estate, his soul, if you ever asked him like that— or in any other way really. He was as dedicated as an angel was to be.
“Right, of course I will”
Then without any wait, or hesitancy, his fingers shoved inside, and immediately curled to find that euphoric spot.
You squealed, and creamed around his fingers as they scissored inside of you, opening you up for when he’d give you the bigger reward.
His held your hips in place as he started to thrust his digit faster. Those rings which you’d asked him too keep provided that extra pleasure which you’d expected.
They were cool around your entrance and inside of you, burning through you, as he expertly worked his hand.
As his thumb fell over your clit, your thighs jolted, and your hand went down to grab his.
Tears brimmed your eyes again, and they filled the path of the previously dried up tears.
Draco looked down at you so so lovingly, that the black avid iris of his eyes might as well have been painted with with outlines of hearts. He had literal heart eyes sparking in him for you.
“Why are you still crying baby?” He smiled, increasing the pace of his hand. “I’m giving you attention now, aren’t I?”
“Just, fe—feel— too goood” You whimpered, curling your hands around his tie, and bucking your hips into his hand.
The coil in your belly spread warmer, and your thighs shook hard around his arms, by that, he knew that you were close to your much needed orgasm.
His fingers pumped into your pussy more, and he used his other hand to rub circles on that sensitive cluster of nerves, when his lips crashed on yours— you only saw and felt cosmos.
Crying out against his mouth, you reached your climax and came on his fingers hard. Riding his palm as you reached the end. Panting and trying to catch your breath as he stared at you mesmerized.
“Atta girl” He praised, pulling his fingers out from your cunt and putting them into his mouth. Groaning at the sweet taste of you as you shyly smiled up at him.
“M’sorry— for crying”
“S’okay, I love my crybaby”
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deadwatered · a year ago
Tumblr media
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anotherlxve · 2 months ago
I took down my walls to let you in. I told you everything about myself, from my childhood trauma to my insecurities. And you still used it to hurt me. You knew what you were doing.
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mythoughts-and-emotions · 11 months ago
I once begged someone to love me the way I loved them and that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever done.
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michaelbogild · 2 months ago
The transformational power of incremental improvement is the number one lesson to learn in life, but neither our parents nor teachers have taught us (to any sufficient degree at least) how practical consistency joined to internal patience can alter our lives in the most unbelievable ways.
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saccharineguilt · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Sue Zhao
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lostmoonchildsblog · a year ago
I'm once again fighting the urge to fake my death and move to a small city and open a little florist shop or cafe filled with books
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somos-deseos · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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siickangel · a year ago
Tumblr media
came out swinging - the wonder years
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aurelius-xx · 7 months ago
Your smile, damn.
Seeing you smile is like drinking sunlight.
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