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mexicaheart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These cards belong to the Court of Hearts from the Tarot Yohualli Ehecatl, equivalent to the Court of Cups.
It includes Yollotelpocatl, Yolloyaoquizqui, Yollocihuatl and Yollotecuhtli, Youth, Warrior, Lady and Lord of Hearts.
These are cards of abundance and auspicious omens, presided over by Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue, rulers of Rain and Earthly Water, elements which fertilize the fields and allow life to subsist.
You can see the Tarot Yohualli Ehecatl in my Etsy store! Click here!
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psychicreadsgirl · 3 hours ago
**Ask Game**: Pick 1 emoji for 1 reading
📗📗Just Some Rules📗📗
📗1. No anons!!
📗2. Reblog the post.
📗3. Pick 1 emoji out of this list of emojis and you will get 1 random reading. Send me an ask with your 1 emoji.
📗4. I might not answer all asks because it takes time and energy to answer them.
📗5. Once I receive a certain amount of asks, I will close the ask game and then will start answering asks!
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spiritualrealmer · 2 days ago
Sometimes, when projecting, you may notice some inconsistencies with your environment.
Your house may have extra rooms, there may be items or cabinets that are not supposed to be there, your backyard may appear totally different than how it is supposed to.
There are a few possible reasons for this, and I will elaborate on them now.
1. You have projected into a different time. Yes, this is possible. You may be in your house, but in the wrong timeline. It could be the past, it could be the future. This happens a lot more than you would think.
2. You have projected into a different version of reality. This does happen too, but less often. There are multiple realities and dimensions and some even layer themselves over others. It is easy to accidentally travel to the wrong one.
3. You have manifested items in your presence that are not really there. In the astral dimensions, thought has a lot of power. Think of it like this, in the physical world, affirmations and manifestations work to some degree. In the astral planes, however, this ability is magnified massively. You might be in the astral planes, specifically the real time zone, and have a memory of placing your shoes next to your closet. In reality, you did not place your shoes there, but because you slightly remember/believe it, the astral dimension tries to make sense of this and your shoes will be visible where you thought they were. Upon returning to the physical world, you will find that your shoes were not where you thought they were at all. If you have a memory or assumption that something is visible in the astral plane, it will appear.
4. The astral dimensions do not follow general left/right and north/south rules. Because of this, sometimes your house will be reversed. This can be confusing but is harmless and is just a common side effect of astral travels.
5. You went through a closed door. Doors in the astral planes often work as portals. When you open a closed door, or simply go right through one, you will often find yourself somewhere completely different. There is no limit to where doors can take you, and once aware of this ability, using doors is a wonderful way to simply and quickly travel to an intended destination.
I hope this helped you, and if anyone has any other questions please send them through! Happy travels.
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talksabouttheuniverse · 6 hours ago
“Your new life is going to cost you your old one. It’s going to cost you your comfort zone and your sense of direction. It’s going to cost you relationships and friends. It’s going to cost you being liked, and understood.
But it doesn’t matter. Because the people who are meant for you are going to meet you on the other side. And you’re going to build a new comfort zone around the things that actually move you forward. And instead of being liked, you’re going to be loved. Instead of understood, you’re going to be seen. All you’re going to lose is what was built for a person you no longer are. Let it go.”
~Brianna Wiest
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michaelbogild · 2 days ago
216 recent quotes on personal development by Michael Bogild
We can only ever see what our egos allow us to see.
You shall be whole when you are wholly consumed.
The more we crave love and respect from others the more we will twist our minds and personalities to attain that love and respect. It is the birth of a thousand imitations, absurdities, lies, and mind games.
If you have the very real ability to actually do a lot of good in this world…then tell me…why are you not? Exactly what are you waiting for?
There can be no victory without the virtue of patience.
You shall in life reap what you sow, so let your seeds be those of kindness only.
Do not watch pornography. Do not desecrate the sacred temple of your soul.
The less you need and desire in this confused and grasping world the less immoral and sinful you will be in your thoughts and deeds. Those who do the most damage on this globe are those who are the emptiest inside and live in the constant illusion of scarcity and uncompletedness.
It takes so incredibly little effort to lessen the suffering of others. A long and warm conversation, some creative and helpful advice, some much-needed compliments, some practical help with their life or situation, a loan or a donation, et cetera. Please consider today (as a rational and moral human being) what positive things you can do for those who in some way are struggling in their lives.
