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Your struggles based on the oppositions in your birth chart:
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Don’t plagiarize, you were born original, don’t die a copy.
Oppositions between Aries and Libra placements: You struggle when it comes your relationship with others, your boundaries could be kinda rigid, inflexible or too weak. You're sociable, charming and talkative but you tend to become angry for the smallest inconvenient, you're touchy and sensitive to criticisms. Your relationships could be unstable due to your temperament and impulsiveness. You need to balance your needs to feel accepted by a social group and your tendency toward being bossy.
Oppositions between Taurus and Scorpio placements: You could be kinda possessive and jealous toward those you love. It's hard for you to accept changes, even if life constantly pushes you toward radical transformations, you tend to feel destabilized everytime. You tend to ruminate on things a lot, it's hard for you to let thoughts go. You could be vindictive, angry and full of resentments toward those who hurts you in the past. You need to find balance between the urge to find a deeper meaning and spiritual truth in everything that surrounds you and your tendency toward being too materialist.
Oppositions between Gemini and Sagittarius placements: You have many different interests, passions and hobbies, you dedicate your time to many different passions, it could be kinda confusing. You might have troubles focusing, you lose your interest fast when it comes to these passions and hobbies. It's hard for you to feel stable, you could be moody and your thoughts runs extremely fast. You're talkative and impulsive, sometimes you tend to lie to other people (even if your not totally aware of that).
Oppositions between Cancer and Capricorn placements: Your inner world is complex and dark, you tend to be extremely hard on yourself and judging toward your feelings. You tend to control and repress your emotions. It's hard for you to love yourself unconditionally, you tend to be a workaholic and to overwork yourself, you always feel like you don't deserve to rest. Your nostalgic, you tend to look at the past and underestimate the future. You need to be less judging toward yourself and practice self love.
Oppositions between Leo and Aquarius placements: You struggles between wanting to be famous, feeling special and being the center of the attention and wanting to escape and hide from this world. It's hard for you to balance your ego's wishes and your higher and humanitarian ideals. You fight for equality but you also want to feel special and deserving of unique attentions. You might also struggles when it comes to your introverted and detached character and the desire of being the center of the attentions everywhere you go. You might want to be famous and popular but you also hate celebrities and everything that's popular and mainstream.
Oppositions between Virgo and Pisces placements: You tend to be extremely helpful and generous toward others but you struggles when it comes to put boundaries and says no. You might have a logical and analytical mind but a spiritual view of life, it's hard for you to balance these parts of your personalities. It's east for you to feel confused, sometimes you forget things, you tend to distract easily. You tend to overthink, it's hard for you to be spontaneous.
ko-fi ☕️: sacerdotessa
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Misconceptions About Fairies
Tumblr media
Lately I've been seeing a lot of buzz around the Good People on social media, as well as in my local witchy community. I've also seen a lot of misinformation being passed along and people being encouraged to dive in the deep end without knowing what they're getting into, so I want to address some common misconceptions and spotlight some resources I know are legit.
I've said it before and I've said it again: with the Good People, perhaps more than any other type of spirit, it's very important to know what you're doing before you start reaching out to them. They operate on rules and ethics that are very different from ours, and even the most benevolent of them may be offended or angered by ignorance or bad manners. You cannot skip the reading when it comes to working with these beings. If you're not willing to do the research and make an effort to follow the rules, this is not a crowd you should be messing with. I don't say this to scare people or to discourage people who genuinely feel called to establish a relationship with the Good People. I just want to be clear that with this crowd there are risks, and most of those risks can be addressed by making sure you're prepared.
In this post, you'll see me refer to this class or grouping of magical beings as the Good People, the Other Crowd, the Good Neighbors, or similar euphemisms. This is because the word "fairy" is widely considered offensive, and using it may anger the Good People. My advice is to use your own euphemisms in order to be polite, even in casual conversation -- avoid "the f-word" as much as possible. However, I will be using Fairy (with a capital F) as the name of the realm or plane where the Other Crowd lives.
Now, let's start by addressing those misconceptions, shall we?
1. The Good People are nature spirits.
This is one that I've been guilty of spreading in the past. This one is tricky, because some of the Other Crowd could be considered nature spirits, but not all of them. It's important to remember that "fairy" (and more polite euphemisms) is an umbrella term for many different types of beings. It's about as specific as "animal." And just like some but not all animals are mammals, some but not all of the Good People are nature spirits.
As a whole, the Good People don't seem particularly attached to nature, although some of them tend to avoid humans and end up in wild natural settings as a result. However, true nature spirits are connected to a place or natural feature the same way human spirits are attached to our bodies, and this doesn't seem to be true for the Good People.
2. The Good People are angels and/or spirit guides.
This one usually shows up in the context of New Age spirituality, but the association between angels and the Good People is actually much, much older. When the people of the British Isles converted to Christianity, they tried to reconcile their belief in the Other Crowd with Christian cosmology. Usually, this meant identifying the Good People with devils, but some people identified them as fallen angels. One version of the Christianization of the Good People describes them as angels who refused to pick sides in the war between God and Satan and are exiled from both Heaven and Hell.
I've seen New Age authors like Doreen Virtue describe the Good People as "earth angels" or say that, like angels, they are "high vibrational" beings of pure love and light. This directly contradicts folklore, which describes the Good People as beings with physical bodies with a wide range of attitudes towards humans. The Good People could be helpful allies, mischievous pranksters, or cruel predators. Even the ones who seem to like humans aren't especially pious or virtuous, and they definitely aren't interested in our spiritual development.
