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#spirtual but not religious

Religious heaven is becoming an angel in the sky and no longer suffer.

Spirtual heaven is being reincarnated as a different person and taking the lessons you learned in your past life. Then giving you a better life in your new life.

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You know you’re Spiritual but not Religious when

  • You don’t follow one specific religion but the teachings of non fixed spiritual religions such as Paganism and Buddism
  • You have a wide taste in music from rock to EDM
  • You seek adventure
  • You can vibe with anybody from any background, race and religion and be chill with them
  • Though you can prefer to vibe with animals and understand them more than people
  • You use crystal healing
  • You burn sage
  • You have long hair that’s tied in a manbun or let down and/or a big beard or even a moustache if you are a male. Though neither are necessary.
  • You dress bohemian if you are female
  • You love crystals, tarot and oracle cards
  • You meditate
  • You love flannel, the colours black and grey or bright rainbow colours
  • You live for the moment
  • You don’t conform to societies norms on fashion and prefer to be your own person.
  • You don’t play many or hate video games
  • You reject Christianity but still class Islam as peaceful
  • You follow a spiritual non fixed religion such as Paganism, Buddhism, Shinto or Taoism.
  • You say words like “ Namaste”, “ good vibes”, “Far out”, “ woke” ,“ yolo”, live for the moment" and other phrases and words.
  • You are vegan or vegetarian
  • You give the peace sign
  • You practice yoga
  • You think patriotism is bigotry
  • People often say you are a deep thinker or a deep talkers
  • You don’t follow the crowd
  • You call those who follow the crowd “ sheeple”
  • You are a free spirit
  • You drink craft beer
  • You sometimes smoke pot
  • You cover your body in tattoos
  • You sometimes take lsd
  • You love festivals and squad holidays
  • You love long walks in nature
  • You love visiting big cities
  • You love culture
  • You love people
  • You have dreads in your hair
  • You love aesthetics
  • You believe in rencarnation
  • You are very left wing
  • You love coffee shops such as Starbucks
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I just notice how im nothing like transgender, black,white, infp etc. Like none of that is me. Like im these things but not like is just a attachment and like lol uk what i mean. Fuck i cant explain it. I guess i dont need to and not overthink just accept.Like I’ve been studying Eastern Religions . and the main focus is ur Ego. Everything u perceive urself as . gender,sexuality etc. Like ur soul has no gender etc. These are things we put on ourselves. Which is not bad its how we do things . but u have to let that go. All the hurt in ur life . all the anger ,sadness , pain is cause by one thing on another but if u detach urself its not their. Maybe detach is a bad word. Understand and accept that in this life we will always suffer till death. And we can do drugs, cut, go to church, watch the Kardashians. But thats not good ur just letting ur ego take control . u have to accept life is shit and when u accept that u can understand that i can make it less shit by instead of focusing on ur ego well the negative Cuz ego isnt all negative. Focus or everything. Umm not everything like care abt everything but understand ur apart of everything. Maybe I’m explaining this wrong . Maybe if I meet a Guru or someone who can help teach me I might explain more. But After 11 years of depression. I can finally say I feel happy. Not false happiness with pills or slitting my wrist. But I want to just run around and I don’t know I cant put it into word.

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