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Transformation time, baby! >:3

Who doesn’t love some good ol’ suffering with ya Inky boi? XD

Honestly though, this is probably my favorite transformation sketch to date. I’m really proud of the detail on it.

I think drawing all those humans from Identity V has really helped out with my humanoid anatomy lol

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even though it snowed on my birthday, may 8, i still feel like spring is in full swing! this is by far the strangest spring many of us have lived through, but with flowers starting to bloom and leaves starting to come back, looking outside inspires me and gives me a sense of calm and like everything is normal for a bit.

i got to test out my new watercolours and love the pastel pink hue i created. pink is such a fun hue to work with and i love the range of shades it produces. 

as usual, navi spent time with me while i worked on my new watercolour piece (i swear i don’t place her in my shots!) and she enjoyed the beautiful flowers i got from wonderful family and friends on my covid-era birthday.

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The Real mystery in Captain Underpants is; Where is Jerry Citizen? His robe-symbiote is reoccuring villain but Judge Jorts never returns!

It just would be cool if Jerry stuck around as a teacher who actually cared about the kids. Maybe not teaching Spanish (which he can’t do) but as a substitute. Maybe a running gag being that his eagerness is sometimes taken for granted by the other teachers however.

Ms Ribble: “I need you to fill for me this week.”

Jerry: “Sure thing! You have errands to run or places to be?”

Ms Ribble: “Nah. I just don’t feel like teaching.”

Jerry: “Oh… :D”

Mr Meaner: “Hey! I called dibs on the yeah-yeah-yeah substitute!”

Ms Ribble: “Snooze you lose Kenny.”

Jerry: “I’ve never felt so wanted before…”

Also - Jerry having residual powers from Splotch and not noticing until the worst possible time.

Jerry: (accidentally stretches arm to a disturbing length while getting coffee) O_o

Mr Ree: “You too, huh? Alien parasites do that to ya.”

Jerry still wants to be a superhero, but has become aware that he’s not exactly competent at it. He is also aware that Mr Krupp = Captain Underpants and believes that the Principal is really sticking to the secret identity thing.

Also final thought: Summer Jorts Jerry

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dark green, gold and white 1

this is a painting i made for my powder room. i had a lighter-coloured painting in there but wanted to change things up a bit for the winter. 

acrylic on canvas - 16x20

available in my society 6 store

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