The idea of the Good People are spirit guides reduces these beings, who are their own people with their own personalities, goals, and agendas, to servant spirits whose only purpose is to help us grow and learn. That's a pretty self-centered approach to spirituality, and it's honestly one that I don't think many of the Good People would put up with.
3. The Good People are tiny and have wings.
I mean, some of them sort of look like this? There are folkloric accounts of beings that are between 6 and 18 inches tall, but as far as I can tell the wings are a modern development. Descriptions of tiny winged people who are small enough to take a nap inside a flower are a Victorian English invention, as popularized by the Cottingley Fairies hoax, a series of faked photographs that supposedly showed a real Otherwordly encounter:
Tumblr media
Most older descriptions from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Britain describe the Good People as looking similar to humans or animals. They might look like normal people except for being totally green, like the Green Children of Woolpit or the Green Knight that appears in Arthurian legend. They might be dressed in green and/or red. In folklore the Good People typically wear contemporary clothing, so if you saw one today they might very well be in jeans and a T-shirt. Sometimes in folklore, the Good People are indistinguishable from humans.
Some of the Other Crowd appear as animals, but there's often some sort of tell that indicates an Otherworldly animal, like a kelpie appearing as a horse whose mane is always dripping or the púca appearing as a black horse with glowing golden eyes. Some of them don't look like humans or like animals and are clearly Otherwordly in appearance, like trows, trolls, and goblins.
4. The Good People are All Friendly to Humans
Again, some of them are. Some of the Good People, like brownies, choose to live in humans' homes and communities and actively help out around the house. Then there are others, like the Baobhan Síth, hags, and red caps that prey on humans, sometimes literally. Many of the Good People seem indifferent to humans.
The problem with this is that when you invite the Other Crowd into your home, you're inviting all of them into your home. This is why I personally prefer to work with the Good Neighbors outside my home -- we have an elder tree (a species associated with the Good Neighbors) growing on the edge of our property, and I use this as a place to leave offerings for them. This way I'm showing respect for them and offering gifts in good faith, but I'm not opening up my home.
Another option is to invite specific individuals or types of the Good People in by name. For example, there are things you can do to attract a brownie. I do want to note that even beings that are usually friendly, like brownies, can be dangerous if you piss them off, so you should only invite them into your home if you're willing and able to commit to keeping them happy.
5. You have to be psychic or have the Second Sight to interact with the Good People.
First of all, I firmly believe that all people have the potential for psychic abilities and that anyone can develop these gifts through practice. In folklore there are ways of developing the Second Sight, if that's something that is really important to you. (Just be aware that some of the Good People prefer to be unseen and can take offense to humans trying to look into Fairy.)
But you don't need the Second Sight or experience with psychic practice to interact with the Good People. Most of the people who historically worked with these beings did not have the Sight. You can still leave offerings and see evidence of their presence, and if you really want to communicate with them directly you can use a divination tool.
Further Reading/Viewing:
Fairies: A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk by Morgan Daimler
Fairy Witchcraft by Morgan Daimler 
Faery: A Guide to the Lore, Magic, & World of the Good Folk by John T. Kruse 
"Faery Magick Misconceptions | Working with the Fae | Witchcraft" by HearthWitch on YouTube
"What Do We Call the Fairies in Ireland?" by Lora O'Brien on YouTube 
"5 Common Misconceptions About Fairies" by Morgan Daimler on YouTube
(I've made a playlist of videos on the Good People I find helpful, which you can watch here!)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
☆ ☆ ☆☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
✉ you got a mail !!! inside, you'll get a heartwarming message from your higher self. pick a picture to get the message.
✧ if you are feeling generous and feel called to tip, thanks a lot! tip me here: paypal.me/doswonder. i’m an upcoming college student and i’m saving up for my college. little help will be very much appreciated.
・♡・ pile one:
✉ sweet love, are you feeling tired right now? some of you came from a friend gathering. that's very specific. but i am including that. maybe get some rest or are you resting at the moment you are reading this. anyway, let me shuffle the oracle cards for you. a heartful message from your higher self is to open your heart. let love live there please? oh my god this message is so strong. "if you love someone, tell them right now" this is the lyrics i got from a song i'm listening to after i pulled your card. life is only short, tell the people you love, you love them right now. number 25 may be signifant for you? please check that. love won't make you appear as weak, i am telling you this. your higher self do not want you to overanalyze love and please the tightness of your grip for perfection, slowly let that go. make a space for love. my pile one. past experiences may make us believe that we're not worthy of something great but they are only lies. we have to let go of that beliefs. i pray for you to release these beliefs and get the courage and energy to unpack them.
✧ if you are feeling generous and feel called to tip, thanks a lot! tip me here: paypal.me/doswonder. im an upcoming college student and i'm saving for my college, i'd appreciate it
keywords: price tag, julia, flags, hot weather, sore throat, fish
card/s that pop up: release the dark wound, let love live
☆ ☆ ☆☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
・♡・ pile two:
✉ you are a soul that likes to wander, is that right? i kinda sensed that. for you pile two, you are special because i'm going to browse a magazine and get some chanelled messages for you. okay my pile two, your higher self is telling this, "you gotta believe in yourself" i sense that your higher self is funny and playful like they're telling me to encourage you to really have confidence in yourself like dude you gotta do this! maybe you have this creative projective or dream? i want you to have faith in the process, oh my gosh. maybe you're eyeing for a fashion industry or an industry that is very creative and is asking you to share your creative side. your higher self knows that deep inside you really want this, do not quit. another confirmation, "come to life" oracle card showed up, this card is truly saying that you have to support yourself to get this thing you are yearning. show your art, pile two. i want to include that your emotions are really helpful for creativity, feel them.
keywords: birds, back massage, magic, recipe from your grandma
card/s that pop up: faith in the process, come to life
✧ if you are feeling generous and feel called to tip, thanks paypal.me/doswonder im an upcoming college student and i'm saving up money for my college, a tiny help is very appreciated.
