somewhat-crazy · 6 months ago
slender family members you didn't know about
spenderman the biggest shopper out there.
lenderman will loan anyone anything. there is high interest tho.
plunderman that one kleptomaniac uncle.
ilikemenderman no gay erasure here.
reminderman this dude remembers everything.
squanderman he's kinda broke.
blunderman he's an idiot.
transgenderman lol.
faultfinderman everyone hates spending christmas with him.
slanderman he's just plain mean.
goaltenderman he just wants to find someone to play sports with.
hellbenderman unfortunately he joined z*lgo.
suspenderman his tendrils are suspenders.
blonderman he actually has hair.
germanderman he can make frankfurters in 2 mins with only his tendrils.
husbanderman he's a family man.
wonderman willy wonka without a face.
venderman always carries chips, candy, and pop everywhere for some reason.
enderman he always just wants to talk about someone named steve.
genderman he hoards genders.
fenderbenderman he is a terrible driver.
rounderman the opposite of slenderman.
calenderman gives calenders to everyone at christmas.
distenderman sneak 100.
weekenderman his parties are awesome.
pretenderman poser.
surrenderman he's chicken.
bartenderman can get 4 people drinks at once.
commanderman takes charge of every situation.
woodlanderman lives in a cabin and wears flannel.
wunderkinderman he's one-of-a-kind.
standerman legend says he's been standing for the past 5,000 years.
yes, i'm the funniest one here.
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cute-sweet-corgo · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Butterfly bowtie must be the cutest detail I aded to Splender ngl
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eve2001 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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mossbetweenthelines · 5 months ago
Creepypasta Headcanons.
Blank blogs will be blocked.
Here are some random headcanons I think suit a few choice creepypasta characters.
Part 1 Part 2
Masterlist of all my works.
Slenderman, for starters, is territorial, killing anyone that wanders to close to his Manor.
That being said, the area with the eight pages are almost like an outer rim of his territory and he uses the pages as a final warning.
Gets very pissed if you take them but otherwise, turn back and he won't feel obligated to hunt you down.
He, being an entity older and wiser than anything else, would find humans oddly adorable.
Any flaws a human has is a curious thing to him and watching how humans interact with the world amuses him.
His voice is a quiet symphony of deep whispers, speaking each sentence in time with eachother.
If unprovoked, Splenderman will take comfort in humans of any age, doting on those teens and adults that haven't lost touch with their inner child.
Has a huge amount of respect for those who are struggling mentally but go out of their way to care for children.
He is still very wary of those people though.
His voice would be very soft, slightly deep and soothing, much like a comforting father.
Despite how he is seen, I feel like he would be more calm, less hyper but still loves hugs.
He can eat any human he wants but finds women to taste a little better.
Yes he eats humans.
He is only up in a woman's face if he is hungry and will try to persuade them to be under his control.
He will get forceful with a woman if he is desperately hungry.
Under no circumstances, does he tolerate child predators, he thinks they are nothing but vermin and that it's his unsaid duty to erase them from the face of the earth.
His voice is low and smooth, a sultry tone accompanies it.
Jeff the Killer
He is unstable, therefore, still can be heartless but he also has his soft moments.
That being said, He would go from 0 to 100 in a second if triggered.
Like he would be saying sorry whilst sobbing one second, laughing hysterically the next and then making death threats in another.
He's not a tsundere, it is not recommended to be in any type of relationship with him as it would be like walking on eggshells.
Because of the fire he suffered from, his voice would be rough, his throat still a little damaged from the smoke he inhaled.
Basically sounds like he smoked for twenty years.
Ticci Toby
Bro doesn't like waffles that much but he can't cook anything that isn't microwaved or toasted, so it's something he eats if there isn't anything else.
I would imagine that many people in his past constantly messed with him by triggering tics and someone made him say the word "Tic" as a, well, tic.
Hence the name Ticci Toby.
There are indeed times when Toby doesn't tic, and that is when he has calmed down and is focused on something.
Usually those quiet moments is when he randomly finds himself trying to make perfect operator symbols.
Can be hyper but is mostly tired.
When he's hyper, he has a hard time differentiating excitement and anxiety, causing a bit of panic.
His voice is quiet and groggy with a bit of youth to it.
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slashingdisneypasta · a year ago
Slender Brothers x Reader || Imagine
Tumblr media
One day the Slender Brothers each turn to stone (In separate places- separate countries even) and not even Zalgo can figure out why or how to unfreeze them.
Slender's in the forest, moss and different vines growing over his shoulders and twisting around the seamless, smooth (Too seamless, and too smooth, to be man made) stone of his tentacles. His Proxies are still there, protecting the place, but they cant get everyone- pictures have been taken of the mysterious forest statue and posted online, and he's become an urban legend (in a world where he wasn't already obviously). He makes a beautiful statue... but eerie as hell. He has been graffitied a couple times over the years but those who dared to do such a thing quickly got viciously but down by the formerly mentioned Proxies, who then spend hours and hours cleaning him up again. They don't know what else to do. What can they do?
