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If you understood anything about the mind of a creative; you would know that they are almost near to madness at almost any point in their lives.

our minds are not built the same as 90% of the world population and that causes us to be so different; so strange that it isolates us from the world. They call us neurodivergent, crystal children, autistic and even crazy; but we are so much more than these labels.

A creative bears the spark of the creator and as such is much closer to the earth and its spiritual nature, it is a life that is colored with darkness so that your light may shine through it. Your life is not easy because you are not simple; you are a powerful being who is meant to accept and rise above all these challenges.

If it were not for you; it would not have happened to you. 

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Hello beautiful people 💕⭐

I would like to know anyone of you is capable to see the aura of someone ? If by any chance it’s your case, could you please tell me the color of mine, i would love to know 🌟💕


Sending you some love 🌙🌷

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27 th of November today’s message :if you are reading this message, you meant to, there is a major puzzle completion of your soul journey in order to evolve and transform. Some major interference of Divine source are coming your way to gravitate you towards your soul mission(s) and lifetime purpose(s). Honor own soul, be open minded and bold, you are Divinely protected and supported by all the means.

Remember : not everything is going to get the way you expect and desire, however the best way meant for you.

One should look for the synchronicity with numbers 5, it’s when the support and shifts are entering your life big way .

Be grateful, appreciate and recognize the Divinity within and outer.



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En el retiro de bienestar “Viajes para el alma” al terminar nuestro aprendizaje, @yogaclaudia nos regaló esta preciosa pulsera de @jeanettevilensky con el Mantra Om. Gracias por todo y estará conmigo siempre. 💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰 @yogamedicina #mantra #yoga #meditation #love #spiritual #mantras #om #spirituality #mindfulness #india #peace #chakras #namaste #amor #healing #motivation #chakra #yogi #reiki #tantra #amor #guru #medita 🙏🧎🏼‍♀️ (en Bosqueluz)

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Friday, November 27, 2020
Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Uniting Energies, Harmony, Love
Tarot of the Day: The Lovers

This card indicates Love creating a union of two definitive parts; a union of people, energies, conflicting ideas, or even, parts of yourself.

It also indicates the need to reconcile your emotions over what will change because of the union and what you will have to let go in order to unite two into one. Your heart or your head, money or spirit, past or present; whatever the choice, look at it with love and choose what your heart desires.

💚 At work, weigh all sides of a situation before making a decision; what appears initially to be a poor option, may turn out to be best in the long run. If your decision pertains to romance in the workplace, think twice and see all sides before committing.

💙 Whether a new relationship is arriving or deepening, or a long-term relationship is experiencing a powerful re-bonding, you will be feeling the bliss of a deep connection. Be open, loving, and peaceful. Let love change you and your world for the better.

🧡 Question everything and then listen to your heart. The right choice will be made if you have accepted others and yourself. Where the choice brings you joy, let it radiate through you; spread the love.
Gun a-màireach (until tomorrow), Lovelies
Peace out…

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The world is wide for those who dream

I awaken in flower fields

and all I smell is love

The world is vast 



for those who wait for no end to the sky

who allow the universe to fill there nights

with a birth

of something new


perhaps i will

while hearts expand

light quiets the minds eye

so all can flower

back into infinity

what she came from

she gives unto love

back again

what comes

will come again

to be received



in a new way

as a new flower

a new heart

that holds the old love

still in place

nothing is lost

only remembered 

to live on

to be breathed through


and again

to wake up more and more

to create and live

and love


and to rest 

and be still

be silent

to know




and love

and love

and love…

~I awaken and all i know is love.

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