The ego will literally tell you that love is loss. How insane is that? To have you believe that a life of kindness and giving will actually hurt your happiness?
The human intelligence is like a sharp knife, exceedingly great at dissecting information, but also a terrible instrument by which we blindly cut ourselves to pieces.
It’s absolutely insane when you truly think about it how much and how often we try to manage other people’s perception of us. It’s feels almost like we’re our own third reich ministry of propaganda. What does it all stem from? I will tell you. It stems from the innate need to be considered as a high value person (or at least not a pitiable nobody). I can’t personally tell if people consider me a winner or a loser at the moment. I suspect it’s a mix. What is really a great relief though is that I have almost entirely stopped caring. All that really matters to me now is my passion and purpose, my inner light and sense of truth. If that leads to a whole lot of respect from others — great — if it doesn’t, well, that’s fine too as I wasn’t actually born to satisfy or conform to anything outside of myself anyway.
Being kind is the most powerful and rational thing a man can do. And why is that? Because in doing so he not only helps others, but himself as well.
Keep enriching your mind with knowledge, truth, and experience. Let your mental progress be the true measure of your wealth and not the size of your bank account.
To resent is to lose your way. To love is to come home.
Rise in vanity, sink in dignity.
Whenever you are about to perform an act…ask yourself: does my soul approve of this?
The way to makes others more loving is to love them.
Only your angels can conquer your demons.
Everything happens for a reason. A door never shuts without another opening.
The measure of you knowing a truth is that you act on it.
Confessing your sins to God (or whoever you may choose) is to approach much nearer to the actual reality of things. For what is the truth? Is it not that you have sometimes hurt others and now live in denial of that very fact. Confession, therefore, is the courageous facing and wholesome integration of reality.
The ego wants to judge, the soul wants to understand.
All of my suffering has entirely come from not trusting my Creator and his flawless plans.
Every obstacle is another opportunity for you to prove yourself.
The man who needs and craves nothing in this world can never hurt anyone. All human dysfunction and destructiveness arises from the psychic enslavement to desirable outcomes.
Drama is trauma and comes from the hurt ego. The soul, being wise, chooses peace.
You can have exactly what you want in life, but you have to want it like crazy.
The world cares about your status, God cares about your kindness.
Refuse to be what you are. Rather, be a higher ideal. Be love. Be honesty. Be courage. Be confidence. Be spirit.
When you teach yourself to be kind to others you in turn teach others to be kind to others.
Be extremely careful of what sections of people you desire love and respect from. Why do you actually believe they are legitimate judges of character and skill in the first place? Have you even posed that question before?
Pity is secret contempt. You never respect those you pity.
Compassion is the act of freeing yourself from the chains of the ego.
The ego runs faster than the soul. So don’t react too fast my friend…but rather wait for the soul and its store of wisdom.
To lie is to slowly make yourself schizophrenic.
There can be no true morality without the habit of brutally honest confessions (to yourself or a higher spiritual power) as morality and good requires a great deal of rational self-awareness.
That which in you is kind must conquer that which in you is cruel.
To reject drama is to choose peace. It is to say to yourself: I value silence more than noise.
All resentment comes from the human ego. It is entirely unable to let go of the past. It will more than gladly trade the peace of the present moment to the dramatic mental absorption of some particular set of grievances.
Love is the road to the soul, your true home.
To worship flesh is to worship shadows.
The mind is the only battlefield. You will win by silently watching, by profound attention.
Respect yourself, your life, and your future so deeply and strongly that there can be no place at all for self-destructive habits.
1. Identify your mistakes. 2. Stop making them.
To lie is to lose confidence as your psyche cannot respect one who has to lie.
There is only one way to beat guilt: to do as much good as you possibly can in your life.
Let not your ego run your life. Do not allow yourself to be the slave of such a mad master.
Resentment is a physical illness as much at is a mental derangement. It can literally harm the health of your body.
Always be patient with the blind. They literally can't see.
Make sure your heart and soul are more beautiful than your body and clothes.
Positive thoughts lead to positive emotions which lead to positive acts which lead to positive habits which lead to positive results which lead to positive thoughts which lead to positive emotions which lead to positive acts which lead to positive results.
Beauty is rot. Love is infinite.
The mind which cannot change is not a mind at all.
Error makes us human, love makes us divine.