Splender is sitting wait at Offender's place (A townhouse in New York), having been there to talk to him about something important but got frozen before his brother could even get home- he now gathers dust, one leg stuck draped gracefully over the other and his long thin fingers previously edging towards a (now room temperature, ruined) cup of tea. At times, he's heated up by strips of sunlight coming from the window blinds (which remain closed all these years- Splender didn't want to give Offender any heads up that he was there lest the fucker skip town immediately like he did sometimes when he just wasn't in the mood for lectures, or 'chats'), and others he's blanketed in the cold, grey darkness of a home that was never really 'home', to anyone.
Off in a not-often visited glade somewhere in Scotland's highlands is Trender, curled up in the grass and the dirt and the daisies, facing a beautiful, imposing mountain- sketchbook still rested against his legs and pencil between his fingers. The pages have been weathered and now curl inwards but if you ever found him, which is unlikely, you could still see some faint pencil lines on the first page. Rain, lightning, snow, hail, sweltering heat, wind and a number of other natural beatings have hit him but he continues to sit there, peaceful and relaxed looking and utterly unchanged.
Offender now lives in the back of some alleyway in Melbourne. He looks like a gargoyle, all shoulders and sharp teeth. People have tried to break him, and have covered him in years and years of multicoloured spray paint that now just looks brown but he does not break. He does not shift. He stays, leaning against the wall by a couple of bins, the menacing, perfect, sharp lines of his coat and his teeth still clear as the day he was frozen. His smirk is still a warning despite his helpless state; Women who see him assume that he's a sign without a label, a bit of street art telling them to get outta the fucking alley if you want to live. You get a cold, tight feeling in your chest just looking at him.
Then, decades later, one by one... they wake up. First Trender, then Slender a month later, Offender 2 years after that and finally Splender, a good half a decade after Offender. No rhyme or reason to it, seemingly. No one had found them at that particular moment, Zalgo had given up trying to figure this out years ago, Slender's Proxies had died...
They wake up, but they wake up... different. Parts of them are still stone. Both Slender and Splender have a hand that's still totally made of stone, stuck in the position it was last in, Offenders legs is stuck entirely too straight (So he walks like a pirate), and Trender's chest is still and makes it hard for him to bend or twist.
Still, they go on with their lives. Mystified entirely as to why they lost decades of their lives and now they still weren't allowed to completely recover, but still- eager to move on with their lives.
18 years after he woke up, Trender meets someone called Y/N Who could not be older then 18 years old themselves. Not that Trender considers that at all at first and his chest suddenly... softens, again, finally. The stone cracks and crumbles away, turning to nothing but warm air before it can even slip off him. His skin and muscle is sitting right behind, like it was always there. He takes some deep breathes and clutches his chest, experiencing the long forgotten feel of it, hidden behind the sweater he's wearing (which it had been for years and years, since turning to stone), rising and falling once again...
It wasn't until weeks later that he thought to link some things... and asked Y/N when their birthday is.
Casually, they recite the date that Trender was brought back to life.
The same thing happens of course to the other three. They meet their Y/N 18 years after coming back to life and fond out that they were born that very day. Like someone, or something, some inexplicable force stopped their ageing until the person they were supposed to be with came into existance.
Basically, Soulmate AU with room for Brother angst (and fluff) in between.
Its a work in progress.
Some dot points to add:
Having Trender be the first to wake up was a a very conscious choice XD- Allows him to be the main brother for a while. I cant skip out on giving him some prime time.
And having Splender be the last is important too, as it means a n g s t. His three brothers are awake and they're wondering where the fuck their brother is (Splender would have found us if he was awake. Where is he), until Offender finally wakes up and goes home... and him. And he, (Offender), the least loving and most disgusting of them gets to find his brother (one of the only things he gives even the most miniscule damn about) sitting grey and made of stone, alone at his breakfast table. Waiting for him. But even now that he's finally home, his brother cant wake up and and greet him. Cant be happy his wait is over. No. Offender gets to sit there at the table with him instead, in his own house, and wonder what the hell Splender wanted to talk to him about. And how long it'll be before Splender wakes up again.
Obviously, Slender doesn't come to the 'soulmate' conclusion without some help. He's very uncomfortable and suspicious about, first the person Trender found, and then his own. So you're telling me, this person was born on the same day we were brought back to life? And just meeting them made your stone cracks away finally? And you don't think this is truly coincidental, and actually quite suspicious at all???
I really like that Offenders gonna walk around like a pirate for 18 years. Don't mind me XD
Yes, they all get shat on by many animals. Except Splender.