☆ ☆ ☆☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
・♡・ pile three:
✉ you got the "follow your own rhythm' card and you know before i write your message, i felt like i want to dance. hmm, i am sensing that your higher self likes what you are doing right now. i do not know if that will resonate. kinda vague download. your higher self may want you to dance and move your body more. sorry my messages to you are a little messy but something about you right now is very aligned to your purpose. there is this message about timing or maybe about your own pace. everyone has its own pace in life okay? you have your own. sometimes, even our hearts are aware that we have our own timing, we cannot help to be carried away by the pressure and expectations the world is handing to us. when you feel that, please take some rest and give yourself some grace. listen to your body. give yourself a hug if you need it.
keywords: car, lover by taylor swift, exo, roses, fancy by twice
card/s that pop up: follow your own rhythm
✧ if you are feeling generous and feel called to tip, thanks. you can send it here: paypal.me/doswonder im an upcoming college student and i'm saving money for my college, i'd appreciate it
☆ ☆ ☆☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
・♡・ pile four:
✉ hi pile four! your higher self's energy seems so light and bubbly. do you live in a place where it is cold? i see you looking up in the sky. for some of you, when you do that, your higher self see you and communicate with you. your higher self is suggesting you to spend time with nature and some local bakeries or parks. i am giving you a photo to trigger (good way) something in you:
Tumblr media
i am going to ask you a question okay? what do you feel when you look at this photo, maybe that can help you right now.
pile four, i want to feel your heart. like literally put your hands on your heart area and just close your eyes and feel it. you know pile four, you got similar cards from pile two and pile three. if you want to read those piles, go ahead.
your higher self is happy when you smile, pile four. i got another message from your higher self so i confirmed again with another oracle card and it's about a gift, a spiritual gift in you. you possess a beautiful mind. you yearn for meanings and symbols. for example, when you see a simple leaf, you don't only see a leaf, your mind begins to relate it with other stuff. i hope you are getting my point.
this moment, you are very blessed. like the heaven is supporting you. you do not have to ask why but i know that you are okay with not knowing any concrete reason because you have this amazing belief in the universe. wow. wait i just realized this right now, i asked you a question regarding the image right? and then turns out you are a person who is into symbols and interpretations. i'm amazed. you are my favorite pile now, don't tell other piles okay? haha.
keywords: someone said 'goodbye' to you, corset, white painted nails, fleur
card/s that pop up: follow your own rhythm, heaven sent
✧ if you are feeling generous and feel called to tip, thanks! you can send it here: paypal.me/doswonder. i am an upcoming college student and i am saving up money for college. a tiny help is very appreciated.
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
thank you everyone. i put my heart and lots of energy into creating this so i hope this will help you in a way. it took me a lot of time to edit this post T_T. so many glitches and malfunctions i've experienced just to post this omg but i'm glad it's okay now! happy thursday everyone.
petra ✨
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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your reminder to persist !!
stop repeating your old story and start persisting in your new story. stop telling yourself / to others excuses like “persisting is hard 😕🙁☹️” NO, persisting is not hard. stop telling yourself that persisting is hard, cause it‘s NOT. the only reason why persisting seems hard for you is because you keep repeating that. persisting is easy. If you really want your desires, persist. you won‘t regret it and you have nothing to lose; you only have so much to gain from persisting. 🗝
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ziauhh · a day ago
Reminder :
Love, Zee
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Burnouts are normal and healthy when it comes to any practice. There are going to be times where you have low energy, or don't have the inspiration for witchcraft.
However, I want to point out that there are burnouts that mean you've been doing too much. If you're exhausted to the point of being a zombie through spells or rituals, it's time to take a break.
Taking a break isn't bad. It's resting. Resting is an essential part of any kind of magic using because you can't fill a cup with an empty tea kettle. Energy is used in all kind of witchcraft, and resting is a part of witchcraft.
Remember to rest. You are allowed to. If you feel like you aren't, them perhaps a reevaluation of your self-worth is in order. You deserve to enjoy your practice, and it's hard to do that when you're barely hanging on. If you feel like you want to incorporate magic into your rest, here are a few idea.
Make sun water for everyday drinking. It's the same concept as making moon water, but the opposite; it's energetic and charged with the intent you put in it. Make sure you make enough each day to last you the next.
Put a sweet dreams sachet under your pillow. Lavender, basil, and dried apples make a wonderful one.
Light some incense and just enjoy it.
Write new ideas for spell jars to small castings. Don't put too much effort into it, just enjoy the process. When you're done, leave the papers on your altar and come back to them when you're ready.
Recharge your crystals in moonlight, sunlight, or whatever method you prefer (i use my cat when she's purring. Yes, seriously, it works).
Whatever you do, just take the time you need. You have got to recharge yourself, it's essential.
Support your local witch on Ko-Fi or at my store, Hallow Grove!
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What’s Happening In
Your Love Life?
