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Why do people insult therians all the time? It’s literally a belief.. You don’t have to believe it! But you also don’t have to disrespect others that do. I thought it was common knowledge to be respectful of others, but I guess not.

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Every single one of us gets a call to grow, upgrade, do and be better. And, while some of us answer this call, far too many ignore it. We are meant to be more. Every cell in our bodies, split, and form us anew. Therefore we are always growing. Life isn’t meant to be a constant breeze spanning time and space. Sometimes, life is meant to challenge us–how we see it, how we see ourselves in it, how we change it, how it changes us. We can meet the challenges with excitement rather than fear. We can choose to embrace the unknown rather than attempting to avoid it. If every challenge conquered means more well-being, more wisdom, more fun, more persona development and strength… Then, surely every mountain life conquered offers a view that makes all the pain, strain, scramble, and temporary set back, worth it. For more insights, thought-provoking writings, healings, and readings… check out Conduit Of Healing– link in bio.
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Hello my lovely Gems 🌙

I have noticed the amazing amount of followers on here. I want to answer questions and get to know you all. Add me in Insta: EclecticReadings

it would be real blessing🙏🏻

Let’s connect 🧿

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Beautiful Mandala artwork to help brighten your day.

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Creating deep connections is vital for a meaningful life and the deeper we can go, the greater the life we are developing.

Connections are always a work in progress, as we move through the various stages of life.

Notice the strength of your connections and stretch the ones that are almost peaked to their maximum potential so that they can be the examples that lead the way for the weaker places that deserve boosting.

It’s often been the case where clients have had one area of their lives be really successful, while other areas were struggling. I feel that in most cases, when they take the successful knowingness to the areas that feel wobbly, they can stabilize and balance from their strengths.

Connection matters.

Being connected to ourselves is the first base and then we can elevate that signal of connection to all areas that matter to us.

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Love & Blessings,


Get personal with your Angels!!
Connect with me and see what they have to say!!


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Spiritual Studies of Marc Chagall pt.2

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There’s a curious comment we often hear: why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? This question is immediately wrong in so many ways. First of all, Christ tells us no man is good, none of us is good. Secondly the things that we assume are bad, the struggles and the difficulties of life, are very often the way that we are being saved. The way that God is working in our lives is by breaking our pride and bringing us to our senses. Our struggles are very often the moments when we experience grace and the blessing of God.

Goodness does not earn any reward. In human beings generally in our society we often assume that there will be a reward for our efforts and for our work. That we will be recognized, and we’ll be paid. There’ll be some kind of recognition for what we’ve done. But this kind of thinking is alien to the spiritual life. We cannot do anything with the anticipation of a reward from God because nothing we do can earn a reward from god. Jesus says to us that we are already deeply in debt to God. So deeply in debt because of the great generosity of God in all that he does. In every way, our very existence, our life, the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, our material wealth to whatever extent we have it and of course for his mercy as forgiveness and for Christ himself coming to us in the incarnation.

We are so indebted to God already that nothing we do can possibly earn us a reward before God. So, obedience to the commands of God is not that we fulfil the commands of God in order to receive a reward, but because it is the bare minimum of the Christian life. Obedience to the commands of God is the bare minimum of the spiritual life because the commands of God are not arbitrary but are given in god’s love that we may be changed. Fulfilling the commands of God changes us. It changes our heart, it transforms us. And when we recognize that we are utterly indebted to God that we can do nothing to earn reward - because as Christ says even our greatest acts are like dirty rags before God. Every act that we perform is mixed with pride, with selfishness, with sinful motives. Our hearts are never entirely pure.

Though we strive to make them pure. Though we seek the work of the Holy Spirit within us, our hearts are a mixture. A mixture of motives, and so our acts and our thoughts are always this mixture. So even outwardly those acts that may appear to the world or even to ourselves as good, are like dirty rags before God. For god sees all and sees into the very depths of our hearts. And when we recognize this, when we recognize our indebtedness to God, that realization may be a means of overcoming our pride and only then can we begin to experience God’s grace. The mystery here is that only when we begin to overcome our pride can we truly experience God’s grace. But it is only God’s grace that enables us to be obedient, that enables us to put aside our pride.

