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Practice this with the team. Tune into our regular LIVE GLOBA L TEAM MEDITATIONS Mon-Fri 10am EST /7am PST / 2pm GMT - Tune in on my IG or YT.⁣⁣
Practice this about 15-30 mins when you can. Focus on one chakra at a time.⁣⁣
By creating space for us to become familiar with this practice we can develop a deeper relationship with our chakras over time and tap into more aspects and abilities of who we are.⁣⁣

Follow my TikTok : MysticSpiderman ⁣
0N3 L0V3 ⁣⁣
- Wolf-Shield ⁣⁣
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Pink Libra Full Moon Perfume Spell ♎

This spell is only intended for those who have a Libra sun, moon, or rising sign. I’ll try my best to make this a series so that each sign has their own version.

What you will need:

Empty Roller ball bottle

Sweet almond oil base

3 small crystal chips or tumbles that can fit in the bottle Emerald/Aquamarine/Amethyst/Ametrine or Rose quartz to represent Libra enegry

4 drops Rose essential oil

10 drops Geranium essential oil

5 Bergamont essential oil

Pinch of Rose petals

Pinch of Violet petals

1 vanilla bean

3 cinnamon bark chips


What to do:

Add base oil to the roller ball bottle. Half way. Then add plant/herb 🌿 material to bottle. Then add suggested amount of oil drops. Add your intentions while doing this.(You will need to change number of drops depending on how small or big your bottle is.) Top off any remaining space with carrier oil. Now you can recite this incantation and then leave it to charge under the Libra full moon. When you wear it you can draw the symbol of scales, venus, or the libra sign ♎


I am libra represented by the scales. No task is ever too hard if i am determined i will never fail. Venus rules me so i cant help but be glamorous. I am loving, amorous, relationship obsessed, and a perfect lifelong partner. I walk with loving power and i am not afraid. The goddess knew exactly what she made. I am libra walking in this power. When i love myself my spirit is as tall as a tower. When i am in tune with who i am my libra energy is at its best. Im all heart just beating out of my chest.

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“The goodness in you is proof that goodness exists in people. The tough part is finding it within them when you cannot see it on the surface. And when you cannot find the goodness within them, trust the goodness within you to move beyond any of the opposite they may portray. Trust your good, and you’ll find the good.”

Mandy Panic

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quality time alone can bring the body back to a calm state. 
switch off the stress response and help people connect to their intuition and creativity. 

the capacity to be alone can have immeasurable benefits including the opportunity to look inward and re-connect with your thoughts, emotions, and values. 

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Sometimes it takes two tries. Let it. Allow there to be some give some movement, some two stepping. You are merging with a new understanding of your power, your strength and your love. So allow there to be room for growth, room for movement.The second try is what counts the evolved awareness of consciousness and all that that entails. 

Allow there to be two stepping.

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If nothing else, our current health crises has highlighted the fact that the conveniences of modern life have blunted so much of our collective capacity to be- with our families, with nature, with the content of our own minds. Modern telecommunications has rendered, for most all of us, the world in our hands, on our televisions, and computer screens, and if anything, folks are struggling more with and for it. There really is no substitute for learning to breathe, and to settle into our bodies and environment- true freedom and liberation is found nowhere else.


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