(singles only)
The Piles:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
•Pile One:
I’m seeing there’s a need for healing in your heart chakra. I feel like some of you could’ve been taken advantage of emotionally & it may have led you to feeling very out of touch with yourself. I also see that you’ve experienced an ending of a relationship where for some there was deception or a lot of pain. I feel like right now you’re in the process of still releasing this. Some of you could even be dealing with emotional resistance & could be holding onto some pain from your past relationships. I see imbalance between your physical and emotional life. There’s a need to spend more time connecting with yourself spiritually. I see for some there was competition, outside interferences, karmic situations, & conflict. In the past, there were immaturities or even self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that led to the way things played out. I see you taking a leap of faith & feeling more inspired to start moving forward again. Don’t be too impulsive & be sure to have self control & always know your limits on how much of yourself that you give to others. Some of you need to learn how to set boundaries with how much you’re giving emotionally so you don’t mistake someone else’s energy towards you as your own. I feel like inner child healing is also needed. Some of you could have been taken advantage of in whatever way that means for you, during your childhood or your younger years. I see this has put a lot of sadness and pain on you in regards to your love life & the people you have given love to. I also see sexual healing is happening at this time. You’re completing a phase of your life where a karmic lesson is being learned. Don’t get caught in any illusions. There are a lot of options & opportunities for happiness, but the only one that is truly meant for you is the one that’s within yourself. You are the reason for your happiness, so always choose yourself because temporary satisfaction or feelings won’t serve you. I also see there’s been a tuff time trying to close out this chapter from your life, so spirit is saying to be grateful. Find ways to feel more thankful and content with yourself emotionally. It may not be the most comfortable time for you right now, but that’s why it’s important to question yourself & try to understand why. What actions or changes do you need to make? What commitments do you have towards yourself that you’re not focused on? I feel like the power is within you. The power to change your life, you, your circumstances, & more all lies within yourself if you build up your courage and confidence. I see you overcoming these obstacles you’ve faced & really achieving more maturity as well as growth. I also see that if you’ve been cheated on, did the cheating, or some third party interferences disrupted your love life, you can expect this to end, but you must go within and seek truth. Find knowledge and try to understand what the lesson you were learning was. Apply that wisdom to your life moving forward. For those of you who have an ex that comes in and out of your life, this situation is karmic and must be released. I feel like you’ve learned all that you needed & now you’re much more evolved than them. Energetically you’re on a higher vibration & this is why it’s important to release any past energies or people who are causing imbalance & unfairness in your life. Justice and karma is being served and has been served for some, but in order to truly evolve you must let go & choose yourself. Step into your power & find your strength. Be brave & put yourself on the pedestal you deserve to be put on. Feel worthy and proud of the growth you’ve made. Don’t resist change. Release any control or fear of things turning out for the worst. Accept things as they are & allow the universe to take control in order for your life to change.
•Pile Two:
I’m getting this lightheaded energy. Some of you are really blocked intuitively or you’re having a hard time reading into something intellectually, understanding, or seeing the truth of a situation where communication is needed. I feel like some of you are blocked by someone from your past & there’s been a lack of trust, emotional understanding, & harmony. I feel like you could be dealing with someone who is very mentally unstable. This person could be learning more about themselves & life in general, but I feel like they aren’t in the place to even understand how you feel. They’re very focused on their career, their friends, life, & what they choose to prioritize. They weren’t taking any action towards you & may have procrastinated a lot. I feel like they also pushed you away, blocked you out, or was very defensive towards you. They held onto you & it was kinda like for their own needs. They could’ve been more in love with the idea of you and the idea of being together, but in reality things were different. I also feel like some of you may feel this way too. This person comes in very unexpected and suddenly. They could be hot and cold, impulsive, & doesn’t think before they speak at times. They also could overthink too much. I feel like you may have lost patience for this person. You were waiting patiently very invested and loyal towards them, but then something happened. A tower moment where things could’ve blown up in your face metaphorically speaking. I also feel like things could’ve ended very quick and abruptly between you. I do see that this person made you feel like they were going to give you all of the happiness you wanted. They could’ve sold you dream, promised you things & never could keep them. I feel like it was kinda like an illusion. They got you tangled in their own self made illusion. Maybe they wished to have all of this with you & was completely ignoring the way they treated you and how they made you feel in reality. I feel like a new beginning in love is happening for you at this time. You’re gonna be feeling very emotional, loving, caring, & compassionate towards others. But I feel like you’ll need it most of all. Don’t over extend yourself to others who aren’t even willing to meet you on the same page. It’s like there was so much emotion between the two of you, but too much to the point where it couldn’t work in real life. I see you being blessed with feelings of happiness and belonging, but in order to keep going you’ll need to gain some strength & courage so you can rebuild your confidence. Realize the power you hold within & push through this tough time you’re going through. I see you having trying to stop thinking about this person & really trying to push yourself forward. This person could’ve did the same too. I feel like by you loving yourself, healing, & giving yourself all of the love you feel right now, you’ll end up in a much happier place within. Focus on your work opportunities. I feel like love isn’t the thing you should be focused on at this time because you could be building yourself up financially & there’s some avoidance as to you protecting yourself and standing your ground. Be more on guard and block out energies you know aren’t good for you. When you feel like someone makes you second guess yourself, the best thing to do is choose yourself since that’s the only thing you can truly be sure of. Trust yourself and how you feel. Your intuition is really strong. Take back your power by following what your intuition tells you from now on.