I have tenaciously tried to destroy the part of me that desires love and respect from others without at the same time allowing myself to become either tactless nor immoral.
Begin each day by repeating the mantra I WILL LOVE OTHERS AND DO GOOD at least a hundred times…and trust me, the quality of your life shall slowly improve.
Imitation is limitation and the prison of the weak.
Don't complain about obstacles. Let them bring out all your creative powers.
A truth coming from an enemy is better than a lie coming from a friend.
Let your enemies teach you kindness and restraint.
The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.
Pornography is a crude and distasteful industry entirely kept alive by women whose spirits were killed by pedophiles
The ego can see what you want but not what you need.
Your ego will always lie to you, your soul rarely if ever.
You must love more and yet also guard yourself more. You must be kind and forgiving to the sinners while knowing exactly what they are. In short: compassion without naivete
Culture's aim is to have you all fall asleep.
Find the advantage in the disadvantage.
You don’t have ideas, ideas have you. That was said by the famous psychologist C. G. Jung. I have personally read about a couple million quotes in my life…and I believe this might be the most important one of them all to really mentally look at and chew on. I think its the cardinal quote that can really liberate your inner psyche.
Bring value to yourself by bringing value to others.
Let’s light (with love) the inner candles of the lonesome and the hopeless.
Learn to connect to your inner conscience. Consult it as often as possible. This will make you good and moral. Nothing else can.
The real obstacle is the drama you surround it with.
Men: only make love to a woman’s body if you’re in love with her soul as well
My self-honesty is insanely brutal. I am willing to tell myself the absolute complete truth about what I am and what I am not.
Love the beautiful of soul more than the beautiful of flesh.
You crave respect from others because you think you are not enough without it. This confused illusion of yours manipulates you into telling others a thousand lies, explicitly or by omission. It makes you lead a false life of shallow and absurd behavior as you desperately attempt to remold yourself into a shape that others will accept.
You cannot understand what others are before you understand what you are. Without a regular and brutally honest introspection you will forever be projecting your inner mess confusedly unto other people.
Your soul is compassion, your ego is resentment. Please live your life from your soul. That is the way of the light.
Let your mind be a student of your soul.
Forgive all your critics and their various delusions about you. Don't confuse their blind sleepwalking with sadistic evil.
The cynic is great at seeing what is and what has been…but not of what could be.
You cannot ever be greater than your habits. Your habits make your life. Your habits is what you are.
You will eventually imitate those you habitually look at and listen to...yes even if you don't actually want that to happen. So choose well your social surroundings and sources of knowledge and entertainment.
Acting from anger and resentment is really nothing more than acting from REACTIVITY. It is a conspicuous proof to yourself and the world around you that you are entirely lacking in rational self-control, that you in fact but a mere slave to your inner emotional impulses.
Don’t wait for a savior, be your own.
Embrace your inner confusion and mental disorientation, for a total unknowing is absolutely required to reach the truth. Conclude all too hastily about a person or on an issue and you will have gained nothing but another mental illusion.
What is the truth worth if you don’t ever act according to it? Be principled. Congruous.
I would rather be a slave to my soul than my body.
Let not your anger pass from your thoughts into your words. Erect a barrier of patient watchfulness between them.
Less cursing and vulgarity, more manners and taste.
You have been trying for too long to be ‘cool’ — a nonsense concept that changes its meaning every other day. Love, however, never alters. It is the essence, the light, the truth. Be love.
Your mind has two main modes of thinking, that is, in obstacles or opportunities.
There are no more stupid people in society than those who think that education ends at the moment school does.
None of us has a lack of experience, what we do have is a lack of perception and reflection.
The ego harbors regret and resentment about the past and projects fear and greed into the future. The common denominator in all of this confusion is COMPARISON, that is, the utterly frustrating distance between WHAT IS and WHAT OUGHT TO BE.
We love to lock ourselves into the prisons of our egos.
We all suffer from a mental illness called EGO.
The eyes can curse and corrupt even the most virtuous with useless lust. Oh aren't we all slaves to the almighty flesh?
Look at what you might win in the future, not at what you have lost in the past.
Motivating people without educating them as well is a recipe for absolute disaster.
Realize that you love those best that can do something for you. Is that not shallowness? What about all the others? Those you can’t gain something from? Are they irrelevant?
