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#spirits of the great seven au
minzart · 3 months ago
Scar: now we're going to improvise, I'll see if Jack has a recorder and you will sing those lirics to set the mood and then-
Leona: this is stupid, It's too corny, it's not going to work-
Scar: if everything goes as planned Cubs are on the way by nine months or marriage are you in or not?
Leona: ...pass me the script
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minzart · 3 months ago
Jade: Have you seen the video Cater recorded of the little prefect Azul?
Azul, already searching on magicam: what video? Oh
[Yuu on the kitchen, singing Poor unfortunate souls like a pro]
Ursula: chuckles* isn't this just adorable, makes you think if they were thinking about anyone?
[Yuu acting: and don't underestimate the importance of body language~]
Tomato azul: ... do you think they would perform at the lounge?
Ursula: me and the boys could give you a hand on other matters~ you know, what we just need is a boat and a lake
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minzart · 2 months ago
Ya know what, fuck it: sgs AU, how they each first manifested to Yuu
Queen of Hearts
Yuu was in Heartslabyul again, waiting for Ace and Deuce to hurry up so they can all go study together, when they heard footsteps behind them. When they turned around there was nothing there but the smell of roses. Then riddle appeared and politely greeted them and offered tea.
Jack had ask Yuu to help water his cacti collection with, so Yuu went over to Savanaclaw to meet up with him. When Yuu passed through the mirror and when they passed the watering hole they heard a loud growl come from the area, the only person besides them was Leona, who seemed to be groggy from waking up and gave them a nod.
Yuu was off at work in the monstro lounge, just waiting tables as usual when it suddenly became cold and they suddenly felt like a tentacle was wrapping around their arm like a rope and it started tugging at them. The cold and feeling suddenly faded as azul power walked in, pink in the face and looking distressed and muttering about he can handle something on his own, he than turned to Yuu and offered them some snacks for their work.
Kalim invited Yuu over to study with him, so they were in the kitchen making snacks with Jamil, who at the moment was mixing the ingredients. Then the sauce they were stirring started to boil rapidly as some of the sauce went flying and landing on their cheek. When jamil came over to see what was going on, the sauce went back to a simmer and Jamil helped wipe the sauce of Yuu’s cheek.
Evil Queen
Vil invited Yuu to one tour the pomefiore gardens with him, so Yuu was following him through the gardens and pathways when from out of the corner of their eye, the saw a dark mass with eyes and a crown watch them intensely. When Yuu turned to face the mass, there was nothing. Vil noticed them lag behind and offered his elbow for Yuu to hold onto so they could keep up with his pace.
Ortho invited Yuu down to play video games with him and his brother on a day off. So they decided to play some simulator game about a goose and was having a good time and curled up next to idia when a sneeze rang out through Idia’s bedroom, instinctively Yuu let out a bless you to the disembodied voice, while Idia’s hair suddenly turned red along with his face. A few disembodied murmurs were heard, the most Yuu made out was what sounded like a “what the fuck”.
Malleus wanted to show Yuu the gargoyles at Diasomnia, so he was guiding them around on personal tour while his retainers were away at clubs. As the pair walked up to one of the gargoyles, they noticed a certain raven was perched on it, watching the pair. Then suddenly the bird swooped down onto yuus shoulder and started preening with their hair, moving it behind their ears and then flying away. Turning around to face malleus and ask him if that was normal, they saw a figure similar to malleus behind him, staring at the pair. Which then disappeared quickly from view.
The Queen letting a smell of Roses, Scar just waking Leona up a groggy Leona sound so fucking CUTE
Ursula just tugging yuu and then Azul just POWER WALKS IN I can see it, Jafar just giving zero fucks about the sauce and boiling that shit just to make an adorable scenario
The menacing presence I felt by the Evil Queen and her Crow is just top tier! YOU EVEN MADE A SCENARIO FOR THE HADE'S SNEEZE, and Diablo just fixing Yuu's hair is absolutely adorable to me, plus Maleficent just right behind Malleus and just vanishing seconds later is just 👌
Yuu after each one of these was just: must be the stress
And then after a certain number of times just went full on theory mode
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minzart · 3 months ago
[Very early morning at NRC]
Evil queen: are they the one you're fascinated with young man?