•Pile Three:
There’s a need to express yourself truthfully. Be honest with yourself & others. Also make sure you’re being genuine towards yourself about what it is you really want. Sometimes it’s easy to think you want something & it actually not be meant for you. Or you might feel like it’s good for you and logically speaking you know it isn’t. I see you attempting to move on from your past, but it’s been very difficult. You could be overthinking, very critical over yourself, & angry. I get this energy of someone who took advantage of you. They abused their authority or power over you in order to get close to you or get something out of you passionately, or just to satisfy their ego. I feel like this person made you feel unstable and insecure. You could’ve felt like you lost touch with yourself for a moment. There was a lack of trust, emotional understanding, & harmony within the connection & I feel like there was more lust than anything. Your life is very imbalanced and feeling out of place right now, but it’s because you need to love yourself. Spend more time taking care of you, building up your self esteem, & learning to express yourself in more authentic ways. I see you healing and releasing this heartbreak & while you’re doing this someone could be trying to offer you love or just may be flirting with you, being sweet, nice & caring, but if it’s making you confused and question yourself then that’s a red flag. You should never have to question or second guess how you feel if the person is right for you. Someone is trying to trick you and manipulate you, it could even be multiple people, but right now I don’t think the people who are in your life or who come into it will be genuine in the ways you want them to, but it’s because of fears & toxic behaviors that keep them in a darker energy. You could be experiencing a spiritual calling and feeling guided to do something like make a certain decision & the best one would be to choose you. Put yourself first don’t second guess how you feel. Trust yourself. If you feel like this person is off they definitely are. Balance out your life and focus on your priorities, I see once you turn your focus away from love that’s when it’ll come in. When you least expected it.
•Pile Four:
Your thoughts are telling you something. Whatever’s been on your mind is there so your attention can be brought to it. Whether it’s negative or positive pay attention to your thoughts. I feel like you could be receiving messages intuitively or signs like 444, 44, etc. Trust your intuition as well because I feel like you’re right about something. You’re completing a cycle of your life where you’re closing out this old chapter maybe moving away, ending a relationship, traveling, or just changing your path in some way. I feel like you’re focused on a wish fulfillment, feeling happy, & trying to prioritize how you feel. You’re releasing worries and anxieties in regards to love & experiencing a connection with someone. I see someone who is career oriented, focused on themselves, their priorities, & what’s important to them. This person is emotionally unstable so I feel like anyone in your life right now is more than likely not it for you. You’re healing and overcoming sadness so therefore you’re needing to spend more time with yourself, loving yourself, & caring for yourself in the needed ways. I feel like there’s a need for you to be more committed to yourself and towards your goals in life so you can have the stable friendships and relationships that you want in your life. In your home and family life I definitely see you building stability & trying to build yourself up long term wise. You’re still learning & evolving, but your intuition is very strong so therefore don’t second guess your feelings or the nudges you get. You could’ve had a hard time sleeping as well. I feel like you’re really guarded and your emotions are blocked off because you don’t want to be hurt your taken advantage of. I see painful experiences from your past & you know this person might just turn out the same. I would say you are right. Someone is very hot and cold they come in and out of your life & there’s a need for you to protect your energy and stand your ground. Defend yourself. Be more patient with yourself and with love. You’ll have what it is you want very soon but keep your commitments and promises to yourself.
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itsravenbitch · 2 days ago
3 day manifestation
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In lesson 3, neville is confident that it takes no longer than 3 days to manifest your desires into your 3D.
“Three days; the duration is three days for response in this world. If I would now assume I AM what I want to be, and if I AM faithful to it and walk as though I were, the very longest stretch given for it’s realization is three days.” - Neville Goddard
once you decide you are who you want to be, or have what you want, staying faithful and loyal to that will guarantee that the manifestation comes into fruition within 3 days.
“If I could completely saturate my mind with one sensation and walk as though it were already a fact, I am promised that I do not need more than a three day diet if I remain faithful to it. But I must be honest about it. If I Change my diet in the course of the day, I extend the time interval.” -Neville Goddard
so in this quote, neville is talking about the process of the 3 days. basically, if you soak your mind with the corresponding thoughts (affirmations) and persist, 3 days is all you need to see it in the 3D. however, during those 3 days, if you waiver, repeat the old story, dwell in doubts or intrusive thoughts, the days will be extended. that’s what neville means by “If I change my diet in the course of the day.” and by diet he means mental diet.
1. decide what it is that you want. this can be one thing or a list of things.
2. choose affirmations that correlate with your manifestation
2. choose affirmations that correlate with your manifestation
3. repeat these affirmations all day
3. repeat these affirmations all day
repeating, will saturate your mind with this new idea. and it will start to become a natural thought.
4. do not waiver, repeat the old story, doubt. anytime you feel the urge to, repeat those affirmations until it’s stuck.
5. and by day 3 (or within 3 days), you will have your manifestation, if and only if you did not dwell in the old story.
*i also want to say real quick that if you do get doubts, intrusive thoughts, or repeat the old story, as long as you do not dwell in that, and immediately change that thought you’ll be good. so don’t worry so much about having those thoughts, worry about correcting them*
this post is no different than any other telling you to persist. cause that’s all this is.. persisting. and i’ve seen all the “i am persisting” “i’ve been persisting for weeks” however, the reason many of y’all don’t see your results is bc while you were so called persisting you let all types of contradicting thoughts pass by and you dwell’d in them. stop doing that!
Tumblr media
soooo.. saturate your mind with affirmations, correct any opposing thoughts, and persist/live in the end.
for 3 days. if you really want your desire, you’ll STAND TF UP, and persist for just 3 days!
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broomsick · a day ago
There might come a time when you don’t perceive your Gods as much as you used to, and start feeling like they cut themselves from you. You might start to question your faith, asking yourself whether it was well-founded to begin with. You may even think that it’s a sign for you to stop believing in your deities. Such thoughts are normal and perfectly healthy, as they can help chase away dogmatism in certain situations. However, the fact that you don’t feel your deities doesn’t mean you have to stop believing in them. Your faith stems from your personal experiences and it is as much a logical decision as your values. You are free to choose to trust in your deities, even when their presence is invisible. One way or another, they will come back into your life naturally.