SELF-CONFIDENCE will solve almost everything in your life. You must never, I repeat, you must never stop complimenting your qualities and loving yourself as deeply as you possibly can. A great tip: record a long audio-file of the most powerful affirmations (that is, positive sentences about yourself, your life, the world, and your future) that you can possibly think of. Hear these sentences when you are taking long walks, when you are cleaning up, when you are doing the dishes, in short, whenever you have any time to spare at all. Keep this habit going as long as you can…and your life will soon improve massively…because the thoughts and beliefs that underlie its quality positively has.
We think that we rise if can make our enemies fall. But this is not the way of the kind and enlightened heart at all.
What makes respect and adoration from other people so very worthy of personally acquiring? Why would their value judgment of you ever be an exact standard of the truth? Who are these people actually and why in the hell do you treat them like almighty gods? They're not.
If you leave your mind alone it shall always drive into a ditch. It must be consciously watched and intelligently managed.
Never let another’s darkness affect your light in the slightest.
The more truth you speak, the funnier you will be. Why? Because reality is hilarious as shit.
Here is the truth: the more you love others the less you will care about being loved yourself.
Do not look at the anger of someone’s spoken or written words, but instead at the hurt behind them…and then try to sympathize with that hurt.
I don’t pray to get what I want, I pray to get closer to God.
Be as skeptical of yourself as you are of others.
For the blind and complaining man there are no opportunities at all, for the awake and conscious man there is nothing else.
The ego cannot survive and prosper in the perpetually attentive man. To keep a close eye on ones thoughts and perceptions is to harmonize them into silence and order.
The hardest battle of your life will be the battle to silence and surrender your over-dramatic, resentful, and grasping ego.
A man has but two fears: realizing his darkness and realizing his light.
The greatest sign of genius is the self-possessed and rational postponement of intellectual and emotions judgments as well as the serious and flexible ability to alter any false belief that may have been formed in spite of the formerly mentioned precaution.
Let not one obstacle blind you to ninety nine opportunities.
Poets have in a great measure been guilty of spreading the disastrous illusion of separation as well as elevating the sin of despair.
You don’t know what troubles and demons others are currently battling with. You don’t know the story of their past, nor their innermost heart and soul. So be patient with and kind to them. That is the moral way.
That which brings an end to our suffering sometimes causes suffering in the process. The path is necessary, but never easy.
Between you and the solving and solution of your problem…is your ego.
Connectedness is contentedness. You become whole in becoming a part of the whole. To arrive at this important integration you must first perform a great many deeds of kindness, deeds that will eventually eradicate in your psyche the sorrow-engendering delusions of social aloneness and spiritual separation.
Kindness must be in your deeds, not only in your heart.
Watching pornography on the internet is either to pretend that you are not looking at highly traumatized people with terrible pasts, or worse, to be conscious of that fact, but sociopathically indifferent to it.
Refuse to call it in an obstacle. Have faith in God's plan.
The more you learn from your suffering the less you will have to suffer.
We are often more hurt by the sheep than the wolf.
The ones who escape through art never really escape at all. They only get to live unconscious lives of mass denial.
Is it really an obstacle or is God attempting to teach you resilience and creativity?
To judge a man is to say that he is A and not B. It is to say that he can’t be more than what you think he is. It is to some extent to dehumanize by a perceptual limitation. Nine out of ten times you are entirely or relatively wrong about him. You have caught a tiny glimpse from something he said or did and now use it as a powerful moral spotlight turned against him. Just look at him: he is bad, he is a liar, he is self-obsessed, et cetera. The more you continue these moral judgements the further your fall into a egoic hallucination entirely divorced from any fairness and objectivity.
How do you look, you think, in the mirror of your ideas and words?
What you call obstacles is the unrecognized superior wisdom of God.
ROMANTIC LOVE is often but a sort of light narcissism covered over with compliments and kisses. When the passionate heat of the initial excitement and lust cools down, well, then the real selves comes out…with all their ugliness…with all their darkness…with all their unresolved trauma.
Has your ego been holding your soul hostage lately?
The reader of books will nine times out of ten be happier than the watcher of shows.
Compassion is the key that will lock you of your ego’s prison.
Every day offers opportunities for doing good deeds. Recognize and use these opportunities. Be one of the people making a positive change in this world. For what could really be greater than that...helping and elevating people?
If you can't persuade others of a thing then you're most likely not persuaded of it yourself.