Vil: it's complicated
Evil queen: how so?
Vil: I'm an actor your majesty, it's not easy to have an relationship much less managing one
Evil queen: if this is your normal mindset they must be realy special for you to even fantasize about it then
Vil: I don't-!...yes
Evil queen: chuckles* sing to them, sing your one and only song from your heart, steal theirs and when they love you they'll understand, they already do, don't they?
Vil: they-?
[Yuu sitting on the weel and starts singing very quietly "I'm wishing"]
Evil queen: your chance is now. Go
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minzart · 3 months ago
[Malleus escaped sebek's and silver's watch, and now is walking by the forest on day time]
Maleficent: and you two have a night walk? How adorable
Malleus: it's nothing realy, we do this all the time
Maleficent: and you still doesn't belive they might love you
Malleus: grandm- mistress, it's nothing like you are expecting, we only talk... well I talk and they listen... they always do little smile*
maleficent: chuckles* I will see it myself once night falls then... are you hearing this?
[Cautiously Malleus slides behind a tree, only to be surprised as Yuu pass by, dancing with Grim singing once upon a dream]
Maleficent: well if that isn't something, a great opportunity to make the first move don't you think so child?
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minzart · 20 days ago
wouldn't it be funny if yuu had a ghost too but they can't see it? like mickey mouse or something hell, maybe even chernabog just silently looking over the great seven and at the dorm leaders. the prefects see it too but like ignore the ghost rule is in on it. but if the ghost was say, mickey you just see an ominous looking mouse beside yuu. I don't know which is worse.
Listen, Yuu is stressed and ignoring the intimidating ghosts seemed like a good idea at first
If Mickey is the ghost:
Mouse wakes up in the infirmary with the child he's been talking to some days before what is happening???
Now now, I am biases so house of mouse totaly happened at some point or whatever, and of course Mickey knows the seven and this awakes his protective mode to ELEVEN
The seven totaly try to fight him but for some reason the bastard has plot immunity unlike everyone else
Yuu finaly is able to see, hear and interact with the seven that were stalking them for MONTHS NOW AND EVERYTHING MAKES SO MUCH SENSE
Bet how much that the seven boys are going to wrestle with their seven to keep them from spilling the tea
Yuu going for the boys for advice and Mickey silently hovers over them with the "hurt this little one heart and I will give you a painful death bc this ain't a family show and even them we have killed your kind before, don't think I wouldn't do it again" stare
Yuu calm the mouse down he's scaring the children
And then Mickey discovers RSA and the mouse is hell bent on convincing Yuu to transfer much to the boys despair
The only one who has a romantic experience in his belt and he hates the dorm leaders except Kalim, Kalim has his blessing if the boy starts showing romantic interest in Yuu
Helps Yuu in so many things regarding magic and specialy hears them when they have a stressed day
Now, Yuu is so tired of this bullshit that I bet they would do exactly what you said and just ignores all the ghosts for some good time, except that the great seven notices the rules before the boys so they know Yuu can see them but let it pass... for now
Not all is lost for the boys, as the time pass Mickey sees they are just... kinda rude but not evil... so he warms up slowly to them... doesn't change the fact that their repressed soul is a villain but hey, he isn't going to judge so much anyway
Anyway, it's the adventure of a mouse that's helping this kid to get back to their world! And have 8h of sleep, a good meal and some spare time alone bc interacting with so many people can drain you quite quickly
If Chernabog is the ghost:
My personal biases, guy's a blank slate bc the only thing we can go off is, evil, likes to play with souls, sleeps like a rock and hates daylight
For personal reasons I say he can shapeshift his size and likes to be a big boy most times
Ah finaly, an avatar, wait this is a child-... sees that they have each of the seven at their hand: oh~
Maleficent totaly points this is her ex and that is proof that Yuu is totaly in love with her grandchild boy you can pray that scene from house of mouse from my cold dead hands, yes Hades we know you two slept together to, stop pretending it never happend or Idia will find a photo of that time
