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Spinning Out.

Watched it all. Could have done with out all the sex, but it was not too bad.

Loved Dasha, loved that she reconnected with her long lost love.

I liked Kat, I think that they did a good job of balancing her and her mother, and the way that they both interacted with their medications. But I do not have bipolar disorder, so I cannot speak to how well they represented taking their medicine, or their mania.

I do like that in about episode 5, I think, Serena checked with Kat to make sure that she was still not taking Adderall, or it could have been Ritalin, one of the Doctors prescribes it to Kat, I think to help with her skating, but those medications and some adhd meds can have negative side effects on people with bpd, or with a family history of bpd. Including inducing manic states and severe depression.

I liked the overall show. I really wish that it was getting a season 2. And I wish that Kat had been able to be open about her bpd.

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Spinning Out. Netflix. Temporada 1.Tráiler oficial. ESPAÑOL Subtitulado.

Sinopsis: Después de que una grave caída amenazada su carrera de patinaje artístico, Kat Baker aprovecha una oportunidad para perseguir sus sueños olímpicos, a riesgo de perderlo todo. “Spinning Out” relata la lucha de Kat contra sus demonios y sus problemas dentro y fuera de la pista. Disfruta todos los episodios de “Spinning Out”, sólo en Netflix.

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listen I know Justin Davis has that golden retriever smile and the big puppy eyes and those shoulders and the arms and that boyband hair yeah okay but listen it’s not even about that when we meet him Justin is borderline suicidal and an emotionally unbalanced wreck who never healed from his mother’s death because his family never helped him grieve properly and honestly you can tell the whole family is so emotionally disconnected like Justin has no one but Dasha and he gives her everything he SHOWS UP for Dasha god we always hear about how Justin is a player and a sex god and a spoiled selfish asshole but no one in Pinecrest Valley really knows how wholesome and good he is to Dasha - because she’s the only one who’s been good to him! Emotionally, anyway! She’s the only one on that cold, lonely island with him but he’s still trying so hard to win his father’s approval even though he knows he never will and honestly at this point I think he believes James I think he’s internalized the disappointment to the point of self-loathing and it’s a big part of what’s made him so unbalanced and listen, I’m not excusing his behavior I just feel like it’s so important to me that I am able to scream from high heaven that I don’t give a shit what Justin looks like okay he’s one of my very very favorite male characters because he is written with so much complex and still emphatic tragedy and Evan Roderick plays his alternating sarcasm and vulnerability so poignantly its almost painful and I will never stop being hungry for Justin Davis content thank you for coming to my TED talk 😢

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spinning out: incredible, fantastic, amazing

i am so disappointed that season 2 isn’t happening like… wow i really enjoyed this show ngl. i got so frustrated during my watch at times, but at the characters and such not at the show itself of course. 

i loved serena and tbh she went through it but so did so so many other characters on that show wow

i know i am very late to the party on this show, but it’s okay it was fun anyway, very very enjoyable. i watched it the last day and a half and i really liked it a lot. 

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okay y’all, I did some math (while I cannae do math) and came to a conclusion; please support me in finding out Frey’s and McGray’s birthdays!

So on Nov 9 in 1888 Frey is 31yo, means he was born between Nov 10 1856 and Nov 8 1857 (can’t believe I have to write down a whole year, my poor son, we donae ken anything)

On June 24 1883 McGray is 25yo, means he could have been born between June 25 1857 and June 23 1858

This gives us a span of about 4 month in which Frey and McGray could have been born at the same time (June 25 1857 to Nov 8 1857) but on Dec 13 1889 Frey states McGray is 1 year younger than himself, which brings us to a simple conclusion.

McGray can only be born between Dec 14 1857 and June 23 1858 (a span of about 6 month which still is much but better than the whole year I had to note down for Frey).

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