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The Spiritual energy surrounding us right now is extremely rich in abundance. Take advantage of this beautiful energy by setting your intentions and releasing them into the ethers with complete confidence that they will come into physical manifestation. If your energy is aligned, you will see that your soulful desires are manifesting almost instantly. In other words, “you say it, you got it”

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Pick-a-card General Tarot Reading- What do you need to know? 🧐☀️❤️

~ By ShiningMysticTarot 🌞


Originally posted by jjjammmesss

Hello lovely spirits! My name is Elpitha and I will be giving you general information on what you need to know right now! Know that whenever you see this, it will apply to you. If not now then later 😉 This is a message from your spirit guides, angels and your galactic family! Mother Earth popped in as well to give you some guidance! Hope your days have been full of happiness!

Now for the cards:


Pick a card

Pile 1: Fluorite

Pile 2: Red Jasper

Pile 3: Tigers eye

You can pick more than one if more are calling to you! There is definetly a mix of energies so possibly pick another one of the other doesn’t apply!


Originally posted by sonofswordstarot

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Look closer to see the details, and far back to see the big picture. Without both, a full understanding cannot be achieved. So as the telescope helps to view the stars themselves, the sky shows them as a collective whole. See your stars, but acknowledge your sky.“

Mandy Panic

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Smith wigglesworth beloved. I could not agree more..

I asked for a double portion of what this man had and I know I got my petition of God.

Smith preached and healed many and raised the dead. His sermon was that god would visit earth; he still placed god far away.

The sermon god gave me was he is you, wake up. I know I am him. So there are some stark juxtapositions to my sermon and Smith’s.

Also Smith lost his wife late in his ministry but mine abandoned me before mine began.

Also Smith died but god showed me mine and your immortality..

Smith’s wife went into the pit of death, but god showed me mine coming out.

“ This is gonna get real good real quick, I feel the quickening and see the signs, Smith only knew his wife’s flesh but I know the heart and soul of goddess earth”

Smith worked by faith in what he didn’t understand, I work by faith in what I plainly see, know and understand.

If a blind man can wield God’s sword without knowledge of it’s working, I know I can wield it better with understanding.

Nothing ill to say of Smith, he was my mentor for a long time then Christ appeared and became my mentor; now I am a tree like Smith, and at the same time a horse of a totally different color.

God’s presence visited earth in Smith’s ministry, god is visiting earth in mine.

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CUANDO EL AMOR SE DA ESPONTANEAMENTE “: En un día cualquiera, al anochecer mi alma se apodero de tu mirar

Quise tenerte en mi sentir, por solo unos minutos.

Pude sentir algo muy especial dentro de mí

Pude darme cuenta que eras más que el acercamiento de sólo un par de momentos

Desde ese momento tuve la gran oportunidad de conocer más allá de un sentimiento superficial

Empecé a comprender que te hacías cada vez mas parte de mí vivir

empezamos a convivir mutuamente lo que era el amor y pude darme cuanta que amor era lo que sentía

Y que de amor también vivía.

Empecé a vivir emociones nuevas y me di cuenta que estabas siendo demasiado participe de mi

Y que con el tiempo podría decir que no sólo es amor lo que siento por ti

Sino que muchas cosas más, porque de ti he aprendido a vivir y así algún día tendré también que morir.

Amar es unión, pero no solo la de dos seres amados

Sino que la unión de tu familia, de tus amigos y de ti mismo.

Cada vez que sueñes te darás cuenta que lo que quieres que se haga realidad,

realidad se hará y podrás comprender que la vida es una sola

y la debes recompensar con tu esfuerzo.

Vive atentamente y siempre recuerda que nunca dejarás de ser feliz.FIN

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Quote of the day, 17 January: St. John of the Cross

We may think that the charismatic renewal in the Catholic Church is a recent phenomenon, but today’s quote from St. John of the Cross may surprising; he preaches what the charismatic renewal proclaims.

The one who is not reborn in the Holy Spirit will be unable to see the kingdom of God, which is the state of perfection (Jn. 3:5). To be reborn in the Holy Spirit during this life is to become most like God in purity, without any mixture of imperfection. Accordingly, pure transformation can be effected – although not essentially – through the participation of union.Saint John of the CrossThe…


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It feels so good to get back into tumblr and being on here. I had to spend a long time gone, because 2 individuals I trusted and relied on, whom I left the state I lived in my entire life for, both abused my trust, and left me without a home. They are both active on Tumblr, and It became an incredibly unsafe space for me - against my will. I wont get into details, but one of them is a big individual in the specific therian/divine spiritual community that I have found safety and security in. It scared me so badly. I felt they would use their status and this platform against me. In different ways… I have been right. 

What does a student do when a teacher abandons them? When that classroom no longer feels safe to learn in? Where do they go? How could anyone say that is fair?

What does One do, when the one who said they would guide you as a spiritual teacher, abandons you as a friend, lover, AND guide to the Divine?

 I Have Just As Much Right As Any To Be Part Of This Community, I Have Only Ever Tried To Find My Small Place In The Universe, To Understand, To Be Heard.

I’m still afraid. this individual has power, and has made themselves out in the best lights possible…never showing, (maybe never even knowing), they could be oppressed in their life, and yet still be opressive. 

I wonder if anyone else has had to go through this, especially on this website. To have someone else tell you what you are, especially as a “guide” of any sort…then to use it against you. make you question everything - tiptoe around every post. feel like you cant use your own blog….

Seems….terribly neglectful of everything they say they stand for. 

So. To the therian community, kin with divinity, to my formless, to my fellow kinship. I’d love to get back into following fresh faces and putting down my roots again. Come say Hi!