Most of the time is silent and in tiny tiny mode hiding in Yuu somewhere, bc he'll get bored if alone and yes, he's a gremlin that will cause chaos for fun, but this time, it isn't Yuu's business and they are grateful for it... specialy when the demon goes for revenge if somebody messes with his vessel
The seven are shocked that he's the soul of the tiny magicless student and finaly notices that... it kind makes sense? That child did beat their asses and together with the Cat their overblot looked like a mix of all their most powerful characteristics they have... don't mind me just passing by to offer you the possibility that Yuu's overblot can only be defeated if the boys talk with them
Chernabog hides his presence from Yuu and all others in the beggining bc he wants to have the upper hand when he shows up
The seven were full of anxiety after Yuu's overblot, bc THEY RECOGNIZE THAT SILHOUETTE ANYWERE
Grimm follows the tips this monster gives to him and now his pranks are getting frightening good
I can see him starting to get soft for this child and their cat as time goes on... he doesn't even notices that he becomes somewhat of an guardian angel from them
Totaly silent with anyone else except his vessel, then he's a chatter box listen he has a reputation but he dreams of the day he can give a villain speech to somebody
The boys are in awe that this fucking legend is Yuu's soul, and seven help them bc they are trembling every time Chernabog is with Yuu which is more and more usual
He has the privilege of having two vessels, Yuu and Grimm, which means, he can go at many places and probably shows up at anytime he deems convenient, so like: he was with Grimm in his shenanigans and suddenly he decides to check with Yuu who's used to this at that point and scares the shit out of the poor "overblot" boy that is present at the time
Yuu is the tactician and Grimm his powers, he's quite smug that his soul had to be shared or else one person would have too much power
He beans at Yuu's dense brain that didn't notice the others attempts of courting and even so the seven boys don't give up, it almost cracks his stoic face once
The boys: so... how can you survive living with his threatening aura?
Yuu remembering that Chernabog is a ghost and even so was afraid of the vacuum cleaner: ... what threatening aura?
Chernabog: this kid has some sass, I like them... wait what are you doing up this late you need to sleep stupid child!
Let's say yuu shows some interest in someone, chernabog is totaly lost in what to say and ends up giving some great advice, if you cut the part where he tries to suggest that they kill their lover's enemies and gives them their head as a courting gift, followed by "but a weapon of their choise can do I guess" which Yuu translated to: "gift them something they might like"
He hates RSA so much bc they shine like the sun and he hates it... kalim you are in thin ice with him
Both approve of the chaos that is the first years, like they are teens, let them have fun
However, may I present you: Yuu overblots two times, the first: Chernabog wakes up, the second: is in RSA and it's Mickey yes I know they might die but hey shhhhhh
Now imagine the mouse and demon bickering about who is the true reflection of Yuu's soul:
C: well, I wake up first!
M: and I wake up only to Yuu!
The seven sit and watch the showdown*
Meanwhile the boys are extremely concerned about Yuu's mental stated after two overblots...*
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minzart · 21 days ago
Ok I don’t remember if the blotted dorm heads can see the other overblot ghosts but if they can, Imagine the dorm heads meetings in the Sgs AU. Like riddle has gotten used to the Queen of hearts coming to meetings, hovering near him and getting angry for him and putting in her unheard opinion about things. And her cooing over him and trying to make him look a bit more princely so he can attract Yuu
Then after Leona overblots there’s a whole ass lion (who looks exactly like the king of beast statue) that comes to meetings that sleeps under Leona’s chair and makes sarcastic remarks to the Queens ranting. Of course riddle doesn’t mention it, he’s busy planning tea dates with Yuu to care.
Then Azul has his episode and now the Great Sea Witch is hovering next to him whispering to him and pointing out loopholes in the Queen of hearts rules. He, Leona and Azul and avoiding eye contact while the ghosts argue.
Then after winter break jamil shows up with the Sorcerer of the Sands trailing behind him and just watches everything like a hawk and making catty remarks when the sea witch or azul speaks. Which in turn causes the ghosts to stat bickering.
