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~ aligned
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777shawty 11 months ago
my boundaries 馃晩.鈰嗭健
i will take care of myself first.
i will not allow others to guilt or manipulate me into doing things i'm not comfortable with.
i will stand up for myself and voice my opinions with confidence.
i will not hold myself responsible for the things beyond my control.
i will not let my happiness depend on other people.
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genesises-altar 10 months ago
Six spiritual truths:
The sun is medicine
Manifestations & lucid dreams are real
Healing is an everyday process
Energies and auras exist, your body senses them
Everything in this universe is connected
The moon strengthens your physic ability
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divine-she 5 months ago
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I am screaming/ crying in intrigued 馃槶馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
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Reasons Why You Fail and Preventative Measures
DISCLAIMER: This post is just an excerpt from my actual journal. Again, I'm transferring it to my blog since it's an easier/more interactive medium for me. I've had it for a while, but I'm very sure this was inspired by @divineangelbee so I'll link her post here:
A. Lack of Trust.
CAUSE: You don't trust yourself and your Godhood;
MEASURE: Consume good media and cultivate your belief. You can always approach things like you're God: meaning, If you are God, how would you manifest, what would you do and think? It makes a huge difference. especially when you feel doubtful of something.
B. Mental Miscarriage.
CAUSE: Anxiety which eventually causes your manifestation to derail and for you to doubt your power.
MEASURE: Decide that you will/already have what you want and leave it at that. Don't disturb it beyond 1) feeding yourself good media and 2) persisting in your knowledge.
C. Failing To Persist.
CAUSE: Continuously and vainly doing methods, hoping something will click. Persisting today and quitting for the rest of the month. Abandoning Living In The End because you don't see it right away.
MEASURE: You have to persist in Living In The End and Living In The End alone. This world that we experience is not real, the only reality is our imagination. Learn to make that imagination so satisfying and persist in that. This is the greatest thing you can ever do, cause you know what? The 3D is fickle. It's the one that wants to play games with you (if you let it), showing nothing when there are more than a million things happening for you to have your way right now.
D. Hope and Trial.
CAUSE: Hoping and Trying, which is really seeing something from the mindset of not having it in the first place.
MEASURE: Never 'hope' or 'try' to manifest because this breeds anxiety, which causes [B] Miscarriage. You are simultaneously creating, handpicking and adopting what you want in real life. Simple as that. To get over this, imagine what it would feel like to manifest your desire with total certainty and persist in this feeling.
E. Clinging To Logic.
CAUSE: Using the mirror (3D world) to justify the broader world (4D world). What I mean by this is: The mirror can't see the stars outside, unless you bring it there, however, you rely on the mirror to prove the stars exist. Because the mirror can't show the stars outside from inside your bathroom, you assume the stars don't exist. It's the same for manifestations.
MEASURE: Understand that logic, like time and space did not exist before man. Logic is just man's limited understanding of the world and is subjected to change over eras. This cannot apply to you, because you are GOD. For example; it was perfect logic to drain your blood with leeches so your 'humors' would be in check a few centuries back right? Be comfortable in your wildest dreams.
F. Not Taking Your Mental Process Seriously.
CAUSE: Affirming vainly that something is so without spending even a second to solidify it or feel it at all.
MEASURE: Ask yourself; "If this were real, would I pour time into creating that perfect vision?" and, "If this were real, would I be so enraptured in it that it becomes vivid to any one of my imaginary senses/knowledge?" If you answered 'no', you've set yourself up for failure from the start. This is because what you see in your imagination is the only thing that matters. If you can't find what you want in your mind, you need to bring it there, solidify it and know it will reflect.
G. Pedestal and Idolization.
CAUSE: Putting your manifestations on huge pedestals and thinking they are miracles or of a higher power than you. Obsessing over doing something multiple times in hopes that it'll manifest.
MEASURE: Normalize getting your way when you want, how you want and where you want, because you are God. Go by the Wildest Dreams Principle; WDP simply refers to the question "If I truly could have all I want and more, what would I get?" During the manifestation, detach yourself from obsession, quietly know that it is yours and fill your mind with other things.
