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httpseafoam · 7 months ago
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op- @marisareneebailey on insta
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pauladoodles · 7 months ago
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Part of the Grid
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rawhoneybliss · 8 months ago
Manifesting high vibrational, sacred, uplifting, and spiritually aligned connections.
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kushlover1420 · a month ago
the fact i exist pisses me off at least once a day
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httpseafoam · 5 months ago
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credit to artist!
note- I’m going to write something on protection & cannabis magic later, stay tuned!
sub to my OF^^ 🥺
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sevenseptember · 10 months ago
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Jeff Foster
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lil-lunaversal · 6 months ago
A Morning Manifestation
i am a divine being.
i am consistently divinely guided & protected.
i attract an abundance of wealth, an abundance of love, an abundance of prosperity, & an abundance of blessings every single day.
i am the creator of my reality.
i am healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.
i am in tune with myself.
i continue to heal, grow, & progress, & i allow myself to do this.
i am warm & kind to others, but set firm & tangible boundaries.
i align myself with my values, & with the values of my highest self.
if it is meant for me it will come to me, & if not, something better is on its way to me.
i am one with my power: my mind, my body, my soul, & my spirit are aligned.
i free myself of resistance & all which no longer serves me.
thank you universe, i am eternally grateful 🤍🪐
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