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michaelbogild · 12 hours ago
An entire generation of humans is currently being raised — or rather programmed we should say — by increasingly addictive dumbphones (happy to lower attention-spans even further), social media influencers (mostly camera-savvy halfwits with fuck all to say), video games (what about nature and social skills, you "parents"?), and the good old television (that teaches you nothing you should know and everything you shouldn't). How exactly are those things not going to end up ruining our civilization...completely....irreparably?
We need to rapidly come up with better alternatives for the young.
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theoldcottage · 2 days ago
My Endeavours in Magick Manipulation: Tips
So this gives a few tips on both direct and indirect from what I've learned. Direct is when you manipulae a person from across the room or through direct contact. Indirect is through spellwork that is not near the person or from a larger distance.
Spells to move a person to your favour are generally best done on a Saturday (in the case of domination) or on a Monday (The Moon being a Mistress of Magicks, Illusions and Glamours).
Monday is especially prevalent in spells where you wish to manipulate someone through dreams, thoughts or during their sleep.
Indirect manipulation is best done at night for the sole reason of: the person is asleep, their spirit is in the astral and they're both (them and their body) susceptible to magical influence.
Again, from a last post, in place of making great or more specific changes, introduce circumstances that would make those changes more probable (instead of making the person scratch their right ear, make the right ear itch. Conserving enegry while still being effective).
The amount of time it takes for it to happen is generally dependent on the willpower of the victim and the willpower of the magus. A person with a strong will is not difficult to work on, you just need to be clever about it. That entire brain over brawn type thing.
The two best ways I've found of manipulating people is through projection via the eyes (essentially building the command in the mind and projecting it through the eyes) and through a little more energetic manipulation (building a tether between you and the person and working that way. Like a puppet).
The eye method is obviously best done in the vicinity of the person, and although its not necessary that they look you in the eye to establish the link, it still helps.
The other method is also suited to the direct form but can also be worked on indirectly, especially if the astral body, or an aspect of it, is summoned at the ritual.
Affecting the astral body is bound to affect the physical body.
Again, in regards to will, it can sometimes become a battle of the wills. if you keep at it, the person will eventually fall and you will be more able to manipulate them.
There is often a physical feeling to the manipulation. I've noticed that when I do it, the body of the person seems to respond in varied ways like: excessive blinking, sudden sharp headaches, rocking back and forth and brain-fog.
It is indeed like a muscle that should be worked but like an exercise, you're going to feel tired. If you're not in the right space energetically, it might not be the best thing because you might end up draining yourself more rather than affecting change.
In the case of a person who you want to be more easily enchanted, using your abilities to lull their spirit into a trance is also suitable. If they're in a trance, it's like a waking sleep and you can go on as per normal.
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samwisethewitch · a day ago
So You Want to Work with Fairies
Tumblr media
Before reading this, I recommend checking out my most recent post, where I cover some common misconceptions about these beings. As in that post, here I will be using euphemisms like the Good People or the Other Crowd, since the word "fairy" is considered rude or offensive by many of the Good People.
Now that we've talked about what the Good People aren't, let's talk a little bit about what they are.
Most of the lore surrounding the Good People comes from Western Europe. I would say that our current understanding of them in American culture is most informed by British, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh beliefs, but different European immigrant groups brought stories of other, similar beings. (For example, I include elements of Scandinavian beliefs about alfar, dverger, and the huldufólk in my Heathen practice.) At least some of these beings seem to have followed the people who believe in them across the Atlantic.
It's worth noting that legends of "hidden people" who live alongside us appear in some form in almost every culture, including indigenous North American folklore. However, I think it's an oversimplification and culturally insensitive to say that these beings are the same as the Good People. While I encourage my fellow American and Canadian witches to learn about indigenous cultures and their beliefs, we should also be respectful of closed spiritual practices. For that reason, this post is going to focus on Western European Hidden Folk lore, especially Irish and British lore.
“Fairy” is an umbrella term for the beings who live in the Otherworld, which is sometimes called Fairy with a capital “F.” While they can cross over into our world and may have ties to certain places here, they do not live here.
As I've mentioned, "the f-word" is offensive to many of the Good People, so euphemisms are typically used instead to avoid angering them. English euphemisms include the Good People, the Other Crowd, the Good Neighbors, and the Shining Ones. In Irish they are called the Aos Sí ("people of the mounds") or Daoine Maithe ("good people"). In Scotland they are the Daoine Sìth, and in Welsh they are called the Tylwyth Teg ("fair family").
These beings are mostly understood to be ambivalent or indifferent to humans, and when they interact with us it’s usually in the form of pranks and mischief. Some of them are more friendly to humans, while some of them are predatory. In Where the Hawthorn Grows, Morgan Daimler says that: “They can be cruel and vicious, or generous and kind. Some of them are helpful. Some are indifferent. And some of them think we make a very tasty meal indeed.”
The Good People are “betwixt and between” beings, and they seem to exist in a permanent liminal state. They’re most active at twilight, dawn, and other in-between times, and the information we have about them is incomplete and sometimes contradictory. I see these contradictions are an inherent part of the Good People and their "in-between" nature.
Despite their reputation as tricksters, the Good People are very big on rules. Fairy operates on very consistent internal logic, even if it sometimes seems like dream logic. If you understand these rules and are willing to follow them, it is possible to safely interact with Fairy. I've also included a list of some of the common signs of their activity.