H. Relying on Negative Experiences.
CAUSE: Experiencing negativity or discomfort and letting it derail your manifestation.
MEASURE: Understand that this doesn't need to happen, but if it does, negative emotions can only arise when something is real and factual, otherwise you'd find it as a silly game. You would not feel these things if you didn't know it was here or that your life was about to change. 鈥 golden, 馃寛
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mystiicwinter 2 months ago
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藮 啵 . 嗫 pick a card : who is crushing on you
銆 introduction 銆
pick one of the six piles above in order to find out who is currently crushing on you!
paid services
Tumblr media
銆 pile one 銆
for the ones that have selected pile one, i can sense three energies that are keeping their eye on you at the moment! two are stronger than the third one (which basically means that their intentions and feelings are bigger/more serious). looking at these two individuals, i see a connection between the two of them? by this i mean that they either know each other or you know them from the same place (school, work etc). in spite of this, they appear to be rather different when it comes to their energy, personality and maybe even how you perceive them. you wouldn't expect them to look your way, let alone have a big crush on you but here we are! you might fancy one of them or believe they are cute but i sense some side glances thrown at the other one. or you are just simply feeling "meh" about them. now, the first one seems to be considering coming forward with an offering but something is holding them back. they believe the timing isn't right and they give me people pleaser vibes? the people around them might not like you that much and they could receive comments about it, which is why they refrain from acting upon their feelings. since the knight of cups fell for them, i am getting daydreamer vibes. they like watching you and creating scenarios, especially when they are in class or at work. they feel embarrassed about this though. you awaken the hopeless romantic in them...damn, let me stop here before i get too specific.
the second energy hates that they like you. or doesn't necessarily hate it but is wondering...why you? you are so different from what they are used to yet you make their heart beat faster when they catch a glimpse of you. i think they made of fun you, not gonna lie. if your name has ever been brought up in a conversation they either tried to ignore the topic or show their feelings are opposite to what they actually are. low chances you'd find out about them though. but something is telling me you will remain in their mind for a while.
lastly, the one i spoke about earlier is actually a woman? i don't want to be too specific with gender but i got the page of swords which is represented visually by a woman and that stands out a lot to me. it is a small crush that will probably go away in like a month. i'd like to mention that they are heavily attacted to your appearance and will remember you for some reason. all of their friends know about you and tease them on this topic hehe.
銆 pile two 銆
funny that you are pile two because my cards picked up on two people who are currently crushing on you! i am under the impression that you already know one of them or a friend has made jokes about it before. either way, i can already sense some disappointment which kind of sucks cause there is some potential with one of these individuals. moving on, the first one is actually somebody quite close to you or was when you were younger. you might have expected it due to their behaviour towards you but not at the same time? the cards i got suggest that they are a very vibrant person, full of life. one that always makes their presence known wherever they go and are easily liked by the crowd. you looked up to them at some point in your life, thought of them as "unreachable" despire being a friend. i know i said they are quite close but now they feel like one of those people you hang out with once in a while but lack actual depth. they are aware that you don't feel the same or a sudden confession from them will make you run for the hills. which is quite good, cause they come off a bit as immature.
the second one has the feels!!! i don't think they are your type nor would you consider them an option but let me tell you how much they appreciate you, love. the only problem, besides how you view them, is that they are deeply insecure and don't want to come forward because of fear. they believe they are not good enough for you and can't offer you what you deserve (which is a lie, without these insecurities they could literally reach the stars). this is a long term crush they've had on you, pile two. and it looks like it will continue being that way! despite having no desire to take some action, they still like admiring you from afar. they think you are rather beautiful/handsome and find many of your aspects to be quite interesting.