To love the world takes enormous courage. Compassion is truly bravery.
You are the fruit of what you have sown. If you don't like what you've become as a person, then you must sow differently in the future.
Cowards will never confess their vices and sins to a higher power (or to their own conscience). Only the strong, rational and courageous will.
If a certain (by your mind) acknowledged truth hasn’t psychologically changed you at all, it’s only because you haven’t completely understood its true profoundness and total significance. Meditation, reflection, journaling, and conversation will eventually alter that fact.
Only the charitable and generous can be wealthy.
Your life is mostly the mirror of your thoughts. If you don’t like your life, change your thoughts.
There is hate enough in the world, so don’t add to it.
To reach the substantial you must let go of the shadows.
The darker the world becomes the more light you must spread.
God and his eternal light shall enter the compassionate soul.
The great secret to poetry is empathy. To be a better writer, therefore, one must cultivate more compassion with others.
How very strange that it should take years and years for something we know to be true to finally and truly sink into our minds, hearts, and souls. Why does the total assimilation of a particular reality not occur instantly at the very moment of being aware of it? What in us creates this long separation between mental awareness and psychological change?
Love shortens and anger lengthens the distance between us.
victim (noun) : a person who can drown in a drop of rain
Don’t angrily criticize where you can lovingly educate.
Character is the result of restraint and non-reactiveness.
Unless you love the world you will get swallowed by it.
You are only ever as strong as that which you are willing to face about yourself.
Don’t abuse your body, because they abused your mind.
Losing an addiction is not a loss. It's a victory. It just takes your mind a while to realize that fact and positively settle into the rationality and peace of not desiring and grasping any longer. They keyword here is PATIENCE.
Thought is in itself CONFLICT. It comes from conflict and leads to it. To overcome thought is to know what thought is, namely, as I said, CONFLICT, the cause and effect of self-pity, arrogance, drama, resentment, and fear.
Your ego is the wall between your mind and reality.
You can’t ever really ignore a truth. It will always nag you in some way. It will always poke you…if only in terrible nightmares.
Shrink your ego, grow your soul.
We're all great at confusing other people's ego's for our own.
Memory is hurt and hurt becomes resentment. If we lost our memories tomorrow we would all be angels.
The world shall be healed the very moment its people care more about the spiritual than the physical beauty of themselves and others.
Vanity : the deep-felt inner belief that you are special and important for possessing qualities entirely uninspiring and vacuous
Unclench your fist and let in love. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.
The average person would never consciously allow a single narcissist into their lives, but will praise a ton of celebrities and politicians with the very same mental disorder.
Why should you necessarily believe a thought just because it appears in your mind? Is it not just your ego that forces you to do that…to get attached to the various objects and movements of your mental activity?
Watch your mind, not TV.
We ‘fall in’ when we should 'stand out’.
The serious student forgets the teacher and looks at his ideas and arguments only. To erect a psychological authority is to accept and absorb the inevitable errors of that authority.
You can not see more than you love.
Embrace confusion, do not rush to a hasty conclusion.
The soul watches, the ego grasps.
That you are desolate and alone is about the worst of all illusions for that you are most certainly not. There are millions and millions out there that would love to meet and get to know you. Start looking for them please.
Live from your soul, not from a role.
Never confuse a difference of opinion with a difference in ethics.
The truly grateful of heart will never miserably grasp after nonsense. Ask yourself this: what am I blessed with right now?
Study with a brutal honesty what you actually really are and not what you wish you were or what others believe you to be. Look inside — way deep inside — and then write unto a journal everything you discover day by day.
If you really want to troll your enemies…then love and forgive them.
If a man sins against you must you necessarily sin against him? Is vengeance not a form of moral hypocrisy? A double standard?
The deep-seated delusion that you are separate from others is one of the greatest causes of psychological suffering.
We see what we want to see, not what is actually there.
The more you love the less you care about being loved and the less you care about being loved the more confident you will be.
We wear our masks until we finally become them, that is, absolutely absurd.
You life will being to improve the very moment you criticize your own mind and morality as much as you do that of other people’s
Teachers can never conceive of your true greatness. School was a terrible lie. You are smarter and more talented than you think.
Routinely confess your sins to a higher power. Humble your ego into total submission.
A broken past must never mean a broken future.
If you identify with your inner hurt you are almost bound to hurt others.
LIFE must be willfully created, not passively waited for.