Rules for Engaging with the Good People
The word “fairy” is not said aloud, as this may attract negative attention. Instead, use euphemisms like The Good People, The Good Neighbors, The Other Crowd, or any of the Celtic language equivalents. (The word "elf" is sometimes said to be similarly offensive.)
Entering a fairy ring is dangerous and is likely to warp your perception of time.
Be respectful of their places, should you choose to visit. Be careful not to break or damage anything, leave behind no trash, and do not verbally provoke them.
Visits to Fairy in dreams or trance are just as real as physical travels, and must be treated just as seriously.
When in Fairy, do not eat or drink anything that is offered to you.
When in Fairy, keep at least one thing from our world on your person at all times and do not let it be taken from you.
Do not speak too openly about your experiences with the Good Neighbors. 
Never steal from one of the Good People. 
Never lie to them or break your word to them. 
Do not make oaths or promises to the Good People lightly, and always uphold any promise you do make. 
Never say “thank you” to one of the Good People. Instead, acknowledge them by saying something like, “I appreciate this.” 
Do not tell the Good People your real name. Instead, use a nickname. If they ask for your name, avoid lying outright by saying, “You may call me…”
It’s a good idea to have protections in place in case you get in over your head. Iron repels most, but not all of the Good People, so I recommend pairing it with other protections like mugwort, sulfur, and/or salt.
Signs That the Good People Are Around:
Unexplained laughter, music, etc., especially music that does not sound like Earthly music
Disappearing items, especially keys and jewelry
Movement in your peripheral vision, “out of the corner of your eye”
Elf-locks (hair that becomes matted and tangled overnight with no other apparent cause)
Fairy rings (rings of mushrooms or darker grass in a circle shape)
Chores getting completed mysteriously
Cats acting strange or freaked out
Further Reading/Viewing:
Fairies: A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk by Morgan Daimler
Fairy Witchcraft by Morgan Daimler
Faery: A Guide to the Lore, Magic, & World of the Good Folk by John T. Kruse
"The Magick of Faerie: My First Fairy Encounter and a Fair Warning." by Mintaery on YouTube
"Fairy Morality" by Morgan Daimler on YouTube
"Irish Fairy and Folk Tales - Penalties for Messing with the Fairies" by Lora O'Brien on YouTube
"Faery Offerings A Quick Guide on Leaving Offering for Nature Spirits" by Mintfaery on YouTube
"Fairies and Offerings" by Morgan Daimler on YouTube
"How to Protect Yourself And Set Boundaries With The Fae" by Mintfaery on YouTube
"Protections Against Fairies" by Morgan Daimler on YouTube
"Telling A Good Fairy Book From a Bad One" by Morgan Daimler on YouTube
(I've made a playlist of videos on the Good People I find helpful, which you can watch here!)
Thanks for reading! I am a queer, neurodivergent, chronically ill witch currently recovering from COVID-19. While I feel it is very important to make quality resources available for free, existing under capitalism means I do need money to survive. If you appreciate the work I do, please consider buying me a coffee, ordering a copy of my book, or booking a tarot reading.
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blissalittle · a day ago
There is nothing that Allah can't do. There is nothing that isn't under Allah's control: Solution to your problems, peace to your heart, power to turn hearts, power to make out ways when everything seems impossible. Have faith that He can do miracles & watch them happen.
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spiritual-vibrations · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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starliet · 2 days ago
so many people in my inbox have told me stories along the lines of “he told me this” or “she thinks of me this way” etc … remember that YOU are the operant power. YOU are in control, not them, so why are you giving their opinion power?
you can change the story no matter what anyone‘s opinion is.
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ziauhh · a day ago
hi zee there is SO much info on lucid dreaming. could u simplify it in 2-3 steps pls? I’m rlly confused
HERE YOU GO .........
Ok just listen to this sub before bed few times but with the belief that you will have a lucid dream for sure.
Then simply head off to sleep, Have a nice sleep bae.
Then you will get a dream you will feel it so real af, so do a reality check to find it is reality or a dream the best one i find is try passing your finger through your palm if it goes then CONGRATS YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY INDUCED LUCID DREAM.
Now first try to explore it you can do whatever you want in the dream fly, go to several places meet famous people or literally can do any LITERALLY ANYTHING YOU WANT. After enjoying for a while try opening a portal a BLACK PORTAL just imagine that you have a black hole behind you and when you enter it you will enter void just do this that's all, a portal will open step into it and BOOM YEAH HERE'S THAT BOOM Y'ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS BOOM IS YOUR MF VOID BITCH, NOW ENJOY.
Love, Zee
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jenniferstit · 23 hours ago
Who Are You Becoming? PAC
with the first round of eclipses closing out, i thought it would be nice to do a pac reading abt transformation. the last 6 weeks have been pretty heavy for everyone energetically, esp with mercury also going into retrograde. but with the first post-eclipse new moon on may 30 and mercury going direct shortly after on june 2, things will be feeling a lot lighter. this reading is timeless, but the information may highlight what you were experiencing during the eclipses… and what changes to look forward to for the next 6 months up to a year.
pick a phoenix:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pile One:
this group is full of go-getters. you are becoming someone is who fully dedicated to their mission. there’s a 2H/10H energy here… finances and career are your primary focus and you’re in relentless pursuit of manifesting your dream career. i feel that your career is closely tied to your soul purpose, which is why you feel a such sense of urgency. unlike most, your goals are clear & you are not afraid to put in the necessary work. you’re being called to change your perception. every time you try something and it doesn’t work out, remember that you’re one step closer towards figuring out what DOES work. manifesting a dream is a process… a process filled with failure, missteps and do-overs. but the lesson is that you learn to pivot each time and perfect whatever it is that you do. figuring out what works for you is what’s most important here, don’t subscribe to anything else. you are becoming someone who moves on with ease… sticky situations of the past (esp matters of the heart) don’t become attached to your sense of self. you apply the wisdom you gained from these situations and you keep moving. your sense of self-worth is more fortified than ever before, you move with a graceful confidence that is easily felt by others. only you can see your greatest potential and that’s something that excites you, because you can’t wait for the rest of the world to catch up.