銆 pile three 銆
damn, pile three. you are stealing people's hearts left and right yet you don't know it. but i don't blame you because i am hearing that people don't really tell you when they like you and you find out yourself by analyzing their actions or hearing from others. you are rather intimidating, aren't you? it's no surprise that most prefer to keep their distance. you give off this superior, untouchable energy which can also make some believe you are taken, unavailable for a relationship. when they look at you and how you present yourself it instantly makes them question their worth. are they even good enough for you? would you even consider accepting their love offer? a lot of energies here are in the background. acquaintances, coworkers or classmates, people you barely talk to. you interract with them for a second only to move your focus to something else and can't feel how their eyes linger. how much they want to talk you more and more and more. you have a siren/vixen like energy that is quite alluring and it keeps on attracting people.
moving on, someone in a relationship likes you....i am not getting any messages about who they are, only that this is a couple you wouldn't expect to be unfaithful towards each other. then we have an ex or someone that has hurt you in the past. i see that you resent them, hate them even. when their name is mentioned you can feel a pang in your chest and suddenly sadness floods your mind. you are slowly moving on from them and you thought they've already did it. what a big surprise, they actually haven't. don't worry as you won't have to deal with them or if you have to, it will be for a moment.
lastly, someone that you don't have a crush on but consider very hot, out of your league even fancies you. i'd say they are more sexually attracted than emotional but they are up to getting to know you more! something that popped up in my mind and i feel like telling is to work on your confidence, honey. you are more beautiful than you think <3.
銆 pile four 銆
multiple people, just like pile three. this time it feels more open though. i think in this case, your admirers don't have a hard time confessing or letting you know how they feel about you and i think it's because you seem less reserved and intimidating than pile three. there is a variety of energies that like you, all being different from each other. but i feel like telling you, for some reason, that none of these are your future partner? maybe you believe that one of the pairs of eyes that keep a close watch on you belong to the one that will soon steal your heart. sorry if that is disappointing you, dear.
multiple people in the same friend group? damn, you got all the homies. there at least three people in this circle that seem to be liking you at this time but i don't sense any desire for a serious relationship coming from any of them. you just stand out to them and are interesting enough to make them harbour a crush. one of them might want to come up to you and flirt for a bit, which will instantly make the others back down because obviously their friend wants you. clown energy, i'd advise you against flirting back because you might not be left alone after.
now i am feeling a very feminine and ethereal being that you yourself believe to be stunning. no matter if it's a woman or a man, they are desired by many yet they decide to reject everyone because they crave something deeper. not sure if they believe they can have what they want with you nor do i think you would ever interract with them in a romantic manner, you are more like a beautiful "what if". this person can be quite selective with the people around them and thinks that , as of this moment, you are one of the only ones worthy of their time and attention.
the last person i am seeing here is a masculine energy that isn't yet in your life. a future energy, one that will arrive in a couple of months. the card they are representes by shows they might be confident enough to express their feelings towards you (which will be deep) but i can't see whether you will reciprocate or reject them.
銆 pile five 銆
sorry, pile five. unlike other piles, i was able to pick up only one strong and specific energy. but don't worry because i don't think they are the only person who has a crush on you! i don't think they are your future partner, but if they were, then this would be one good "enemies to lovers" case because they dislike how attracted to you they are. i can't see why nor i can explain what is it about you that simply annoys them (they are trying to convince themselves it's annoying, they actually like it ;) ). this is a very introverted person but extremely clever. there is something about their voice that can give one the shivers. you might dislike them too and prefer to keep your distance but you don't have any issues appreciating how beautiful and complex their mind is! sadly, you won't ever get a confession out of them so only my pick a card and other readings can spill their secrets!
銆 pile six 銆
the only pile that has a bunch of admirers on the internet and social media platforms. and i would also say a good number of female friends too. do you have placements in your chart that could indicate the "friends to lovers" trope because damn. i feel like many people you've kept at a platonic level in your life liked you romantically but decided to keep their mouths shut due to fear of ruining what you have. i think that friends having feelings for you makes you uncomfortable. if you have some friends that you talk to more on the internet with, then i'd say it's them. two i believe. disappointing, i know, but sometimes we cannot change how others feel about us. around 90% of your admirers are individuals who you wouldn't consider potential love partners .
this can be a pile for the members of the lgbt community and i also think a part of the ones who have a crush you can be a part of this. you can attract many people of the same gender. but not gonna lie, i mainly feel feminine energy in here. i can pinpoint one specific person that you yourself find overall attractive but wouldn't consider as a love option. you'd be both surprised and unmoved by their crush towards and that is because they seem...cold? they remind me of levi ackerman but less violent and less agressive.
lastly, i see a distant admirer looking from afar and observing you. can even have some stalker-ish tendencies. do they want to come forward and confess? nope. but do they want to spend their whole day analyzing, looking and thinking about you? absolutely. i hear that they also know some information about you that only the close ones were supposed to be aware of.
