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To be able to accept where you are and find strength to push through that season takes endurance. Facing the truths of yourself and your life takes courage. Where there are no distractions, no people or substances to turn to. To face your demons sober, head on, with nothing but your willingness to heal is heroic.

To be happy for others when your life is falling apart…that takes grace. To smile and support others when you need that comfort as well means sacrifice. To celebrate with others who come to you sharing stories of their success when that very success is all you’ve ever prayed for…that takes humility and patience. To smile when you’re depressed takes physical strength. To continue to believe in yourself even though you don’t see anything change. To continue crying out to God and reading His word even in the silence…that takes faith. To fight for better; a healthier mind , body and spirit…sometimes means losing everything. It means losing people and sometimes losing yourself. The person you know yourself to be must die to give life to a new you. It means allowing God to interrupt life as you know it. Not everyone is brave enough to take this road.

For some, it is much safer to remain in the pain and cycles of a meaningless life because it is familiar. But we must be brave. We must find the courage to dig deeper into ourselves. We must dig deeper into our identity, our authority and our purpose. We must be brave enough to trust that we are guided by spirit. We must find discomfort in remaining in what we know and desire and be unafraid of what is unknown to the world but understood and known by God. There is beauty in trusting God. Yes, it is incredibly frightening to dive into that trust blindly… But it is the only “risk” worth taking to something far greater than we can ever imagine.

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determine who I am, the level of my intellectual ability and my individuality determined by a unique physical brain structure or does how the brain is physically constructed determine who the robot is, the level of the robot’s intellectual ability and the robot’s individuality determined by a unique physical brain structure or is it me or how I am who determines who I am, my level of intellectual ability and my individuality determined by my unique nature.

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🌼🦉Tarot Energy Reading / 26 Oct - 1 Nov 2020🌼🦉

this is an introspective week. as the past few weeks have been intense and action oriented, this week asks you to take a step back and see where you are. have you been heading in the direction you’ve been wanting to? how have you evolved? what do you still need to work on? 

the focus will be on the mind and its thoughts. you are encouraged to relax and observe your thoughts and see through them. what is their source? why are you entertaining thoughts that are not helping you? what are you afraid of that makes you want to hold yourself back? put these thoughts to rest. discern between them and what your intuition is telling you, because your intuition will be screaming this week, so that you can see things more clearly. the past has no hold on you. the only opportunities you can’t take are the ones you are stopping yourself from. what does your higher self push you to do? you already know what it is, this week it will come to the surface.

be patient this week, things might seem a bit slow compared to what you’ve been used to, but this slowness has its purpose. it will help you expand even more by the full moon. until then, rest and listen.

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Reminder to rethink eating eggs and dairy (and baby steps towards meat I know this one is harder.)

Not just for the sake of their lives but also FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH

Do your own research and inner thinking

Eating something that already has a/comes from a divine energy Isn’t for eating

Plants and beans can give you plenty of protein. You just need to be taught what to look for and how to cook it.

They don’t reach you that though

The American society has everyone rely and depend on fast foods/pre made foods.

Everyone should have gardens

Everyone should learn how to cook

“Disconnect to reconnect”

You are what you eat

The fear, the animals energy. You are intaking all of this.

I’ve been doing some at home experiments

To see when my bad dreams are at their peak

Whether it’s random or not

Everytime I eat junk food/meat before I go to sleep I have vivid nightmares.

I still have bad dreams when I don’t but they aren’t as vivid.

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I want to thank all the people who are still contacting me and asking for readings, I’m so glad to help all of you!

I’m always available for Tarot readings and Astrology birth chart readings. 

For Astrology readings, I can use the Sidereal system and make a reading using Vedic astrology with Nakshatra constellations analysis. My readings are really long and accurate, I can read all the most important divisional charts: D1, D2, D3, D4, D7, D9, D10, D12 and D60. I can send a complete PDF booklet of the readings I’ll make or I can do that by the phone as you wish, or sending audio recording. 

For the Tarot reading you can ask all the questions you want with no limits and I will answer using my tarot decks and my oracles. I can send tarot readings by writing or making the reading by the phone as you wish.

I accept an offer on Paypal or Fiverr, feel free to contact me to ask me anything. Thank you! :)

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you know, like, one of the effects of having a soulmate is that I can’t pull cards for myself anymore, coz any cards i pulled, or any reading that i click on, is about my soulmate, not me😂

at least that’s how it is at this point in time coz now is a crucial turning point for that person n apparently according to spirit, nothing else matters before my person gets through this😂

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