Nothing will corrupt a man's soul like his eyes.
We are wired by nature to seek what causes pleasure and shun what does the opposite. Truth has therefore close to no chance with us…being such a distressful thing indeed.
I collect truths where others collect things.
“me me me” and “more more more”...the two unconscious mantras that you have to silence
Conformity or courage? What’s it gonna be?
Look at the ignorant as possible students, not enemies.
The ego always concludes too hastily...and most often from insufficient information. It is entirely incapable of postponing its reactions  and judgements (intellectual or emotional) through a calm and rational patience.
When the ego wins the soul loses.
Compassion will unclutter our confused brain and greatly increase our creativity.
You hurt others because you yourself was hurt. Anger and abuse is the conditioned social language of childhood trauma. Let the dysfunction end with you.
We all judge others with our egos, and our ego's are the main cause of the mass confusions, the unnecessary divisions, and all the useless toxic drama we see all over the world.
Know when you’re the sheep and when you’re the wolf…and then refrain from being either.
The man who is talking does not watch and the man who does not watch is blind.
If you desire love and respect from others there will be no limit to the lies you will tell nor the masks you will wear.
Feed the ego, starve the soul. Feed the soul, starve the ego.
A life of kindness, reason, and simplicity can be a full one. A life of pleasures, entertainment and activity can be an empty one. Choose well.
A truth unshared is close to worthless. Truths must be like candles lighting candles forever.
Are you speaking from the soul and its light and peace or the ego and its darkness and drama?
Without my enemies I would know nothing of my weaknesses.
Most sins are the results of sleep-walking.
There are questions that are not for the mind, questions that only your soul can answer.
The sorrow and suffering will never end before you learn its lessons. There is something right now you are not thinking, not believing, not feeling, not doing, not working towards. All those things shall be the golden keys that will lock you out of your misery. What are they? Start thinking about that question today.
When there are no more masks to put on...then there is only nakedness left...and nakedness is the scariest thing of all.
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lust-plus-decay · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Anything can change in literally the blink of an eye.
My life for the last 2 months?
Came out as lesbian and Enby.
Escaped the worst hurricane to hit the US and my home was in the center of it.
Left a very toxic and abusive 6 year heterosexual relationship that had me try and attempt suicide multiple times.
Found myself.
Fell in love with the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of breathing the same air as.
Bought myself a new home for my two kids and I.
Will be completely demolishing “new” home because it was destroyed in the hurricane. Almost all on my own except replacing the roof. (And with the help of my amazing partner, because she won’t let me do it alone 🖤)
Started mingling with friends! I haven’t hung out with a friend since 2020! I’ve been completely isolated until now.
Will finally be getting my business back on track.
Once enough money is saved, we plan to leave the state…..maybe even the country. 🖤
Life is so fucking good. Despite the disaster, I feel like all of this was meant to happen.
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envylialla · a day ago
Tumblr media
cr. craftintwitch
I remember thinking that I must be grateful only for global things like my life, my family, etc., and I always ended up running out of things to write in my journal. Being grateful for the little things is vital, it makes you notice the little things in life and be thankful for them. It makes life much more interesting and you start noticing so much more + finding good in everything. 💟
— Envylialla 🤍🍂💫
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badbuddhism · a day ago
The accumulation of karma if there is no Self
"Karma" can be quite a loaded word in the West, with many misunderstanding it's meaning. In fact, I would go so far as to say that for the majority of people, the definition of the word you are likely to be familiar with from when you first learned of it is probably the one where it is a cosmic justice and punishment system; a scale which balances all your deeds and comes back to bite you in the ass (unless of course, you grew up in a household where the original definition was understood).
So when we first learn of emptiness in Buddhism, and more specifically the emptiness of the Self, it can be a little confusing how one could accumulate karma in this lifetime and further, if there is no inherent entity to which this karma can cling to or effect. Even after dropping our Cosmic Judge Judy interpretation, this doesn't really make any sense right?
But if our obstructions and delusions are like clouds covering a clear, unobstructed sky (the true nature of our mind), then we can liken our karma to a river. The energy and pull of the river means it accumulates various kinds of debris as it goes along: it may collect dirt and pollution, mud and fish, gold and money or even a corpse.