God calls us to be co-workers with his grace. He doesn’t just act on us like an object. He has given us free will, he calls us to participate, participate in what he is doing within us. Furthermore, he calls us to give our will to His will, to lay down everything that is an obstacle, and the greatest obstacle of course is us. This terrible monster that exists in our heart this monster of self-will, of pride and disobedience. Disobedience is there every time we seek worldly comfort and worldly securities before the promises of God. When we are so selfish that we follow our own will and trusting in ourselves or trusting in the things of this world to give us security. All these securities are an illusion. They are false, and they can be stripped away so quickly. So quickly through ill health, through war and through natural disaster. The things of this world can be taken from us so quickly, and we must in those moments find our trust in god, our faith in god, our security in god’s love for us. Only when we’ve put to death the old man of pride and self-will can we begin to live a life obedient to God.

-  Father Spyridon

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Even us Spiritually inclined people get burnt out. Yes Source is infinite energy, but that doesn’t mean our beautifully human bodies are equipped to always be vibrating on such a high frequency all the time.

If you’re familiar with the 7 Chakra system, the Crown (top of the head – Divine connection) and the Sacral (lower abdomen – passion, creativity, emotions) I find they’re more related than we think. The lower Chakras are considered to vibrate lower, as they’re more ‘human’ so to speak, but when it comes to the Sacral, passion, creativity and emotions all have a direct connection to the Divine. When you create Divinely-inspired content like I do, it comes from both the Crown and Sacral. I can literally experience Spiritual burnout intertwined with creative blocks, as I’m sure many creative and Spiritual people do. Because it is my Divine purpose to teach, heal, create, I feel like I always need to be honouring and exercising that as it is like a birthright and duty. Yet again, I ignore the fact that I’m human.

I get lost in the expectations that I put on myself in the human world, and try to tackle them Divinely. Even creating the content that I post here, though Divinely inspired, with a tired Sacral Chakra I don’t feel like I can produce the content I need to. I feel like my head is running a mile a minute and my body can’t keep up. But as I sit here writing this, I’m watching the snow fall – it’s peaceful, and the snowflakes fall at their own pace, in their own way. I don’t even know what I’m trying to write here. The words which usually come to me Divinely are melting as soon as they enter my head. I think this is probably the most personal, and most human post I’ll write.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, continue to be kind to yourself. Get rid of the expectations you have and sometimes just allow yourself to be. The Divine understands, so should you. When you do something you love, it’s a passion – when you feel like you HAVE to do it, it becomes a chore. I don’t want my Divine purpose to feel like a chore, so I’m going to take a break and allow myself to fall in love with it again.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021
Good  morning! Today is about Energy, Confidence, Controlling your Destiny
Tarot of the Day: Queen of Wands

This Queen embodies honesty, confidence, and fertility (both metaphorically and literally). She is a lively, passionate, and independent person who brings out the best in people. She is engaging and thoughtful. Like all of her suit, she tends to focus on career, beginnings, and fiery energy, but she does it with intuition and perspective. She is the muse of success, the mother of inspiration, a seat of ethics, and the source of the will to seek self-development. If you are trying to conceive, she’s a good omen.

Like all the court cards, she is either asking you to connect with these qualities in yourself or, she represents a specific person in your life. If she signifies a literal person, you should reach out to the feminine energy in your life with medium to light hair and with whom you associate steadfast ethics, uplifting support, and great advice.

💚 At work, you are likely getting a lot accomplished in little time which is a great groundwork for positive things in the future. She asks you to be creative in your solutions today; think twice before you spend – see if you can be creative and re-purpose instead of just buying new.

💙 If you are looking for love, trust yourself and your growth enough to know that the ‘right person’ is out there and you will soon be ready. You might meet the person through a friend who emulates this Queen.
💙 If you are in a relationship, do not be surprised if you find yourself enjoying a surge of admiration and/or pride for your partner; likely due to how they handle a social situation.

🧡 However she appears to you today, Queen of Wands brings positive energy, so remember that life is meant to be lived; embrace, enjoy, and share the energetic wealth.
Gun a-màireach (until tomorrow), Lovelies
Peace out…

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