Then after VDC Vil roles up with the Beautiful Queen, whose roasting everyone she can see and then gets swatted at by the lion. Which riddle thinks is fair, she called him a ginger unworthy of a crown!!! He definitely doesn’t invite Yuu over for tea to comfort him.
Then of course idia overblots and as usual the King of The Underworld shows up and is arguing with the sea witch about contacts and making sport bets with the Sorcerer of the sand over magishift games and since no one acknowledges the ghosts, riddle won’t as well.
Then after malleus has his overblot and is finally invited to the dorm meeting or Leona got taken off of scheduling meetings riddle isn’t surprised at all that the thorn witch is just standing next to malleus, watching from the shadows and petting a Raven.
Of course when Yuu shows up to drop off paperwork for Crowley, all the ghosts unanimously silence themselves and just watch them and when they are gone, start bickering with each other over who has better boy for Yuu to date and marry. Which is pretty embarrassing since none of them are willing to say that they are getting romantic advice from ancient ghosts. So the dorm leaders just don’t make eye contact with each other and argue when the ghosts are gone or out of earshot. And most of the vices, kalim and Crowley
Honestly? Totaly canon!
Yes they could see each others ghosts before to :]
The boys will refuse to acknowledge each others ghosts until latter on
I love how you kept in Riddles POV it's so funny and adorable for some reason XD
Crowley starts suspecting something is up when more and more dorm leaders go quiet and start avoiding eye contact with each other
The seven know very well what they are doing and I bet that they are absolutely delighted to embarrass their boy and said boy refuses to acknowledge their presence so MORE EMBARRASSING COMPLIMENTS IT IS
Riddle internally: why is there a lion here CAN'T ANYONE SEE IT???
Leona internally: ... since when there was a woman floating behind him?
Azul shows up with the sea witch*
R & L internally: WHAT????
Yuu just has this felling of being watched... later on, when they start seeing blurred images they belive they have been cursed and they will die a painful death and honestly? Cool, too tired to care anyway "Grimm stop going berserk in my hands please"
Imagine if for some godforsaken reason, Crowley let's Yuu in charge of a dorm meeting bc it's just to collect reports and complaints anyway and the seven are dead silent and when Yuu takes the charge... oh boy the war that's going in the background , besides the chaos that only the seven can hear, that was the most productive meeting they had and Crowley is rather impressed that everyone is rather fine in the end....hmmmmmmmm :)
It is a disaster and I love some chaotic energy
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minzart · 5 days ago
How about the ghost marriage? I wonder how would the great seven reacting to that? Especially Scar, Ursula and Grimhide reacting to their boys getting slapped
Finaly an excuse to watch Ghost marriage again!
Grimhide = evil queen (thank you bc I had forgotten her name and am too lazy to look up)
Hades discovered about Idia's abduction with Ortho and flew to find him, kinda pround that his boy met the high standards of Eliza but would rather prefer that it was another's standards, like someone that Idia actually liked
Face palms the second Idia starts roasting the others stupid attempts, yes it was pathetic but he's the one needing help here
Scar encourages Leona's competitively and praises his heads on approach- DID SHE JUST SLAPPED HIM BC HE DIDN'T SING?! WHO IN THE HELL THINKS SINGING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN A RELATIONSHIP???