Or, depending on the terrain and the speed or ferocity of the river, it may remain quite clear and clean. Our karma is also like this. Depending upon the myriad conditions of our lives, our river may be fast and collecting up all sorts of debris, or it may be gentle and clear. It is merely by the motion and energy of the river that things are picked up, likewise it is only be the energy and motion of our life and mental obstructions that we continue picking up more karma and obstructions as we go along.
Through our practice, we may develop a clearer mind until eventually it is free of any clouds at all, and we may slowly clear our karmic river such that it stops picking up new debris and leaves behind what it was carrying before. No Self necessary!
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niuniente · 2 days ago
Sometimes, when we dream, is it possible that our consciousness discovers something it shouldn’t? Almost like icarus flying too close to the sun? I had a dream a while ago and it was about the nature of humanity and war and how everything was futile. I woke up with this overwhelming sense of hopelessness. In the span of 90 seconds I forgot the dream and the feeling disappeared, which is weird for me. But I always got this sense that I caught a glimpse of some cosmic truth that humankind wasn’t meant to know
Good question. The answer is yes. Yes we can.
When we sleep, our soul goes on for adventures, meeting friends and spirit friends, learning, studying etc. It's called astral traveling and it's said that we don't sleep because the body needs sleep but because we, as souls, need rest from this harsh physical world. The energy levels here are so, so, so low compared to how they are in the spirit realm (which is our true home and true nature) that the soul needs to take breaks from this energy to recharge. I think it's a plausible explanation (though not the only explanation why we sleep).
When we are born, a veil is put over us so that we forget the spirit world, its energies and how it feels like. People are able to experience this in spiritually transformative experiences (STE), out of body experiences (OBE) and near-death experiences (NDE). Especially NDEs are full of descriptions of the spirit world, the craziness of this physical world and how the things we think are meaningful are meaningless - like for example, wars, territories, boundaries between nations, religious dogmas, fear based thinking and actions etc.
If this veil is lifted, it can leave the person very out of touch and unwell. Many, many people with profound NDEs describe how everything in the world was upside down and made absolutely no sense. They usually lose their interest in worldly things like politics, religions, news, activism, money, career etc. and find joy from simpler things like good food, nature, silence, good music etc.
There's a remarkable case of German Anke Evertz, who spent nine days in the spirit world with a NDE after an accident. It took her 8 years to recover from that experience, as the veil was gone and everything on this Earth was too much, too cruel, too heavy, too horrible to handle for Anke. You can check her interview dubbed in English here.
So, it's not so much that we're not meant to know but we're not meant to remember, as it can (and will) intervene with our mission and life here. Think about how you are living in a castle with servants and anything you can EVER dream off. Poof, it's there for you in an instant, finances are unlimited, you are loved and cherished. Then suddenly, you will move into a small wooden hut with limited income, limited love (if any), to live among harsh neighbors in a dark neighborhood. You remember the prior live and it makes you depressed to see where you are. You're homesick. You feel you don't belong. Everything is wrong and a mess but no one in your neighborhood notices anything - for them, this is the normal world.
So, in order for you to be able to live in this new home and neighborhood - which, in reality, is a nice suburban area with good people, they just don't radiate the same love as in the spirit realm everyone does - it is the best you don't remember that you ever even lived in a castle with limitless resources and love. This allows you to find joy, friends, love, delight, new things, meaning and your own story from your current home area. All the way until it is time to return to the castle.
Like, in the spirit’s eyes, getting something new like a new car, a new TV, a new fancy outfit, new shoes, a new trip is completely meaningless. But for us, when we have forgotten the spirit side, those are most wonderful things, evoking wonderful experiences, and it’s the experiences the spirit yearns to have.
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id18297 · 2 days ago
sometimes I don’t feel pretty and there are times where I just cannot like myself feeling attached to my old self and I‘ll be like "bitch why you crying, you are literally the prettiest. now get up and enjoy life".
no because you literally don’t even get to excuse your sadness?? I be like "wait I‘m pretty, why am I sad about something that I don’t even embody…?"
easy as that ^^
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nikasholistic · 2 days ago
You can let go of fear and start anticipating the good things. You can switch your dominant thinking and feeling patterns. You can create a new reality, new self-image, and identity. It all starts within you.
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haute-honey · a year ago
Shout out to all the people who are still social distancing and wearing masks. Thank you for still taking this pandemic seriously and understanding how an illness can spread from person to person. I pray that the universe provides you with an infinite amount of abundance. 
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