嘟拆煣 The End !
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you-worth-it 10 months ago
锝★渐:*:锝ワ緹鈽,锝★渐:*:锝ワ緹鈽 My cat enjoying her self-care routine 锝★渐:*:锝ワ緹鈽,锝★渐:*:锝ワ緹鈽
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athena-swords 9 months ago
Witchy Weather
These are periods of intense energy ,all spells cast during them will be empowered by them, and may be more effective
Thunder and lightening
Power, manifestation, cursing and protection
Tumblr media
Purification, Cleansing, healing compassion and realese
Tumblr media
Snow storm
Balance, Stillness, transformation ,purification and letting go
Tumblr media
Heavy Winds
Travel ,study, intellect , breaking bad habits
Tumblr media
Sigils, curse lifting
Tumblr media
Solar /lunar eclipse
Banishing and destruction
Tumblr media
Courage, protection, strength ,energy
Tumblr media
Shooting stars
Power, magical boost , wishes
Tumblr media
Invisibility, stasis, mysticism, shielding
Tumblr media
From moon take care everyone and be healthy and happy
I would say be careful if you are trying something new then do it in sunlight then no the other weather caz there are possibilities that if you are not align with your energies it may backfire.
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nobrashfestivity 4 months ago
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Unknown, Tantric Paintings, India
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777shawty 10 months ago
only compare yourself to your previous self, no one else.
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serpentandthreads 5 months ago
The concept of "starseeds" is bullshit.
I'll link this post that explains why the concept of starseeds is rooted in white supremacy, so please feel free to go read it. I also wanna talk about how the concept of starseeds is harmful to neurodivergent people, as well as the classist aspects of it. I'm specifically referring to the "symptoms" of being a starseed.
If you google "signs that you are a starseed" almost every article has the same things listed. Many of them are actually just common struggles neurodivergent people deal with.
"Being highly sensitive"
"Being socially awkward"
"Struggles to integrate with society"
"Suffer from social anxiety"
"Easily overwhelmed"
"Feeling like you don't belong"
"Highly creative"
"Extremely active imagination"
"Strange or special interests"
These are just a few of the most common things I see that are being labeled as traits of a "starseed". Coming from a person with adhd, and having communicated with other neurodivergent people about the topic, all of these can be related to being neurodivergent. They may not be neurodivergent exclusive, but they are still common among neurodivergent people.
The number of times I have gone into a "spiritual" space on social media and talk about my adhd, only to be combatted with "you must be a starseed" or "it's not adhd, you're a starseed" is ridiculous. Neurodivergent people have been told that our disabilities are just a result of being a starseed and it is infuriating to see this idea being spread. I cannot stress enough how harmful this is to us. Trying to convince people that they are an alien conscious from another planet or star system not only reinforces the feeling of not belonging, but it can also cause identity issues in the individual. Many neurodivergent people have enough struggles as it is. Trying to convince us that we are just more "special" than the average individual doesn't help.
I also often see the same people who push the concept of starseeds also say that people with mental illness, neurodivergent or not, shouldn't take medication because it hinders our psychic abilities. This is false and so, so harmful to those who need medication to help them function. If you're one of these people, you should be ashamed of yourself.
I sometimes see people push veganism onto people who are neurodivergent while also pushing the starseed concept onto them. It's one thing to have a personal preference to be vegan. I'm not coming after people who simply have that preference. Trying to push veganism onto others, however, shows the lack of understanding the person has for how harmful it is towards a variety of communities. It disregards the fact that a vegan diet is not healthy for all individuals (because every individual's dietary needs will be different, like it or not), that some people eat meat for cultural reasons, that there are people living in poverty and there are people who live in areas where grocery stores have unreasonable prices on fresh produce (especially Indigenous people, such as the Inuit). This is just classism.