Evil Queen/Grimhide smirks the second Leona is rejected, Vil has the high ground in this, on top of being a great actor he's a great singer and- ... she's enraged, WHA THE HELL WAS THAT???! A DOG? A FUCKING MUTT! IS THAT WHAT SHE WANT? IS THAT IT? THEN WHY THE HELL IS SHE LOOKING FOR A FUCKING HUSBAND? BUY ONE YOURSELF YOU LITTLE B- VIL IS TOO GOOD FOR HER ANYWAY, THE AUDACITY, THE NERVE,OH IF SHE WASN'T DEAD SHE WOULD BE RIGHT NOW
Ursula won't pet Azul's head, that was a dumb move, even she notices it, the boy has a long way to go before he can even attempt "wooing" anyone for his contracts, she worries that this might interfere in their little game of matchmaker, but this was only a learning experience! She's going to give tips to him more often, maybe even suggests he gets a practice partner, maybe yuu, it's not realy sincere so he can mess up all ge wants, and who knows? Maybe it even may evolve into something more~
Jafar is just enjoying the clown show, bummed bc Jamil can't compete but alas, this is better without a blown in his ego anyway, the boy has better chances without making a fool of himself
The Queen of Hearts is basicaly: "YES! SHOW THEM WHOSE BOSS SWEETYY!", so pround of his manipulation skills, look at him, ready to rule the world, this is something she'll brag about for days
Malleficent is with Lilia and Sebek, the scandal would be too much of a bother, it's best to stay in the side lines and watch the show of disaster, however she is impressed that Malleus gave Riddle a bust to save the others, he truly is going to be a wise king one day, for that reason she's cheering Rosehearts too
All are relieved to see Yuu back up Ace in his speech, no worries about big expectations, though they do wish that the proposals did apeal little bit to the human's heart, even if they were fake, they did hold values the boys had
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minzart · 4 days ago
Hi, this is Yuu is Prince Charming anon. What do you think of this idea. What if Yuu got possessed by the 1st hero of TWST Wonderland. Like they could literally be the 1 first hero to fight against the evil and nobody knows who they were because it was so long ago, but they inspired others to fight against injustice and evil. Maybe they also didn't have magic and still fought for good. (1)
They don't speak and wear white armor that doesn't show any skin (almost glowing with power of justice and goodness). I think at the begging, the ghost didn't show up at all, mostly gave Yuu boost of physical power when facing against overblotted students. Like, when Riddle overblotted, Yuu's speed increased, but Yuu thinks it happened because of stress and fear. (2)
Maybe the Great 7 will not be able to see the ghost, but will feel like something is different about that Yuu kid. At the 7th overblot, maybe Yuu will manifest magical armor and the ghost becomes visible to everyone, and I mean everyone (Students, teachers) will see the ghost and it doesn't disappear after the fight. The ghost is so real it can touch and interact with material world, but doesn't speak and only follows Yuu everywhere. (3)
(3) Maybe that is why RSA wants Yuu to join their school? Plus, now for some reason when Yuu needs help with Crowley's task, horses appear from nowhere and assist Yuu. Like, let Yuu ride them from far places or silly once like help Yuu pick a book from high shell. It also would be funny if Yuu was a vessel for both Chernobog and the 1st hero ghosts.
The only thing I would add is that Yuu and Silver have the "I have animals following me everywhere I go" club
Yuu a mostly silent protagonist + 1th hero a silent protagonist: ........
Yuu: yeah you're right this won't work
1th hero: .....
Grim: fries
Crowley: WHAT???
I'll assemble your asks about ideas and AUs here bc I have no idea were to put them
How anon had this idea
Overblot 1th hero Yuu
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minzart · 19 days ago
Minz! I have an idea! :D It's an au of an au I guess-
So! Sgs au right? What if the great seven can possess their vessel? For example like Sukuna and Yuji from JJK?
Also to make Grim and Yuu suffer more the possession makes change their features to look similar from their overblot form. They also gain a huge power boosts from it too!
One minute Riddle is a stuttering mess around Yuu and bam possession he is now trying to behead them. No that does not equal to a date.
Leona wanting to court Yuu but lazy bam possession you have dead animals in your front door now. Gave them a heart attack too.
Dear Azul trying to impress Yuu with his singing skills bam possession both of them did a 6 hour long duet. Poor Yuu their voice is gone.
Jamil cooking for Yuu but has to do chores bam possession chores done with a huge amount of magic. ALSO POISON IN THE FOOD-
And Vil convincing Yuu to spend time with him? bam possession poisoned apple. Ah no that's the wrong type of genre.
Idia needs social skills? bam possession Yuu is now taking Ortho and Idia to the gamestop nearby. Very wholesome.
Malleus running out of things to converse about bam possession Yuu and him talked about his baby photos.
OH MY GOD THIS IS SO FUNNY XD and wholesome at the same time I CAN'T-
I love how it's 8 or 80 with this au skskkskskskskskskskks
Yuu must be so done, bet they got a heart attack the first time this happened you can see Grimm trembling in the background
RIP any student that dares to court Yuu then bc the seven have no mercy
I can only imagine that Yuu starts to hang out with Rook more so they can learn some survival skills not that they need it or anything just to make sure... how do you skin a rabbit again?