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 16 days ago
How tall is everyone?
I'm gonna do this a little bit at a time with age groups.
Both Zephyr and Jack G are 6'4.
Octavian is 6'7. His girlfriend Vanya is 5'11.
Ciero is 6 feet tall exactly!
Patrick is 5'10.
Favio is 5'7.
Elspeth is 5'8.
Frankie is 5'4.
Charles and Mira are both 5'6.
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sanriosratz · 23 days ago
Spendorman fluffy hcs?
tytytytyty *mwah*
Splendorman Fluff
𓍊𓋼𓍊 Being very tall and lanky, balance has never been one of their strong suits. To counteract this, you will often find them rocking back and forth from their tip toes to the heels of their feet (they'll typically have their hands behind their back when they do this, too).
𓍊𓋼𓍊 Also he has a cane (+ cane crutches) that help with balance, too! He decorates them with stickers and sometimes he'll paint them with some of the residents that live with him!
𓍊𓋼𓍊 Doesn't have a gender and typically is very happy if you refer to her using any set of pronouns. He/him? Awesome, good choice! She/her? Lovely! They/them? Splendid! It/Its? Cool! Any neopronouns? She'll happily accept them!
𓍊𓋼𓍊 Very hpermobile! You know those inflatable tube men? Exactly the same vibes.
𓍊𓋼𓍊 Loves flowers and plants! They have tons scattered around her house and even more in her room. The garden (which is pretty big) is full of flowers and fun plants as well as fun play things for the residents. Her favourite flowers are hyacinths and roses.
𓍊𓋼𓍊 Is in fact just an overexcited puppy. New People? He must immediately go meet them, he will literally run towards you and pick you up into a huge hug and spin you!
𓍊𓋼𓍊 Splendor definitely shuffle-dances. They're up quite early in the morning so as they make their breakfast they'll turn on the radio (or make their own lil' song via humming) and dance away!
ty for asking this <3 you were the only one who did :(
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y0urem0 · a month ago
Splendor: “You can’t just keep adopting every unstable human, you meet.”
Slender: “Watch me.”
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r0tt3nlungs · 2 months ago
SUPRISE Liu headcanons?
Tumblr media
SL my beloved~
Sweet boy. Soft boy. Baby
He’s so sweet like omg. ❤️
Like his name says, SL is full of surprises.
Hosting birthdsy parties when it’s no one’s birthday.
Pulling pranks. A different one almost every time
Weird ass food combinations
He once snorted a fucking Pixie Stick.
He doesn’t regret it at all.
He’s one of the few adults in the Splendor manor. Being 19.
He’s dumb as a brick, I’m sorry but it’s true.
He’s called the Creepypastas spooky spaghetti or sometime like that so many damn times.
”Look at the Scary Speghetti!”
”hehe. Spooky Raviolis.“
Even though he’s older than Jeff the Hugger, he‘s the same height as him.
SL simps for Spiderman, and Eddie Brock/Venom
SL is a fan fiction writer.
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ender-being-simp · 10 months ago
Things that Enders would do with s/o
Splendorman:piggyback rides. You can’t change mind on that. He loves having you in his arms and carrying you. I does not matter how heavy you are cuz mans is strong you could be 600 pounds he could still Cary you . I love this mans so much.
Trender:watch random dramatic shows. Mans loves reality tv. Especially ru Paul drag race. Play dress up with this mans. Matching outfits and pajamas.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just lay in bed and cuddle with this man while reading a book
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cieros-sunny-students · a month ago
omg! a ducky! :D quack quack! are the kids excited about the duck! :DD
"Well, yes. They are. We've also been working on a name," Ciero gestured to the whiteboard. "So far, the top candidates are Squaishey, Scrooge, and Aflac."
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somewhat-crazy · 3 months ago
slender and splendorman with an s/o whos sorta like a comedical relief? they're really loud and have absolutely no common sense btw if ur request are closed pls ignore this
n-no common sense...???? *internally dying from being raised on it* /pos
firetruck arm no face man (slender)
THIS MAN IS 🍷♟✒🧾🌙🎼 💵🕴⚖
and you are 🤡
when he first met you he literally asked if you were from some sort of realm where knowledge was limited
yes he is very blunt and has an abundance of common sense, much opposed to you
will literally beg you to be quiet if you're getting over the top, but sometimes he enjoys your loud and rambunctious attitude
he found out that cuddles sometimes work well as a way to calm you down, so that's a go-to for him when you're starting to hurt his brain with your screeching /affectionate
icing bucket man (splendor)
he eats literal icing for breakfast also i call him what i want idc
he thought it was cute when he first met you!! then he realized that it was constant... and you never stopped...
