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codenamesazanka · 2 days ago
The implication that in some sorta-nicer timeline, Tenko would’ve been the one to reach out to the bullied heteromorph kid or the ostracized blood-quirk girl. That maybe Tenko would’ve talked to and maybe get to know the homeless guy with the scary eyes while everyone else had ignored him; would’ve accepted and befriended the trans woman who is happy being gnc; would’ve not cared what other people think and associate with the man that’s the descendant of an infamous Villain thief. The implication that in this sorta-nicer timeline, Tenko would’ve been a hero in all the small ways that made a difference to people that Pro-Heroes overlook.
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Skeptic: I swear to god I'm the only one here with a brain cell!
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Spinner: I’m not so sure you’re stakeout material.
Dabi: I’m a chronic insomniac, I was born for this.
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Tumblr media
Behold: an angery lizard
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incorrect-natshig · a day ago
Spinner: Bus drivers who re-open their doors when they see someone running toward the stop are neutral good. Any other kind of bus driver is automatically lawful evil.
Natsuo: Chaotic evil- the bus driver who saw me running to the stop and waited until I was at the door to close it and drive away.
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spicyramenlover · 2 days ago
How Spinner Reacts to the News
Spinner x pregnant!reader
Warnings: light cursing
- When you told Spinner that you were pregnant, he didn’t want to believe it. At all.
- He went to the store to buy like ten more tests and made you take all of them
- When every single one came back positive, even those shitty cheap ones, he would feel immediately sick to his stomach
- Having children was not in his life plans
- Spinner actually had to go on a loooong walk to clear his head so he wouldn’t completely freak out
- Dabi suggested that he just leave. That he didn’t have to take care of the kid if he didn’t want to
- No way. Even though Spinner was panicking, he just didn’t have the heart to leave you
- He loves you, dammit
- Plus, there was no way he could just go through life guilt-free while his kid was wondering why their daddy left them before he even had the chance to meet them
- “There’s no way I’m gonna be one of those deadbeat way…”
- When Spinner finally got back home, he could hear soft crying from the bathroom
- He could also hear Twice and Toga trying to comfort you
- Once Spinner appeared in the doorway, Twice was pretty quick to say something
- “Well, well, well! Look who-“
- Spinner is not in the mood for bs, so he says “Get the fuck out and let me talk to y/n alone.”
- Without question, Toga and Twice left and you sat there on the edge of the tub looking away from Spinner like a scared puppy after it did something wrong
- Now that made Spinner’s heart break right there. You’ve done nothing wrong
- “Please stop crying…” he whispers and sits down next to you
- He’ll wrap an arm gently around your shoulders and pull you in close to him
- Of course you let him hold you and you could feel him place a couple soft kisses on top of your head
- You honestly didn’t think Spinner would be coming back after he left a few hours ago. But now that he was here, you felt a little bit better
- You both were silent, not really knowing what to say in the moment. But as soon as you opened your mouth, Spinner cut you off
- “We’re gonna make this work…alright? I just - we just-“ Spinner shook his head and squeezed his eyes shut
- He wanted to get you out of here. Away from all of this chaos and danger
- But he also doesn’t want to be without you
- If the two of you were a “normal” couple, then this would be a reason to celebrate…but you’re not
- Spinner sighs and he places one of his hands on your still flat stomach, rubbing it gently with his thumb
- You seemed to ease his nerves when you placed your hands on either side of his face and pulled him him for a deep kiss
- “Like you said, we’ll make it work. We can figure this out.” you whisper to him
- Spinner pulls you into a deep hug and just buries his snout in the crook of your neck for extra comfort
- Shigaraki, Dabi, Twice, Toga, Mr. Compress, and Kurogiri were all listening through the door the entire time
- So when Spinner finally dried your tears and got you up to take you out for some food, he was met with the entire League in his face as soon as he opened the bathroom door
- “Don’t tell me you guys heard that whole thing..” Spinner has the most unamused look on his face
- They don’t look mad though, more neutral than anything. Well, except for Toga and Twice
- Those two are actually excited for the “newest addition to the LoV”
- Shigaraki didn’t seem bothered by it either, so that eased more of Spinner’s worries
- You two agreed to talk about it more over some steaming bowls of ramen, and Spinner actually looked kind of excited to be a dad after talking about it more
- And you had to admit, you felt some excitement too
- Maybe having a baby won’t be so bad…
(Part 2 coming soon~)
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cryptdadd · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
i love the idea of spinner just being a lizard and doing lizard things
also dabis shirt says milfs
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Magne: Subs are so fun to play with. All you have to do is hint at what you might do, or back them into a corner with a look, or grab their wrist in a certain way and they're just a wide-eyed mess.
Shigaraki: Fuck kind of Subway are you going to?
Twice: Substitute teachers have to put up with so much these days.
Spinner: I've always preferred dubs, to be honest.
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Shigaraki: You should be out there having a life, doing shots and going dancing. I don't know what kids do these days.
Spinner: Shigaraki, we're the same age.
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originaldouble · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
every lov stan rn
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cryptdadd · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
spinner and twice look kind of different here,,,making these stupid comics bring me so much joy so expect more of them
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