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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Calmness wraps its arms around my soul
Soothing, rocking to and fro
Close my eyes, sink deeper in
Pictures play as though a dream
Warmth seeps into every bone
Whispering, melodic tone
Comfort spreads it’s limbs throughout
Stifling any remnant shout
© 6.21.2019 -MyPoeticSoulNy (-mps)

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My Dark Vanessa, a novel by Kate Elizabeth Russell
I felt nauseous as he guided my hand to stroke him. But he pleased me so I felt I had to return the favor
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The death of virtue; the rise of corruption; loss; greed. They wanted too much at the expense of that which money cannot purchase. Still, somehow, have faith that kindness exists, for this has happened before, but humanity never died before; fallen maybe, but never without will to live. Mercy, mercy, I always find myself so very touched by human love, always unwavering in spite of it all. Did you know that we all rise to the same sunlight and wish upon the same stars?
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‘I missed you,’ he said while looking through her eyes. He knew at the slightest glimpse of her gesture that there is something wrong. -that everything falls apart. He don’t want to admit it. ‘After all this time, love,what happened to us?’ he added. ‘Im- there was a long silence. Then words spill through her mouth, ‘I’m tired,’ she replied while avoiding his eyes. ‘You don’t get tired on someone you love,’ he replied.That’s when he realized he already knew the answer.

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It’s not a question of proving your love by laying down your life, nothing is so easy. Have you the knowledge, humor, and strength to fight for his life and for your own. I’ll make him live. I will. Whatever you might do I can do more. Cause I know how to fight better than you.


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Hatred runs deep. It’s in our roots, our blood, burning in our veins. It is taught, learned, passed down through generations. When will we break the chains? When will we choose to write a new story - one of love, acceptance, compassion, and equality? What will be our legacy? What will we teach our children?
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This is the country we’ve created. 
These are the walls we’ve built.
These are the rules
we choose to follow.
These are the people
we shut out,
judge, criticize,
scrutinize, punish.
These are the crimes
we justify or disregard.
This is the hatred
we’ve chosen to accept
or in some cases
completely ignore.
Where is humanity,
compassion, love,
acceptance, truth
in this place 
we call home?
A land created with all colors
but we choose to see
in black and white.
Land of the free?
Home of the brave?
So why do we use our freedom
for evil?
Why can’t we be brave enough
to proclaim that black lives matter?
That ALL lives matter?
Enough is enough. 
Silence and indifference
are no longer acceptable.
America the beautiful, 
you are ugly, broken, intolerable.
It is time for change. 
It is time to remember
our roots, remember
those we’ve lost,
remember the greatness
we are capable of.
Citizens, leaders, politicians,
people of all ages
and all types,
it is time to unite. 
There will be no freedom
until we’re equal.
It is time to demand
the country and the rights we deserve
so we can once again
be proud to be American.

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Were we real people with fingers and silhouettes? I remember your face, half in shadow, some sort of fleeting grace. Spring had always been warm though, and Autumn always just as pretty as the year before, if not more so. I fell in love with the way the earth seemed to look so still, and I dreamed of tulips, for I knew that I may not be able to fix all that is wrong in this world, but if I could find my own piece of happy each day, that is enough for me.
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It’s hard to sleep

with your fist

in the air. The

rest can come

after we collapse.

Rest up. Wait

for the roof

to cave in.

Get close.

Stare death

in the fucking

face and snarl

as we hit

the ground.

I’ll be at your side,

and please know


this isnt over

no matter what

they say.

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Longer Than a Kiss

Purgatory among pink roses

Perfumes, seductively embrace

Living while slowly dying

When is bitter end,

When does life begin now

Burning within ice,

Melting every minute

Composure cracking into bits

I love you though we are lost

One day, one moment somewhere in the distance

We will join our paths

And maybe it will last longer than a kiss

© 6.28.2019 -MyPoeticSoulNy (-mps)

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Another group looted a nearby Starbucks,

and threw bags of coffee beans and bagels

at the officers, who formed a perimeter

around City Hall.

Tactical officers eventually arrived,

pushing the protestors back

using bikes and metal barricades.

           -a found poem.

           (from an article written by

            Chris Palmer, et al, May 31, 2020)

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Mama: “kung magminyo ka nak, pilia gyud ug tarong imong ma-bana”.

I don’t know why she uttered these powerful words to me. Maybe a realization hits her so bad. My father was not the kind of person most people would like to have as a father or a husband. When I was little, I remember mom crying at 3am because my father did not come home again. Worst is, he was a drug dependent before. He even have a lot of girls up until today. And my mother was acting blind about it. Is this an effin true love? If it is, I don’t want it. It is better to grow old alone that to have this tragic love story.

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Ex lovers trying to be rehabilitated as friends. The night. I knew him when I was in highschool. I was at his bar. We went out to the alleyway because it was loud. There was a small table and two mismatched chairs. We talked about everything. Something we weren’t doing. We were laughing and he touched my hand. It felt like a nostalgic memory between you and I. Had chips n’ salsa. When I was going to leave I gave him a hug. His cologne was different. When I pulled away he grabbed my hand and kissed me. I didn’t stop it because I craved it. I unbuttoned my blouse. I felt alittle teeth when he kissed my neck. Bit my nipples. I lifted my skirt. He sucked my kiss. My air.He fucked me against a brick wall.

I didn’t want him. I wanted him to be you.

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