Now listen, if the seven are possessing the boys, do they go lost with new things to do? To much technology that they didn't needed to learn before... ends up asking Yuu to teach them like grandpas/mas
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minzart · 20 days ago
since yuu and grim both share a ghost (well. technically two but im lazer focusing on chernabog) do you think that if one of them were to overblot, the other would get pulled into it as well? the idea of grim overblotting and everyone relying on yuu to help stop him, only for them to keel over and start transforming themselves, the blot monster looming over grim growing larger and larger....whew
That's exactly how I imagine it
I know the game won't do it but hey
I think it would be cool if the bond Yuu and Grimm share is so deep and dependable that once Grimm starts to Overblot, bc of too much magic in his system (that's how I see what is happening when he eats the black stones), Yuu starts to go into so much stress: school, homesickness, betrayal, worry and fear, that this might affect Grimm too
I made a quick Google and found here some information in familiars that you can see used in midia, if I'm not mistaken Lucius is Trein's familiar however he's a cat, Grimm is a monster
So let's say in this au I'm seeing Grimm as Yuu's familiar, bc in that site it says:
Familiar: "a small animal or imp given by the devil to a witch", latter it states, "this familiar sustains itself by eating the witch's blood", and I remember seeing many variation of this line in today's stories as a soul bond
So the way I'm doing it is, Grimm is slowly becoming Yuu's familiar and their souls are interconnected, Yuu contributed to the overblot in their stress and Grimm in the magic, both ending up overbloting bc of that and the boys need to finaly learn what Yuu was teaching all along, team work
If I remember correctly an overblot occurs when the Magician uses too much magic together with too much stress that's why if you squint this game is a psychological horror
And I'm a little bit tired of using the shounen formula of "beating the thing until it's friendly", so, just letting it here that I would love to see somebody comfort Yuu out of their overblot, specialy bc they are the stressed part, not the strength one
Disclaimer: I know this isn't how the game is going to go, this is valid in my AUs only, in the game it's probably going to be only Grimm who overblots, Yuu leads the battle, yada, yada, they go home and probably thinks it was all a dream but theres a Crow watching over them with a key or something
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minzart · 3 days ago
Hi, me again. How are you? Glad you liked my conspiracy theory and Yuu possessed with the 1st hero ghost ☺️ Would like to share another one, but this one is just for laughs. What if Yuu was based of Scrooge McDuck from Duck Tales? The latest version of him that loves to adventure with his family/friends and worries about money. I especially like his phrase "be smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies". (1)
I'm fine thank you
I still have to wach the reboot of the duck tales XD . I loved this cartoon so much
Azul🤝Yuu (MADOL ($v$) )
P.s. The theory that Yuu is Prince Charming, I made up a year ago, so it's kinda outdated one. Plus, I don't have the game and only know stuff from tumblr, so I am probably wrong about Crowley being the main villain. He probably nice guy, and probably does his best to help Yuu, but it's a slow process. (2)
Same here!
I don't play the game/nor know Japanese and only watch the translations
Crowley is such a complicated one, just recently that I'm looking at him with more critical thinking bc the thing about him is that he is shady but we don't know what kind of shady he is (shady as in a bad guy or in secretly planned this for a good reason) blame the jp part of the fandom bc there are many who make him a fatherly figure to Yuu and I have patience to translate with Google some when in a good mood lol
The idea that Yuu is possessed by ghosts of Chernabog and the 1st hero came to me when I saw the player options of how to respond to stuff. Like one is sassy (Chernobog) and another one is more friendly (the Hero). So depending how Yuu responds, the bond between Yuu and the ghost will get stronger. (3)
Yooooo that's such a cool way of seing the options! (0o0)
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minzart · 25 days ago
I'm writing something to SGS AU and...
If I'm making Zazul the dorm leader (reasons in the post I'll finish maybe after tomorrow)... doesn't that make Mufasa the "sidekick"? Scar is gonna be so fucking pissed LOL
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