i mean, he loves your bubbly and funny outlook on life... except at 3am because you lit the kitchen on fire by putting a metal pot in the microwave since you wanted to warm up your mac n cheese
sends you to talk to cutie jack (who has a psychology degree) as a therapist because he wants to know why you keep screaming and forgetting to get changed out of pj's before going on missions
he does enjoy your company a lot tho!! you're always able to cheer him up and he loves your contagious smile ^^
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cute-sweet-corgo · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lil human forms? Yaay
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eve2001 · a month ago
Sudden art purely for the soul
Sunshine 🧡
art oil
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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2creepypastabitches · 5 months ago
Splenderman loves musicals, they have seen Hamilton at least 20 times. They have watched 10-20 musicals and force the pastas to watch them too. (They do it by will because it's Splender but act like they don't want to)
-Bitch #1
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slashingdisneypasta · 8 months ago
Incorrect Quote
Trender and Splender are huddled around a dropped cheesecake on the floor, with forks, picking around the bits that have touched the floor- looking quite ashamed of themselves, when Offender walks in.
Offender: ...
Offender: ...
Offender: *Gets out a fork from his coat and kneels down with them over the cheesecake* Alright! What are we eatin'?
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 10 days ago
How preterm, do you think, the preemies were? (Toby, Cody, Elspeth, Elliot and Ciero)
Toby and Cody were probably about seven weeks premature. Not extremely early, but enough to be not fully cooked.
Elspeth and Elliot were a month early. Elspeth was luckily very healthy when she was born. Elliot, not so much.
Ciero was actually born when Elspeth was 24 weeks pregnant. A full four months early. She was incredibly poorly, and Elspeth spent as much time with him as she could.
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windroe-pony-au · a month ago
Elspeth, a unicorn. 32
Richard, a unicorn. 32
Zephyr, a unicorn. 14
Octavian, a pegasus. 12
Ciero, a unicorn. 7
Favio, a pony. 5
Current arc: album arc
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slasher-fasntisy · 5 months ago
Since you were a kid you had always been obsessed with the slender brothers. You had found out about them in middle school from a friend. At the time that. Was pretty normal, but what was not normal was for you to actually crush on them now that people thought was unusual. The only person that knew was the friend that introduced you to it. What you did not know was that your friend actually knew them.
One day your friend texted you to meet you in the woods. Behind your school because they had something to show you.
You met them there after school confused on why they wanted to meet here of all places. They ran towards you when they saw you.
"Y/n are you ready to see the thing I needed to show you" your friend said with a huge smile on their face. All you did was nod your head. "Okay close your eyes" your frend said. And you did so then they shouted "now open!" And you did so. You were shocked by what you saw . There they were right in front of you and you could not believe it. The slender brothers in the flesh. Then the one you knew as slenderman spoke "you must be y/n it's a pleasure to meet you" you nodded you head and spoke "it's a pleasure to meet you as well" Not even a second later you were tackled into a hug by the one you knew as splendor "f/n talks a lot about you I have been waiting so long to meet you oh this is great" you could tell he was always this loud he then let you go and you stood up, but the second you stood up you were pinned to the wall by the perv offender "why hello y/n" you. were shocked by how deep his voice was so deep it made you frozen in place."h-hello" was all you could muster up "let them go offender" is what the well known fashionista trender said. Then offender backed away from you and walked toward your friend "oh I love your outfit it's just marvelous" the blank faced fashionista said "thank you" you said with a smile spread across your face.
And that was how you met them
Time skip
To collage days
You and your friend had grown apart but you did not know why. So the slender brothers were your only friends they were the only ones you had so you just had to tell them about your new boyfriend/ girlfriend aka your first
Present day
You had run into your house and found the brothers in your living room on the sofa. "Guys guess what" you shouted ready to tell them the great news
"What is it" you heard splendor ask
"I got a boyfriend/girlfriend" you shouted happiness filling you voice, but what really shocked you was they looked angry you had never seen them angry out of all the years y'all had been friends you had never seen them this upset then offender spoke "are we not good enough for you y/n" "w-what" is all you could say then trender spoke " after all we have don't for you this is how you treat us really is that the kind of person you really are y/n" you did not even know what to say " y/n this is not right you belong to us and no one else understand" "what are you guys talking about" is all you could say
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eldritch-hall-after-dark · 13 days ago
FIgured I'd say what everyone's omegaverse types are. Tw for omegaverse, obviously.
Like, it's a list, but don't read if uncomfortable with the idea of the omegaverse.
Zephyr: Alpha. 
Octavian: Beta, tells people he's an omega just to mess with them.
Ciero: omega. 
Favio: omega.
Elspeth: beta.
Frankie: beta. 
Richard(was): Alpha.
Jack G: beta.
Vanya: alpha.
Patrick: beta. 
Jill: omega.
Charles: beta.
Mira: omega. 
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