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One of the countless dumb things about SPN’s anvilicious writing is just how BAD it is. It’s one thing to drop anvils a bit too often, or a bit awkwardly, but they’ve managed to take it to a whole new level of stupidity and plain bad writing.

Especially this line from Caitlin: “What do they say about getting older? You tell the truth more because you know that lies… they don’t make anything better.”

Uh… Who says that? Nobody, because not only is that not a saying (ergo, not something "they say”), it also sounds extremely awkward and strained.
But yeah, we got it, show. Lying is bad… when Dean’ s the one doing it.

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Originally posted by cherry3point14

Summary: The reader makes an out of the blue comment about being happy which concerns Jensen that she might not be as happy as she seems to be…

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Square: Mental Health

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: language, depression, anxiety, fluff

A/N: Written for @spndeanbingo​​​​​ . Enjoy!


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Man, living w/ God has to be stressful, knowing that at anytime he could poof you out of existence, it’s moments like these that keep Gracie up at night😓

Thankfully, Gracie doesn’t take Chuck’s shit. Ouch Fs in the chat for Chuck-


Yeah, It’s been a while😅 I’m officially making God and Gracie Comic Now. Although I have no schedule, so when you’re getting another comic, IDK.

Feel free to send in asks! I do art for them too

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14 year old me: I’ve watched 13 episodes of Supernatural and I’ll spend the next seven hours ranting about it on tumblr dot com

22 year old me: I’ve had a four hour long class and I never want to see a screen ever again

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AHHHH he is a CHILD I don’t care how old he looks or how old Alex Calvert is. Jack is just barely three years old where we are in season 15. I’m pretty sure he was still technically qualified as a newborn when he self harmed for the first time. Just because he’s ultra powerful does NOT mean he doesn’t still need guidance and love and support. What baby can be expected to be perfect and perfectly in control all the time? We can’t expect that of adults and we don’t hold adult characters to that kind of standard, so why do people immediately get on Jack’s case for mistakes? All he wants to do is help people. Half the adults on the planet aren’t that selfless. And if Jack sometimes lashes out or makes a mistake, we need to afford him the benefit of the doubt. He’s trying so hard under pressure that would make people ten times his age break.

Anyway if someone ever says Jack should know better or doesn’t deserve something because he messed up or is ungrateful, kindly remind them that this is an actual baby. Other children his age are barely in preschool and learning to hold pencils, not moving them with their minds. Other children his age are watching cartoons and refusing vegetables, not getting orders from Death herself. Other children his age are barely speaking their first language, not reading dangerous Enochian spells immediately after being resurrected.

So yes, Jack has flaws. He’s THREE. Just like any child he craves validation from his parents. Just like any child he sometimes needs to be selfish. And just like all children, he shouldn’t be expected to be grateful for parental love. And Jack is, by the way, despite the fact that he shouldn’t have to be.

Jack’s powers don’t mean he isn’t still a baby. He’s still a toddler. Though he has teenage moments, he’s nowhere near adulthood. Please please PLEASE remember that, because all he should be worrying about right now is whether or not dads will let him have nougat before bed. Not how he’s gonna kill himself to take out God.

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