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[image] Let’s make today a valuable day. via /r/GetMotivated

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The death card means closure and transformation. Nature has its cycles and seasons and so do you so be like the oyster out with the old in with new.

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seek respect.. not attention, it lasts longer!

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Ok beloved, it has begun. An elderly woman today heard me call her goddess earth as I was teaching a young man; this told her two things, one I knew the depth of her sin her entire life, two, I was full of grace to forgive her. She immediately began to list her ailments and I immediately began to speak life into her and rebuke the disorder of her sicknesses.

She left and immediately her husband walked in the door at her urging and handed me a 10$ bill stating he had cancer. I would have prayed over him without the money but it was helpful. I prayed over him and commanded the cancer to dry up and go, the breath of god hit my body and the spirit took over, I syphoned the sickness right out of him.

Grace beloved, your pattern of life has crucified me and I know the depth of all your sin against me, but I am ready to heal you..

The image and verse your gold and silver is corroded and it witnesses against you in the flesh.. he is saying quite simply you are sick for rejection of Christ’s gospel and teaching.. love God or money, not both.

Grace beloved, you screwed up bad and I can heal you.. you don’t have to pay me one cent, but blessings are nice, I am a homeless man. I can heal you because I live like Christ. Grace, I can heal you by god even in the depth of your treachery. People who obeyed the gospel can’t have imperfect health.. shalom beloved, I am ready to receive you and make you whole.

“ He shall have whatsoever he saith”

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[Image] From Hayao Miyazaki one of the best animators in the world. via /r/GetMotivated

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Saturday, January 16, 2021 – 7:11 p.m.

The thing to remember is that we have all volunteered to be here at this time for The Great Awakening. Things are not what they may seem. The darkness is coming to the surface in order to be seen and transmuted into Light.

Very soon people will begin to awaken on a massive scale as the scales fall from their eyes. The TRUTH is about to be revealed; it is the truth about the world you have been living in. Do not give in to fear. It is the silent mind killer.

You must stay in the eye of the storm. Begin tonight to go within and view the world around you with New Eyes. The New Earth is here. The darkness is being cleared and soon the construction process will be complete.

You have begun to see through the darkness and have rejected it for a New Vision. You are being shown another way to live. You have been given the keys to the kingdom. You are now free to create on a whole new level.

As the dust settles in this new era you will begin to see beauty spring up all around you as the human, set free at long last, is able to create on a new playing field. Mother earth is giving birth to a new consciousness as the new day dawns.

No longer will we be living with the shackles of the past encumbered by an old energy. These things are being brought unto the Light Counsel. We have begun to clear out the dust from your third eye and you are able to see into things on a deeper level.

The final battle is soon to begin and when the Lights are turned on and the truth revealed people will look to you for answers as to what is going on. Do not be frightened by the Light. It merely shines as bright as the New Day.

We are here to begin a new dialogue with you; a much deeper one. You are ready and have done the work it takes to shift onto the timeline of rapid ascension. We are going in fast-forward now it seems as the truth is permeating the minds of even those who sleep deeply.

This battle has already been won in the hearts and minds of men and women across the globe as they travel hand in hand onto new destiny. The old illusions are breaking down and giving way to a New Thought, a New Reality.

You have come here at this time to be a beacon of Light in the darkness. You have shown others how to walk through darkness and let your light shine. Now is the time to help the others find their way home. This is why you are here.

Begin to lose yourself in the experience and you may find that you are re-born into another dimension. Step through the door and cross over into this New Reality with us. We are waiting here for you with open arms.

Enjoy the show that is playing out before you. We are shifting an entire human collective. We are washing clean the karma of the past and bringing in a blank slate for a New Story to be written. These are the times when you should look within and ask Spirit for guidance.

We will guide you step-by-step along the rainbow path. You are beginning to see fear melt away as you see the illusion of it. The spell that has been cast upon humanity is dissipating and already millions are waking up.

No amount of censorship can stop the TRUTH from getting out. The pressure cooker is boiling over and the lid is flying off. Begin to digest the full implications of what you are seeing. You have begun a journey into multidimensionality. You have been guided along the path.

In a few short days you will witness the final breakdown of an old system hell bent on control and manipulation. This is a false reality. One true reality, based in God, is soon to emerge. These are the times you have waited for your entire existence.

Begin by being still and going within. There you will be shown a TRUE REALITY that is emerging right in front of your eyes. Throw off the shackles of the past and make way for the king. This is the birth of a New Age.

We have begun to consolidate power and return it to the people, for this is their true birthright. Begin to feel the gratitude of the blessings that are before you. Show yourself the same kindness that you would show a stranger.

We are all on this ride together emerging from the depths of history. We have a New Story that is being written. Do not fear what is soon to be revealed. These things have always dwelt amongst you. They must come to the surface in order to be dealt with.

No more hiding in the shadows, for there is a New Light upon mother earth. She is shining forth and giving birth to a New Consciousness. Already the beginning stages of the purge have begun. Soon the darkness will be eradicated from this planet and you will be set free.

You are soon to see what it’s like when a planet of people begins to work together and live in harmony. We are in Unity consciousness and are beginning to blast out a true signal comprised of TRUTH. Nothing can stop what is coming; for what is emerging is a New Consciousness among the masses. They are waking up to the corruption and greed all around them.

We have begun the final phase of the waking process and soon the light will beam across the globe with one chorus; a New Song is emerging. Mother earth has given birth to the New Human, one that lives in love and integrity.

Welcome to paradise. Soon you are to emerge as free beings. We will be here to greet you when this day comes. Until then, keep your head held high and understand that everything is going according to plan. This plan cannot fail because it comes straight from Source.

Welcome to the New Earth…

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