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#spn 15x18

That scene from 15x18

fem!Dean: rosemary_n_thyme (TikTok)

fem!Cas: kat_trisha (TikTok)

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imagine if he said “don’t leave me cas” instead of “don’t do this cas” imma go jump off my roof now

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January 14 2021

70 days after 15x18

56 days after 15x20

Did Jensen leak the tapes yet?


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Man the last episode of supernatural 15x18 was so beautiful and tragic crazy how it ends on a cliff hanger and there weren’t two more episodes that came out after it. I wonder if a supernatural movie will come out where we get this epic battle with chuck that totally isn’t watered down and the empty gets involved and revives an army for itself to fight against chuck consisting of both angels and demons such as Crowley and Cas returning. After/during the battle we get a destiel reunion and an epic reunion kiss with dean pouring his heart out back at cas. Dean doesn’t die young and lives a long fulfilling happy life. Sam doesn’t get a blurry wife and a party city wig he clearly ends up marrying Eileen and they have kids and we get to see dean be the best uncle we knew he could be. Cas would love his nephew dean dearly and obviously his husband dean and there will be peace when you are done, we will all lay our weary heads to rest and cry no more hahaha right guys….guys? 

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Cas: Look, I have no illusions. Okay, I know the life we live, I know how it’s gonna end for me. This is something I know I can’t have. Whatever, I’m okay with that. But I wanted you to know, that when I do picture myself happy…it’s with you…and the kid.

Dean: No, no wait. You can’t just drop a bombshell like that and then leave.

Cas: I know. I’m sorry. But I don’t have a choice.

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The things I would do to find put who made that final decision of allowing them to do the confession. And then, the things I’d do to analyze this person’s brain under a microscope. What was the decision process, what were the arguments, what’s all this then, honestly.

Because I think you have a point, cutting Cas off in the end couldn’t do any harm to the ratings like in season 7, even better: they used him as bait so more people would tune in for the finale, even people who stopped watching some time ago were drawn back again because of 15x18. And I think their thought process was: the more people watch spn finale, the more people are going to watch Walker.

And as you said, Misha’s/Cas fans were never the target audience but they had to acknowledge that there is quite a lot of us for a long time (so Cas being brought back time and time again, which they didn’t want to do but had to keep the ratings up) and it was the year 2020, and the word ‘queerbaiting’ already made its way to the mainstream so they knew they had to give us something. So they agreed to the confession and one sided destiel while Dean wasn’t allowed to speak at all.

tldr: i agree with you :(

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Hi everyone! For the past few months, after 15x18, I’ve been a part of an amazing discord server dedicated to Supernatural and more specifically, Destiel. We currently have over 270 members and would love for you to join, even if you don’t plan on staying! We welcome all ships and character stans (we don’t discuss w*ncest but you’re still welcome to join) so if you’d like to dive deeper into the fandom family, we’ll welcome you with open arms! Server is public and the link will be down below! Still beautiful, still you❤️

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when kansas wrote carry on wayward son they did not imagine a bunch of 15 year olds in 2021 crying listening to it because of a gay angel and his righteous man.

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January 13 2021

69 days after 15x18

55 days after 15x20

Did Jensen leak the tapes yet?


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the writers @ deancas before deciding to kill them off… (forbeinggay)

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thinking about how the empty came only after cas said “i love you” so he could’ve just said that to save dean but he needed dean to hear how caring, how loving and selfless he was before leaving.

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i know we went over this a million times but my god the way dean whispers what? as cas tells him goodbye in 15x18, it’s so soft you can barely hear it, but that’s the point, right? it’s soft, it’s sweet, it’s gentle, it’s confused, it’s desperate, it’s so many things and they all gravitate towards a feeling dean once again can’t give a shape nor a voice to and it’s unfair, infuriating, but it’s clear for us, as the audience, and - i hope - it’s clear for cas as well that something so delicate could only come from the mouth of a man who loves with every fiber of his being and that, although maybe he should have gotten used to it by now, is struck once again with the realization that he is not just about to lose the man he loves one more time, but he’s about to lose the man who loves him too. i dare you to do anything other than weep until the sun comes up again in an empty world where your suffering echoes in the streets

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i got back into destiel fanfiction after 15x18 to help me cope and while i love au there is no plot as UNHINGED and POWERFUL as the Canon one nothing even COMPARES

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Children still play in the garden, dance as the sun slips away

Not even stars last forever, cleanse us acid rain, send us home

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setting the scene: you’re best friend who you see as a brother is about to die and he confesses his romantic love for you. the first thing you’re NOT going to do is beg him not to say that when you two have so little time left… almost like… you have something to tell him too

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