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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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“Sometimes the smallest things are all you need for the biggest impact. Coral, for example, provides a home for many of the seas creatures, effectively making the ocean a survivable place for multiple forms of sea life. The smallest polyps that create the coral make for the essential reefs key to the survival of many below the waves. Don’t underestimate what the little things may do.”

Mandy Panic

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A conversation worth sharing to awakened people.

R: I just learned something this week, and I have no one to share it yet. But I feel the need to say it to you.

It said in the phrase that, “Time is the only thing that exists. Space is an illusion.”

It really made me think a lot of things, like questioning some stuffs, and the how’s. Then I sort of realize, that when it said “space”, it also meant the gaps we all have in each other, the flesh, the physical third dimensional world, the distance, everything we see, is all space, and we get carried away sometime, thinking that we don’t have much enough time, to reach what we need or want, but the truth is, time was always there, you can play with time, wait for it, give it a thrill, have some patience, it’s all time, and space, is just an illusion, you could still feel the love in a long long time.. it’s always there, so don’t get caught by the illusion. You could gain strength, just give it time, for you cannot gain strength by forcing what’s in space. It will drain us, because it is an illusion.

A: Space time is a thing too, What’s your thoughts about it? Space-time being one thing.

R: Space, and time, ahh, a lot of thoughts goes inside my mind. “The length and the depth”. The length is the time, the depth is the space. In my own opinion.

Some people give so much depth for things that aren’t important to other people, but the length is too little. Like, it’s they’re in a fast pace. While some other people give too much length to things, they grab opportunities or being in a rush, but it has no depth for them. You see, in my perspective, every person has their own unique perspective in things in terms of length and depth. Space and time. In which we should try to understand them, and ourselves, that we are all different beings, trying to understand one another, and understanding one another goes truly easy with love. It’s magical.

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