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Diverse animals that lived in aquatic environments during the MESOZOIC Era.

 Despite the series name, this video also includes some freshwater animals. 

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 FEATURED TAXA: Dolloraris, Eretmorhipis, Hupehsuchus, Dolichosaurus, Hesperornis, Paracyclotosaurus, Placodus, Pistosaurus, Mystriosuchus, Hybodus, Atopodentatus, Nothosaurus, Dakosaurus, Ophthalmosaurus, Eurhinosaurus, Xicactinus, Prognathodon, Shastasaurus, Parapuzosia, Archelon, Rhomaleosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Spinosaurus, Tylosaurus, Kronosaurus, Pliosaurus, Mosasaurus, Shonisaurus

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A design based off an idea one of my twitter followers had!

Gharialis would spend most of its time lay still at the bottom of swamps, using its undulating lateral red skin flaps, tail tip, and facial/tongue barbels to lure in large fish to snap up. Its enlarged throat allows it to swallow prey much larger than necessary!
The giant claws are sheathed in skin to created webbed paddles which enhance its swimming, while also being useful for combat.
On land Gharialis mostly basks, and is cumbersome in motion, being most agile in the water. However, when threatened Gharialis will writhe and thrash, throwing its body in a swirling mess to obliterate its surroundings and catch whatever it can in its jaws! 


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I didn’t think about it til last year where some Jurassic fans were asking “ What is in Paddock 10?” We know paddock 9 is the T-Rex and paddock 11 is the InDominusrex so there is a paddock 10 but which Dino lives in there? I believe the  dilophosaurus is in paddock 10 because for one the park doesn’t need there guests to be spit on and be blinded by the dinosaur. Also in the visitor center there is an area where you push a button and a hologram of a dinosaur from the park appears in the middle of the room. See with that it’s a recording of the dinosaur in its enclosure because the way of how the hologram creatures moves I mean there could spent tons of money on creating those images but it’s easier and cheaper to just record them. That’s how I know the dilophosaurus is in the park because of that hologram it doesn’t prove its in paddock 10 but it gets the point across on they do have a dilophosaurus on that island. Now some do say that the Spinosaurus is in paddock 10 right off from the other island of Jurassic Park 3. If you read the Evolution of Claire book in 2004 they were saying that they would transport a couple of dinosaurs off of that island then right to the island of Jurassic World. They also said of any dinosaurs from that island killed any person they would destroy it immediately because they wanted a family fun park and didn’t want dinosaurs already had the taste for human blood. Now that all said I believe the Spinosaurus is not in paddock 10 but in the park as a skeleton you see up in the picture. This is how it might be the same one from the other island because look how bright white it is normally dinosaur bones are darker color because it’s a fossil this one thou looks newer. So two things could had happened here one the Spinosaurus died on the island before they got there or two the dinosaur ate a couple of workers and then killed the creature and thought it will still look good in the park either way it’s really sad. 11/18/20

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🌠~The Meezercraft Museum with fun exhibits, a library, and a donor hall of fame to showcase our lovely players and friends who we dearly love and appreciate ♥

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A Spinosaurus plush, based on the most recent information.

For anyone unfamiliar with these big guys, Spinosaurus is a Cretaceous-era therapod, whom, in contrast with its cousins, likely spent much of its time in the vast river systems and swamps of Northern Africa, which existed at the time.

I’ve loved these big guys since I was maybe seven or eight years old, when I watched a short clip from an outdated documentary on it. I know some people prefer the more monstrous depictions of it from “Jurassic Park” and a lot of those outdated documentaries, but I’m of the opinion that it’s only become better and better as we’ve learned more about it. So, earlier this year, I pulled out some fabric from my stash and started work on this beautiful boy!

For anyone curious about his dimensions, he’s about 100 centimeters long, and roughly 40 centimeters tall from the bottom of his feet to the tip of the spine. He’s still very much a work in progress, but hey, considering I’m handsewing this giant, that’s not shocking. ’:)

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Bonus Spinosaurus color scheme!

Every palette will have a bonus 9th color scheme for fun and I’ve always had a soft spot for the CamoXtreme toys that came out after JP3. The paint jobs are rad as hell across the board and I wish they weren’t so expensive online. This is from the Swamp-themed 2-pack of an itty bitty Spino and T. rex.

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I’ve been sitting on extra pen drawings of the JP dinos for a WHILE now, and I am finally set to start wrapping up this old project.

They’re not technically impressive, but these things are like art comfort food for me and now that the upscaling and reformatting is finished these are fun to work on. Hope people enjoy, a bunch of raptors and rexes are coming soon!

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