Tumblr media
Pile Two:
this is my strong & independent group. you are becoming someone fiercely dedicated to personal development. you detest the stereotype that you need a romantic partnership in order to feel whole or, even more simply, for life to be exciting. you’ve been plagued with inconsistency inside relationships, which has caused you to see relationships for what they really are. connections of any kind are not idyllic, they are a constant commitment, the quality of said commitment being a reflection of the individuals inside it. you can’t have a quality relationship with everyone… you realize that now. you’re understanding that you can be choosy with whom you love, no one is entitled to your affection or care… not even if they show a tremendous amount of interest. you understand now that high interest is not an indicator of a stable relationship, neither is compatibility to be frank. you’ve let relationships in the past impact your ability to show up for yourself, specifically when it comes to work/career, but that’s over now. you are determined to take control of your own destiny and that confident determination is exactly what is taking you to precisely where you want to be.
Tumblr media
Pile Three:
you are becoming an expert at using your discernment. you can see how things will transpire before they happen which is why you know where to invest your energy. you are embodying empress/queen of wands energy. you are becoming someone who sits and waits (attracts) as opposed to someone who chases. loa or manifestation could be relevant or important to you at this time. you plant your seeds, continuously water them, and then watch them grow. in the past you were someone who over-identified with struggle culture and a capitalistic “grind mentality.” but you’ve moved on from that bc you realized that anything worth having shouldn’t cause you so much distress, anxiety, & panic. some things really just take time and hard work is not always a reflection of effort (i.e. working smarter not harder). others notice this about you too. you have a strong creative energy that impresses people. people really believe that you will do exactly what you set out to do. it’s both inspiring and enraging. your creative energy is envied by others around you, so make sure you are protected. your belief system is arguably the most powerful thing about you bc you have such a high degree of self-trust and/or confidence (i’m hearing “for your age,” some of you could be younger like teens-20s)…. some people never even get where you already are in their entire lifetimes. keep ascending.
Tumblr media
want more readings? tiktok: @yinz_yang ☯️
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black-soul-whispers · 18 hours ago
A lot of people might not know this ,
Why I'm posting this ?
I noticed whenever I post anything I feel multiple energies and negative ones too it effects my work and I get sick it's blocking me from doing anything I don't like it sweethearts
Things which I stated never happened to me ,I don't appreciate how other people just start to shade readers and have opinion about them
An interesting fact
May be a little creepy for some
When you get your reading and you feel like omg it resonated or you read a pac and feel so ...it's not cause of "tarot cards"(guidance) it's the (energy)of the reader that they put out there and connected with your's for messages *tarot card guidance* that's why it resonated (:
Sometimes we feel overwhelmed weird feel like something's watching us or feel great happy.... cause we feel like that from your reading
Every readers reading style is different some people think that listing card is better to see if the reader has interpretated the cards properly which is no wrong I myself list it ... however I quite don't agree with it fully because y'kow if two cards are aligning each other they give out a different message than the* general card *meaning and cards speak in a sense of chanelling energy thats why some readers state they were feeling weird excite or sad during the reading
One more thing I noticed some people like to keep it professional while some usually say things in flow, i honestly love when readers put their feelings out there like "I have gone through it ",you can do this ",don't overthink" ,leave them", etc etc it doesn't make them egocentric or they make pac about them they say it in a form of guidance
That's why I say be careful of others opinions ,it's not a fact it's their observations too
Oh yes and while some " sweet psychic,tarot ,intuiative ,readers sugarcoat that oh be down to earth you don't own this own that stop shading others in this way just tagg and say it you are not being generous you are putting it in a way that everyone will appreciate.......your energy and connections speak for itself
And the people who have opinions about others pac ?! Are the ones who has like 10 pacs on that topic and the pacs they shouldn't be having while giving out less clarity with only one liner guidance naming it as intuiative reading pls mind your own business
Now a lot of people might not agree with me or think I'm arrogant or things like that ... which I obviously don't care I never joined this community for clicks and the likes ..I have been posting things like this for days now cause I want you to be aware of scammers & attacks , I can read energies and others psychic's too we are not faking it bruh we are feeling it and observing their patterns it comes out as truth
And I'm not alone let me tell you there are readers who are aware of it too some post it which I love seeing some don't which is FINE
This post is not intended towards anyone if I had to I would have tagg em I don't bitch behind others back ,I'm saying this cause it's important to be AWARE of others toxic behaviour not every tarot reader is spiritual keep in mind
We are normal people like you be supportive
Now take full offence" if this is hitting you then it's def for you " don't assume
Next time i get sick cause of yourill intentions , evil eye , be effected by spiritual attacks or see shady post about me especially if you are a reader yourself don't think I wouldn't know I don't like being a "good person" behind closed doors no being on your level is not my thing I love expose culture
Now think whatever you wanna think or perceive however you want (;
Peace ✌️
Tumblr media
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lazyyogi · a day ago
The state of unity within our individual self and between our self and our environment is our most normal state. Several people have expressed fear to me about who they will become if they allow themselves to become enlightened. But once they have realized fundamental consciousness, they see that they have only become themselves, an intimately familiar and instantly recognizable being.
Judith Blackstone
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