If you support the concept of starseeds, just unfollow or block me now. This concept is wildly toxic and it baffles me that people are spreading the starseed agenda.
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divine-she 6 months ago
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Being in your goddess element is so powerful 鉁煍
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genesises-altar 9 months ago
Abundance / wealth affirmations that ACTUALLY work!
Affirm out loud & reblog 馃捀馃挵
I am grateful for the financial support I have in my life now.
I am grateful for every penny which magically comes my way.
I create value in this world and I add value to other peoples鈥 lives.
The value I create in this world appreciates every day.
Money flows to me easily because I focus more on the value I create.
Money is an energy which flows through me powerfully.
I feel energized today as I feel the universe creating new opportunities to attract wealth.
Wealth is a state of mind, and I align myself with it now.
Making money is as easy as breathing for me.
I open myself to being surprised by unexpected, large amounts of money coming my way.
I feel confident about my ability to find hidden gems of opportunities which create tremendous wealth.
My wealth already exists in this reality鈥擨 only need to wait calmly as it manifests into physical form.
Every Penny I spend is really money that I circulate, and it will come back to me multiplied.
[Please keeping in mind that you are your own universe and you have the ability to literally create and manifest everything and anything that you desire to your reality!You are powerful! Love Genesis 馃挆]
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luvwish 10 months ago
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little-witchys-garden 4 months ago
My issue with the crystal, spiritual and witch communities is they're very classiest.
Listen I grew up way lower class so I thought
" wow finally communties that won't care about money "
Ha I was wrong.
Lets start with the crystal community and why it sucks:
1. The bullying people for buying man-made crystals
2. Bullying people for buying colored crystals
3. The shamimg of crystal sizes, legit people act like having a small crystal collection or small sized crystals is somehow bad??
Spiritual community issues:
1. The f馃崁cking " spiritual " jewelry crazy... The trend of acting as if those that can't buy super pricey smithed jewlrey is somehow less spiritual...
2. The anti-homemade bs. Seriously people get treated like they're somehow not as spiritual for having home made stuff.
3. If you buy from big companies you get called a sell out but if you buy from small businesses then you're called a pick me, there is no winning with these people...
Witchy community issues:
1. Shaming homemade stuff again people act likw unless your stuff is new, shiny and cost your soul then you aren't really witchy...
2. Shaming of grewing your own herbs or not growing. Again it's a d馃悵mned if you do and d馃崜mned if you don't sort of thing... Legit not everyone has money or room for herbs like gardens or big herb bundles brought from buisnesses.
3. Witchy jewlrey... Witchy jewlrey is jewlrey that a witch wores. Witchy jewlrey is not hundreds/thousands of dollars on hand smithed jewltry..
4. Witchy clothing issue. Witchy clothing is whatever a witch is wearing! It's not pricey clothing that cost your right eye.
So how do these communties fix these issues? Well I'll tell you!
Mind your d馃悵mn beeswax
So I'm seeing comments of people going
" that doesn't happen "
" I've never experienced-"
Well that's good for you like I'm glad you've never been through that but please take into account
This is also a issue of classism, racism, xenophobia, transphobic and often just bigotry in general.
It's the experience of many minorities that don't fit into the " white middle/upper class straight cis girl " ideals that is heavily present in witchcraft and other such communities.
Sadly I've explained this and people's reactions are
" but- "
" and well you're wrong "
No, I'm not wrong and I'll call this issue out.
Stop denying and start trying in making more safe communities for the lower class and minorities.
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mystiicwinter 14 days ago
藮 啵 . 鈽 嗫 free readings : open
銆 rules 銆
鈺扳攢鉃 always check pinned to see if they are open or not
鈺扳攢鉃 after your question write your initials and zodiac sign
鈺扳攢鉃 be patient as i am currently dealing with health issues
鈺扳攢鉃 reblog this
鈺扳攢鉃 anons allowed
鈺扳攢鉃 nsfw questions allowed
鈺扳攢鉃 no questions about medical or legal matters
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envylialla 8 months ago
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cr. ansley emmeson
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